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A Continuum of Crooks: Grandpa and Friends Funded Hitler; Have Grandson and Friends had a Change of Heart?

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This Conversation is also a Call to Repentance, including from some religious practices associated with corporate practices associated with many other things, and none of them noble.  In fact those who were formerly called “savages” may have been more noble, at least in their self-government and living a little more softly on the land — while those with titles of Nobility have historically been the opposite.

There is nothing noble about the crowd running the United States right now, and it is going to require a different language both to understand them, and to communicate with others who have understood, and are disgusted, properly so.  Whatever spirituality is, once it’s incorporated, boxed up and sold and owns (and leases) real estate — that’s commerce.

Like many of my posts, this came OUT of another one, and had a second story added, which is the top part.  It weaves different strands and themes together — which is what I do, I’ve come to accept.  You want FAQs?  Then read and write your own research and summarize them.  I carry mine as part of me, now, and continue learning, which is the process.  It’s a continuum.

If you only want FAQs (i’ve written several up at times), read the 550 post titles, as chapter titles and see what they say.  I don’t blog “Frequently Asked Questions,” I blog the under-asked questions, question why they weren’t asked, and propose answers, after eliminating the obviously disqualified ones.


Grandpa Funding Hitler isn’t a joke, it’s historical fact.  Not acting alone, of course.  Grandpa symbolizes Prescott Bush, Grandson, obviously, a U.S. President….

George Bush - Unauthorized Biography

 Nazi interests in the Silesian-American Corporation, long managed by Prescott Bush and his father-in-law George Herbert Walker, were seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act on Nov. 17, 1942. In this action, the government announced that it was seizing only the Nazi interests, leaving the Nazis’ U.S. partners to carry on the business . (etc.)  More HERE

What I’m concerned about is the gradual numbing and conditioning of us — rather than face the facts -we have gone already “Fascist,” the next step IS “jackboot fascism.”

In this context asking the authorities to “reform the courts” in a subordinate, and submissive posture, a topic I have gone over and over with a certain blog who is stumbling upon, or being fed, actual evidence, refuses to sort what’s already up there, and then typically responds, let’s hope the authorities do something.   As a result, the individuals posts confusion — an unsorted set of referrals, which is almost worse than being categorically off-track, which at least would be easier to see and address.

A confused person is easier to “lead,” and will attract more confused people to be led.  That’s not a safe place to be!

Whatever happened in the blogger’s background, she IS taking action — posting consistently.  But where is the discretion, the exercise of judgement, and the making up of one’s mind what’s wrong, what’s right, what’s off-track, and what’s not?  Is it possible that most people truly do not recognize that media (telecommunications providers, newspaper publishers, etc.) are actually corporations also?  And that the media have corporate owners?

We need to understand the role of CORPORATIONS & GOV’T & PUSHING PSYCHOLOGY/MENTAL HEALTH/SOCIAL SCIENCE  (do I have to spell it out again? See topmost post on this blog!).  And BLENDING and CATERING to DOMINIONIST STYLE RELIGIONS, WITH PUBLIC FUNDING.

One way to understand this is through an outside-in look, in the words of people who beat the Europeans to the United States, Canada, and while I’m at it, Africa — and whose history includes the understanding (experiential) that what are now called these “governments” actually began as (and still are) “corporations.”  A Corporation is not a people.  People are not a corporation.  A corporation entails a contract, whether under duress or not.  what about the people that lived (anywhere) before the ownership of them, their land, their commodities, and their right to buy and sell, wasn’t “incorporated” – or their religions?

I didn’t understand this growing up, or most of the way through my family court case.  But it can be understood.  How about NOW?

The Bush Family, and others, understood corporations as a technology of commerce and their backup by (colonizing) home countries, i.e., by the military, and their power.  For example, World War II was actually started to protect multi-national corporate interests WITHIN (Germany, Great Britain, United States) and a Dutch bank owned by German Industrialists one of them enchanted with Hitler.

Why would it make any sense then to continue NOT understanding how corporations work?  Or what the word “person” means under United States Code?

I think it’s also going to take some genuine (not “drank the Kool-aid”) grounded women (sorry to be on a “thing” about that these days; it comes from recent experience…) to connect the dots — once they regain their voices — and organize the fragments being thrown at them, chaotically, into the sensible whole it truly is, as well as name and state the purpose of the chaos-producers as a form of warfare and distraction.

For example when assemblies of earnest elders in the family law field offer to fix it for us all, on blog after blog and book after book** – Stop, Look, Listen — and go get their geneaologies!  What “clans” are they in, and whose interests are really in their hearts?  Are these proven allies and Dear Friends, or messengers, what’s the real deal?

(**Just noticed — a portion of the proceeds from sale of the (2010) book is being donated to the BMCC.  It is being applauded by Lundy Bancroft and Jay Silverman, and Daniel Ritchie, who just put out a 2nd version of “The Batterer As Parent (2012), by Rita Smith of NCADV, and by other JD’s and PhDs. ) Priced as follows:

Domestic Violence, Abuse, and Child Custody
© 2010  704 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-887554-84-8
Price: US $89.95Product Code: DVACPB
Domestic Violence, Abuse, and Child Custody
Format: Hardcover Book
© 2010 approx. 704 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-887554-76-3
Price: US $149.95
Product Code: DVAC

That’s obviously not just aimed at bankrupted battered mothers in custody cases (although it’s been sold at BMCC).  The bankrupted distressed parents are supposed to, whether or not they can buy it, talk it up and establish a web presence for the editors. The BMCC conference is a place where those in this marketplace can present on stage and do workshops.

Those who have different theories and analyses, are not presenting — and aren’t welcome to discuss them.  That’s innate to the “Conference” circuit — it’s self-selecting and there is an Us/Them class system.  There is also a class system within the reform the courts field — leader, or follower.  Can write off out-of-state travel expenses, obtained through prior earnings or contributions (if a nonprofit); can’t cough up travel expenses because the court case and child support (FYI, last I heard, not ever a topic in the conference’s 10 years, although it’s driving the system!) is sucking every spare dollar out of the noncustodial parent.

Why is there no significant PUBLIC discussion among battered mothers about things such as, the Conference Circuit among trainers?  Or how the welfare system has been evolving since 1996?

? ? ?

Time to acknowledge the innate flaws in our basic systems (that is, AFTER identifying and correctly naming them!) — and who we are currently dealing with in leadership.  On the larger scale, we are engaged in a top-down, hierarchical, war-based, debt-based, commerce-driven (manipulated markets), and part of this dominating and profiting from others  DOES involve “patriarchy.”

Some groups that have distilled this into an industry (talking about patriarchy) still LIVE off it — and are using the same technology.  They have also been caught in grants fraud, although probably not enough, and without significant consequences — like jail, or paying it back (penalties).  They talk “Coordinated Community Response” but the platform to do this on comes from wealth (the energies of living beings) extracted from the public at large, so even if it’s a bad idea — the group comes out ahead, and the public comes out having spent millions on it.

