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Interesting Bedfellows, and the Speckled Background of Psychology in America

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Last April I wrote a post

Why Watching Conference Agenda is Crucial: Cummings Foundation, Behavioral Health Promotion, and “Our” “Broken” Family Court System.

and did some research on this topic, after hearing about a March 2012 conference in Arizona — a very interesting state from the family law perspective for several reasons (among them a major AFCC chapter, the origination of the Fathers and Families Coalition of America began there, a certain Republican legislator (Mark Anderson) was also a Unification Church (i.e. the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon) member, and a certain marriage-promotion organization with ties to the Godzich family, called “National Association of Marriage Enhancement,” the Godziches also have some connections to G.W. Bush, and a number of issues relative to this blog, and interesting in their own right.

I’m glad I did, because here comes some more of the same. File under, “I told you so!”:

Cummings Foundation Launches Congressional Initiative to Fix Broken Family Courts

Notice this link is from the NCSDV.org website…..This is an organization formed in 1998 with this statement:

When Deborah D. Tucker, MPA, and Sarah M. Buel, JD, founded the National Training Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence in 1998, their vision was to create an organization that encouraged and created unprecedented levels of collaboration among professionals working to end violence against women. See the National Center’s introductory letter to national and state organizations, friends and supporters.

The reason behind this vision was simple: after decades of work in the field, these two women understood that the most successful efforts – the kind of efforts that save lives and transform our society – are always the result of individuals and organizations working together.

Unlike many organizations, this one appears to have been started by a survivor, a mother who was temporarily on welfare, and got her undergraduates degree in 1987 by working FT days and going to school nights (who, then, raised her son?) and then went on to star summa cum laude at Harvard University School of law. Unfortunately, from a perspective of mothers going through the system (including systems of training created by founders and creative visionaries in the field of domestic violence itself), the expertise and insistence that a “Coordinated Community Response” is the best response — and including some of the problem agencies among the Coordinated Community” — has made it impossible to confront, or even be heard,about the problems and conflicts of interest this actually causes us. Or even that it’s resulting in unnecessary and avoidable deaths because of the same issues!

While Coordinated Communities Consolidate Philosophies and Increase Credibility — the fact is, they also “Incorporate Conflicts of Interest while Centralizing Control” — and hence strengthen their initiatives, while silencing alternative, unfunded, and non-collaborationist lone-wolve, who just might be howling out the truth in the middle of the night.

After a quick look at the “who’s who” in this board of directors, I can already see fatherhood funding from HHS (at a conflict of interest, supposedly, with situations in which women literally need to leave, and stay separated from stalkers, batterers, abusers, and molesters, once this activity has been identified), AND involvement of the BWJP (Battered Women’s Justice Project) who has been co-conferencing and collaborating with behavior-health-monger, “Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.”

However, as NCSDV is not the focus of the post, I’ll let it go for now. Except it is interesting that one of the board members has been active in Arizona also, it seems. Except to note that as they are into “collaboration,” they opted to advertise the Our Broken Family Courts Initiative, lending it credibility it does not, in my opinion, deserve.

In the bottom line, a corporation is a corporation is a corporation. And they take funding, often, from state and federal governments — which are themselves (and I can prove this) corporations. Our Government is a form of Corporation, and sooner or later this will (I hope) sink in, as well as the fact that what corporations do is seek profits.

That is THE simplest explanation of “OUR FAMILY COURTS” (they, too, seek profits) and why as such — they are successfully not only bringing profits in (untraceable ones, too), they have basically supported a PLETHORA of PROFESSIONS. So it’s in the best interest of people IN those professions, or seeking to make a place for themselves in the similar professions and networks to call those courts “OUR” family courts. When the word “OUR” is used, who is being referred to?

Similarly, the trillion dollar debt of the United States of America, when lecturing Americans about tightening their belts, expecting services, and be thankful we didn’t go over the fiscal cliff yet (but pay more taxes so we don’t), this debt is called “OUR” debt as well. I have definitely posted on this within the lsat few months, showing that neither the USGAO nor the OMB combined could issue an unqualified opinion on the financial statements of THE United States of America — but they were definitely sure about the public debt. (check archives….I put links, tables, and quotes…)

We, the citizens, are security and to be held liable for it, while others make off (and expatriate, apparently, some of them) with the assets. work through this website for a better understanding (it’s not an overnight quick-fix, but eventually, I believe this will sink in…) (Feb. 2012 post, The US is in Debt to Itself, plus commentary)

PROOF THAT Corporations are Funded by Taxpayers (a Layperson’s explanation how; I got it, I’m sure others could…)

PROOF that the United States (not to mention plenty of other units of government across the land (and in Alaska and Hawaii), over 200,000 of them, are basically corporations — this takes some reading, but is NOT that hard to comprehend if you do:

(You really should take a scroll through this individual blogger’s summary of “The Carlyle Group (private equity), CALPERS holdings in it, its holding in subsidiaries around the globe, and the Bush Connection (i.e., Bush Senior was on its board while Bush Junior was President). He then poses this possibility — given that the government itself is investing worldwide in corporations — with the taxpayers having previously simply handed over the means to do this to our own government (decade after decade):

These direct stock investments, as I’ve covered in depth before, represent a massive controlling stake in the corporate world, both national and international. And equally as relevant to the corporate takeover of the world, we can see that these “alternative” investments and corporate bonds literally give taxpayer money to the private industries that the government is a major or controlling stock owner of.

In other words, the taxpayers are unwittingly contributing to everything they complain about in the corporate world – to everything that is slowly killing their health and their spirit. Food, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, banking, insurance, real estate, foreign currency, private equity funds, and everything else under the sun.


What Could Happen?


To put this into perspective, a horrific thought just occurred to me…

As of this moment, in July of 2012, these pension systems are owned and operated by local, state, federal government municipal corporations, and administered by their corporate boards for what they claim to be “on behalf of the employees” that contribute to them under federal and state pension laws. And like any private pension system out there, these corporations are at risk of bankruptcy, government raids, credit risks, or other purposeful mismanagement’s that might befall the public, government owned and controlled pension system.

