3M Company
Accenture [Accounting/scandalized]
Altria Client Services, Inc.
American Electric Power
American Specialty Health
AON Corporation
Applied Materials
ARAMARK Corporation
Astellas Pharma – Rx
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals – Rx
Atria Senior Living
BAE Systems
Bank of America
Barrick Gold of North America, Inc.
Baxter – Rx
Best Buy Co., Inc.
Best Doctors
Biogen Idec
Blue Cross Blue Shield
BP America [BP=British Petroleum]
Bridgepoint Education
Cerner Corporation
Cisco Systems
The Coca-Cola Company
The College Board
Comcast Corporation
CVS Caremark
Daiichi Sankyo
Darden Restaurants
Deloitte [[!!!]]
DeVry, Inc.
The Dow Chemical Company
DTE Energy
Duke Energy
Education Management Corporation
Educational Testing Service
EMD Serono
Endo Health Solutions
ExxonMobil Corporation  [=Rockefeller]
FMC Corporation
Ford Motor Company
Genentech [biotech]
General Electric Company
General Motors
Gilead Sciences, Inc.
GlaxoSmithKline  [Rx]
Golden Living
Grant Thornton
Hallmark Cards, Inc.
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
HDR, Inc.
Hewlett-Packard Company
Hospital Corporation of America
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company
IBM Corporation
Johnson & Johnson
JPMorgan Chase & Co.  [BANKING]
Kaiser Permanente
Knowledge Universe
Level 3 Communications, LLC
Louis Berger Group
McKinsey & Company
Merck & Co., Inc. [Rx; see the Merck Manual]
Microsoft Corporation
Molina Healthcare, Inc.
Morgan Stanley [!!!]]
Motorola Solutions
Mylan Inc.
Nestle Waters North America
NIC, Inc.
Norfolk Southern
Northrop Grumman (defense, right?)
Novartis Pharmaceuticals USA – Rx
Novo Nordisk Inc.
Oracle USA Inc.
Pearson Education
Purdue Pharma – Rx
The Procter & Gamble Company – Rx
Prudential Financial
RAI Services Company
Renaissance Learning
Sanofi – Rx look it up! Global Healthcare
SAS Institute Inc.
SCAN Health Plan
Shire Regenerative Medicine
Sodexo USA
South Alabama Gas District
Southern Company
State Farm Insurance
TEVA Pharmaceuticals USA – Rx
Time Warner Cable
Toyota Motor North America
Truven Health Analytics
Unilever United States
UnitedHealth Group
Union Pacific Railroad
Verizon Communications
Walgreen Co.
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
Weight Watchers InternationalWellCare Health Plans, Inc.
WellPoint, Inc.
Western Governors University

=National Governors Association Corporate Fellows:

The Corporate Fellows Program, established in 1988, promotes the exchange of knowledge and expertise between the private sector and governors on public policy issues affecting business and states. As a Corporate Fellow, your contribution supports the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and positions you and your colleagues as intellectual resources for providing governors ideas that work. List of Corporate Fellows

And, for my fine-feathered family court reformer friends (sic) — this group was also pushing and coordinating fatherhood initiatives in 1994, not through legislature where you might notice it, but directly to governors, through this communications vehicle the NGA and its related nonprofit CORPoration, the NGA Center for Best Practices, which share a website AND a tax return, so good luck keeping public and private separated…  I found it following up the OMI (Oklahoma Marriage Initiative) and Gov. Keating..  1994!! Pre-Welfare Reform!!

FYI, NGA 2013-2014 leadership, I see, is Chair and Vice-Chair Governors of Oklahoma and Colorado.  Colorado is home to oh-so-many CorPoRations (nonprofit, for-profit) related to keeping the social security service-receiving population (i.e., welfare, child support) distribution lines prepped for service delivery.   Including the NCADV

Anyone that doesn’t know this, talk about it, and still wants to lead you, go ahead; and I’ll expose who’s following whom when the leaders are exposed, meaning people who want to lead concealing (withholding) information from those they want to follow.

