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“Where’s Waldo? and Who’s Your Daddy?” How and Why to Run Background-Checks on (any and all) “POLICY,” or “RESOURCE,” or so-called “JUSTICE” Centers

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Where’s  Waldo? and Who’s Your Daddy?”   How and Why to Run Background-Checks on (any and all) “POLICY,” or “RESOURCE,” or so-called “JUSTICE” Centers

The chart on this post is more useful than it looks.  In copying it, I added a nice introductory rant, March 10, 2014.  


I’ve been “looking it up” diligently now for five years, and looking up any nonprofit (small or large, trade association or advocacy group, in other words NOT just the: AFCC, NACC, CRC, CPR, SVN (Supervised Visitation Network), BISC-MI (Batterers Intervention Services Coalition– of Michigan, to a degree), the Fathers and Families Coalition of America (good luck finding corporate records on that one), AND the state Coalitions Against Domestic Violence (“CADV”) topped by the “NCADV” (which membership organization takes a slice of the state ones, with multiple membership categories) — and then sends representatives/participants to the BMCC (Battered Mothers Custody Conference) to see how things are going (?) and/or how much women know yet about how things are run… or the associated “Ellen Pence” Collective Community Response (“CCR”) policies coming out of the earlier organization in Duluth, Minnesota.

Recently (2012ff) the entire field of psychological persuasions and analyses of individuals & families (see American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association, and a recent one of interest — although it started in 1910 — the “International Psychoanalytic Association,” i.e., the outgrowth of Sigmund Freud’s 1896 repudiation by his colleagues in an address he felt would “disturb the sleep of the world,” (asserting that indeed, his patients were right, and the major cause of “HYSTERIA” was violent sexual assault on children by their caretakers, often their fathers)

AND the organizations, proudly interdisciplinary because two ore more of the above are conferencing together…DV groups with FR groups with an AFCC personnel moderating.

Play this game (Where’s Waldo) or Just Do it (Run them basic background checks)  and wake up out of an enchanted slumber of media-dazzled dreams, or possibly a confused and painful trance of information overload.

Don’t wake up by just picking a side and sticking to it — and making sure never to get cornered outside one’s friends in a situation where one might have to defend a position with logic, evidence, and in one’s own words (i.e., don’t join a cult).  Wake up by getting the basic facts, and — so long as they continue to be true — sticking to them.  I’m currently (3/2014) working on a posts which refer to terms of logic and math to say essentially the same things — if truths being spun out don’t add up (in relationship to each other is the only way this can happen) — then they’re falsehoods.  If they’re falsehoods, and what’s at stake is lives, then don’t subscribe, and don’t let your friends drive drunk (subscribe) either.  Or, at least, don’t jump in the car for a ride to safety.  What’s safe about driving with insane people, [or very sane people with an agenda you’re not in on?]

From what I can tell, over time, that’s become most of the residents of the United States, but (fool that I am) I haven’t given up hope that that courage, honesty, determination, and caring about others (altruism, as opposed to “philanthropy” which is a function of the IRS these days, and closer to public relations than philanthropy:  “We’ll be philanthropic so long as we can run, or at least alter the nation’s courts, justice systems, prisons, universities, law schools, and the welfare system, keep our tax perks, run our many fronts, and still be viewed as doing this for the nation’s good…”  [if that statement is unclear, see my other blog, and post, “Ruthless Giants, Magnificent Philanthropists … Our World Today”  [I wrote about Cecil Rhodes, Carnegie and Rockefeller.

There should’ve also been one on Ford, for the family court/foster care world, the Casey Foundations (Annie E. Casey et al.; family fortune UPS; Baltimore, and I recently took another look at the “David and Lucille Packard Foundation,” as they were sponsoring a 1990s “Promoting Responsible Fatherhood” conference.  Packard as in H-P, Hewlett Packard, company formed in 1939, first major profits from supplies for World War II, there after computers (obviously) and with some of this electronics, telecommunications, and data crunching, sooner or later they will be helping the US Government track and monitor its own systems better (supposedly) — at those citizen’s expense — through the child support system. If one follows this line of thinking/looking further (in research initiatives for “model practices” to alter justice systems NOT from grassroots (citizen) input, but from multi-state conferences run where most citizens won’t be, or hear of it — then you will also run across sooner or later the MacArthur Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and plenty more.  For example, the Heyman Family (Samuel J. Heyman Service to America medals [copyright DuPont]  of Westport, Connecticut and Partnership for Public Service] family wealth from commercial real estate development and/or chemicals; a fascinating corporate history to GAF industries reaching also back to WWII and a business confiscated under “Trading with the Enemy” Act, and previously associated with the I.G. Farben cartel that helped set up Hitler… Someone has to run the confiscated company, and why not someone intelligent, diligent, experienced, and dedicated to America?]

