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More “Fun with Funds” from California State Manual (see Media/Uploads post) [Publ. 11/14/2013

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More “Fun with Funds” from California State Manual (see Media/Uploads post) [Publ. 11/14/2013]. (short-link ends: “-24q”)  This title and short-link (and border/font-change) added July 11, 2019)  Wordcount, about 20,000:  note: I see it contains some tables, i.e., see Title).



This is another in a series of Show and Tell Posts providing more language (concepts) and tools (links) to “Shine the Light” (some readers will recognize where that phrase comes from) on exactly what my blog motto talks about.  Including the money. Others include:

INCIDENTALLY, Blogging and Quoting Protocol:

WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get)!  This is  packed with information and insight, not to mention exhortation, demonstration, and all that.  Originally I just wanted people to see the visual for the listing of those funds..

(By the way– this IS my effort and writing, and if you quote segments of it elsewhere, please include a link and reference “FamilyCourtMatters.wordpress.com” and or (See Gravatar) “investigative blogger “Let’s Get Honest.”  Also be aware than when you do so, a lot of formatting codes are going to come along and possibly make it look visually (even) worse, a situation that makes posting neat and clean stuff (including those quotations and the occasional graphic) a real difficulty.

 Anything not credited to someone else with quote or link, IS co. me, co. 2013 and for the readers, that’s “Let’s Get Honest,” owner of this blog, til further notice.  I do not sign my name for reasons of safety/outstanding legal issues of the underlying court case.   Were it not just me, I’d possibly have “ditched it” earlier, but as a parent, I cannot.  

Did you come up with this information and put it in context and chronological setting?

So, if you quote — be sure to LINK and CITE (and let me know)!(Thanks!)

The longer ANYONE holds money (before distributing) in either interest-bearing or investment (ROI-producing) accounts before distributing it — depending on their relationship to the tax code — the more profits they have, and the less whoever gave it to them did, UNLESS those who gave also needed write-offs.   The people who LEAST need to be giving the MOST upfront and hoping that stewardship is good and services (to handle your distressed neighbors, or self included) are good and timely — are individual workers, not having formed of joined corporations to protect and consolidate their assets.  And that’s MOST of America, from what I can tell.

Economically “Out of sight out of mind” is not good balance of power. Unchecked power (and to properly check power, ONE Group of organized people have to  have some economic sufficiency AND the time and heart to put into the matter!)

In general I may not say it beautifully, but I know these are the right questions to ask, and things to consider. A journalist who is going to unearth the amount of evidence in individual custody cases that this woman Anne Stevenson has, or about Courthouse Corporations and “The Training” rackets that THIS one has Marv Bryer, is rare.  There are many, though not enough, more where they came from (including yours truly) particularly concerned with the courts. 

However, ALL people can and should put in some basic, minimal time and learn to EDUCATE THEMSELVES how to look up fund balances, and identify where the money flowing through these family and conciliation courts is coming from, and going to! Their collateral damages affect neighborhoods and present, future and past generation, and there is a clear pattern of goods in motion FROM one sector TOWARDS other sectors.  Only looking at the financials, and that movement, will properly identify the sectors.  Moreover, it’s a good education of a neglected (except by those in it) field.


I hope that in my lifetime more people catch on, strategize a resistance, publicize this information and themselves get organized to disseminate the basics.  I’m working on it too, but it’s definitely not a one-woman job, and after this gauntlet lasting years (it was never closed, resolved, or put right.  The legal and factual matters remained OFF the table and there has been no consensus.  People simply continue to get older IN the abusive relationships and as these things to, the longer you’re in it, the harder it is to get free.   Anyone is welcome to help — there’s a Donate Button on the right sidebar. Looks like this:

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  • A November 2013 printout of a listing labeled “October 2013″ (Column 2 anyhow) from the California Manual of State Funds; accessed at this site (Col.2) http://www.dof.ca.gov/accounting/uniform_codes_manual/funds/documents/20fundnum.pdf and a related one, for Column1, which (click and see) gives concise, one-page forms explaining which legislation started the fund, where it’s revenues come for and more information.
  • Anyone can click on ANY fund# and find out valuable information about where it came from, how it’s allocated, who gets it, which bright idea it was (AB or SB #, i.e., who proposed the legislation to start with, before it became law) and if it’s still valid.  If it’s been abolished, that’s listed, and where the balances were going to go IF it (as funds do) got abolished or replaced by some other fund.
  • So looking at these lists is a “get-acquainted” process at a minimum, and get a better picture of what’s actually going on, economically and in an organized fashion — with public money.

This post of course supplements related ones on Economic Matters and how to plug some of the gaps in logic given us by “the powers that be” (through media) about our duty to continue supporting the stripping of our assets and the income from them by collecting it up front while still persuading most people that any services they provide are also still “PAY AS YOU GO” when they simply are not.  

In other words, time to “stuff” that stuff in the correct filing basic — the out-box, i.e., file under “if not false, then pretty d@rn mis-leading.”

Seeing is  better believing — so I’m showing some of the many funds, here, and as usual a few more pieces of evidence.  

While it may be “Fun with Funds,” this material is not funny.  

Yes, there is a cartoon, however I also included a large segment (medium-blue background) on the colonization and assets-stripping of Namibia,  forced conscription of prisoners to reconstruct the infrastructure of commerce (railways, mines, etc.), and in the process of putting down resistance of the “indogenes” (people whose origins WERE from the area), genocide.  And the reasons the GERMAN genocide was, while well-known as of at least 1918, covered up by the British, in the process of learning to get along as co-colonists, such that the “Blue Book” wasn’t readily available, or generally available, til about 100 years later (2003), apparently unless one was a scholar, or knew to look for it.  We cannot turn back the clock, but cannot we learn something from the past, and forestall the next few genocides, seeing them coming???

I put this in there to remind us that the process of stripping a population, or a targeted component of any population of its assets, changing their social structures, and eventually disarming and then eliminating them (except for those kept for forced labor) BEGAN in a certain way.  I also have to note that it is the same (ethnic and national) countries, or at least their rulers, doing it then as, in very many ways, now.   

There are differences, of course.  But there are plenty of similarities.  All I ask is for people to consider the evidence.  AND, when the weakening of an entire nation economically IS taking place, there is a long-term game plan in place, should there be too much “dissidence.”


As a person living with a (paranoid control freak prone to drive the point home with violence, a.k.a. a batterer) I know personally that the hate/fear/love of money (versus love of self, neighbor or other human beings, including local communities–or one’s spouse and kids even) or of NOT having lots and lots of it without actually working for it, or using smarts to steward invest, and produce it — drives a lot of the violence around.  In such people cutting of necessities or access to getting them from other than the controlling/abuser, is common, and IS a tactic – a very effective one, too.

We also know that lack of cash flow to buy necessaries of life (food, housing, transportation, clothes for self and children, education as possible) drives multitudes of Americans today.

If you’ve been through the rapid cycling of work // no work // violent incidents // work sabotage // restructuring through divorce and restraining order // fighting to keep (and the other, fighting to remove) that R.O. // major time sabotage and down times from income-producing, job-basedfor hour-based activities — you know that in our Western, federally-state-politically driven economy-based culture cash flow is CRITICAL to the success or failure of even life, let alone businesses.  To survive  all this I had to become acutely aware of the TIME vs. INCOME vs. ASSETS balance.  While it’s always important, when it’s below a critical level, it will make or break any operation,, including a lawsuit to get protections to stay alive, or a household move to get away abuse.  And, I noticed that consistently, when I showed initiative and altered even ONE piece of the puzzle or balance — there was a counteracting/reaction/retaliation from my ex and family, I called it a “pingback” and continued to seek outside (redress) from the courts or police when this was drastically destroying my only work, or income.

It was in that process I learned what led to this blog — the system’s strange response to being asked to do what it claims it exists to do — whether protection from violence, anti-stalking, enforcement of custody or visitation orders, or even enforcing child support arrears. The question came up — if they are not there to do the appointed jobs, than what ARE they there for?

LIKEWISE, the governments of this country, ALL OF THEM, are quite aware of the same issues — so, when the PAY AS YOU GO INCOME TAX is continuing to fill and build the coffers, the difference between citizen and governments increases exponentially.  It doesn’t look good for them to be operating at astronomical  profits (although they clearly are), so the diversification of services provided and funds set up to people who were previously deprived in advance of their income (as were prior generations of them many times) makes government operations look more and more vital.  In cases where they’ve previously destroyed cultures, households, neighborhoods, and ways of life, they may be — but that’s still not good for the collective population.

(RE: PAY AS YOU GO income tax became policy LONG AGO (like 1943 / Beardsley Ruml)

From the Beginning, it seems the US Treasury was big on collecting revenues from taxpayers (even after sending millions of them off to die in war which later brought specific profits to some of the cartel that helped finance Hitler, as it turned out, and profited from concentration camp labor and human experimentation on prisoners, altering the culture and character of America today.  AND after collecting excess gold from Americans under “trading with the enemy” AND then suddenly raising the price of gold.

This came, also, after a major “Reorganization of Government Act” in 1939, helped set up the New Deal, a Strong Executive Office of the President, and starting to operate the country more like a corporation, than a nation).   January 11,1943 St. Petersburg Times Article (google) — also see p. 4 of same paper for more. In other words, to encourage more people to PAY UP on that tax, they had amnesty for the year 1942, which had the US Treasury complaining loudly about its losses. Some things never change, eh?  Page 4 also notes that there is going to be a “Sex Democracy,” Women on Juries, and it’s hoped that in 1943 the Florida Legislature will pass some laws giving equal rights to women (we are still waiting for that federal “ERA” to pass.  I don’t expect it anytime soon – 90 years later!).  Here’s a FEBRUARY 5, 1943 Cornell Daily Sun [vol. 62 #80]  article in which he’s (as Chair of the New York Federal Reserve Bank) arguing that this is best for all, to House Ways and Means.

March 1943 – Pay as you go Tax from “Aunt Ethel’s War”  [[=WWII Cartoons.  Seriously, it was a man’s “Aunt Ethel” collection, and he began posting them on-line]]

By early 1943, Congress had raised income taxes radically to finance the war  and also imposed income tax on millions of Americans who had not paid it before. But polls showed that few Americans now to the tax for the first time were saving to make their payment.

With a March 15 tax deadline looming (not April 15 as now),  the Treasury Department worried about the prospect of massive tax evasion. To the rescue came a man named Beardsley Ruml, an executive for R.H. Macy & Co. and an advisor to Roosevelt.

At Macy’s Ruml had observed that customers didn’t like big bills. They preferred making payments bit by bit, even if they had to pay interest to do soSo Ruml devised a pay-as-you-go plan for taxpayers whereby employers would retain a percentage of taxes from every paycheck and forward it directly to Washington’s war chest. Withholding, as we know it today, was born.

ALL Disclaimers apply — I am posting this listing simply to demonstrate how many funds exist, and show they can be looked up. The existence of a fund number doesn’t mean it has a balance in it (that would be checked elsewhere), but each state (and no doubt other jurisdictions within states — for example, counties, or any other governmental “district” or “authority” legislated into existence) is going to have a listing of funds — because that’s how government is organized. These funds have names and numbers, and balances, revenues to and expenditures from, and purposes. It gets pretty interesting!

Most of this post is a two-column printout (Numbers — with hyperlinks to concise, one-page descriptions of the funds — and Names) of FUNDS in the California State Manual. I am assuming that these are all “Governmental” or “Govermental-Other” type funds, and do not include Fiduciary, Proprietary, or Special Revenue funds, either. However, see the link provided to verify.

Here are the first 10 rows, Fund 0001 being “General Fund.”

  • 0001 General Fund
  • 0002 Property Acquisition Law Money Account
  • 0003 Motor Vehicle Parking Facil Moneys Acct
  • 0004 Breast Cancer Fund
  • 0005 SafeNeighPks,ClnWtr,ClnAir/CstlProtcBdFd
  • 0006 Disability Access Account
  • 0007 Breast Cancer Research Account, Breast Cancer Fund
  • 0008a Boxers Pension Account
  • 0009 Breast Cancer Control Account, Breast Cancer Fund
  • 0010a Hazardous Materials Enforce Train Acct

The whole FUNDS list is after more introduction to emphasize that sleepwalking about accounting matters is not in our best interests — and to protest the process of selling off public infrastructure that the public helped set up, then leasing it to private corporations and billing the same public (or their kids/grandkids) for the usage — ESPECIALLY when some of this includes nice new courthouses to further fine, bill, and force the public to sit through indoctrination classes (a “Cultural Revolution” in Family Theory?) or ransom a few hours of time with their children, removed for initially, say — violence and later for, say, alienation (pointing out the violence and attempting to protect the kids or oneself)….

(Wikipedia on Fund Accounting also has some basics, i.e.:

State and local governments use three broad categories of funds: governmental funds, proprietary funds and fiduciaryfunds.[1][6]

So, this ENTIRE page deals only with “Governmental Funds” — either General Fund 0001 (around since the state), or since about 1978, it says, a whole set of other accounting codes for “Governmental Funds – “OTHER”)

Nonprofit organizations and government agencies have special requirements to show, in financial statements and reports, how money is spent, rather than how much profit was earned. Unlike profit oriented businesses, which use a single set of self-balancing accounts (or general ledger), nonprofits can have more than one general ledger (or fund), depending on their financial reporting requirements.[4] An accountant for such an entity must be able to produce reports detailing the expenditures and revenues for each of the organization’s individual funds, and reports that summarize the organization’s financial activities across all of its funds.[5][6]

At the bottom, I’m pasting another reminder (from the same Wikipedia article) that things work differently for governments than for businesses, and to hammer in, again, that ‘GOVERNMENTAL FUNDS” AT NOT THE ONLY KID ON THE BLOCK!!    CAFRwealth

Or see Bear Market Economics:  The Debt Crisis; Real and Imagined (Geraldine Perry, 2/2011 in “The Dissident Voice,”) she uses a Chicago Example, refers to the work of Gerald Klatt and Walter Burien, and clarifies the situation — the public is funding the buildup of certain infrastructure which is then “privatized” in a technically correct, but ethically and fiscally DIShonest manner .

Quoting just a segment of that article (short enough, plain enough) doesn’t do it justice, however, here is a short segment:

Like the Fed, states and local governments appear to be [[italics mine/LGH]] between a rock and a hard place, and like the Fed’s QE2 program now aimed at Main Street, solutions for state and local governments have been so far less than palatable. One such solution known as “infrastructure privatization” has been rapidly gaining momentum in recent years and involves the sale and/or lease of public assets to private interests. These assets include such things as airports, parking meters and parking garages, public water and utility systems, toll roads and bridges, sea ports, zoos and other outdoor spaces, and more — all originally built by taxpayers and paid for with taxpayer monies.

Looks like an example:

Courts: The Judicial Branch of California

Courthouse Construction

“The need for trial court construction and repair in California is immense, with an estimated cost of approximately $3 billion just for immediately needed courthouse projects. No single source of public funds is large enough to finance these projects, so the State of California, through the Judicial Council/Administrative Office of the Courts, is exploring new and promising ways to construct court buildings in partnership with the private sector. Performance-Based Infrastructure (PBI) partnerships capitalize on the development expertise of the private real estate, design, construction, and facilities operations sector, while ensuring that projects meet their objective of providing high-quality infrastructure for the public.”

Long Beach Court Building Proceeds (12/20/2010)
Project agreement finalized and financing secured for first U.S. Courthouse delivered by performance-based infrastructure, to replace the Long Beach Courthouse.

…[Back to the article]

Metered municipal street and garage parking spaces are among the most popular of recent municipal privatization schemes with one of the first taking place in Chicago “where the city received $1.16 billion in 2008 to allow a consortium led by Morgan Stanley to run more than 36,000 metered parking spaces for 75 years.” Essentially Chicago residents and visitors will, for the foreseeable future, be paying Morgan Stanley and cohorts for the privilege of using parking meters that had already been built and paid for by taxpayers – the income from which heretofore had been used primarily for governmental operating expenses.

This particular parking meter deal, similar to many such “privatization” schemes, immediately translated into higher fees – which not only resulted in a huge public outcry but prompted the inspector general to assert that “the city was short-changed by about $1 billion” based on the new fee structure.  . . . .