(It’s on the agenda, soon); both are a public health risk. See first headline above with the words “Stupid” and “dangerous.”

About those Johnson & Johnson heirs…cont’d.

Few of the Johnson brothers’ family line  have had to actually WORK for a living, due to the family wealth and their own trust funds.  So, they have demanded a court system to match those screwed-up addictive lifestyles.  (The woman on the left of this photo, definitely an heiress, was found dead at age 30, in a “squalid” a Los Angeles apartment from (failure to take her insulin shots)?

Casey Johnson and Tila Tequila

Johnson & Johnson, Robert Wood Johnson (I, II, III and IV) — This Crowd and JUSTICE Reform??? (Merry Christmas — that was my 12/25/2013 post).

That’s a good post, links it to the court transformations, and including this part (and, Harvard involvement.  Think Harvard’s the behavioral model for a functional society still???) From that post:

Exposed: Harvard Shrink Gets Rich Labeling Kids Bipolar | Alternet


Jun 17, 2008 – Meet the man who got rich by popularizing bipolar disorder for children. 

Mental health treatment in the United States is now a multibillion-dollar industry, and all the rules of industrial complexes apply. Not only does Big Pharma have influential psychiatrists such as Biederman in their pocket, virtually every mental health institution from which doctors, the press, and the general public receive their mental health information is financially interconnected with Big Pharma. TheAmerican Psychiatric Association, psychiatry’s professional organization, is hugely dependent on drug company grants, and this is also true for the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill and other so-called consumer organizations. Harvard and other prestigious university psychiatry departments take millions of dollars from drug companies, and the National Institute of Mental Health funds researchers who are financially connected with drug companies.

I do not believe the majority of Americans are drug-abusers, (although thanks to the relationship of pharmaceutical industries to government-run healthcare in the form of Medicaid (Pre-Obamacare) far too many Americans ARE drugged in the form of Rx, some of it inducing psychosis, and some of it anti-psychotic.   Which I also blogged (for free, on my own time, see archives on “atypical antipsychotics” or “kickbacks.”)

I also don’t believe that MOST Americans, or most fathers, are actually having incest with their kids , or abandoning them into sex slavery — as at least one of branches of this ONE family line did, and has been accused of.  The accuser was a woman, and didn’t get a court system set up to handle THAT family problem, strangely….just the drug abuse and mental health

How to spread poverty, burden the public and dispense more Rx.  MUST BE COINCIDENCE that it happened through “therapeutic jurisprudence courts and under conciliation law — and not another kind…


My court case also involved forced disruptions over years (impoverishing the household and affecting my employability), and after disrupting my family as payback ONE WOMAN (Mother, that’s me) saying no to abuse (clearly defined) and meaning it, only to define who did NOT mean it, really.   Once the dissolution was initiated, we had:  stealing my children, facilitated, encouraged, SET UP, and sanitized by those same family courts — my children, now in high school, were then abandoned by their father, which the related women and men (some of them married couples) helped coverup to further continue defrauding whoever had the wealth (in this case, our elderly mother) and after her death continued through control and withholding of that (which I needed for survival, giving the prior disruptions) have to this day participated in continuing to extort me, to the point I am in CONSTANT need effective intervention and/or protection (or seeking it) — which NEVER COMES and no visible source of it either.

How do you think I learned all this stuff and that uninformed (“Stupid”) is so dangerous?  In learning some things you really do have to compare, validate (as best can) and throw out, habitually, what makes no sense until you come to what does.  Or, you lose the ability to reason, over time, and a short time in my opinion after rejecting the very obvious.

