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Putting 1996 Welfare Reform in the Larger Perspective, Like in the Ethnic Cleansing Continuum…

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Earlier Title:

“Putting 1996 Welfare-Reform (and its endless Behavioral Modification Diversions scapegoating, first, Single Black Mothers With Kids on Welfare) into its true HUD/HHS/Ethnic Cleansing, Real-Estate-and-Assets-Appropriating Clearer Light”

Some of the things I REGULARLY stumble across simply by looking (it’s not rocket science) things that were, ten, or twenty years ago — avoidable, and simply ludicrous.

I mean, in state after state you can see private industry simply advertising its wares straight off *.gov websites, from out of state, from other countries, and often enough its products and services no one really needs, which don’t help people, and THEN, I find the groups involved aren’t even incorporated properly. . . . .???  Yet those who are get special privileges to “monitor” others?

Welfare Reform has been a disaster, yet is based on Poverty Theory (revised).  And yet — that was 1996, but information about the CAFRs have been around for far longer.  And in 1989, exposure of them seems to have begun.  MOREOVER, it seems that people who dealt with them didn’t get the significance (I mean, it takes some serious staff to compile all those statistics, right?).

We did not get and were not taught that it’s our duty, as citizens, to know how government works, and hold it in check.  Understandably, if a government is in the business of war, a lot of propaganda is needed to justify it it.

IF we knew what to look at, look for, and where to find it.  However, now it’s more a matter of the will and simple personal decision.

And we all kept talking about “education….”  But in that education, even AFTER it was no longer “separate but equal” we still  were sorted by caste and usefulness in the workforce (the plantation), and fed rhetoric, no matter which direction we went, and run administratively, as planned.

The last post (Good Grounds to Eliminate (Funding for) Supervised Visitation, Access Visitation, Batterers’ Intervention etc. ) is visually hard to read, but the material is also hard to accept.

I hope readers can distinguish my lack of technical formatting skills superior to WordPress’s ability to eliminate or add them at-will, from certain business entities’ the lack of truth-telling as to: staying incorporated, using actually functional business entities when doing business with government, including the courts, and those who fund them.  Not to mention what this says about the government that does indeed fund them.   Apparently.

However, before continuing the Supervised Visitation (Investigation), I decided to remind readers of and give samples from five key writers on Federal and other Governmental Financial Matters, from user’s (citizen’s) point of view, and who know that a Budget is not an Accounting of One’s Collective Holdings.

Who know that CAFRs exist, and very well, what they represent.  They are:  Burien, Fitts, Herman, Klatt (deceased, but his site is still up) and Clint Richardson.  Links repeated below, they are essentially saying the same information, with different perspectives and takes.

LOOK — quit the cult of the experts.  If YOU (Y.O.U.) understand principles and have the tools to check facts, one has “LEVERAGE” meaning, like a lever, a tool to pry out the relevant truths from a situation that would otherwise look complex or confusing.  The solid ground is evidence of some key solid truths which put the other ones in a different perspective.

So much of this blog is “show and tell and here are the tools”…. so who’s going to start using them?
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November 30, 2013 at 8:57 pm

Good Cause to Eliminate (Funding for): Access Visitation, Supervised Visitation, and Batterers’ Intervention, PERIOD!!

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 I tend to report AS I see it. Last post what I saw, while ranting on (in detail and in general) about the Domestic Violence cartels — in California, with the federal and other nationwide connections to funding — I found this at a 2011 statewide CPEDV conference:

Children’s track  Children in the Crossfire –Helping Women and Children Heal Through Visitation Services Sonia Melara, Executive Director, Rally Family Visitation

First, several paragraphs (a few inches of post) showing who Rally is, which make me question what it’s doing in a domestic violence prevention conference?  I have known the name for a while simply because I look at A/V grants.  Today is as good a day as any to talk some business about this situation.

Below that I also have a few inches (paragraphs) about the DV group itself.

Then we will get some more into the conflicts of business interest in the whole mess.

