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“The List” of Corporate Fellows – Where was it Found? [First published 7/19/2013]

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I found this list in July 2013. All were Corporate Fellows of a certain Nonprofit (notice: none are nonprofits themselves, I think)[1].

([1] update. Actually the last one on the list (Western Governors University) is, and probably some of the healthcare-related ones also are.

See “Phoebe Factoid suit argued in Highest Court” (Oct. 2011. The nonprofit in question was a health-care system n Albany, Georgia). I blogged it in January 30, 2010, as a point of reference about nonprofitsThe Profit in Nonprofits and 2 men in Albany, GA, however that post has been blocked out (I DNK why) from public view. Interesting.

[2] My 9/15/2016 update Page (since where the list was found has already been identified in later posts) includes information on the specific public-civil-servant (governors)-led organization’s red-carpet invitation to a “pay-per-presentation” style of governance through the “Corporate Fellows Program.”  The Page* is about a different subject matter, but in the course of explaining who is that organization, also takes a look at one of the half-BILLION-dollar (Total Assets, of which around $300M is stowed in public-treated securities controlled by an organization whose independently voting board of directors is only 14 people):

Do you Know Your NGA?  Post-PRWORA, 1998 Stealth, Coordinated Expansion/Diversion of Welfare Funds based on Sociological, Quasi-Religious Ideology on the Ideal Family Structure …. (Page Added 9/2016)

*In blogging, a Page =/= a Post. Posts appear in sequence (current  ~~> older) on the blog main page as published, and links to them, by date only (without titles) also show up automatically under “Archives. ”  By contrast links (access) to published Pages are only displayed if I, the blog administrator, choose to load them onto the sidebar, or link to them within a post, as I did here.  Right now, my right sidebar is overloaded, and this “Do You Know Your NGA” one may or may not show up there when I publish it, later today (9/15/2016).  

Incidentally, this seems to be true for all blogs and websites, such that private individuals working for or more closely associated with the blog’s (or website’s ) organization may have access to much more information than the public does at any point in time.  Also, material displayed changes over time.

Sometimes I will run across information through a general Google search for which I cannot find ANY clear path to starting from the main website.  When this happens, repeatedly, on government websites (state level or other) it can be very disconcerting.

Over the three years since this post, I have learned a lot.  I recommend viewing that “Do You Know Your NGA” Post at your earliest convenience.  I believe this information is under-reported and not commonly understood, although as you will find out, the NGA claims to pre-date both the income tax and the federal reserve…  Sincerely//LGH (Blogger “Let’s Get Honest”).

My last few posts have taken a look at some of these corporations, what business they are in, and how they do business. The groups, and their founders are fascinating, and are the backdrop to the type of business chosen to be on such a list. These corporate fellows, literally help government advise the people how to think, work, act, and how the world works and on major public policy.

These types of companies reflect major sectors of the economy. I encourage people to look some of them up and ask, what did they have in common, and to whom are they “Corporate Fellows?”

So it’s only “THE List” in the context of recent references by me to “the list.”

Below this list((in two formats), a short discussion of why the word “Fellows” and what it implies, other than honor, high achievement, special privileges, and esteemed colleagues. It also has snob appeal, cf. a form of nobility. So whoever considered this list to be “Corporate Fellows,” other than that they’re also contributing to the central group, we should be asking WHY.

Such lists (this is only one) are indicators of who, really, is “The U.S.A.?” and what business is it in. I think this particular clue is overlooked and underrated as to how deeply it can affect the quality of life, and who answers to whom, at the “local” (street) level.

It’s in two formats — the top table contains (or should) the exact same list as the bottom.

The BOTTOM one may be easier to click on individual corporations than the bottom, BUT OVER TIME HAS LOST ITS TABLE FORMATTING, and I am not replacing it at this time.

I tried to put it in a single-column, left-side-of post, format around which posts could be written, but don’t have the technical expertise (yet). If you want to help upgrade the visual formatting of this post, please use the Donate Button to right!

