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Incentivizing Reunification Camps While Existing (Family) Policy Already Sets The Stage for FAMILIAL Abductions. [Publ. Dec. 23, 2017] » FamilyLawCourts’com excerpt on Shelly LaBotte 2017Dec23 at 8.38PM

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“Pleasepayattention” commenter on the Tabachnik (5/11/2017) article re: Reunification camps directed readers to (her) website FamilyLawCourts.com. I looked again for any comprehension of the private associations organizing to work the funding and court-referred services. Shelly LaBotte is associated with at least two I know (not to mention AFCC): SVN (Supervised Visitation Network) and CASVSP (acronym, whatever order it occurs in, refers to professionalization at the California STATE level of those supervised visitation professionals who get paid for it. Training, and getting legislation in place to mandate it — just for the professionals of course — was involved. Having a trainer/provider/association organizer presiding over federal grants to the state to fund the same profession is one big red flag. Where’s any reference to (ANY of this) in this context, on the website? (See my TOC for more on this, 2016 or possibly back in 2014 or before…)

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