  • (Search results) a blog by “littlepicklepress” (2011 event advertised) states that Rally was launched by the SF Unified Court in 1991.
  • There’s a DIRECT connection to San Francisco Family Court Services and Rally, great pains are taken to ensure people know how to get their services, involve a mediator when services are requested, schedule their services, etc.  [the word occurs 16 times in that link!]
  • It is even featured in a 2008 (and probably other years) HHS/ACF/OCSE site summary of these grants (page 45, listing some of the programs) and it IS listed as a subcontractor with the SF Superior Court/ Unified Family Court itself.  Note:  “OCSE” stands for Office of Child Support Enforcement:
  • 7. Superior Court of San Francisco – United Family Court 400 McAllister Street, Room 440 San Francisco, CA 94102 Phone: (415) 551-3912
    • Subcontractor: A. Rally Family Visitation Services of Saint Francis Memorial Hospital 900 Hyde Street San Francisco, CA 94109

Rally Family Visitation [hover cursor] has long been around as, it seems, an California Access/Visitation (sub)grantee;  I learned recently, it has this entire time has been operating out of a SF presumably Catholic (“Saint Francis”) hospital (known), apparently without a corporate identity.  However it’s mentioned in the California 2007 “Report to the Legislature on Access Visitation Grant Programs (2005-2006, page A-7) (hover cursor). Collaborative with SF Superior Court, they received a $60,000 grant to do “Family Cohesion” program.  (Let’s get this again — the court can both order people into supervised visitation, and with a non-entity group, operate the program???)

Here’s a LinkedIn to a man who has worked as a Visitation Specialist two-and-a-half years with Rally, including working with kids, writing it up, answering the phone, and processing payments, simultaneous with working as a case manager with Catholic Charities CYO, simultaneous with working as a case manager for HUD, with homeless and people in need of housing, AIDS, etc. (Francisco Escobar, SFState Graduate).

Francisco Escobar

Rally is not just getting funds from Access Visitation (and parents sliding fees?), but also from DOJ/Safe Havens, and THIS appears to be through the Department of Public Health, as a contract.  (Search results).  This is a (badly scanned) pdf showing a resolution to “accept and expend“certain Safe Havens grants retroactively for Rally and La Casa de las Madres.  @ San Francisco Board of Supervisors.org; part of it is on the form of  legal pleading (DNK why).  Again, Rally and the other group  are Subcontractors on an Agreement, to receive DOJ funding.  The Supervisors resolve to authorize the DPH (Dept. of Public Health) to Retroactively Accept and Expend $141,586 (Oct. 2010-2011) for this program (more for the three yrs).

Please browse, it shows the purpose is to expand into two more satellite locations, that it’s a three-year project ending (this past September) and what the various calculated salaries were.  For example, Sonia Melara was calculated as FTE (full time equivalent) of $115K, for these purposes, $55K, etc.  The project was NOT bid out (no one else was considered for this subcontracting with DPH to get the DOJ/OVW grant in question).  See Budget Pages.

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November 29, 2013 at 7:06 pm

When Family Courts Can Do This, why even Bother to “Fix” them?”

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I hope this article will show (and people’s attentions will hold long enough) that it’s time to focus on the structure and institutions of the courts, which have been long neglected by the very groups proclaiming (self-proclaiming) decade after decade to be sticking up for women.

Terrifying to anyone who believes in personal rights and autonomy

It’s Thanksgiving.  I’m not getting my technically complex post up.*

The above link symbolizes the situation we are in, and why half-assed “reform the courts” measures simply are inappropriate.  The system removes personal autonomy from MOST women who decide to become mothers, not just unwed ones.  Anyone who doesn’t stay married is at risk from this situation.  Any woman who becomes pregnant and delivers a baby is at risk from this situation.

[*Note: Blogger has added Day-After (Thanksgiving) Post updates on this very disturbing article, including extensive quotes and commentary.  I attempt to somewhat color-code them by source.]

It is being framed as a womens’ rights to personal life autonomy issue, which it is. I hope, however, it will also call attention to what a very real threat the family court system is to biological mothers’ personal autonomy and, when combined with the child support factor as well, also to their fathers’. It is at this point a public hazard and a contributor to public debt, that these things are even being hashed out in family courts at all.

The above link symbolizes the situation we are in, and why half-assed “reform the courts” measures simply are inappropriate.  The system removes personal autonomy from MOST women who decide to become mothers, not just unwed ones.  Anyone who doesn’t stay married is at risk from this situation.  Any woman who becomes pregnant and delivers a baby is at risk from this situation.

