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Happy Hallowe’en and last day of yet another “Domestic Violence [Industry] Awareness Month,” R.I.P.

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May it R.I.P.

Many have had precious little peace since we knocked at the doors for help, got some temporary relief, and didn’t realize that behind this emergency relief, came trailing a long chain of demands, with interest . . . . you can escape, but not your kids….

Many of us are still walking around like ghosts, having been truly eviscerated of our trust in basic institutions, or that “feminist” meant, includes those who have nothing to offer in return for services.   Like, our kids, to appease the men’s groups some cut a deal with in order to retain some notoriety.  Both sides agreed to not tell half the divorcing population what they needed to know about the 1996 welfare reform.
I married, and could’ve divorced (certainly the abuse began) before 1996 welfare reform and it having worked its way outward to the states and through the court mediation programs.  Put in a timeline, my advice is, time to dig under the foundations and see what’s in there before building on top of them.
OK, this is an epitaph, and a personal admission to having been snookered.  It’s also a long and probably incomplete sentence , so just deal with it, OK?
I wanted to get out a post on the 31st of October to say, as a survivor, etc. — that in my experienced (not “expert” which is why my stuff isn’t on the catalogue below) opinion, when a famous AFCC-connected judge, Judge Leonard Edwards (retired) can in plain open view (hidden out in open from my perspective) in 1991 co-found a Santa Clara Domestic Violence Council under the Office of Women’s Policy — and from there, in a rather unique  and creative fiscal arrangement  (which, if you scroll REAL real far down on my right sidebar, you’ll see I have a text widget about Women Judges  which contains some related links) set up a nonprofit “Domestic Violence Intervention Council” (DVIC) to handle the proceeds of their yearly conferences — and then, from there, run a conference called “Domestic Violence Intervention:  Engaging and Inspiring Men” with famous, allegedly Protecting Mothers (PMA) speaker Lundy Bancroft and also famous San Jose-based Jerry Tello National Compadres Network Trainer, i.e., a famous fatherhood connection — talk about that topic …
And given that AFCC is the primary PAS-promoter organization around, and in on the access/visitation grants (which very few state-wide DV coalitions are going to breath a whiff about) and all that….
And that, generally speaking this California Santa Clara County area contains San Jose and what’s also nationally known as Silicon Valley (ever heard the term) — and I, who don’t live that far away — didn’t see through the Crisis in the Court Crowd (to my credit, I did see through Lundy Bancroft much earlier, because I look things up and he was obviously conferencing with fathers’ rights groups inbetween presenting as an empathetic, healing tones to battered mothers audiences, without revealing his alter ego, or at least goings on) . . .
And that, moreover, these are now associated somehow with a nice religious group (cult) and running things out of places like “Cathedral of Faith” associated with Fuller Seminary and New Apostolic Reformation Dominionist Cults — and these are the chosen vehicle (they want to infiltrate and dominate government for Jesus — and are working their plan, too) — to mentor men coming out of PRISON?
All is healing and reconciliation?  What I’m seeing has indeed been haunting information.
It’s time to let the Domestic Violence Movement Agencies, Agenda, and Rhetoric — die a natural death.
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