So what would happen to all of these direct ownership stock investments in a worse case scenario – if the government decided to raid and kill the pension system all together?

What would happen to those stocks, and what would become of the debt that these private corporations owe the government (the people) if all of a sudden the whole thing came crashing down?

The answer to these questions, in this authors perspective, would be the final nail in the 4-decade long efforts to completely privatize our government. It would mean that those stock certificates that are held by each of these pension funds would either be transferred into private hands, or they would be sold off for pennies on the dollar in a false-flag depression scenario to the worst of either these private corporations or to some other individual or country. In short, it would mean the largest transfer of wealth out of the public’s hands in recorded history, including real estate, foreign currencies, stocks and bonds, precious metals, and the many other assets within.

But that’s not all folks… for all of those corporate bonds would also change hands, being transferred or sold off – possibly to the very private banking institutions that were the beneficiaries of those corporate bond and securities-type loans in the first place. In other words, the debts would never come back to the pensioners/taxpayers that loaned it in the first place (the public), but instead would be paid back by the corporations to the corporations themselves, ultimately equating to a grand theft of massive proportions via the loss to the taxpayers as the corporations pay themselves back for the debt against themselves as owners of their own debt… a paradox, and yet quite reasonable to these organized criminals.

This would be no different than the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) happening all over the country now, where parking garages, toll-roads, bridges, and other public infrastructure has been sold or “privatized” into the hands of banks and other private corporations – who now operate and collect the tolls and taxes for the infrastructure that was built by our forefathers and our children.

One could go crazy thinking about this…

For it would not take much at all to accomplish this feat. For federal pensions, as part of the Executive branch, a simple executive order might be signed by the president directing the liquidation of the pension system to pay for the “national debt”. On the State and local levels, simple bankruptcy proceedings would do the job, and the people and pensioners would be left out in the cold. After all, the taxpayer portion of the pension system is government property.

This extremely viable possibility could easily be implemented as the solution to the reaction to the problem of the lie that is continuously perpetrated on the American public – that the pension system is on a whole entirely underfunded. In two years of looking, I’ve yet to see a pension fund that meets this criteria, per the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. This lie stems from the actuarial projections (educated and purposefully misleading guess) on the future potential of pension funds. It has nothing to do with reality, and this is easily verified in the CAFR.

Sobering thoughts. However, again, this is one individual who has, somehow, made the time and had the will to look at the CAFR angle, and consider (or learn) the vocabulary of money, debt, securities, investment, investment return, and acknowledged who holds the most of it — at this point in time, it would still appear to be the United States of America.

On the other hand, the United States of America is itself a Corporation headquartered in Washington, D.C. TO understand that, one has to look at the history of incorporation for this district. A good set of links is on the same blog (realitybloger.wordpress.com), but just now I can’t put my finger on which post.)

Actually, processing some of the basic information at this site, and at CAFR1.com site (i.e., Burien stuff) will cut through a lot of the sludge about whose courts these are, how broken are they, and should we pay more experts to conference about fixing them, and take precious life energies (OURS) to even consider the topic? My simple answer is:


But being (who I am), I tend to over-explain for those simply unable to believe something if it’s not collaboratively networked, holistically described, and certified by a DV or other counselor and professional. In other words, if I don’t join the cult of the experts, my information is suspect. This is great reasoning, if you don’t want to start analyzing information yourself, and are happy with the results exports have, so far, delivered to the public. (Are you?)….For example, I am making a stew, and I dumped in too much salt. Should I toss the stew, or add more substance, or water, to compensate for the fact that someone was stupid and dumped in too much salt? Gee, I don’t know — let me consult my networks….

I also learned while doing this post that Phoenix is moreover home to the Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Inc., with its emphasis on Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. A 2002 Newsletter from this foundation, highlights attendees of a “2001 Congress on Eriksonian Hypnosis and Psychotherapy states that for the past 20 years the foundation had petitioned the City of Phoenix to put up a commemorative bench, which brings us to the point both psychotherapy and psychology tend to have cult leaders and followers, in short, many characteristics of Religions.

I thought this could be a shorter post, as I’d already written the preliminary material last April, simply warning people (as ever) about certain so-called family court reform advocacy groups who have unique, to say the least, collaborations among the field of psychologists and psychiatrists, who are directly profiting from the increase and expansion of family court chaos to start with. There are definite appearances of some slave/master (controller/handler) relationships among certain groups, and I consider it VERY serious issue, given that the target clientele are already women, typically, who have undergone some serious terror and/or trauma in their lives already, and have been subjected to intimidation techniques through the courts.

However as I had to mention, and posted for reference, the truths that a lot of this field developed as part of psychological warfare (i.e., mind control) surrounding engaging the United States in two World Wars, (etc.), I am questioning whether these traumatized and re-traumatized women (mothers) in particular — are themselves being controlled, in the worst sense, through those who have the tools, the desire, the incentive, and the ability to do so, and have master the art of double-speak, sound-byte, and illogic in the process.

So Consider this post something like where “Our Broken Family Courts” meets “Battered Mothers Custody Conference” meets “The Integration of Behavioral Healthcare into Primary Care” meets “Professional Issues for Pharmacotherapy” for psychologists (A 2004 APA publication) meets “High-Paying Jobs that Give the Most Time Off” (NB This Sep. 2011 Atlantic.com article doesn’t include income from business, royalties from curricula sold, or certifications for franchise distribution rights on those curricula, also marketable through the courts, etc., also known source of income for some of those in the highest-paying jobs, but is only talking about actual jobs with paychecks) in the US” (article, based on Bureau of Labor Statistics starts the list with Judges/Magistrates (most of who were attorneys first), and close after, Psychologists, and School Principals, School Psychologists and Counselors, Law School Professors, etc. — in other words, get started as a public servant, and take it from there.. including moonlighting)” . . . meets “The Anglo-American Alliance and Eugenics, not to mention the art of Psychological Warfare,” revisited. Especially if you read chapters 3 and 21 of that last reference.