Not only is this privatization trend “being spurred by a cottage industry of consultants, lawyers and bankers” but even more importantly, it amounts to a fire sale that could help plug budget holes now but worsen their financial woes over the long run.” Some have gone so far as to say, not wholly without justification, that this collective governmental move toward privatization of public assets amounts to little more than corporate fascism – ruled by government proxy through state appointed regulators, rather than citizen votes.

The Debt Crisis, Real and Imagined

Curiously, and at the same time that local governmental entities have been selling off public assets to buyers far and near through “infrastructure privatization,” many have also been actively acquiring a wide variety of assets as investment vehicles and profit centers. These assets, taken together, show that “collective government has controlling interest in all Fortune 500 companies and most other major corporations in and outside of the United States.” Documented evidence of this can be obtained through careful study of at least a portion of some 185,000 governmental entities – everything from school districts to city and county governmental bodies to state government – now using CAFRs, or the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reporting System. . . .

LIKE I KEEP POINTING OUT (here’s from 2012), who OWNS the Infrastructure?  Which is not the same as, who paid for it (which was often the public):

Top 10 Owners in the Bentley Infrastructure 500

Rank Company Name Headquarters Country Infrastructure Value*
(millions USD)
1 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT United States 343,200

you can see what the top industries (as far as “Tangible Fixed Assets”) are — however do realize that CALIFORNIA is the highest-ranked State out of the United States on this list:

13 GDF SUEZ France 115,720
14 WAL MART STORES INC United States 112,324
15 KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS Netherlands 112,036
16 STATE OF CALIFORNIA United States 109,015
18 AT&T INC. United States 107,087

Notice we own less than Wal Mart.  (Wal Mart, incidentally, received some kind of “Corporate Fellows” award from the National Governors’ Association (or, its Center for Best Practices) … TEXAS AND NEW YORK ARE NEXT.  FLORIDA IS PROBABLY NEXT AFTER THAT — THE FOUR BIG COASTAL STATES:

24 STATE OF TEXAS United States 96,155
25 ENI SPA Italy 95,203
26 STATE OF NEW YORK United States 91,866

Florida is #40 on this list:

39 E.ON AG Germany 72,289
40 FLORIDA, STATE OF United States 69,536
42 QATAR PETROLEUM Qatar 69,042

So, how odd (or is it related) that people are being driven onto welfare and having their homes appropriated by the banks (those that owned homes), in part through these courts.  Does this process sound a little bit historically FAMILIAR?  Did people who previously were subjected to the same treatment actually resist, and if their natural resistance was indeed overcome, HOW was it overcome?  Persuasion to enter into treaties not in their best interest, destruction of resources they needed to live on, driving them off their homes, re-indoctrinating their kids into the “new, better’ way of life (cutting off their roots, essentially), or simply vastly superior resources — or weaponry (technology) – or the backing of a powerful country from another continent — or all of the above?

I happen, sorry, I’m a woman and it comes up — to be thinking specifically of the original Americans, and of South and Southwest Africans.  Not for the first time, here’s a page from Klaus Dierks’ chronology of Namibia:  Not the first time I’ve posted this.

I am also writing this with the hindsight and awareness AS IT WAS HAPPENING of a single mother DV survivor who had to restructure a livelihood post-separation, had already done so, and witnessed firsthand the tactics and techniques of the family court system in dismantling and targeting any ability to ever get to that level of self-sufficiency again.  I was personally

What I’m saying is — people who are NOT fierce and DO seek peace — can end up losing severely when the other side is nothing of the sort; never was, never will be.  In this case, the peace-seeking simply enables the others to better solidify their position.

That’s where the United States is right now (and individual states) regarding the vast accumulation of wealth.  So here’s THAT summary, again.  I have inserted a few horizontal lines for paragraphing.  Notice the PROCESSES and the SECTORS attacked; that the time frame mentioned is about 40 years (one or two generations only) and that they were “interfering in local politics.”  What we have now is federal funding interfering at many levels in local government (state custody courts, and more).  THESE FUNDS (CHART BELOW) SHOW GOVERNMENTAL OPERATIONS AND ARE A GUIDELINE.   In the next quotation — very sentence is loaded with meaning.  Please consider!

THE CHRONOLOGY OF NAMIBIA from Prehistoric Times to Independent Namibia

(December 2000)

Klaus Dierks

02 January 2005

Copyright © 1999-2005  Dr. Klaus Dierks



Namaland undergoes a rapid social change in the first half of the 18th century, from a kinship-based, pastoral, self-sufficient society, to military oligarchies supported by European missionaries, which are dependent for production on a destructive trade network of European traders and hunters. These dependencies lead to increased “underdeveloping qualities“. Natural resources are irreparably destroyed (between 1760 and 1880 immense populations of seals, elephants, rhinoceroses and even giraffes in southern and central Namibia are wiped out) old, well established skills such as the digging of wells with hard labour (or the manufacturing of household utensils) are lost with resulting dependencies on springs and fountains which again lead to the closure of whole settlements.

The destructive trade network with the Cape Colony [[South Africa]] drains the country of assets and productive resources and receives nothing comparable in exchange. This is in spite of the fact that the Orlam Afrikaners and their allies do issue certain controls in order to keep in check the trade links with the Cape.

New diseases are introduced from the Cape Colony, i.e. smallpox, venereal diseases and alcoholism.

The social and historical distinctions between original Nama groups and the Orlams as well as the old group structures have all but vanished by the time these polities emerge.

From now on mission stations are planned as military centres, even the churches.

The missionary campaign to christianise Africa not only converts “heathens” into Christians, but also tries to convert Africans into Europeans. Many of the African (and Namibian) traditions disappear not so much because of theologically-based criticism, but rather because of the cultural imperialism of the early European missionaries.

Historical and anthropological studies show that the advent of Christian mission change the cultural imagination of Africans fundamentally. The efforts of Christian missionaries are decisive in the imposition of a new mode of being, the reconstruction of religion, aesthetics, knowledge, bodily representation, sexuality, gender relations, social institutions, such as marriage and the family, and indeed most of aspects of people’s living. Thus, the cultural implications of Christian missions cause a cardinal reconstruction of identity and the social space.






[Selected paras. from this section: Leutwein, then (the really bad dude) Von Trotha are the German commanders who are to establish dominance over German Southwest Africa (later to become “Namibia”]
Samuel Maharero orders all Ovaherero chiefs to take up arms against the Germans. He orders them to “refrain from touching missionaries, English, Basters, Berg-Damaras, Namas and Boers“. There are doubts concerning the date of this order. It is possible that Maharero wrote this letter after the outbreak of the war (around 20.01.), after the first shots were fired in Okahandja, where it is not clear at all, who actually fired these first shots (Missionary Diehl reports that only the Germans fired on his house, not the Ovaherero).
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Samuel Maharero tries to involve the Basters, under Hermanus van Wyk and Hendrik Witbooi, in the struggle. The two letters Samuel sends to Witbooi never reach him, and Van Wyk is not willing to support Samuel. Van Wyk hands over the letters for Witbooi to the Germans. In the second of these letters Samuel writes: “All our obedience and patience with the Germans is of little avail, for each day they shoot someone dead for no reason at all. Hence I appeal to you, my Brother, not to hold aloof from the uprising, but to make your voice heard so that all Africa may take up arms against the Germans. Let us die fighting rather than die as a result of maltreatment, imprisonment or some other form of calamity.”
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
This uprising takes place due to loss of control and ownership of traditional land (German native reserve” policy), usury by traders, increasing debts, cases of rape, the sale of alcohol, the increasing ill-treatment of Ovaherero and threats to Samuel Maharero’s life
– – – – – – – –
The Germans are supported by Hendrik Witbooi, but in October 1904 Witbooi is prompted to revolt against German rule by the countless murders and ruthlessness of the Germans, in the light of which – especially after the Waterberg battle in August 1904 – Witbooi’s soldiers realise that the Germans are bent on wiping out all Africans regardless of their tribe or sex.
[[DOUBLECHECK — this is a quote from a Rutgers Thesis (Co. 2012), page 20 — quoted below in a small table); the author Coleen Thornley, also cites this Klaus Dierks reference:

The Nama (also referred to as Witboois or with the use of the derogatory term, Hottentots) were originally a tribe from the Cape Colony who migrated to Southwest Africa in the early nineteenth century after years of conflict with the Boers.63 For our purposes, the Nama were led by Hendrik Witbooi, a learned and literate Christian man who led his people until his death in 1905.64 Although the Nama retained aspects of their original culture, the Blue Book indicates that the tribe began to include some European traditions, such as applying European governmental styles to tribal politics towards the turn of the century.65 Olusoga and Erichsen state that the Nama were skilled on horseback and fierce warriors, which unfortunately led German settlers and officials to target them between 1904 and 1908.66″

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Seeking to negotiate, Leutwein sends a letter to Samuel Maharero to ascertain his whereabouts. The German Government reprimands Leutwein for this attempt to negotiate. . . .Leutwein warns against a policy of exterminating of the Ovaherero.. . . .[in March, in Germany:] “In the German Reichstag (Parliament), August Bebel representing the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) condemns the “suppression war” against the Ovaherero. He further demands the termination of the war and refuses to budget for its continuation. He calls the resistance of the Ovaherero a “justified liberation war.” …The battle of Ongandjira is fought with heavy losses on both sides. The Ovaherero have to give way before a sustained German artillery bombardment commences, and they escape in a northerly direction. . . . . .
_ _ _ _ _ _
Samuel Maharero has to retreat to the waterholes of Okatumba and Oviumbo.. .The battle of Oviumbo is fought and the Germans are nearly defeated. Leutwein decides to withdraw to Otjosazu and await troop reinforcements from Germany. In Germany he is subsequently heavily criticised for his decision. The overwhelming majority in Germany still do not recognise that the Ovaherero nation is fighting for its survival and against colonialism.. . .

Leutwein urges the German press to stop reporting that after the termination of the war all tribal structures – of the Nama communities too – would be destroyed, the chiefdoms abolished and all communities disarmed. This propaganda creates considerable unrest among all SWA indigenes, and is one of the causes of the Nama resistance war fought from August 1904 onwards. He writes the following: “I do not concur with those fanatics who want to see the Herero destroyed altogether. Apart from the fact that a people of 60 000 or 70 000 is not easy to annihilate, I would consider such a move a grave mistake from an economic point of view. We need the Herero as cattle breeders, though on a small scale, and especially as labourers. It will be quite sufficient if they are politically dead. ! ! ! ! !”
28.04. The battle of Okangundi is fought, ending in defeat for the Ovaherero.

A German contractor, Arthur Koppel arrives in Swakopmund to expedite the construction of the Otavi railway line being undertaken by OMEG [Otavi Mining Company]. The company makes use of contractors… ) and labourers either imported from Italy or Ovaherero prisoners-of-war (men, women and children forced labour).

Traugott Tjienda, an Ovaherero headman from Tsumeb reports: “I was being made to work on the Otavi line … We were not paid for our work … I was a kind of foreman over the labourers. I had 528 people, all Hereros, in my work party. Of these 148 died while working on line. The Herero women were compounded with the men. They were made to do manual labour as well. … They were compelled to cohabit with soldiers and with railway labourers. The fact that a woman was married was no protection. Young girls were raped and very badly used. They were taken out of the compounds into the bush and there assaulted. I don’t think any of them escaped this, except the older ones.

Leutwein, shortly before the arrival of General Lothar von Trotha, makes one last attempt for a negotiated settlement. He issues the following proclamation, printed in Otjiherero, to the Ovaherero: “You well know that after you have risen against your protector, the German Kaiser, nothing else awaits you but a fight to the death. Until then I cannot stop the war. However, you can stop the war, by coming over to me, handing in your guns and ammunition and receiving your expected punishment. … “. Subsequently von Trotha turns down Leutwein’s negotiation efforts and henceforth a negotiated peace is out of the question.


The “geneticist” Eugen Fischer uses German South West Africa as a field site for the development of later notorious theories on European racial superiority. Fischer studies the bodies of 17 Nama prisoners of war who have perished in a concentration camp on Shark Island near Lüderitz. These Nama fighters, including Nama leader Cornelius Frederiks of Bethany (who dies in the Shark Island concentration camp on 16.02.1907) who had surrendered to the Germans in March 1906, are decapitated. A published photograph of three heads supposedly provides visual evidence to support the “scientific” arguments for German racial superiority over the Africans. . .


OK, that took us from 1840 – 1990 (and references to another continent and how Germans handled Africans, regardless of their tribes, after first disrupting their social structures in favor of a “superior” (as defined by them) one, weakened their self-sufficiency, wiped out the buffalo, passenger pigeons,… (‘scuse me), “seals, elephants, rhinoceroses and even giraffes” and used the churches as military outposts.

When the “indigenes” finally caught on and began resisting, the colonizers as we know, escalated to genocide which, in particularly German manner, was meticulously detailed.  Even the deceased and decapitated bodies and heads became the topic of “social science” studies aimed at distinguishing one ethnicity from another in a “scientific manner,” while after refraining from COMPLETE genocide because some cattlebreeders and laborers were still useful.  They developed in Shark Island and elsewhere, models for future concentration camps, and engaged in general  in warfare for the purpose of increasing global commerce.   Afterwards, when evidence of some of these horrors were discovered, it was suppressed for the period of German-English cooperation in managing the area.   Search for “The Blue Book, Herero genocide” (and/or Namaqua).  As it usually happens, about 100 years later, sometimes an apology MAY be forthcoming:

preventgenocide.org”   “On August 14, 2004, on th 100th anniversary of the battle that began the Herero genocide, Germany’s Development Aid MinisterHeidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul offered her government’s first formal apology for the colonial-era massacre of some 65,000 members of the Herero tribe by German troops in Namibia. “We Germans accept our historic and moral responsibility,”she said, “Germany has learnt the bitter lessons of the past.” Ms Wieczorek-Zeul repeated that there would be no compensation, but she promised continued economic aid for Namibia which currently amounts to $14m a year. [BBC Aug. 14, 2004].  Or from Georgetown library.   Or from what looks like a woman’s 2012 Dissertation in partial fulfilment f an M.A. in History from Rutgers (Newark, NJ):

Little HEAPS OF SAND.” GENOCIDE IN GERMAN SOUTHWEST AFRICA AND PRESS SILENCE IN 1904” by Coleen Thornley  Dissertation Director: Dr. Susan Carruthers (112pp, here’s the PREFACE):

The Herero and Nama genocide took the lives of close to one hundred thousand indigenous peoples in German Southwest Africa between 1904 and 1908. The international community was relatively silent about the genocide in the years that it was perpetrated. The horrors of the genocide officially came to light after the British Empire published the Blue Book in 1918, which detailed the atrocities that began when Germany acquired the colony in 1884. As a result of the First World War and genocide, Germany lost all of her colonies in Africa and Asia. German Southwest Africa was transferred to the British Empire and came under the jurisdiction of South Africa. The Blue Book was removed from publication and colonial offices throughout the British Empire in 1926 to facilitate trust and reconciliation between the white South African community and white German community in German Southwest Africa. The Blue Book’s removal from publication buried the memory of the genocide for decades. Coupled with the British and German newspapers, the reprinted and annotated Blue Book released by Jan-Bart Gewald and Jeremy Silvester in 2003* helps to reconstruct the narrative of the genocide and how the press in Germany and Great Britain covered the conflict in 1904.

Jeremy Silvester and Jan Bart-Gewald, Words Cannot Be Found: German Colonial Rule in Namibia: An Annotated Reprint of the 1918 Blue Book (Boston: Brill, 2003)

“NOTHING” like what’s going on nowadays, in slightly different terminology, right?  WRONG!!!!