Case in point (anecdotal, cont’d) re: the J&J (pharmaceuticals) matter:

While our children’s father had sole legal and custodial care and while they were later by him abandoned physically and financially — another felony in my state, from afar, I learned progressively (after the fact) of: excess medical surgeries on  BOTH* (which I was not told about in advance), and what looks like PLENTY if not routine drugging,  just as their grandmother (my mother) was ALSO drugged up and medically controlled prior to others snatching my kids, having had her house sold out from underneath her shortly before, and of course then taking control of her bank accounts.  Why?  It was known that this grandmother was opposed to having an ex-batterer raise her grandchildren, and had previously supported me in the lawsuit to defend against it. So our elders also, sometimes three generations at a time, can be harmed and oppressed through ONE family coming through “FAMILY COURTS” — and that is what they are for, and NOT something else.

There has been a consistent attempt by one of these fraudsters and oppressors to convince at least one of my children that (she) has all along had a mental disability, to the point I was recently asked (from afar), did I, Mom, remember her having “special needs” as a child?   I replied, no, clearly, and where that was coming from.   And how long ago a certain male relative had been was pushing that label and why; and explained that his is how some people attempt to put down by labeling and from there control others who they know are smarter, or simply not submissive enough. [I didn’t go into the pharma profits from drugging kids).    To push such labeling on children without evidence, I consider that child abuse, and in my general opinion, child abuse is for profit, not just for fun. Someone needs to be controlled, exploited, and/or sold, and it’s not just children in foster care.  The same man tried the same tactic on me when, and not before, I stood up to him, having already stood up to my violent husband, during a takeover attempt of the reins of this household’s future.  As it developed, he’d already set up the situation previously, so my objections could be overcome economically.  Also see, Phyllis Chesler, Ph.D.’s “Women & Madness,” we are talking 1970s and it’s elementary.  I also believe one reason the courts are so adamant about getting kids away from single, or not-with-the-biological-father mothers  of all socioeconomic levels, is that we know about these things and might teach our daughters.

Cover of Women and Madness
Why are so many women in therapy, on psychiatric medication, or in mental hospitals? Who decides these women are mad? Why do therapists have the power to deem a woman mentally ill when she asserts herself sexually, economically, or intellectually? Why are women pathologized, but not treated, when they exhibit a normal humanresponse to abuse and stress – including the lifelong stress of second-class citizenship?

Phyllis Chesler confronts questions like these and persuasively argues that double standards of mental health and illness exist and that women are often punitively labeled as a function of gender, race, class, or sexual preference. Based on in-depth interviews with patients and an analysis of women’s roles in myths and history, Women and Madness is an incomparable work.

I am my daughters’ mother, and they were not drugged when I nursed them as babies, or dumbed down when I taught them to read well (early), count,  continue in their natural curiosity and encouraging independent learning (and time and materials to engage in this with), to be confident in a variety of social settings, not just with their “peer group” in herd situations, and of course participation in a variety of arts classes, and the value of being able to concentrate for, if the interest persisted, hours at a time, to accomplish a task or project.  They were NOT raised on bells and whistles.  My children were also not obese, and they were multi-talented as are so MANY.

Martin Luther King, Jr., Mandela, and MacroEconomics

Between the death of Mandela in 2010 and this announcement having gone out on January 20, 2010, the timing could not be more appropriate.

Let’s talk about it — South Africa had a legal, and educational apartheid, and this was for the purpose of what??  Economic apartheid/ domination, and continued enforced poverty.   And now there are Mandela Rhodes Scholarships (with FYI an American arena supporting).   Again, WHO was Cecil Rhodes and what was his world goal???

Won legal rights and left the economic apartheid.  Which has greater force — economic superiority or unenforceable legal rights?   And I’m not the only person questioning it:

Dec. 7, 2013 NYT article on the “born frees” as they are called (South African youth born after the end of apartheid):

Generation born after apartheid sees Mandela’s Fight as History

It seems young people may be developing deeper relationships across historic dividing lines, beyond just interaction,” the 2012 Reconciliation Barometer reported. They are also less likely to have faith in political leaders, and less likely to blame apartheid for South Africa’s current economic and social inequality, according to the Reconciliation Barometer.

