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ORPHANS: Where The Great Commission meets the Military-Industrial Complex [First Published May 18, 2013]

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Title with shortlink: ORPHANS: Where The Great Commission meets the Military-Industrial Complex [First Published May 18, 2013] Shortlink ends “-1w0” (the 1st and 3rd digits are numbers, not letters). Just under 10,000 words.

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NOTE: Intro. section in this background color added [free of charge] Jan. 2016, some years after original publication May 2013. “Nightlight Christian Adoptions” was mentioned in the original post, I’ve just been looking more closely at tax return contents, in the interim. The original post may have been more “inspired,” however…. //LGH….It deals with this topic:

NOTE: this 3,000 word (you’re welcome!) post is out of sequence — belongs back with the “On the Road to Emmaeus” and “”Christian Social Services: Replenishing the Ranks of the Faithful (Bethany Christian Services posts, ca. Eastertime, 2013.

  • 6723 Whittier, McLean, VA (Always Look Up Street Addresses!!!)**

…at one time or another these organizations (at a minimum) shared a street address:


File under, if you notice the details, What’s wrong with this picture?

HHS Grant Category of Federal Domestic Assistance, searchable at HHS’ website “TAGGS.hhs.gov” – use “Advanced Search” function to get more complete results, in general. Error rate on this database is inexplicably HIGH, but it still coughs up some results and information….more than you’ll find in most social media….

93007 Public Awareness Campaigns on Embryo Adoption

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards

Hmm.  Tax Return pattern of Assets a little odd for this grantee; see changes in “Total Assets” column:

NIGHTLIGHT CHRISTIAN ADOPTIONS CA 2013 990 29 $755,395 95-2254634
NIGHTLIGHT CHRISTIAN ADOPTIONS CA 2012 990 26 $249,317 95-2254634
Nightlight Christian Adoptions CA 2011 990 27 $514,579 95-2254634


Yellow-background = Sept. 2016 UPDATE: This organization’s Tax Returns look three years later (Fiscal Year=Tax Year).  It’d been three years, I thought I’d check back on this 501©3…

Search Again (Click on Org. name to access tax return for that year)

NIGHTLIGHT CHRISTIAN ADOPTIONS CA 2015 990 31 $1,911,682.00 95-2254634
NIGHTLIGHT CHRISTIAN ADOPTIONS CA 2014 990 35 $1,020,801.00 95-2254634
NIGHTLIGHT CHRISTIAN ADOPTIONS CA 2013 990 29 $755,395.00 95-2254634

This and another organization at the same street address in California, “Every Child Has A Name” show up as registered to a Loveland, Colorado Address, that is, unofficially viewed, today at  Datagovus.com on Google-based address search.  Maybe I’m reading it wrong, and it’s the Colorado registration that views the California one as “Foreign,” i.e., in California]

Without reviewing the entire 2013 post below, from this later perspective, several red flags (on viewing the tax returns) are showing up on Nightlight Christian Adoptions, and this situation.  I posted some more info (yellow-background, follow-ups) but my screen keeps freezing, so no more for now….

Hopefully readers can enjoy what’s below this section and was published earlier..which is still relevant.  Over the intervening three years, I have of course picked up on more elements of the networking, and of interpreting the information on tax returns, particularly when there are multiple nonprofits associated with a single individual, recurring name changes, and religious/evangelicals involved, which (see what the “PhD” with Nehrbass represents — he has a website) seems to be second nature, and part of the “my nonprofits = my ministry” lifestyle.

Comparing the outer ends of those two tables, Total Assets went from $514K to $1.9M (almost quadrupled) within just three years.  Looking at the tax returns, these assets are being held (Part X) under “Land, Buildings and Equipment” (Line 10) which is depreciating.  Up to Year 2014, something called “Intangible Assets” of $470K was showing up, then suddenly dropped to “0” in 2015.

Dr. Nehrbass is not listed among the officers on Year 2015 tax return, but signed its first page 4/11/2016 apparently. As you can see, the main source of income is Program Service Revenues, not “Contributions.” From Part VIII, I also see that government grants are not the majority of even the contributions.

(A wix site. See
[From the Website:]

In 2006 Detsky Dom Partners was formed in order to bring orphans from Russia to the US for short term tours. These talented kids would sing and dance, while raising awareness about the needs of orphans worldwide. Many of these kids were available for adoption, and they inspired families to adopt older children.

Switching to a more global vision, Detsky Dom changed it’s name to Every Child Has a Name (ECHAN) in 2011. ECHAN now addresses the concerns of orphans worldwide, and supports a wide spectrum of work…

http://www.everychildhasaname.org/about_us ==>

Entity Number: C2860695
Date Filed: 03/23/2006
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 27 FERRAND <==<==
Entity City, State, Zip: NEWPORT COAST CA 92657
Agent for Service of Process: DANIEL NEHRBASS
Agent Address: 4430 E MIRALOMA AVE B
Agent City, State, Zip: ANAHEIM CA 92807

Redfin says that the Entity address is a home that sold in 2007 for $2.3M (and 2001 for less than half that), and is now probably worth $2.6M, and that the address could also be written “Newport Beach”

27 Ferrand is a house in Newport Beach, CA 92657. This property last sold for $2,325,000Based on Redfin’s Newport Beach data, we estimate the home’s value is now $2,606,269, which is 12.1% more than when it was last sold. Comparable nearby homes include 42 Lemans12 Rivage, and 2057 Port Bristol Cir. Nearby schools include St Matthew’s Montessori, Sage Hill School and Tarbut V’torah Community Day School. The closest grocery stores are Pavilions, Pavilions and Vons. Nearby coffee shops include Pacific Whey, Starbucks and Kosher Cafe. Nearby restaurants include Taco Rosa, Cowgirl Cookie Co and Newport Fusion Sushi. 27 Ferrand is near San Miguel Park, Spyglass Hill Park and Buffalo Hills Park. This address can also be written as 27 Ferrand, Newport Beach, California 92657.

Regarding Daniel Nehrbass (on his website), I see Fuller Seminary, which says a lot, plus Talbot School of Theology, MDiv southern Baptist Seminary, and what does not seem despite this, to be a particularly academic interest in life; I see also the several nonprofits, a a current association with Biola Unviersity (in California), “Adjunct professor”  and despite emphasis on his long-term wife and several children, a head shot of only himself.  On the home, not “About” page a penchant for advertising what important people he’s connected to:


Daniel is the President of Nightlight Christian Adoptions, home of the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption program.  He has worked as a pastor, professional counselor, and adjunct professor of biblical studies at Biola University. He is also a published author of four books and articles in Adoption AdvocateAdoption TodayPreaching MagazineClergy Journal, and REV! Magazine. Dan is a board member of Every Child Has a Name, the National Christian Adoption FellowshipA Helping HandThe Urban Ministry Institute Los Angeles, and on the organizing committee of Adopted for Good. 