There are plenty of similar accounts (I like the detailed and objective style of narration from Klaus Dierks, apparently an engineer, and who also lived there).   Year 1904: ” The overwhelming majority in Germany still do not recognise that the Ovaherero nation (in what is now called NAMIBIA) is fighting for its survival and against colonialism.. . “

In the Year: 2013, and for approximately now the past 20+ years (one full generation of children born and reached adulthood):

I live in the 16th largest owner of infrastructure in the WORLD, when corporations, nations, states and cities are all compared, as I showed above (2012 printout).  The numbers in right column are expressed in MILLIONS, not thousands, and not real numbers.  According to this, California controls $109,015,000,000 of hard asset infrastructure.  As I showed above, again, per at least this source, the USA is #1.  California is the first state that shows up, though (Year 2012, Source: Bentley 500)

Rank Company Name Headquarters Country Infrastructure Value*
(millions USD)
1 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT United States 343,200
2 EXXON MOBIL CORP United States 214,664
6 HIGHWAYS AGENCY United Kingdom 173,148
7* ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC Netherlands 152,081
10 CHEVRON CORPORATION United States 122,608
12 BP P.L.C. United Kingdom 119,214
13 GDF SUEZ France 115,720
14 WAL MART STORES INC United States 112,324
15 KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS Netherlands 112,036
16 STATE OF CALIFORNIA United States 109,015
18 AT&T INC. United States 107,087

(#7 is “blue” row is simply because of where my cursor was at the time).

So how can it be that this State owns $109,015,000,000 worth of (infrastructure) and yet is cutting food stamps for its people?  Does it have to do with who OWNS what?  So again, I raise that question — and I’m hardly the first — who OWNS most of California?  Its people?

You see WALMART, #14?  (Same guys that women employees filed a civil rights sex discrimination lawsuit again, not too long ago)?  This (FORBES) list of the 10 wealthiest Americans, shows about 4 Walton Family heirs, 2 Kochs (the Koch Brothers),  NY Mayor Bloomberg of New York and founder and majority owner of “Bloomberg, L.P., a data-driven financial services firm,” Larry Ellison of Oracle (didn’t graduate from College) and of course, Bill Gates (#1, dropped out of Harvard..) To me that looks like three telecommunications-related.



Who OWNs, what?  From October 2012 (about one year ago), Business Insider talks about the largest PRIVATE owners of land in America – two media tycoons, one own(ed at the time) more land than the state of Delaware:

The 25 Biggest Landowners in America

Good old fashioned land has become one of the hottest investments in the world, as stocks disappoint, currencies go to war, and food prices soar.  Luckily, America has a lot of land. Especially America’s 100 biggest private landowners, according to the latest data from The Land Report.

The top dog on the list is, for the second year running, media tycoon John Malone, who owns 2.2 million acres—more than twice as much land as Delaware. He narrowly beat out fellow media tycoon Ted Turner.

(This article is showing the top 25 from “The Land Report.”  What’s interesting, many of them (not all) made their initial money in telecommunications or media….).  I just showed a few:

#3 Archie Aldis ‘Red’ Emmerson owns 1.84 million acres

Courtesy of Sierra Pacific Industries

Red Emmerson in California

Red Emmerson is president of Sierra Pacific Industries, a family-run lumber manufacturing business that ranks as California’s largest private landowner. He owns just under two million acres of forestland in California and Washington, adding over 100,000 acres in 2011.

Data published with permission from The Land Report.

#18, a farmer that diversified out of potatoes:

#18 The J.R. Simplot Heirs own 408,663 acres

J.R. Simplot Company

Founding father J.R. Simplot and his vast agricultural complex in Idaho.

The J.R. Simplot Company started its fortune in potatoes but diversified over the years to become one of the largest, privately held food companies in the world.

They own agribusiness land in Idaho. The land and livestock division has 37 farms and 15 ranches with capacity for 30,000 mother cows.

Data published with permission from The Land Report.

And a familiar name, sometimes comes up in foundation funding of some of the grants  I’ve seen around Colorado:  Anschutz:

#16 Phillip Anschutz owns 434,493 acres

Anschutz Exploration Corp

Sports mogul Anschutz and one of his many drilling rigs

Phillip Anschutz’s company has investments in energy exploration, telecommunications and agribusiness. His Anschutz Entertainment Group is also the world’s largest owner and operator of sports and entertainment venues.

He owns the 250,000-acre Baughman Farms in Kansas; 149,493-acre Overland Trail Cattle Company & Ranch in Wyoming and 35,000 acres in Colorado.

Data published with permission from The Land Report.

What about the Water? Who owns the WATER in this state, that we need to survive and live, and that is needed for fish, and agriculture, and so much more? Well, Wikipedia:

This is a list of the largest reservoirs, or man-made lakes, in theU.S. state of California. All thirty-six reservoirs that contain over 200,000 acre feet (0.25 km3) of water at maximum capacity are listed. This includes those formed by raising the level of natural lakes, such as at Lake Tahoe. Most large reservoirs in California are owned by the federal Bureau of Reclamation and to a lesser extent the Army Corps of Engineers, many serving the Central Valley Project or State Water Project. Smaller ones are often run by county water agencies or irrigation and flood control districts.

If you check each of the reservoirs (I just did), who owns  their waters,  or operates them (or built the dam when) becomes clear — Often “US Bureau of Reclamation,” or a Water District or authority, some, Parks and Recreation — it varies.  Another thing that becomes clear, as California had a gold rush, and a gold rush produced mining — many times the original tribes were driven off to create the dam, and/or the water was polluted.  One (Hetch Hetchy) was built after the SF Earthquake of 1906 — and the water supply was an issue.  The Sierra Club and John Muir (who died before the fight was up, 1924) fought it, comparing the area to Yosemite, and recommended alternate sites.

The Water, Reservoir situation caught my attention when news (recently) proclaimed that one of the state’s reservoirs, San Luis, was low…earth is showing where there used to be water.

San Luis Reservoir 1.jpg

I am one of the luckier ones — but still this is NOT an usual scenario in our country…. and still I have been income-plateaued, which makes it difficult to leave abusive relationships (the two are related), and have found the “helping agencies” to have been helping themselves to tax-payer funds without addressing the primary causes posed by the court system itself.  That sounds like a harsh statement, but keep in mind, I’ve been looking at VOLUMES of evidence in this field….

. . .yet while raising a family (including giving birth, working, and contributing as a worker to the local economy, that is, inbetween having work sabotaged by an abusive husband, thereafter the courts), I have experienced more poverty than at any time in my entire life, and during the work years of life, was forced to fight just to stay alive, for daily needs, and to continue to reach out for help, resources ,and eventually, legal intervention before my entire family line (household) was possibly going to be killed by a man who would not get help, and didn’t want to let me leave. moreover, there have been YEARS of stalking since, and harassment. For all this, as we speak:

Currently, someone else is controlling what assets are in my name; one of the children has fled the area and the other one has (from what I can see) adapted and submitted to the same type of control, for a temporary peace and rewards — while I, the mother, have been forced back onto Food Stamps (more than once since separation), my ex (the father) has NEVER been forced to maintain even (apparently) enough income to sustain himself (kind of like when we were together also) or pay his set-low child support — and food stamps are being cut by $20 a month, I think nationally, but I know locally.

I have heard every excuse under the book (sic) in and out of court, and realize late in this game that that’s simply national policy. Dads are in, Moms are out — and particularly single Moms are being scapegoated for our very status, while rhetoric is set up (“changing the cultural imagination” above) which, from multiple levels, conceals the scope of the situation, and CHANGES THE LANGUAGE TO ELIMINATE MENTION OF OUR KIND BY NAME, AND IF SO, POSITIVELY). How is this different from the same intentions from the same sorts of individuals, more than a century ago?

The new, official label to us “troublemakers” (we won’t go away by dying off fast enough, playing the assigned roles) and we often won’t shut up, either):  “low income people” or “low-income families.”  Alternately “high-conflict people.”  There’s no end of labels and profiling.  I have yet to meet a “low-income person” and don’t believe this is a good descriptor, regardless of what the person’s income may be.  I have met high-income people I would classify as sociopaths, and others, not.  The intense focus on “INCOME” from the powers that be (specifically, governments, collective — in the hundred-thousand-plus in this country alone) distracts the conversation (intentionally) from the government’s own income AND assets.

Social distress has become a marketable commodity for cause-related contractors and grantees — and is delineated below in many of these NAMED FUNDS. If we work, we fund through taxes. If we don’t work, the previous wealth is redistributed not to us, but to people who study why there are still poor people around (without getting to the heart of the matter, which is, the flow of money FROM them TO another sector, and as if were a complex mystery — when it’s not!)

Perhaps what is being WITH-held from citizens is contributing to the accumulated profits? Or perhaps as we are simply so busy with survival as a whole, that no one has been reviewing, questioning, or looking for the WHY of this diligently. So, I figured we should at least have a look at the named funds in ONE of the 50 States and US Territories, and start to talk about their contents, their purposes, select a few to find out whose bright idea they were, and etc.

This is a November 2013 printout of a listing labeled “October 2013” (Column 2 anyhow) from the California Manual of State Funds; accessed at this site (Col.2)
and a related one, for Column1, which (click and see) gives concise, one-page forms explaining which legislation started the fund, where it’s revenues come for and more information.

Formatting:  I did a lot of “data-massage” to get column2 (and 1) from a straight printout.  Numbers may not always line up, and I don’t know how to do “vertical-align=top” so added some extra space at the bottom of column one.

It appears that (at least for now) that from this source, the format to find an individual fund by fund# might copy this; or look for and click on it.


I wish I could just post a thumbnail view, it really is just 10 lines of information however the text (minus the form itself) of General Fund 0001 reads:


Fund: 0001   PAGE 1 Renumbered From:

Legal Title General Fund
Legal Citation/Authority Government Code sections 16300-16315
Fund Classification GAAP Basis Governmental/General Fund
Fund Classification Legal Basis Governmental/General Fund
Purpose The General Fund has existed since the beginning of the State as a political entity. It is the principal operating fund for the majority of governmental activities and consists of all money received in the Treasury that is not required by law to be credited to any other fund.The Legislature created various special accounts within the General Fund that are reserved for particular activities.Chapter 942, Statutes of 1977 provides for the treatment of these accounts as other governmental funds for accounting and budgeting purposes effective July 1, 1978. Accordingly, the State Controller set up separate fund numbers to accommodate the reporting of these accounts.These General Fund Special Accounts are described separately.
Administering Agency/Organization Code The majority of agencies in the state are concerned with collection for and expenditures from the General Fund. A detailed listing is not practical in this outline but may be found in the annual Governor’s Budget and the State Controller’s Annual Report.
Major Revenue Source Major taxes of the State are the principal source of money##  . Income to the fund varies in accordance with the Governing statutes. A detailed listing is contained in the Governor’s Budget and the State Controller’s Annual Report.
Disposition of Fund (upon abolishment) It is not anticipated that this fund will ever be abolished, since it is the primary source of funding for State government.
Appropriation Authority This fund is available for appropriation by the Legislature except for various constitutional and statutory authorizations that continue from year to year without further legislative action.State Appropriations Limit Included–Proceed of taxes (primarily Personal Income, Sales and Bank and Corporation) used for financing state operations.
Comments/Historical Information

Revised September 2011 FUND 0001

AS I UNDERSTAND IT (AND I’M NOT AN ACCOUNTANT), Certain practices permit excess revenues in any year to be re-named not as REVENUES, but thereafter as ASSETS or other Fund Balances, thus the government can indeed operate at and retain literal profits while technically, legally (through accounting verbiage) be saying this is the “primary source of funding for State Government” without actually lying.  The restrictive phrase is, for “GOVERNMENTAL COSTS” (note:  basic — from Fund 0001, or all these “other Governmental.”  But as they refer to, and as even the table of contents in of a State Budgetary/Legal Basis Annual Report indicates — there many more holdings, and funds (not just hard assets like roads, buildings, bridges, etc. — but literally investment or interest-bearing accounts, etc.) than just GOVERNMENTAL costs.

Here’s another statement of the situation. I also posted this recently in the same context.

From “CAFRMAN.com” Gerald Klatt.  This entire site is worth reviewing (studying!).  In this section, he proposed a “CBS” CAFR-based Budgeting System which was appropriate for citizens and government alike, and below it, explains the current process. So “CBS” was his proposal.

This man possibly lost his life as a result of posting this information.  I hope others will take time to consider it!  From “INTRODUCTION

How does one tell the American people that governments are stealing from them? They will not believe it. They believe the government and the elected officials. Only a nut would attempt to demonstrate that politicians are not completely honest. Well, I am that nut and I have the qualifications to prove that governments are stealing from them.

“Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery.” – Calvin Coolidge

. . . . .”

When governments take too much money, that money is taken from you. It is pulled out of the private economy and your way of life is forever changed regardless of what happens to Scott Peterson or Kobe Bryant.

If your neighbor steals $2,000 from you, you get all excited, want immediate justice. Yes, “Throw the b_____d in jail.” However, whenever State governments steal $2,000 from you, you say nothing. I guess it is no fun to talk about the stealing by governments at the water cooler. It takes too much “thinking.   (written between 1999 and 2004/LGH)

. . .

The Budget and Only the Budget

Individuals believe that “the budget” and “governments” are one. This is false. In this writing we will not be discussing “the budget”, or the budget process but we will be discussing “governments” and a different government document and process completely unrelated to the budget, the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

The Problems [/LGH]

“The CAFR Budget System (CBS) is a method of combining certain data from the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) with the budget process.”

There are three major problems with the current budget process in most State and local governments:

1. The funds not spent in one year are seldom recycled and considered in the next years budget, and tend to increase and accumulate year after year. The potential surpluses disclosed in the State and local government reports on this site clearly proves that surpluses are allowed to accumulate, and do not receive adequate consideration in the budget process.

The main problem with including previous year’s fund balances (surpluses) in the next year’s budget is an accounting definition.

When revenues are allocated to a particular fund, these revenues are considered as revenues in the budget process during that year. However, at the end of the fiscal year these revenues are classified as part of the fund balance and converted to cash and investments. In other words, these revenues are no longer classified as revenues, but become “assets“.

In almost all State and local governments the budget process is described/ proclaimed/ decreed in laws, charters and constitutions as matching “Current Revenues” with “Current Expenditures“. Since fund balances are no longer considered revenues, but assets, only the income from the fund balances (interest and dividends) is classified as revenue in the next budget process.Hence excesses/surpluses are allowed to exist and accumulate. You will notice in the schedules below that “Investment Income” is considered a revenue source, but not the asset that generated the income.*

At one time there were three components of a budget, 1) balance brought forward (money not spent the previous year); 2) current revenues; and 3) current expenditures.

Somewhere along the line 1) balance brought forward was eliminated. The reason for this is unknown.

2. Governments do not use what is commonly called Zero-based budgeting procedures. The revenues will equal, not exceed, expenditures. What happens is that governments budget for a fund balance at the end of the fiscal year and do not adjust revenues to equal expenditures.

3. If an adjustment is made in the budget process requiring revenue increases or decreases, the adjustment(s) too often are made at the general fund level and not at the level that caused the need for an adjustment.

With a budget surplus there is a tendency to place the surplus in the general fund and then allocate the surplus as tax reductions/rebates to the more traditional taxes that benefit mostly the wealthy regardless of the revenue source that created the surplus. Also, there is a tendency by government to want to spend the General Funds immediately and indiscriminately.

The CBS [CAFR-Budget System, what he as recommending instead] addresses these problems and improves a government’s money management system.

*(c. Carl Herman talking about California’s $600 billion pension fund — that’s the asset!).

He (author) also talks about the TIMING, and points out that it’s “utterly ridiculous,” with computers, for it to take a full year to publish the prior year’s CAFR — they don’t do this with budgets!  It’s intentional, and signifies government NOT wanting the public to know about those CAFRS:

Timing is Important

The budget and CAFR are prepared at different times and this can cause a problem unless there is a system in place to prepare these documents in a particular order.

The budget for the next fiscal year is usually prepared and approved before the end of a government’s current fiscal year (FY). For example, if the fiscal year ends on June 30th, then the budget for FY 2003 is usually prepared and approved by June 30th 2002.

The CAFR is prepared at the end of the fiscal year. Before there were computers, the CAFR was usually prepared, audited and published within three to six months after the close of the fiscal year. However, now with computers it now takes six to nine months and in a few cases a full year for a government to publish the CAFR.

This is utterly ridiculous. What this tells me is that governments do not want the public to know about the CAFR and what it contains. This is very disturbing because with computers and the programs are already available, the CAFR could be prepared, audited and published within 60 days or less after the close of the fiscal year. Governments are able to prepare monthly budget statements in great detail for every section of the government to know where each section stands in relation to the approved budget. Yet, the CAFR takes months and months.

CBS Requirements and Steps

One of the requirements of the CBS is that the government prepare a final CAFR within sixty days after the close of the fiscal year. Old data is useless and elected officials know this.