And despite the warning from Zwelinzima Vavi, the general secretary of South Africa’s powerful confederation of trade unions, that South Africa’s young are a “ticking time bomb” because of the unemployment and poverty rates they face — twice as high as in the general populationborn frees are overwhelmingly optimistic, the Barometer and other surveys have found.

Indeed, their generation in other countries — often known as millennials elsewhere — also tends toward optimism. Even young people from impoverished townships display a heady enthusiasm, though for many life has changed little in material terms since the end of apartheid, and unemployment is worse.

and . . . .

Researchers warn that the born frees’ hopefulness could sour once their expectations of a better life are not met.

“Without more effective and sustained job creation, and soon, a mismatch between these expectations and the capacity of the economy to absorb young people is inevitable, and will have consequences,” the Reconciliation Barometer said.

Many measures of inequality are just as a bad, or worse, for the born frees than for previous generations. “Many born frees face the same, if not greater, levels of unemployment, poverty, inequality and hopelessness as their parents,” wrote Robert Mattes, director of the Democracy in Africa Research Unit at the University of Cape Town’s Center for Social Science Research. Polls show they just do not know it.

[Just storing THIS link here for now….]

thinkprogress.org  “South Africa Still Struggling to Achieve Mandela’s Dream of Economic Equality
by “Aviva Shen” posted 12/6/2013 (right after he died)
After an era of sanctions threatened to plunge South Africa into a dire economic crisis, Mandela traded his plan to nationalize banks and mines for a free market ideology that ushered in the longest period of growth in South African history and restored the nation’s economic standing in the world. However, Mandela’s pro-business policies essentially left poor black South Africans behind. Today, the average white family earns six times what black households make, and 73 percentof top business managers are white.

Unemployment levels among young black workers is nearing 50 percent. The number of South Africans living on less than a dollar a day has doubled along with the number of millionaires in the country. Overall, unemployment is around 25 percent.In order to restore economic stability, Mandela aggressively courted foreign investors who had avoided South Africa during apartheid, attracting major international companies that later bought many of the nation’s largest banks and manufacturers. However, the nation’s economic interests and natural resourcesare concentrated in the hands of a few conglomerates, making it very difficult for wealth to spread to most South Africans. In 2000, just five groups controlled 61 percent of stock market’s value. Small businesses, meanwhile, contribute just 30 percent to the nation’s GDP.

The U.S., which is experiencing soaring income inequality, largely along racial lines, could take a warning from South Africa’s predicament. The massive disparity between the wealthy and the poor has taken a toll on South Africa’s economic growth. Income from foreign investors has dropped since 2008, and more than a quarter of South Africans rely on welfare, making up 3 percent of the nation’s GDP.

Throughout his lifetime, Mandela was outspoken about the need to combat poverty and believed strongly in redistributing wealth to the poor. South Africansrevere his dream of “a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world.” However, the nation still has a long way to go in order to fulfill his dream

[this isn’t the link I saw the other day, but raises the topic, for now.]

I tried to write some posts about this in honor of the situation while documenting that the entire field of supervised visitation (which should be shut down) in the US _- just a fragment of a kazillion “services” which trims income from some on the basis that someone needs such services (when in fact people have been — in the 1990s and as recently as 2013) shot to death around and IN such “supervision.”  How much more stupidity can the country afford?

A stupid nation is a dangerous nation.  How did we get that stupid — accidentally?

The answer should be obvious.  Who educated you (most of the country)?  Oh– I forgot, not understanding that school districts are a kind of special-purpose government, part of whose job is to train most of the nation for workers (drawers of water and hewers of wood, 20th, 21st century style) as, over here, designed in good part by Horace Mann (who spent VERY few years in school himself) and modeled on the militaristic Prussian model.  And then, some (the cream of the crop) will NOT go to those schools, but be used for another layer in the system.