Sooner or later the roster gets down to almost every major industry that the United States and subsidiary government will be either investing in (with its institutional funds and accumulated wealth obtained through income, sales, property taxes and fees for services to citizens), and/or is the pulsing heartbeat of the foster care system, the welfare system, Medicaid, the prison system and much more.  I’m talking telecommunications, real estate, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, ADVERTISING, banking (of course), and not just oil, steel, and diamonds.


As ever, I exhort people (particularly parents) wanting family court reform, or active in claiming expertise on what are its Crises — to add to their conversations what most subtract — some actually relevant words (BASIC vocabulary) which not only name, but also describe some of the players. We’re talking about some basic labels which identify who, what, when, where, and sometimes, for how much.

Too often skipped skip the process of obtaining this information before jumping into the fray. What a shame too, because it’s justnot that hard, it’s part of basic responsible citizenship — how much do you really know about who’s running the country? — and it leads to some understanding of the history of institutions, and of who already has heavily invested into setting up system change institutions, using public money, or even public-purpose institutions.

Is it too big to handle? You want reform, but you want someone else to do it? Or you want to do it — but you haven’t done the homework up front?

What sense does that make? But, that’s what I did, prior to the wake-up shock situations. For people who have been in that state too long, the simple process (habit) of sorting and labeling is also one possible way out, a rope from the tunnel of blacked-out information (a cave) or information overload, into some fascinating landscapes. Things will look and sound different after a period of habitually engaging in background check. In my case, I found one too many groups with direct connections to grabbing profits from the aftermath of World War II, and sticking them into institutions too close for comfort to setting government policy. However, it was done as a nonprofit. We should be alert to this practice as well.

This Post is a “Sleeper.”  It covers current heavyweight actors in the courts, and names names.  It also has a colorful chart (example) AND a 5-point check list to ask of any center.  I will repeat this simple admonition:  Look It Up, FIRST, then, if you choose to engage further, or explore, further, do so.  Don’t go into that jungle without a map, a compass, or something at least resembling a guide.  This is fascinating and distracting territory.  A bit of initial labeling will help make some sense of it.

Some Centers inhabit law schools, others Nonprofits, others government (like courts), others simply ARE nonprofits.

When a group is a “project” of some (university, law school, or government sites) its finances are likely to be more co-mingled, a little more murky and harder to notice.  As it turns out, responsible fatherhood (and plenty of other) programming likes ALL of the above locations and certain heavyweight foundations like to fund them.

Apparently that was for them to know, and us to find out after it’s too late.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to give a d@mn, and go forth and look up.  I’d be interested to hear about some findings, and have several examples below.

A column that shoulda/coulda been added below is, IF it’s known to have been kickstarted by a major private family foundation, which one? Several in the list below were Ford. This is a SAMPLE, to illustrate, and not comprehensive!

Website Is it GOV’T? Is it a CORPORATION?

If Yes,


If Nonprofit, EIN#

Or a “UFO” Where’s Its

[Legal] Home, if any?

Year Incorp?

State Corp. Status Active?

[Active; if not:


Center for Marriage Policy
The Center for Family Policy and Practice
Center for Court Innovation
MDRC (formerly “Manpower Development Research Corporation”)
Brookings Institution

[and its 12 Policy Centers*]

Urban Institute

[and its 10 Policy Centers]

(the) National Fatherhood Leaders Group

[And I mentioned their Board Members,

incl. Ron Haskins]***

Center for Urban Families {EIN# 522142708
Center for Urban Families FUND (EIN# 7770710204)

If you ever wanted to get a little closer to who’s behind the curtain, it helps to understand where the curtains are.  Nonprofits are a multi-purpose tool; one of the things they do is avoid accountability standards that would apply to government; another is to obfuscate whose brilliant ideas their policy were (like, the Ford Foundation’s, or Rockefellers’, etc.) in many cases., and provide handy nametags to spread around in PR pieces.

Sad to say, the nonprofit corporation is also a tool for shady characters to embezzle money through, or get paid-for government.  While disgraceful to the honest nonprofits providing real services, we all should be aware of the potential.  Again, examples below, and with time, they become easier to recognize.   Keep in mind that, honest or dishonest, the tax system (income tax, and for-profit/not-for-profit/ religious further privileged) status is also itself a TOOL, for what else, collecting and redistributing wealth.

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