YET EVEN LOOKING AT “GOVERNMENTAL COSTS (other, and Fund 001) alone — look at the scope of activities!


  • 0001 General Fund
  • 0002 Property Acquisition Law Money Account
  • 0003 Motor Vehicle Parking Facil Moneys Acct
  • 0004 Breast Cancer Fund
  • 0005 SafeNeighPks,ClnWtr,ClnAir/CstlProtcBdFd
  • 0006 Disability Access Account
  • 0007 Breast Cancer Research Account, Breast Cancer Fund
  • 0008a Boxers Pension Account
  • 0009 Breast Cancer Control Account, Breast Cancer Fund
  • 0010a Hazardous Materials Enforce Train Acct
  • 0011a Disability Insurance Program Acct Boxers
  • 0012 Attorney General Antitrust Account
  • 0013a Federal Receipts Acct, HWCA
  • 0014 Hazardous Waste Control Account
  • 0015a Firearms Safety Training Fund Special Ac
  • 0016 Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund
  • 0017 Fingerprint Fees Account
  • 0018 Site Remediation Account
  • 0019a Trustline Voluntary Registration Fund
  • 0020 Law Library Special Account,Calif_State
  • 0021 Enterprise Loan Fund, State
  • 0022 Emergency Telephone Number Acct, State
  • 0023 Farmworker Remedial Account
  • 0024 Guide Dogs for the Blind Fund
  • 0025 Leaking Undrgrnd Stor Tank Cost Recovery
  • 0026 Motor Vehicle Insurance Account, State
  • 0027 Tax Relief and Refund Account
  • 0028 Unified Program Account
  • 0029 Nuclear Planning Assessment Special Ac
  • 0030 County School Service Fd Contingency Ac
  • 0031a Agricultural & Forestry Residue Util Ac
  • 0032 Firearm Safety Account
  • 0033 Energy Conservation Assistance Ac, State
  • 0034 Geothermal Resources Development Account
  • 0035 Surface Mining and Reclamation Account
  • 0036 Special Account for Capital Outlay
  • 0037a Renewable Resources Energy Agricult Acct
  • 0039a General Fund Contingency Reserve Acct
  • 0040 Transportation Fund, State 041 thru 059
  • 0041 Aeronautics Account STF
  • 0042 Highway Account, State, STF
  • 0043a Bikeway Account, STF
  • 0044 Motor Vehicle Account, STF
  • 0045 Bicycle Transportation Account, STF
  • 0046 Public Transportation Account, STF
  • 0047a Abandoned Railroad Account, STF
  • 0048 Transportation Revolving Account, STF
  • 0049a Toll Bridge Revenue Account, STF
  • 0050 Colorado River Management Account
  • 0051 Propane Safety Insp/Enforcmt Prog Trust
  • 0052 Local Airport Loan Account
  • 0053a Highway Construct Revolv Acct, State, STF
  • 0054 New Motor Vehicle Board Account
  • 0055 Mass Transit Revolving Account STF
  • 0056a Seismic Safety Retrofit Account,STF
  • 0057a SS Baton Rouge Victory Memorial Plaque
  • 0058 Rail Accident Prevention & Response Fund
  • 0059 Hazardous Spill Prevention Acct, RAPRF
  • 0060 Transportation Tax Fund 061 thru 069
  • 0061 Motor Vehicle Fuel Account
  • 0062 Highway Users Tax Account, TTF
  • 0063 Motor Vehicle Trans Tax Account, TTF
  • 0064 Motor Vehicle License Fee Account, TTF
  • 0065 Illegal Drug Lab Cleanup Account
  • 0066 Sale of Tobacco to Minors Control Acct
  • 0067 Corporations Fund, State
  • 0068a Diesel Fuel Trust Fund
  • 0069 Barbering/Cosmetology Fd, St Bd of
  • 0070 Occupational Lead Poisoning Prev Acct,GF
  • 0071 Yosemite Foundation Acct, CELPF
  • 0072 Collegiate License Plate Fund, Calif
  • 0073 Resources License Plate Fund
  • 0074 Medical Waste Management Fund
  • 0075 Radiation Control Fund
  • 0076 Tissue Bank License Fund
  • 0077a State Employee Scholarship Fund
  • 0078 Graphic Design License Plate Account
  • 0079a Industrial Medicine Fund
  • 0080 Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Fund
  • 0081 Alcohol Beverage Control Fund (Feeder Fund)
  • 0082 Export Document Program Fund
  • 0083 Veterans Service Office Fund
  • 0084 Corporation Tax Fund
  • 0085 Estate Tax Fund
  • 0086 Cigarette Tax Fund
  • 0087a School Safety Account
  • 0088a Gift Tax Fund
  • 0089 Inheritance Tax Fund
  • 0090 Insurance Tax Fund
  • 0091 Personal Income Tax Fund
  • 0092a Radon Contractor Certification Fund
  • 0093 Construction Management Education Acct
  • 0094 Retail Sales Tax Fund
  • 0095a Insurance Fund (Non-Oper 7/1/83 Use 217)
  • 0096 Cal- OSHA Targeted Inspection & Consult
  • 0097 Highway Carriers Uniform Bus Lic Tax Fund
  • 0098 Clinical Laboratory Improvement Fund
  • 0099 Health Statistics Special Fund
  • 0100 Used Oil Recycling Fund, California
  • 0101 School Facilities Fee Assistance Fund
  • 0102 Fire Marshal Licensing & Cert Fund, St
  • 0103a Administrative Claiming Fund
  • 0104 San Joaquin River Conservancy Fund
  • 0105a Oil Refinery & Chem Plant Safety Fd, Cal
  • 0106 Pesticide Regulation Fund, Dept of
  • 0107 Abandoned Vehicle Trust Fund
  • 0108 Acupuncture Fund
  • 0109a Adoption Information Fund
    0110 Department of Food and Agriculture Fund
  • 0111 Department of Agriculture Acct, Dept F& Ag Fund
  • 0112a Agricultural Pest Control Research Accnt
  • 0113 Missing Children Reward Fund
  • 0114a Auctioneer Commission Fund
  • 0115 Air Pollution Control Fund
  • 0116 Wine Safety Fund
  • 0117 Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Fund
  • 0118a Registered Veterinary Techn Exam Comm Fd
  • 0119 School Facilities Fund, 1998 State
  • 0120 Mexican Amer Vet’s Memrl Beautif/Enhance
  • 0121 Hospital Building Fund
  • 0122 Emergency Food Assistance Program Fund
  • 0123a Rural Economic Development Fund
  • 0124 Agricultural Export Promotion Acct, CA
  • 0125 Assembly Operating Fund
  • 0126 Audit Fund, State
  • 0127 Channel Islands Site Authority Fund, CSU
  • 0128a Low and Moderate Income Housing Fund
  • 0129 Water Device Certification Special Acct
  • 0130a AWOL Abatement Program Fund
  • 0131 Foster and Small Family Insurance Fund
  • 0132 Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Fund
  • 0133 Beverage Container Recycling Fund, CA
  • 0134a Redemption Acct,Beverage Contn Recycl Fd
  • 0135a AIDS Vaccine Research Develop Grant Fd
  • 0136a Banking Fund, State
  • 0137a Vital Record Improvement Acct
  • 0138a Commercial Motor Carrier Safety Enfmt Fd
  • 0139 Driving-Under-the-Influence Prog Lic Trs
  • 0140 Environmental License Plate Fund, Calif
  • 0141 Soil Conservation Fund
  • 0142 Sexual Habitual Offender, DOJ
  • 0143 Health Data & Planning Fund, CA
  • 0144 Water Fund, California
  • 0145a Commerce Marketing Fund
  • 0146a Capital Outlay Fd for Public Higher Educ
  • 0147a Unitary Fund, California
  • 0148a AIDS Clinical Trials Testing Fund
  • 0149a AIDS Vaccine Victims Compensation Fund
  • 0150a AIDS Vaccine Guaranteed Purchase Fund
  • 0151 Community Services Development Account
  • 0152 Chiropractic Examiners Fund
  • 0153 San Gabriel/Lwr LA Rivers/Mnts Consvy Fd
  • 0154a Ridesharing Vanpool Revolving Loan Fund
  • 0155a Senior Citizens Housing Annuity Account
  • 0156 Heritage Fund, California
  • 0157a Collection Agency Fund
  • 0158 Travel Seller Fund
  • 0159 State Trial Court Improvement and Modernization Fund
  • 0160 Assembly and Senate, Operating Funds Of
  • 0161 Local Project Non-Transient Spending
  • 0162 Future Infrastructure Targeted Account
  • 0163 Continuing Care Provider Fee Fund
  • 0164a Teachers’ Replacement Benefits Prgm Fund
  • 0165a Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Acct
  • 0166 Certification Acct, Consumer Affairs Fd)
  • 0167 Delinquent Tax Collection Fund
  • 0168 Structural Pest Control Research Fund
  • 0169 Debt Limit Allocation Committee Fund,Cal
  • 0170 Corrections Training Fund
  • 0171 Debt & Investment Advisory Comm Fund,Cal
  • 0172 Developmental Disabilities Prog Dev Fund
  • 0173a Competitive Technology Fund
  • 0174 Clandestine Drug Lab Clean-Up Account
  • 0175 Dispensing Opticians Fund
  • 0176a Delta Flood Protection Fund
  • 0177 Food Safety Fund
  • 0178 Driver Training Penalty Assessment Fund
  • 0179 Environmental Laboratory Improvement Fnd
  • 0180 Veterans Cemetery Master Devl Fd, No CA
  • 0181 Registered Nurse Education Fund
  • 0182a Electromagnetic Field Study Fd,Hlth Svcs
  • 0183 Environmental Enhanc & Mitigat Prgm Fd
  • 0184 Employment Developmnt Dept Benefit Audit
  • 0185 Employment Development Contingent Fund
  • 0186 Energy Resources Surcharge Fund
  • 0187a Environmental Education Fund
  • 0188a Energy and Resource Fund
  • 0189a Energy Account, Energy & Res Fund
  • 0190a Resources Account, Energy & Res Fund
  • 0191 Fair and Exposition Fund
  • 0192 Satellite Wagering Account
  • 0193 Waste Discharge Permit Fund
  • 0194 Emerg Medical Srvcs Trng Prog Approvl Fd
  • 0195a Conservatorship Registry Fund
  • 0196a Asset Forfeiture Distribution Fund
  • 0197a Rural Health Care Equity Trust Fund
  • 0198 Fire and Arson Training Fund, Calif
  • 0199a Fireworks Licensing Fund, California
  • 0200 Fish and Game Preservation Fund
  • 0201 Medical Providers Interim Payment Fund
  • 0202a Fisheries Restoration Account
  • 0203 Genetic Disease Testing Fund
  • 0204a Commercial Salmon Stamp Acct,Fish & Game
  • 0205 Geology&Geophysics Acct, ProflEng’r’s &Land Survyor’s Fund
  • 0206a Oil Spill Emergency Response Account
  • 0207 Fish and Wildlife Pollution Account
  • 0208a Hearing Aid Dispensers Account
  • 0209 Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety Calif
  • 0210 Outpatient Setting Fd of Medical Board
  • 0211 Waterfowl Habitat Preservation Acct, Cal
  • 0212 Marine Invasive Species Control Fund
  • 0213 Native Species Conserv & Enhancement Acc
  • 0214 Restitution Fund
    0215 Industrial Development Fund
  • 0216 Industrial Rel Construction Enforce Fd
  • 0217 Insurance Fund
  • 0218a Rural Development Fund
  • 0219 Lifetime License Trust Acct, Fish & Game
  • 0220a National Guard Military Museum Fund, CA
  • 0221a Industrial Loan Special Fund
  • 0222a Workplace Health & Safety Revolving Fund
  • 0223 Workers’ Comp Administration Revolv Fund
  • 0224a Food Safety Acct, Pesticide Reg Fd, Dept
  • 0225 Environmental Protection Trust Fund
  • 0226 Tire Recycling Management Fund, Calif
  • 0227a Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Fnd
  • 0228 Business Fees Fund, Secty of State’s
  • 0229a Dry Cleaning Fund
  • 0230 Cigarette & Tobacco Products Surtax Fund
  • 0231 Health Ed Acct, Cig & Tob Pr Surtax
  • 0232 Hospital Svc Acct, Cig & Tob Pr Surtax
  • 0233 Physician Svc Acct, Cig & Tob Pr Surtax
  • 0234 Research Acct, Cig & Tob Pr Surtax
  • 0235 Public Res Acct, Cig & Tob Pr Surtax
  • 0236 Unallocated Acct, Cig & Tob Pr Surtax
  • 0237a Sacto-San Joaquin Delta Protection Fund
  • 0238 Veterans Cemetery Perpetual Maintan Fd
  • 0239 Private Security Services Fund
  • 0240 Local Agency Deposit Security Fund
  • 0241 Local Public Prosecutors & Pub Defend Trng
  • 0242 Court Collection Account
  • 0243 Narcotic Treatment Program Licensing Trt
  • 0244 Environmental Water Fund
  • 0245 Mobilehome Parks & Special Occupancy Parks Revolv Fd
  • 0246a Protective Services Fund
  • 0247 Drinking Water Operator Cert Special Act
  • 0248a Long Term Management Strategy Study Fund
  • 0249a Individual & Family Suppl Grant Fund, CA
  • 0250a OES Disaster Admin Suppt Acc
  • 0251a Public Fac&loc Ag Dis Res Ac
  • 0252 Disaster Assistance Fund
  • 0253a Domestic Violence Fund (abolish 1/1/99)
  • 0254a Street and Highway Account
  • 0255a DNA Testing Fund, Department of Justice
  • 0256 Sexual Predator Public Information Acct
  • 0257 Earthquake Emergency Invest Acct-NDA Fd
  • 0258a Work and Family Fund
  • 0259 Supplemental Contributions Program Fund
  • 0260 Nursing Home Admin St Lic Exam Fund
  • 0261 Off Highway License Fee Fund
  • 0262 Habitat Conservation Fund
  • 0263 Off-Highway Vehicle Trust Fund
  • 0264 Osteopathic Medical Bd of Calif Contn Fd
  • 0265 Conserv Enforcement Svc Ac
  • 0266 Inland Wetlands Cons Fd, Wildlife Rest
  • 0267 Exposition Park Improvement Fund
  • 0268 Peace Officers’ Training Fund
  • 0269 Glass Processing Fee Account
  • 0270 Technical Assistance Fund  [[??]]
  • 0271 Certification Fund
  • 0272 Infant Botulism Treatment & Prevention
  • 0273a Long Term Management Strategy Completion
  • 0274a Business Reinvestment Fund
  • 0275 Hazardous & Idle-Deserted Well Abate Fnd
  • 0276 Penalty Acct, Ca Bev Container Recyc Fd
  • 0277 Bimetal Processing Fee Acct, Bev Cont Re
  • 0278 PET Processing Fee Acct, Bev Cont Rec Fd
  • 0279 Child Health and Safety Fund
  • 0280 Physician Assistant Fund
  • 0281 Recycling Market Development Rev Loan Subaccount
  • 0282a Bay Protection and Toxic Cleanup Fund
  • 0283a Targeted Case Management Claiming Fund
  • 0284a Loss Control Certification Fund
  • 0285 Residential Earthquake Recovery Fund, CA
  • 0286 Lake Tahoe Conservancy Account
  • 0287 Youth Pilot Program Fund
  • 0288 Internatl Student Exch Visitor Plcmt Org
  • 0289 HICAP Fund, State
  • 0290 Pilot Commissioners’ Special Fd, Board
  • 0292a Motor Carriers Permit Fund
  • 0293 Motor Carriers Safety Improvement Fund
  • 0294 Removal & Remedial Action Acct
  • 0295 Podiatric Medicine Fund, Board of
  • 0296 Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy
  • 0297a Community and Economic Development Fund
  • 0298 Financial Institutions Fund
  • 0299 Credit Union Fund
  • 0300 Professional Forester Registration Fund
  • 0301a Playground Safety and Recycling Account
  • 0303a Asbestos Training & Consultant Cert Fund
  • 0304a Back Wages and Taxes Account
  • 0305 Private Postsec & Vocatn Educ Admin Fund
  • 0306 Safe Drinking Water Account
  • 0307 Professions and Vocations Fund
  • 0308 Earthquake Risk Reduction Fund of 1996
  • 0309 Perinatal Insurance Fund
  • 0310 Psychology Fund
  • 0311 Traumatic Brain Injury Fund
    0312 Emergency Medical Services Personnel Fnd
  • 0313 Major Risk Medical Insurance Fund
  • 0314 Diesel Emission Reduction Fund
  • 0315a Aging Information and Education Fund
    0316 San Fran Bay Area Conservancy Prog Acct
  • 0317 Real Estate Fund
  • 0318 Collins-Dugan Calif Conserv Corps Reimb
  • 0319 Respiratory Care Fund
    0320 Oil Spill Prevention & Administration Fd
  • 0321 Oil Spill Response Trust Fund
  • 0322 Environmental Enhancement Fund
  • 0323a Commodity Merchant Account
    0324a Telephonic Seller Commodity Contract Acc
  • 0325 Electronic and Appliance Repair Fund
  • 0326 Athletic Commission Fund
  • 0327 Court Interpreters’ Fund
    0328 Public School Plng Desgn Constr Rev Revlv Fd
  • 0329 Vehicle License Collection Acct, LRF
  • 0330 Local Revenue Fund
  • 0331 Sales Tax Account, Local Revenue Fund
    0332 Vehicle License Fee Account
  • 0333 Sales Tax Growth Account
  • 0334 Vehicle License Fee Growth Account
  • 0335 Registered Environmental Health Spec Fd
  • 0336 Mine Reclamation Account
  • 0337a Savings Association Spec Fund
  • 0338 Strong-Motion Instrumentation & Seismic
  • 0339a Community College Faculty & Staff Dev Fd
  • 0340a Faculty and Staff Diversity Fund
  • 0341a Tideland Oil Rev Acct,Sch Bldg Le-Pur Fd
  • 0342 School Fund, State
  • 0343a Lease Facil Rev Acct,Sch Build Le-Pur Fd
  • 0344 School Building Lease-Purchase Fund,St
  • 0345a School Building Safety Fund
  • 0346a Revolving Loan Acct,Sch Bldg Le-Purch Fd
  • 0347 School Land Bank Fund
  • 0348 Senate Operating Fund
  • 0349 Educational Telecommunication Fund
  • 0350a In-Home Supportive Service Reg Model,STA
  • 0351 Mental Health Subaccount, Sales Tax Acct
  • 0352 Social Services Subaccount, Sales Tx Acc
  • 0353 Health Subaccount, Sales Tax Account
  • 0354 Caseload Subacct, Sales Tax Growth Acct
  • 0355a Indigent Health Equity Sub, SalesTaxGrwt
  • 0356a Community Health Equity Sub, SalesTxGrwt
  • 0357 Mental Health Equity Sub, SalesTx Growth
  • 0358a State Hospital Mental Health Equity,STGA
  • 0359 Co Medical Svc Subacct,Sales Tax Growth
  • 0360a Mandates Claims Fund, State O S
  • 0361 General Growth Subacct,Sales Tax Growth O S
  • 0362a Base Restoration Subaccount, STGA O S
  • 0363a Special Equity Subaccount, STGA O S
  • 0364a American Heritage Rodeo Fdn Lic Plte Acc S S
  • 0365 Historic Property Maintenance Fund O S
  • 0366 Indian Gaming Revenue Sharing Trust Fund A N
  • 0367 Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund O S
  • 0368 Asbestos Consultant Certification Acct O S
  • 0369 Asbestos Training Approval Account O S