I forgot to add, “meets Tavistock Institute of Human Relations .. .. meets “TANF” and welfare reform, 1996ff…”
(search results here, several of the posts are mine, for example, see “From Tavistock to TMAP;”)

These issues of war, education, propaganda, myth, and money meet the courts here, through the development, professionalization — and FUNDING — of the fields of psychology, psychiatry, psychopharmacology (and desire of psychologists to have an unending source of income, preferably from the federal funding of healthcare), and the ability to use the word “Forensic” in association with “Psychologist.”

Fasten your seat belts, it is not an easy ride — but it is a major, and legitimate part of the history of this country. moreover, if we want to change the course it’s one, I recommend rejecting stupid catch-phrases such as “Our Broken Courts” and boycotting those who sell these phrases, as those who are capable of doing so, knowing what they do, lack the moral integrity to be trusted with our kids, our stories, our time — or our money.

Moreover, I believe at some level, they already know this, which is why they are going after FEDERAL FINANCING, bypassing our legitimate input as equals at every stage of the game. Our stories are welcome (these are good for television, video, and other publicity measures) — but our cognizant, sentient, and smart, experienced analysis of the SAME SITUATIONS coming to different conclusions –are simply not welcome.

What are groups trying to help Battered Mothers who lost custody of their kids to Abusers, conferencing with Trauma Survivors (that trauma, among others) and people whose normal field of practice includes hypnosis? Take for example, the commonplace acceptance of hypnosis as part of therapy, and its a little too close for comfort association with things like Pavlov (Lenin), and sects, like Scientology, all of who were quite interested in the material?

Does anyone here know who Alliant University is, or its background? People should look into the history of some of the schools now sprinkling the landscape in these professions, and how they got started. Some of that was covered in my April 2012 post.

Hypnosis can be authoritarian, or induced unwittingly by the therapist, and as such, it is part of coercive control. The subject is then susceptible to suggestions given by the therapist. Ostensibly these should be ethical — to help people overcome shell-shock (original)y), addictions, such as smoking, etc. However as a powerful tool, when the will and consent are over-ridden, then we are in the realm of coercion adn OUT of the realm of free will. Talk about a powerful tool!

Milton H. Erikson from “Brief History of Hypnosis“:

[[Milton Erickson was paralyzed by polio when young, and later in his 1950s. He has many sisters and one brother; a life worth reading about, as his practice is now engrained into many psychotherapists across the land; there are international societies. Moreover, they tend to go into couples and family therapy…]]

Milton H. Erickson (1901-1980) graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1928, with an MA in psychology and an MD, and went on to hold senior psychiatric posts in hospitals across the US. His medical career culminated in an appointment as Clinical Director of the Arizona State Hospital in 1948, from which he retired a year later to concentrate on teaching, writing and private practice. He was also an associate editor for the journal Diseases Of The Nervous System, a consultant to the US Olympic Rifle Team, and a consultant to the US government during WWII, studying the psychology of the enemy and the effects of propaganda.

About “The Confusion Technqiue” — who uses it, and purpose….

2nd Quote: (font-changes for emphasis are mine / LGH)
by Milton Erickson
Excerpted from Experimental Hypnosis
by Leslie LeCron,
first published in 1948
from a chapter titled: “Deep Hypnosis Techniques”

For want of a better term, one of these special procedures may be termed the “confusion technique.” It has been employed extensively for the induction of specific phenomena as well as deep trances. Usually, it is best employed with highly intelligent subjects interested in the hypnotic process, or with those consciously unwilling to go into a trance despite an unconscious willingness….

As the subject tries, conditioned by his early cooperative response to the hypnotist’s apparent misspeaking, to accommodate himself to the welter of confused, contradictory responses apparently sought, he finds himself at such a loss that he welcomes any positive suggestion that will permit a retreat from so unsatisfying and confusing a situation. The rapidity, insistence, and confidence with which the suggestions are given serve to prevent the subject from making any effort to bring about a semblance of order. At best, he can only try to accommodate himself and, thus, yield to the over-all significance of the total series of suggestions.

In another context, this would simply be called a “con,” with the ultimate purpose of simply Stealing. Note that this website referring to Eriksonian Hypnosis (commonly known in the family therapy field, whether or not it is practiced), was in association with articles on Ron L. Hubbard, i.e., Scientology…!! Scientology, naturally, is being sued (worldwide) and is
known to terrorize ex-members, discredit them, etc.

Some of the key individuals (mentioned in this posat) are active in the “Fix Our Broken Courts” initiative — and within the Ericksonian Hypnosis movement. I also noticed another AFCC type person (Constance Ahrons) advertising in a newsletter.

In my opinion, now, the year 2013, would NOT be the season to go into an unintentional trancelike state at the repeated and illogical mantra perpetuated by certain people that our courts are actually “broken” and that it takes more — but better aligned — psychotherapy, psychology, and public relations firms (or nonprofits run by public relations professionals), in other words more Experts to handle that matter.

The primary cognitive dissonance is between people utilizing these courts (and their clinging to the myth of who those courts are, what they are there for, and that this somehow resembles justice, and facts/evidence — versus perpetually disbursing therapy, the more the better…. Although this information has been public since approximately 1963, or at least since a certain organization’s website admitted that as of the 1970s (at latest) its clear purpose was to change the “old” language of criminal law into the “new” (supposedly improved) language of behavioral health — after all, we’re all in our (very, very, very profitable businesses that no one can, really track all the funding sources of) — to HELP people, right?

People brought into this situation expecting justice and instead receiving diagnosis and being assigned personnel to attempt to get inside their head, and train them to co-parent better (for example) are bound ot have a variety of reactions which will not help their further diagnoses by the same personnel one iota. They exist to dispense therapy and are saying so openly — though not to the general public who might be going through the courts. Part of this therapy includes discouraging independent thinking, creative thinking, and dissidence which (generally speaking) is going to result in conflict. THe NEW values are that CONFLICT is bad, and COOPERATION // CONCILLIATION is good. If you don’t agree with this (agree to reconcile your irreconcilable differences with, say, abuse or idiocy, or perjury, etc.) — then AUTOMATICALLY the Court has jurisdiction of your children. Until they are 18, maybe even later…

That setup (which I’ve explained on a variety of pages herein) has nothing to do with “Broken.” That’s simply the setup and intention of the courts, and always has been. It’s only “broken” if you believe that they are something they are not. Again, let us review what the courts are “there” for from what I might call an “old codger” site….