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November 28, 2013 at 6:59 pm

Here’s a Feedback Form (and a LONG rant about DV agencies)

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A Feedback Form. Make thoughts known, seek support/comprehension of this system from another point of view.  Or, debate me on the one I hold.  Regarding any post, or subject herein and if it’s re: a post, please include the link and/or post title.  Thanks!

For now, this is a “sticky” post, i.e., stays near the top of the blog. Form is repeated at the bottom of the post.

(Note: The “Check if You Are Willing To” item has a drop-down menu. It’s extending past the right margin, even past the blogroll, but is otherwise functional — just click on the drop-down arrow at the far, far right of that blank field. If I find out how to fix it, I will.)

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November 24, 2013 at 8:15 pm

Top Ten Plus One of Almost 600 published (Minus Most of the Table Talk)

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[I’m “unsticking” ten posts formerly held near the top of blog, a.k.a., redecorating..for functionality  ..and out of boredom looking at the same thing every day..This post is “sticky” and stays on top.  New posts are beneath the ones marked “This post is sticky.” Also note, I often revise or expand (alas) after (at times long after) publishing. WYSIWYG..]

Below, I chose 10 formerly “sticky” posts to Unstick them, and put actual new posts closer to the top of the blog.  Plus One.  A similar but not identical post (just published) had abstracts.  Do read — but this is just the list.  And almost nothing BUT the list!  To my patient readers….    First, the “Plus One.”  Regarding biotech, pharmaceutical, and gene-tinkering disruptive technology corporations — don’t mistakenly think they have nothing to do with the family courts, or kids in foster care and other vulnerable populations.  SOMEbody has to fund studies, and someone has to become the subject matter of them; we are all interrelated — in our various assigned sectors.

The Plus-One:

Genzyme, BioEnvision, ImPath, Sanofi – New Strains of Fish in the Ocean of Commerce [2013, 07/17]

Yes, it’s disheartening reporting (from the front lines as well) what makes people broke and drives them homeless or close to it (particularly, federal policy and welfare reform with its diversions into Designer Family Curricula)….This is at least an inspiring change of pace researching the corporations that backed the foundations that set policy that came up with the idea of domesticating  and exercising breeding and population control on the rest of us.  Disguised under utopian ideas, like public welfare and benefit, ending poverty, etc.  Disruptive technologies and serial entrepreneurs, mergers and acquisitions, and why Rx needs Gov’t needs people (subject matter) to prosper..  Maybe…..

1.  Look and See, Show and Tell! (Selected Media/Library Exhibits to this blog) [2013, 11/11]

2. My Media/Library Uploads Retrospective– but First, The Context!  [2013, 11/11]

3. Gravatar, Cont’d…. (2013 Oct)  – [2013, 10/27]

4. NAMES: “Center, Council, Judicial, Legislative, Institute…” But WHO they are, and how legit, is in the LABEL – [2013, 08/30]

5. A Testimony for these Times … (hypothetically before an Appropriations Hearing) – [2013, 07/04]

The House Ways and Means Committee should quit funding Welfare Diversions (or child support demonstration programs) to promote “marriage and fatherhood” as an antidote to poverty, when we by now know that’s not its real purpose — at all.     (That’s a link to the CRS [Congressional Research Service) Feb. 2012 on “Fatherhood Initiatives:  Connecting Fathers to their Children.”  (RL31025)

6. Join or Start a Conversation on Family Court Matters. Jump in Somewhere! [2013, 05/16 [had been “pending” recently re-published]

7. A Stunning Validation by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson: The Assault on Truth, The Origins of Psychoanalysis [2013, 03/05]  [this one remains a “sticky” post]

This is a must-read, in my opinion.  Whatever kind of person this author was, or wasn’t, I’m with him on this one.

In writing this post, I looked up some personnel. One of them (below), a 2012 AFCC Stanley Cohen awardee, had participated in “The Kinsey Institute.” I looked up one of the other investigators and in a book list ran across: Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson: “Against Therapy: Emotional Tyranny and the Myth of Psychological Healing.” (2012):   From this author’s “JeffreyMasson.com” site, this is how it goes:

In this ground-breaking and highly controversial book, Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson attacks the very foundations of modern psychotherapy from Freud to Jung, from Fritz Perls to Carl Rodgers. With passion and clarity, Against Therapy addresses the profession’s core weaknesses, contending that, since therapy’s aim is to change people, and this is achieved according to therapist’s own notions and prejudices, the psychological process is necessarily corrupt. With a foreword by the eminent British psychologist Dorothy Rowe, this cogent and convincing book has shattering implications.