The discipline and intelligent use of what free time we DO have, vs. Following Facebook Heroes:

Do we YET understand that the Internet was originally intended and designed for military purposes and manipulation of public opinion? I enjoy it too, but let’s get real about that two-way street of information, and one-way mirror on who’s watching whom.  So failure to be AWARE  of basic technology is, in a word, stupid.  But stupid is a state of mind (attitude and condition), and it can change forms.

and followed by the next question, what can I, me, myself — do to counteract this, and what should I do in light of this scope and level of brainwashed ideology about what my come from another government initiative, petition, or (one I’ve seen flying around the “fix the family courts” blogosphere recently– which doesn’t get MORE idiotic (if you’re following it, actually it’s brilliant, if one is field-testing a target audience for “just how pliable (stupid) ARE they?”) than:

Congressional Hearing:  Protecting Abused Children in Custody and Divorce” and re-blogging something you don’t even have a name, or a link to on any government site, do not have the list of attendees — shown RIGHT THERE by whoever’s saying “Go do this, sign this, tell your Congressperson this, stay tuned for future directions….”

2014Jan-Facebook (finally) NAMES the famous %22Congressional Hearing%22 (House Victims Rights Caucus Congressmen Poe (TX) Costa (CA)…

Search results for that phrase show what people are coached to do, and don’t show the link to the hearing itself.

As a Change.org petition filed by “StopAbuseCampaign” signers displayed are essentially, BMCC presenters (with some exceptions):  C. Valentine, B. Goldstein, Lilliane Miller (who helped start the BMCC conferences in 2003 with Mo Hannah), etc.

Lovefraud.com referencing (9/15/2013) that C. Valentine’s organization wants us to petition for these hearings, in the context of marketin her material also:

Petition for Congressional Hearings on the failure of family and divorce courts

Lovefraud received the following notice from the California Protective Parents Association.  This organization does fine work on behalf of mothers who have lost their children to abusive former partners.

The people (usually fathers) who abuse children, and then demand custody of them, are sociopaths. …

(See my first bolded title at top of post, begins with the word “Stupid”)

Here’s a Facebook re-post from NVDR (a group which cites B. Goldstein as on its board) letting the public at least know who presented, and some related Congressmen involved.  It does NOT link to a *.gov site, or provide a transcript. I want to handle this separately (particularly as to which groups are involved).  NONE of these individuals or groups have seen fit to educate their followers (then, how could they be the presenting/training experts??) on government financing — and this particular crowd has moreover systematically censored discussion of even the HHS grants system (or how to look at it) among their attendees for now fully ten years, so far as I can tell from the conference materials, and having conversed with plenty of attendees and promoters:

National Domestic Violence Registry · 1,505 like this October 16, 2013 at 2:25pm ·

pti on


Videos from the Congressional Briefing: Protecting Abused Children of Separation and Divorce

10:30 am to 11:30 am ~ October 2, 2013

Held in the Rayburn House Office Building, Room 2226 with the kind assistance of Congressmen Ted Poe (R-TX) and Jim Costa (D-CA), co-chairs of the House Victim’s Rights Caucus.

Introduction: Andrew Willis, Founder, Stop Abuse Campaign Panel: Joy Silberg, Ph.D., Hera McLeod, Donnette Lepore, Eileen King

Every one of the above individuals who actually does self-identify with any nonprofit or corporation, should have their nonprofit or corporation fact-checked, and the survivors should have also done this for showing up to be fronted or representatives of the class the hearing was about protecting, or representing, etc. Moreover, anyone who took the time (as I did, previously — because the topic came up) to look at the Congresspersons Poe and Costa’s websites would find that they have also sponsored and are supporting the “CACs” (Children’s Alliance Coalition, or similar term) which is a national alliance of nonprofits, all of which ALSO should have nonprofits to be looked at — and get some understanding.  This would tell us what Costa and Poe mean, or have done, when they are talking about protecting children, already.

As I said separately.  Anyone who has ever seen a tax return for “The Leadership Council . . . .” Please send me the link and an EIN#.  I can’t find one and they have a donate page up.