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Look at Who’s Been Looking at This Blog Recently. [+ Update re: the Trust/Probate Factor]

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For those who complain that my blog is a little too dense on the detail, and light on the format — I do have trouble getting it in detail and in acceptable format. Detail is needed for depth — I am defining terms, speaking in somewhat of a different language, and about different things, than most blogs focused on this subject matter.  How much can go in one post, and how that displays (format) is a definitely a challenge on an informal website such as blogs.

There’s the process of writing, and there’s the process of formatting all those quotes, which means much of the time for any post I am actually typing in “html” (“Text”) mode and adjusting the formatting instructions.  The quotes make for longer posts, and scrolling back up and down for formatting is, yes, a pain in the neck.

However, here’s perhaps a little encouragement to hang in there as a reader — who else within government is at least visiting this site (and, month after month after month, with some fluctuation, this is a fair sample).

To tell the truth, while researching and writing it up, I am in learning mode and that’s a good mode to be in when under significant pressure otherwise.  I no longer have the outlet (or many associations) from the classical musicians I used to hang with (all ages), or other kinds.  I don’t do holidays any more (any of them!), and learning which develops understanding and has at least some potential for positive action (as I’m sure this blog does — we have to stop those incentivized grants both for cause and for how they are being handled) helps me, too.  In hindsight, that writing helped me survive the years of marital abuse also, which always involves the ongoing “gaslighting” (crazymaking) post-incident by the abuser; at that time it was my husband.  It also provided a written record post-incident; over time, they start to blur together and the cumulative effect which may become the “normal” with some time and distance, shows more of the scope.

Concurrently — how many can identify with this? — the pressures that started “back when” for some of us, and resulted in decade-plus in the courts, and disheartening look at the future (no present communications with my own children, and I’m concerned to about both, yet myself dealing with a long-term, no-permanent housing situation related to a family trust — related to the family court fiasco — related to the prior domestic violence) are still on.

Once you’re “in” this system at some angle — or have been targeted by a power network for “assets appropriation” or “family dismantling” — when we are not documenting and writing, we are often just fighting pending, imminent, or past litigation and to preserve housing in such a way as not to be subject to imminent threat of loss of housing through loss of income.

Most of my stuff (including a prized piano) is in storage and has been for months.  Last summer I (again) protested a longstanding form of trustee abuse and within a few months was driven out of a long-term rental under crisis conditions which arose, suspiciously, the same month, and continued until I had to exit the property on 24 hrs notice for a safer place, which was a room in a hotel.

(I am very, very tempted to post more details, but don’t think it wise at this point.)

I have a few close friends (local, some not local) for regular conversation.  This week in I am again empathizing in particular with Sandra Grazzini-Rucki’s situation (a kangaroo criminal trial for felony parental interference next Monday 7/18/16 in Minnesota, dragging others in also as I understand it), while I myself have been dealing with “how to stop extortion based on fraud” and how to communicate with entities who have made a joke of the process.

So what you get may not be short enough or clean enough.  If I come within range of personal contact simultaneous In person, and with access to my laptop, I can definitely present and speak with authority (based on research, not degrees) on this material, and coherently.  I see how it’s assembled and working — but putting this into a WordPress.com blog format without a dynamic audience is a whole different beast.

For those who pray, I also ask prayers particularly this next week.  I am an elder (it happens!) and this exploitation routine is getting old.  I’m having to fight for paperwork that should be given, and each and basically any, interaction will involve being lied to or exposed to more dysfunction of people in control of, as I have said this before, resources I need each week, to stay housed and have transportation and food.

Health care not even on the front burner yet, although I prefer focusing on living a decent lifestyle, there are still times one must go in.  Right now, my stress level (see above) is through the roof and I would consider it a health hazard.  That’s one reason I had to get away from that slumlord/substandard housing and, hopefully soon, toxic personalities motivated by money, not ethics or their own industry professional guidelines (if the shoe fits wear it!), and forced interactions with people who have taken parts of my life (present past and future) hostage for pay they do not deserve and have not earned, in the capacity in which they entered to start with.

These people to continue certain kinds of operations need associates (friends, cronies, related people in the associated professions) to pull it off, and attempt to continue intimidating those who are being robbed of both time (which is life) and money, and their legal rights.

Which gets back to another reason I do blog — once anyone goes through the level of work it takes to smoke out, label, narrate, and show the connections between the various sectors involved — why force others to go start from scratch in their personal cases too?  Only by collective action, at least SOME collective action, can at certain points and times, some of the abuse of privilege and position once usurped, be taken back.

I’m here now to remind us (and the case in Minnesota also reveals) that some of the greatest wealth around is being held in real estate and business operations, and that real estate and those businesses are sometimes contained in trusts.  So, in any given state (New York, Florida, Illinois — Connecticut….), for a power structure when it comes to lawyers, look in the real estate and trusts sections, and when it comes to exploiting elders who may have something saved over the years, or due them from elsewhere, you will be talking probate court and dealing with the category of people called “trustees,” and the corresponding sections of the State Bar specializing in these fields.

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July 16, 2016 at 8:57 pm

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