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[[After reminding readers of the table to sort and prioritize Centers (etc.) according to their legal and economic descriptions (Government or not) — I remembered to emphasize that ‘RELIGIOUS TAX-EXEMPT” is often a vehicle of choice for the family court-connected programming (i.e., directing federal grants towards, a mutual solicitation process) — and of two mega-churches, or at least highly evangelical Protestant ones — helping dispense HHS-funded programming; one in California and one in Florida.  The California (San Jose) situation (not church, but situation) has had my attention for at least a month, and the pattern of its tax returns is really strange.  See below…. and ABOVE that table…LGH/October 1, 2013]]

I talk with people about the factors in the post’s title daily because they impact our lives and safety.  Hit me with a comment if you have questions.   Overall, it’s time to start checking out more of our corporations and to focus on understanding basic economic situations that rig the game as to who’s upper, who’s middle, and who stays lower class in this country.  It also happens, in my opinion, to be fascinating, illuminating and expanding of one’s horizons and ability to understand, well — life.

Once you become aware of certain issues, this awareness carries over into listening to media, listening to experts (context:  on court, or economic matters, such as “the budget”) and business.   It is a system in motion and there are ways to take samplings to see  in which direction.  However, that awareness must be acquired.  Some may be inhaled by association, but those are shallow breaths without exerting effort.  Someone has to turn on the ignition, and move away from indifference (passive acquisition of beliefs, like second-hand smoke).    The goal is understanding, not the ability to parrot, or quote others only (who can’t do that???).  LOOK IT UP!!  DEVELOP THE LOOK IT UP HABIT, TOO!  BECOME MORE CURIOUS!

Get off the couch and turn of Oprah and Dr. Phil (if certain nonprofit advocacy group self-promoters get another audience with them, I’m sure it’ll be publicized well enough next time) — and get some basic vocabulary.  Certainly I don’t have it down, but even my amateurish basic labels actually can be applied, accurately and to tell the truth, easily.  I have given examples AND instructions and suggested where else to look for more practice, Here in “”Where’s Waldo? and Who’s Your Daddy?” How and Why to Run Background-Checks on (any and all) “POLICY,” or “RESOURCE,” or so-called “JUSTICE” Centers” (a Sept. 2013 post).

The table below is currently blank.  However, some of those blanks are filled in (in narrative form) in my August 9, 2013  post called “What Centers for ABC__XYZ Policy, Especially Marriage Policy, Really Mean”  By SYSTEMATICALLY looking certain things up, if a group catches your attention, or is active in the fields you are concerned about, you actually have something more objective to compare one with another with.  “My impressions, my chosen experts’ impressions or viewpoints which are also called facts (that I haven’t checked out, really, and in isolation, couldn’t defend IF someone challenged those facts with alternate, or contradictory facts). ”

[a few paras. added 11/1/2013:]

Most of us, to tell the truth, are not qualified as social science experts, OR legal experts.  However, why not look at some public available information, which is mostly ignored, to start profiling some of the leading (loudmouth) or influencing from the sidelines (and let someone else be the megaphones) “Centers, Institutes, Clearinghouses, or Thinktanks” or whatever else they call themselves. Sort them into a few different categories — what species are they.

Then check for habitat (what state are they in), plumage (does the wonderful website and website claims, including as to when they incorporated (the most common area of exaggeration), and when they DID incorporate — did they have a strange habit of getting involuntarily dissolved, only to show up bright and shiny in another state; same essential people, different home?

With time it definitely gets easier, because of skill and practice.  Then, if the group is a charity, you can go after the tax returns and learn more, keeping ALL this time that even if something is actually on a Secretary of State, or Charities Search site — that’s not an original document and most of those sites have disclaimers.  If you are serious and want something for court evidence, that should be a certified copy of what’s on file.  Good luck with THAT (see Janet Phelan/Joseph Zernik for issues on dual but not identical sets of records, when it comes to court cases and the court docket.  That’s a live issue — but here, I am talking not about individual court records, but CORPORATE records and for a different purpose; that of getting some background information on groups that you may be reading of, or whose material you may be reading, when exploring this FAMILY COURT topic.   (end 11/1/2013 additions)

OK? Also pay attention to the judicial habits of forming lots of nonprofits (running fatherhood and prisoner-re-entry programs, even domestic violence trainings [still = fatherhood promotion ]] through them).  Also, because the religious exemption makes accountability harder (i.e., churches dont have to show their tax returns, basically), that’s are an area of choice for these fields.  Plus, they’re highly into “family” to start with, and have ready-made distribution networks; they “get” the MLM and Franchise models and some are expert in it.  Something of a recent (maybe 2013) discovery from my perspective of just how common the practice is.

