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Putting 1996 Welfare Reform in the Larger Perspective, Like in the Ethnic Cleansing Continuum…

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Earlier Title:

“Putting 1996 Welfare-Reform (and its endless Behavioral Modification Diversions scapegoating, first, Single Black Mothers With Kids on Welfare) into its true HUD/HHS/Ethnic Cleansing, Real-Estate-and-Assets-Appropriating Clearer Light”

Some of the things I REGULARLY stumble across simply by looking (it’s not rocket science) things that were, ten, or twenty years ago — avoidable, and simply ludicrous.

I mean, in state after state you can see private industry simply advertising its wares straight off *.gov websites, from out of state, from other countries, and often enough its products and services no one really needs, which don’t help people, and THEN, I find the groups involved aren’t even incorporated properly. . . . .???  Yet those who are get special privileges to “monitor” others?

Welfare Reform has been a disaster, yet is based on Poverty Theory (revised).  And yet — that was 1996, but information about the CAFRs have been around for far longer.  And in 1989, exposure of them seems to have begun.  MOREOVER, it seems that people who dealt with them didn’t get the significance (I mean, it takes some serious staff to compile all those statistics, right?).

We did not get and were not taught that it’s our duty, as citizens, to know how government works, and hold it in check.  Understandably, if a government is in the business of war, a lot of propaganda is needed to justify it it.

IF we knew what to look at, look for, and where to find it.  However, now it’s more a matter of the will and simple personal decision.

And we all kept talking about “education….”  But in that education, even AFTER it was no longer “separate but equal” we still  were sorted by caste and usefulness in the workforce (the plantation), and fed rhetoric, no matter which direction we went, and run administratively, as planned.

The last post (Good Grounds to Eliminate (Funding for) Supervised Visitation, Access Visitation, Batterers’ Intervention etc. ) is visually hard to read, but the material is also hard to accept.

I hope readers can distinguish my lack of technical formatting skills superior to WordPress’s ability to eliminate or add them at-will, from certain business entities’ the lack of truth-telling as to: staying incorporated, using actually functional business entities when doing business with government, including the courts, and those who fund them.  Not to mention what this says about the government that does indeed fund them.   Apparently.

However, before continuing the Supervised Visitation (Investigation), I decided to remind readers of and give samples from five key writers on Federal and other Governmental Financial Matters, from user’s (citizen’s) point of view, and who know that a Budget is not an Accounting of One’s Collective Holdings.

Who know that CAFRs exist, and very well, what they represent.  They are:  Burien, Fitts, Herman, Klatt (deceased, but his site is still up) and Clint Richardson.  Links repeated below, they are essentially saying the same information, with different perspectives and takes.

LOOK — quit the cult of the experts.  If YOU (Y.O.U.) understand principles and have the tools to check facts, one has “LEVERAGE” meaning, like a lever, a tool to pry out the relevant truths from a situation that would otherwise look complex or confusing.  The solid ground is evidence of some key solid truths which put the other ones in a different perspective.

So much of this blog is “show and tell and here are the tools”…. so who’s going to start using them?

These people have been:

Burien “got” that government was, by definition, a criminal racket, he says, ca. 1989-1990 in New Jersey.  Fitts, who was of all the below, probably the most highly qualified and experienced (as an investment banker, Wharton MBA, and working for HUD), says she took til about the mid-1990s to “get” the impact of drugs on the American economy — although she saw earlier that HUD was engaged in producing an ongoing “negative return on investment” for the taxpayers.  Fitts didn’t focus on teaching people CAFRs (alas) and ignored the religious element.

Clint Richardson (learned under Burien, for when — check either site) wasn’t afraid to take on that, or it seems like anything else.  I’m not sure, but I don’t think he has minor children they can go after (nor did Fitts, but they dissembled her “Hamilton Securities” caused her to live like a fugitive, and apparently stole the software too.  She came up clean, but had to sell everything to handle it).  Carl Hermann keeps on publishing, as do the others.

Me, I didn’t see this until about 2012…  But (see blog) I HAD previously connected the problem to the income tax and the for profit/not for profit divide.

If you’re not running a little frightened (or terrified) you are probably sleepwalking, or in on this thing. Otherwise, we are talking building castles on a controlled depopulation (by designated areas) plan, with a timed escalation of invasive tactics.  I sure wish that more people would listen to us who have literally already experienced this, PERSONALLY, through living with abusive sociopathic personalities thriving in communities where no one wants to believe that “evil” can actually exist, if it’s socially acceptable).

1. Burien (1989ff/former Commodities trader (hover), actually has a plan for ending taxation  see “Tax Retirement Funds”),

2.  Catherine Austin Fitts (1989ff/former investment banker, briefly working for HUD/FHA, then started a “follow-the-money” Hamilton Securities group which actually did that — and was shut down, with (it LOOKS like) the feds having nabbed the software which is now a model adopted for use by UNICOR with prison inmates!** Wharton MBA, etc.),

**”Federal Prison Industries, also known as UNICOR and FPI, is a wholly owned  United States government corporation created in 1934 that uses penal labor from the Federal Bureau of Prisons to produce goods and services. FPI is restricted to selling its products and services to federal government agencies and has no access to the commercial market.[1]  



Yes, through UNICOR (at a minimum) The Federal Government has its own private slave labor force, the ranks filled out in part from the war on drugs.**  Then, for investors, there’s also the high-profit, low-overhead (HOW much are prisoners paid to work?) Corrections Corporation of America

**…Including the same illegal drugs it has been (says Fitts and sources she references) running, through CIA, to certain target geographic and ethnic populations since the Viet Nam War.   The taxpayers fund the prisons, fund the government that incarcerates, and fund HHS grants for Prisoner-Re-entry as well.