Daniel earned a PhD in Practical Theology (emphasis in pastoral counseling) at Fuller Seminary. He completed his ThM from Talbot School of Theology, MDiv at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and his MA at Indiana Wesleyan University in Ministerial Education. He received his B.A. in Classical Civilization from UC Irvine.

Dr. Nehrbass is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, and a full member of the Evangelical Theological Society.

Dan and his wife, Kristina, have been best friends since they were thirteen years old. His hobbies include rock climbing, off-roading, hiking, skiing, and reading. Dan and Kristina are adoptive parents, and have six children.  His funniest moment was featured on America’s Funniest Home Video.

“The Urban Ministry Institute Los Angeles” is a satellite of two men who (with their families) from University of Iowa — and LEAVING Los Angeles — went to Wichita and launched a training institute (around the time of Welfare Reform — mid 1990s) then a few years later started up satellite “Campuses”). Check out that link and the “History” page associated, along with the “Affirmation of Beliefs…” (with focus on the Triune, and a passing reference to only two verses establishing a paragraph of words  assertions, excuse me,….affirmations):

In the summer of 1995, Don Davis and his family moved from the University of Iowa along with Rev. Terry Cornett (B.A., Univ. of Texas; M.A. Wheaton College; M.A. Asuza Pacific Univ.) and his family from Los Angeles to Wichita, Kansas to launch The Urban Ministry InstituteThe Institute officially opened for classes in the spring of 1996, and since that first semester has trained over 100 laypersons and pastors who minister in the city through classes, colloquiums, training events, and conferences.

It’s unclear from that last statement whether “Through classes, collquiums” (sic — should be colloquia for the plural) “..training events, and conferences” refers to the training, or the actual ministry. For a better history of this organization, I’d check the secretary of states, charitable registries (state level) and if available, IRS returns. Then again, some religious organizations are exempt from IRS filings. Either way, someone paid for those trainings, classes, or conferences — and someone else wrote them off as expense of doing business (religious, ministry, or otherwise). Until also the inter-relationships between the nonprofits is understood (given at least Dan Nehrbass, Ph.D.. is claiming involvement), the individual nonprofits are not fully understood, either.

In 2000, The Urban Ministry Institute began establishing satellite campuses in inner cities around the country, and in the Fall of 2001, The Urban Ministry Institute of Los Angeles was formally launched as its 3rd satellite campus.

Our mission: to equip leadership for the urban church, especially among the poor, to advance the Kingdom of God in the city.  We provide biblical and theological training that is both inexpensive and accessible to Christian leaders among the underprivileged in the city



[Informal results from Datagovus.com on address search.  Maybe I’m reading it wrong, and it’s the Colorado registration that views the California one as “Foreign,” i.e., in California]

<==See Image from 2015 return, Page 1 only:  2015-irs-form-990-p1-only-for-%22nightlight-christian-adoptions%22-ein952254634-in-anaheimhills-ca-pres-nehrbass-signed-but-not-shown-on-part-vii-as-officer-says-ca-legal-domicile
Three Officers: James Light, Jeff Slack, and Jere Vandevalle show on Part VII marked “Officers” (and previous) return. President isn’t “Officer”?



Program Service Accomplishments (from 2013 Return) show expenses of $1.5M but Revenue of $1.0M)

(Code ) (Expenses $ 1,589,845 including grants of $ 198,419 ) (Revenue $ 1,082,875)


At any rate, tax return shows in 2013, (where is Year 2014?) they took in $1.08M in earned revenues from their services (i.e., fees for services) + $761K of contributions ($404K of this government grants).  Somehow, they also, having 32 employees, spent $1.1M on “Compensation” — but, their 9 board of directors only logged 1 hour/week (all volunteer) and no independent subcontractors are listed.  The “Grants” are simply shown as 4 wire transfers labeled “Asia, Europe, Haiti, Russia.”

The Prior Year (2012, middle row above, showing “Total Assets $249,317 — considerably less than 2013 –they actually received over twice as many contributions (Total Contributions, $1.6M) and again, revenues over $1M — but spent $1.6M (quite a bit more) on Salaries and $1.3M (also quite a bit more) on “Other Expenses” landing $243K in the negative.  THIS year their government grants read “$1.2M” and the same number of employees, with an all-volunteer board, and no independent subcontractors, somehow were paid $1.6M of salaries.  An Executive Director (Daniel Nehrbass) signed the return (electronic), but is not listed (as he should be) in Section VIIA.   For expenses that year, they not only paid everyone (presumably) a lot more, but spent more on advertising and promotion ($236.8K) and “Adoption Facilitation” ($446.0K), in essence, spent it down.

Take it on faith — as money’s being wired overseas, and no Key, OR, Highest Paid Employees are listed at all (as the IRS form prompts filers to do) — that the government grants facilitating the 32 employee’s salaries were well spent, or even that 32 employees actually exist….

Organization Name Registration Number Record Type Registration Status City State Registration Type Record Type
NIGHTLIGHT CHRISTIAN ADOPTIONS 005597 Charity Delinquent ANAHEIM CA Charity Registration Charity
From those details (that’s a Delinquency with California Charitable Registry, under the Attorney-General’s Office) in Sept. 2009, they were reminded to send in their “RRFs” at this street address:


…  By January, 2012, they were being reminded to send in their copy of “Schedule B Contributors,” at this address (and I notice, with a slightly different corporate name now), for Fiscal Year 2010

NIGHTLIGHT, INC. CT FILE NUMBER: 005597 4430 E. MIRALOMA AVENUE, SUITE B ANAHEIM CA 92807,   “The filing is incomplete because the copy of Schedule B, Schedule of Contributors, does not include the names and addresses of contributors.”


There is NO “RRF” showing (possibly the California office got them but didn’t upload — however, they do mark the organization “delinquent”) past Year 2010.  The important function, among others, of an RRF is to tell the public whether the entity received any government Funding (a one-page questionnaire, Question 6 is Yes/No — Did you receive government funding? and a YES checkmark requires an attachment saying from which agencies, and contact information for them.

The 2010 RRF for this organization reports $2.1M of “Gross Receipts.”  Of these, the associated IRS Tax Return on the site clearly shows on part VIII (Revenues) that of $826,893, over half ($476,990) were “Government Grants.”  So, the RRF was filled out dishonestly.***

That year, they earned considerably more ($1.3M) also on “ADOPTION SERVICES” (not specified which ones)….  On that IRS form (incidentally) they also mention paying their President (Ron Stoddard) $119K.  Therefore I doubt that in later years, they continued operaitons, but simply stopped paying the leadership.  Instead, the leadership’s names and salaries (and recording them on the statement of expenses properly) simply disappeared.

