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Public Response to a Private Post comment

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OK, I just responded to someone who wanted know how to view the private post — by answering the comment submitted. Then I realized that was private too, and the person who submitted couldn’t see my response.

It was only private because it was unedited (Hey!!! wipe that smirk off your face; it was MORE unedited than usual) and the information on there is public knowledge. Some of it came from “Supervised Visitation Sucks” post — and it deals with a (public availability through DOJ website, OIG link (bottom right) to grant 2004-WT-AX-K046 an some others. $16 million was audited, of this about $4 million questionable use. The audits speak for themselves.

Meanwhile, I’ll try and get it public pretty soon here, hopefully today. As you can see, this blog isn’t exactly populated with Private posts, this one was private  more on a blog housekeeping technicality.

But it brought up the idea of who might want to contribute to the blog — and subject themselves to my editorial scrutiny, i.e., if the material is original and relevant. I can go read the rhetoric myself anywhere else. I’ll think about that again….

Take care and remember that http://taggs.hhs.gov, while inadequate (and bastardized) at least tells a story about HHS grants and grantees. For the funded, go to Fedmine.com and get it real-time, and of course, paid-for. Wish I could !!!

Also see the “Look Up a Nonprofit” page to the right for a few other bright ideas. have a nice day — unless you’re on the family court franchise racket, in which case, give the public its money back, quit forging court orders and attempting to set up specialized courts to mandate created crazy-making professions in the name of the nation’s mental health.

Also, please go to http://kidsfirst.cc and make sure NOT to voluntarily purchase any of those books — or, if you do, report on them and their authors, several of who are AFCC/CRC/NACC type memberships and none of who have your kids (maybe THEIR grandkids, but not YOURS) best interests in mind. Review Kids Turn (or parent coordination) post series if there is some question on this (Evaluate, Coordinate, How to call Alienate).

Just kidding (sort of) …

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June 28, 2013 at 12:03 pm

A Continuum of Crooks: Grandpa and Friends Funded Hitler; Have Grandson and Friends had a Change of Heart?

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This Conversation is also a Call to Repentance, including from some religious practices associated with corporate practices associated with many other things, and none of them noble.  In fact those who were formerly called “savages” may have been more noble, at least in their self-government and living a little more softly on the land — while those with titles of Nobility have historically been the opposite.

There is nothing noble about the crowd running the United States right now, and it is going to require a different language both to understand them, and to communicate with others who have understood, and are disgusted, properly so.  Whatever spirituality is, once it’s incorporated, boxed up and sold and owns (and leases) real estate — that’s commerce.

Like many of my posts, this came OUT of another one, and had a second story added, which is the top part.  It weaves different strands and themes together — which is what I do, I’ve come to accept.  You want FAQs?  Then read and write your own research and summarize them.  I carry mine as part of me, now, and continue learning, which is the process.  It’s a continuum.

If you only want FAQs (i’ve written several up at times), read the 550 post titles, as chapter titles and see what they say.  I don’t blog “Frequently Asked Questions,” I blog the under-asked questions, question why they weren’t asked, and propose answers, after eliminating the obviously disqualified ones.


Grandpa Funding Hitler isn’t a joke, it’s historical fact.  Not acting alone, of course.  Grandpa symbolizes Prescott Bush, Grandson, obviously, a U.S. President….

George Bush - Unauthorized Biography

 Nazi interests in the Silesian-American Corporation, long managed by Prescott Bush and his father-in-law George Herbert Walker, were seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act on Nov. 17, 1942. In this action, the government announced that it was seizing only the Nazi interests, leaving the Nazis’ U.S. partners to carry on the business . (etc.)  More HERE

What I’m concerned about is the gradual numbing and conditioning of us — rather than face the facts -we have gone already “Fascist,” the next step IS “jackboot fascism.”

In this context asking the authorities to “reform the courts” in a subordinate, and submissive posture, a topic I have gone over and over with a certain blog who is stumbling upon, or being fed, actual evidence, refuses to sort what’s already up there, and then typically responds, let’s hope the authorities do something.   As a result, the individuals posts confusion — an unsorted set of referrals, which is almost worse than being categorically off-track, which at least would be easier to see and address.

A confused person is easier to “lead,” and will attract more confused people to be led.  That’s not a safe place to be!

Whatever happened in the blogger’s background, she IS taking action — posting consistently.  But where is the discretion, the exercise of judgement, and the making up of one’s mind what’s wrong, what’s right, what’s off-track, and what’s not?  Is it possible that most people truly do not recognize that media (telecommunications providers, newspaper publishers, etc.) are actually corporations also?  And that the media have corporate owners?