One HUGE population also is appropriate for targeting behavioral modification programs at, like “moral reconation therapy,” etc.  through SAMSHA, originally designed as drug treatment/moral reasoning therapy….  When successful, these can then be expanded to other populations. They also have to run studies on Recidivism, (and why, say, the three-fold increase in incarcerated populations since the 1980s….that was a year 2000 “USDOJ/OJP/NIJ newsletter called “Sentencing & Corrections” stating that the nation’s prison population had tripled in, essentially, the 1980s and 1990s…)  This also includes “Reaching out to “FBCO” Faith-Based and Community Organizations” to encourage them to get involved in helping with the Prisoner Re-Entry (into communities) problem: From “JUSTICE.GOV

The Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives at the Department of Labor and the Bureau of Justice Assistance at the U.S. Department of Justice, in conjunction with the Council of State Governments Justice Center, have just released Reentry Partnerships: A Guide for States & Faith-Based and Community Organizations.  {Corrections Corporation of America also has “faith-based” services}

3. Clint Richardson (former film sound engineer and good explainer, as are the others).  Listen to him explaining why he quit Hollywood and rationalizing his job making war (etc.) sound real, after all, as an artist.  Just read..(hint.  It has to do with drone warfare).  Or “Religion and Political Parties — what’s the Difference?” Or, August 2013 (perhaps not having to deal daily with this type of dumb-down stuff as a parent) waking up to what Common Core Education [“Making Children Stupider Round the World”] is Educating Human Capital for.  Naturally, he went right to the corporation’s “CAFR” and read it.  (hover that cursor). Or, and this is another FYI, The Great Disclosure as Informed Consent: (Jun, 2013, cf. Wikileaks, Edward Snowden):

This great disclosure of secret government dirty deeds and military crimes has a very specific purpose that most of us have not considered. That is, to create understanding and acquiescence to these treasonous facts by organized government criminals of the world as just the way it is

In other words, this disclosure of crime creates what can be termed “informed consent“.

While the official act of obtaining informed consent is generally done within public notices and meetings, voting, and through other official means, the mere flooding of the airwaves and newspapers with information creates a much more devious form of consent of the people to government crime.

You see, government is exposing to the people its conspiracies. A conspiracy is simply a plan between two or more persons (a person being legally defined as a corporation – and each politician is actually incorporated as a “corporation sole”). . . .

The raging confidence of the organized criminal politicians and officers in government stems from this fallacy – that the people trust government to govern itsself and punish itself for its own crime. And it [see what “it” refers to, first sentence] realizes that the people have lost their cognitive reasoning. It understands that the people have lost the ability and knowledge needed to actually sue the government and prove conspiracy in court without the assistance of government attorneys. And as an added bonus, government stacks the courts and utilizes the private legal BAR Society to administrate its legal codes. . . .

That article had me thinking hard — because I know first-hand what happens, and what happened, when I disclosed — that violence in the home.  It’s what happens AFTER it’s disclosed (and the abuser knows it) that counts HEAVILY towards how it goes in the future.   And my impression then remains as it is now — basically, still, no one really wants to deal with it.  No one wants to face the problem of, for lack of a better word, “evil.”  let someone else do it.  Let the authorities do it.  Report it to someone. Seek help from someone.

I tell, you, I know how that road goes, and see where it led.  NOW, I am sitting here, after four years, testifying also — the CAFRs have been exposed, increasingly, since 1989.  And it’s not a topic to ignore, even if it’s unpleasant, bitter new (i.e., you were lied to).

More exposures about government financing has continued to surface.  And yet, people I know want to dig at the non-essential elements with their teaspoons, and still others want to parade up to Congress and demand a “hearing” to fix our courts — without even looking at who built them!   And they don’t want to raise the issue of fraud or money-laundering (at all).  Somehow, IF we continuing closing our eyes, squinting REAL hard, and hoping, hoping hoping — it will all go away, we’ll wake up, and things will be better????

4.  Carl Herman (Harvard grad, teacher of economics and history, who’s up in arms about this too), or ret’d USAF AND military federal auditor 

[I have quoted previously, there are entire posts.  He has two blogs available at examiner.com and another “washingtonsblog.com” and is also very good at linking to documentation of his statements.]

5. Gerald Klatt (who laid it out, Burien says, at his request, in outline format by 2004 at which time he was mysteriously found to have died  Qualifications: [hover or click to read]).

Klatt, “The Review Process is Very Simple

1. Get a copy of the governments/school districts most currrent Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

2. Go to each fund/subfund section , locate the accounts with surpluses based on the steps shown below; total them for each subfund, and write them down as shown below. In addition the Exhibit A in each of the State reports provided in this writing. The Exhibit A is the complete review. So a person has over 40 examples to use in the learning process.

3. Total the list of subfund surpluses to arrive at the total surpluses for the government.  [[LGH Note — for THAT government entity only.  There are over 100,000 gov’t entities in the US, not just 50 States, etc.]]

4. Divide the result in Step 3. by the population and you have the per capita surpluses.

5. Take the total surplus amount to the proper economic impact form and complete the computations shown for each cell in the economic impact form. The computations are very simple.

. . . . So far as I can tell, that’s one step for the fingers on one hand for most of us.  It doesn’t require a computer unless you’re reading the report from the computer, and could be done with pencil to record the totals.  The stumbling block is that most just won’t DO it and go through the painful awakening process that’s likely to come with the process (although some could skate through in disconnected denial mode too, I suppose).

I was just going to remind us (have quoted these guys enough) but it’s always timely information and appropriate.  Moreover, on re-reading from “Fitts” I again had to acknowledge that welfare reform is a form of ethnic cleansing — billed to us all — and that NONE of this is good for the public, to tolerate or participate, or to be enrolled in, although those who like to eat and have housing (outside of “3 hots and a cot,” i.e., jail), many times are enrolled.  Moreover, anyone who has a child support order  through programming, and those who still pay income (and several other) taxes are enabling this.

