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NAMES: “Center, Council, Judicial, Legislative, Institute…” But WHO they are, and how legit, is in the LABEL.

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[[After reminding readers of the table to sort and prioritize Centers (etc.) according to their legal and economic descriptions (Government or not) — I remembered to emphasize that ‘RELIGIOUS TAX-EXEMPT” is often a vehicle of choice for the family court-connected programming (i.e., directing federal grants towards, a mutual solicitation process) — and of two mega-churches, or at least highly evangelical Protestant ones — helping dispense HHS-funded programming; one in California and one in Florida.  The California (San Jose) situation (not church, but situation) has had my attention for at least a month, and the pattern of its tax returns is really strange.  See below…. and ABOVE that table…LGH/October 1, 2013]]

I talk with people about the factors in the post’s title daily because they impact our lives and safety.  Hit me with a comment if you have questions.   Overall, it’s time to start checking out more of our corporations and to focus on understanding basic economic situations that rig the game as to who’s upper, who’s middle, and who stays lower class in this country.  It also happens, in my opinion, to be fascinating, illuminating and expanding of one’s horizons and ability to understand, well — life.

Once you become aware of certain issues, this awareness carries over into listening to media, listening to experts (context:  on court, or economic matters, such as “the budget”) and business.   It is a system in motion and there are ways to take samplings to see  in which direction.  However, that awareness must be acquired.  Some may be inhaled by association, but those are shallow breaths without exerting effort.  Someone has to turn on the ignition, and move away from indifference (passive acquisition of beliefs, like second-hand smoke).    The goal is understanding, not the ability to parrot, or quote others only (who can’t do that???).  LOOK IT UP!!  DEVELOP THE LOOK IT UP HABIT, TOO!  BECOME MORE CURIOUS!

Get off the couch and turn of Oprah and Dr. Phil (if certain nonprofit advocacy group self-promoters get another audience with them, I’m sure it’ll be publicized well enough next time) — and get some basic vocabulary.  Certainly I don’t have it down, but even my amateurish basic labels actually can be applied, accurately and to tell the truth, easily.  I have given examples AND instructions and suggested where else to look for more practice, Here in “”Where’s Waldo? and Who’s Your Daddy?” How and Why to Run Background-Checks on (any and all) “POLICY,” or “RESOURCE,” or so-called “JUSTICE” Centers” (a Sept. 2013 post).

The table below is currently blank.  However, some of those blanks are filled in (in narrative form) in my August 9, 2013  post called “What Centers for ABC__XYZ Policy, Especially Marriage Policy, Really Mean”  By SYSTEMATICALLY looking certain things up, if a group catches your attention, or is active in the fields you are concerned about, you actually have something more objective to compare one with another with.  “My impressions, my chosen experts’ impressions or viewpoints which are also called facts (that I haven’t checked out, really, and in isolation, couldn’t defend IF someone challenged those facts with alternate, or contradictory facts). ”

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