See 11/1/2013 blog, assuming I get it published in a few minutes here.  And, although I haven’t finished looking at this one, for people who are familiar with California’s A/V grants, and material on the California Judicial Council site about it, the writeups often mention a Rally Supervised Visitation Services” or similar title, also see the Board of Directors of a group called:  California Association of Supervised Visitation Providers.   If you want more detail before checking it out, hit me with a comment below.  There appears to be some issues with ALL THREE of the board members corporate affiliations as disclosed (and two out of three are religious in nature and longstanding honorable mentions in court-connected, court-posted access/visitation material as examples of, probably best practices (report to the California Legislature on these programs).  The third individuals name is common enough I would have to finish verifying, but lists herself as in private practice when in fact I believe this person is also associated with the San Diego area “East County Family Justice Center” opening its doors in December 2008 — part of the “Family Justice Center” models being promoted especially after having been baptized by then President George W. Bush with federal funding.  The Bush family legacy has wealth connections to the profits from Auschwitz (which didn’t come out fully until after he was President); his religiousity is well known to trend towards the muscular fascists sorts, there is the Moon connection (DNR if this Bush or his father) and ITS connection to the healthy marriage obsession (the word applies) — and in short, it is NOT good news for the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution, due process, or any women in the United States, in particular, when a Bush-based model is offering to consolidate services into a center which includes faith-based counseling and (this last one apparently does), offender treatment plans.

Sorry to bring this up, but I’m a friend, not an enemy, in saying so.  Thing to watch is CONSOLIDATION of power in an UNACCOUNTABLE FISCAL SETUP — which the family law center model all but is, AND when ALL Americans are through the Federal Government systems of grants and contracts, being forced to support things that seek to eradicate services to specific sectors of Americans (whether or not they have a multi-cutural or egalitarian flavor, for publication) by way of religious corporations.  It’s the philosophy, the concept that religious service providers (especially Protestants0 are indeed capable of not flavoring the soup — AND it’s the obstacle provided to accountability through the tax exemption.

A hard look at some of this on your weekends (for those of you who have full-time M-F work these days) might just be a wake-up call to quit feeding the monsters in the room.   Of course doing so will require change, and giving up things you want.  Not doing so will be then saying, OK, either I’m going to de-activate my conscience, or clear it by accepting clean-up duty for social services cases which should be handled as criminal cases but aren’t — and thereby avoid participating in system change which might affect my pension fund.

What I’m saying is, get real — someone has too much money, and is using that money to make sure that people like me feel obligated to spend time writing blogs like this, AFTER having gone through they system scouring it for active, and effective court order enforcement, and right-to-live (let alone right-to-work) protection, while being forced to co-parent with a spouse or partner who has previously battered, has subsequently stalked (including through the  courts and outside them, quite often, and in my case) and threatened more than once (while married and after separated) to kill.  What’s “FAMILY” about that?  What kind of “Family” IS that?  Is that worth preserving?  How can you preserve life or even pretend to intend to, when there’s a sociopath or so intent on stomping it out and is in retaliation mode on an average day, and the priority is set by marriage promotion and responsible fatherhood as part of welfare reform ?

Frankly, about the multiple-nonprofits, and plenty of them under the religious-exempt umbrella, plus the press releases about how many victims are going to be, or were, served — I find it disgusting.   I also believe that anyone honest who takes a serious sampling of the corporate, charitable, and funding profiles, and compares it to the groups’ self-promotion and self-description, and activities (which DO fall into patterns) will also be.

Without some common elements to compare from one group to another, or to contrast — you have NOTHING to evaluate with other than instinct, opinion, or anecdotal evidence — none of which are much in court, and may not even communicate the substance to another human being.  With the corporate and financial profiles, you at least have a hope of grasping the essence, the significance of different groups, and what time of day it is for America — in a way NOT to be found on the news.

Warning — it’s not for the weak or spiritually lazy inside, which many intellectuals, in my experience, are.  Not all, but many.

The question as this information that you WILL be faced with (if you’re alive psychologically, emotionally, or spiritually as a person) is how you handle what you know.  The critical decisions is — what do you do after you start to comprehend.  Definitely major sectors of the landscape start shifting in perspective (what seems larger may seem smaller; because this information is definitely on the “large” side….) and you may feel insignificant, betrayed, or outraged [which is probably appropriate, but that’s not a place to stay for long, without some corresponding action or response to accommodate that feeling. ]


This Post is a “Sleeper.”  It covers current heavyweight actors in the courts, and names names.  It also has a colorful chart (example) AND a 5-point check list to ask of any center.  I will repeat this simple admonition:  Look It Up, FIRST, then, if you choose to engage further, or explore, further, do so.  Don’t go into that jungle without a map, a compass, or something at least resembling a guide.  This is fascinating and distracting territory.  A bit of initial labeling will help make some sense of it.