  • 0371 Beach and Coastal Enhancement Acct,Calif O S
  • 0372 Disaster Relief Fund O S
  • 0373a SF-Oaklnd Bay Bridge & Cypress Disast Fd O S
  • 0374 Spec Fund for Econ Uncert O S
  • 0375 Disaster Response-Emerg Operations Acc, SFEU O S
  • 0376 Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology & Hearing Aid O S
    Dispensers Fund
  • 0377a Higher Education Earthquake Account 1987 O S
  • 0378 False Claims Act Fund O S
  • 0379a Historic Building Code Fund, State O S
  • 0380 Dental Auxiliary Fund, State O S
  • 0381 Public Int Res, Dev & Demonstratn Fund O S
  • 0382 Renewable Resource Trust Fund O S
  • 0383a Natural Resources Infrastructure Fund O S
  • 0384 Salmon & Steelhead Trout Restoration Acc O S
  • 0385a Fish and Wildlife Resources Stewardship O S
  • 0386 Solid Waste Disposal Site Cleanup Tr Fd O S
  • 0387 Integrated Waste Management Account O S
  • 0389 Integrated Waste Management Fund O S
  • 0390a School Construction Fund, St O S
  • 0391 Parks and Recreation Fund Total392-393 O S
  • 0392 Parks and Recreation Fund, State O S
  • 0393a Job Creation Investment Fund O S
  • 0394a Fines & Forfeitures Acct, Parks & Rec Fd O S
  • 0395a Coast Zone Construct/Convers,Prks Rec Fd O S
  • 0396 Self-Insurance Plans Fund O S
  • 0397a Police Fund, California State O S
  • 0398a Strong Motion Instrumentation Spec Fund O S
  • 0399 Structural Pest Cntrl Educ&Enforcemnt Fd O S
  • 0400 Real Estate Appraisers Regulation Fund O S
  • 0402 Safe, Clean, Reliable Water Supply Fund B B
  • 0403 Delta Improvement Account B B
  • 0404 Central Valley Project Improvement Subac B B
  • 0405 Bay-Delta_Agreement Subaccount B B
  • 0406a Tax Preparers Fund O S
  • 0407 Teacher Credentials Fund O S
  • 0408 Test Development and Admin Acct, Tc Fd O S
  • 0409 Delta Levee Rehabilitation Subaccount B B
  • 0410 Transcript Reimbursement Fund O S
  • 0411a Residential Care Fac Persons W/Chronic O S
    0412 Transportation Rate Fund
  • 0413 South Delta Barriers Subaccount
  • 0414a Delta Recreation Subaccount
  • 0415 CALFED Subaccount
  • 0416 Clean Water and Water Recycling Account
  • 0417 Revolving Fund Loan Subaccount, State
  • 0418 Small Communities Grant Subaccount
  • 0419 Water Recycling Subaccount
  • 0421 Vehicle Inspection and Repair Fund
  • 0422 Drainage Management Subaccount
  • 0423 Delta Tributary Watershed Subaccount
  • 0424 Seawater Intrusion Control Subaccount
  • 0425 Victim – Witness Assistance Fund
  • 0426a Energy Efficiency Improvements Loan Fund
  • 0427a Clean Fuels Account
  • 0428a Hazardous Waste Mgmt Planning Subaccount
  • 0429 Local Jurisdiction Energy Assistance
  • 0430a Hazardous Waste Enforcement Training Fund
  • 0431a Local Agency Technical Assistance Acc’t
  • 0433a Methane Gas Hazard Reduction Account
  • 0434 Air Toxics Inventory and Assessment Acct
  • 0436 Underground Storage Tank Tester Account
  • 0437 Assistance for Fire Equipment Acct,State
  • 0438a Supercomputer Center Account
  • 0439 Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund
  • 0440a Petro Undergrnd Storage Tank Financ Acct
  • 0441a Waste Management Incentive Account
  • 0442 Olympic Training Account,California
  • 0443 Lake Tahoe Water Quality Subaccount
  • 0444 Water Supply Reliability Account
  • 0445 Feasibility Projects Subaccount
  • 0446 Water Conservation & Groundwater Recharg
  • 0447 Wildlife Restoration Fund
  • 0448 Occupancy Compliance Monitoring Account
  • 0449 Winter Recreation Fund
  • 0450a Seismic Gas Valve Cert Fee Acct
  • 0451a Manufactured Home License Fee Account
  • 0452 Elevator Safety Account
  • 0453 Pressure Vessel Account
  • 0454a Hazardous Substance Account
  • 0455a Hazardous Substance Subaccount
  • 0456 Expedited Site Remediation Trust Fund
  • 0457 Tax Credit Allocation Fee Account
  • 0458 Site Operation and Maintenance Account
  • 0459 Telephone Medical Advice Services Fund
  • 0460 Dealers’ Record of Sale Acct
  • 0461 Public Utilities Comm Transport Reimb Acct
  • 0462 Public Utilities Comm Utilities Reimb Acct
  • 0463a R. Z’berg Urban Open Space Rec Prog Acct
  • 0464 High-Cost Fund-A Admin Committee Fd, Cal
  • 0465 Energy Resources Programs Account
  • 0466a State Fair Police Special Account, Calif
  • 0467 Notes Expense Account, State
  • 0468a Los Angeles Medical Assistance Grant Acc
  • 0469a Narc Assist & Relinquish Crim Offend Fd
  • 0470 High Cost Fund-B Admin Committee Fd, Cal
  • 0471 Universal Lifeline Telpne Svc Trust Admin
  • 0472a Child Care & Devlpmt Fac Direct Ln Fd
  • 0473 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Account
  • 0474a Child Care & Dev Fac Ln Guaranty Fd
  • 0475 Underground Storage Tank Fund
  • 0476a Child Care Facilities Revolving Fund
  • 0477a Gaming Registration License Fee Acct
  • 0478 Vectorborne Disease Account
  • 0479 Energy Tech Research, Dev, & Demo Acct
  • 0480a Health Facilities License Fee Account
  • 0481 Garment Manufacturers Special Account
  • 0482 Surface Impoundment Assessment Account
  • 0483 Deaf & Disabled Telecomm Prg Admin Comm
  • 0484a Hazardous Subst Clearing Account
  • 0485 Armory Discretionary Improvement Account
  • 0486a Emergency Clean Water Grant Fund
  • 0487 Financial Responsibility Penalty Account
  • 0488a Veterans Memorial Account
  • 0489a Rice Straw Demonstration Project Grant Fund
  • 0490a Hazardous Waste Injection Well Account
  • 0491 Payphone Service Providers Committee Fd
  • 0492 Athletic Commission Neurological Examination Acct, St
  • 0493 Teleconnect Fd Admin Comm Fd, Cal
  • 0494 Other – Unallocated Special Funds
  • 0495a Court Funding Account
  • 0496 Developmental Disabilities Services Acct
  • 0497 Local Govt Geothermal Resource Subacct
  • 0498a Higher Education Fees and Income-CSU
  • 0499 Pending New Special Funds
  • 0500a Antioch & Carq Strait Bridge Toll Rev Fd
  • 0501 Housing Finance Fund, California
  • 0502 Water Resources Development Bond Fund
  • 0503a National Guard Members Farm & Home Bldg Fd
  • 0504a Carquinez Straits Bridge Construction Fd
  • 0505 Affordable Student Housing Revolving Fd
  • 0506 Central Valley Water Project Const Fund
  • 0507 Central Valley Water Project Revenue Fd
  • 0508a Senior Citizens Housing Assistance Fund
  • 0509 Revenue Bond Acct, CA Res Earthqk Rec Fd
  • 0510a Expo & State Fair Enterprise Fund, Cal
  • 0511 Del Mar Grandstand Capital Reserve Acct
  • 0512 State Compensation Insurance Fund
  • 0513 First-Time Home Buyers Fund
  • 0514 Employment Training Fund
  • 0515a Harbor Bond Sinking Fund
  • 0516 Harbors and Watercraft Revolving Fund
  • 0517a India Basin Sinking Fund
  • 0518 Health Facility Const Loan Insurance Fd
  • 0519a Maritime Academy Continuing Educ Rev CA
  • 0520a New Antioch Bridge Construction Fund
  • 0521a Rural Econ Dev Infrastructure & Rev Bd
  • 0523 East Bay State Building Authority Fund
  • 0524 Los Angeles State Building Authority Fnd
  • 0525 High Tech Education Rev Bond Fund, PBCF
  • 0526 School Finance Authority Fund, Calif
    0527a Richmond–San Rafael Toll Revenue Fund
  • 0528 Alternative Energy Authority Fund, Calif
  • 0529a San Diego Coronado Bridge Const Fund
  • 0530 Mobilehome Park Purchase Fund
    0532a Small Business Bond Ins Reserve Fd, CA
  • 0533a Small Busns Ins Corp Operations Fund, CA
  • 0534a New Prison Construction Revenue Fund
  • 0535a Main Street Program Fund, CA
    0536a San Diego Coronado Toll Rev Fd
  • 0537 Capitol Area Development Fund
  • 0538 San Francisco State Building Fund
  • 0539 Oakland State Building Authority Fund
  • 0540a San Fran Oakland Bay Bridge Construct Fd
  • 0541 San Bernardino St Building Authority Fd
  • 0542 San Fran Oakland Bay Bridge Toll Rev Fd
  • 0543 Local Projects Subaccount
    0544 Sac Valley Water Mgmt & Habitat Protect
  • 0545 River Parkway Subaccount
  • 0546 Bay-Delta Ecosystem Restoration Account
  • 0547 Flood Control and Prevention Account
  • 0548a Title Insurance Fund
    0549 Large Teaching Emphasis Hosptl & Payment
  • 0550 Medi-Cal Medical Ed Supplemental Payment
  • 0551a Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • 0552a San Francisco Seawall Sinking Fund No 2
  • 0553a San Francisco Seawall Sinking Fund No 3
  • 0554a San Francisco Seawall Sinking Fund No 4
  • 0555 Healthy Families Fund
    0556a Judicial Admin Efficiency & Modernztion
  • 0557 Toxic Substances Control Account
  • 0558 Farm & Ranch Solid Waste Cleanup & Abate
  • 0559 Small Craft Harbor Bond Fund
    0560 Small Craft Harbor Improvement Fund
  • 0561 Riverside County Public Financing Auth
  • 0562 Lottery Fund, State
  • 0563 Scholarshare Program Trust Fund
  • 0564 Scholarshare Administrative Fund
    0565 Coastal Conservancy Fund, State
  • 0566 Child Abuse Fund, DOJ
  • 0567 Gambling Control Fund
  • 0568 Tahoe Conservancy Fund
    0569 Gambling Control Fines & Penalties Acct
  • 0570 Uninsured Employers’ Fund, Total 571-572
  • 0571 Uninsured Employers Benefits Trust Fund
  • 0572 Stringfellow Insurance Proceeds Account
  • 0573 University Cont. Education Revenue Ed, St
  • 0574 Higher Education Cap Outlay Bond Fd,1998
  • 0575 College Dorm Bldg Maint & Eq Res Fd, St
  • 0576 CSU Dormitory Construction Fd, Calif St
  • 0577 Abandoned Watercraft Abatement Fund
  • 0578 CSU Dormitory Int & Red Fund
    0579a Welfare-to-Work Fund
  • 0580 University Dormitory Revenue Fd, Calif State
  • 0581 University Facilities Revenue Fund, Stat
  • 0582 High Polluter Repair or Removal Account
  • 0583 University Parking Revenue Fund, State
  • 0584a Toll Bridge Seismic Retrofit Acct, STF
  • 0585 Counties Children & Families Account
  • 0586a Toll Bridge Construction Fund
  • 0587 Family Law Trust Fund
  • 0588 Unemployment Compensation Disability Fd
  • 0589 Cancer Research Fund
  • 0590 Veterans Debenture Revenue Fund
  • 0591 Veterans Indemnity Fund
  • 0592 Veterans’ Farm & Home Building Fund 1943
  • 0593 Coastal Access Account, SCCF
  • 0594 Veterans Farm & Home Building Fund 1970
  • 0595a Vincent Thomas Bridge Construction Fund
  • 0596a Vincent Thomas Bridge Toll Revenue Fund
  • 0597 High Tech Theft Apprehend & Prosecute Pg
  • 0598a Public School Facilities Fund
  • 0599 Treasury Accountability-Calstars Systems
  • 0600 Vending Stand Fund
  • 0601 Agriculture Building Fund
  • 0602 Architecture Revolving Fund
  • 0603a Fairs Insurance Fund, California
  • 0604 Armory Fund
  • 0605a Ballot Paper Revolving Fund
  • 0606 Charter School Revolving Loan Fund
  • 0607a Nonrep State Emp L-T Disability Ins Fund
  • 0608a Equipment Service Fund
  • 0609a Industries for the Blind Mfg Fund, C
  • 0610 Orientation Center for Blind Trust Fund
  • 0611a Community College District Org Revolv Fd
  • 0612 Sacramento City Financing Authority Fund
  • 0613 Energy Efficiency Fund, California Board for
  • 0614 Low-Income Governing Board Fund
  • 0615 Peace Offcrs & Firefighters Defined Cont
  • 0616 County Formation Revolving Fund
  • 0617 Water Pollution Control Revolving Fd, St
  • 0618 Federal Revolving Loan Fund Account
  • 0619 Revolving Loan Fund Account, State
  • 0620 Child Care Facilities Revolving Fund
  • 0621 Veterans Memorial Registry Fund, Calif
  • 0622a Drinking Water Treatment & Research Fund
  • 0623 Children & Families First Trust Fd., Cal
  • 0624a Equipment Management Revolving Fund
  • 0625 Administration Account
  • 0626 Water System Reliability Account
  • 0627 Source Protection Account
  • 0628 Small System Technical Assistance Acct
  • 0629 Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fd
  • 0630 General Obligation Bond Exp Revolv Fund
  • 0631 Mass Media Comm Acct, Child & Fam Trust
  • 0632a Health & Human Svs Agy Data Ctr Rev Fd, CA
  • 0633a Economic Developmnt Financing Auth Fd,CA
  • 0634 Education Acct, Child & Families Trust Fd
  • 0635a Rural Predevelopment Loan Fund
  • 0636 Child Care Acct, Child & Families Trust
  • 0637 Research & Devel Acct, Child & Fam Trust
  • 0638 Administration Acct, Child & Families
  • 0639 Unallocated Acct, Child & Families Trust
  • 0640a Regional Burn & Trauma Center Fund
  • 0641 Domestic Violence Restrng Order Reimb Fd
  • 0642 Domestic Violence Trng & Education Fund
  • 0643 Upper Newport Bay Ecological Maint&Presv
  • 0644 General Cash Revolving Fund
  • 0645a Structural Pest Control Device Fund
  • 0646a Parks System Deferred Maintnce Acct, St
  • 0647a Marine Life & Marine Reserve Mgmt Acct
  • 0648 Mobilehome-Manufactured Home Revolv Fd
  • 0649 Infrastructure & Economic Devl Bank, Cal
  • 0650a Toll Bridge Seismic Retrofit Acct, STF
  • 0652 Old Age & Survivors Insurance Revolv Fd
  • 0653 Seismic Retrofit Bond Fund of 1996
  • 0654a Opportunity Work Center Revolving Fund
  • 0655a Education Technology Trust Fund
  • 0656 Unalloc Gen Oblig Bnd Commercl Paper Fnd
  • 0657 School Facil Mar 96 Bond Ac, Sch Bldg L-PF
  • 0658 Higher Education Cap Outlay Bond Fd 1996
  • 0659a Public Safety Bond Fund of 1996
  • 0660 Public Buildings Construction Fund
  • 0661 Public School District Org Revolving Fd
  • 0662a Revolving Loan Fund
  • 0663a Physicians Contract Back Account
  • 0664a Primary Care Risk Pool
  • 0665 Rehab Revolving Loan Guarantee Fund
  • 0666 Service Revolving Fund
  • 0667a Rural Health Services Reinsurance Acct.
  • 0668 Public Buildings Construction Fund Subaccount
  • 0669a Supported Emp Revolv Loan Guarantee Acc
  • 0670 Clean Water Grants Admin Revolv Fund, St
  • 0671 Rural Health Services Account (898)
  • 0672 Child Hlth & Disab Prevent Trtmt Acct
  • 0673 Passenger Equipment Acquisition Fund
  • 0674 Expenditure Revolving Fund, State (SERF)
  • 0675 Payroll Revolving Fund, State
  • 0676 Ridesharing Vanpool Revl Loan & Grant Fd
  • 0677a PERS Board Coop PERS Serv Revolv, Fd, St
  • 0678 Prison Industries Revolving Fund
  • 0679 Water Quality Control Fund, State
  • 0680a Surplus Property Revolving Fund
  • 0681 Surplus Money Investment Fund
  • 0682 Inmate Constructn Revolv Acct,Prison Ind
  • 0683a Stephen P Teale Data Center Revolv Fd
  • 0684 New Industries Revolving Acct, Prison Industries Rev Fd
  • 0685a University of Calif Teach Hosp Revolv Fund
  • 0686a Clean Water Bond Guarantee Fund
  • 0687 Donated Food Revolving Fund
  • 0688 Small & Rural Hospital Supplemental Pymt
  • 0689a Disaster Housing Repair Fund, California
  • 0690 Employment Development Dept Building Fnd
  • 0691 Water Resources Revolving Fund
  • 0692 Water Resources Control Board Revolv Fun
  • 0693 Emerg Serv & Supplemental Payments Fund
  • 0694a Petroleum Financing Collection Account
  • 0695a Grant and Loan Collection Account
  • 0696 Welfare Advance Fund
  • 0697a Family Housing Demonstration Account
  • 0698 Home Purchase Assistance Fund
  • 0700a Governor’s Residence Account
  • 0701 Veterans’ Home Fund
  • 0702 Consumer Affairs Fund
  • 0703 Clean Air & Transportation Improv. Fund
  • 0704 Accountancy Fund
  • 0705 Higher Education Cap Outlay Bond Fd 1992
  • 0706 Architects Board Fund, CA
  • 0707 Safe Drinking Water Fund, California
  • 0708 School Facil Bond Act Nov
  • 90, Sch Bld L/P Fd
  • 0710a Hazardous Substance Cleanup Fund
  • 0711a County Correctional Fac Expenditure 1986
  • 0713a Barber Examiners Fund, State Board of
  • 0714 Roberti Affordable Housing Fund
  • 0715a SSC Development Fund
  • 0716a Community Parklands Fund
  • 0717 Cemetery Fund
  • 0718a Health Science Facil Construct Prog Fund
  • 0720 Lake Tahoe Acquisition Fund
  • 0721 Parkland Fund of 1980
  • 0722a Parkland Fund of 1984
  • 0723 New Prison Construction Fund
  • 0724 Prison Construction Fund, 1984
  • 0725 Co Jail Capl Expend Fd, Bond Act of 1981
  • 0726 Public School Building Loan Fund
  • 0727 Co Jail Capl Expend Fd, Bond Act of 1984
  • 0728 Recreation & Fish & Wildlife Enhance Fd
  • 0729 Senior Center Bond Act Fund
  • 0730 Coastal Conservancy Fund of 1984, State
  • 0732a Beach Park Rec & Hist Facil Fd 1964, St
  • 0733a Beach Park Rec & Hist Facil Fd 1974, St
  • 0734 Clean Water Fund, State
  • 0735 Contractors License Fund
  • 0736 Construction Program Fund, State
  • 0737 Clean Water & Water Conservation Fd, St
  • 0738a Cosmetology Contingent Fund, Board of
  • 0739 School Building Aid Fund, State
  • 0740 Clean Water Bond Fund, 1984 State