8. Exposing and Prosecuting Judicial Corruption through Common Law Discovery (1997 Interview) [2013, 01/24] [remains a “sticky” post]

File this Article under “What a Difference One Person can Make, if that person:  Has Guts, Will Obtain Evidence, Look at Evidence, Come to Logical Conclusion regarding Evidence Obtained AND Publicize It! Can you read 7 pages “for the cause”? And think about it? If given a brief pop-quiz of about 10th grade level on what it’s talking about, how much of the vocabulary or ideas could you remember?

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November 24, 2013 at 6:52 pm

Ten Posts, Plus One, of nearly 600 published, Covering Basic Issues (+ abstracts)

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[I’m “unsticking” ten posts formerly held near the top of blog, a.k.a., redecorating..for functionality  ..and out of boredom looking at the same thing every day..This post is “sticky” and stays on top.  New posts are beneath the ones marked “This post is sticky.” Also note, I often revise or expand (alas) after (at times long after) publishing. WYSIWYG..] First, the “Plus One.”  Regarding biotech, pharmaceutical, and gene-tinkering disruptive technology corporations — don’t mistakenly think they have nothing to do with the family courts, or kids in foster care and other vulnerable populations.  SOMEbody has to fund studies, and someone has to become the subject matter of them; we are all interrelated — in our various assigned sectors. Read the rest of this entry »

More “Fun with Funds” from California State Manual (see Media/Uploads post) [Publ. 11/14/2013

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More “Fun with Funds” from California State Manual (see Media/Uploads post) [Publ. 11/14/2013]. (short-link ends: “-24q”)  This title and short-link (and border/font-change) added July 11, 2019)  Wordcount, about 20,000:  note: I see it contains some tables, i.e., see Title).



This is another in a series of Show and Tell Posts providing more language (concepts) and tools (links) to “Shine the Light” (some readers will recognize where that phrase comes from) on exactly what my blog motto talks about.  Including the money. Others include:

INCIDENTALLY, Blogging and Quoting Protocol:

WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get)!  This is  packed with information and insight, not to mention exhortation, demonstration, and all that.  Originally I just wanted people to see the visual for the listing of those funds..

(By the way– this IS my effort and writing, and if you quote segments of it elsewhere, please include a link and reference “FamilyCourtMatters.wordpress.com” and or (See Gravatar) “investigative blogger “Let’s Get Honest.”  Also be aware than when you do so, a lot of formatting codes are going to come along and possibly make it look visually (even) worse, a situation that makes posting neat and clean stuff (including those quotations and the occasional graphic) a real difficulty.

 Anything not credited to someone else with quote or link, IS co. me, co. 2013 and for the readers, that’s “Let’s Get Honest,” owner of this blog, til further notice.  I do not sign my name for reasons of safety/outstanding legal issues of the underlying court case.   Were it not just me, I’d possibly have “ditched it” earlier, but as a parent, I cannot.  

Did you come up with this information and put it in context and chronological setting?

So, if you quote — be sure to LINK and CITE (and let me know)!(Thanks!)

The longer ANYONE holds money (before distributing) in either interest-bearing or investment (ROI-producing) accounts before distributing it — depending on their relationship to the tax code — the more profits they have, and the less whoever gave it to them did, UNLESS those who gave also needed write-offs.   The people who LEAST need to be giving the MOST upfront and hoping that stewardship is good and services (to handle your distressed neighbors, or self included) are good and timely — are individual workers, not having formed of joined corporations to protect and consolidate their assets.  And that’s MOST of America, from what I can tell.

Economically “Out of sight out of mind” is not good balance of power. Unchecked power (and to properly check power, ONE Group of organized people have to  have some economic sufficiency AND the time and heart to put into the matter!)

In general I may not say it beautifully, but I know these are the right questions to ask, and things to consider. A journalist who is going to unearth the amount of evidence in individual custody cases that this woman Anne Stevenson has, or about Courthouse Corporations and “The Training” rackets that THIS one has Marv Bryer, is rare.  There are many, though not enough, more where they came from (including yours truly) particularly concerned with the courts. 

