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Remembering Mandela…Apartheid, AND The Apartheid Purpose of Welfare Reform, to economically suppress, disenfranchise, and enslave Americans

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I am sorry I cannot do justice to this topic, only acknowledge it, and continue to speak in its light, to the things I will continue speaking about until I see changes, changed systems and a different and BETTER day.

I am already in constant grief and mourning (or, at least daily) of a different sort, and  have very mixed feelings on the theme of “reconciliation” as you may see by this blog.   I do not value “reconciliation for survival” at all times, and hope that this warning, may speak without dishonour to this man, who earned his position, who I respect more than many of the leaders you can see he has been posing and meeting with (including several from my own country) while stating where mine differs.

It may not be apartheid here, but policies have been enacted that are indeed coming from the same source.

Normally, I might not even pause to acknowledge major holidays, major events, world-shaking events, or the passing of a major leader.   Sometimes, it’s so ordinary to be “marginalized” and dealing with it, that I don’t notice how I no longer respond to major national, or even global events.

Obviously, this is not one of those times. So I’m going to ask this question twice  more– here, below and on a follow-up post.

I am talking about changes we need to United States of America, so proud of its (eventual) welcoming of Mandela on his release from 27 years in prison, of its protest of apartheid ON ANOTHER CONTINENT, to recognize what’s going on at home, and how the colonialism is set up, and works. For one, it doesn’t ever give up, or get dumber and clumsier with time. Nor must we, unless that’s simply acceptable.

Isn’t it past time to understand our times — to see the signs of our times, the leaders of our times, to HONESTLY understand the traditions and leaders we now endorse, and sponsor — of which genealogy were they: Peacemakers with justice, or hypocrites with myths about justice? Because if they are leading, and we have followed, blind to the signs of those times, that becomes OUR past, our missed moments.

Suggested Citation:

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December 8, 2013 at 9:14 pm

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