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NAMES: “Center, Council, Judicial, Legislative, Institute…” But WHO they are, and how legit, is in the LABEL.

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[[After reminding readers of the table to sort and prioritize Centers (etc.) according to their legal and economic descriptions (Government or not) — I remembered to emphasize that ‘RELIGIOUS TAX-EXEMPT” is often a vehicle of choice for the family court-connected programming (i.e., directing federal grants towards, a mutual solicitation process) — and of two mega-churches, or at least highly evangelical Protestant ones — helping dispense HHS-funded programming; one in California and one in Florida.  The California (San Jose) situation (not church, but situation) has had my attention for at least a month, and the pattern of its tax returns is really strange.  See below…. and ABOVE that table…LGH/October 1, 2013]]

I talk with people about the factors in the post’s title daily because they impact our lives and safety.  Hit me with a comment if you have questions.   Overall, it’s time to start checking out more of our corporations and to focus on understanding basic economic situations that rig the game as to who’s upper, who’s middle, and who stays lower class in this country.  It also happens, in my opinion, to be fascinating, illuminating and expanding of one’s horizons and ability to understand, well — life.

Once you become aware of certain issues, this awareness carries over into listening to media, listening to experts (context:  on court, or economic matters, such as “the budget”) and business.   It is a system in motion and there are ways to take samplings to see  in which direction.  However, that awareness must be acquired.  Some may be inhaled by association, but those are shallow breaths without exerting effort.  Someone has to turn on the ignition, and move away from indifference (passive acquisition of beliefs, like second-hand smoke).    The goal is understanding, not the ability to parrot, or quote others only (who can’t do that???).  LOOK IT UP!!  DEVELOP THE LOOK IT UP HABIT, TOO!  BECOME MORE CURIOUS!

Get off the couch and turn of Oprah and Dr. Phil (if certain nonprofit advocacy group self-promoters get another audience with them, I’m sure it’ll be publicized well enough next time) — and get some basic vocabulary.  Certainly I don’t have it down, but even my amateurish basic labels actually can be applied, accurately and to tell the truth, easily.  I have given examples AND instructions and suggested where else to look for more practice, Here in “”Where’s Waldo? and Who’s Your Daddy?” How and Why to Run Background-Checks on (any and all) “POLICY,” or “RESOURCE,” or so-called “JUSTICE” Centers” (a Sept. 2013 post).

The table below is currently blank.  However, some of those blanks are filled in (in narrative form) in my August 9, 2013  post called “What Centers for ABC__XYZ Policy, Especially Marriage Policy, Really Mean”  By SYSTEMATICALLY looking certain things up, if a group catches your attention, or is active in the fields you are concerned about, you actually have something more objective to compare one with another with.  “My impressions, my chosen experts’ impressions or viewpoints which are also called facts (that I haven’t checked out, really, and in isolation, couldn’t defend IF someone challenged those facts with alternate, or contradictory facts). ”

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Private Wealth Acquisition / Disposition: Bankers Life and Casualty (1879)- the MacArthur Foundation (pre-1978)

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The rest of the title:

Models for Change, Juvenile Law Center (see Luzerne County Kids4Cash)

This gets real interesting. The post would be a page — if my Pages section weren’t so far down on the right sidebar, and if I had the time (or motivation) to keep cleaning up text widgets, and this blog. Not before that “Donate” button gets a few more hits, for sure…that would be quite the project.

Here, I wanted to point out how a major foundation acquired its wealth, which was through of course diligence, business creativity and forethought — and as to MacArthur Foundation, having chosen insurance. Two other factors which surfaced during this — being VERY wealthy (among the top ten in the US, I think) — the founders, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur — didn’t leave much instruction for how to run their own foundation, and second, that they are leaning left and associated with other major left-leaning groups, like Human Rights Watch and apparently the George Soros “Open Society” network.

Of course the groups calling them “left-lurching” are themselves right-ward. I found some good (i felt) essays from an unknown to me, “Paul Treanor” on the significance of what enforcing “Human Rights” (globally) really translates into, namely, US (British) expansionist intervention anywhere in the world it’s not (US or British) enough in values system, and committing human rights violations to get the desired outcome.

As our own justice system is now reduced to problem-solving courts and “out-come based juvenile justice’ (which MacArthur Foundation’s Models for Change talks about, plenty) — I thought it worth posting.