The link above comes from what looks like a UN Campaign, but the website reads “endvawnow.org.”  It cites Minnesota’s Duluth Abuse Intervention Program (DAIP) as a model.  The actual “Community” meant here is NOT the local — it’s the “community” of government agencies!  That’s who’s being encouraged to coordinate (i.e., unite):

The United Nations Trust Fund in Support of Actions to Eliminate Violence against Women (UN Trust Fund) was established by General Assembly resolution 50/166 in 1996 and is managed by United Nations Women (UN Women) on behalf of the UN system. The UN Trust Fund is the only multilateral grant-making mechanism that supports local, national and regional efforts to end violence against women and girls.

(from that resolution):

Reaffirming the importance of developing a holistic and
multidisciplinary approach to the task of promoting families,
communities and States that are free from violence against women, and
affirming the need for coordinated and strengthened international
support for this approach,
This is the same rhetoric used in the family courts, esp., that have done some of the most damage.  You see there is technical assistance and grant-making.  The UN Community that came up with this didn’t check in with the LOCAL (USA) community that might have something to say about CCR or multi-million-dollar agencies coordinating community responses, with the intent of system change (which also neglects to confront properly the family courts!).  They have not addressed where that money was extracted, under force and duress, FROM!  Or, where it is going TO.
“Coordinated” implies CoordinatORs.  It is also code for “Centralized Control” and an alternate form of government — which is not to be actually voted on, but simply implemented through disaster-therapy ,the disaster being the universal degree of violence against women which has developed in the global economy — but in a way which doesn’t admit that it’s the global economy itself promoting that violence!

The topic of Top-Down Centralization of course brings me to Catherine Austin Fitts, who appears to have explored “how the money works,” and having found out (through her career moves) was disgusted and sought to decentralize it.  Having started from OUTside (see title of this post, “The Bush Administration”) to do so — she found herself and her company in eleven years of litigation!

See first EIGHT or so Paragraphs here.  This is a woman at the top of the game, with financial savvy, who tried to change it from the top down.  She is not recommending “coordinated Community Response” to violence against women, but decentralizing economics to a more local level.

Admittedly, she is also selling product and languages in this regard (Solari Circles), and (it doesn’t appear she had time to become a mother in all this)… I know from other research, after what looks like a career of not caring about spirituality, or at least “affiliating” — she joined a large, metropolitan DC area church, and called that leader her “pastor.”  They are on the marketing marriage curriculum faucets, and no doubt some of the cause for joining entailed the extensive networking available from this group.

I’m quoting it in a table — because it relates to this topic.

Sunday, Jan. 1, 2012 

Interview with Anthony Wile

Catherine Austin Fitts on Wall Street’s Corruption, the Austrian School and Who’s ‘Really’ in Charge

Catherine Austin Fitts: I grew up in Philadelphia in the United States. As a child, I witnessed the destruction of wealth by networks engaged in organized crime and financial fraud and the covert operations that supported them. It started a life-long fascination with understanding how money and the financial system work, including in places, and how healthy cultures could prevail.

My mother was an economist who retired from the Philadelphia Federal Reserve to have children. My father was a surgeon and trauma expert who loved caring for people. I watched them struggle with the growing corruption as it ultimately tore our family apart.

I traveled around the world during college, studying Mandarin in Hong Kong, and then graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and received an MBA at Wharton. After graduation, I went to work at Dillon, Read & Co. Inc., a small Wall Street investment bank that is now a part of UBS. I chose Dillon Read as the firm offered me a chance to work in many different areas. I kept moving from one area and type of work to another, trying to understand different parts of the economy and financial system.

Dillon had a tradition of public service. After I became a managing director and member of the board, we sold the firm and after our initial employment contracts ended, numerous members of the firm joined the Bush Administration. I did as well, becoming Assistant Secretary of Housing – Federal Housing Commissioner in 1989.

After serving in the Bush Administration for 18 months, and deeply disturbed by the mortgage fraud, I left and started an investment bank, Hamilton Securities Group.

My hope was to use software technology and the Internet to help decentralize the capital raising process in a manner that could, in combination with government reengineering, revive the US economy and improve pension fund returns as globalization was shifting significant employment and income abroad.

Decentralizing the economy in a manner that grows decentralized equity ownership was not the direction taken by Washington and Wall Street. Instead, the strong dollar policy was instituted and a debt bubble, led by a global housing debt bubble, financed enormous shifts of capital globally in a manner that aggressively centralized political and economic control. I have described this process as a “financial coup d’état.” (See solari.com/blog/financial-coup-d’etat/).

To help facilitate the US housing bubble, the federal government targeted Hamilton. I spent eleven years engaged in litigation. This process forced me to research the US black budget, including related organized crime and financial fraud both domestically and globally.

I have described these events in detail in writings available online. (See the links at http://www.dunwalke.com/gideon/, including the link to my online book: Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. & the Aristocracy of Stock Profits).

. . . .   . . . . .

I have had the opportunity to operate at high levels in Washington and Wall Street and have never met a person who did not function as if they were a prisoner of the system. Often, that “system” did not permit them to function on a lawful basis.

This implies highly centralized governance if this many people are functioning in an insecure, limited or unlawful way.



So it is not appropriate to assume that the corruption is just at the top. Indeed, most citizens in the first world have been the economic beneficiary of what James Turk calls “the central banking-warfare model.”

At the same time, we have all been limited by suppression or control of knowledge and technology that could significantly improve global living standards. The spiritual, environmental and cultural costs of this model are enormous.

What my experience helped me to understand is that we are governed by a group of people who have the power to kill, and otherwise break the law, with impunity. As the Secretary of HUD once said in my presence, “I don’t have to obey the law, I report to a higher moral authority.”

This power appears to come in part from the ability to use deeply invasive digital systems to gather intelligence, transact and monitor as well as from invisible weaponry, including satellites and weaponry controlled or delivered from space.

As Western countries move investment into the emerging markets, their satellites and military move to police this global investment. Investors do not invest where they cannot enforce. So in a sense, financial globalization is pressuring the United States to become a global military empire.



FEMINISM may be an “ISM” in the context of this power model which doesn’t involve living within one’s means, or any intent to.  However, in an equality, WOMEN’s Voices will be heard, and minus so much translation….  That Corporate Christianity (let alone other religions) is choking over the concept, still, tells us, time to re-evaluate it, as well.