TOP: THE SINGLE-COLUMN FORMAT (click on any link) with a “for example” row:




The Corporations:
3M Company~|~Accenture~|~ACT~|~Aetna~|~Aflac (INSURANCE, RIGHT?)Altria Client Services, Inc.~|~Amazon.com~|~American Electric Power~|~American Specialty Health~|~Amerigroup~|~AmgenAmplify ~|~ AON Corporation~|~Apple~|~Applied Materials~|~ARAMARK Corporation~|~Astellas Pharma – RxAstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals – Rx AT&T ~|~  Atria Senior Living ~|~

BAE Systems~|~ *** Bank of America ~|~  Barrick Gold of North America, Inc. ~|~ Battelle ~|~ Baxter – Rx ~|~ Best Buy Co., Inc. ~|~ Best Doctors ~|~ Biogen Idec ~|~ Blue Cross Blue Shield ~|~ BP America [BP=British Petroleum] ~|~  Bridgepoint Education ~|~ CenturyLink ~|~ Catamaran ~|~ Cerner Corporation ~|~ Chrysler ~|~ Cisco Systems ~|~ Citi ~|~ The Coca-Cola Company ~|~ The College Board ~|~ Comcast Corporation ~|~ CCA ~|~ CVS Caremark ~|~ Daiichi Sankyo ~|~ Daimler ~|~ Darden Restaurants ~|~ Deloitte [[!!!]] ~|~ DeVry, Inc. ~|~ The Dow Chemical Company ~|~ DTE Energy ~|~ Duke Energy ~|~ Education Management Corporation ~|~ Educational Testing Service ~|~ EMD Serono ~|~ Endo Health Solutions  ~|~ ESRI ~|~ ExxonMobil Corporation  [=Rockefeller] ~|~FOR EXAMPLE:
***BAE Systems:”By navigating around this (web)site you consent to the use of cookies…”

FMC Corporation ~|~ Ford Motor Company ~|~ Genentech [biotech] ~|~  General Electric Company
~|~ General Motors ~|~ Gilead Sciences, Inc.  ~|~ GlaxoSmithKline  [Rx] ~|~  Golden Living ~|~ Grant Thornton ~|~ GTECH ~|~ Hallmark Cards, Inc ~|~ Harley-Davidson Motor Company ~|~ HDR, Inc. ~|~ Hewlett-Packard Company ~|~

Hospital Corporation of America ~|~ Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company ~|~ Humana ~|~ IBM Corporation ~|~ IntelIntuit ~|~ Johnson & Johnson ~|~ JPMorgan Chase & Co.  ~|~ Kaiser Permanente ~|~ Knowledge Universe ~|~ Level 3 Communications, LLC ~|~ Louis Berger Group ~|~ MAXIMUS ~|~ McKinsey & Company ~|~ Merck & Co., Inc. [Rx; see the Merck Manual] ~|~  Microsoft Corporation ~|~ Molina Healthcare, Inc. ~|~ Morgan Stanley [!!!]]  ~|~ Motorola Solutions ~|~ Mylan Inc. ~|~

~|~ Nestle Waters North America ~|~ NIC, Inc. ~|~ Nike ~|~ Norfolk Southern ~|~ Northrop Grumman (defense, right?)  ~|~  Novartis Pharmaceuticals USA ~|~ Novo Nordisk Inc. ~|~ Oracle USA Inc. ~|~ Pearson Education ~|~ Premier ~|~ Purdue Pharma~|~ Pfizer ~|~ The Procter & Gamble Company ~|~ Prudential Financial ~|~ RAI Services Company ~|~ Renaissance Learning ~|~ ResCare ~|~ Sanofi – Rx look it up! Global Healthcare ~|~  SAS Institute Inc. ~|~ SCAN Health Plan ~|~ Scholastic ~|~ Shire Regenerative Medicine ~|~ Sodexo USA ~|~ South Alabama Gas District ~|~ Southern Company ~|~ State Farm Insurance~|~ Target ~|~ TEVA Pharmaceuticals USA – RxTIAA-CREF   ~|~   Time Warner Cable  ~|~  Toyota Motor North America  ~|~ TransCanada ~|~ Truven Health Analytics  ~|~ Unilever United States ~|~ UnitedHealth Group ~|~ Union Pacific Railroad  ~|~  Verizon Communications ~|~  VMware ~|~ Walgreen Co. ~|~ Wal-Mart Stores Inc. ~|~ Weight Watchers International ~|~ WellCare Health Plans, Inc. ~|~ WellPoint, Inc. ~|~ Western Governors University