(Moving THAT topic to its own post. But for people who are wondering where all their taxes went, you might want to take a closer look. I sure did……)

Some Centers inhabit [are projects of] law schools, others of Nonprofits, others government (like courts), others simply ARE nonprofits.

For example, the Center for Innovation in the Courts (NY)is a hybrid of the Unified Court System of NY and “Fund for the City of New York” (Rockefeller)

However, the Center for Family Policy and Practice (CFFPP) IS a nonprofit, and self-described as the strategic outreach arm of Ford Foundation’s “SFFI” (Strengthening Fragile Families Initiative), which program was spear-headed while working for the Ford Foundation, by Ronald Mincy, Ph.D.   (it also changed its names from one containing “fathers” to one containing “families,” same acronym.

When a group is a “project” of some (university, law school, or government sites) its finances are likely to be more co-mingled, a little more murky and harder to notice.  As it turns out, responsible fatherhood (and plenty of other) programming likes ALL of the above locations and certain heavyweight foundations like to fund them.

Apparently that was for them to know, and us to find out after it’s too late.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to give a d@mn, and go forth and look up.  I’d be interested to hear about some findings, and have several examples below.

A column that shoulda/coulda been added below is, IF it’s known to have been kickstarted by a major private family foundation, which one? Several in the list below were Ford. This is a SAMPLE, to illustrate, and not comprehensive!  ALSO — “IF NONPROFIT, RELIGIOUS?”  This is relevant in the family court field — because so much of the marriage promo stuff has been.

Website Is it GOV’T?

If Yes, Under WHICH Gov’t?

Locate and Read their CAFR,

incl. Org. Chart & Employees

Correlate to Authorized Programs, Budget, etc.

Is it a CORPORATION?If Yes, Then:



If Nonprofit,* Seek EIN# and state-level registries of Corps & Trusts

If NP, Religious Exempt (or other exempt)…
See below and watch out!

If so, are filings current, or proper? etc.

Or,is it a “UFO”(Project/

initiative, etc.).

IF SO, Whose?

Where’s Its[Legal] StateorTerritory

HOME, if any?


Year Incorp?

State Corp. Active?


if not:


Center for Marriage Policy
The Center for Family Policy and Practice
Center for Court Innovation
Brookings Institution

[and its 12 Policy Centers*]

Urban Institute

[and its 10 Policy Centers]

(the) National Fatherhood Leaders Group

[And I mentioned their Board Members,

incl. Ron Haskins]***

MDRC (formerly “Manpower Development Research Corporation”)
Center for Urban Families {EIN# 522142708}
Center for Urban Families FUND (EIN# 7770710204)

Further steps if you have discovered a religious-exempt “Center” or in following certain grants, or programming, have found them being marketed under a religious-exempt’s roof (that includes street real estate — or website real estate — both are gateways into the community and being used to solicit (a) funding (b) participation in services (HHS and religious!) by customers, and (c) with that process — which can include TANF-diversionary programming — bring prestige and profit to the individuals with the “numbers” and the “distribution” network.

Check other 501(c)3s at same street AND website address.
Are such 501(c)3s (“ministries”) taking Federal $$? If so, follow-up.

Florida: Trinitychurch.tv (<=parenting)/church website points viewers to a franchised turnkey evangelizing program “Peacemakers (

Franchised, for-profit to PRIVATE individuals HHS-sponsored marriage, fatherhood, prisoner-re-entry, etc., curricula can then be run through same networks.

Cathedral of Faith,* Bible Gateway, Maranatha Christian Center
Santa Clara County (San Jose, Silicon Valley), CA
[*see “Community Outreach/Calif Youth Outreach”]
Prisoner-Reentry Collaborative

ONCE a “Center” has been identified as NOT a nonprofit, but a function of a Government, then the next steps are to locate the funding, origins (how old?), and identify and check its CAFRs, or activities as legitimate, on a budget, annual (not comprehensive) annual report, and in short, that eliminates paging through tax returns to follow the money. IF this is Government, is it outsourcing to private parties, or taking private wealth to influence that center? Usually, the answer will be YES. Then you can see where the influence comes from.