This post is very informative, has background information on individuals, nonprofit associations mentioned in the conference, the formation of schools of professional psychology (which Cummings had a significant influence in developing overall). It should also be kept in mind that our country participated in World War I and World War II (not to mention others), which provided plenty of subject matter, as well as a political need to test recruits coming in, help vets coming out, and in general an ability to persuade the public that we should support these wars. It was around this time that both psychology and the professionalization of the fields of education (i.e., the realm of educational psychology) developed. I learned in looking at this (overall) that Cummings, who at one point was head of mental health for Kaiser, had also brought over Michael Balint and his wife (sorry, DNR), from England — and from Tavistock. (search results here, several of the posts are mine, for example, see “From Tavistock to TMAP;” That blog appears to be an automatic search-generated one on child abuse reform; its posts are just links).

Overall, this information is part of the history of the United States and relevant to its educational systems and court systems, health care systems (can you spell Medicaid?). While disturbing, the benefit is that more things will make sense. However, things do not make sense if one refuses to think about them, hear them, and process for possible, logical, or illogical (rational or irrational). And these matters come smack up against the issue of good vs. evil, moral vs. immoral (and what those standards are), and whether people we have sought help from are in fact are (or, are not — you decide!) using that need for personal, profit, or even possibly worse, purposes — few of which have to do with the labeling. If one only looks at the labels then you are part of the problem in this country — as more than likely your money and your silence, and your need to retain a certain social status (or stability) is continuing to enable this.

So, I wrote this up last April, 2012, under this title:. Time to revisit this information.

Why Watching Conference Agenda is Crucial: Cummings Foundation, Behavioral Health Promotion, and “Our” “Broken” Family Court System.

(Please scan for general contents. — it’s not that hard reading, and gives detailed and overview information that sheds light on “where we’re at” today, when people victimized by the family court systems, in part because these systems have psychologized real danger, criminal activity and other life-altering situations, labeling them as a problem existing in the mind of the people (including children) reporting, and promoted a national rhetoric deflecting the focus off the crimes (or fact-finding to determine whether they occurred) and instead focusing on counseling how victims must get along with the perps, or others who have directly harmed their family members. I.e., assembling conferences of people who are trauma survivors — and then recommending that some of the leaders in promoting the professional field of psychology itself should be the new leaders of a reform movement, simply does not make sense. At least in my opinion.]

In this particular case, there is a direct connection between the people (organizations) sponsoring said conference and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. This link talks about occult religions, Illuminati (and all that) but what I want us to see is the similar attitude — the leaders are going to create a better world (i.e., Utopia) — or so they say — when in actuality, it’s about centralized control, and enslavement. The degree of experimentation which has been done on how to create “dissociated” personalities through ongoing, and early childhood, trauma is relevant, and should not be ignored. That process creates a slave/master relationship, meaning slaves can be programmed to obey, possibly may be susceptible to hypnosis (triggers), and other mean, nasty things not in the public’s best interest. If speech about “Illumimati” is not an automatic turnoff (I hope it’s not, here), continue reading, and let’s get honest about some of these influences, regardless of how one interprets them.

Note: Some of this next source (just found in looking up Tavistock, again) page is disturbing material; it deals with intentional (and military/religious etc.) use of trauma to provoke programmable, dissociated MPD. However I find it relevant because many people seeking to reform the “Crises in the Courts” (including me!) have been repeatedly exposed to un-real trauma that most of society doesn’t want to admit exists, or at least in the forms it actually does exist. Later on it mentions, for example, Paul Bonacci (Franklin Coverup case) and how children were terrorized into submissions, then used as drug mules, or to help blackmail those in power for political purposes.

However it’s relevant in that — I have got to point this out — that organizations seeking a following in how to reform the courts are often authoritarian in leadership, monotonously repetitive in their theories, and prone to sound-bytes. They also show up at conferences of traumatized mothers, sometimes second-generation survivors of this. A major organization providing followers to some of the more authoritarian types is, from what I’ve heard, led by a survivor of ritual abuse herself as a young girl. In such situations, the ability to think independently, and stand up to authority (without coming under someone else’s authority) can be — and in this case, has been, I say — compromised.

Before bringing up a (disturbing) post on this, here’s a chatty interview of Dr. Cummings, which relates how he became involved as head psychologist of Kaiser Permanente (major health system) in the 1950s, shortly after they’d fired the previous Chief, you may recall the name Timothy O’Leary, who went on to popularize LSD. Also interesting is that somehow even by this time, it appears Dr. Cummings was on a first-name basis with the founder of Kaiser Permanent (Sidney Garfield), who then eventually called him up and said, take this position.

Recommended reading. When Dr. Cummings then mentions Michael Balint, it is as having founded the British Mental health system after World War II… and in the context (first paragraphs here) of realizing that if one was going to hang around with the psychoanalysts of the well-to-do, that limits scope of practice — how were more people going to be reached with the good news that mental health help was available to them also? The first category he mentions is “African Americans.” . . . It’s an interesting, and not that long, interview:

by Victor Yalom

The founder of the first professional school of psychology, visionary, and gadfly Nick Cummings reflects on the history and predicts the future of psychotherapy.

If I were you, I’d read it (entertaining enough reading as well), for example to see how Michael Balint and his wife were brought over, how they became consultants in D.C., and how the plan of intermittent psychological treatment over a lifetime was hatched…using his connections at all times to get an ear with Ted Kennedy (when he was head of Senate subcommittee on healthcare — or setting up the California School of Professional Psychology by playing up Ronald Reagan (then Governor) who at teh time had a beef with the Board of Regents (of the University of California system), (remember the 1960s, student unrest, etc? Maybe Timothy O’Leary played a part as well,….). According to this account, Cummings, though a connection, got an interview with the governor and presented himself as a solution to an (unrelated) problem, and got in exchange, accreditation for the school he wanted — at first simply allowing students to access the terrific UC library system using Cummings card, available to him as a Ph.D. (note: call that cheating??).. You can also see that this individual is (clearly!) a serial entrepreneur (probably a kind of genius at some level) who bores once a problem is solved, and goes out to solve another one.