BOTTOM — 8-column format (but table needs replacement, not a current (2016 update) priority)

See comment on “Western Governors University below this (table + unformatted list) listing of “Corporate Fellows” as viewed July 2013:



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
3M Company  Accenture ..ACT  Aetna Aflac Altria  Client Services, Inc. Amazon.com
American Electric Power American Specialty Health ARAMARK Corporation


Health|Amerigroup|Amgen|Amplify|AON Corporation|Apple|Applied Materials|ARAMARK Corporation|Astellas Pharma – Rx|AstraZeneca
Pharmaceuticals|AT&T|Atria Senior Living|

BAE SystemsBank of AmericaBarrick Gold of
North America, Inc.
BattelleBaxter – RxBest Buy Co., Inc.Best DoctorsBiogen IdecBlue Cross
Blue ShieldBP America[British Petroleum]Bridgepoint EducationCenturyLinkCatamaranCerner CorporationChryslerCisco SystemsCitiThe Coca-Cola CompanyThe College BoardComcast CorporationCCACVS CaremarkDaiichi SankyoDaimlerDarden RestaurantsDeloitte[[!!]]DeVry, Inc.The Dow Chemical
CompanyDTE EnergyDuke EnergyEducation Management
CorporationEducational Testing ServiceEMD SeronoEndo Health Solutions ESRIExxonMobil
[=Rockefeller]FMC CorporationFord Motor
CompanyGenentech[biotech]General Electric CompanyGeneral MotorsGilead Sciences, Inc. GlaxoSmithKlineGolden LivingGrant ThorntonGTECHHallmark CardsHarley-Davidson
Motor CompanyHDR, Inc.Hewlett-Packard CompanyHospital Corporation
of AmericaHoughton Mifflin Harcourt
Publishing CompanyHumanaIBM CorporationIntelIntuitJohnson & JohnsonJPMorgan Chase & Co. Kaiser PermanenteKnowledge UniverseLevel 3 Communications, LLCLouis Berger GroupMAXIMUSMcKinsey & CompanyMerck & Co., Inc.[Rx; see the Merck Manual]Microsoft CorporationMolina
Healthcare, Inc.Morgan Stanley [!!!]]Motorola SolutionsMylan Inc.Nestle Waters
North AmericaNIC, Inc.NikeNorfolk SouthernNorthrop Grumman(!!)Novartis
Pharmaceuticals USANovo Nordisk Inc.Oracle USA Inc.Pearson
EducationPremierPurdue PharmaPfizerThe Procter & Gamble CompanyPrudential FinancialRAI Services…Renaissance LearningResCareSanofiSAS Institute Inc.SCAN Health PlanScholasticShire Regenerative
MedicineSodexo USASouth Alabama Gas DistrictSouthern CompanyState Farm InsuranceTargetTEVA Pharmaceuticals USATIAA-CREFTime Warner CableToyota Motor
North America TransCanadaTruven Health Analytics Unilever United StatesUnitedHealth GroupUnion Pacific RailroadVerizon Communications VMwareWalgreen Co. Wal-Mart Stores Inc.Weight Watchers Int’lWellCare Health Plans, Inc.WellPoint, Inc.Western Governors

Amerigroup Amgen Amplify AON Corporation Apple Applied MaterialsAstellas Pharma=Rx AstraZeneca
 Pharmaceuticals AT&T Atria Senior Living



Western Governors University is just that — it is an on-line university started by Governors (as in, or New York, of Florida, etc.). It is registered as a business in Salt Lake City Utah, and was started in 1995. See related post/s on this one…

“Corporate Fellows”

The term “Fellows” has a connotation of academic expertise and collegiality:

From Wikipedia:

In academia, a fellow is a member of a group of learned people who work together as peers in the pursuit of mutual knowledge or practice. The fellows may include visiting professors, postdoctoral researchers and doctoral researchers.

and yes, it does appear to be a concept from the UK, which is to say, Oxford University, and others.

