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Archive for January 8th, 2018

Jumping through Hoops and Chasing One’s Tail, that is, if Conceptual Clarity on “CACs” ~~>And Navigating The Money Mazes Set up By Them~~> is the Goal. (This Example: Calico Center (San Leandro, CA) payees).

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Post title with shortlink;   Jumping through Hoops and Chasing One’s Tail, that is, if Conceptual Clarity on “CACs” ~>And Navigating The Money Mazes Set up By Them~> is the Goal. (This Example: Calico Center (San Leandro, CA) payees).  (Shortlink ending “-8ln” where the middle digit is not a number “1” or an upper-case “I” but apparently a lower-case “L” as in “l.”).  About 12,600 words (with all images and their captions). Tags will be added soon.

Started Jan. 4, 2018, right after publishing a “Part 2” “Chasing Down Corporations”*** post, for which this is follow-up

The connection to this topic comes through Kid’s Turn (San Francisco)’s aborption (merger, non-surviving entity) into a CAC (Child Advocacy Center) in San Francisco. I’d noticed this YEARS (about six to seven years!) ago and realized that the essence of the CAC network was running certain curricula and providing “co-located” interview centers similar to the concept behind the “Family Justice Centers” model.  I also found it interesting that KT San Francisco decided to go “underground” in this manner AFTER some of us were blogging its strange financial contracts with the SF City and County (i.e., Superior Court) and of course noting its obvious AFCC connections. It was clearly into psycho-educationally innocculating children against “parental alienation” and parents from spreading that “disease” to them by virtue of living in the same household…

WaPost Cara Tabachnik article 2017May11, Reunificatn Camps named, anecdotal

I keep hoping to get back to “Reunification Camps as I started” to narrate, with mentor/mentee clinicians and cross-country-border (and cross-continental) connections among some of the AFCC-featured ones modeled after, say Richard Warshak’s Family Bridges or Robin Deutsch et al.’s “Overcoming Barriers.”  Or the Canadian “Families Moving Forward” modeled on Warshak’s “Family Bridges” but with acknowledged board member (Barbara Jo Fidler) in common with “Overcoming Barriers.”  (Which I learned in an article by Cara Tabachnik (nearby images and quote) and others in the Detroit Free Press — see my earlier posts.).

from the Detroit Free Press, previously quoted on this blog.

Search results show the “Detroit Free Press” article referencing Rebecca Bailey and “Transitioning Families” (previously quoted on this blog), in “Sonoma, Calif. and Miami…” 

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