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Public Response to a Private Post comment

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OK, I just responded to someone who wanted know how to view the private post — by answering the comment submitted. Then I realized that was private too, and the person who submitted couldn’t see my response.

It was only private because it was unedited (Hey!!! wipe that smirk off your face; it was MORE unedited than usual) and the information on there is public knowledge. Some of it came from “Supervised Visitation Sucks” post — and it deals with a (public availability through DOJ website, OIG link (bottom right) to grant 2004-WT-AX-K046 an some others. $16 million was audited, of this about $4 million questionable use. The audits speak for themselves.

Meanwhile, I’ll try and get it public pretty soon here, hopefully today. As you can see, this blog isn’t exactly populated with Private posts, this one was private  more on a blog housekeeping technicality.

But it brought up the idea of who might want to contribute to the blog — and subject themselves to my editorial scrutiny, i.e., if the material is original and relevant. I can go read the rhetoric myself anywhere else. I’ll think about that again….

Take care and remember that http://taggs.hhs.gov, while inadequate (and bastardized) at least tells a story about HHS grants and grantees. For the funded, go to Fedmine.com and get it real-time, and of course, paid-for. Wish I could !!!

Also see the “Look Up a Nonprofit” page to the right for a few other bright ideas. have a nice day — unless you’re on the family court franchise racket, in which case, give the public its money back, quit forging court orders and attempting to set up specialized courts to mandate created crazy-making professions in the name of the nation’s mental health.

Also, please go to http://kidsfirst.cc and make sure NOT to voluntarily purchase any of those books — or, if you do, report on them and their authors, several of who are AFCC/CRC/NACC type memberships and none of who have your kids (maybe THEIR grandkids, but not YOURS) best interests in mind. Review Kids Turn (or parent coordination) post series if there is some question on this (Evaluate, Coordinate, How to call Alienate).

Just kidding (sort of) …

Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

June 28, 2013 at 12:03 pm

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  1. To the person who submitted the comment, this was how I answered (I have to go look up that password myself…).

    It refers to audits available to the public through the DOJ. It shows how both VAWA-style and Fathers’Rights style (i.e., taking grants, both, from the DOJ) nonprofits got caught in fraud and dodged accountability by disbanding and reformulating under different names, in different states. They were caught twice in 2010 and in 2012 — another reason why those fields, BOTH of them, are dishonest towards most Americans, and withholding information from their own clients — about how they operate.

    Most Americans can’t and don’t track government (or govt + private) funding and what’s being done with it, as a habit. We should, to cut through the rhetoric and if possible regain some of our personal resources and assets from the system-change-agents who believe their personal vision should be imposed on everyone; after all, it’s inspired, isn’t it? So give us the $millions and we’ll set up the website.

    Where did the missing millions go?


    It’s not private because it’s secret (look through archives — in 560 posts, this is the only one marked “private”) but because it was embarrassingly unedited. Someone wanted the information, I realized the post was in draft and that just copying the text to an email wouldn’t give the links, and that sending “html” was just downright rude. So I put up a “Private Post” and sent the individual (only one) a password.

    I’ll try and get it up today in one form or another.

    Meanwhile, the grant in question was, as i recall, the Grant 2004-WT-AX-K046, and I probably have some of the material up in my post Supervised Visitation Sucks — federal millions. Here’s a quick google search on the grant for an idea – but the audits are available at the usDOJ website (bottom right, see the OIG link, VERy fine print) and then scroll through. Or look those other places til I post it later.

    Search Results
    Why Supervised Visitation (per se) Sucks. Federal Millions, that is …
    Jun 6, 2013 – Federal Millions, that is (DOJ Grant 2004-WX-AT-K046) … “This project was supported by grant number 2004-WT-AX-K079 awarded by the …
    supervisedvisitationprograms.docbook – Violence Against Women …
    This project is supported by grant #2004-WT-AX-K046 awarded by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women. Points of view in this …
    Fathering After Violence: Working with Abusive Fathers in
    This project is supported by grant #2004-WT-AX-K046 awarded by the Office on Violence Against. Women, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of …
    Text – Violence Against Women Online Resources – University of …
    This project is supported by grant #2004-WT-AX-K046 awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice …
    254209 – NCJRS Abstract – National Criminal Justice Reference …
    Grants Office United States of America. Grant Number: 2004-WT-AX-K046. Sale Source: Family Violence Prevention Fund 383 Rhode Island Street, Suite 304

    I don’t know if the comment was sarcastic or not, however, are you interested in contributing some posts, and are you knowledgeable enough to write them up (with links and refs?).

    Let's Get Honest

    June 28, 2013 at 12:17 pm

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