(too bad a lot of future generations of potential serial entrepreneurs are themselves being traumatized and run through this system!). Also see, the clear narration that along with creating a school, one has to create the boards to certify its professionally. I think we should look at this part. They are simply nonprofit trade associations which agree on what are the standards of any profession, including professions they halped create:

<Segments of this lighthearted, but revealing (to the non-initiated) 2008 Nick Cummings Interview, around a San Diego “Brief Therapy Conference on Psychotherapy

Table of Contents, being:

    Sections in this Interview:

  • A Psychotherapy for the People
  • Throwing out the Couches
  • Your Therapist for Life
  • Strange Bedfellows at the State Capital
  • The New Behavioral Health Providers
  • The Hallway Handoff and other How-tos
  • The Pits
  • I Hate Golf so I Can’t Retire
  • Yeah. “You’ve got 20 minutes.” We were there for almost two hours [with then-Governor Reagan]. Once he heard it, he kept asking questions. Finally he said, “Dr. Cummings, I’ll make a promise to you. You get a first-class faculty, a first-class library, you get an endowment and a curriculum that makes sense, and I will order the head of the department of education in the state of California to accredit you.
    VY: That’s a dramatic story.
    NC: I thought, “How do I get a first-class library? This takes millions of dollars.” I discovered in my research that any Ph.D. in the state of California had complimentary access to the Berkeley and UCLA libraries. So I got a card and all of my students got duplicates. And they all used the University of California libraries, using my card.
    VY: So they were all using Nick Cummings’s card!

    NC: We got it later amended that any doctoral student could use the state facilities. When we got it changed, they had their own cards as bona fide doctoral students. So we solved the library problem. We got a first-class faculty because I got 200 psychologists to volunteer to teach for free for 18 months—they would all teach one course. And they loved it. And this was sort of like our endowment. Teaching free for 18 months launched us, because we didn’t have the money up front.

    Then he goes on to talk about founding the licensing board of the schools he helped found, and admits that the quality of graduates has a very wide range (entrance requirements have dropped), and more…..

    VY: Before we get to the new program you’re launching, what are your thoughts on the status of professional school education now?
    NC: It has failed.
    VY: How so?
    NC: I formed the National Council of Schools of Professional Psychology—NCSPP. And I had set it up with Washington, the department of education, that it would be the accrediting body for the professional schools. Remember that our first classes at CSPP were in the 1970’s; I founded it in the ’69-’70 school year. We held our first meeting, and I said, “I’m doing the last thing for the professional school movement.” We had to ratify the articles of incorporation, etc., etc., and elect a president. They elected Gordon Derner, who was my mentor at Adelphi. Gordon had run three times for APA president and lost, and he wanted APA respectability. He talked the group into going for APA accreditation, which was the biggest mistake–they signed their death knell at that point because the APA made them hire full-time faculty. Now, I could get ten to 12 part-time faculty to teach 12 courses for the same cost of hiring one faculty member who taught two courses. So we had created the business basis for the professional schools to succeed even though they were tuition-dependent. But once they had to get full-time faculty, they couldn’t make ends meet. What they’re doing now, unfortunately, is turning out hoards of master’s-level practitioners and PhDs. They’re accepting 900 GRE scores—it used to be if you weren’t 1600, you couldn’t get in. And they’re flooding the market because they need the tuition. In that sense, they’ve failed.
    VY: You’re known for making strong statements, and to say “failed” seems… There are certainly lots of good programs, and lots of good psychologists coming from these programs.
    NC: And there are lots of very poor psychologists coming from these programs.  I say about them that some of the best psychologists I’ve ever worked with came from the professional schools, and some of the worst have come from these same professional schools. The range of ability is incredibly large.  The old saying that you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear also applies that you can’t make a sow’s ear out of a silk purse. The bright students do well, and they flourish in the professional schools. And then there are students that limp through.

    That sounds to me as though he has a particular point of view, including that “bright” is a quality that either exists, or doesn’t — and might just possibly be genetic.

    VY: Jumping ahead, you’re starting [[INTERVIEW DATE: 2008]] a new program this coming fall: the Nicholas Cummings Doctorate in Behavioral Health. What’s the idea behind this?
    NC: The idea behind this is we have launched a plethora of professions out there. We not only have psychologists; we have social workers, we have MFTs, and we have MA-level counselors.*** All of these organizations fight each other. And when the newer organizations are looking for licensure, the older organizations fight them, just like psychiatry tried to prevent psychology from getting licensure. We tried to prevent social work from getting licensure. We now try to prevent MFTs from getting licensure, master’s-level counselors from getting licensure. So we have created a very antagonistic atmosphere with a profession called psychotherapy that is fractionated into organizations that are fighting each other.

    Also, we have drifted so far away from health care that we have created two silos. We have a huge silo called health care, and it gets a trillion dollars a year. And over here we have a tiny silo called mental health that gets the crumbs. In the last ten years, where we’ve passed parity in 44 states, the portion of the budget that goes to mental health has dropped from 8 percent to 4.5 percent—almost half.



    VY: Parity hasn’t helped.
    NC: Parity has done nothing, because when you pass parity, the managed care companies either create more herculean hurdles for mental health and for physical health, or they drop mental health altogether from their package. So we have declined by almost 50 percent in funding; the mental health silo’s getting smaller and smaller. The American people pay for health care. They do not pay for mental health care on federal funding. {{Which is of course a lifelong strategic goal — the the federal government make mental health available for people throughout their lifetime.}} That is an afterthought; it’s the crumbs. Until we become an integral part of health care, we will always, always get the crumbs. Until we become an integral part of health care, we will always, always get the crumbs.