In this acknowledgement, without apologies, I’m going to have to say that we might have to re-instate the “Moccasin” law, meaning that those who make the moccasins (it was, women) get to veto intended war.   In our case, it’s women who should have had the participation in government from the start (we’re the ones kicking out children who are sent off to war), but intentionally were eliminated from this (from “Matrix Cultures: In the web of Life” by Max Dashu)

The Haudenosaunee (or, @Wikipedia) had a saying, “Before the men can go to war, the women must make their moccasins.” The Cherokee had a similar tradition. Men could not go off to war without the dried food, moccasins, and other supplies provided by women. (Both these traditions also formally designated offices, such as the Ghigau or Beloved Woman of the Cherokee, with authority in political, diplomatic and military affairs.)

…The “Western” distinction of public and private, religious and political, is not meaningful in this context. Technology is not divorced from spiritual meaning, manufacture from art, food production from power. Women act as major food providers, especially through farming and gathering, but not excluding fishing, hunting, and herding. They often control and distribute food stores, including food brought in by men

We cannot turn back all the clocks and all the commerce– but we can change a FEW things if we find the resolve and will to do so.   Look at how our “founding fathers” (n.b.) borrowed from the Iroquois Confederacy for the American Constitution — but didn’t like that part about participation of women. They still had too much “empire” on the brain and probably didn’t want to give up the domination model.  I blogged this before (“The Eagle Screams” post, recent) and looked it up again.

[[hmm – what’sthis?  Using the analogy..]]

From fordham.edu:

The Iroquois most certainly did have a considerable influence on the drafting of our own Constitution, and we present-day Americans owe them a very large debt. At the time of the founding of the Iroquois League of Nations, no written language existed; we have only the early stories which were passed down from generation to generation, until such time as there was a written language, and interpreters available, to record that early history. One such document is listed below.

. . .This version was prepared by Arthur C. Parker, Archeologist of the State Museum in New York in 1915, and published by the University of the State of New York as Bulletin 184 on April 1, 1916. It is entitled:

The Constitution of the Five Nations – or – The Iroquois Book of the Great Law. In it, you will find close parallels to our Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches of government as originally described in our U. S. Constitution.

You will find it very difficult to keep in mind that it survives after some 500 or 600 years, and was originated by people that our ancestors mistakenly considered as “savages”. Some sources place the origin of the Five Nation Confederacy as early as 1390 AD, but others insist it was prepared about 1450-1500 AD; in any case, it was well before any possible contamination by European invaders. Early explorers and colonists found the Iroquois well established, as they had been for many generations: with a democratic government; with a form of religion that acknowledged a Creator in heaven; with a strong sense of family which was based on, and controlled by, their women; and many other surprises you will soon discover.

Parts of it include:  ” We place at the top of the Tree of the Long Leaves an Eagle who is able to see afar. If he sees in the distance any evil approaching or any danger threatening he will at once warn the people of the Confederacy.”  Consider yourself warned…  I also note:

25. If a Lord of the Confederacy should seek to establish any authority independent of the jurisdiction of the Confederacy of the Great Peace, which is the Five Nations, he shall be warned three times in open council, first by the women relatives, second by the men relatives and finally by the Lords of the Confederacy of the Nation to which he belongs. If the offending Lord is still obdurate he shall be dismissed by the War Chief of his nation for refusing to conform to the laws of the Great Peace. His nation shall then install the candidate nominated by the female name holders of his family.

Why?  Probably because the women were (at least then) good judges of character!

39. If a War Chief acts contrary to instructions or against the provisions of the Laws of the Great Peace, doing so in the capacity of his office, he shall be deposed by his women relatives and by his men relatives. Either the women or the men alone or jointly may act in such a case. The women title holders shall then choose another candidate. …

43. People of the Five Nations members of a certain clan shall recognize every other member of that clan, irrespective of the Nation, as relatives. Men and women, therefore, members of the same clan are forbidden to marry.

44. The lineal descent of the people of the Five Nations shall run in the female line. Women shall be considered the progenitors of the Nation. They shall own the land and the soil. Men and women shall follow the status of the mother.

45. The women heirs of the Confederated Lordship titles shall be called Royaneh (Noble) for all time to come.  (etc.)

The 100th Congress of the United States (1988, close to the 200th anniversary of “The United States”) acknowledged our debt to the Iroquois Confederacy.  But they still fought letting women vote, didn’t they?  (Here’s a 1988 publication, by a woman, Temple U– which is on JSTOR and disagrees).
Another summary/comment adds why they still couldn’t grasp that equality works.  I agree.

… the founding fathers gutted haudenosaunee notions of participatory nationhood & replaced the best parts with anthropocentrism, sexism, racism and elitism. as usual, the brightest of the bright europeans could not grasp concepts of true equality and egalitarianism because they had been embedded for far too long in systems of oppression

Read more athttp://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/article/american-history-myths-debunked:-no-native-influence-on-founding-fathers-113702

Indian Country Today Media Network.com (comment was posted 2/27/2013)

Now, 25 years later, I as a mother am still fighting for status as human being and for my children — in a Bush-drenched increasingly fascist aggressive crazy-making federalist policy — with or without a man in my home, which I may not be in the mood for — after all that abuse!  My children were “sold off” and “farmed out” to and by other men and women who considered themselves superior based on status which has nothing to do with truth, ability, or character judgment.  It was based on Profiling — by marital status.

FASCISM (Bush Family et al.) Properly understood, I believe more of us might have more respect for ourselves, and take a second look at what it means to succeed in a university system that’s funded by private equity and US Government…. for population control research, and developing military technology…. including drugging, manipulating, dumbing-down, intergenerational transmission of PTSD/trauma (through DEcriminalizing sexual abuse of children, and violence against women — while taking multiple-millions to fake concern (put up all those technical research and assistance sites — when the better assistance would’ve been food to eat, and transportation to vacate the presence of the abusers!! — and spying on Americans….

I’m not exactly a Larouche Person (somehow they are mailing me), but how many places do you need to hear about this from? — this is June 24, 2013 “Fascism in the United States”  (self-explanatory):

It Happens to be true….

I believe the understanding of how this has been done — other continents, other cultures, but generally speaking BY THE SAME CROWD — is helpful.  It tells us “what time of day it is,” in a very real, and believable way — from which we can personally construct some sort of (survival) strategy, other than, say, fiddling while Rome burns….

And it was done through a series of moves that can be seen, among them, enforcing a patriarchy (sorry, it’s the truth), destroying self-sufficient LOCAL economies, radically structuring social mores and ways of relating, and all that can be seen has already been done.  If we feel “alienated” these days — its because we are, including people who were born here and may still be wondering “What happened?”  First of all, if you came up through the public indoctrination system — you need help (I did!).  No matter how well you did in it.