This brings us to the hard brick wall of Ignorance (cf. “The Berlin Wall?”) which it’s time to tear down:

1. On the difference between any Government’s Budget and any Government’s actual holdings (assets). One is not the other. You are supposed to focus on the former and forget about the latter (‘too complicated for me to comprehend, I’m not a numbers person’), that is, even after you’ve been informed that CAFRs, which spell it out and a simple guide to reading them, exist.

2. That our government is taxing us needlessly, while running both legal and illegal [tax basis:  0] drugs, and a lot of them right into HUD projects for people on HHS welfare programs, AND that it apparently is doing this for the long-term project of clearing out the area of local ownership (and given where these are being run, let’s call it what it is – Black and Hispanic ownership) . . . . .

. . . . while trying [pretty successfully] to convince the rest of non-welfare, non-living in the projects or HUD/HHS rung programs  of the country that blacks and Hispanics, and their single-mother or matriarchal-households and noncustodial father’s underemployment (and inordinate drug use, as it applies) are really the problem populations, the burden to society —and not the truth, which appears to be the exact opposite.

2a. And that despite governments, collectively doing and/or facilitating all of the above America still values: freedom, truth, honor, integrity, tolerance, ethics, JUSTICE, and representative government (normally called “democracy” although technical the word is “republic.”)
2b. Oh yes, and Americans, thanks to K-12 compulsury (state) education systems for all (except those who can figure out alternates*  and those who are habitually truant and finally grow up anyhow) we are, moreso than other nations because of this great (though underfunded, budgets-cut and “broken” — please volunteer, buy more bonds  to prop it up, and protest, arrest, harrass, or simply remove children from parents who may wish to EXIT that system,) educational system, are also truly “edumicated” smart — and  not indoctrinated dumb as to which areas are the most vital in which to get edumicated, like:

  • how protect and preserve one’s unalienable rights (life liberty and the pursuit of happiness being among them) and
  • how to defend against inappropriate balance of power between individuals governed and those hired BY them to govern them.

*like private prep schools preparing kids to run for Congress, and public office, or Harvard, Yale, etc. where they can help run the country as technical advisors from outside Congress itself

That’s not the message the CAFRs hold.  It’s also not the lesson History tells us.  These lessons tell us that, overall,  (collectively) we’ve not had a healthy view towards government, viewing it as OVERALL benign, but in SOME aspects, only, corrupt.  

As I sit here as a college-educated, formerly well-employed mother, then single custodial mother, then distraught noncustodial mother losing employment steadily (while father wasn’t particular gaining any, that we can see) and, as I said, family unit essentially fragmented, another holiday, reflecting on how federal money seems to gravitate towards unproven, often undocumented (that is, not still incorporated) corporations with cronyism evidence — and then pulling in the religious tax-exempt element as favorite grantees (and all that) — I again wanted to remind us that, in perspective, the “CAFR” message pretty well sets things in perspective.

Want to fix the courts?  Want a Teacher at the front of the room or in the White House to monitor and control the bad boys (or girls)?

Has President Obama been honest enough to admit that welfare reform was part of a eugenics and designer-family programming designed to bring profits to the programmers and program evaluators — not generated by public demand, but force-fed through coercion (welfare system), and in the process, using public funding — while cutting FOOD STAMPS???

I believe, the answer is “No.”

Keeping in mind that ALL of this is subsidiary to the fact that a BUDGET isn’t a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report of what any government entity actually holds. A Budget is a Business Plan based on the theme that governments own less than they actually do, a.k.a., based on a big lie (including by omission) to the public.  If you read tax returns of nonprofits (including those that contract with the federal, state or county agencies or offices, and sometimes the courts), you can get at least a sense of this, or if you can apply common logic and sense to more complex settings, it will still make sense.  When things start making sense based on some principles and some access to the data (at least SOME access to the official financial data), you can take on the rhetoric of the media, even for major cities.

Clint Richardson taking on cash-strapped Chicago, per Sun-Times report:

The report:  “City of Chicago’s Cash Cushion plummets, debt triples, arrests drop, water use rises” Chicago Sun-Times, July 26, 2013” by Fran Spielman, City Hall Reporter.

“Mayor Rahm Emanuel closed the books on 2012 with $33.4 million in unallocated cash on hand — down from $167 million the year before — while adding to the mountain of debt piled on Chicago taxpayers, year-end audits show.

Last week, Moody’s Investors ordered an unprecedented triple-drop in the city’s bond rating, citing Chicago’s “very large and growing” pension liabilities, “significant” debt service payments, “unrelenting public safety demands” and historic reluctance to raise local taxes that has continued under Emanuel.”

The response:  “Rahm Emanuel, Once Chief of Liars, Now Mayor of Lies“** . . .

Now, anyone who knows what a budget report is can likely agree that a budget is not honest, but is in reality an educated guess on future operational expenses, income, and expenditures. In the majority of cases involving corporations, the person or persons doing the budgeting is generally seeking new and creative ways to justify more budget allowances for their corporation or department thereof. In the case of local municipal corporation governments, these creative accounting tricks are implemented on the budget report to justify more taxpayer dollars to be collected in the next fiscal year (or more taxpayer debt to be created through bonds) by ignoring what is reported in the actual audit report, called the CAFR. In short, the “budget report” is created by taking the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (the audited financial statements of government), grabbing a black magic marker, and placing black marks over the long-term assets and investments of government accumulated for the years, decades, or centuries that the government has been municipally incorporated.

** This could and should apply to any mayor, or governor (they all are given copies of CAFRs, as are major media, I’m told) when engaging in similar activities and portrayals.

If all that fails, don’t take the word of me, Burien (1989ff/former Commodities trader), Catherine Austin Fitts (1989ff/FHA), Clint Richardson (former film sound engineer and good explainer, as are the others), Carl Herman (Harvard grad, teacher of economics and history), or ret’d military federal auditor Gerald Klatt (who laid it out, in outline format by 2004 at which time he was mysteriously found to have died).