  • 0741 Dentistry Fund, State
    0742 Urban and Coastal Park Fund, State
  • 0743 Bond Proceeds Acct, St Sch Bldg Lp Fund
  • 0744 Water Consv Water Quality Bond Fund 1986
  • 0745 School Facilities Bond Act – June 1992
  • 0746 Prison Construction Fund, 1986
  • 0747 Prison Construction Fund, 1988
  • 0748 Fish and Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Fd
  • 0749 Refunding Escrow Fund
  • 0750 Funeral Directors and Embalmers Fund, St
  • 0751 Prison Construction Bond Fund,1990
  • 0752 Home Furnish & Thermal Insulat Fd, Burea
  • 0753a Dry Cleaning Account
  • 0755 Licensed Midwifery Fund
  • 0756 Passenger Rail Bond Fund of 1990
  • 0757 Landscape Architects Fd, CA Bd/Arch Exam
  • 0758 Contingent Fd of the Medical Board of CA
  • 0759 Physical Therapy Fund
  • 0761 Registered Nursing Fund, Board of
  • 0762a Oil Spill Bond Expense Account
  • 0763 Optometry Fund, State
  • 0764 Clean Water & Reclamation Fnd,1988
  • 0765 School Facilities Bond Act-Nov 1992
  • 0767 Pharmacy Board Contingent Fund
  • 0768 Earthq Saf Pub Bldg Rehab Fund of 1990
  • 0769 Private Investigator Fund
  • 0770 Professional Engineer’s & Land Surveyor’s Fd
  • 0771 Court Reporters Fund
  • 0773 Behavioral Science Examiners Fund
  • 0774 School Facil June
  • 90 Bond Ac,Sch Bldg L-Pfd
  • 0775 Structural Pest Control Fund
  • 0776 School Facil Nov
  • 88 Bond Ac,Sch Bldg L-P Fd
  • 0777 Veterinary Medical Board Contingent Fund
  • 0778 Vocational Nurse & Psych Tech Exam Fund
  • 0779 Vocational Nursing & Psychiatric Technicians Fund
  • 0780 Psychiatric Technicians Account
  • 0782 Higher Education Cap Outlay Bond Fund
  • 0783 Federal Student Loan Reserve Fund
  • 0784 Student Loan Operating Fund
  • 0785 Higher Education Cap Outlay Bond Fd 1988
  • 0786 Wildlife,Coast & Park Conservation Fd
  • 88
  • 0787a Wildlife & Natural Areas Conservation Fd
  • 0788 Earthqke Safe & Housng Rehab Bond Acc,CA
  • 0789 School Facil Jun
  • 88 Bond Ac, Sch Bldg L-P F
  • 0790 Water Conservation Fund, 1988
  • 0791 Higher Education Cap Outlay Bond,June 1990
  • 0793 Safe Drinking Water Fund of 1988, Calif
  • 0794 Library Construction & Renovation Fnd,CA
  • 0795 Pending New Select Bond Fund
  • 0796 Co Correct Cap Exp & Youth Fac Bd Fd,
  • 88
  • 0797 Unallocated Bond Funds – Select
  • 0798 Unallocated Bonds Funds – Non Select
  • 0799 Pending New Non-Governmental Funds
  • 0800a United States Olympic Committee Fund
  • 0801a Small Business Development Center Fund, CA
  • 0802a Supplemental Roll Administrative Cost Fd
  • 0803 Children’s Trust Fund, State**
  • 0804a Industrial Innovation Fund
  • 0805a Rail Passenger Financng Commission Fd CA
  • 0807a Underage Pregnancy Prevention Fund
  • 0808a Computer Software Refund Fund
  • 0809a Export Finance Fund
  • 0810a County Hlth Facil Financing Assist Fund
  • 0811a Displaced Homemaker Emergency Loan Fund
  • 0812 Reader Employment Fund
  • 0813 Self-Help Housing Fund
  • 0814 Lottery Education Fund, Calif State
  • 0815 Judges’ Retirement Fund
  • 0816 Audit Repayment Trust Fund
  • 0818a Employees Dental Care Fund, State
  • 0819a University Employees Dental Care Fund, CA St
  • 0820 Legislators Retirement Fund
  • 0821 Flexelect Benefit Fund
  • 0822 Public Employees’ Health Care Fund
  • 0823 Alzheimer & Relat Disord Research Fd, CA
  • 0824a Export Promotion Ac,CA (World Trade Com)
  • 0826a Superfund Bond Trust Fund
  • 0827 Milk Producers Security Trust Fund
  • 0828a Hazardous Waste Reduction Loan Account
  • 0829 Health Professions Education Fund
  • 0830 Public Employees’ Retirement Fund
  • 0831 Lottery Educ Fund – CA Youth Auth, CA St
  • 0832a Empl’s Depnd Care & Hlth Care Asst Fd,St
  • 0833 Annuitants’ Health Care Coverage Fund
  • 0834 Medi-Cal Inpatient Pymt Adjustment Fund
  • 0835 Teachers Retirement Fund
  • 0836a Teachers’ Retirement Fund Account
  • 0837a Retirees Purchasing Power Protec Acct
  • 0838a Maritime Acad Trust Fd, Cal
  • 0839 University Lottery Education Fund, Cal S
  • 0840 Motorcyclist Safety Fund, Cal
  • 0841a Comm Coll Investment Fund for Innovation
  • 0842 Orphan Share Reimbursement Trust Fund
  • 0843 Housing Trust Fund, Cal
  • 0844a Collins-Dugan CA Conservation Corps Fund
  • 0845a Carl Moyer Mem Air Qualty Attainmnt Trst
  • 0846 Public Awards Fund
  • 0847a Asset Forfeiture Fund
  • 0848 Health Care for Indignt Pgrm Acc,Co Hlth
  • 0849 Replacement Benefit Custodial Fund
  • 0850a Lighting Device Fund
  • 0851 Auxiliary State School Fund
  • 0852a Federal Revenue Sharing Fund
  • 0853 Petroleum Violation Escrow Account
  • 0854 Katz Schoolbus Fund
  • 0855a Used Oil Collection Demonstration Grant
  • 0856a Guaranteed Return Trip Fund
  • 0857a Energy Efficiency Technology Rev Fd
  • 0858 Recreational Trails Fund
  • 0860 Traffic Safety Program Fund, Calif
  • 0861a Public Health Federal Fund
  • 0862a Child Care Facilities Fund, State
  • 0863 Child Care Capital Outlay Fund, State
  • 0864 Lake Tahoe Assistance Fund
  • 0865 Mental Health Managed Care Deposit Fund
  • 0866a Olympic Training Fund, California
  • 0867 Farmland Conservancy Program Fund, CA
  • 0868 Health Plan & Dev Fund, Office of Stwd
  • 0869 Consolidated Work Program Fund
  • 0870 Unemployment Administration Fund
  • 0871 Unemployment Fund
  • 0872 Mental Health Facil Fd, St Hospital Acct
  • 0873 Mental Hlth Fac Fd, Inst Mntl Disease
  • 0874 Flood Control Receipts Fund, United Sts
  • 0875a Military Museum Fund, California
  • 0876a D.A.R.E. Calif (Drug Abse Resist Ed) Fnd
  • 0877 DMV Local Agency Collection Fund
  • 0878 Forest Reserve Fund, United States
  • 0879a Local Police Protection Fund
  • 0880a Cash Balance Fund
  • 0881 Veterinary Diag Lab Sys & Eq. Res Lab Acc,CA
  • 0882 Grazing Fees Fund, United States
  • 0883 Public Employees’ Long-Term Care Fund
  • 0884 Judges’ Retirement System II Fund
  • 0885 PERS Deferred Compensation Fund
  • 0886 Seniors Special Fund, California
  • 0887a Vocational Education Federal Fund
  • 0888a Legalization Impact Assistance Fnd,State
  • 0889 Vocational Rehabilitation Federal Fund
  • 0890 Federal Trust Fund
  • 0891 Federal Trust Fund – Appropriated
  • 0892a Warrant Payment Fund
  • 0893a Offshore Energy Assistance Fund
  • 0894a Local Coastal Program Improvement Fund
  • 0895 Federal Funds – Not In State Treasury
  • 0896 Co Medical Svcs Prog Acct, Co Hlth Svc F
  • 0897a LA Co Med Assist Grnt Acc, Co Hlth Svc F
  • 0898a County Health Services Fund
  • 0899a County Health Acct, Co Health Svs Fd
  • 0900a Local Hlth Capital Expend Acc, Co Hlth F
  • 0901a Medical Indigent Svs Acct, Co Hlth Svs F
  • 0902 Mining & Mineral Museum Fd, Calif State
  • 0903 Penalty Fund, State
  • 0904 Health Facilities Financing Auth Fund, CA
  • 0905a Election Campaign Fund – Do not use
  • 0906a Heritage Preservation Fund, California
  • 0907a Public Broadcasting Fund, California
  • 0908 School Employees Fund
  • 0909 Community College Fund for Instr Improve
  • 0910 Condemnation Deposits Fund
  • 0911 Educational Facilities Authority Fund
  • 0912 Health Care Deposit Fund
  • 0913 Industrial Relations Unpaid Wage Fund
  • 0914 Bay Fill Clean-Up and Abatement Fund
  • 0915 Deferred Compensation Plan Fund
  • 0916 Housing Loan Insurance Fund, CA
  • 0917 Inmate Welfare Fund
  • 0918 Small Business Expansion Fund
  • 0919a Birth Defects Research Fund
  • 0920 Litigation Deposits Fund
  • 0921a Public Library Fund
  • 0922a Economic Development Grant & Loan Fd, CA
  • 0923a Immunization Adverse Reaction Fund
  • 0924 Local Agency Investment Fund
  • 0925 Comm Coll Bus Res Asst Innovation Netwrk,CA
  • 0926 Local Agency Emergency Loan Fund
  • 0927 Joe Serna, Jr. Farmworker Housing Grant Fd
  • 0928 Forest Resources Improvement Fund
  • 0929 Housing Rehabilitation Loan Fund
  • 0930 Pollution Control Financing Authority Fd
  • 0931a Local Agency Code Enforce & Rehabil Fund
  • 0932 Trial Court Trust Fund
  • 0933 Managed Care Fund
  • 0934a Local Agency Reimbursement Fund
  • 0935a Local Agency Indebtedness Fund
  • 0936a Homeownership Assistance Fund
  • 0937a Small Business Loan Reserve Fund
  • 0938 Rental Housing Construction Fd
  • 0939 Nutrition Reserve Fund
  • 0940 Bosco Keene Renewable Resources Invest Fd
  • 0941 Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Fund
  • 0942 Special Deposit Fund
  • 0943 Land Bank Fund
  • 0944a Special Interest Stopping Place Fund
  • 0945 Breast Cancer Research Fund, California
  • 0946a Student Security Trust Fund
  • 0947 CSU Special Project Fund
  • 0948 CSU Trust Fund
  • 0949a Fair Contingent Fund, State
  • 0950 Public Employees Contingency Res Fd
  • 0951a Guaranteed Loan Reserve Fund, State
  • 0952 Park Contingent Fund, State
  • 0953a Alfred E. Alquist Earthquake Fund
  • 0954 Student Loan Authority Fund
  • 0955 Instructional Materials Fund, State
  • 0956 School Site Utilization Fund, State
  • 0957a Voluntary Alliance Uniting Employers Fd
  • 0958a Women’s Business Ownership Fund, CA
  • 0959a Foster Children and Parent Train Fund
  • 0960 Student Tuition Recovery Fund
  • 0961 School Deferred Maintenance Fund, State
  • 0962 Volunteer Firefighter Length Serv Awd Fd
  • 0963a Teacher Tax Sheltered Annuity Fund
  • 0964a Mediterranean Fruit Fly Claims Fund
  • 0965 Timber Tax Fund
  • 0966a Local Public Safety Fund
  • 0967a Timber Tax Reserve Fund
  • 0968a Interim Public Safety Account, LPSF
  • 0969 Public Safety Account, LPSF
  • 0970 Unclaimed Property Fund
  • 0971a Targeted Supplemental Fund
  • 0972 Manufactured Home Recovery Fund
  • 0973a Asbestos Abatement Fund
  • 0974 Peace Officer Memorial Foundation Fund
  • 0975a Public School Library Protect Fd, Calif
  • 0976a Home Loan Mortgage Fund, California
  • 0977 Resident-Run Housing Revolving Fund
  • 0978a Test Fund (SCO Use Only)
  • 0979 Firefighters’ Memorial Fund, California
  • 0980 Predevelopment Loan Fund
  • 0981a World Trade Commission Fund, CA. State
  • 0982 Urban Waterfront Area Restor Fin Auth CA
  • 0983 Senior Citizens, California Fund for
  • 0984 Rural Community Facility Grant Fund
  • 0985 Emergency Housing Assistance Fund
  • 0986 Local Property Tax Revenues (DOF USE ONLY)
  • 0987 Toll Bridge Funds, Consolidated
  • 0988 Other – Unallocated Non-Governmental Cost Funds
  • 0989 Proprietary Fd Outside Central Treas Sys
  • 0990 Fiduciary Fds Outside Central Treas Sys
  • 0991 County Funds–Unclassified
  • 0992 Higher Education Fees and Income
  • 0993 University Funds–Unclassified
  • 0994 Other Unclassified Funds
  • 0995 Reimbursements (DOF USE ONLY)
  • 0996 General Long-Term Debt Account
  • 0997 Fund Code Reserved for CALSTARS
  • 0998 Reserved-Ofc Revolving Fund-CALSTARS
  • 0999 Suspense Fund (Control Agencies Only)
  • 1002a Human Leukocyte Antigen Testing
  • 1003 Cleanup Loans & Environ Assist to Neighbor.
  • 1004a City Successor to VLF Resulting from IRP
  • 1005a County Successor to VLF Resulting from IRP
  • 1006 Rural CUPA Reimbursement Account
  • 1007 Tobacco Settlement Account (DO NOT USE)
  • 1008 Firearms Safety and Enforcement Special Fd1009a Special Telephone Solicitors Fund
  • 1010 Natural Heritage Preservation Tax Credit Reimburse Acct.
  • 1011 Budget Stabilization Account
  • 1016a Debt Retirement Fund
  • 1017 Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Program Fund
  • 2500 Pedestrian Safety Account, STF
  • 2501 Local Transportation Loan Account, SHA, STF
  • 3000a Financial Surety Acct, Radiation Control Fd
  • 3001 Public Beach Restoration Fund
  • 3002 Electrician Certification Fund
  • 3003a Permanent Amusement Ride Safety Insp. Fd.
  • 3004 Garment Industry Regulation Fund
  • 3005a Film California First Fund
  • 3006 Jobs-Housing Balance Improvement Account
  • 3007 Traffic Congestion Relief Fund
  • 3008 Transportation Investment Fund
  • 3010 Pierce’s Disease Management Account
  • 3011a Special Res Fd for Vehic Lic Fee Tax Relief
  • 3012a Fire Safety Subaccount
  • 3013 Central Coast State Vet Cemetery at Ft Ord Operations
  • 3014 Baldwin Hills Conservancy Fund
  • 3015 Gas Consumption Surcharge Fund
  • 3016 Missing Persons DNA Data Base Fund
  • 3017 Occupational Therapy Fund
  • 3018 Drug and Device Safety Fund
  • 3019 Substance Abuse Treatment Trust Fund
  • 3020 Tobacco Settlement Fund
  • 3021 Agricultural Biomass Utilization Account
  • 3022 Apprenticeship Training Contribution Fund
  • 3023 WIC Manufacturer Rebate Fund
  • 3024 Rigid Container Account
  • 3025 Abandoned Mine Reclamation & Minerals Fd Sub
  • 3027 Trauma Care Fund
  • 3028a Transitional Housing for Foster Youth Fund
  • 3029a Golden Bear State Pharmacy Asst Program
  • 3030 Workers’ Occupational Safety & Health Ed Fd
  • 3031a
    Workers’ Compensation Return-to-Work Fund
  • 3033 Memorial Scholarship Fund, California
  • 3034 Antiterrorism Fund
  • 3035 Environmental Quality Assessment Fund
  • 3036 Alcohol Beverage Control Fund
  • 3037 Court Facilities Construction Fund, State
  • 3038a Community Revitalization Fee Fund
  • 3039 Dentally Underserved Acct., State Dent. Fd
  • 3040a Medically Underserved Acct., Contingent Fd
  • 3041a Address Confident. for Reprod. Health Care
  • 3042 Victims of Corporate Fraud Compensation Fund
  • 3046 Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Administrative Fund
  • 3053 Public Rights Law Enforcement Special Fund
  • 3054 Health Care Benefits Fund
  • 3055 County Health Initiative Matching Fund
  • 3056 Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Fd
  • 3057 Dam Safety Fund
  • 3058 Water Rights Fund
  • 3059 Fiscal Recovery Fund
  • 3060 Appellate Court Trust Fund
  • 3061 Ratepayer Relief Fund
  • 3062 Energy Facility License and Compliance Fund
  • 3063 Responsibility Area Fire Prevention Fund, State
  • 3064 Mental Health Practitioner Education Fund
  • 3065 Electronic Waste Recovery & Recycling Acct
  • 3066 Court Facilities Trust Fund
  • 3067 Cigarette & Tobacco Products Compliance Fd
  • 3068 Vocational Nurse Education Fund
  • 3069 Naturopathic Doctor’s Fund
  • 3070 Nontoxic Dry Cleaning Incentive Trust Fund
  • 3071 Car Wash Worker Restitution Fund
  • 3072 Car Wash Worker Fund
  • 3074 Medical Marijuana Program Fund
  • 3075 Unlawful Sales Reduction Fund
  • 3076a Public Benefit Trust Fund
  • 3077 Main Street Program Fund, California
  • 3078 Labor and Workforce Development Fund
  • 3079 Children’s Medical Services Rebate Fund
  • 3080 AIDS Drug Assistance Program Rebate Fund
  • 3081 Cannery Inspection Fund
  • 3082 School Facilities Emergency Repair Account
  • 3083 Welcome Center Fund
  • 3084 State Certified Unified Program Agency Account
  • 3085 Mental Health Services Fund
  • 3086 DNA Identification Fund
  • 3087 Unfair Competition Law Fund
  • 3088 Registry of Charitable Trusts Fund
  • 3089 Public Utilities Commission Ratepayer Advocate
  • 3090 Deficit Recovery Bond Retirement Sinking Fund Subacct
  • 3091 Certified Access Specialist Fund
  • 3092a Gap Repayment Fund
  • 3093 Transportation Deferred Investment Fund
  • 3094 Self Directed Services Risk Pool Fund
  • 3095 Film Promotion and Marketing Fund
  • 3096 Nondesignated Public Hospital Supplemental Fund
  • 3097 Private Hospital Supplemental Fund
  • 3098 State Dept of Public Health Licensing & Certification Prog
  • 3099 Licensing and Certification Fund, Mental Health
  • 3100 Water Resources Electric Power Fd., Dept. of
  • 3101 Analytical Laboratory Account, Dept of Food & Agric Fd
  • 3102 Acute Orphan Well Account
  • 3103 Hatchery and Inland Fisheries Fund
  • 3104 Coastal Wetlands Fund
  • 3107 Transportation Debt Service Fund
  • 3108 Professional Fiduciary Fund
  • 3109 Natural Gas Subaccount
  • 3110 Gambling Addiction Program Fund
  • 3111 Retail Food Safety and Defense Fund O S
  • 3112 Equality in Prevention & Services for Domestic Abuse Fd O S
  • 3113 Residential and Outpatient Program Licensing Fund O S
  • 3114 Birth Defects Monitoring Program Fund O S
  • 3115 Youthful Offender Block Grant Fund O S
  • 3116a Mass Transportation Fund O S
  • 3117 Alternative & Renewable Fuel & Vehicle Technology Fd O S
  • 3118a Voter Intimidation Restitution Fund O S