However, ALL people can and should put in some basic, minimal time and learn to EDUCATE THEMSELVES how to look up fund balances, and identify where the money flowing through these family and conciliation courts is coming from, and going to! Their collateral damages affect neighborhoods and present, future and past generation, and there is a clear pattern of goods in motion FROM one sector TOWARDS other sectors.  Only looking at the financials, and that movement, will properly identify the sectors.  Moreover, it’s a good education of a neglected (except by those in it) field.


I hope that in my lifetime more people catch on, strategize a resistance, publicize this information and themselves get organized to disseminate the basics.  I’m working on it too, but it’s definitely not a one-woman job, and after this gauntlet lasting years (it was never closed, resolved, or put right.  The legal and factual matters remained OFF the table and there has been no consensus.  People simply continue to get older IN the abusive relationships and as these things to, the longer you’re in it, the harder it is to get free.   Anyone is welcome to help — there’s a Donate Button on the right sidebar. Looks like this:

Donate Button with Credit Cards 


  • A November 2013 printout of a listing labeled “October 2013″ (Column 2 anyhow) from the California Manual of State Funds; accessed at this site (Col.2) http://www.dof.ca.gov/accounting/uniform_codes_manual/funds/documents/20fundnum.pdf and a related one, for Column1, which (click and see) gives concise, one-page forms explaining which legislation started the fund, where it’s revenues come for and more information.
  • Anyone can click on ANY fund# and find out valuable information about where it came from, how it’s allocated, who gets it, which bright idea it was (AB or SB #, i.e., who proposed the legislation to start with, before it became law) and if it’s still valid.  If it’s been abolished, that’s listed, and where the balances were going to go IF it (as funds do) got abolished or replaced by some other fund.
  • So looking at these lists is a “get-acquainted” process at a minimum, and get a better picture of what’s actually going on, economically and in an organized fashion — with public money.

Look and See, Show and Tell! (Selected Media/Library Exhibits to this blog) [Published 11/11/2013].

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Look and See, Show and Tell! (Selected Media/Library Exhibits to this blog) [Published 11/11/2013].
case-sensitive shortlink ends “-24m,” this title (and date published onto the title), borders and font-style added in 2019, conforming with my practice in more recent years).   (If some other links to Let’s Get Honest posts (within this blog) show up below not functioning check that part of their url reads “psBXH” as here, and not “asPXH” as I noticed just now in some of them.  Thanks//LGH July 11, 2019 during format spruce-up.)

Note. There are multiple font, line-height, and other differences, a factor of how wordpress free domain handles the copy and paste function essential to this blog, as I’m showing and telling factors affecting our family and conciliation courts, and of public interest as, guess who is funding them!

If you are short on time, but familiar with many of these concepts, then just click and look. However, my longsuit is connecting one piece of information to the other, with a view towards ACTING on the information.

Thank you for your patience with the other matters.  Again, remember to Look It Up and Consider the Context at all times. The bulleted items are the uploads.

70 grants here I believe is only about half; the “marriage” half.  There’s also “fatherhood” half allegedly (although the CFDA 93086 doesn’t distinguish one from the other, so the average person couldn’t sort by category and compare the two types from the database itself).

If you are new to this blog, you’ll see lots of charts like these… and be asked to think about their contents. Somewhere around 2012, I discovered “Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports” (a standardized government tool for counting its holdings, that is, cumulative holdings) and realized that looking at those provided more avenues (and probably a more practical one, once mastered) for seeing “whassup” overall, at least getting a grip on what ARE the activities of each branch of government, and how it’s organized (most CAFRs also have good introduction, Notes to the Statements, and many also have Organizational Charts).

Later I learned that the last grantee in that list (National Council on Family Relations — notice “action date” column reads many years earlier than the others) was a major player in pushing marriage, fatherhood, and “Family Impact Seminars” at the university and at the federal (Washington, D.C.) appropriations level; and pre-dates to the 1930s in this field.

Uploaded only 2013; referenced before.  My commentary on this one:

Concepts in this piece, or field may take a bit to process, but shed light on the real estate sector of courthouse corps.  Most of my blog, FYI, deals with more the programming and HHS grants sector — not the real estate and property issues.  But as one of the most profitable sectors around IS in real estate development, it makes NO sense to ignore this aspect (and the conflicts of interest, and financial black holes) when the real estate in question are courthouses.  