Carl Hermann (who acknowledges Burien and Klatt, and has a “washingtonsblog” and is an “Examiner” blogger) in 2010:

What CAFRs reveal is a communist-style policy whereby the US taxpayers surrender enormous assets to the state, who then “invest” these collective trillions that swell in these accounts. Concurrently, taxpayers are informed of budget deficits to either squeeze more taxes from them and/or cut public services. To add insult to injury, the state lies in omission by never reminding Americans of their hard-earned and withheld trillions as they eliminate jobs, reduce education, and attack the quality of our lives.
The American Constitution is a contract of limited government whereby the public informs and is informed by our representatives. CAFRs are damning public documents that expose “leadership” from Left and Right as exactly what leading economic voices have said: an absolutely corrupt and self-serving oligarchy.
Let’s look at the economic data revealed in CAFRs.
For example, California has a budget deficit of ~$20 billion. The combined investments of CAFRs for the state of CALos Angeles County, and the City of Los Angeles is over $450 billion; over 22 times the amount of the budget shortfall (documentation page numbers below).
California claims they need this money mainly for public employee retirement benefits. Let’s check that story. The CAFR data shows current member contribution pays for all retiree benefits except for $1.8 billion (net cost). If just these three state agencies surrendered their withheld money back to the public instead of lording over it as communists, each Californian would receive ~$15,000. To pay for the shortfall in the retirement account, each individual could be taxed $50.
Why has political “leadership” and corporate media not informed American taxpayers of this option and publicly submitted this data for professional and independent economist cost-benefit analysis to provide other options?
The answer to that question is also the answer to the question of how political “leadership” gets away with Orwellian unlawful wars.

Catherine Austin Fitts “Former Bush Assistant Secretary for HUD reveals ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ connected to CIA Drug Dealing in Los Angeles.” MAY 1999 special to “From The Wilderness”: . . . .[It’s short enough — no real excuse for not reading this 1999 article, IS there?? It puts Jobs-based Welfare Reform in an ENTIRELY different light]] . . .”I was a Washington INsider.. or so I thought…” (Out of all the individuals mentioned above Fitts was probably the highest placed,  or possibly Gerald Klatt.  She talks about HUD, Drugs, and Ethnic Cleansing, and what happened after (mid-1990s) they created a software the tracked “how the money works” (enters and leaves neighborhoods).

In 1990, after leaving HUD, I started my own investment company, The Hamilton Securities Group, and I devised new and creative ways to save taxpayers billions of dollars. In 1993, Hamilton secured contracts with HUD through Secretary Henry Cisneros. Hamilton saved taxpayers billions of dollars by taking defaulted HUD housing mortgages, repackaging them and auctioning them on the private market. Hamilton began putting wealth back into inner city projects by hiring women living in HUD housing and teaching them how to use computers to build data bases on how money works in 63,000 neighborhoods throughout America. Hamilton started a data processing company with these women in a HUD project (Edgewood Terrace) in Washington. The women who lived there earned stock in the company. The company made money and proved the concept of what on-line access in communities could do to build jobs and businesses.  We used the success of that effort to persuade HUD to fund computer learning centers in other housing projects. Hamilton was extremely successful. We made millions and we saved the government billions.

Fulfilling my childhood dream, Hamilton also created new software and money management tools, which were, for the first time ever, able to map down to the neighborhood, exactly how HUD and other federal money worked, who profited when loans defaulted, and how money came into or left a community. For example, we were often able to see where HUD was spending $100-250,000 per unit on apartment buildings when there was single family housing available within walking distance for $25-50,000.  …We had unrestricted access to rich quantities of government financial data that was supposedly public but hard to understand. We were translating that into useable information so that people in any community could see how the money flowed through their neighborhood. We helped HUD get increasing amounts of data up on its web site. An unforeseen side effect for the women at Edgewood, and for Hamilton, was that by seeing clearly how the clean money worked, we also began to see how the dirty money worked.

In 1996, as reporter Gary Webb was busy writing a series of stories connecting CIA and the Contras to the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles, I was busy using the money maps in a way that would help people move people from government subsidies to home ownership and entrepreneurship.

. . . .I was also advocating that U.S. government investment in communities should be subject to the same public disclosure rules that private companies are obligated to follow under the Securities and Exchange Commission Rules. If you are a shareholder in a company, that company is using your money. The law requires that they use your money legally and that they do their best to protect your money and make you more. To earn money, and to do so in a fair, honest and competitive way, federal and state laws require companies to report performance and key transactions to you, the shareholder. Every citizen is a shareholder in the government. If governments worked like they require corporations to work, they would be required to report to you, in the sunshine, exactly how the money was working, in your neighborhood, and you could either approve – or disapprove of the fairness and effectiveness of that, based upon your understanding of your own needs. That is very threatening to those who have used agencies like HUD as a trough to pay off political cronies.

. . . [talking about comparing the money maps to Gary Webb’s? maps of where the cocaine epidemic was]

If you compare this map with the fact that Freeway Ricky Ross – the crack cocaine kingpin described in Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance was known for buying up real estate along the Harbor Freeway and selling drugs throughout this exact area – the mathematical correlation is staggering. Every dot represents a HUD mortgage where the taxpayers lost money in a defaulted FHA loan and where somebody else bought the property for pennies on the dollar. Most of those loans defaulted as the crack cocaine epidemic ravaged Los Angeles. The taxpayers bear the costs of not only the defaulted mortgages, but also deterioration in property value, the crime, and ultimately the depopulation due to very expensive prison warehousing and welfare.    Exactly who bought and traded in properties throughout this area should be the subject of congressional hearings looking into corrupt HUD practices from the period and continuing to this day.

. . .