**I went back to TAGGS.hhs.gov Grants and see that in Year 2010 (Fiscal Year = Tax Year), HHS reported delivering $536,785 to this organization, on specific dates.  What’s more, as the tax return was not signed by Mr. Stoddard until Oct. 2011, by that time, HHS had (it says) delivered $785,220 MORE grants (for fiscal year 2011 so far as Nightlight is concerned) to them.  Thus, the organization is helping HHS (or, themselves, or both) falsify records, and potentially, launder public funds allegedly received:

FY Award Number Award Title Budget Year of Support Award Code Agency Action Issue Date DUNS Number Amount This Action
2010 EAAPA081009  2008 EMBRYO DONATION AND/OR ADOPTION PUBLIC AWARENESS 3 00 DHHS/OS 08-27-2010 081794034 $ 500,000 
2010 EAAPA081009  2008 EMBRYO DONATION AND/OR ADOPTION PUBLIC AWARENESS 3 01 DHHS/OS 09-15-2010 081794034 $ 36,875 
Fiscal Year 2010 Total: $ 536,875

And, “Get This!”

Of the $5.89 Million shown above from HHS, I just added grants from 2011-2015 ongoing, and the total HHS donations to this NONCOMPLIANT at the STATE LEVEL organization, is $2.29M. ($2,293,840 exactly).

AND — ANYONE with a calculator and an awareness that HHS has a database recording its grants, and California has a Charitable Registry (“Verification” Link here) recording the behavior of 501(c)3s receiving them.  The organization still exists as a Corporation, but is only Delinquent as a Charity — meanwhile, how does this impact the public when HHS doesn’t bother to assure its own grantees are compliant at the state level, before doling out a half-milion/year in Embryo Awareness Campaigns, and the like?

Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process


NOTE: this 3,000 word (you’re welcome!) post is out of sequence — belongs back with the “On the Road to Emmaeus” and “”Christian Social Services: Replenishing the Ranks of the Faithful (Bethany Christian Services posts, ca. Eastertime, 2013.

  • 6723 Whittier, McLean, VA (Always Look Up Street Addresses!!!)**

…at one time or another these organizations (at a minimum) shared a street address:


File under, if you notice the details, What’s wrong with this picture?

I dare anyone to connect the dots and tell me what the American Petroleum Institute has to do with “Christian Evangelism by Adoption” commerce, and why so many Congresspeople are all excited about putting every adoptable infant into a nice Christian home. While travelling the globe to get them, sponsored by known connections with the very forces that make them.

Orphans, that is.

I know why certain kinds of Christians are interested. They believe (have been indoctrinated into) Matthew 28:18 “The Great Commission” —

I also can kind of deduce why the Board Members of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CACI) might be heavily interested in maintaining close connections with Protestant Evangelical Franchise Operations and their mighty networks, and expertise at creating nonprofits under the religious umbrella.

The next question that comes up — why are you and I funding and tolerating this?


Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute — 6723 Whittier, McLean, VA (EIN# 542035617; 2002 return, p.6 it’s signed by Kerry M. Hasenbalg, Exec. Dir.)

Association of Former Intelligence Officers, INC.

(@ 2009; also see light-pink-background Section below). [[main site remains functional:  AFIO.com.  Also it’s a nonprofit of modest means; I looked it up, but am not going to interrupt the flow of information on this older post, other than to post those returns (for the EIN#) and a screenprint, or two):  Also the street address has changed since, though still in Virginia//Let’s Get Honest 2/10/2017]]

Total results: 3Search Again.

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
Association of Former Intelligence Officers VA 2015 990 31 $1,751,670.00 51-0208890
Association of Former Intelligence Officers VA 2014 990 31 $1,821,463.00 51-0208890
Association of Former Intelligence Officers VA 2013 990 28 $1,700,682.00 51-0208890
AFIO.com screenshot, 2017

AFIO.com screenshot, 2017

AFIO.com screenshot 2017

AFIO.com screenshot 2017

AFIO.com screenshot 2017

AFIO.com screenshot 2017


Christian Alliance For Orphans –2008 return, 11/09; street address 6723 Whittier, McLean, VA (Treas Scott Hasenbalg)*
(*All officers read from Colorado Springs; interesting…. The link, however is to yet another nonprofit, “Show Hope” (Shaohannah’s Hope) in honor of an young Chinese orphan adopted by Christian contemporary musician Steve Chapman, and inadvertently run over (and killed) in the driveway of their home by one of the teenaged boys… (That “Poundpuplegacy” link is a good one….)
The STREET address of the Board of CAFO (above) i looked up, and it appears to be “Vision Trust International,” EIN# 841397081) (notice the mission statement): The EIN# has a PO Box, but the website shows the same street address as (all) the Directors of Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) above — 3710 Sinton Rd #100, Colorado Springs, 80907

Mission Statement
Our Mission is to develop orphaned and neglected children into mature Christians equipped to live in their own culture. We do this by enabling Christian nationals to meet the physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs of these children. Statement of Faith
We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible and authoritative Word of God….

It is indeed a 501(c)3 (I just checked) formed in Colorado 4/16/1997 and apparently mailing in its annual reports regularly.

BUT, I have added an inset (blue-background) table on the top (adds about 2,000 words) to keep it in our (collective) faces about the (collective) assets of the (collective) governments which involve themselves in things like lobbying for international abduction leniency, at the Congressional Level, as a nonprofit 501(c)3, in a street address which was (first location) shared by an Association with former US President George H.W. Bush & Frank Carlucci as Honorary Chairs (i.e., the “AFIO” or “Association of Former Intelligence Officers“–scroll down below the pie chart to see the Board) itself a member of the ICAN (Intelligence Community Associations Network).

BAND, some plus some detail on the “Military [Intelligence Sector] Complex/AFIO sector” (immediately below, light-pink background) Which brings the post to, double the original size…

Our History / Board

During the 1970s the Intelligence Community was buffeted by a number of leaks and revelations, culminating in the Church and Pike Congressional investigations. CIA officer David Atlee Phillips took early retirement in 1975 to respond to the growing sentiment that the CIA was a “rogue elephant.” As part of this effort, Phillips founded this organization, known then as the Association of Retired Intelligence Officers (ARIO). Although much attacked at the time when many people called for the dismantlement of the CIA, Phillips toured the world to speak out in favor of the need for a strong intelligence community. He was subsequently personally accused of being a participant in the Kennedy and Letelier assassinations. He successfully sued several publications for libel, retractions were issued and monetary damages awarded. Phillips donated some of these proceeds to ARIO for the purpose of creating a legal defense fund for American intelligence officers who felt they were the victims of libel. This defense focus was later moved to a separate group called Charter, which disbanded in the early 1980s, and AFIO’s focus narrowed to public education within its 501(c)3 charter.