(all of us, but also targeted segments of the population, strategically) (and this includes mothers who stand up to abuse in the home, or religious abuse, as well as anyone on welfare — and certain racial groups.  NONE of this is exactly new)

The top half was written, or added, in June 27, 2013, the bottom, earlier.  I am always processing SOMETHING along the lines of (what has happened to my family, and is happening to others, what IS this country, what ARE our options, etc.  )

A bright spot in this one is how someone from Mohawk Nation News (Kahn-Tineta Horn, to be specific), in our times, has illustrated the difference between Sovereign Nations, and that Canada is actually a Corporation.

I wish that more Americans stuck in the courts and wishing to extract some justice (or reform them) — would better understand this.  To understand it requires a serious curiosity about how we got here — and about history.

I found this looking for that Perp that grabbed children from the Polish Concentration camps (it seems) and gave them a choice of extermination — or experimentation, the form of experimentation in question being, responses to their being raped.  ALL of this is about profit — commerce — domination.  It’s a foreign mentality to most indigenous cultures, and I’m learning this to be the truth historically.  What we need to realize — it’s probably too late even now — is WHO we are dealing with, when it comes to what we call “Government” and wish it would act better.  It’s a form of corporation.  What they did then — the same people have done repeatedly and will do again.  It leads the same place — to the destruction of MOST for the benefit of a Few.

Sept. 10, 2011, “Kinsey was no love doctor.”

MNN Sept. 7, 2011.  The natural center of Indigenous society are the women.   Everyone is equal and has a voice.  The mind is independent.  The Europeans developed a system where a boss orders around scared obedient people.      

Pure sex is a known creative impulse.  The state wanted to stimulate and control sexual energy from birth, to destroy free will and conscience. Sex had to become perverted and guilt-ridden.

Dr. Albert C. Kinsey, a eugenicist, [1894-1956] researched sex in males and females at Indiana University.  The government funded him through several foundations, Rockefeller and Carnegie and Hugh Hefner.  They later funded the change to the education system.

Kinsey worked with Nazi pedophile, Dr. Fritz Von Balluseck, for over 30 years, before, during and after WW II.  Nazis extensively studied abuse of children.   

The Kinsey Institute, for research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction

I don’t have  a problem with the concept of sexual health, or sex as a good thing.  But I have a serious problem with Alfred Kinsey as a role model!!!

Those who helped construct our family court system had no problem with Kinsey — they (or at least the Oregon Family Institute, as announced on AFCC) gave a Stanley Cohen Distinguished Research award to someone working in the institute just last year!

The Institute links right to (in very fine print, left sidebar) his 1948 & 1953 studies

Young college students are encouraged to go into psychology and “brain science” — do they not have any real understanding of some of its military/Nazi-nasty and otherwise wartime use origins???

Senior Research Fellow
Professor, Psychology, Indiana University
Faculty, Indiana University Clinical Sciences Program
Kinsey Institute Project:

The current project, in association with Lead Investigator?  Dr. Eric Janssen at Indiana U.  A look at some of the voLUminous curriculum vitae (I did) shows, not only what he was studying, but who was funding it — including plenty of gov’t and plenty of pharmaceutical companies.  Wonder why….

This theme, of decriminalizing abuse of women and children — permeates the entire system.  It stinks (to high heaven) and I have been struggling year after year, with the consequences of this — including family members (yes, I have “European” background) who manifest this mentality which, for some reason, has always felt foreign to me.  I was drawn to warm communities of diverse people — and I’m in the arts.  I connect (Women DO connect.  To torture them — or anyone — properly, disconnect them from the things that give LIFE.  My abuser did this.  My family has been doing this.  It’s a sick mentality.

When I attempt to communicate, still, to people in Christian circles, that their circles have become marketplaces for commerce funded by the US government for the purposes of silencing women and perpetuating abuse — and they are entranced and enamored, and feel a need to connect with MALE voices to talk about healing us from abuse (and then stick a token woman or so at the head of an organization to make it sound like FEMALE voices; but all they are primarily doing is pushing books that want to KEEP the hierarchy (and commercial) model, not CHANGE the model) — these circles just don’t get it.    It’s very frustrating.

So it was refreshing for me to have this simple statement of the understanding.  (Here’s a very recent MNN post, in fact, tagged “Colonialism.”  Here’s one dated TODAY (6/27/2013) “Organic Sovereignty” stating some basic truths:

MNN. June 27, 2013. Our spirituality is based on giving greetings and thanks to the system that makes life on Mother Earth possible. Our people always had natural economics, all coming from the land, water and air. We first need nourishment to sustain ourselves. Our people were hunters, fishermen, trappers, gatherers and farmers. We always had a predictable steady supply of food. Then we could conduct other matters. Our ceremonies are based on this natural economy. 

Today it is impractical. The animals have been slaughtered.** Our lands have been divided up and polluted. Plants, medicines and trees have been sickened since the coming of the Europeans to our shores. Many of the fish cannot be eaten because they are poisonous.


This morning, I was again reviewing the detailed chronology of “Namibia” (formerly “German Southwest Africa”),

wpe1.jpg (38091 bytes)beginning with missionaries and traders, the Brits, Dutch and Germans duking it out and parcelling it out, inciting wars of one faction against another while stripping the minerals (a real interest) and destroying local, self-sufficient economies — for the purpose of one thing: COMMERCE.

It didn’t take long before some settlers on the move started slaughtering elephants (Dorsland Trekkers, 1879), and within a few decades (early 1900s) it was about slaughtering people (genocide); whether machine-gunning, working to death, hanging, flogging, the whole nine yards.  It’s the European way, apparently.  It requires an IMBALANCE of lifestyle (to create economic dependency, and a source of cheap labor), Patriarchy, including for inheritance of lands, and much more.

See 1885 “30.04” (=April 30th entry, european-style) here, it is formed.  PLEASE click and read that; understand that the beginning of colonization is a corporation, later backed by state arms and protection.  “DKGSWA — the German Colony-company for SouthWest Africa (that’s my “pidgin” translation).  Heinrich Ernst Goering becomes the first commissioner of the “protectorate,” and  father of the infamous Herman Goering, of Nazi Infamy…….:

Wikipedia: He (the son, Hermann) founded the Gestapo in 1933. Göring was appointed commander-in-chief of the Luftwaffe (air force) in 1935, a position he held until the final days of World War II. By 1940 he was at the peak of his power and influence; as minister in charge of the Four Year Plan, he was responsible for much of the functioning of the German economy in the build-up to World War II. Adolf Hitler promoted him to the rank of Reichsmarschall, a rank senior to all otherWehrmacht commanders, and in 1941 Hitler designated him as his successor and deputy in all his offices. . . .

