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Good Cause to Eliminate (Funding for): Access Visitation, Supervised Visitation, and Batterers’ Intervention, PERIOD!!

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 I tend to report AS I see it. Last post what I saw, while ranting on (in detail and in general) about the Domestic Violence cartels — in California, with the federal and other nationwide connections to funding — I found this at a 2011 statewide CPEDV conference:

Children’s track  Children in the Crossfire –Helping Women and Children Heal Through Visitation Services Sonia Melara, Executive Director, Rally Family Visitation

First, several paragraphs (a few inches of post) showing who Rally is, which make me question what it’s doing in a domestic violence prevention conference?  I have known the name for a while simply because I look at A/V grants.  Today is as good a day as any to talk some business about this situation.

Below that I also have a few inches (paragraphs) about the DV group itself.

Then we will get some more into the conflicts of business interest in the whole mess.

  • (Search results) a blog by “littlepicklepress” (2011 event advertised) states that Rally was launched by the SF Unified Court in 1991.
  • There’s a DIRECT connection to San Francisco Family Court Services and Rally, great pains are taken to ensure people know how to get their services, involve a mediator when services are requested, schedule their services, etc.  [the word occurs 16 times in that link!]
  • It is even featured in a 2008 (and probably other years) HHS/ACF/OCSE site summary of these grants (page 45, listing some of the programs) and it IS listed as a subcontractor with the SF Superior Court/ Unified Family Court itself.  Note:  “OCSE” stands for Office of Child Support Enforcement:
  • 7. Superior Court of San Francisco – United Family Court 400 McAllister Street, Room 440 San Francisco, CA 94102 Phone: (415) 551-3912
    • Subcontractor: A. Rally Family Visitation Services of Saint Francis Memorial Hospital 900 Hyde Street San Francisco, CA 94109

Rally Family Visitation [hover cursor] has long been around as, it seems, an California Access/Visitation (sub)grantee;  I learned recently, it has this entire time has been operating out of a SF presumably Catholic (“Saint Francis”) hospital (known), apparently without a corporate identity.  However it’s mentioned in the California 2007 “Report to the Legislature on Access Visitation Grant Programs (2005-2006, page A-7) (hover cursor). Collaborative with SF Superior Court, they received a $60,000 grant to do “Family Cohesion” program.  (Let’s get this again — the court can both order people into supervised visitation, and with a non-entity group, operate the program???)

Here’s a LinkedIn to a man who has worked as a Visitation Specialist two-and-a-half years with Rally, including working with kids, writing it up, answering the phone, and processing payments, simultaneous with working as a case manager with Catholic Charities CYO, simultaneous with working as a case manager for HUD, with homeless and people in need of housing, AIDS, etc. (Francisco Escobar, SFState Graduate).

Francisco Escobar

Rally is not just getting funds from Access Visitation (and parents sliding fees?), but also from DOJ/Safe Havens, and THIS appears to be through the Department of Public Health, as a contract.  (Search results).  This is a (badly scanned) pdf showing a resolution to “accept and expend“certain Safe Havens grants retroactively for Rally and La Casa de las Madres.  @ San Francisco Board of Supervisors.org; part of it is on the form of  legal pleading (DNK why).  Again, Rally and the other group  are Subcontractors on an Agreement, to receive DOJ funding.  The Supervisors resolve to authorize the DPH (Dept. of Public Health) to Retroactively Accept and Expend $141,586 (Oct. 2010-2011) for this program (more for the three yrs).

Please browse, it shows the purpose is to expand into two more satellite locations, that it’s a three-year project ending (this past September) and what the various calculated salaries were.  For example, Sonia Melara was calculated as FTE (full time equivalent) of $115K, for these purposes, $55K, etc.  The project was NOT bid out (no one else was considered for this subcontracting with DPH to get the DOJ/OVW grant in question).  See Budget Pages.

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November 29, 2013 at 7:06 pm

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