On August 10, Bob Dole announced Jack Kemp as his running mate. Meantime, the Republican appropriations committee, chaired by Republican Congressman Jerry Lewis of San Bernardino, gave Susan Gaffney, the HUD IG a large appropriations increase for her program Operation Safe Home, which targeted black communities for visible media “wag-the-dog” roundups of drug offenders. At the same time, our model for computer learning and data processing by people who had a stake in the company that did the work was adopted by Unicorp. Unicorp is the Department of Justice private business that markets prison labor to federal agencies.

Suddenly, the black people who were apparently not smart enough to do database and software development near their children and parents were more than competent enough to do it in prison. The prison investment boom was taking off, fueled by  new and longer mandated sentences. We at Hamilton [the software companie] felt like we were walking around with a big bullseye on our back because we wanted the communities of America to know what we knew, which was how to make maps that tracked the money flow in their own home towns. . . . .

We didn’t realize it at the time, but I am now convinced that in the summer of 1996, our software and mapping techniques uncovered evidence of ethnic cleansing on Los Angeles. Hamilton’s map revealed that one of the most significant effects of the crack cocaine epidemic was that black homeowners, faced with payments on unlivable and unsellable properties, simply defaulted and fled the city to get away from the shootings and the drugs. Those properties: industrial, residential and commercial were scooped up for pennies on the dollar. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to know who bought the properties and how much money has been made on them since?

Thanks to people like Gary Webb, Peter Dale Scott (Cocaine Politics), Alex Cockburn (Whiteout), Mike Ruppert, brave DEA Agents like Celerino Castillo – and now to the CIA’s own reports  – we can prove that the CIA knew full well what it was doing. And, as is his particular gift, Mike Ruppert, who gives us permission to see the obvious, has established that blacks were targeted by CIA and that the people who control our intelligence agencies are the same ones who control our economy and Wall Street. Mike has taken great pains to document these things in previous issues of From The Wilderness.


Ethnic cleansing is a bit trickier in South Central Los Angeles than it is in South Central Europe. It is essential in a “democracy” to have people do it in a way that makes it look like they’re “doing it” to themselves. You need a socially induced suicide….[etc.]

. . . .

I believe that if the Federal government would make citizens’ data (and it is our data) available, instead of trying to suppress it, it would prove that taxpayers are losing money to fund ethnic cleansing while the people in South Central LA are losing their lives.  And I believe that it was the effectiveness of our maps which threatened to expose the deeper financial agendas of the eighties.     . . .

Our maps suggest to me and others that the crack cocaine epidemic, created by the CIA was, I believe, just as much a program of ethnic cleansing and land grabbing economic warfare as it was about a bunch of rebels in Central America who were not the equivalent of our Founding Fathers. But this kind of ethnic cleansing was hard to contain and it spread to other races and classes. It reached the rural and suburban neighborhoods of places like Iowa, Ohio and Tennessee. By the end of the 1980Õs it had reached all my friends and relatives who listen to Rush Limbaugh, voted for George Bush and donated money to Oliver North – not knowing that, according to CIA’s own reports, the networks he controlled were the key to the supply of drugs flowing to their kids and communities.  As Michael Ventura once wrote, “We all live in the South Bronx now.” White families all across America were hurt by drugs and violence and their pocketbooks also got drained, even as the media reinforced the notion that drugs were a black problem.


© Copyright 1999. From The Wilderness Publications

Please read “WHO IS MICHAEL RUPPERT” of this publication!! among other things….

An Honors graduate of UCLA in Political Science (1973), Mike is a former LAPD narcotics investigator who discovered CIA trafficking in drugs in 1977. After attempting to expose this he was forced out of LAPD in 1978 while earning the highest rating reports possible and having no pending disciplinary actions. In 1996, after 18 years of struggle, he finally achieved one of his deepest wishes in a face to face public encounter with then CIA Director John Deutch on national television. Washington sources later told Mike that Deutch’s mishandling of the encounter cost him a guaranteed appointment as Secretary of Defense.

On November 28, 2001 Mike gave his first post 9-11 lecture at Portland State University, which was attended by more than 1,000 and resulted in a standing ovation.

Because this testimony also is dated 1996, I am including it. Again, IF our country is simply dealing drugs (both illegal and “legal” through Rx) to is people, and engaged in ethnic cleansing, in part through dealing in addictive illegal drugs for profit, and then buying up the desolate and abandoned neighborhoods (cheap) where this was done — HUD being, as above — also highly involved, AND, as I have been saying for a while now — it appears that at a MINIMUM, the marriage/fatherhood/abstinence (etc.) programming run through HHS and the creation of an invasive, wage-garnishing but unaccountable (really) “Child Support System” to facilitate all this (BS) is actually set up to better facilitate moneylaundering through HHS (not only HUD)

… Then it’s really high past time to quit pretending, quit enabling, and quit FUNDING these outrages, and consider how to organize people willing to understand personal change of life means NOW — and read the financial statements, talk about them (quit talking about something else if there’s no free “talk time”) and get someone else alongside these whistleblower courageous individuals, ALL of who have paid deeply.

…I want to qualify a disclaimer, where I differ from Ms. Fitts is that she’s had a late-in-life (like after her firm was targeted for destruction), apparently, renewal of religious allegiances and has been hanging out with a major church in Washington. She doesn’t broach, why are churches getting special tax-exempt privileges, and how does THAT affect the economy? Do they not have real estate and mortgages also, and pastor housing allowances exempt?

So, as much as she has done (and I don’t see someone else who did this) to educate us — she has left the religious element alone. Someone who has had children and divorced, would know better by now. It simply wasn’t her field.

I DNK about Richardson (I think not), but I believe Burien, Klatt, and probably Hermann all do or did (Klatt no longer alive) have children.

Obviously I’m not in this business to make friends. I have significant differences of perspective, interests (apart from this) and understandings from each of the above people, NONE of who I would have normally run across in a DV or any other advocacy group. I ran across them because they blogged and put this information up on the World Wide Web — and ONLY because they did.