Informed on 22 April 1945 that Hitler intended to commit suicide, Göring sent a telegram to Hitler asking to assume control of the Reich. Hitler then removed Göring from all his positions, expelled him from the party, and ordered his arrest.    After World War II, Göring was convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg Trials. He was sentenced to death by hanging, but committed suicide by ingesting cyanide the night before the sentence was to be carried out”

________Back to Mohawk Nation News_______

Genetically modified organisms GMO is an organism whose genetic material has been altered. Through modern biotechnology plants and animals can be changed through insertion and deletion of genes. Genes are being inserted from another species, supposedly to repel infections, grow larger more quickly, change color, or whatever. This looks like the beginning of genetically modified human organism to replace the natural people. No one can confirm the long term damage altering nature. Our Mother Earth will clean it all up!

To weaken us, we have been made dependent on the European people for modified food, artificial support and life-ways. To strengthen our bodies and minds we have to relearn how to provide for our people in the normal natural way. Creation gave us a mind to think so we can survive

The results were then sent in to Alfred Kinsey (Institute at Indiana University) over a few decades — who protected this creep for the sake of research.

1950s, 1960s, 1970s:  Kinsey, Balluseck, AFCC, Mental Health law:

We are talking, the 1950s, and how to break someone’s psyche, cause dissociation and from there, they become also susceptible (much more) to indoctrination, and worse.  In the 1960s, it seems the mental health trade was beginning to take off substantially  — Public Law 88-164, October, 1963 (HEY — same date AFCC claims it started!) —

PUBLIC LAW – 1963 – Construct Centers to stop Mental Retardation and study human behavioral health, etc.

AN ACT  Public Law 88-164

PUBLIC LAW 88-164-OCT. 31, 1963

TO provide assistance in combating mental retardation through grants for con-struction of research centers and grants for facilities for the mentally retarded and assistance in improving mental health through grants for con-struction of community mental health centers, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That this Act may be cited as the “Mental Retardation Facilities and Community Mental Health Centers Construction Act of 1963″.



SEC.100. This title may be cited as the ‘”Mental Retardation Facilities Construction Act”.

[[and the appropriations]]

SEC.101. Title V I I of the Public Health Service Act is amended by adding at the end thereof the following new part:

“SEC.761. There are authorized to be appropriated $6,000,000 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1964, $8,000,000 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1965, and $6,000,000 each for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1966, and the fiscal year ending June 30, 1967, for project grants to assist in meeting the costs of construction of facilities for research, or research and related purposes, relating to human development, whether biological, medical, social, or behavioral, which may assist in finding the causes, and means of prevention, of mental retardation, or in finding means of ameliorating the effects of mental retardation. Sums so appropriated shall remain available until expended for payments wlth respect to rojects or which applications have been filed under this part …..

Wikipedia: Community Mental Health

The Community Mental Health Act of 1963 (CMHA) (also known as the Community Mental Health Centers Construction Act, Mental Retardation Facilities and Construction Act, Public Law 88-164, or the Mental Retardation and Community Mental Health Centers Construction Act of 1963) was an act to provide federal funding for community mental health centers in the United States. This legislation was passed as part of John F. Kennedy‘s New Frontier. It led to considerable deinstitutionalization

In 1955, Congress passed the Mental Health Study Act, leading to the establishment of the Joint Commission on Mental Illness and Mental Health. That Commission issued a report in 1961,[1] which would become the basis of the 1963 Act.[2] 

The CMHA provided grants to states for the establishment of local mental health centers, under the overview of theNational Institute of Mental Health. The NIH also conducted a study involving adequacy in mental health issues. The purpose of the CMHA was to provide for community-based care, as an alternative to institutionalization. However, some states saw this as an excuse to close expensive state hospitals without spending some of the money on community-based care.

1970s — California finally gets no-fault divorce, meaning, no more 7 CAUSES of ACTION — but CONCILIATION and Dissociative Systems — drive a reasoning person crazy — Eliminating Crime, treating it as a Relationship (mental health) problem —

The Conciliation Court Review publishes:

The September 1970 issue featured an article titled, “The Modern Family Rescue Team—Judge, Lawyer and Behavioral Scientist,” by Andrew S. Watson, M.D.  The article called for an interdisciplinary approach to court services, an increased numbers of counselors and thorough education of the bench and bar.  …

[[Dr. Watson — I have a draft post showing this progrression — had involvement in prison populations right before this.  Meyer Elkin, I also heard, was a prison psychologist.  Interesting the population sample taken to apply to ALL divorcing Americans if possible, was based on this experience:]]

In 1975, Review Editor Meyer Elkin editorialized on the language of family law:  [[Keeping in mind that it was (Judge) Roger Alton Pfaff and Meyer Elkin who were pushing for these types of courts to start with, and by then had got them.  In other words, “family law” itself was a developed field… With others, of course…]]

Why do we continue to use the language of criminal law in family law?  Is it primarily tradition that causes us to continue to use the old wordsin family law?  . . . .We need to develop new words that will alleviate stress on the divorcing family rather than add to stresses already present….Family law is entering a new period. There is now present an opportunity for introducing new practices and procedures—and words that will represent the combined expertise of both law and the behavioral sciences who, after all, are equally concerned and have similar goals regarding the strengthening of the family. Lets us now start the search for the words.

This is unbelievably arrogant — and puts the elitist “we” (behavioral scientists and lawyer) “ministering” to a group — the family.  Forget individual rights.   By this time, Kinsey had been working on decriminalizing child-rape and eroding any sense of sexual mores (i.e., restraints of various sorts), which Dr. Judith Reisman “reamed” him for — “where’d you get the data on infant sexual response?” and was appropriately called names for.  However, her experience came from having a daughter molested by a neighborhood boy and realizing among her peers, it had been “normalized” — she’d wanted it after all, “children are sexual from birth.”

Dr. Reisman:

Dr. Judith Reisman brings a lifetime of knowledge and research to the law school as Visiting Professor of Law. A lecturer popular for her expertise in Media Forensics, she is also a former consultant to four U.S. Department of Justice administrations, the U.S. Department of Education, as well as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  She has been engaged in a lifelong battle against pornography and since 1977 has fervently exposed the fraudulent sex science of Dr. Alfred Kinsey

I’m not particularly a fan of “Liberty University,” but her own site gives her “Personal Odyssey to the Truth.”  I also notice she’s a    “Scientific Adviser, California Protective Parents Association”  [hadn’t known this before…]]


There’s no question in my mind that the basic information available to the average citizen wanting information — is not available on the average Secretary of State website listing business entities (for example, look at California’s), or available on even the public access HHS grants page — is NOT available to this individual/citizen in a form really useful to them:

  • It doesn’t go back far enough.
  • It doesn’t sort on enough fields.
  • And it’s rife with errors, often what looks like intentional ones (for example, on TAGGS.hhs.gov, changing or bastardizing a grantee’s name.
  • For example, you can’t run a TAGGS.hhs.gov advanced search specifying grantee EIN# or DUNS# — it’s a several-step process.

Our own government has the information (in a databse), but we don’t have access to it, even though our, and our (forebears’) own wages (taxed, income taxe) etc. provided an initial assets based (which produces income through investments and interest, etc.) for all this to be built up.