This is not my expertise, and may not be yours, but anyone who wishes to have better justice, had better think through this aspect of it — who OWNS and OPERATES the real estate in which judges (OR, in some fields, administrative, outsourced staff!) sign orders that change the flow of kids, and finances?  

I’ve found that the site “johnnypumphandle.com,” however well it did, or didn’t, explain things — has raised most of the critical issues affecting the courts, in detail — and about 10-15 years before it hit the mainstream.  If there’s one area he didn’t cover so much (and I and not enough others did), it’s the issue of the HHS grants affecting the custody processes (macro economics specific to the family courts). 

In short, readers could do a lot worse than to work through the articles on this site, particularly the one where Karen Anderson of Amador County reports (unfortunately, to the California Judicial Council, who were in on this through their AOC) the mis-use of access/visitation and supervised visitation funds in her court case, which involved sexual abuse of children.   IT’s the angle of approach and the evidence she looked at which reflects (badly) on a generation and a few different coalitions of advocacy groups making sure this does NOT take front and center stage of their reform efforts.

In cleaning up the blog, I saw the link to California’s own SEC Report on the Administrative Office of the Courts again, and am now using it as a exhibit to show the growth, expansion, practices, and operations of the AOC of one state’s court system (the nation’s largest) as a guide what to look for in others. That’s a three-post series (one published recently), so I’ll not say much more here.  It’s a BIGGG topic and comprehensive!

To accompany (introduce) this upload, I want to upload a SINGLE numbered fund, relating to the Conciliation code, and I have blogged this one.  From the California Department of Finance, under “Accounting” “Index” etc.  I’ll put the same link below the explanation again:

You can google search these, but I recommend looking through the state finance department site (OR, one could also I suppose call ’em upee

CA.GOVDepartment of Finance SealWelcome to the State of California Department of Finance


“This manual is updated periodically as funds are created and / or deleted. In addition, you will note that some of the pages include a ‘Revision Date’. This ‘Revision Date’ was added to the template in April, 1998. Any Fund Manual additions or revisions after that time will reflect the date of addition or revision to the Manual. Write-ups completed prior to April, 1998 will not contain a ‘Revision Date’ as there is no history when the addition or revision was made. If you have any specific update information to be included in the manual you may contact the FSCU Hotline at fscuhotline@dof.ca.gov or by phone at (916) 324-0385.”

A few parts (again, from the BUDGET — not a CAFR assets/fund total….)

Domestic Violence Training and Education Fund 0642 Public Health, Department of FCS (pdf * – 64K)
Family Law Trust Fund 0587 Judicial Branch FCS (pdf * – 16K)

Yrs given are:  2011-12 // 12-13 // 13-14.  For Fund 0587, numbers stated in thousands, we see at the beginning of those years (respectively), $1.760 million; $1.836 million and then suddenly 13-14, it’s about half as much, $969K ($0.969 million).  Moreover, that “FCS” also links to other Judicial Branch fund (as an FYI)

I WANT TO POST THE 1-page form from the California Manual of Funds, for this Fund 0587.  Notice it tells us classification, when it was started (1997, replacing a prior 1992 one bottom of page) and other RELEVANT details.  Conciliation Code 1852 is listed (search this point), which also gives the Judicial Council the right to delegate control of this fund to another and that IF the fund is abolished and barring other determinations, what’s in it goes back to the general fund.  I also am about to post a simple listing (from that manual) of ALL funds by number ,at least those accessible on the California Dept. of Finance website in this manual:


Restitution Fund 0214 Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board, California FCS (pdf * – 4K)
Registry of Charitable Trusts Fund 3088 Justice, Department of FCS (pdf * – 24K)

(I’m interested in Fund 3088 because I use that lookup site so much!)