In 1978 the name of the organization was changed to Association of Former Intelligence Officers to reflect a pool of members who were not necessarily retired, which widened the pool of eligible members and reflects the current dynamic membership. From its inception in Dave Phillips’ living room and a few hundred members in 1975, AFIO has grown to over 5000 members, with 24 active chapters across the United States.

A member of the Intelligence Community Associations Network (ICAN) [[scan the listing!***]], AFIO is more than a professional or fraternal organization. Its distinguishing mission is educational…to reach out to the public and explain what intelligence organizations do, and to build a nation-wide constituency for intelligence as a profession. In many ways, AFIO is the public face of the Intelligence Community.

[[*** “Yowza!! I just did. I clicked on “USGIF” (US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation,” started in 2003. Now, click on their Sustaining Partners (Patrons, Partners, etc.) for dozens of logos of primarily computer, telecommunications-related industries — MANY of which you will recognize, and some of which I recognize as actually being very active in the OCSE (Child Support) contracts — as obviously it takes electronics to long-distance digitally track and garnish wages, right?). Besides Google, Microsoft and Boeing, Lockheed, there’s Deloitte, Accenture, and many more. And that’s just ONE ICAN member, USGIF. ]]

I’m talking about 6723 Whittier Avenue, McLean, VA. Interesting site… So the original post is below that, if you want to get “right down to business” — you have to scroll past my (or someone else’s, rather) lecture on — we need to stop this insanity…

Another perk to this post — a HOW TO run an advanced search on the Health and Human Services (HHS) public access database (“http://TAGGS.hhs.gov/AdvancedSearch.cfm“) which types of searches can play a starring role in “turning the lights on,” and in this blog. It’s still a research tool.

That HHS database isn’t complete (or accurate), but you can learn alot still from exploring it, including that this agency is putting out an incomplete and inaccurate (intentionally misleading) public statement on what’s being done with our tax money. Or, with the profits generated from the investment platform obtained originally (in good part) things that started in 1913, and escalated “between the (World) Wars in 1933ff)…. That is the big picture. Leadership (including Congress) knows this. Most of us, still don’t, which is no accident. The profits lie in the inside knowledge, and in the knowledge gap.

I plan to refer to this CAFR/PENSION FUND/COLLECTIVE GOVERNMENTAL CLOUT through CORPORATION OWNERSHIP topic in almost every post from here on out. The following (2010) blog is making two basic points: Collectively, when money is garnished up front (i.e., income tax, or any other means) for a specific project — down the road in time a piece — that money goes into a place (“holding tank”) where it is invested, or earns a pile of interest. Time works to accumulate profits. Those funds obtained and invested ARE invested in corporations (around the globe) — which is how our own government becomes THE largest world owner of infrastructure (see “The Bentley 500,” I’ve posted it before). That profit (the ROI), is basically “out of sight, out of mind” for MOST people, even when the time for the project shows up. TIME PASSES.

That, and considering the extent of governments (keeping in mind that a government is a “corporation” — i.e., a town was “Incorporated” in such and such a date, right? Well what do we think that means, or don’t we think about it? Incorporation is a way of doing business — in this country. (In others, it may be “Ltd.” etc.). Under Commerce laws of the US, etc. etc. A corporation or trust is considered a “person” for those purposes (and so on). See also a recent (May 15 or so 2013) post on Private Equity = Government Policy…

So, here is a large segment of a post which lays it out: Clint Richardson (Burien Protege, clear writer — that’s why I quote him so much. Of course it helps with clear writing if your head is clear — and one of the better ways to “Clarify” one’s thinking is to pull together the basic pieces to the economic playing field, or at least to name and define them… Notice them in action, etc.).

Source: 1/9/2010 blogpost, “The Biggest Game In Town: Walter Burien and Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports” He is talking about balance of power in banding together — the government has this figured out. Most of us, don’t….. Look for the basic principles.

. . . . Likewise, the thousandsofindividual governments in the United States are extremely powerful and wealthy when manifested as one “collective” governmental body – collective government.Bearing this in mind, I will nowreveal the man behind the curtain, so to speak…Through collective government investments from allindividual governments across the United States, the government owns most of the major corporations in America, and beyond.I’ll say it again, in a different way. Collectively, through investment, the United States government owns most major corporations and just about everything else in America.

Please read on…

Of the Fortune 500 companies we hear about, and even invest in ourselves with our cute little peanuts we think of as personal wealth, the government has over the last 70 years or so taken financial controlling interest in all of these corporations. This is no exaggeration. This is no joke. This is the reality of the corporate and financial state of our country and it’s government.

So how has it gotten to this point?

In several ways…

Have you ever noticed that when a bond or proposition gets passed in your state for a construction or land management project, the actual project itself sometimes isn’t scheduled to begin until months or years in the future? It’s even written in most bills that the project wont start until a far off set future date.

Well… the money for that proposition or bill is immediately released upon passage of the legislation. Now you might ask yourself, if the money is there why doesn’t the project begin immediately?

Here is the answer…

That “taxpayer money” gets sent directly into what we’ll call a government “holding account” for a while, sometimes years and years before that public project actually begins.

Now, that money doesn’t just sit there… It is invested. It gains interest. It builds up extreme wealth – months or years of interest and capital gains on investments from that originally taxpayer funded money. This is all transpired digitally, of course.

But when it comes time to use that original amount of money for the project of which it was intended months or years later, the capital gains (profits) of that supposedly dormant money are separated from the original amount placed into the “holding account” and stay in the governments discretionary investment coffers and are then reinvested not for the benefit of the people, but for the wealth and profit of the corporate government. The problem and the inherent crime here is this – that profit is no longer considered tax-payer (public) owned money, since it was earned by investment or by accrued interest.

That “extra money” goes elsewhere… mainly into other investments or funds which grease the pockets of the “in the know” politicians and corporations and other people and groups involved. Some open what are called “self insurance funds” and then draw dividends for themselves and their fellow conspirators for the rest of their political careers by insuring themselves with their own insurance funds. And the cycle goes on and on and on and on… and has for the last 70 years. And it has now reached the point where government owns it all!

How do I know this to be true?

When the yearly budget comes out for your town, city, district, county, state, and the whole country – the one that you and I and Joe Taxpayer sees that is usually in a deficit (in the red) – the money made on these individual government investments is not shown, because it is not in the “taxpayer budget” any longer. Therefore, it does not technically have to be accounted for to the taxpayers – who we can define as everyone who pays any form of taxes, which is by default everyone in the United States. There are of course, 100’s of different taxes – from gas tax to sales tax – that are used in this way as well. The money from all of these individual taxes once again just sits there and accumulates after being collected until it is distributed, and gains interest or is invested until it is spent for the purposes it was collected (apportioned).

