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Gravatar, Cont’d…. (2013 Oct)

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Like any good multi-tasking parent (moreover, anyone who’s lived long with serial/serious DV, is going to be quite the multitasker anyhow), I went about to solve the puzzle, sort through the crap, develop a filing system (which turns out to be economic), and tossing the illogical, pointing out the ridiculous, and mocking the rhetoric en rte. My children deserved an explanation and this is about as good as they’ve got for what they went through, and why post-separation from abuse was as crazy as living with it.

I also can document how and why “ending welfare as we knew it” actually expanded welfare to the millionaires, and for those who were in the middle (class), they were like me driven repeatedly back onto it. Yep, that’s our hybrid family court venue! Wanna help get this information organized (or, specifically, express appreciation for the hours that went into it?  [Find that “Donate” Button! on sidebar…]

EMPATHY is not enough. ANALYSIS and STRATEGY are needed, which includes a little more than some buzz-words, catch phrases, and picking one’s favorite organizations with the right names on them. Seeing as there are ongoing casualties, I’d have to call this a war.

We live in a warlike country which promotes and engages in war as a way to establish world peace. Understanding and acknowledging this, why not take a closer look at the funding mechanisms? And quit sponsoring them, if you dare!!!
2013 on Centers (Policy, Resource, Justice, etc.) poses basic questions to ask (and answer!) when considering, or debating Organization A,B,C,or D on the issues, and probably before jumping into the fray.

Stay tuned for (or look it up yourself!) more on the National Governor’s Association [*that’s a 1998 piece narrating HOW it promoted responsible fatherhood direclty to governors], the Western Governor’s Association (both “instrumentalities of the state” with associated nonprofits, like the Western Governors’ University), the National Center for the State Courts (early supporter of AFCC, but doesn’t advertise this on its own website) and more. This is a definite PATTERN — and these patterns are affecting family court matters.

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October 27, 2013 at 7:56 pm

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