Immediate and Critical Needs Account, State Court Facilities Construction Fund 3138 Judicial Branch FCS (pdf * – 16K)
Judicial Administration Efficiency and Modernization Fund 0556 Judicial Branch FCS (pdf * – 16K)
Juvenile Justice Account, Local Revenue Fund 2011 3181 State-Local Realignment, 2011 FCS (pdf * – 43K)
Juvenile Justice Growth Special Account, Law Enforcement Services Growth Subaccount 3230 State-Local Realignment, 2011 FCS (pdf * – 43K)
Juvenile Justice Subaccount, Law Enforcement Services Account 3225 State-Local Realignment, 2011 FCS (pdf * – 43K)
Juvenile Reentry Grant Special Account, Juvenile Justice Subaccount 3226 State-Local Realignment, 2011 FCS (pdf * – 43K)
Juvenile Reentry Grant Subaccount, Juvenile Justice Account 3194 State-Local Realignment, 2011 FCS (pdf * – 43K)

(obviously this is NOT all the funds, showing on this particular budget index.  More exist…).

Consider the next set — I remember when California was threatening to close many parks, because they were broke.  They were soliciting donations. Then someone (who worked in Parks and Rec) blew the whistle about $54 million sitting around in two different funds.  There’d been a coverup, heads rolled (department leadership stepdown), public embarrassment, back to business as usual.

I wonder if anyone, even a common every day Jane Doe or Joe Blow — might’ve found them in some funds like this– that’s 4 different funds for “State Parks.”

State Park Contingent Fund 0952 Parks and Recreation, Department of FCS (pdf * – 13K)
State Parks and Recreation Fund 0392 Parks and Recreation, Department of FCS (pdf * – 13K)
State Parks Protection Fund 8076 Parks and Recreation, Department of FCS (pdf * – 13K)
State Parks Revenue Incentive Subaccount, State Parks and Recreation Fund 3238 Parks and Recreation, Department of FCS (pdf * – 13K)
State Trial Court Improvement and Modernization Fund 0159 Judicial Branch FCS (pdf * – 16K)
Unallocated Account, California Children and Families Trust Fund 0639 Children and Families Commission, California FCS (pdf * – 12K)
Unallocated Account, Cigarette and Tobacco Products Surtax Fund 0236 Public Health, Department of FCS (pdf * – 64K)

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My Media/Library Uploads Retrospective– but First, The Context! (Published 11/11/2013).

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My Media/Library Uploads Retrospective– but First, The Context! (Published 11/11/2013). (WordPress-generated, case-sensitive shortlink ends “-23e”) this title & published date added 2019.
To provide generic, one-click access or a drop-down menu to my own Media Library (=things I felt worthwhile enough not to bury in the archives), I have posted here some links to selected posts or uploads from the 4+ years of this blog. (similar, but not identical concept — there’s a long side-bar widget with similar title).

As I tend to combine “reflect and investigate,” this process helped me distill basic language and themes, which are being parsed out to different posts.  I also aim to shorten posts to 5,000-6,000 words (including quotes).  As I was a novice blogger (starting pretty much with this one!) the earlier ones, with so much cut and paste, font-changes and just too much to say (essentially I was learning and posting notes on the entire field, at once) can be hard to handle!

But Summary, First!

I have a lot to say, it has some complexity, and after spending several days on this post (not sure if that meant improving it!) including consistent formatting code issues and revisions, I’m just splitting it in two.  This section’s “show and tell” segments on the economic matters really sets the context for the other links, which are subsidiary.  Each segment is probably about 5,500 words.

However this post still outlines, from better teachers than myself, how anyone can see, and prove from understanding those “Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports”, the accumulated-wealth of our federal AND state governments, the practice of crying “broke” when they aren’t, which then highlights that we have been massively deluded, redirected, and deceived into the process have been believing major lies about the nature, and with this the purpose, of our own government, for decades.  With the exception of those who have been diligently exposing it, which hardly attracts major funding and approval from the engines of commerce that depend on those lies.

Every government (or religion) is going to use propaganda to consolidate and unify people under its umbrella and for its cause.  However some are worse than others, and this one needs to be recognized, and spat out.

ALSO, Unlike many who report, in general on the CAFRs and accumulated wealth factor, I’m also a woman, a mother, an individual — who was dragged with children, then without children, through the court system that’s the subject of this blog.

So I am seeking, and finding, how to apply that knowledge to THIS problem of the courts.  Knowledge of government financing (and how to understand it) is valuable.  It is also leverage with legislators and taxpayers, with policymakers (who set budgets) regarding the courts, and adds credibility to any discussion — even if the person speaking doesn’t work in the academic elite dedicated to these matters.

