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A Closer Look at “The Trade of the [previous] Century,” and some of the related Soros/Open Society Foundations, Their Ownership, Investments, and Activities (per Forms 990/990PF) [Publ. 3-24-2017]

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A Closer Look at “The Trade of the [previous] Century,” and some of the related Soros/Open Society Foundations, Their Ownership, Investments, and Activities (per Forms 990/990PF) [Publ. 3-24-2017]. (short-link ends “-573,” about 12,800 words, as of Sept. 2017 update)

In looking at the 1992 trade of the (previous) century in which $1 billion was made for the fund which bet AGAINST British pound sterling, while billions more were lost by the unfortunate Brits in that deal, I asked (before delving somewhat headfirst — only the heels left above ground-level — into some of these Open Society tax-exempts and how they interact with each other, in this post) —

My question being, given  how the funds are flowing and the profits being made, if someone this smart (with smart advice also, obviously) could bring the Bank of England to its knees, resulting in an entire currency having to go off the ERM (Exchange Rate Mechanism), but still fail anyhow — and thus get devalued costing the British taxpayers billions, then what country, or currency, is next, and from the same source?  Also, do we really think this kind of game is only played on the politically Left or Progressive side of politics?

It’s beyond interesting, and I think should be kept in mind whenever you are hearing rhetoric about the pubic schools, education, transformation, and again, “left v. right.”

This post (as drafted 11/28/2016) began:

We have to open some Forms 990 and comprehend the contents.  Once this becomes habit (and probably not before it does), will the importance of the habit become evident.

Written and stored as draft 11/28/2016 with much detailed research and annotated images of the same.  In publishing it 3/24-25/2016 (within the First 100 Days of the Pres. Donald J. Trump Administration), and as (today) the vote to take down “Obamacare” has just officially fizzled when the Republicans refused to support it.  So as to “a nation divided” I think these posts are still relevant.

Because of the level of detail already researched in late Nov. for this post, I am not going to re-immerse myself in the material, but post most of it “as is.”  However here is some transition information, highlights, which may help digest the original posts:

I also already knew that there was a particular hub of fatherhood (male minority-focused) programming in Baltimore, Maryland, but writing this post it took me from some generalized awareness that the Open Society/Soros Funds were (1) many and (2) generally, large, to realizing that one tax-exempt entity characterized as Open Society’s “U.S. Programs” base was using a “dba” for the actual legal name of the NY based “Open Society Institute-Baltimore.”

(UPDATE COMMENT: Above background-color & minor copyedit added for planned quotation of this post in which (tangentially) the Soros/Druckenmiller topic came up in the context of when women were admitted to Ivy League and almost-Ivy League College such as the historic Bowdoin College in Maine.  In addition, I’d done (not on this post) plenty of drill-downs on some of the nonprofits and where the assets were being held, run by Canada and Druckenmiller in association with the Harlem Children’s Zone… //LGH Feb. 12, 2020).

You will also find some information in here (not typical in the media) on Betsy DeVos, now our new Secretary of (the U.S. Department of Education), whom the Left is raking over the coals for her support of charter schools and intent to supposedly dismantle the public education system.

While I am no fan of the DeVos Family or ANY of their programming I’ve become aware of over time (nor am I a fan of charter schools, although I’ve taught in some — as well as other kinds of schools over several decades — as a professional musician), I also understood the differences between various school options as a parent (after first escaping the abuse, single parent) of modest means with the goal of making possible for my daughters a four-year college of their choice on scholarships based on each child’s unique abilities.  But what came up here is funding of the “Fund for Educational Excellence” and the “Foundation for Educational Excellence” not to mention Alliance for Excellence in Education.  There are personnel in common you might not expect to be working together for this cause.

https://www.ffee.org/about-us/ (Baltimore-Based) (does it post Form 990s or EIN#?  No.  It does post “Annual Reports” (but only through year 2014).  Since 1984.  List of major sponsors includes Open Society Institute-Baltimore. Says it’s serving as a fiscal agent for the public schools (??).

Founded in 1984, the Fund is a Baltimore-based non-profit organization that works to secure the financial, human, and knowledge resources necessary to support innovation that increases student achievement in City Schools.

FundForEducat’lExcellence (ffee’org,Baltimore) 2014 Annual Rept WhatItDoes Excerpt (Screen Shot 2017-03-25)







In the last post “Indicators”* like this one written and stored in draft 11/28/2016 and being published about four months later in late March, 2017, with some additions, I asked a series of pointed questions, after discussing the “Conservative vs. Progressive” (or, Republican v. Democrat, or, [switching the order of labels here..] Left v. Right) and some “shine the light on our political opposites” websites — as the nonprofits they were.