This isn’t the world’s most interactive blog (it’s more like a disorganized encyclopedia of what I wish I’d known and could’ve taught my kids, as my own efforts to “stop the violence” and get the violent people out of my life (and out of my face and business transactions, too) — it is always going to get back down to the blend of ingredients comprising business, and governmenet. The religion part almost ALWAYS lines up (is joined at the hip) with government, whatever else their posturing is. We can see this by looking at the financing and the perks and permissions.


The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation is one of the largest private foundations in the United States. Based in Chicago but supporting non-profit organizations that work in 60 countries, MacArthur has awarded more than US$4 billion since its inception in 1978. With an endowment over $5.6 billion, the foundation provides approximately $230 million annually in grants and low-interest loans.

In addition to selecting the MacArthur Fellows, also known as “genius grants”, topics of interest to the foundation include international peace and security, conservation and sustainable development, population and reproductive health, human rights, international migration, community development, affordable housing, digital media and learning, juvenile justice, and public interest media, including public radio and independent documentary film. The Foundation also gives grants to more than 200 arts and cultural institutions in the Chicago area.[1]

Just for the record, Catherine T. wasn’t the first wife. Whatever Wife# 1 was, or wasn’t, John D. went down to Mexico to get a divorce, it says. Son J. Roderick MacArthur was son of Wife #1, and there were definitely some fireworks within the family, both regarding Bankers Life and regarding the Foundation.

Here’s the Wiki — short read, please do! (Its few details say so much, I’m exercising a lot of self-restraint not just to paste it in here…. These details speak louder than a narrative of them would — for example, how many private foundations have a former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury on them? This one did.

You really don’t have the full picture of the foundation if you don’t understand their family “squabbles” which are just more public, because they take place with millions of dollars and affect the larger landscape.

These people are playing an ENTIRELY different game that the institutions they seek to run are coaching the average American to. That’s hardly coincidence and one reason the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, even when they have family rifts. There’s enough wealth to fight over, and to spare. then there’s the matter of how they got rich to start with, which is the insurance field itself; and other matters such as buying out distressed companies or stocks.

That’s pretty much how this world works, and seeking justice in it is going to definitely know which side the money is on, and who’s connected with whom. One way to be less than daily concerned with the “family justice” factor is to, it would seem, have something on the table with the business factor. At least then you can still eat while you’re stressed out about losing some fortunes, and might have just a few associates left if times get hard.

I do wonder what happened to the first Mrs. MacArthur (what she’s doing now), how J. Rodericks’ sister “Virginia” lived out her life — what would’ve happened if the old guy hadn’t cut down to Mexico for a divorce in the pre-no-fault divorce era? This was before women got the vote, although they were about to (1920) … It was also before the Great Depression, which John as I recall profited some from.



Rich History Shaped by John D. MacArthur and a Commitment to the Senior Market (this link repeated twice more below).
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August 15, 2013 at 8:59 pm

What Centers for ABC___XYZ Policy, Especially “Marriage” Policy, Really Mean:

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“Centered” usually has a positive connotation, as in, an individual’s a center of balance (emotionally, psychologically spiritually, and physically), which allows grace, flexibility, and movement while being grounded in something that stabilizes yet not so rigid one can’t bend, or can’t interact with others whose center may be slightly different — or even personally offensive.

However, when we are talking governmental “Centers,” the word capitalizes on the human perception of it as good, when in fact it may actually be bad, or even evil in intent. In this post, after looking at a somewhat (ludicrous, in my opinion and others’) “Center” which incorporated in 2011 in St. Louis mostly to give a certain set of people some extra “mouth” — along with the Advisory Board, I show three (or so) Policy Thinktanks or “Centers” influencing family courts across the nation — and as it turns out the FORD FOUNDATION was instrumental in starting each of them, in 1968, 1974, and 1995, to the point that it basically seems to have been the originator of the concepts.

I am actually working (rather intensely) on a line of investigation that is something of a break through in understanding the relationship of the grants to their tax returns to our bottom lines. It’s somewhere between outrageous and “epiphany” of comprehension. As this means going into focused “lookup” mode — not “communicate and present in an organized fashion” mode — I am going to publish what’s on this post, not because it’s succinct — but because people who know me, or the blog, will be able to glean SOME understandings from it – in parts. The theme of “Centers” which are — or are not — actual nonprofits, and how they interact with government, dovetails with the Regionalism Page. Parallel to this is the “where’s the money” factor? I have been finding EIN# fraud between some significant (bankrupted, but then simply reform and set up to “do it again” foundations) and HHS grants, including to the fatherhood industry. Actually seeing how things work si more inspiring (and fun) to me, than (believe it or not) this sarcastic and ridiculing commentary on them, which is intended to help cut the things down to size so we can see ourselves in better perspective, at times.