We need to understand the role of CORPORATIONS & GOV’T & PUSHING PSYCHOLOGY/MENTAL HEALTH/SOCIAL SCIENCE  (do I have to spell it out again? See topmost post on this blog!).  And BLENDING and CATERING to DOMINIONIST STYLE RELIGIONS, WITH PUBLIC FUNDING.

One way to understand this is through an outside-in look, in the words of people who beat the Europeans to the United States, Canada, and while I’m at it, Africa — and whose history includes the understanding (experiential) that what are now called these “governments” actually began as (and still are) “corporations.”  A Corporation is not a people.  People are not a corporation.  A corporation entails a contract, whether under duress or not.  what about the people that lived (anywhere) before the ownership of them, their land, their commodities, and their right to buy and sell, wasn’t “incorporated” – or their religions?

I didn’t understand this growing up, or most of the way through my family court case.  But it can be understood.  How about NOW?

The Bush Family, and others, understood corporations as a technology of commerce and their backup by (colonizing) home countries, i.e., by the military, and their power.  For example, World War II was actually started to protect multi-national corporate interests WITHIN (Germany, Great Britain, United States) and a Dutch bank owned by German Industrialists one of them enchanted with Hitler.

Why would it make any sense then to continue NOT understanding how corporations work?  Or what the word “person” means under United States Code?

I think it’s also going to take some genuine (not “drank the Kool-aid”) grounded women (sorry to be on a “thing” about that these days; it comes from recent experience…) to connect the dots — once they regain their voices — and organize the fragments being thrown at them, chaotically, into the sensible whole it truly is, as well as name and state the purpose of the chaos-producers as a form of warfare and distraction.

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Protected: Private Post, just to share some links re: some audits…. Well, and then some…

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Moral Reconation Therapy(tm), Corrections Corporation of America: Massive Profits for Trademarked Mass-Marketing** to the Incarcerated Masses.

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(** and of course certification of the facilitators who run the classes, i.e., entrance fees into the franchise). Another title to this post: Think Systems, you Win (profit) Think only Personalities, you Lose (Become a debtor and are scammed into supporting the systems). Systems like these don’t actually produce life, they only control life and profit (or steal) from those who control. So eventually (depending on the extent and nature of that excessive monitoring and control) these systems are either going to implode (for lack of real true life, instead it sucks the life substances out of others) or somehow there’s a crack in the foundation of control, control, control resulting in violence. In this case there are casualties. What I think it’s time to say is, those who think SYSTEMS and have positioned themselves somewhere in them (like selling them, or operating them) have probably got their own exit plans, while those trapped in the same systems, often do not. MOSTLY it gets down to propaganda; but before the propaganda, comes the getting the audience to receive it in front of one. I saw again today that these Massive PROFITS and Career Successes come from the united and related fields of Education(al theory) and Psycholog(ical theory) which theories can’t be proved without true controlled access to populations who can or will sit still long enough to be indoctrinated, tested, or trained. So, guess who is the best source of incarcerated populations? You guessed it — the U.S. (federal)Government/s! And all its subsidiaries, i.e., State Governments. Proof Positive that a Tiny Bit of Product, not necessarily a very good one, with a Fantastic Distribution System (i.e., prisons for the target population, those who staff them, for another target market (i.e., of certifed trainings to reform the target population while they are locked up) plus a Fantastic Client (and hey, the US Government definitely has the financial clout to buy produce en masse) goes a long ways. I am constantly trying to “inform” people (for my own safety — because I LIVE here) that we’d better learn to think in terms of systems more than in terms of personalities, as the media encourages us to. They are two different things to do with (probably) two different parts of one’s brains, and are likely to land onesself up in two different parts of society also — housed, homeless, or warehoused. Read the rest of this entry »

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June 19, 2013 at 4:30 pm

QuickFactChecks on People/Corps Who Work in Supervised Visitation (See last post)

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When you take ahold of a piece (larger strands, or what looks like in this case, a smaller strand) of ANYONE who has gravitated towards a life on the public dole (which is to say, running or working with or for supervised visitation service nonprofit grantees) — it gets kind of predictable.


In the last comment I had originally simply noticed a Minnesota Member of the SVN board and how many of the board members are, habitually, acting the same — their social sphere is court-connected nonprofits and/or government or (more frequently) both at the same time, or in fast sequence.