    {{**Repeated use of “we” — this interview was published in an on-line called “psychotherapy.net” run by the interviewer.}}

    VY: So how are we going to do that, and how is your program going to help with that?
    NC: Our program trains master’s-level psychotherapists who’ve been in the field for several years and are savvy. They’ve been up against the world of hard knocks; they know what it’s like out there. They know that psychotherapy has declined by 40 percent in the last decade. They are ready to upgrade and learn a new profession called behavioral health provider, to work in medical settings side by side with primary care providers, with equal status. You can’t work in a medical setting unless you’re called “doctor”—there is that chauvinism.

    [[He then goes on to talk about the “Hallway Handoff” and how a primary care can get a patient into mental health appointments, and thus the M.D. won’t get behind in his own appointments, i.e., in a sense of processing cattle through various chutes, it doesn’t make sense to allow any roadblocks..So, someone comes in for a PHYSICAL problem, and next thing, they will be handled by a behavioral health expert, if the M.D. thinks it’s appropriate, or simply has a full waiting room at the time..}}

    Finally, here’s a brief bio (one of several paragraphs) of this prolifically productive serial entreneur who has no problem utilizing his connections (at any level) to get the concepts in his head operational, using federal funding where possible, and on a large scale. American Biodyne (see next) was, I THINK, tested on the state of Hawaii and welfare recipients, then went public (had an IPO) after which it was bought out a few times (my information is not current). While I can respect this level of energy, I do not respect ramrodding things through (decade after decade) and a creative mind, in the wider context of psychology itself, we have to look at the military purposes as well, how traumatized people are managed (and labeled), how they GET traumatized to start with — and, again, ask why would groups which say they want to StOP all this be working so closely with a group whose profession has been closely associated with the dark side, not just the sunny professional side, of this profession…

    Foreseeing the industrialization of healthcare, and particularly behavioral healthcare, Cummings founded American Biodyne, the nation’s first psychology-driven managed behavioral health organization (MBHO). Other organizations he founded were the National Academies of Practice, the National Council of Professional School of Psychology (NCSPP), the San Joaquin County Psychological Association, and the American Managed Behavioral Healthcare Association (AMBHA). With others he co-founded the California Psychological Association, the San Francisco Bay Area Psychological Association, the Council for the Advancement of the Psychological Professions and Sciences (CAPPS). In spite of being controversial all of his life, he is the recipient of numerous awards, including psychology’s highest, the APF Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Practice.

    . . . .At present, Cummings resides in Reno, Nevada with his wife, Dorothy. He is Distinguished Professor at the University of Nevada, Reno. He chairs the boards of directors of both The Nicholas & Dorothy Cummings Foundation, Inc. and CareIntegra, and he is president of the Cummings Foundation for Behavioral Health.
    Credit where credit is due — this interview was by Victor Yalom, Ph.D, who is in practice in SF & Mill Valley, California ($150 for a 50 minute session) and also appears to be creatively accessing different parts of his brain, see the website..:

Again, history is a continuity of forces, and we have to face that psychology and “psychological warfare” are not necessarily separate. The history of the development of psychology, as much as it was influenced by either this one creative powerhouse (with encouragement and collaboration from a colleague? from London who helped found the mental health system of Great Britan after WWII, i.e., the Balints); there is absolutely a dark side to it also. Many of us already know this as parents being subjected to extreme cruelty, or forced our kids to be subjected to the same, and being lectured or moralized to as if we were some inferior part of the human race when we protest being forced to co-parent with people who have threaten to kill us, or have harmed our kids, and have previously injured etc. — in the name of some theoretical social science construct that marriage and fatherhood are better for the country, no matter what. ….

The other thing I am facing is that the resulting hordes of traumatized and virtually nomadic parents (resulting from the courts) can be, and I’ll have to say, are being, “controlled” by certain authoritarian groups setting up their own personal oligarchies within the same government, and following many of its practices. Primary to this is framing the issues, rejecting non-compliant feedback (i.e., the
primary goal is not pursuit of the truth) and demanding national (or statewide) solutions to the problem, expressed as they have framed it.

I am starting to no longer recognize this country, which for a few decades (like maybe four of them), I personally had no serious issues with. But now I do.

There are some “scholarly references” to this book which came up on a search of this topic. See introductory pages, “American Caligula” of the “Unauthorized Biography of George Bush (not GWBush),” just prior to USA elections of 1992. It begins by talking about the initiation of the Iraq war, mentions the family line (i.e., back to royalty), and connections to what was at the time the largest bank in the world, not to mention “psychotic episodes.” The first few paragraphs state the purpose of the book, mostly that if Americans allow GWBush a second term, they deserve what they get. p. 10 talks about the concept of oligarchy goes with obsession with race science, breeding, and essentially eugenics. See Chapters III (“Race Hygiene: Three Bush Family Alliances”/one has to look at the Nazi connection, “special courts were established for the sterilization of the German mentally, ill, blind, the deaf, and alcoholics,” training a generation of physicians AND psychiatrists in this practice) and VII (Skull and Bones, @ Yale). This is a full-length, on-line book by Tarply and Chaitkin. It also forces the readers to face where some of the profits funding our major institutions came from (i.e., opium, etc.). It is good (healthy) to be forced to understand who financed what, and a track record on some of the tools, including institutes, by which the inferior were sterilized, and/or euthanized…

Keeping in mind that the same set of royalties were expert breeders of race horses, dogs, etc. How far-fetched is it that a similar attitude would not apply to people? However, for example, 1969 Republican Task Force on Earth Resources and Population (Chairman George H.Bush) invites eugenicist William Shockley (also helped make possible the computer//information age we are in), and Arthur Jensen: Congressional Testimony

This information from a single webpage

By the 19th century, Great Britain and Germany were recognized as the primary geographic areas of Illuminati control. It then should be of little surprise to know the first work in Behavioral Science research was established in England in 1882, while much of the early medical and psychiatric techniques involved in mind control were pioneered at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany.  The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was set up in London in 1921 to study the “breaking point” of humans. Kurt Lewin, a German psychologist, became the director of the Tavistock Institute in 1932, about the same time Nazi Germany was increasing its research into neuropsychology, parapsychology and multi-generational occultism.

