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Hardly Breaking News, But Still True: “Black People and the Tavistock Institute” (Another’s 2009 post) [Publ. Jan. 16, 2013].

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Hardly Breaking News, But Still True: “Black People and the Tavistock Institute” (Another’s 2009 post) [Publ. Jan. 16, 2013] (Case-sensitive short-link ends “-1i1.”  [<–not including the “.” period]. About 10,500 words

(Title revised to add the date published, content revise to add borders, standard font I now use, and insert title with short-link into body of text.  2018 blog upgraded affected formats of earlier posts.  In 2013, I had no concept that I’d just keep writing on this blog for nearly another decade.  While here some light copy-editing.  I think at this time of life I was without a normal laptop (certainly no current version) and might have been typing “blind” in html only for a season, based on the look of this post, but I do not remember exactly what year that was. It might have been earlier or a bit later.  //LGH 03/23/2022).

My ongoing concern lately is of certain groups promotion of the flawed concept that the family courts are merely “Flawed,” i.e., they are broken. In this manner, said groups have, in their quest (lust?) for power and publicity, hooked up (phrase choice intentional) with a powerful sector of the American psychological scene, i.e. the Cummings family and their various foundations, professional associations, and boards of ethics, etc. — in claiming loudly that Family Courts are Broken.

Broken? Just Flawed? All they need is a tweak by ETHICAL psychoanalysts, psychologists, psychopharamcologists, and psychotherapists whose financial backing comes, in great part, from having successfully mainstreamed mental health treatment at the primary care level and wants it to stay that way?

And from a leadership who personally invited a couple from the Tavistock Institute early on to come and help coach in certain endeavors, and whose other allegiances include a group known for endorsing clinical hypnosis (Milton H. Erickson Foundation) and claims to have trained half the professional psychologists in the state of California, where one of the major “OUR BROKEN COURTS” proponents (lately on the scene) comes from?

Broken, slightly flawed? — The hell they are. A history of the same groups shows direct connections to Tavistock. When at war (which this is), the first thing to go, generally speaking, is the truth about who’s who and what’s the agenda

Said groups have many distressed and traumatized/needy (as well as I’m sure indignant and offended, perplexed and — if they continue to use these groups’ analysis for their primary and sole narration of “What Happened?” in the courts — confused parents (particularly women), some of them homeless, others losing homes, professions, and parenting privileges, in essence, losing their power. Keeping in mind that there is a specific “Confusion Technique” which is known to help induce a trance state in victims who would otherwise resist the same, and is in use (allegedly) by cults and scam artists (i.e., for the purpose of stealing) and has been for decades. It’s not possible to literally cage up, traumatize, and cause altered states in the public at large, as it has been in certain awful situations involving children, or those incarcerated. therefore a little more subtle technique would be in order.

The Title in this post, I appreciate the talk because it’s straightforward and takes a stand — not a mealymouthed sell-out compromise position — on what this is actually about — it’s essentially racism, institutionalized. And the thing is — when the techniques of brutality and persuasion, deception and extortion, inducing any group to (if possible) hate and despise themselves, while lying about their own history, breaking up their families, and in general being an all over PROBLEM — are in place to be utilized against ONE group, they affect ALL groups. Particularly where it counts– in our ethics, and our will to fight, endure conflict, and keep at this until what’s arrived at represents truth. You cannot have justice without truth.

It takes money to control media and disseminate collective lies nationwide, and suppress individuals whose truth is spoken differently, or who simply want others to know more of it, so we can defend ourselves against insidious myths and lies. Hence the system of economic control of a nation, and media control, and PHYSICAL control — always go together.

This should be a good post, I hope it makes as much sense to my readers as it does to me.

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