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Private Wealth Acquisition / Disposition: Bankers Life and Casualty (1879)- the MacArthur Foundation (pre-1978)

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Models for Change, Juvenile Law Center (see Luzerne County Kids4Cash)

This gets real interesting. The post would be a page — if my Pages section weren’t so far down on the right sidebar, and if I had the time (or motivation) to keep cleaning up text widgets, and this blog. Not before that “Donate” button gets a few more hits, for sure…that would be quite the project.

Here, I wanted to point out how a major foundation acquired its wealth, which was through of course diligence, business creativity and forethought — and as to MacArthur Foundation, having chosen insurance. Two other factors which surfaced during this — being VERY wealthy (among the top ten in the US, I think) — the founders, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur — didn’t leave much instruction for how to run their own foundation, and second, that they are leaning left and associated with other major left-leaning groups, like Human Rights Watch and apparently the George Soros “Open Society” network.

Of course the groups calling them “left-lurching” are themselves right-ward. I found some good (i felt) essays from an unknown to me, “Paul Treanor” on the significance of what enforcing “Human Rights” (globally) really translates into, namely, US (British) expansionist intervention anywhere in the world it’s not (US or British) enough in values system, and committing human rights violations to get the desired outcome.

As our own justice system is now reduced to problem-solving courts and “out-come based juvenile justice’ (which MacArthur Foundation’s Models for Change talks about, plenty) — I thought it worth posting.

This isn’t the world’s most interactive blog (it’s more like a disorganized encyclopedia of what I wish I’d known and could’ve taught my kids, as my own efforts to “stop the violence” and get the violent people out of my life (and out of my face and business transactions, too) — it is always going to get back down to the blend of ingredients comprising business, and governmenet. The religion part almost ALWAYS lines up (is joined at the hip) with government, whatever else their posturing is. We can see this by looking at the financing and the perks and permissions.


The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation is one of the largest private foundations in the United States. Based in Chicago but supporting non-profit organizations that work in 60 countries, MacArthur has awarded more than US$4 billion since its inception in 1978. With an endowment over $5.6 billion, the foundation provides approximately $230 million annually in grants and low-interest loans.

In addition to selecting the MacArthur Fellows, also known as “genius grants”, topics of interest to the foundation include international peace and security, conservation and sustainable development, population and reproductive health, human rights, international migration, community development, affordable housing, digital media and learning, juvenile justice, and public interest media, including public radio and independent documentary film. The Foundation also gives grants to more than 200 arts and cultural institutions in the Chicago area.[1]

Just for the record, Catherine T. wasn’t the first wife. Whatever Wife# 1 was, or wasn’t, John D. went down to Mexico to get a divorce, it says. Son J. Roderick MacArthur was son of Wife #1, and there were definitely some fireworks within the family, both regarding Bankers Life and regarding the Foundation.

Here’s the Wiki — short read, please do! (Its few details say so much, I’m exercising a lot of self-restraint not just to paste it in here…. These details speak louder than a narrative of them would — for example, how many private foundations have a former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury on them? This one did.

You really don’t have the full picture of the foundation if you don’t understand their family “squabbles” which are just more public, because they take place with millions of dollars and affect the larger landscape.

These people are playing an ENTIRELY different game that the institutions they seek to run are coaching the average American to. That’s hardly coincidence and one reason the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, even when they have family rifts. There’s enough wealth to fight over, and to spare. then there’s the matter of how they got rich to start with, which is the insurance field itself; and other matters such as buying out distressed companies or stocks.

That’s pretty much how this world works, and seeking justice in it is going to definitely know which side the money is on, and who’s connected with whom. One way to be less than daily concerned with the “family justice” factor is to, it would seem, have something on the table with the business factor. At least then you can still eat while you’re stressed out about losing some fortunes, and might have just a few associates left if times get hard.

I do wonder what happened to the first Mrs. MacArthur (what she’s doing now), how J. Rodericks’ sister “Virginia” lived out her life — what would’ve happened if the old guy hadn’t cut down to Mexico for a divorce in the pre-no-fault divorce era? This was before women got the vote, although they were about to (1920) … It was also before the Great Depression, which John as I recall profited some from.



Rich History Shaped by John D. MacArthur and a Commitment to the Senior Market (this link repeated twice more below).
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August 15, 2013 at 8:59 pm

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