Interestingly, a progressive exchange of scientific ideas was taking place between England and Germany, most notably in the field of eugenics: the movement devoted to “improving” the human species through the control of hereditary factors in mating. The nefariously enigmatic union between the two countries was bonded, partly through the Order of the Golden Dawn, a secret society which consisted of many high ranking officials in the Nazi party and British aristocracy.  Top SS Nazi officer Heinrich Himmler, was in charge of a scientific project called Lebersborn, which included selective breeding and adoption of children, a peculiarly large number of twins among them.[2] The purpose of the program was to create a super-race (Aryans) who would have total allegiance to the cause of the Third Reich(New World Order).

Much of the preliminary experimentation concerning genetic engineering and behavior modification was conducted by Dr. Josef Mengele at Auschwitz, where he coldly analyzed the effects of trauma-bonding, eye-coloring and “twinning” upon his victims.  Beside the insidious surgical experimentation performed at the concentration camp, some of the children were subjected to massive amounts of electroshock. Sadly, many of them did not survive the brutality.

Concurrently, “brain-washing” was carried out on inmates at Dachau, who were placed under hypnosis and given the hallucinogenic drug mescaline. During the war, parallel behavioral research was led by Dr. George Estabrooks of Colgate University. His involvement with the Army, CID, FBI and other agencies remains shrouded in secrecy.  However, Estabrooks would occasionally “slip” and discuss his work involving the creation of hypno-programmed couriers and hypnotically-induced split personalities.[3]


A majority of the victims/survivors come from multi-generational Satanic families (bloodlines) and are ostensibly programmed “to fill their destiny as the chosen ones or chosen generations” (a term coined by Mengele at Auschwitz). Some are adopted out to families of similar origin. Others used in this neurological nightmare are deemed as the “expendable ones” (non-bloodliners), usually coming from orphanages, foster care homes, or incestuous families with a long history of pedophilia. There also appears to be a pattern of family members affiliated with government or military intelligence agencies.
Many of the abused come from families who use Catholicism, Mormonism, or charismatic Christianity as a “front” for their abominable activities (though members of other religious groups are also involved.)

Victims/survivors generally respond more readily to a rigid religious (dogmatic, legalistic) hierarchical structure because it parallels their base programming. Authority usually goes unchallenged, as their will has been usurped through subjective and command-oriented conditioning.”


Cummings Foundation Launches Congressional Initiative to Fix Broken Family Courts

This is an October 2012 Press Release (Contact Kathleen Russell) at the top, featuring primarily this foundation, of course the sound byte about “our broken family courts” and because it’s such a crisis, the foundation, here, has analyzed the problems, written up a report and (apparently they have the dough to do this) mailed a copy to every member of Congress, Every State’s Governor and Chief Justice, and thousands of law schools and forensic psychologists across the countries..

Just so we understand we are dealing with the true insightful experts here, who want a federal level solution (based on their analyses) and are going about getting it with this mailing. Which it says is not really available to the general public, except a few leftover copies in a Reno, NV office.

The report highlights their (The Cummings Foundation’s) analyses (plural?) of the U.S. Family Court’s systemic flaws as presented by esteemed lawyers, judges, psychologists, and other experts who participated at the Cummings Foundation’s “Our Broken Family Courts” Conference in Phoenix, Arizona last March.

Please finish reading the short, two-pager press release above to see it’s also helping promote the Holly Collins story, and again references the “58,000 children a year” figure from The Leadership Council. The Cummings Foundation’s initiative wants to “develop policy solutions at the federal level which will address the crisis in a meaningful way.”

The Cummings Foundation is significant from the psychologists (and funding) point of view, as well as who the “Broken Family Courts” conference involved (i.e., people promoting the field of psychology and its professionalization, at least one representative (attorney) who also presents, or has, at the Battered Mothers Custody Conference in New York, and in doing lookups, I noticed at least one related individual whose work product was PETP (Parent Education Training Plan, a program one can obtain certification in )using the word “high=conflict” several times. [[G. Andrew H. Benjamin, PhD, ABPP, who also out of Seattle runs a workshop on “How to Build a Successful Psychology Practice at the Intersection of Behavioral Health and Law.”]]

How “nice” (and “modest”) of them to solicit input from parents not on the coattails of certain organizations who may have something to say, such as we already know that these courts are pushing therapeutic jurisprudence, parental alienation, parent coordination, fatherhood, equal parenting laws, marriage (using welfare funds), and providing a wonderful professional future (including retirement income and royalties) for the psychologists (forensic or not) working in the family court arena, and are — like the Nicholas Cummings, his foundation, and friends, have worked hard, and diligently, to make sure continues to happen with federal funding.

Sure, I think as there’s a “fiscal cliff” imminent, that what this world needs now is MORE forensic psychologists who have Rx privileges — so that people who are traumatized by the ongoing violent crimes that happen around the courts (routinely) and which are their bread and butter, in many ways — will at least get treated for it. And the word “treatment” was indeed used in conjunction with “Domestic Violence” by one of the conferences from Arizona’s Broken Courts Conference.

One of the more interesting aspects of Nicholas Cummings, not that he isn’t brilliant and a creative thinker (that’s quickly obvious), hard worker, with a good business sense on behalf of his own profession — which should at all times be remembered, that the primary motivator driving his life’s work appears to be ensuring major funding and ongoing opportunities for his profession, and that is primarily, psychologists. As such, the family courts are ideal, as their whole “schema” is to order counseling through the public funds at public AND private expense, for parents who cannot agree apart from the courts on custody matters.

I think it’s time the rest of us (and I”m saying this in part for a large network of noncustodial mothers I’m aware of who are, generally speaking, in serious distress, poverty, trauma, and/or near-homelessness, some of who are having their disability checks garnished to pay child support to an ex after they supported a child, or reported a very young child who was evidencing sexual abuse or even reporting it, among other problems (i.e., there were other forms of violence towards the mother in the home). I cannot possibly get through to those who simply don’t want to look at nonprofit status and agenda, or the grants system to understand what our own government is doing in these matters.