The Profit is in the Knowledge Gap, and in the Delay between those who know first, and those who know later, or never.

The knowledge gap is essential to profits and social engineering, in order to encourage the public to “cut a deal” for services with government, while continuing to contribute to its own social engineering. (i.e., is it fun contributing to the build-up of national monuments? Why not ask an Egyptian slave from long ago; how was it building the pyramids?

Or ask an Herero from Shark Island (turn of the 1900s) was it fun helping building railways for German Southwest Africa?

Or ask (this might actually be possible) a survivor of Auschwitz, did the “Arbeit” for the German war machine “Macht Frei”?

Believe it or not, when principles, practices, and personnel are understood in a little more depth — they are essentially the same, and involve the ability to move money around (i.e., hide it) and of course multinational corporations. We are talking, a more critical look at developments spanning more than a century — the 1900s. Changes happened. Who noticed?

From the Guardian.uk — keeping in mind, the article was written in 2004, nearly 9 years ago.

How Bush’s Grandfather helped Hitler’s Rise to Power

The debate over Prescott Bush’s behaviour has been bubbling under the surface for some time. There has been a steady internet chatter about the “Bush/Nazi” connection, much of it inaccurate and unfair. But the new documents, many of which were only declassified last year, show that even after America had entered the war and when there was already significant information about the Nazis’ plans and policies, he worked for and profited from companies closely involved with the very German businesses that financed Hitler’s rise to power. It has also been suggested that the money he made from these dealings helped to establish the Bush family fortune and set up its political dynasty.

Remarkably, little of Bush’s dealings with Germany has received public scrutiny, partly because of the secret status of the documentation involving him. But now the multibillion dollar legal action for damages by two Holocaust survivors against the Bush family, and the imminent publication of three books on the subject are threatening to make Prescott Bush’s business history an uncomfortable issue for his grandson, George W, as he seeks re-election.

[[[[I imagine at least one of those books was “The unauthorized biography of George Bush” by Tarpley & Chaitkin???
See note below… on Chapter 21 Omaha]]

While there is no suggestion that Prescott Bush was sympathetic to the Nazi cause, the documents reveal that the firm he worked for, Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH), acted as a US base for the German industrialist, Fritz Thyssen, who helped finance Hitler in the 1930s before falling out with him at the end of the decade. The Guardian has seen evidence that shows Bush was the director of the New York-based Union Banking Corporation (UBC) that represented Thyssen’s US interests and he continued to work for the bank after America entered the war.

Bush was also on the board of at least one of the companies that formed part of a multinational network of front companies to allow Thyssen to move assets around the world.

Thyssen owned the largest steel and coal company in Germany and grew rich from Hitler’s efforts to re-arm between the two world wars. One of the pillars in Thyssen’s international corporate web, UBC, worked exclusively for, and was owned by, a Thyssen-controlled bank in the Netherlands. More tantalising are Bush’s links to the Consolidated Silesian Steel Company (CSSC), based in mineral rich Silesia on the German-Polish border. During the war, the company made use of Nazi slave labour from the concentration camps, including Auschwitz. The ownership of CSSC changed hands several times in the 1930s, but documents from the US National Archive declassified last year link Bush to CSSC, although it is not clear if he and UBC were still involved in the company when Thyssen’s American assets were seized in 1942.

Re: Chapter 21, Omaha (On Tarpley & Chaitkin book):
[[I imagine at least one of those books was “The unauthorized biography of George Bush” by Tarpley & Chaitkin.]]

Many people want to focus on the child abuse. I say, focus on the embezzlement:

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 21 this uncomfortable topic. Thankfully, it’s available on-line and for free/  Warning, unpleasant topic ahead, not that I haven’t brought it up already in this post…

As a reminder, we are talking the same “regime” that helped us get into wars, which is tied straight back to colonialism….

From George Bush: The Unathorized Biography

On the morning of June 29, 1989, pandemonium erupted in the corridors of power in the nation’s capital. “Homosexual Prostitution Probe Ensnares Official of Bush, Reagan,” screamed the front-page headline of the Washington Times with the kicker “Call Boys Took Midnight Tour of White House.”

The Times reported, “A homosexual prostitution ring is under investigation by federal and District authorities and includes among its clients key officials of the Reagan and Bush administrations, military officers, congressional aides and U.S. and foreign businessmen with close ties to Washington’s political elite.”
. . .
[[this next section is six paragraphs (numbering and any font style changes, mine. Read for key concepts]]:

1.As the call boy ring affair dominated the cocktail gossip circuit in Washington, another scandal, halfway across the country in the state of Nebraska, peaked. Again this scandal knocked on the President’s door.

2. A black Republican who had been a leader in organizing minority support for the President’s 1988 campaign and who proudly displayed a photo of himself and the President, arm in arm, in his Omaha home, was at the center of a sex and money scandal that continues to rock the Cornhusker state.

3. The scandal originated with the collapse of the minority-oriented Franklin Community Credit Union in Omaha, directed by Lawrence E. King, Jr., a nationally influential black Republican who sang the national anthem at both the 1984 and 1988 Republican conventions. King became the subject of the Nebraska Senate’s investigation conducted by the specially created “Franklin Committee” to probe charges of embezzlement.

In November 1988, King’s offices were raided by the FBI and $40 million was discovered missing. Within weeks, the Nebraska Senate, which initially opened the inquiry to find out where the money had gone, instead found itself questioning young adults and teenagers who said that they had been child prostitutes. Social workers and state child-care administrators accused King of running a child prostitution ring. The charges grew with the former police chief of Omaha, the publisher of the state’s largest daily newspaper, and several other political associates of King, finding themselves accused of patronizing the child prostitution ring.

[[Consider the ramifications]]

4.King is now serving a 15-year federal prison sentence for defrauding the Omaha-based credit union. But the magazines Avvenimenti of Italy and Pronto of Spain, among others, have charged that King’s crimes were more serious: that he ran a national child prostitution ring that serviced the political and business elite of both Republican and Democratic parties. Child victims of King’s operations charged him with participation in at least one satanic ritual murder of a child several years ago. The Washington Post, New York Times, Village Voice and National Law Journal covered the full range of accusations after the story broke in November of 1988. King’s money machinations were also linked to the Iran-Contra affair, and some say that King provided the CIA with information garnered from his alleged activities as a “pimp” for the high and mighty.

[[In other words, using stolen [[or foster-care, BoysTown, etc.]] children to engage in child prostitution in order to blackmail politicians, who apparently have a taste for children, while also promoting, no doubt, “family values…”]]

5.Pronto, the Barcelona-based, largest circulation weekly in Spain with 4.5 million readers, reported that the Lawrence E. King child prostitution scandal “appears to directly implicate politicos of the state of Nebraska and Washington, D.C. who are very close to the White House and George Bush himself.”