If you ever wanted to get a little closer to who’s behind the curtain, it helps to understand where the curtains are.  Nonprofits are a multi-purpose tool; one of the things they do is avoid accountability standards that would apply to government; another is to obfuscate whose brilliant ideas their policy were (like, the Ford Foundation’s, or Rockefellers’, etc.) in many cases., and provide handy nametags to spread around in PR pieces.

Sad to say, the nonprofit corporation is also a tool for shady characters to embezzle money through, or get paid-for government.  While disgraceful to the honest nonprofits providing real services, we all should be aware of the potential.  Again, examples below, and with time, they become easier to recognize.   Keep in mind that, honest or dishonest, the tax system (income tax, and for-profit/not-for-profit/ religious further privileged) status is also itself a TOOL, for what else, collecting and redistributing wealth.

[END of segment from the Where’s Waldo? post]

I also linked this (some of the privately acquired wealth leading to a public philanthropy)  to a significant corporation in the breakup of the I.G. Farben Cartel (which helped set up Hitler and tried to weaken the allies preparatory to World War II. If you just don’t think about these things — or they fail to come across your path in reading, or thought — a lot of our current landscape is going to be out of context, and probably wrongly interpreted.

There is a MAJOR lesson to be learned about government –and how we interact with it, and probably should be behaving at this point — from how many of the primary wealthy philanthropies have acquired their initial wealth, including buying distressed assets (including assets seized by the US Government under “Trading with the Enemy” Act after World War II) and in general running prosperous businesses.

The matter of PATENTS is also a matter of control.

While I’m not happy with the “state of the world” at least having a better understanding of some of its governmental and corporate operations may lead to some strategies for reform.

It has to be understood that many of the most powerful entities around — have gotten this way in part from what lines of work they are in, by keeping things under PRIVATE (family) control, or for specializing in contracting with, or doing the business of government. We should by now be smart enough to ask WHY does the United States Government have all that money to start with? How did it get it?

(And all its subsidiary parts — i.e., there are over 100,000 different governments without the country (that’s a lot when you consider, only 50 states).

I continue, now in the third decade of this BS, to have to deal with people who backed my ex after I threw him out with a restraining order over a decade ago. Is this the new “normal” for all families in the courts?   I do know, it’s not good news unless the middle class wakes up and decides to assume a different position — and quit funding programs that hurt women and children, contribute to assaulting their privacy, and ability to participate in society.

I didn’t ever expect to have this many years truly concerned about my ability to survive past the next week. It’s not a matter of my ability, or the market, or even work available. It’s matter of NOT having the resources, or have yet found the way — to throw out the family violence (abusive element, sociopath, etc.) from my life and KEEP THEM OUT. I am not an adolescent, or in my twenties, and to be still dealing this long with people who have shown the intent, have the motives, and so far have the means — to cause starvation, attempt to put me homeless, force me to beg when there’s abundance available — but under sociopathic control in what appears to be a loophole in the laws (coverage gaps) — it’s just rough.

Once such elements (gangsters, essentially — the criminal element) are around, and the justice and law enforcement are NOT doing anything about it — it’s no simple matter to make a switch. Once you’ve been marginalized, and the people who did it are local and won’t budge — what then????

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  1. Note to self: After looking at Center for Community Solutions 2011 tax return (EIN# 95-637959) and realizing that they actually do shelters (and healthy relationships programming for incarcerated boys and men, that their “Schedule B” of contributors ll show the same street addresses as the address itself and include the San Diego Bar Association (no conflict there) that Verna Griffin-Taylor has been CEO since 1998?? and was also active on CPEDV, that the second Executive Staff member listed is 100% psychologist (Rutgers, Indiana) that of their funding (this yearss marked “2011” on the tax form) $2.8 million was government grants….and the organizational purpose is to “be a catalyst to end sexual and domestic violence” (and other world-peace related goals, community level)

    And that on their Charitable Registry database RRF for the same year, which is supposed to have a 2nd page posting from WHICH government sectors, exactly, funding was received when Question 6, “Did you receive government funding” is answered “YES” –but doesn’t. I’m checking the others now; For the previous year, grants were received to corporation 95-637959, it says, from:
    [for clearer version see my “Look up a Nonprofit Page” and look it up links. Or, just go to the California’s Office of Attorney General, charitable trusts registry, search by this EIN# (or corporation name) and look at the various “RRF” forms at the bottom, yourself!

    No wonder they are doing well fiscally — with funding from: Two Federal, Two State, One County, One San Diego Unified School District (probably for running classes), and private individuals….

    The HHS funding is worrisome and I’m going to go look it up.