[[Then he talks about money as debt, the Federal Reserve is not government, income tax, etc.]]

So where does the extra government corporate investment money go, and what proof is there of its existence?

[[“we’re glad you asked….” to quote a LGH family court blogger]]

The only way to see where this money goes is by looking at the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for each local, city, state, and any other government office. The Federal Reserve even has one of these! You want to see an audit of the Federal Reserve? Just look at the Federal Reserve’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and go from there.

This “complete” budget and statement of earnings is required for all governments and corporate businesses, and it is available in the public domain… meaning it is very easy to acquire by the average Joe Citizen. A simple public records search or an Internet search will reveal this report for most individual governments and corporations. And if it doesn’t, they are in violation of their own codes on public disclosure. [[See http://economicbrain.wordpress.com for an initial collection]]

The problem is, nobody knows its there. Nobody knows to put the pieces together. Nobody understands that there are literally 100′s of trillions of “collective” investments and funds that have been acquired by these individual governments that have been hidden in plain sight for decades, by separating the total governments wealth into individual and seemingly insignificant government funds and investments across the country. When considered collectively, these massive investment funds would pay off all debt in this country, and if worked correctly could eliminate all taxes through public-taxpayer instead of private-non-taxpayer investment of the same sort. This is what Walter Burien and CAFR1 are trying to achieve. This is the solution I mentioned earlier. His Tax Retirement Funds (TRF’s) are this country’s saving grace. Learn more about them here: (http://taxretirement.com/)

Now, about

“ORPHANS: Where the Great Commission
meets the Military-Industrial Complex”

However, I had occasion to refer to the CCAI’s (Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s) original street address of 6723 Whittier Avenue, McLean, Virginia — which the inset table below points out. “ALWAYS LOOK UP STREET ADDRESSES OF NONPROFITS!”

I dare anyone to connect the dots and tell me what the American Petroleum Institute has to do with the Christian Evangelism by Adoption Trade, and why so many Congresspeople are all excited about putting every adoptable infant into a nice Christian home. While travelling the globe to get them, sponsored by known connections with the very forces that make them.

Orphans, that is.

I know why certain kinds of Christians are interested. They believe (have been indoctrinated into) Matthew 28:18 “The Great Commission” —

I also can kind of deduce why the Board Members of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CACI) might be heavily interested in maintaining close connections with Protestant Evangelical Franchise Operations and their mighty networks, and expertise at creating nonprofits under the religious umbrella.

The next question that comes up — why are you and I funding and tolerating this


Have we, too, been indoctrinated that it’s somehow for our own good to connect helpless abandoned (presumably) infants from the corners of the globe with some of the most powerful institutions, and corporations, around — like the US Congress, a major private equity firm driven by its close connections with the American Intelligence Industry (CIA, etc.), and — well, let’s just take a look at it, OK?

Is there no limit on this insanity, and our passivity?

In presenting it, will I sound crazier than those disciples who said, the man you saw dead, isn’t — when I relate (and show evidence) that the basic premise behind the Social Security Act we call “good” isn’t, not to mention that the church/state separation we thought existed, doesn’t?

This won’t be the first time I’ve sounded insane without being so: I recall when people thought I was nuts for pointing out the Unification Church connection to the Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood grants system, which gives a clue why engaging with the family court system in ANY way shape, or form, feels in general like encountering a cult. You may get free, but you’ll never be the same again; and generally speaking, years, and many, many dollars will have slid by. I actually have a post in draft about “Cults in the Courthouse.” But, one thing at a time…

It is obviously hard to speak about, but unconscionable NOT to speak about, what simple searches of HHS grants have unearthed, and their very disturbing message which comes from simply paying attention to Who’s paying Whom and Why — in evangelism by adoption industry, whose primary customers are orphans (allegedly) from overseas or US disasters (i.e. Hurricane Katrina) OR children moved into the US foster care system and ASAP into adoption.

Do a Test Run from TAGGS first:

So, being (me), I looked at that award series (90CO####), which brought up over 1600 grants (about 371 of them “new”). YOWZA! If this search result holds,** we can see ADOPTION is really big business at HHS, that in some states, the Courts themselves are being paid directly, but in others nonprofits, many of the grantees missing “DUNS#,” which grantees are supposed to have.

[**to reproduce the search in just a minute or two: From this site (which is TAGGS advanced search), set YEARS
to “ALL” and “Grant Award,” type in only (nothing more than) “90CO” which is that series. OR as it turns out) select “CFDA Program (a dropdown menu) 93652/”Adoption Oportunities”.” Then go to the bottom of the search page, where several columns of fields can be clicked to choose columns on the resulting report. Click, for example, GRANTEE INSTITUTION and State, but in the middle, do NOT click “Fiscal Year” “Program Office,” or “OpDiv” if you want it to sort by grantee, not year. Below that, set the “results per page” high (like 500)..

Select Columns Help [suggested fields to select — Bold]

Grantee Institution
Grantee Address
Grantee City
Grantee State
Grantee Postal Code
Grantee Country
Grantee County
Grantee Type
Grantee Class
Fiscal Year
Operating Division
Program Office
Grant Title
Award Number

Award Code
Budget Year
Action Issue Date
Principal Investigator
Award Action Type
Award Class
Award Activity Type
CFDA Number *
CFDA Program Title *
Award Abstract Text
Recovery Act Indicator
Congressional District (CD)
DUNS Number

[*As preselect is 93562, Adoption Opportunities, no need to check these two]


For an even MORE interesting search, type nothing in the Grant# field, choose CFDA 93007, and run the same search (same way). This will pull up the “Promoting Embryo Adoption Awareness Campaign” recipients, including “Nightlight Christian Adoptions” (“Snowflakes” program) out of California whose Christian attorneys, well, that’s yet another post; also stemming out of religious beliefs about, when a Christian couple uses IVF, and there are a few frozen “extras,” (Cryo-Embryo Donation Awareness, “CEDA”) what do they do, morally? Let ’em die? No — because personhood begins at conception. Let just anyone adopt them? No, that’s immoral because if they went to a non-Christian family, they’d end up going to hell. Seriously. ((Apparently allowing Christian groups to lie, steal, cheat, molest children and assault their spouses (or others under their care) and cover it up, is less of a Christian concern than getting at those babies before they’ve been polluted by the world.)) Also not much of a concern is violating basic Constitutional principles about Congress passing any Act establishing a religion. Faith-based Initiatives basically got around all that hogwash….

Nightlight Christian Adoptions got $4.3 million in HHS grants. They also have the support of Steven Curtis Chapman (See Shaohannah’s hope, below), Tim Tebow Foundation, and Scott Hasenbalg, featured below. Donations help couples afford the adoption fees among other things. This article is recent (April, 2013).
$6,000 in awards to students writing on Embryo Law (2nd & 3rd prize went to Pepperdine and a Jesuit university). Website supported by HHS grant promotes the field.

