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Georgia Center of OPPORTUNITY (for whom?) in re: Exploiting 1996 PRWORA (Personal Responsibility and Work OPPORTUNITY Reconciliation Act) HHS grants streams. [Publ. May 29, 2016, updated a few times since, incl. Mar. 2022] » HHS summary of what ‘HMRF’ means, their dated Dec. 2020, my SShots 2022.Mar.15, retroactive insert into a May2016 post (Georgia Oppty) ~~2022.Mar.15 Tue @6.03.51 PM

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(Retroactive insert for my May 29, 2016 post “Georgia Opportunity” PRWORA {shortlink ends “-3vB”). Found at ACF.HHS.gov/OFA/programs/.., HHS page says “last updated Dec. 17, 2020.”

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