    (202) 305-2713
    (202) 401-5540
    = = = = = =
    This list from 2008 (YE 6/30/2008) is even longer and took two pages. Possibly some of this related to (see below) the opening of the East County Family Justice Center? This will be messy, but it is, unformatted:

    Statement 1 Form RRF -1, Part B, Line 6 Government Agency That Provided Funding
    Office of Emergency Services EDV – Shelter 3649 Schriever Avenue Mather, CA 95655
    Negin Sabbaghian (916) 324-4617
    Office of Emergency Services RCC – Rape Crisis/Central 3650 Schriever Avenue Mather, CA 95655
    Janine Williams (9l6) 327-8715
    County of San Diego/HHHS/Office of Violence Prevention 4438 Ingrahyan Street San Diego, CA 92109 Ofelia Valdez-Najar
    (838) 581-5840
    County of San Diego/Community Action Partnership 1255 Imperial Avenue #743, MS W294 San Diego, CA 92101
    Alonzo Fimbrez (619) 338-2735
    SD Unified School District 2441 Cardinal Lane, Bldg A. San Diego, CA 92123
    Christiane McPhee (858) 496-1947
    California Department of Public Health/EPIC Branch MS 7214 POB 997377 Sacramento, CA 95899-7737 Jeannie Galarpe
    (916) 552-9838
    DOJ/OJP/Office of Violence Against Women Department of Justice Washington DC Kathrin Mera
    (202) 616-2599

    *~*~*~*~*~Dept of Health & Human Services Adm for Children & Family ACYF Operations Ctr,FYSB Continuation, 118 Q St., NE Washington,· DC Darlene Langston
    (202) 401-5540
    La Mesa Community Development Block Grant 8130 Allison Avenue La Mesa,CA 91941
    Patricia Rutledge (619) 667-1185 *~*~*~*~*~
    Page 1
    California Statements Center for Community Solutions
    Page 2
    Statement Form RRF-l, Part B, Line 6 Government Agency That Provided Funding
    Santee Community Development Block grant 10601 Magnolia Avenue Santee, CA 92071
    Joyce Easley (619) 258-4100
    California Department of Public Health/MCH 1615 Capitol Ave., MS 8305 Sacramento, CA 95899-7420 Pete Wan-Dremel

    HHS search. As it doesn’t display well on comments field, I’ll handle it separately..

    Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
    Center for Community Solutions
    SAN DIEGO CA 92109-4919 SAN DIEGO 005138644 $ 325,000
    Showing: 1 – 1 of 1 Recipients
    This came from one grant of $100K in 2003 (90EV025, “Family Violence Prevention Services”). The CEO had been working at an assault center since 1998, I believe it said….) and then several for $75K in the SAME grant series (judging by award# 90EV0387, titled: ”

    “CONNECTIONS INITIATIVE: COLLABORATIVE MODEL BETWEEN CENTER FOR COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS (CCS) AND SAN DIEGO YOUTH & COMMUNITY,” action dated 08-08-2008, approximately four months before the or 3rd Family Justice Center in this region was about to open….”

    Looking up this grant, HHS has miss-spelled its well-known grantee’s last name as Verna Griffin-TaRbor” (it’s Tabor)

    But more to the point — and I do NOT believe it was mentioned — the East County Family Justice Center in Same area (San Diego) which is NOT incorporated cited this group as its organizing operating agent, ” — the 2012 tax return (the ECFJC opened doors December 2008) does NOT reflect, that I can see —

    And given how corrupt the justice center model has proven to be, from the same general area, and that the San Diego Domestic Violence Council (related) loves ‘Center for Community Solutions,” that the Board (not “executive Board, but Board) as posed on their website is a who-s who of what are the major business sectors of ANY city (like, a Mayor….)

    Click to access 990-FY-2011.2012.pdf

    Are they providing supervised visitation services also (I do believe this is an A/V grantee).

    Let's Get Honest

    November 1, 2013 at 1:58 pm

  2. […] see the second chart on this page, which is talking specifically about corporate filings and how very important this is to […]

  3. […] (8-2013 update — I now have a few posts on how to tell which is which, and why you should, when the word “CENTER” is used! “NAMES:  Center, Council, Judicial, Legislative, Institute — but WHO they are and how legit, i…“ […]

  4. I am living the nightmare just as you describe- I am 3 years into it. I’m reaching out to state and government- raising funding questions- proving facts- calmly, focused- and knowing I have no choice, while my son is out there. HHS IG seems like a tough bunch if folks, I hope they follow through, I am formulating my compliant against Ground Zero, Stamford, CT Superior Family Court and building rock solid packages to complain to the Judicial Committee, Grievance Commitee, State Office of Ethics, Attorney General- Chief Admin Judge.


    November 25, 2013 at 3:20 am

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