My intention had been to simply show this to a group up in Minnesota, not that I expect it’ll produce a change of heart or tactics.

Then I brought the same comment down here, and posted it. I also spent at least two hours looking (again) at an industry which overlaps and parallels some of the practices of the Supervised Visitation Industry –and that’s the Prison Industry and all its components. Essentially, our tremendous, geographically varied, multi-climate, multicultural, 3,000-mile wide (California to New York/New Jersey/ etc., or if you will, in reverse, Atlantic to Pacific) plus Hawaii plus Alaska plus territories COUNTRY — is essentially beoming one giant system of networked control for the purpose of commerce – in people who need to be re-trained.

If the system weren’t kicking out generation after generation of the abused and oppressed to start with (the “huddled masses” of fame who were welcomed to the USA for refuge from oppression and famine and genocidal or religious wars elsewhere) — these businesses and the under-educated, over-entitled individuals working in them, would be out of a government-sponsored job!

In other words, we probably would’ve figured out (more locally) ways to handle out own issues without all this. It wouldn’t be ideal — but then again it just not might be perpetuating slavery and violence bordering on extinguishing entire sectors of society as independent species — like mothers without fathers in the home, or creative thinkers who don’t want to create more efficient weapons and means of monitoring their neighbors.

Not to pick on a single person (Dorie Twist) from Hennepin County, Minnesota — but she’s sitting on the SVN Board (or was), so I figure that’s fair game for any member of the public who knows it exists. However, with some apologies for picking on someone probably not equipped stand up without her affiliates and associates to justify this behavior on her own. I did a “quick-check” on the related organization, only to find a fake corporation name (it only existed for one year) but that the same agency is (1) still going strong enough; (2) that, as we have come to understand, to flee domestic violence to a shelter means, literally, to engage with a fatherhood-funded and definitely pro-father nonprofit and agency: this one is a central hub for their region, looks like; and (3) there have been corporate shape-shifting name-games which seem characteristic of the field.

This proud executive director had a gap in her linkedIn page during the 1990s. It eventually surfaces that she was a GAL during this time. The extensive academic qualifications eem to include (all that I could see) 3 years of accounting 1980-1983 in Hennepin Technical College (“About Us” page actually has the following quote. The school seems to have developed as an extension of local school districts and grown upwards towards post-secondary….

Hennepin Technical College (HTC) was built to fulfill an employment gap. There was a need to supply a skilled workforce to a growing community. Today, the need for highly trained employees with hands-on experience has never been greater. HTC is the right choice when bridging people and jobs.

This is not a liberal arts education encouraging diversity of ideas, writing skills (which helps with understanding of ideas), or broadened spiritual or personal horizons. It’s training for specific occupations, apparently mostly in government. This is who is running an organization whose purposes cross some of the most challenging spiritual, personal, religious and all other categories of life — the breakup of parents around issues of violence by one towards the other, with kids… However, if the handling of these situations are simply modeled on a pre-fab model, then all it requires is training in and access to the model, to operate it — which is what supervised visitation as a CONCEPT (as well as Batterers Intervention, etc. etc.) are based on. The TRAINING of humanity according to purchased models, paid for in part by the public, and based on theories which APPARENTLY don’t work. (The business part does, just not the stopping-the-violence part).

It would seem that titles like “Executive Director” and writing grants applications, plus bonding with fathers’ groups, appears to give someone a sense of power, importance, and place in the world which might not be obtained in fair competition with non grants-grabbing corporations, or individuals.
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June 19, 2013 at 4:06 pm

“Comment Submitted To:” (Supervised Visitation, Interlocking Nonprofits, in Minnesota)

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I submitted today to:
Carver County (MN) Corruption // AFCC chart page


Conceptual Thinking (understanding systems) is Essential to Freedom.
Networking for mutual self-support groups is wonderful, but failure by support groups to scout why one needed them to start with, is suicidal, in the long run. Support groups simply go form their silos of information and shun information which doesn’t fit with the status quo.

This is a great way to overspecialize and become an extinct species. We HAVE to be able to speak a language that incorporates understanding of the systems that structure our lives. We aren’t. There are crackups, domestic violence, gang violence, and various kinds of “roadkill,” to which people have conveniently (for those who DO understand systems, and own them) self-separated into their groups by label: Protective Mothers, Battered Mothers, Fathers’ Rights, Family Values vs. Pro Choice, etc.

Have you ever seen skilled sheepdogs in action? Consider what they do — they face off with the sheep; one dog can control a sizeable clump. Now — who does the sheepdog answer to and who feeds and trains him?