6.The weekly stated that Roy Stephens, a private investigator who has worked on the case and heads the Missing Youth Foundation, “says there is reason to believe that the CIA is directly implicated,” and that the “FBI refuses to help in the investigation and has sabotaged any efforts” to get to the bottom of the story. Stephens says that “Paul Bonnacci directly accused President Bush of being implicated” in the affair when he testified before the Franklin Committee.@s3 Bonnacci, who had been one of the child prostitutes, is identified by leading child-abuse experts as a well-informed, credible witness.


o, we can pretty well connect at least one Presidential family fortune (Bush’s) to the Nazis and Auschwitz through multinational corporations, and of course, banks. Embezzlement ($40 million) has been connected to child prostitution and Bush, plus bipartison business elite, not to mention the foster care system and missing children.

If I were able to then make the connection (which there is) between then entire apparatus of psychology, psychoanalysis, psychopharmacology etc. as particularly pushed through the courts, thanks in large part to the “Association for Family and Conciliation Courts” (AFCC) to the Nazis by way of (another fine Midwestern State..) Indiana-University-Based Kinsey Institute (and Kinsey was documented as taking experimental readings on sexual abuse of children-related victims from a man wanted for war crimes by Interpol, not to mention paying a father to rape his daughter) — would I have your attention yet?

t’s in the middle of another post, search (on this site) Stanley Cohen awards.  [[update:  and, as y

Search “Fritz von Balluseck. Here is from a Mohawk Nation point of view (i.e., as was done to children was also done to indigenous people)…

Kinsey promoted male pedophilia. His two books in 1948 and 1953 advocated abolishing sex crimes and that predators get therapy, instead of long prison terms or execution. Laws were weakened that protected women, children and marriage. Government amended the 1955 “Model Penal Code” MPC. Prison sentences were shortened for 52 major sex crimes and the sex education curricula conformed to Kinsey’s perverted ideas.

. . .
During the 1930s Nazi doctors experimented on Indigenous children who were placed in Canadian government and church run residential school death camps. Over 55,000 children were murdered.

Source: MNN Mohawk Nation News kahentinetha2*@yahoo.com  For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to http://www.mohawknationnews.com  More stories at MNN Archives.  Address:  Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0 [[*link mine, DNK if exact same Kahentinetha, (note “2”) but has same logo)]]

I don’t know anything about the source, except it summarizes the situation pretty well. Also, I see a recent (5/30/2013) post is showing up talking about “Corporation Canada” as opposed to the sovereign nations. “…The foreign corporation called “Canada” was created by the Law of the Seas. This company has been illegally placed on Great Turtle Island. It made a by-law called the “Indian Act” to rob and kill off the Indians and make it appear legal. Now Her Majesty’s subject from Saskatchewan, Rob Clarke, is changing this by-law to try to kill the survivors of the genocide. The desperate bankers need our ever growing $130 trillion Indian Trust Fund for war!Clarke said he consulted all 633 of their corporate injuns that control the Indigenous control grid. He asked, “Can we keep on raping your people and your land? We promise to make you rich. It’s better than nothing!” They said, “Sure!”. . . .”

In simple terms, whoever wrote this understands the concept of Corporate Canada” subject to Her Majesty, and how it encroached illegally on “Great Turtle Island” (I gather, North America).

This next one I’m putting in a quote, because its concept may help more of us understand the connection between “incorporation” and “colonization.” It’s a big deal, and may be hard to comprehend if one was born in the US, and just living under the statutory authority of USA, Inc. (Still processing this myself, particularly after reeling with repeated interactions with the justice system thinking that we were on the same page as to those unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”:

Indian Country Today Media Network (ICTN) / Steven T. Newcomb article

It is typical to refer to our respective nations and peoples as being “in” Canada or “in” the United States and therefore as being deemed subject to the jurisdictions of those two political constructs called “states” in international law. What we seldom express, however, is the more profound point that those two Western European political constructs are on and in Turtle Island, as North America is traditionally known to the Original Nations of Turtle Island.

. . .
For far too long we have been conditioned to seemingly accept the idea that Indian nations are subject to the political and legal jurisdiction of the United States and Canada. We have not spent much time at all developing the viewpoint that originally free Indian nations are still rightfully free and that those two political constructs of European origin are in and on Turtle Island. To even express such an idea seems mad because of the ingrained conditioning we have received from a very young age that we as Indigenous nations and peoples are unquestioningly subject to the dictates of dominating societies.In his amazing book Imperialism, Sovereignty, and the Making of International Law (2004), Professor Antony Anghie argues that international law is a product of the colonial confrontation between European and non-European peoples. International law is, in other words, an outgrowth of imperialism, and thus was conceived and operates on the basis of a structure of domination and subordination. In the book’s Foreword, the eminent scholar James Crawford refers to the “relations between civilizations and peoples” as “relations of domination.” (original emphasis)…

The states of Canada and the United States that have erected themselves on and within Turtle Island—on the conceptual foundation of the Doctrine of Christian Discovery and Domination–desire to maintain their illegitimate claims of dominance over our originally free nations and peoples. Now that the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues is scheduled to hold a half-day session on the Doctrine of Discovery next May, there has been a deft response to redirect the discussion toward the theme of “reconciliation.”Thus, the question from the perspective of Original Nations of Turtle Island becomes: “What does the term ‘reconciliation’ mean in a context of ongoing domination by the states of Canada and the United States?” It evidently means this: “How do we get them to reconcile themselves with and to the unquestionable dominance (ultimate sovereignty) of the state?” In other words, the issue of “reconciliation” is nothing other than a trap door that leads inevitably right back to the seemingly never ending cycle of domination.***

Steven Newcomb, Shawnee/Lenape, is co-founder and co-director of the Indigenous Law Institute, author of Pagans in the Promised Land: Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery (Fulcrum, 2008), and a columnist for Indian Country Today Media Network.

CONCEPT: Same deal with the international promotion (through AFCC and others) of “mediation” and “Alternative Dispute Resolution” and “Conflict Resolution” programs — it’s to solidify the previous dominance, and withhold accountability for previous assaults, which are in most cases, assaults for DOMINATION — which is almost always going to mean, ECONOMIC. The profit motive…

Check this out: http://unitednationsofturtleisland.com/Great_Turtle_Island_Archives_Collection_of_Certified_Copies.html
Think through this one; there are parallels between individuals, in this country (in the US) going to court and asking that court to settle its disputes for them. It’s a serious undertaking! Compare to the concept of “Side By Side” and note the comment, “we will never cede our sovereignty.” Many problems start with ceding sovereignty, whether our parents did it, or we did. These concepts are not taught, generally, it would seem, in US public schools. To control a nation includes controlling its schools AND its economy (not to mention courts, etc.). Sometimes we forget that…

REGARDING the Kinsey-Nazi-Balluseck issue:

Dr. Judith Reisman has investigated the connection here:

On Kinsey’s German, Nazi Pedophile Aide; The New York Times Asks: “Alfred Kinsey: Liberator or Pervert?