It may indicate helps run the college, has a special award for graduate study, or other connotations:

Learned or professional societies, or speciality training[edit]

Fellows are the highest grade of membership of most professional or learned societies (see for example, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators or Royal College of Surgeons). Lower grades are referred to as members (who typically share voting rights with the fellows), or associates (who may or may not, depending on whether “associate” status is a form of full membership).

Large corporations in research and development-intensive industries (IBM, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Google or Apple in information technology, Bell Labs or L3 Communications in telecommunications, and Boston Scientific in Medical Devices for example) appoint a small number of senior scientists and engineers as fellows. Fellow is the most senior rank or title one can achieve on a technical career, though some fellows also hold business titles such as vice president or chief technology officer.

Reminder — anything I write which isn’t a direct quote of others is proprietary, “co. (date published)” to me, i.e., the individual (flesh and blood human being) who wrote this blog 2009 – 2013. It takes time to assemble the information and consider how it fits into the larger picture, then write it up. A LOT of time.

I link to my sources. If you copy this, please link to my blog. Thank you. I’ll cite where it came from shortly, after making the point that we ought to be more aware of such groups. You could also look up that assembly of names and probably find them on-line as well.

Note: All those horizontal lines, like the next one..

are being used as paragraphing, which gets stripped out by wordpress ‘text” mode, unpredictably. It’s a wordpress phenomenon, there are forums about how to overcome it….

Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

July 19, 2013 at 9:02 pm

3 Responses

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  1. Saw a posting on Kids’ Turn and involved in custody/litigation with board member. Would be interested in discussing as this organization in my opinion tainted the SF court system. Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2013 04:03:21 +0000 To: stmi80@hotmail.com


    July 20, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    • [I did see the IP is out of state, FYI)

      When you say “with” a board member, you mean that’s the other parent, or someone seeking custody? Or a board member is a professional on the case?

      I’m not in a space to “consult,” at least for free (See DONATE button), which is why I try to post the basics in a fashion that, if they’re understood (including that this is hardly legal OR accounting advice; I’m not in either of those fields) others could.

      The pattern of privatizing government through letting nonprofit trade associations form mroe and more nonprofits to take federal and private (parental) money, and other sources (i.e., working through grants which in California at least come to the Administrative Office of the Courts, under the Judicial Council) is clear. AFCC and CRC (Children’s Rights Council) are just some of the older? kids on the block.

      Members then form their own profits which may, or may not mention where these people in different states hooked up with each other for the next bright idea. Here’s a retired SF Law Commissioner hooking up with some parent coordinators, and a former (or is it still current?) AFCC Board Member, Robin Deutch — for a Reunification Camp, “Overcoming Barriers.”

      Click to access Brochure2013.pdf

      I have at least two posts on Kids’ Turn, did you read them both? Basically it’s another court-professional-generated nonprofti set up to take referral business from the courts, also supported in part by federal grants to the states supporting access/visitation. That KT SF started in 1987 shows they knew what was coming down the pipeline, most likely. That’s easy to do if there’s overlap of associations with groups who are lobbying for the same changes.

      The SF Court was tainted long before Kids’ Turn came around it was simply another vehicle, getting ready for the access/visitation funding apparently. My favorite “off the charts” was watching this organization initially attempt to get a law passed actually naming it as a service provider, then revising the law to be not quite so obvious about “can you MANDATE parents to buy our services, please?”

      21 documents matched. 21 documents displayed. Click on the column headers to sort.

