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Chasing Down … Court-Connected Nonprofits and Their Donors, Part 2 (Kid’s Turn San Diego gets Development Help from Taproot Foundation, Inc.(see ‘Gen3 Draper-Richards Venture Philanthropy’) and SVN, the Supervised Visitation Network.

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This post’s title and shortlink: Chasing Down … Court-Connected Nonprofits and Their Donors, Part 2 (Kid’s Turn San Diego gets Development Help from Taproot Foundation, Inc.(see ‘Gen3 Draper-Richards Venture Philanthropy’) and SVN, the Supervised Visitation Network (with short-link ending “-8it,” started (post split) New Year’s Day, 2018.

If I explain the title and context much more, I’ll need to split the post again.  See part 1, or update to the original published Aug. 31, 2011, for the background! Here’s “Part 1” which contains link to the earlier post.

Chasing Down Corporate & Charitable Registrations for Court-Connected Nonprofits” (Such as Kids’ Turn SD, SVN, and others) and Their Donors) [Revisiting-viewing-formatting my Aug. 31, 2011 post @ Jan. 2018]. [with case-sensitive shortlink ending: “-7Ia”] [where the middle digit is a capital “i” not number “1” or lower-case “L”].

For this section, apart from format cleanup (mostly of the quotes) the only real “update” I’m doing is some more insight into who is the “TapRoot Foundation” as shown through its financials.. Coming up first in the text below….

Moving on…

Other factoids (again, this is the SF, not the San Diego, group):


Kids’ Turn Development activities have been shaped and modified in order to accommodate the recent recession while simultaneously continuing projects that will help improve and develop our trade mark.

1. Kids’ Turn launched its new logo in January, 2010. Development of the logo was the result of a grant** from the Taproot Foundation and we are very satisfied with the universal image which emphasizes the protective role of parents for the children in their families.

**2018 update comment:The word “grant” there needs to be taken with a grain of salt.  Taproot Foundation (which is a dba for “Tapfound, Inc.” formed only in 2002 in California — more details below) doesn’t do normal “grants” but exists to facilitate “nonprofits which improve society” through “service grants,” i.e., encouraging professional pro bono service.  These are claimed “grants” but are NOT identified AS grants to specific nonprofits, or anyone else, in its Forms 990 — which seems to be the key purpose of the organization, evading that accountability while claiming major benefits to all (and functioning tax-exempt…).

(Header info from Tapfound, Inc. omitted for size; this is Page 1, Summary, of a FY2014 Form 990). Notice Line 13, “grants to others” (which can be expressed as cash or non-cash on corresponding Schedule I) is “0.” Despite its own self-descriptions, this is NOT a “grantmaking” organization in IRS terms. Avoiding naming the grantees thus dodges accountability while it claims to want “transparency” for the pro bono market…. But notice there IS (Line 9 here) “program service revenue” reported. But on Page 2, (next image) NO such revenues are reported where they should be and by IRS Form 990 definition and Part III instructions, must be.

Although it’s quite likely that many people come to Kids’ Turn after violence- or abuse-related separation, followed by family court involvement, court orders for child support, access/visitation grant diversion for fatherhood promotion, and voila — a parent education project….

2. Kids’ Turn launched its new website in December, 2010. This project was also the result of a partnership with the Taproot Foundation. The new website is cleaner and consistent with the unstated emphasis offered by the logo.

Tapfound NYS Charitable Regi for 2004-05 (signed 08, filed 2009?), fiscal year change, shows they got $10K from Oakland Unified School District (!) and $1M contributions. Service? Says

The above link is to a New York State filing (it’s multi-page) and contains a FY2004 (fiscal year change) tax return followed by a brief independent audited financial statement — something not even provided at the State of California Level (although perhaps that roadblock is that State OAG, not TapFound, Inc.).

Two images from this are a bit puzzling — why is a public school district (often complaining about being “strapped for cash” granting this organization a $10,000 GIFT?  We also can see that by its third year of operation, this nonprofit is already attracting $1M of grants…  You can also see among the details that its President Aaron Hurst is claiming payment of  about $65,000 (later that’ll become closer to $150K, increasing rapidly over time…) while in another place, leaving “compensation for Officers Directors, and Trustees” on the tax return blank — i.e., “0.”  I guess a President isn’t an Officer then?

For 2017 update — using the EIN# provided in the next (older) table, search here

TapFound Inc CA 2016 990 40 $2,105,125.00 91-2162645
TapFound, Inc.- New York Office CA 2015 990 32 $2,927,318.00 91-2162645
TapFound, Inc. CA 2014 990 28 $3,575,943.00 91-2162645

TapFound, Inc (dba Taproot Fndtn EIN#912162645 CalEntity (since 2002) 2374009 OAG CHar Details (4pp) -Nothing before FY2007 uploaded ~>FYchanges from and back to calendar yr  (<==this annotated pdf shows a “schedule” of filings and is a good graphic showing growth of the entity over time.  Also that it’s consistently (without exception) filing its RRFs late, and changed its fiscal year twice within a dozen years.  And that the State OAG has failed to upload the earlier year’s documents…)

Database Providers Change over time, too.

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