  • 3119 Air Quality Improvement Fund O S
  • 3120 Fire Marshal Fireworks Enforcement & Disposal Fd, State O S
  • 3121 Occupational Safety and Health Fund O S
  • 3122 Enhanced Fleet Modernization Subaccount, O S
    High Polluter Repair or Removal Account
  • 3123 Coastal Act Services Fund O S
  • 3130 Inclosure Facilities Improvement Fund O S
  • 3131 California Bingo Fund O S
  • 3132 Charity Bingo Mitigation Fund O S
  • 3133 Managed Care Administrative Fines and Penalties Fund O S
  • 3134 School District Account O S
  • 3135 State Trial Court Operations Trust Fund O S
  • 3136 Foreclosure Consultant Regulation Fund O S
  • 3137 Emergency Medical Technician Certification Fund O S
  • 3138 Immediate and Critical Needs Account O S
  • 3139 Specialized License Plate Fund O S
  • 3140 State Dental Hygiene Fund O S
  • 3141 California Advanced Services Fund O S
  • 3142 State Dental Assistant Fund O S
  • 3144 Building Standards Administration Special Revolving Fd O S
  • 3145 Underground Storage Tank Petroleum Contamination O S
    Orphan Site Cleanup Fund
  • 3147 St Water Pollution Control Rev. Fd Small Com Grant Fd O S
  • 3148 Children and Families Health and Human Services Fund O S
  • 3149 Local Safety and Protection Account, TTF T S
  • 3150 State Public Works Enforcement Fund O S
  • 3151 Internal Health Info Integrity Quality Imprvmnt Acct O S
  • 3152 Labor Enforcement and Compliance Fund O S
  • 3153 Horse Racing Fund O S
  • 3155 Lead-Related Construction Fund O S
  • 3156 Children’s Health and Human Services Special Fd O S
  • 3157 Recreational Health Fund O S
  • 3158 Hospital Quality Assurance Revenue Fund O S
  • 3159 Arts and Entertainment Fund O S
  • 3160 Wastewater Operator Certification Fund O S
  • 3162 Gold Star License Plate Account, SLPF O S
  • 3163 Health Information Technology & Exchange, CA O S
  • 3164 Renewable Energy Resources Development Fee Trust Fd O S
  • 3165 Enterprise Zone Fund O S
  • 3167 Skilled Nursing Facility Quality and Accounting Special Fd O S
  • 3168 Emergency Medical Air Transportation Act Fund O S
  • 3169a Juvenile Reentry Fund O S
  • 3170 Heritage Enrichment Resource Fund O S
    3171 Local Revenue Fund 2011
    3172 Public Hospital Investment, Improvement, and Incentive
  • 3175 California Health Trust Fund
  • 3176 Trial Court Security Account, Local Revenue Fund 2011
  • 3177 Local Community Corrections Acct, Local Rev Fund 2011
  • 3178 Local Law Enforcement Services Acct, Locl Rev Fd 2011
  • 3179 Mental Health Account, Local Revenue Fund 2011
    3180 District Attorney and Public Defender Account, LRF 2011
  • 3181 Juvenile Justice Account, Local Revenue Fund 2011
  • 3182 Health and Human Services Account, Local Rev Fd 2011
  • 3183 Reserve Account, Local Revenue Fund 2011
    3184 Adult Protective Services Subaccount, HHS Account
  • 3185 Child Welfare Services Subaccount, HHS Account
  • 3186 Adoptions Subaccount, Health and Human Services Acct
  • 3187 Adoption Assistance Program Subaccount, HHS Acct
  • 3188 Child Abuse Prevention Subaccount, HHS Acct
    3189 Women & Children’s Residntial Trmnt Scvs Sub HHS Acc
  • 3190 Drug Court Subaccount, Health and Human Svcs Acct
  • 3191 Nondrug Medi-Cal Substnce Abuse Trmnt Svcs Sub HHS
  • 3192 Drug Medi-Cal Subaccount, Health and Human Svcs Acct
  • 3193 Youthful Offender Block Grnt Subaccount, Juv. Just. Acct
  • 3194 Juvenile Reentry Grant Subaccount, Juv. Just. Acct
    3195 Carpet Stewardship Acct, Integrated Waste Managem Fd
  • 3196 Carpet Stewardship Penalty Subacct, Int. Wste Manag Fd
  • 3197 Undistributed Account, Local Revenue Fund 2011
  • 3198 Foster Care Assistance Subaccount, HHS Account
    3199 Foster Care Administration Subaccount, HHS Account
  • 3200 CalWORKs Maintenance of Effort Subaccount, STA
  • 3201 Low Income Health Program MCE Out-of-Network
    Emergency Care Services Fund
  • 3202 Architectural Paint Stewardship Account, IWMF
  • 3203 Architectural Paint Stewardship Penalty Subacct, IWMF
  • 3204 Entertainment Work Permit Fund
  • 3205 Appliance Efficiency Enforcement Subaccount, ERPA
  • 3207 Education Protection Account
  • 3209 Office of Patient Advocate Trust Fund
  • 3210 Davis-Dolwig Acct, CA Water ResourcesDvlpmnt BondFd
  • 3211 Electric Program Investment Charge Fund
  • 3212 Timber Regulation and Forest Restoration Fund
  • 3213 Long-Term Care Quality Assurance Fund
  • 3214 Support Services Account, Local Revenue Fund 2011
  • 3215 Law Enforcement Services Account, LRF 2011
  • 3216 Protective Services Subaccount, Support Services Acct
  • 3217 Behavioral Health Subacct, Support Services Acct
  • 3218 Support Services Growth Subaccount, SUTGA
  • 3219 County Intervention Support Services Subaccount, SSA
  • 3220 Law Enforcement Services Growth Subaccount, SUTGA
  • 3221 Trial Court Security Subaccount, LESA
  • 3222 Enhancing Law Enforcement Activities Subaccount, LESA
  • 3223 Community Corrections Subaccount, LESA
  • 3224 District Attorney and Public Defender Subaccount, LESA
  • 3225 Juvenile Justice Subaccount, LESA
  • 3226 Juvenile Reentry GrantSpecialAcct,JuvenileJusticSubacct
    3227 Youthful Offender BlockGrntSpcAcct,JvnleJustie SubAcct
  • 3228 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund
  • 3229 Sales and Use Tax Growth Account, Local Revn Fd 2011
  • 3230 Juvenile Justice Growth Special Acct, LESGS
    3231 Enhancing Law EnforcementActGrwthSpecialAcct,ELEAS
  • 3232 District Attorney and Public DefenderGrwSpeAcct,LESGS
  • 3233 Community Corrections Growth Special Acct, LESGS
  • 3234 Trial Court Security Growth Special Account, LESGS
  • 3235 Behavioral HS Growth Special Acct, SSGS
    3236 Protective Services Growth Special Account, SSGS
  • 3237 Cost of Implementation Acct, Air Pollution Control Fund
  • 3238 State Parks Revenue Incentive Subacct, St Prk And Rec
  • 3239 Women and Children’s Residential Treatment Services
    Special Account, Behavioral Health Subaccount
  • 3240 Secondhand Dealer and Pawnbroker Fund
  • 3241 Coho Salmon Recvry Acct, Fish&GamePreservation Fund
  • 3242 Child Performer Services Permit Fund
  • 3243 San Francisco Vehicle Assessment Fund
  • 3244 Polit. Disclosure, Accountability,Transparency, Access
  • 3245 Disability Access and Education Revolving Fund
  • 3246 Fair Employment & Housing Enfcmnt & Lit Fund
  • 3247 Financial Aid Technical Assistance Fund
  • 3248 Family Support Subaccount, Sales Tax Account
  • 3249 Child Poverty and Family Suppmntl Support SA, STA
  • 3250 Transportation Bond Direct Payment Account, Trans DSF
  • 3255 Home Care Fund
  • 6000 Public Library Construction & Renovatn, CA
  • 6001 Safe Drnkg, Cln Wtr, Wtrsh Prot, & Flo Prot
  • 6002 Flood Protection Account
  • 6003 Floodplain Mapping Subaccount
  • 6004 Agriculture & Open Space Mapping Subacct
  • 6005 Flood Protection Corridor Subaccount
  • 6006 Flood Control Subventions Subaccount
  • 6007 Urban Stream restoration Subaccount
  • 6008 State Capital Protection Subaccount
  • 6009 San Lorenzo River Flood Control Subacct
  • 6010 Yuba Feather Flood Protection Subaccount
  • 6011 Arroyo Pasajero Watershed Subaccount
  • 6012 Watershed Protection Account
  • 6013 Watershed Protection Subaccount
  • 6014 Water and Watershed Education Subaccount
  • 6015 River Protection Subaccount
  • 6016 Santa Ana River Watershed Subaccount
  • 6017 Lake Elsinore San Jacinto Wtrshd Subacct
  • 6018 Coastal Watershed Salmon Habitat Subacct
  • 6019 Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Subacct
  • 6020 Revolving Fund Loan Subaccount, State
  • 6021 Wastewater Construction Grant Subaccount
  • 6022 Coastal Nonpoint Source Control Subacct
  • 6023 Water Conservation Account
  • 6024 Water Supply Reliability & Infrastruct Acct
    6025 Conjunctive Use Subaccount B B
  • 6026 Bay-Delta Multipurpose Managemnt Subacct B B
  • 6027 Interim Wtr Sup & Wtr Qlty Infrast & Mgmt B B
  • 6028 Higher Education Cap Outlay Bond Fd,2002 B B
  • 6029 Clean Water, Cln Air, Cstl Protc Fd, CA B B
  • 6031 Water Secty, Cln Drnk Wtr, Cstl Beach Prot. B B
  • 6032 Voting Modernization Fund B B
  • 6033 Youth Soccer & Recreation Devel Fd, CA B B
  • 6034 Urban Parks and Healthy Comm. Fund, State B B
  • 6035a Santa Monica Bay Restoration Account O S
  • 6036 School Facilities Fund, 2002 State B B
  • 6037 Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund B B
  • 6038 Building Equity & Growth in Neighborhoods Fd B B
  • 6039 Preservation Opportunity Fund B B
  • 6040 Charter School Facilities Account, 2002 W N
  • 6041 Higher Education Cap Outlay Bond Fd,2004 B B
  • 6042a Pension Obligation Bond Fund B B
  • 6043 High-Speed Passenger Train Bond Fund B B
  • 6044 School Facilities Fund, 2004 State B B
  • 6045 Economic Recovery Fund B B
  • 6046 Children’s Hospital Fund B B
  • 6047 Stem Cell Research and Cures Fund, CA B B
  • 6048 University Capital Outlay Bond Fund, 2006 B B
  • 6049 Community College Capital Outlay Bond Fund, 2006 CA B B
  • 6050 Tobacco Asset Sales Revenue Fund A N
  • 6051 Safe Drnkg Wtr,Wtr Qlty & Sply,Fld Ctrl,Rvr& Cstl Prtn Fd B B
  • 6052 Disaster Preparedness & Flood Prevention Bond Fd 2006 B B
  • 6053 Highway Safety,Traffic Reduction,Air Qlty,& Port Sec Fd B B
  • 6054 Ports Infrastructure,Sec,& Air Qlty Improvement Acct, CA B B
  • 6055 Corridor Mobility Improvement Acct B B
  • 6056 Trade Corridors Improvement Fund B B
  • 6057 School Facilities Fund, 2006 State B B
  • 6058 Transportation Facilities Account B B
  • 6059 Public Transportation,Mdrnztn,Imprvmt&Sv Enhncmt Acct B B
  • 6060 State-Local Partnership Program Acct B B
  • 6061 Transit System Safety,Security,& Disaster Response Acct B B
  • 6062 Local Bridge Seismic Retrofit Acct B B
  • 6063 Highway-Railroad Crossing Safety Acct B B
  • 6064 Highway Safety,Rehabilitation,& Preservation Acct B B
  • 6065 Local Strts & Rd Imprvmt,Cngstn Relief,&Traffic Sfty Acct B B
  • 6066 Housing & Emergency Shelter Trust Fund of 2006 B B
  • 6067 Affordable Housing Acct B B
  • 6068 Affordable Housing Innovation Fund B B
  • 6069 Regional Planning, Housing, & Infill Incentive Acct B B
  • 6070 Transit-Oriented Development Acct B B
  • 6071 Housing Urban-Suburban-and-Rural Parks Acct B B
  • 6072 Route 99 Account, State B B
  • 6073 Port and Maritime Security Account B B
  • 6076 Ocean Protection Trust Fund, California B B
  • 6079 Children’s Hospital Bond Act Fund B B
  • 6080 Safe, Clean, and Reliable Drnkng Wtr Supply Fd of 2010 B B
  • 6081 Veterans’ Bonds Payment Fund
  • 6801 Transportation Financing Subaccount, SHA
  • 6802 Transportation Financing Authority Fund, CA
  • 7500 Public Water System, Safe Drinking Water State Revolv.
  • 7502 Demonstration Disproportionate Share Hospital Fund
  • 7503 Health Care Support Fund
  • 7504 South Los Angeles Medical Services Preservation Fund
  • 7505 Revolving Loans Fund
  • 7895 Extramural Federal Funds-Not in St Treasury
  • 7896 Auxiliary Organizations
  • 8000 Charter School Security Fund
  • 8001 Teachers’ Health Benefits Fund
  • 8002a National WWII Veteran’s Memorial Trust Fund
  • 8003a Asthma and Lung Disease Research Fund
  • 8004 Child Support Collections Recovery Fund
  • 8005 Teachers’ Replacement Benefits Prgm Fund
  • 8006a Lupus Foundation of America, CA Chapters Fd
  • 8007a Specialty Care Fund
  • 8008 State Employees’ Pretax Parking Fund
  • 8009 Agricultural Employee Relief Fund
  • 8010a Organ and Tissue Donor Registry Fund
  • 8011 Oak Woodlands Conservation Fund
  • 8012 San Diego River Conservancy Fund
  • 8013 Environmental Enforcement & Training Account
  • 8014 Pharmacist Scholarship & Loan Repayment, CA
  • 8015a Public Health Protect from Indoor Mold Hzrd
  • 8017 Missions Foundation Fund, California
  • 8018 Salton Sea Restoration Fund
  • 8019 Deficit Recovery Fund
  • 8020 Environmental Education Account
  • 8022 Military Family Relief Fund, California
  • 8023 Child Welfare Services Program Improve Fd
  • 8024a Worker Safety Bilingual Investigative
  • 8025 Prostate Cancer Research Fund, CA
  • 8026 Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Fin Acct
  • 8028 Petroleum Financing Collection Account
  • 8027a Gateway Fund
  • 8029 Coastal Trust Fund
  • 8031 Child Support Payment Trust Fund
  • 8032 Oil Trust Fund
  • 8033 Distressed Hospital Fund
  • 8034 Medically Underserved Account for Physicians
  • 8035a California Sexual Violence Victim Services Fund
  • 8036a California Colorectal Cancer Prevention Fund
  • 8037a Veteran’s Quality of Life Fund
  • 8038 Donate Life California Trust Subaccount
  • 8039 Disaster Resistant Communities Account
  • 8040 Discount Prescription Drug Program Fund, California
  • 8041 Teachers’ Deferred Compensation Fund
  • 8042a Service Operating Acct, 403 (b)
  • 8043a Deferred Compensation Services Operating Acct
  • 8044a Deferred Compensation Investment Acct
  • 8045a Vendor Registry Operating Acct, 403 (b)
  • 8046 [teachers retiremt developmt fund, accidental delete/LGH]]
  • 8047 Sea Otter Fund, California
  • 8048 Central Coast State Vet Cemetery at Ft Ord Endowmt
    Fund, California
  • 8049 Vision Care Program for State Annuitants Fund
  • 8050 Methamphetamine Abuse Prevention Account, CA
  • 8051 Cash for College Fund
  • 8052 Economic Development Fund, California
  • 8053 ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease Research Fund
  • 8054 California Cancer Research Fund
  • 8055 Municipal Shelter Spay-Neuter Fund
  • 8056a California Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
  • 8058 Cultural and Historical Endowment Fund, Cal
  • 8059 Community Corrections Performance Incentives Fd, St
  • 8060 Delta Investment Fund
  • 8061 Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy Fund
  • 8062 Pooled Self-Insurance Fund
  • 8064 Arts Council Fund
  • 8065 Safely Surrendered Baby Fund
  • 8066 California Police Activities League (CALPAL) Fund
  • 8067 California Veterans Homes Fund
  • 8068 California Financial Literacy Fund
  • 8069 Child Victims of Human Trafficking Fund
  • 8070 California Healthy Food Financing Initiative Fund
  • 8071 National Mortgage Special Deposit Fund
  • 8072 California State Park Enterprise Fund
  • 8073 California Health Access Model Program Acct, California
    Health Facilities Financial Authority Fund
  • 8074 California Youth Leadership Fund
    8075 School Supplies for Homeless Children Fund
  • 8076 State Parks Protection Fund
  • 8077 California YMCA Youth and Government Fund
  • 8078 California Military Department Support Fund
  • 8079 Women and Girls Fund
    8080 Clean Energy Job Creation Fund
  • 8081 Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program Fund
  • 8082 Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians Trust Fund
  • 8083 Stringfellow Residual Proceeds Account
  • 8100a Renewable Energy Loan Loss Reserve Fund
  • 8500 Federal Temporary High Risk Health Insurance Fund
  • 8501 Capital Access Fund, California
  • 8502 CEED Project Fund
  • 9250 Boxers’ Pension Fund
  • 9326a Consumer Power & Conserv Fin Auth Fd, CA
  • 9328 Infrastructure Guarantee Trust Fund, CA
  • 9329a Chrome Plating Pollution Prevention Fund
  • 9330 Clean and Renewable Energy Business Fin Rev Loan
  • 9726 Child Support Services Advance Fund
  • 9727 BEP Vendor Loan Interest Rate Buy-Down Fund
  • 9728 Judicial Branch Workers’ Compensation Fund
  • 9729a Parks Project Revolving Fund
  • 9730 Technology Services Revolving Fund
  • 9731 Legal Services Revolving Fund W N
  • 9732 Office of Systems Integration Fund W N
  • 9733 Court Facilities Architecture Revolving Fund W N
  • 9734 Charter School Facilities Account, 2004 W N
  • 9735 Charter School Facilities Account, 2006 W N
  • 9736 Transit-Oriented Development Implementation Fund W N
  • 9737 FISCal Internal Services Fund W N
  • 9739 Water Pollution Control Revolving Fd Administration Fd,St W N
  • 9740 Central Service Cost Recovery Fund W N
  • 9741 Energy Efficient State Property Revolving Fund W N
  • 9743 State Agency Investment Fund W N
  • 9745 California Health and Human Services Automation Fund W N
  • 9993 Extramural Nonfederal Unclassified Funds V N
  • 9994 Extramural Funds