So here is a portion from Ruppert’s 1996 Testimony, for what it’s worth. I have not read it all, but the Los Angeles Connection is usually to stay on the radar — and again, that’s where the AFCC seems to have gotten a jumpstart through tax evasion behaviors. The relationship, if any, between running kids and running drugs? Who’s to say for sure, but I doubt they are Unrelated (see Franklin Coverup). Historically, we are dealing with sociopaths. So, do you want to ask the local sociopath to clean up his/her/their act, or for help AFTER the “sociopath” element has been confronted?


for the

Senate Select Committee on Intelligence


WEB NOTE: This document appears exactly as I submitted it to the Select Intelligence Committees of both Houses. To date, it remains only a document submitted in advance of testimony and it has not been placed in the Congressional Record. Although I and Cele Castillo remain on potential witness lists, we have not ben allowed to testify. The sheer volume of my exhibits and the disk space required to scan them makes it impossible to include these important documents here. To obtain my full statement, with all 32 pages of exhibits and photographs – CLICK HERE.

Mr. Chairman:

On November 15, 1996, I stood at a town hall meeting at Locke High School in Los Angeles and said to Director of Central Intelligence John Deutch, “I am a former Los Angeles Police narcotics detective. I worked South Central Los Angeles and I can tell you, Director Deutch, emphatically and without equivocation, that the Agency has dealt drugs in this country for a long time.” I then referred Director Deutch to three specific Agency operations known as Amadeus, Pegasus and Watchtower.

Most Americans have been lead to believe that the purpose of these hearings is to ascertain whether or not there is any evidence that the Central Intelligence Agency dealt drugs during the Iran-Contra era. If these hearings were about evidence, then the most patriotic duty I could perform would be to quote Jack Blum who served as chief investigator for the Kerry Subcommittee on narcotics and terrorism ten years ago. He testified before this committee last year and said, “We don’t have to investigate. We already know.” We could save a lot of taxpayer money by just rereading the records of the Kerry hearings. There is more evidence in there than any court in the world would ever need to hand down indictments.

At best, I could just quote you one entry from Oliver North’s diary dated July 5, 1985, which said that $14 million to buy weapons for the Contras, “came from drugs.” I wouldn’t need to mention the two hundred and fifty other such entries in his diary, which refer to narcotics. Or I could quote Dennis Dayle a senior DEA supervisory agent who said, “In my thirty year history in DEA, the major targets of my investigations almost invariably turned out to be working for the C.I.A.”

But these hearings are not about evidence. They are about corruption and cover-up. The CIA did not just deal drugs during the Iran-Contra era; it has done so for the full fifty years of its history. Today I will give you evidence which will show that the CIA, and many figures who became known during Iran-Contra such as Richard Secord, Ted Shackley, Tom Clines, Felix Rodriguez and George Herbert Walker Bush, who was DCI when I first became exposed to Agency drug dealing, have been selling drugs to Americans since the Vietnam era. I have been very careful to make sure that what I tell you today is admissible evidence in criminal proceedings.

In a court of law the testimony of an eyewitness is one of the most prized possessions of a prosecutor. It is direct evidence of a crime. I am an eyewitness. Another form of frequently used evidence is an exception to the hearsay rule in which admissions against the interest of a criminal participant or a material witness are admitted into evidence if given under oath by the person to whom the statements were made. I am under oath and I will provide you today with utterly damning admissions against interest made by people with direct knowledge of these events. There is also documentary and circumstantial evidence and I will present you with that as well.

My evidence will show conclusively that, as a matter of national policy, set at the National Security Council – the White House – elements of the C.I.A., in concert with elements of the military, and other federal agencies, have dealt drugs to Americans for at least three decades. Major defense contractors like E-Systems have also engaged in such traffic….

A brief sampling of some Prison-related US Department of HHS grants, taken today, does make me wonder just how many hidden industries are run through this system — and why, in 2013, shortly after (this past fall) we had literally a showdown about Government Shutdown — somehow HHS has millions ($1.5 million a pop) to dump into questionable programs with questionable oversight centering around fixing social problems related to, incarcerating too many Americans, particularly of a certain color and from certain neighborhoods. The C.A. Fitts piece I quoted above — is NOT new, it was written in fact in 1999, BEFORE “9/11” and it speaks directly to the HUD/Drugs/Welfare/ targeting communities // taking over their real estate situation. What do we expect the situation is NOW, fourteen years later?