Lasat I heard, Christian athletes and musicians are not putting their millions into programs helping stop the orphan-making issues around domestic violence and associated murder/suicides, which are less cuddly and possibly might offend some of their colleagues who are still unclear that spousal and child abuse are actually crimes and require cleaning house. I also don’t know any Christian attorneys (do you?) who are overt about their evangelistic tendencies, and adamant on the issue of No Excuse for Abuse.. It does make one think. ((In Texas recently, a beautiful 37-year old woman, mother of a daughter, was allegedly (911 call made when he was breaking in) shot to death by her ex-cop husband; their divorce was final in February, and there’d been stalking and DV in the background). I don’t know that either party was or was not religious, but we do know that’s one more unnecessary orphan. She had sole custody because of his abuse.
. . . .

Last post (“On the Road to Emmaeus” references a passage in the gospel of Luke, common to Easter Season celebrations. I began this post on Easter Sunday).

I began with simply comparing the change of heart those disciples had to go through, after some very life-changing moments, on having a personal visit from the risen Jesus “on the road to Emmaeus.” Only, as it seemed holiday-appropriate (if a little sarcastic on that matter) and as I was looking into a group with the word “Bethany” in its name.

But as I looked closer, and looked, and looked (as no doubt some of those men had to, in their time), I saw religious groups recruiting babies for their denominations through government, at public expense, and a particular set of Virginia-DC-based organizations attempting to influence government to enable this — without the least regard for what the same circles (i.e., evangelical AND conservative protestant groups, in particular) have been doing, “stateside” to grown women and mothers.

First, let’s talk about the “coincidence” of multiple nonprofits out of one address, some of them getting HHS grants, and some of them having Congresspeople on their Advisory boards….

And towards the end of one long day of this, I saw on TAGGS grants database an address, 6723 Whittier Avenue, McLean Virginia, where several nonprofit names in a row (well-funded and influential, one with Congressional membership) shared building space. I’dfoundShaohannah’s Hope looking up “Bethany Christian Services.”Shaohannah was one of three Chinese orphans adopted by a Christian Contemporary Musician (Steven Curtis Chapman) to supplement his family of three others. Christiansare being indoctrinated heavily these days to ADOPT as part of fulfilling the Great Commission (evangelization). So they adopted three little girls. One of them, Maria, turned 5 years old andwas run over — in the family driveway — by a teenaged son driving a car. A tragic accident leading to “Remembering Maria,” but not slowing down the adopt-an-orphan business one iota. (Story below).So, at one time or another these organizations (at a minimum) shared a street address:


While AFIO may seem UNrelated to say, that Congressional Coalition on ADOPTION Institute, On the Advisory Board of CCAI is a representative from The Carlyle Group, and on the Honorary Board of AFIO are former President George H.W. Bush and Former CIA Director Frank Carlucci (and others).

If you can spell “BUSH’ and “CARLUCCI” you can basically spell “Carlyle,” and a whole lot more, like Bin Laden.

And CARLYLE’s Interest in Saving Orphans, as opposed to Making them, is …???

  Six days after officially quitting the Pentagon, January 6, 1989, Frank Carlucci became Carlyle’s Director General. He brought trusted lieutenants from the CIA, the State Department, and the Defense Department with him. Nicknamed “Mr. Clean”, Frank Carlucci has a sulfurous reputation.

This diplomat was posted during the 1970s to countries such as South Africa, the Congo, Tanzania, and Portugal, where the United States and the CIA had played a questionable political role. He was the number two at the American embassy in the Belgian Congo in 1961 and was suspected of being implicated in the assassination of Patrice Lumumba. He has always firmly denied it. The American press has also accused him of being implicated in several cases of arms trafficking in the 1980s, but he has never been prosecuted. For a while, he directed Wackenhut, a security company with a hateful reputation, implicated in one of the biggest espionage scandals ever, the hijacking of Promise [“promis”] software. Frank Carlucci had the mission of cleaning up after the Iran-Contra affair in the Reagan administration and he succeeded John Pointdexter as National Security Advisor. As he took over his new position, he chose a young general to be his assistant… Colin Powell.

Looks like Carlyle also got its start in taking fees for selling losses by Eskimo Companies to other firms. Any discussion of jobs, wages, economy, welfare, etc. is played out in the backdrop of some of the largest private equity firms around, and their influence on politics. So, a quick read about “The Great Eskimo Tax Scam” which has to do with reparations to Native Americans (including Eskimos) for land stolen from them under manifest destiny, a.k.a., how to profit from stealing, tax loopholes, and losses. It took one idealistic young lawyer (formerly under Jimmy Carter) and another executive whose business was saving Marriott millions in taxes. Carter lost to Reagan, Norris picked up the hard-working (and brilliant) Rubenstein, and they started flying Eskimos to Washington to profit from a tax loophole. The initial profit (1% of $1 billion) got Carlyle setup. Like I said, just read it. Look at Rubenstein now….(2012 Forbes article, “Forbes 2012 article “The Kings of Capital” for another general idea of just “how large IS it ?” [Carlyle) and what it does. Not to mention the China connection.

Because Carlyle is NOT a public-traded company, it doesn’t have to show where its profits are coming from to anyone but its investors. It invests in things that kill people and create orphans around the world, in companies that do business with the Pentagon, etc.

There seems a connection between all four, which sheds an entirely different light on the fascination with international adoptions and overseas travels to make it happen, among evangelical Christian Circles.

@ 6723 Whittier Avenue, Suite _ _ _

(A Corporation Wiki List…. shows organizations & people). It IS an office building, and does have a UPS maildrop location, but still…

“SUITE 200, SUITE 202”
With “AFIO,” Association of Former Intelligence Officers, Suite 200″ (2009 Honorary Bd of Directors Chairman, the Hon George H.W. Bush, plus The Hon. Frank Carlucci, etc.) and Christian Alliance For Orphans (“CAFO”), Suite 202.