      Search Again

      Kids Turn CA 2012 990 22 $6,831 94-3112621
      Kids Turn CA 2011 990 22 $25,963 94-3112621
      Kids Turn CA 2010 990EZ 17 $6,284 94-3112621
      Kids Turn CA 2009 990EZ 17 $25,000 94-3112621
      Kids Turn CA 2008 990 39 $241,882 94-3112621
      Kids Turn CA 2007 990 21 $96,127 94-3112621
      Kids Turn CA 2006 990 16 $95,931 94-3112621
      Kids Turn CA 2003 990 16 $96,566 94-3112621
      Kids Turn CA 2002 990 14 $272,464 94-3112621
      Kids’ Turn CA 2005 990 15 $118,231 94-3112621
      Kids’ Turn CA 2004 990 17 $57,699 94-3112621
      Kids Turn San Diego CA 2011 990 27 $26,129 33-0724932
      Kids Turn San Diego CA 2010 990 27 $66,061 33-0724932
      Kids Turn San Diego CA 2009 990EZ 19 $29,408 33-0724932
      Kids Turn San Diego CA 2008 990 21 $113,205 33-0724932
      Kids Turn San Diego CA 2007 990 22 $116,986 33-0724932
      Kids Turn San Diego CA 2006 990 23 $77,164 33-0724932
      Kids Turn San Diego CA 2005 990 21 $99,830 33-0724932
      Kids Turn San Diego CA 2004 990 15 $95,423 33-0724932
      Kids Turn San Diego CA 2003 990 15 $50,330 33-0724932
      Kids Turn San Diego CA 2002 990 18 $4,629 33-0724932

      That will show board members. Other on-line sources may show vendor payments if there’s a conflict of interest in your case. Not that I’m sure it’ll help. For an example of someone who’s very good at getting the vendor payments, google Finding Ground Zero (connecticut-basis) in the Washington Times (“AINE NISTIOPHAIN”), or a May 20th article on CT court employees facing tough questions (Anne Stevenson). I’ve also linked to them and posted on them not too long ago.

      I don’t think Kids’ Turn tainted the SF court system much more than it already was; tainted organizations can only reproduce what they already are — which requires also plenty of public enablement as the public has been conditioned to accept so much authority as a normal part of life, and not trained to understand their own best interests where they differ from the interests of the courts themselves. AFCC doesn’t have a stable incorporation history and its own self-narratives are inaccurate (from what we can tell). The pattern was set early on– lobby for specialist courts (Conciliation courts), lobby to get that written into the family code (Done: California’s Family Code has an entirely separate section for ‘Conciliation,” which I’ve blogged), and then push to get the speicalized services you’d lobbied for first CERTIFIED (and set yourself up to provide the certification — Kids Turn providers have to do some of this, right?), charge certification fees to run seminars (or charge it off to the public through continuing education?), deposit the funds “wherever” (no one’s really watching — we are not trained to read the CAFRs and be ACTIVELY involved in tracking down each and every public fund, at least the ones related to the courts or even to suspect the fraud and waste). These “lost” funds can very easily become kickbacks or help set up yet more operations and industries.

      I am still owed thousands of child support arrears, and was all but laughed out of the office the last time I brought it up. My children (now young adults) never got these after custody switch because of the games available in this venue. Nor would the process allow one parent to actually BE a sole provider due to forced co-parenting with sickos (people who regularly commit crimes, not just people one doesn’t get along with). ……
      Do you want to submit a post, or win a custody situation?
      If it’s win a custody situation, while I can’t guarantee this would help, go get the evidence first — and that’s payments to any court-appointed professionals, contracts with the courts, vendor payments, grants involved, and don’t forget (which the public has a right to know anyhow) the payments to judges involved.

      However, if you have a KT-involved case, you’ve probably got an AFCC judge, which signifies certain viewpoints; they are likely to order services to some cronies. So find that relationship and protest it, if it’s inappropriate.

      The key offense, again, is using the courthouses for advancing private for-profit interests, and private nonprofits to strategize away from the public to promote mutual interests at public expense without adequate public input.

      There seems to be no “win” for the children which is also a win for the public when these particular courts are involved; they are playing Russian Roulette with entire communities through inciting court battles.

      Are you asking for off-line communications?

      Let's Get Honest

      July 21, 2013 at 1:06 pm

  2. […] Inc., and Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc. [Note: 4 of them (Barr, Mylan, Teva, and Merck) are on my 'The List" — of corporate fellows of the National Governors Association […]

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