More discussion at the bottom of this post..underneath some charts of HHS grantees.
I just searched the HHS grants database with keyword “prisoner” and came up with grants under programs:  93.279 (Drug Abuse programs), 93.564 (Child Support Enforcement Research), 93.086 (marriage/fatherhood), .616(mentoring children of prisoners), .864 (population research), .242 (mental health research), .243  (“”Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services: Projects of Regional and National Significance “[ one, to a Louisville, KY Rev at “St. Boniface Neighborhood Outreach”) AND .226 (“Research on Healthcare Costs, Quality and Outcome”)   Here’s just a sample:
Fiscal Year Grantee Name State Award Number Award Title CFDA Number CFDA Program Name Principal Investigator Sum of Actions
2013 RUBICON PROGRAMS, INC CA 90FO0006 OFA – COMMUNITY-CENTERED RESPONSIBLE FATHERHOOD EX-PRISONER REENTRY PILOT PROJECT 93086 Healthy marriage Promotion and Responsible Fatherhood Grants ROB HOPE $ 1,500,000
2012 Iowa State Dept of Social Services/Human Services IA 90FD0144 LINKING CHILD SUPPORT WITH THE IOWA PRISONER REENTRY INITIATIVE 93564 Child Support Enforcement Research HAROLD B COLEMAN $ 0
“The Ridge Project” receiving its $18+million ($4+million for this particular grant, above) is particularly objectionable as the “Co-Executive Founder” of this particular nonprofit was convicted of sexual abuse and rape of a minor, his wife’s brother, in 1991 and was at the time? apparently serving his sentence.  See below…
Because they are big on “fatherhood” grants, this one was already on my radar.  He appealed several times, and finally (below), the State of Ohio said, “we’ve heard you four times proclaim you were innocent, however the trial didn’t have jurisdiction to say, “you were a nice guy, it was unfair, you already did some time, so we’ll release you,” not to mention which you were lawfully convicted.   Meanwhile, based on the dates, the nice new nonprofit was starting to get its HHS goodies….
State v. Tijerina-Ohio-2002-2979
 Account of the Re-Trial [hover] shows courtroom was packed with Ron (father’s) Pentecostal friends, and a renowned supporter of “false memories” theory, Elizabeth Loftus, also came in to testify.  Loftus was at the time (still now) a heavyweight in “The Memory Wars” dismantling testimony of people reporting abuse.
There is something a little funky about her being flown? in to help Tijerina, this time, him going to prison anyhow — and HHS deciding to give his stranded wife and mother of his kids, a new lease on life (from welfare-diversions, which this category 93.086 IS).  Acc. to Orange County Register (2002 article — shortly after testifying here), Loftus’ mother had drowned when she was 14. Who found her mother in the pool, and her having been told (35 yrs later) her own memories were wrong, revised the memory to accommodate the new information, than having that information recanted (by the Uncle)  indicates why this might be a very personal issue; also hover cursor on 11/3/2002 article “War and Remembrance” by Amy Wilson, Orange County Register.  Similarly

She believed that abuse, rather than being suppressed, is largely an event children do not forget. Loftus noted that the cases she was hearing about were, additionally, products of encouraged invention that led her to be highly critical of therapists.   Families were being shredded and they needed help.   Elizabeth Loftus, particularly sensitive to family shredding, was their woman.. . .

In the R.I.D.G.E. Project (mis-labeled in HHS database, what else is new?), it’s as though HHS said, now “THERE’s my kinda guy and Mom…more concerned about her own marriage than about child molestation by the father.”  They are a straight conduit for HHS programming…
Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
RIDGE Project, Inc  Defiance OH 43512-2575 DEFIANCE 141622105 $ 18,611,993
Her LinkedIn reads:

January 2000 – Present (14 years)

The RIDGE Project is a faith-based organization serving fathers, families and youth in Ohio. Our mission is to establish a path of honor, discipline and integrity by way of education, motivation and inspiration in order to lead families into a future defined by hope, peace and righteousness for generations to come. We currently serve over 30,000 Ohio residents annually.

(Ohio Incorporation  shows it was formed 12/22/2000, with initials, “The R.I.D.G.E. Project, Inc.” Apparently in Ohio nonprofits only have to register as a corporation every 5 years? Its articles of incorporation indicates it started out at a church (Christ Community Church in Ridgeville Corners, OH) focusing on such things as abstinence education, drugs and alcohol prevention, the acronym being a cheesy “Reality Instruction, Developing Generations of Excellence” (i.e., an acronym to match the town name).

These programs are completely out of proportion (size-wise) to others with the word “prisoner” in them.  I took a look at the same grant series (90FO00##) which appears to be a recent one, and found a few more, same focus, under the 93.086 Marriage/Fatherhood theme. 90FO0001 isn’t showing in 2013:
“PB&J Family Services”? (Peanut Butter & Jelly?) [There’s a retired family law judge on the board].
Rubicon Programs, incidentally, first got Urban and Rural Economic Development, then Community Development ($350K) to 2003, then nothing til 2012 when it suddenly got $1.5 million under the above project (twice).  It is in Richmond, California — a high-homicide area (compared to the rest of the nation) and known for a certain “Iron Triangle which is “Plagued by a “panoply of inner city social, physical and environmental ills.” It is known as a very dangerous area, and this Iron Triangle Neighborhood Council  shows the residents are aware some of this has to do with the (HUD-based, no doubt) multi-unit apartments with absentee landlords, drugs, and crime.  “The neighborhood has become a center for drugs, crime (the city’s highest number of incidents occur here) and physical degradation.”  This will make more sense when one reads the C.A. Fitts selection, below:
Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process
Organization Name Registr Number Record Type Registr Status City State Registr Type Record Type
RUBICON PROGRAMS INCORPORATED 021275 Charity Current RICHMOND CA Charity Registration Charity
Fiscal Begin: 01-JUL-11
Fiscal End: 30-JUN-12
Total Assets: $7,458,691.00
Gross Annual Revenue: $12,041,356.00
RRF Received: 20-MAY-13
Returned Date:
990 Attached: Y
Status: Accepted

EIN# is 942301550.  The RRF referenced above (and tax return) are not yet uploaded, which is odd (May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep,Oct,Nov — they can’t upload a form?)  However for YE 2011 (the year prior) it shows fully NINETEEN (19) government agencies funding the group.  Is there some branch of gov’t which doesn’t want us knowing in a timely fashion who’s funding Rubicon? Could a few dollars have been spared to get the data up on the OAG website?  (I will save/upload to my Media/library).  Of those 19, some are Housing-related, but the top one is regional office of HUD.

