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What Centers for ABC___XYZ Policy, Especially “Marriage” Policy, Really Mean:

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“Centered” usually has a positive connotation, as in, an individual’s a center of balance (emotionally, psychologically spiritually, and physically), which allows grace, flexibility, and movement while being grounded in something that stabilizes yet not so rigid one can’t bend, or can’t interact with others whose center may be slightly different — or even personally offensive.

However, when we are talking governmental “Centers,” the word capitalizes on the human perception of it as good, when in fact it may actually be bad, or even evil in intent. In this post, after looking at a somewhat (ludicrous, in my opinion and others’) “Center” which incorporated in 2011 in St. Louis mostly to give a certain set of people some extra “mouth” — along with the Advisory Board, I show three (or so) Policy Thinktanks or “Centers” influencing family courts across the nation — and as it turns out the FORD FOUNDATION was instrumental in starting each of them, in 1968, 1974, and 1995, to the point that it basically seems to have been the originator of the concepts.

I am actually working (rather intensely) on a line of investigation that is something of a break through in understanding the relationship of the grants to their tax returns to our bottom lines. It’s somewhere between outrageous and “epiphany” of comprehension. As this means going into focused “lookup” mode — not “communicate and present in an organized fashion” mode — I am going to publish what’s on this post, not because it’s succinct — but because people who know me, or the blog, will be able to glean SOME understandings from it – in parts. The theme of “Centers” which are — or are not — actual nonprofits, and how they interact with government, dovetails with the Regionalism Page. Parallel to this is the “where’s the money” factor? I have been finding EIN# fraud between some significant (bankrupted, but then simply reform and set up to “do it again” foundations) and HHS grants, including to the fatherhood industry. Actually seeing how things work si more inspiring (and fun) to me, than (believe it or not) this sarcastic and ridiculing commentary on them, which is intended to help cut the things down to size so we can see ourselves in better perspective, at times.

Certain sets of grants were set up to enable money laundering, PERIOD. They also accomplish other things, but one should never be very distracted by the advertising and promises on the website. Ask the questions I suggest here, and in “look it up” page, get the outline and then consider what story that evidence is telling you. What does it signify? What are the facts telling, when laid side by side and in chrono order? Because they always do have a story to tell– corporations have people behind them (SOMEONE has to file!) and PEOPLE have intent. What was their intent in filing and refiling?.

How many corporations are running out of a single street address, in fast sequence or all at once? What about the boards of directors? Someone else may incorporate — but why would the same folks keep spitting out more corporations at the same address (particularly when an address is in the general Washington, D.C. area)??

Today, I caught the US taxpayers bailing out an organization that, literally, showed at one point in time $241 MILLION of assets. It was moving rapidly through “faith-based” circles, so I also caution religious people to beware “affinity fraud” and think twice before your buddy recommends a buddy who recommends what you should invest in!!! More later.
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August 9, 2013 at 9:07 pm

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