*”Indicators that both Left and Right Want Their Public Distracted, Occupied, and Entertained (engaging the Emotional versus Logical Processes) with Good Guy/Bad Guy Storytelling 

I asked the questions in this format:

…[re:] “Sourcewatch,” a project of The Center for Media and Democracy [“CMD”], also a small progressive nonprofit dedicated to the opposite, and in its own words:

“CMD’s breakthrough investi-gations of the Koch Brothers, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and its American City County Exchange (ACCE), the State Policy Network (SPN), and numerous corporations and corporate-front groups).  Like  the David Horowitz Freedom Center, CMD has several projects, which may be reflected in on-line web pages:  PRWatch.org, SourceWatch.org, AlecExposed.org, etc.”

The point being:

Discover the Networks (and similar nonprofits or on-line publications) are going to look at Soros and the Clinton Foundation and report on and condemn groups/activities considered Left or Progressive.  The other side (and similar nonprofits or on-line publications) is of course going to point fingers at the Koch Brothers and others considered Right or Conservative.  Both attempt to identify their own position as best for America (and by association, the world).  Essentially, pointing fingers, mud-slinging, personalizing/demonizing perceived leadership of the other side, and telling one-sided stories while implying they are factual, neutral and objective.

My questions were:

  • Which types of reporting, and in this case which of the above two nonprofits (David Horowitz Freedom Center with its “DTN” above + The Center for Media and Democracy, with Sourcewatch, PRWatch, AlecExposed, etc.), encourages or even helps readers acquire basic nonprofit, Form 990, or otherwise basic accounting and economic literacy on the nonprofit OR the government sector, and in the public interest?
  • And since neither are doing this, why not?  Why, if the originators of this type of reporting are so concerned about the magnitude of the opposite political party’s threat to stability, commonsense, or “America” would these not wish for their audiences a wide public better educated on economic and accounting literacy, instead of maintaining or acquiring the position of chief storyteller?
  • Is the attempt to grab people’s heads and discretionary time to listen to storytelling (which any hearsay information is), and hopefully add to the contributions of said nonprofits doing the reporting, a genuine demonstration of civic interest?  Or is all the reporting (on both sides) justifying the continued proliferation of the nonprofit sector, which is actually profitable for corporate wealth on BOTH sides of the political fence?

[Logically, if any group is so concerned about the public’s lack of awareness of how bad the other side’s nonprofit “shadow governments” as well as their programming (run through the nonprofits), then the same wouldn’t just post the results of their own studies, but point readers to “the tools of the trade” in looking up ANY nonprofit, or foundation, and evaluating it — getting their eyes (and heads) closer to the evidence, versus being spoonfed it from a different nonprofit.

These groups, by and large, are NOT promoting “where to look up a nonprofit” or “how to locate and read your local government financial statements” but “how to follow us and counter the bad guys’ programming….  Apparently they only want a public educated enough to follow — not to act independently and possibly investigate not only those being reported on, but also those doing the reporting — as to what kind of entity, how funded, how small or big, how old, where located, and in particular, how honestly are they reporting to the IRS, and maintaining corporate legitimacy.

Finally (in this list of points from last post “Indicators….”) I referenced my intent, in following education-focused nonprofits, to look more closely at the Open Society ? Soros entities.

  • In the field of education, specifically — these nonprofits I have been currently looking at, although clearly one is more Open Society Foundations / Soros-involved than the other political side — have organizations whose board membership (and in one instance I am talking, an ex-Governor) can be found on both progressive and conservative nonprofit focused on the same subject matter.  Interesting….

Yes, and this did catch my attention, I saw a known right-wing leader and a known progressive-associated leader on the same “make education excellent” foundation (actually two different ones, not including yet another one “Alliance for Excellent Education.”).

A Closer Look at “The Trade of the [previous] Century,” and some of the related Soros/Open Society Foundations, Their Ownership, Investments, and Activities (per Forms 990/990PF) (short-link ends “-573”)

….emerged from this post,

Long post title with shortlink (short enough to tweet): 4th Quarter 2016 Review of Who’s Pushing Things “First 5” (and K12) Public School “Transformation”   (Sticky Post added 11-20-2016)

My long introduction to the Closer Look and a series of tax-return images from Open Society or Soros Foundations (Funds), in its demonstrating why we need to get this fiscal literacy thing down — and start at the top (Macro Economic Players) with some sustained, self-directed study and refusal to buy into the name-calling, finger-pointing, mud-slinging political parties (Progressive OR Conservative in alignment) that the various on-line websites and publications (not to mention mainstream media) encourage, to their nonprofit program purposes (including contribution, and persuasion) — to make those points, of course required more show and tell.  About 8,000 words into that, I booted that information overboard, to THIS post (in draft still):

Indicators that both Left and Right Want Their Public Distracted, Occupied, and Entertained (engaging the Emotional versus Logical Processes) with Good Guy/Bad Guy Storytelling with Big Letters, Bright Colors and Pretty Pictures. Otherwise the Public might Actually Acquire the Basic Fiscal Literacy which underlies Good Judgment, and, in general, through Independent Action, Actually Communicate with Each Other to Achieve Economic Independence without Enslaving Others? (shortlink these urls ARE case-sensitive ends “-57T”).

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