Fiscal Begin: 01-JUL-08
Fiscal End: 30-JUN-09
Total Assets: $10,654,685.00
Gross Annual Revenue: $10,949,798.00
RRF Received: 20-MAY-10
Returned Date:
990 Attached: Y
Status: Accepted
Rubicon Board Members  – interesting, its Chair used to work at HUD:  “Paul Leonard” opened the Center for Responsible Lending’s (CRL) California office in spring 2006 and directs state policy and outreach efforts. Prior to joining CRL, Paul was a public policy consultant focused on housing and community development, welfare reform, and other anti-poverty issues. Prior to 1999, Paul was a political appointee at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, serving as Acting Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research, as well as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy Development from 1994 to 1998.”
[Interesting, as this is the era Fitts writes about, partic. 1996ff as when HUD chased her out for mapping the money, then co-opted the money-mapping software model for use by UNICOR]…
Looking at a YearEnd2011 tax return, the purpose is:

Rubicon’s mission is to create and deliver integrated solutions to profound social problems. Our purpose is to make a positive and lasting impact on people living in poverty and on people living with disabilities/ especially psychiatric disabilities. We empower people…

Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

November 30, 2013 at 8:57 pm

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  1. Keeping it on the Map — to review: In OHIO, nonprofit corporations who have registered with the secretary of state apparently only have to certify the still exist every FIVE (5) years. So R.I.D.G.E. Project did so in OHio 2000, 2005 and 2010 as required to. In 2010 I see they have filed also a series of trademarks or service marks (logos plus words) for futher marketing merchandise. Of these, one shows they were presenting at or for a “Smartmarriages.org” conference in Florida in 2010.

    How nice that MY GOVERNMENT funds RELIGIOUS-ORIENTED nonprofits, giving them millions of dollars to give men incarcerated for child molestation of their wife’s relatives — while I, and women like myself, who report abuse, and/or domestic violence, having been basically ejected from the church supportive communities for doing this (including when we separate or divorce for it), get to, with our children at times BEG and go on welfare, for lack of [year after year while in the court system as well, periodically)
    (1) protection from work interference, stalking and harassment, and without someone to effectively make sure the orders were enforced. and
    (2) enforceable child support orders. We were under economic siege, as fatherhood promotion, whether or not it does this for ALL fathers (or even “good” fathers) still focuses policywise on compromise of arrears based on reunification (COAR, or COAP terms — search them under local child support agencies). So one-third of our multi-thousand-dollar arrears was wiped out in DIreCT reward to the father for committing felony child-stealing, not called a felony in the conciliation court jurisdiction. Who’s that joke on?

    Based on what I can see above, briefly, it seems that $1.5 million (outrageous in size considering the groups previous funding already obtained) has been dumped into the 90FO00## grant series, classified as “93086” marriage/fatherhood (in this case, obviously, fatherhood). 90FO0001 yet to be found (feel free to do lookups and feedback the site is http://taggs.hhs.gov (advanced search recommended). I will find it.

    Catherine Tijerina faced problems many women do, when her family lost their primary wage-earner, IF that was the situation, when Dad went to jail. SO??? Thousands and probably hundreds of thousands of mothers per year are in this situation, and handle it, without expecting the US government to provide them another free career path. Elizabeth Loftus and another expert came running to this man’s aid (sponsored by who?) and he was still incarcerated.

    As to the RUBICON, I looked at that more briefly, but find it odd that while the state of California OAG says their’ year latest RRF (which would/ve reflect this grant) has been indeed received, we the public cannot read it on that website, meaning it’s not been uploaded for well over a half year. As this group is receiving help from 19 different agencies, contributing to the $12 million revenues showing and their 2012 Year ended in June 2012 ( 1.5 yrs ago) and the RRF was received it says May, 2013 (over 0.5 yr ago — May 20th – Nov. 20th would be six months, exactly), when do we get to glimpse this NEW program that HHS is funneling to Rubicon?
    ~ ~ ~

    Agent / Registrant Information
    717 PERRY ST
    DEFIANCE,OH 43512
    Effective Date: 11/07/2005
    Contact Status: Active
    Incorporator Information
    Filing Type Date of Filing Document Number/Image
    DOMESTIC ARTICLES/NON-PROFIT 12/22/2000 200100405615
    LETTER/RENEWAL NOTICE MAILED 08/22/2005 200523422632
    CERTIFICATE OF CONTINUED EXISTENCE 11/07/2005 200531402146
    SERVICE MARK/ORIGINAL FILING 01/14/2010 201002100580
    SERVICE MARK/ORIGINAL FILING 03/03/2010 201006701049
    SERVICE MARK/ORIGINAL FILING 04/09/2010 201010400950
    SERVICE MARK/ORIGINAL FILING 04/20/2010 201011600063
    SERVICE MARK/ORIGINAL FILING 04/20/2010 201011600064
    LETTER/RENEWAL NOTICE MAILED 07/07/2010 201018815471
    CERTIFICATE OF CONTINUED EXISTENCE 07/30/2010 201021800497

    RIDGE (i’ll skip the punctuation for simplicity here) articles of incorporation:
    http://www2.sos.state.oh.us/reports/rwservlet?imgc&Din=200100405615 show clearly it was formed out of “Christ Community Church” which is “non-Denominational, listed at:

    in this context:


    Christ Community Church
    Pastor Don Barnett***
    20-172 Co. Rd. X
    Ridgeville Corners, OH 43555

    Extreme Victory Fellowship
    Pastor Eliazar Reyes
    105 Depot St., Suite A
    Archbold, OH 43502

    St. John’s Christian Church
    Rev. Erich Christman / Pastor Adam Just
    700 S. Defiance St.
    Archbold, OH 43502

    Probably this is a different “Don Barnett” than the community church that made news here (from another state) http://www.ccel.us/churches.ch2.html However there seems to be a very controlling and personality (versus doctrine) atmosphere in pentecostal churches (compared to the others, and I do have some perspectives on this). I also notice that prisoner-reentry in Santa Clara County, California (see my widgets to right, the one about Woman Judges) also teamed up, it turns out, with an if not Pentecostal, an Assembly of God, personality guru-focused religion, New Apostolic Reformation (not called that right on the church site, but mentorship by NARs’ founder “Peter Wagner” was mentioned. I am concerned about this. I don’t feel that overly controlling authoritative churches are the best mentors for men coming out of prison,particularly ones who might have gotten in their by their overly controlling personalities to start with (i.e. on sexual abuse of minors or DV, etc.) …. Oh well….

    Let's Get Honest

    December 1, 2013 at 4:18 pm

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