In investigating these courts, for a change with some better signals and clues (than the DV agencies or “Mothers of Lost Children” “No Way Out But One” and/or Lundy Bancroft [The Batterer as Parent”] and friends crowd was providing) it was immediately obvious the elephant in the family law system was the conciliation courts, who with the related nonprofits, were focused on the were federal incentives, and demands, to states driving the welfare system. Finding this material also sheds lights on how come, if I could (and reported), these individuals didn’t (or didn’t report).

This factor, and the slush fund factors HAS been reported right along — but not well enough publicized or explained enough; apparently the understanding didn’t catch fire and start some appropriate fires to burn up the falsehoods coming from groups who want a piece of the training pie.  One reason it didn’t “catch fire” is so much distracting, less relevant and intentionally de-railing publicity DID catch fire took its place, with a different focus and intent — a focus on the precisely those things which sell causes and get coverage; the story line; the human tragedies, and the victims.  And that’s not the type of reporting that leads to focused understanding of the situation — it’s situational, it’s personal, and it’s transient.

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Kentucky Courthouse Commentary (mine. File with “Rapidly Expanding Programming…)

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.. and one of my shortest posts YET….

Just shortening the post on Real Estate Development Companies (and the Courts) I published, and having some more fun with this laughable (if it weren’t actually in place) situation!  It’d be interesting to track the funds going through all those Divorce Education Providers to their final destinations.

KENTUCKY (gray-background)

(I first starting noticing this while looking at the State of Kentucky, believe it or not, who apparently got a later start than others at setting up the family courts.  Kentucky doesn’t strike me as being one of the richest states around — nevertheless, they have their fairly new courthouses.  There sure does seem to be some correspondence with the business of therapeutic jurisprudence — and new courthouses sprouting up  (scroll down pastOne Family, One Court, One Judgeto see some history of family court in the state:  As their own folklore goes:

Kentucky launched an innovative and ambitious project when Jefferson County began a Family Court pilot program in 1991. It was the first such court in the state to focus solely on the needs of families and children. Family Court introduced a unique solution that would allow one judge to provide continuity by hearing all of a family’s legal problems and issues.

And also, if that judge had some conflicts of interest, to exercise them throughout the case.  “Unique”?  The “solution” basically defines the Unified Family Court and Conciliation Court primary thesis…

The Family Court model expanded beyond Louisville to suburban and rural areas across the commonwealth. The project’s success prompted efforts to make Family Court a permanent part of the Kentucky Constitution. Kentucky voters gave Family Court a resounding victory in November 2002 when the amendment passed in all 120 counties with more than 75 percent of the vote.

Today Family Court serves 3.2 million citizens in 71 Kentucky counties. Kentucky Family Court is so progressive and successful that it is considered a national model.

None of this was lobbied for, it just happened naturally, in response to wonderful grassroots demand for the solution, which they were fully informed just might have been made in advance preparation for receiving some “block grants to the states” (TANF, as of 1996, grants were already in progress in the 1980s) to increase fatherhood, access/visitation, co-parenting (to help eliminate or reduce child support, etc.), and other family theory stuff..   Yup, and Domestic Violence went from being a crime to a treatable disease, particularly if you are a provider:

And they have “Divorce Education” courses down to only 9 now (Used to be 11):

  • Cooperative Parenting and Divorce  
    • This links (as previously) to an out of state provider (AOC doesn’t provide, we’re notified, of the one-size-fits all situations of conflict, almost, 8-week class you can (have to?) take.  The site is Active Parenting USA in Marietta Georgia which, readers are assured:   “Active Parenting Publishers provides video-based parenting courses and parenting programs to help parents rear responsible children who are able to cope with life’s challenges. Whether through a traditional parenting class or an online parenting course, parent educators find that the research-based Active Parenting programs provide the right mix of information and entertainment to help put families on the right track. This is parenting educationdesigned by an established psychologist, Dr. Michael H. Popkin, and based on sound Adlerian psychological principles.”**
  • Divorce Care
  • Divorced and Divorcing Parents
  • Families in Transition
  • Kids First
  • Parents Achieving with Collaborative Teams  
  • Parents Are For Good
  • Parents Education Clinic
  • Turning It Around ***

**RE:  “Cooperative Parenting” link, above (cont’d) with direct link to an on-line marketplace from Georgia, leading to another woman’s product from Pennsylvania…

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