Now, who pays the man (or woman, I suppose) who trains, feeds, and runs the sheepdogs?

The real question is, who owns the ranch. And that’s what family court reform groups (male or female) simply forget to specialize in, and train each other to respond to signals from, that is, to respond as the owner of the ranch might — not as the sheep might.

I don’t know if you can get a visual on this — but picture sheepdog trials, and a batch is let out at time, and the canine “middle mangement” of this operation called a ranch, who do a lot of the running around, but appear to be innately designed for this — they LOVE running the sheep — are running one clumped together focused on the sheepdog (not the farm owners) and facing it, either face-off and freeze, or running. Eventually they ARE going to be run into the pen, where after a long (Or short) and domesticated life, during which they will be sheared and produce more lambs — eventually they will be possibly eaten. Such a life!

Divide, shepherd, shear, and eventually eat. Control reproduction. Sort for desired qualities.
That’s for sheep, but it’s been applied on people. And the sheepdogs bark and posture. The sheep don’t even have a language to talk back with that means anything other than what sounds they are making on the way back into the fold (pen).

As human beings, if we want freedom, we need to speak more than one language, and understand which language one is hearing at a given point of time. We also had better get a lid on understanding systems, AND becoming a better judge of character.

I read tax returns and look up corporations not because it’s profitable, or inherently more interesting than other things I could do with an immediate (though very transient, in my situation) profit. I read tax returns and look up corporations (and ask others to) because it tells me about who is doing what in the commercial landscape. I think the basics are clear, and a lot of the continued lookups I may (and am) still doing, are part for personal insight — but moreso for demonstrating to others.

This kind of data (even as poorly sourced as the free databases are, and as unwieldy as they are to produce any kind of report from) — givesi us a headsup on which way the economy has been going, is going and on WHY certain groups and talk like they do. It is one way of standing a little aprt from the clump of sheep to consider the patterns of frantic running around.

As a domestic violence survivor, I have also believed that the middle of pack of sheep frozen in certain language patterns and dashing around the internet to bond with their own kind, producing more of the same kind of (outdated though still valid in parts) information is producing inbreeding –and doesn’t increase the defensive or safety position one iota.

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The Eagle Atop the Tree of Peace is Screaming a Warning (a.k.a. The Feminine Fire inSide).

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This is a continuation from “Myths, Monuments and Monarchies.” I wanted to make sure we heard a plain, clear statement from an indigenous (to “North America” aka in other terms “Great Turtle Island”) from a Mohawk woman who “gets it.” She speaks about the “fire within” and I know this fire, but I also know that it has to do with connections. And the way to dominate and expatriate any group is to break all those connections and re-establish them in a new form more friendly to the colonizing state.

The eagle sits on top of the tree of peace and screams when danger is coming. This image, The Tree of Peace was adopted as The Tree of Liberty, as was the eagle, into national symbols…

Me, I am a product of this state at the disintegration and exposure of its value system, and believe it’s time for the Us/Them dialogue to start to regain a little more REAL respect instead of the fake kind, with labels, of people whose religious (which are, whose ways of life) differ, and see it through their eyes for a change.

A Confederacy then was not an Empire, but a way of life that helped reduce the warring. This is different from the feudal system which is to accumulate massive wealth, which appears to (judging by those who set this up) somehow require the shutting and cutting off of women’s leadership and insight (as well as rights to property and participate in government, in short, women are cut off and limited to their biological functions, except those who seek to excel in the MODEL which is still based on the IMPERIAL FEUDAL SYSTEM which requires losers to support the continued aggrandizement of the WINNERS.

Whatever our country could’ve been when it started, and chose to take PART — but not the female participation part — of the models from the American Indians (specifically the Iroquois) — it diid not become and no longer is. We are now fully a debt-based, warfare model which incorporates lying, stealing, cheating, and as I believe the last post established, periodic genocides and constant instability — as a way of life. All who subscribe to this way of life MUST fiscally support it (either by being poor and becoming part of a social science demonstration part; plus “justifying” more taxes, or by being middle class, and not having enough free time to actually understand how the system works, or by participating in the religious institutions which control their women and believe in special status for religious institutions, in combination with being too “spiritual” to be subject to earthly powers (etc. etc.).

Perhaps Ben, John, and Tom all knew in advance, from the cultures they came from, that no one was going to ever treat the Indians as equals, or women as equals, unless they were dominated in warfare or by other force.

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June 14, 2013 at 6:40 pm

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