Certain sets of grants were set up to enable money laundering, PERIOD. They also accomplish other things, but one should never be very distracted by the advertising and promises on the website. Ask the questions I suggest here, and in “look it up” page, get the outline and then consider what story that evidence is telling you. What does it signify? What are the facts telling, when laid side by side and in chrono order? Because they always do have a story to tell– corporations have people behind them (SOMEONE has to file!) and PEOPLE have intent. What was their intent in filing and refiling?.

How many corporations are running out of a single street address, in fast sequence or all at once? What about the boards of directors? Someone else may incorporate — but why would the same folks keep spitting out more corporations at the same address (particularly when an address is in the general Washington, D.C. area)??

Today, I caught the US taxpayers bailing out an organization that, literally, showed at one point in time $241 MILLION of assets. It was moving rapidly through “faith-based” circles, so I also caution religious people to beware “affinity fraud” and think twice before your buddy recommends a buddy who recommends what you should invest in!!! More later.
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August 9, 2013 at 9:07 pm

About the Blog, Cont’d from Gravatar Text

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[If you are receiving this post as a follower, it’s simply a function of housecleaning on the right sidebar, and not new material…][well, some was added extemporaneous, in transit from there to here)…..

[August 2013, removed from “There’s No Excuse” Gravatar widget (text))
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August 8, 2013 at 3:30 pm

Profits and Pitfalls of Intergenerational, Family-Controlled Public Corporations (K-V Pharmaceuticals)

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It started here, piddling around* on the —

Business Entities
Then, clicked on “Disclosures search”
Publicly Traded Disclosure Search (California)

*for “piddling around,” that’s part of how I learn. A synonym is “checking this database again,” and the general interest was, how large a sector, really, is involved in public-traded companies in my state? (I’ve spent so much in the nonprofit sector, and how they work in)… It’s a mindset. There is a way to search “All Companies” at the bottom of one of their screens. I found this, looked at it, picked out one, picked out a director’s name, and took off from there.

These are organizations that sell their stock, and are under the SEC regulation. As the public, we get to know what their officers are making, if they’ve in any legal or criminal proceedings (it happens), and in general, take a look at how another half (so to speak) does business, inbetween listening to how those who run the welfare system want believe is a better way to live.

The coincidental find was just too danged interesting, not to report — and again shows how deeply entrenched the pharmaceutical industry HAS to be with government if they want to do business. HOWEVER, this post is close to simply my reading notes; and general FYI info. …WYSIWYG…

I do think about this, after two decades of fighting the same issues (essentially) with the same people, plus some (essentially), when in truth, I’d just rather be working – than listening to people trying the guilt trip on my failure to work around the aggressions, or seek out how to keep or reconnect one basic service or another — like phone, internet, transportation, or to hold it together to get food, barring the ability to (who does this anymore?) raise my own.

I can see that the discrepancy between wage-working public and those running public-traded companies, especially in the Pharmacy business, is pretty remarkable. Pushing drugs via Medicaid or Medicare can be risky, if you have a crook at the top.

My search was so unbelievably random — I just happened to start looking at the list of public traded companies (in California). There are over 13,000 of them.

Preamble (Ramble)

If you don’t like these, just scroll down and read the articles, and the public disclosures.

I found this shed some light on the preachy tone of Congress on how they should centralize operations to better lift the poor out of poverty. Is that how THEY make their wealth?

This ENTIRE conversation is shown in its true colors if one begins to examine the people studying the poor — and contrast how they make their living (which is, off the poor, or studying them in institutions funded by corporations that made their wealth, originally, HOW???…. Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, …. HOW??? And closely controlled it thereafter…

The fact is — the general idea is to keep a handy source of low-wage laborers and substandard (at least when compared to the schools of the elite), conditioned to understand their lot in life (competing with overseas), remembering how great America is, while convincing the same masses to give up more and more liberty for less and less “ROI” on the same.

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