Looks like another one AWAA (American World Adoption Association) is using the CAFO mailbox. Their website shows affiliates throughout the united states whose work is either in churches and/or in Social Services, meaning, they may have some influence on whether children are moved INTO the foster care system also. I doubt whether the average person who may be under the influence of such public employees may understand their Christian mandate to make sure “every adoptable child is in a Christian family.” It was Suite 404 and “America-China Adoption Association” but changed to Suite 202 and America-World Adoption Association.” I have just looked at a few tax returns; this one disturbs me it is writing off property and charging adoption fees as a Christian Non-Profit to help families adopt “underpriviledged” children from around the world. Look at the pattern of assets acquisition:

[Anyone can look this up by same process and link I described for the other organizations: Search the EIN#, click on “Year” heading to put it inchrono order, click onOrganinzation Name to view any tax
America-World Adoption Association VA 2010 990 33 $3,956,740 54-1720006
America-World Adoption Association VA 2009 990 25 $3,051,676 54-1720006
America-World Adoption Association VA 2008 990 27 $2,548,325 54-1720006
America-World Adoption Association VA 2007 990 22 $2,570,352 54-1720006
America-World Adoption Association VA 2005 990 23 $2,388,129 54-1720006
America-World Adoption Association VA 2004 990 19 $635,678 54-1720006
America-China Adoption Association VA 2003 990 21 $386,112 54-1720006
America-China Adoption Association VA 2002 990 23 $283,909 54-1720006{{2005 return — linked, here — shows $4+million “Program Service Revenue” no detail, at all). There are 5 employees being paid from high $50K’s to $82K (Susan Maines). The founders (Brenda & Brian Luwis) are not being paid — sounds like they need tax writeoffs (and they gave the organization a loan also).{{Income for 2010 return was over $6 million, a woman paid $58K as an employee, then $82K (in 2005) is now “Executive Director of Programs and being paid $108K, others $69K; $1.6 in other salaries and wages,m $1.4 million in travel, $118K other, this year there were Ethiopian Operations ($453K or so, etc. Their CASH more than quadrupled from $600K; savings went down, and something (land, equipment, whatever) was depreciated about 50% or $695K. This is starting to look more like tax writeoffs than adoptions… ]]

America World’s Statement of Mission, Vision, Values, Faith and Principles on Adoption and Responsibilities

To build Christian families according to God’s design of adoption.
Key Verse: Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

America World desires for every adoptable orphan to be placed in a Christian home

. . . .

Statement of faith: Straight Trinitarian, with that formula matched with Go and Make Disciples of All Nations (Matthew 28:18), which is typical. They are stating a purpose to get to all the adoptable orphans before any “unbelievers” get to them. “We celebrate that adoption and birth are equally valid means of bringing children into families. God, through Christ, first adopted us into His family and demonstrated the mechanism of children being placed into families. We understand that Jesus was a birth child to His mother and an adoptive child to His father.”… No particular respect for biological parents, what’s the difference? Except that “the enemy” has hid this from the average American couple… “Adoption actually is just as natural as procreating, but it requires one thing that the enemy has hidden from the typical American couple. You actually have to see orphans before your heart goes out to them and your fathering or mothering desire kicks in. Perhaps that is why in James we find the command to visit widows and orphans in their distress. It takes nine months to have a biological child. Could you imagine what visiting orphans for nine months would do to your heart? In the same way that caring for your expectant wife and listening to the sounds of the baby in the womb turn your heart to your new baby, visiting orphans has the natural effect of turning your heart to them as well.”

That perhaps explains why the same guy (Brian Luwis) founded another nonprofit — Suite 306 — called “VISITING ORPHANS INCORPORATED” with exempt purpose to “Assist the Church by Vising [sic] Orphans in their Distress.” EIN# 203179796. 2009 tax return is missing but by 2010 it has moved to TN, and the mission is now phrased: “OUR MISSION IS TO WAKEN THE BODY OF CHRIST TO BE THE HANDS AND FEET OF JESUS TO VISIT THE 163 MILLION ORPHANS BY VISITING THEM, LOVING THEM, AND SHARING THE FATHER’S HEART.” Does that sound like evangelism to you, much? Also, apparently the “body of Christ” is asleep and the public should grant tax-exempt status to inject some spiritual vigor (and cash) into them… Revenues, over $1 million…

And another (year, 2008-2009, Suite #202 here) also Brian Luwis: “Gift of Love International Adoptions, Inc.” “Assisting families in adoption” EIN# 42-1422548. This EIN# appears to have transferred over from (group by same name) from Des Moines, IOWA since at least 2002, the IOWA one has a greater web presence.

[[They are mentioned — and connections shown — on an interesting site here, “Pound Pup Legacy,” which reports on the dark side of adoption and placement. It seems to be, however, just an informational link on this group and related orgs). It indicates that Steven Curtis Chapman adopted through this agency.. (see link, top chart).

ETERNAL FAMILY ADOPTION PROGRAM” solicitation letter from this group. Send us your money to help someone else adopt, sign up to receive money to help you adopt…. 2011 Reconstituted “Eternal Family” program, to accommodate tax isues: no cap.

At least one adoptive parent has to sign the “statement of Faith” above (which seems to include evangelism through adoption, implied). The list of “AFFILIATEs” (whatever that signifies) shows that MANY are social workers, i.e., they are working probably as civil servants (county employees). As such, whether or not they think birth parents matter, or whether their religious beliefs include a “broken” (single-parent) family isn’t a real family, matters.

Regarding this “Brian Luwis,” he’s also on the board of a National Council For Adoption (NCFA) in Alexandria, VA which (it says) was specifically formed to oppose a Model Draft Adoption Statute suggested by HEW. Among the aspects, it’d require birth mothers to wait two weeks before signing adoption papers (i.e., no more birth-snatches, or birth-abandonments), which it says the American Academy of Pediatrics advised against. I have heard of women (since) having their babies taken forcefully at birth, in US Hospitals, against their will. If someone tried to do that to me, even right after labor, I probably would’ve hauled off and smacked them!
ANYHOW, Turns out Mr. Luwis (scroll down) is an architect in the DC area, and has a mastsers in nonprofit management, not too surprising given how many he’s churning out in this field.

The founder of this NCFA (Dr. William Pierce) had certain very strong beliefs about adoption, and lobbied with another to make sure things went his way, not the then-HEW (Health Education and Welfare’s) way, including being absolutely opposed to “open records” of adoption. His background seems to be Catholic, and his influence felt on some of the legislation we have in place today. Bio description on his passing at age 67 a few years ago. I’m including here to show who has been influential in the AFSA and PSSF type legislation we now have).

“SUITE 303, SUITE 306”

In ca. 2003-2004-2005, another orphan sponsorship organization Shaohannah’s Hope ($180K HHS grants)was in Suite 303, then changed its name and moved to Tennessee (type in EIN# “320011220” and no organization name here, and after search results show up, click on “Year” column to see the move, and assets multiplying. It appears that CAFO may have then moved in after CACI moved to DC and Shaohannah’s Hope changed its name and moved to Tennessee.

Key in the CAFO EIN# 261492375 to the same site for comparison, no suite# on the EIN shows. Or type in the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute‘s EIN# 542035617(to the same link), sort by year to see that it moved to Washington, D.C. in 2006, and click on a VA tax return (2002-3-4-5) to see its street address was the same, only Suite #306.

When multiple shifting-name nonprofits with religious labels and purpose are in the same building with the AFIO, (2011 tax return), an organization to educate the public on the need for the intelligence industry, well, it at a minimum has my attention.