** in other states, I have found this site (which was coordinated through a nonprofit to start “Children’s Trust Funds” in every state, often has and sells fatherhood curricula. See under State of Michigan, for example.   There is a National Alliance association.

Another portion of the Wikipedia Quote, above:

State and local governments use three broad categories of funds: governmental funds, proprietary funds and fiduciaryfunds.[1][6]

Governmental funds include the following.[7][8]

  • General fund. This fund is used to account for general operations and activities not requiring the use of other funds.
  • Special revenue (or special) funds are required to account for the use of revenue earmarked by law for a particular purpose. State and federal fuel tax revenues require special revenue funds, because federal and state laws restrict these taxes to transportation uses.
  • Capital projects funds are used to account for the construction or acquisition of fixed assets,[9] such as buildings, equipment and roads. Depending on its use, a fixed asset may instead be financed by a special revenue fund or a proprietary fund. A capital project fund exists only until completion of the project.[10] Fixed assets acquired and long-term debts incurred by a capital project are assigned to the government’s General Fixed Assets and Long-Term Debts.
  • Debt service funds are used to account for money that will be used to pay the interest and principal of long-term debts. Bonds used by a government to finance major construction projects, to be paid by tax levies over a period of years, require a debt service fund to account for their repayment. The debts of special assessment and proprietary funds are serviced within those funds, rather than by a separate debt service fund.[11]
  • Special assessment funds account for public infrastructure improvements financed by special levies against property holders. Sidewalk and alley repairs often rely on special assessments.

Proprietary funds include the following.[7]

  • Internal service funds are used for operations serving other funds or departments within a government on a cost-reimbursement basis. A printing shop, which takes orders for booklets and forms from other offices and is reimbursed for the cost of each order, would be a suitable application for an internal service fund.[12]
  • Enterprise funds are used for services provided to the public on a user charge basis, similar to the operation of a commercial enterprise.[13] Water and sewage utilities are common examples of government enterprises.[14]

Fiduciary funds are used to account for assets held in trust by the government for the benefit of individuals or other entities.[15] The employee pension fund, created by the State of Maryland to provide retirement benefits for its employees, is an example of a fiduciary fund.[13] Financial statements may further distinguish fiduciary funds as eithertrust or agency funds; a trust fund generally exists for a longer period of time than an agency fund.[16]

Fixed assets and long-term debts[edit]

State and local governments have two other groups of self-balancing accounts which are not considered funds: general fixed assets and general long-term debts. These assets and liabilities belong to the government entity as a whole, rather than any specific fund.[17] Although general fixed assets would be part of government-wide financial statements (reporting the entity as a whole), they are not reported in governmental fund statements.[18] Fixed assets and long-term liabilities assigned to a specific enterprise fund are referred to as fund fixed assets and fund long-term liabilities.[19]

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  1. […] Fun With Funds California’s actual numerical listing of Stanot too complex for the average human paying attention. I talk in historic context about this practice stripping the population from their assets and self-sufficiency, breaking down social fabric, and what’s next for those who resist. SEEING THOSE FUNDS is to better SEE THE SCOPE OF GOVERNMENTAL ACTIVITIES. It’s an important tool for parents and court litigants to have and I believe could be political leverage. Most people just entirely ignore this factor — but it’s just about a key to the vault. What’s inside is a good “truth detector.” […]

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