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Putting 1996 Welfare Reform in the Larger Perspective, Like in the Ethnic Cleansing Continuum…

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“Putting 1996 Welfare-Reform (and its endless Behavioral Modification Diversions scapegoating, first, Single Black Mothers With Kids on Welfare) into its true HUD/HHS/Ethnic Cleansing, Real-Estate-and-Assets-Appropriating Clearer Light”

Some of the things I REGULARLY stumble across simply by looking (it’s not rocket science) things that were, ten, or twenty years ago — avoidable, and simply ludicrous.

I mean, in state after state you can see private industry simply advertising its wares straight off *.gov websites, from out of state, from other countries, and often enough its products and services no one really needs, which don’t help people, and THEN, I find the groups involved aren’t even incorporated properly. . . . .???  Yet those who are get special privileges to “monitor” others?

Welfare Reform has been a disaster, yet is based on Poverty Theory (revised).  And yet — that was 1996, but information about the CAFRs have been around for far longer.  And in 1989, exposure of them seems to have begun.  MOREOVER, it seems that people who dealt with them didn’t get the significance (I mean, it takes some serious staff to compile all those statistics, right?).

We did not get and were not taught that it’s our duty, as citizens, to know how government works, and hold it in check.  Understandably, if a government is in the business of war, a lot of propaganda is needed to justify it it.

IF we knew what to look at, look for, and where to find it.  However, now it’s more a matter of the will and simple personal decision.

And we all kept talking about “education….”  But in that education, even AFTER it was no longer “separate but equal” we still  were sorted by caste and usefulness in the workforce (the plantation), and fed rhetoric, no matter which direction we went, and run administratively, as planned.

The last post (Good Grounds to Eliminate (Funding for) Supervised Visitation, Access Visitation, Batterers’ Intervention etc. ) is visually hard to read, but the material is also hard to accept.

I hope readers can distinguish my lack of technical formatting skills superior to WordPress’s ability to eliminate or add them at-will, from certain business entities’ the lack of truth-telling as to: staying incorporated, using actually functional business entities when doing business with government, including the courts, and those who fund them.  Not to mention what this says about the government that does indeed fund them.   Apparently.

However, before continuing the Supervised Visitation (Investigation), I decided to remind readers of and give samples from five key writers on Federal and other Governmental Financial Matters, from user’s (citizen’s) point of view, and who know that a Budget is not an Accounting of One’s Collective Holdings.

Who know that CAFRs exist, and very well, what they represent.  They are:  Burien, Fitts, Herman, Klatt (deceased, but his site is still up) and Clint Richardson.  Links repeated below, they are essentially saying the same information, with different perspectives and takes.

LOOK — quit the cult of the experts.  If YOU (Y.O.U.) understand principles and have the tools to check facts, one has “LEVERAGE” meaning, like a lever, a tool to pry out the relevant truths from a situation that would otherwise look complex or confusing.  The solid ground is evidence of some key solid truths which put the other ones in a different perspective.

So much of this blog is “show and tell and here are the tools”…. so who’s going to start using them?
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November 30, 2013 at 8:57 pm

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