February 04, 2007 In a remarkable and never-again penetration of the protections around Kinsey, in October 2004 The New York Times published reporter Caleb Crain’s article, “Alfred Kinsey: Liberator or Pervert?”. Of all of the articles written that year about the Fox Searchlight “Kinsey” feature, this was the only one to report on Kinsey’s on-going collaboration with serial rapist pedophile Rex King and on Kinsey’s German pedophile colleague, Dr. Fritz von Balluseck:

Kinsey wrote to King, coaxing him to send his detailed diaries of his sexual exploits, including those with children. Jones reports that on Nov. 24, 1944, for example, Kinsey wrote, “I rejoice at everything you send, for I am then assured that that much more of your material is saved for scientific publication.”….[And Reisman] alleges that Kinsey continued to correspond with King until 1954, and she points out that Kinsey also corresponded with Fritz von Balluseck, a German pedophile and former Nazi who was tried for murder.1

Years ago, I wondered how anyone could molest so many children in the USA without alerting the parents, authorities–someone!  Could some of Kinsey’s child sex “data” have come from World War II Nazi experiments, where parents were powerless to protect their children and where the police played a role in the crimes?2   My madcap hunch was somewhat correct.  Tipped off by a draft of Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences, the Yorkshire investigators tracked down at least one of Kinsey’s German connections.

This statement, ”  Could some of Kinsey’s child sex “data” have come from World War II Nazi experiments, where parents were powerless to protect their children and where the police played a role in the crimes?2″ is particularly hard going — as in the present “family courts,” parents can still not protect their children, and police play a role in this should they attempt to. In this case, it might be one or the other (single) parent, or both parents vs. CPS.

Now THAT’s food for thought.

SO — I am running out the clock on investing much more in this blog. I have been at it for four years, and “blogging” is not the best format. However, blogging is what I have — and now is your time, as a viewer, and intelligent individual with life experience, and viewpoints (ON this topic, I mean) — to speak up.

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  1. I looked a little more on the EVAW site listed above, at the site, and after reading this, found via the “Donate Button” that there’s a UN Foundation. In WDC? Where? is my next question. Here’s from that site Questionable practice includes engaging faith-based leadership….. (who’s a witness to that engagement — the women being abused in their places? Same deal in the US with that Family Justice Center Alliance — and involving faith-based initiatives, a GWBush 2003 Initiative. See title of post. Simultaneous, some are stripping US population’s assets and moving them off-shore, we are the largest per-capita jailor on the planet — and the family courts locally were DRENCHED with do-gooder (?) religious interests getting further into our private divorce, custody, safety, and economy interests, not to mention our immediate relationships with immediate family members.

    There is simultaneous a Christian Social Services element — i.e., the adoption industry (I’ve blogged). yet as a woman, it’s hardly safe to run to any church for safety from aggressions once in the divorce situation; that’s where the men run to be reassured about their manhood and to pick up lonely women who came there either in recovery from some other abuse, or for a sense of community (including after their kids were stripped off) as well as those who were born (or bred) into the community, or married into it, or were evangelized into joining up.

    A membership ceremony of acknowledgement took place at a recent place I went, and the three requirements of membership were simple:
    1. Submit to Us (senior pastors to “speak into” one’s life; read between the lines…)
    2. Support us Financially
    3. Show up. You’d better keep attending or you might not be considered a member. It’s conditional (unlike the love of God in Christ jesus, etc.).

    So here’s the cut and paste from that website: And the donate page, plus a few factoids from he foundationpage:



    We are governed by a small and cohesive Board of Directors who share a commitment to the goals and objectives of the United Nations Charter and the UN’s work on behalf of economic, social, environmental and humanitarian causes.

    [[international character can be seen on the website…. including royalty Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah. Did I mention this fund as created by the former Vice-Chairman of Time Warner, in 1998?)

    Also includes a Rothschild @ Harvard.

    Emma Rothschild is a professor of history at Harvard University. She was born in London in 1948, graduated from Oxford University in 1967, and was a Kennedy Scholar in Economics at MIT. From 1978 to 1988, she was an associate professor at MIT in the Department of Humanities and the Program on Science, Technology and Society. She has also taught at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris.

    She has been a member of the United Kingdom government’s Council for Science and Technology and the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution. From 1999 to 2005 she was chairwoman of the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development. She has written extensively on economic history and the history of economic thought. She is married to Amartya Sen, 1998 Nobel Laureate in Economics.

    Emma Rothschild (U.K.)
    Jeremy and Jane Knowles Professor of History, Harvard University
    In addition to her position at Harvard University, Emma Rothschild has been a member of the United Kingdom government’s Council for Science and Technology, and of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution. From 1999 to 2005 she was chairman of the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development.
    View Full Bio »

    The UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women (UN Trust Fund) is a testimony to the global consciousness that violence against women and girls is neither inevitable nor acceptable. The UN Trust Fund is a leading global grant-making mechanism exclusively dedicated to addressing violence against women and girls in all its forms. It supports effective initiatives that demonstrate that violence against women and girls can be systematically addressed, reduced and, with persistence, eliminated. To date, the UN Trust Fund has delivered more than USD 86 million to 351 initiatives in 128 countries and territories. Established by UN General Assembly resolution 50/166 in 1996 and administered by UN Women on behalf of the UN system, the UN Trust Fund works with non-governmental organizations, governments and UN country teams to:

    Prevent violence against women and girls by empowering groups especially at risk of violence, including adolescent girls and indigenous or ethnic minority women, and engaging strategic groups such as youth, men and boys, and traditional and faith-based leaders in prevention efforts;

    Expand the access of women and girl survivors of violence to services including legal assistance, psychosocial counseling, health care, and building the capacity of service providers to respond effectively to the needs of women and girls affected by violence;

    Strengthen the implementation of laws, policies and action plans on violence against women and girls through data collection and analysis, building capacities of service providers and strengthening institutions to become more effective, transparent and accountable in addressing violence against women.

    By supporting actions where they matter most, the UN Trust Fund is uniquely placed to meet the most urgent needs of women and girls and their communities. The programmes supported by the UN Trust Fund also contribute directly to the advancement of the goals of the UN Secretary-General’s UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign on the ground. The UN Trust Fund grants are awarded annually through an open, transparent process that ensures quality programming and rigor in the selection of grantees. The grant-making process is highly competitive. For instructions on how to apply, please consult the Application Guidelines. If you have questions, please contact the UN Trust Fund Secretariat.

    Let's Get Honest

    June 28, 2013 at 12:49 pm

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