Here’s the Institute’s mission, it says, is:

“The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to raising awareness about the millions of children around the world in need of permanent, safe, and loving homes and to eliminating the barriers that hinder these children from realizing their basic right of a family.”

So, what’s the fascination with maintaining international adoption routes have to do with Oil, Private Equity, Large Banks that are subsidiaries of Financial Holding Companies, Homebuilding, a Government-related Foundation dealing with real estate loans (HUGE), and all that? Are these ccorporations and institutes [The American Petroleum Institute???] REALLY so passionate about saving the poor, abandoned orphans of the world (especially overseas)? I mean, seriously, “The Carlyle Group…” Alongside profiting from both sides of any war they manage to get us into, not to mention such compassionate, “humane” activities as eugenics. TO BE DISCUSSED ELSEWHERE.

Let’s Talk About: Adopting Embryos?

You tell me — “Embryos for Adoption”???

Award Number: EAAPA061004 ***
$2.235 million, look it up!

Yep, 61 Awards to a number of organizations to spread awareness of embryo donations…. Geezh!

I just looked them up, and feel somewhat ill (searched by typing in the first 5 letters of the grant# only.
Including the Principal Investigators in the search field, I found out we (that’s, the USA) has a “National Embryo Center,” a “Christian Legal Services” (Ronald L. Stoddart, life begins at conception, probably don’t abort- adopt!) out of (where else — Colorado).

That is another post. In honor of it being APRIL 1st, I think the title is, “You’ve GOT to be Kidding!” But, to the tune of millions, I assure you, they are not.

Yes, our government is paying Christian organizations (personhood begins at conception) millions of dolllars in an Public Awareness Campaigns for “Cryo Embryo Donation Adoptions,” which is to say, when infertility is treated, resulting in some “extras” — Christian compassion (and family focused church membership) are all into it.

For the Flip Side of this, I highly recommend reading through the “Pound Pup Legacy” site I found earlier while looking things up. I find it a sensitive commentary, make sure to bookmark it. Here’s a media blitz page showing how Dobson, FOcus on the Family (George and Laura Bush) and in general, faith-based are being urged to adopt. POUNDPUP reminds us in 2012 that the painful legacy of “stolen generations” that other continents learned, has not yet been learned in the United States. Bethany Christian Services is specifically mentioned.

As a mother whose children were simply targeted AND stolen by a childless middle-aged couple who (arrogantly) through they were (“naturally”) better parents than both existing biological parents (in the same area, even!) — I can definitely empathize to a degree of the pain of “forced” adoptions; although not to this levevl. In my cae, the people who stole my kids didn’t even bother (to my knowledge) to complete any legal or foster care process (which might have made the authorities actually aware of a mother — in the neighborhood — who desperately wanted to see her own again. One of those kids (and many do this, or try to in other situations), has managed to escape the Bay ARea, meaning neither mother, NOR father (but at least not the same abusive controlling and selfishly law-breaking adults) are in her life. Years of MY life were also thus stolen, which explains in part why I write it up so intensely. The situation is Gol-danged outrageous!!!

I’m posting this to show the names involved.

Cry of the Orphan Media Blitz (2008) tries to reach 25M” (in “Christian Post”)

Relates to:
Shaohannah’s Hope
Steven Curtis Chapman
Laura Bush
Cry of the Orphan
James Dobson
Focus on the Family
Hope for orphans
Paul Pennington
Christian Alliance for Orphans [see above]
Dennis Rainey [Christian author]
Date: 2008-11-12
Source: www.christianpost.com/
By Aaron J. Leichman
Christian Post Reporter

November is National Adoption Month, and a national media and radio effort is combining efforts within the faith-based community and beyond to raise interest and excitement about caring for orphans among over 25 million people.

The flip side you can read about on her post — forced adoptions, persuading poorer AMERICAN parents to participate in the “ADOPTION” plan under pretenses the birth mother will have visitation or some rights after adoption is completed; let alone a virtual form of genocide of indigenous people by simply taking their kids away.

SOme of these groups have influence on an Association of Adoption Attorneys on the “Adoption Tax Credit” given in 1997 (right after welfare reform — and when “Vision Trust International” was formed, looks like (see top of this post). Here’s a notation that this past December, President Obama helped make that adoption Tax Credit permanent — because adoption, obviously, is much better than having kids rot forever in foster care.

HOWEVER — what about how they got into foster care to start with? (Remember Maryanne Godboldo of Detroit area, who had to fight a SWAT team when they came after her daughter, absent a valid court order or warrant (to try and get that Risperdal into the girl….!).

From the SHOWHOPE (Shaohannah’s Hope) nonprofit, originally? in VA, now in Tennessee..

Hasenbalg continues, “While we did not get everything we asked for in the fiscal cliff package, I am grateful to know that the adoption tax credit did not expire on us. Every effort by our team at Show Hope as part of the Adoption Tax Credit Executive Committee [[look at the organizations with overlapping interests!!]] was put forward to make sure orphaned children were not forgotten.”

“By making the adoption tax credit permanent, Congress has renewed its commitment to finding a safe and loving homes for children in need,” says Kathleen Strottman, Executive Director of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI). CCAI serves as the Secretariat of the Adoption Tax Credit Working Group Executive Committee. “We are thrilled that three of the four priorities established by the Executive Committee were included in this legislation. Unfortunately, without making the adoption tax credit refundable, many adoptive families of foster children with special needs will not be able to benefit from the credit.”

The bill permanently extends the adoption tax credit and income exclusion for employer paid or reimbursed adoption expenses. While official estimates will be released later by the IRS, the projected maximum amount of the adoption credit for 2013 is expected to be $12,770.

The benefits of the adoption tax credit reach beyond the children who are adopted. A 2006 study cited by the Children’s Bureau found that taxpayers save as much as $126,000 for every child who is adopted instead of remaining in long-term foster care.

Also on the board of “SHOW HOPE,” besides the Chapmans. Interesting background for someone into international adoptions — Lazard, Merrill Lynch, Wachovia, Financial Group, Mergers and Acquisitions in the OIL and GAS industries. Real orphan-focused…. (Annie E. Casey Foundation also has a “Lazard” connection, I noticed).

David Cecil

Mr. Cecil joined Lazard in 2012 as a Managing Director, Financial Advisory, focused on North American oil and gas clients. Prior to joining Lazard, Mr. Cecil was Managing Director and Co-Head, Scotia Waterous USA from 2007-2012. Mr. Cecil began his career at Merrill Lynch and also worked for Wachovia and BMO Financial Group.

Mr. Cecil has more 16 years of Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Finance experience and has advised on numerous oil & gas M&A transactions.

University of Texas at Austin, B.B.A., Duke University, M.B.A.

Oh well, that’s more than more than enough.

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