But I feel I can at least show enough documentation of the purpose of at least this ONE Cummings Foundation, and it’s connection to pushing the profession to the doctoral level, resulting in one of the highest paid (per hour) professions around, other than actually being a judge — and this same group was pushing hard to get their pay from primary care.

Oh yes, and I should probably mention that some of their predecessors were into things like eugenics, i.e., they believed certain ethnicities were inferior, and should therefore not be educated more than necessary for their expected lots in life, i.e, workers. But on the way to getting these (profiled less-competent races), they might as well, along with others, i.e., children — become the subject of studies of the adaptive capacity of humans (i.e., experimentation).

I also should point out that some of the same colleagues are very, very much into helping the psychologists to gt “prescriptive abilities,” i.e., THEY want to be able to fill out some Rx for mental health problems (I wonder if this includes Munchhausens’ by Proxy for mothers….). This includes imagining that they remembered incest (false memories), and so forth.

Professional Issues in Pharmacotherapy

Last April, this was a wonderful lessons (reading, education) for me in the history of the APA, some of its sects, founders, and ideology — as well as how it was expanded and promoted. Now is a GREAT time to get up to speed on this, one way or another — and ask, has the attitude of the professionals REALLy changed that much, from using human subject matter to measure (if not head size, mental states), test, label, prescribe (antipsychotics) and get reimbursed royally for the same.

Reviewing, when I noticed this back in 2012 spring:

I notice things. So, when I noticed the author of Battered Women’s Syndrome, AND a presenter or so from the Battered Mother’s Custody Conference — being featured in an Arizona Conference last year (2012) called “Our Broken Family Courts” I did what a psychologist or M.D. might consider a brief workup, or history of the situation. I actually stumbled across the conference on-line just looking up a certain professional whose responses at BMCC simply didn’t make sense.

I think it’s time to again reference a post I wrote last Spring, after it came to my attention.

So, I wrote this up last April, 2012, under this title:

Why Watching Conference Agenda is Crucial: Cummings Foundation, Behavioral Health Promotion, and “Our” “Broken” Family Court System.

“Our Broken Family Court” isn’t. It ain’t “Ours” and it ain’t “Broken.” That phrase is a “tell.” I’ll tell you why….

As someone who’s “heard it all” about the court reform movements from professionals talking about the Crisis in the Courts . . . . I’m getting real tired of that analysis.

From (note main URL domain name):
http://forensicpsychologist.blogspot.com/2012/01/tearing-child-apart-free-training-in.html [[That link also contained an ad for the Arizona Conference…

Why are psychologists so obsessed (and it IS an obsession) with using the word “forensic” to describe themselves?  Where does that term come from?

(Put that question on the back burner for a bit — I’ll be back to it).

Why would certain groups be providing FREE training in Arizona in this field?

Our broken family court system: Free training in Arizona

Another free training geared toward child custody evaluators is coming up March 16-17 in Phoenix, Arizona. Co-sponsored by the National Alliance of Professional Psychology Providers and the Nicholas and Dorothy Cummings Foundation, it features a cast of well-known experts, including:
— Dr. Lenore Walker (author of the classic, The Battered Woman’s Syndrome)***
— David L. Shapiro, PhD
— G. Andrew H. Benjamin, JD, PhD, ABPP
Judge Marjory Fields 
— John Caccavale, PhD (speaking on Business Ethics for Custody Evaluators)

More information and online registration is available HERE.

BEFORE looking into this “who’s who,” here’s the prologue:

They aren’t broken, they are proceeding exactly according to design and that design can be basically understood if one reviews the history, strategies, and particularly the membership of the organization “Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.” It is not the only association in the neighborhood influencing this court system, but it appears to be one of the earliest, and most widely connected.

(more active links at the post itself).

I ask people involved, or snared, in this family law situation particularly people who are protesting abuse of minor children which is being rejected as “in your mind” or a co-parenting, alienation (etc.) problem, to read through that post from April 2012. it’s very detailed and brings us up to the current, including what is the agenda of these conferences, certain associations, and what is the influence (clout, etc.) of some of the people involved.

Really take a look at the history of the development of psychology in this country, particularly from the late 1800s forward — WHO was pushing and promoting this field, in cluding some of the earliest leaders of the APA (American Psychological Association). What were their goals, purpose, and intentions in developing this new field?

As always, it takes both wealth, diligence, and usually a nonprofit trade association (add a publication, conferences, etc.) to literally create professions that are going to end up being mainstreamed in to federally-supported programs such as Medicaid — or mandated by places such as custody evaluators assigned to handle parenting during divorce. Those things didn’t just happen over night; they had to be pushed, promoted, strategized, envisioned, and sold.

For example, the name Jack Wiggins came up in association. His primary field of experience os Psychopharmacology. In the era early 2000s, (2003, I believe), then-President George W. Bush formed a New Freedom Commission on Mental Health which it seems that Dr. Cummings, above, had some involvement or connection to. FYI, the field of Mental Health becoming a NATIONAL PRE-OCCUPATION should be watched carefully,particularly when people get drugged or institutionalized after labeling — is it an Archipelago setup? Particularly when, as I will CONTINUE to remind us, pharmaceutical corporations are about the largest ones on the planet; they are promoting legislation at the federal level and highly influential on nonprofits such as “ALEC” (American Legislative Executive Council” or whatever it’s called) which basically draft bills, and their legislator members get to bring back to their state legislatures. I am also reminded of the whistleblower scandals of valiant souls like ALlen Jones (PENNMap and TMAP), in which a basic algorithm apparently decided who got drugged. I blogged this RECENTLY (atypical antipsychotics and kickbacks).

Therefore when an organization such as Center for Judicial Excellence (or at least Ms. Russell) who has championed the cause of parents losing custody to batterers and molesters, and I’m deducing doesn’t think “parental alienation” theory is the greatest thing since sliced bread — teams up with the CUmmings Foundation –and mutually back pats, we need to take a closer look. Fast.

Check this out, and see the footnote credits of the four authors involved *date 2004*
Professional Issues in Pharmacology for Psychologists

In this blog I simple looked up many of the people putting on the conference, and involved in the sponsoring nonprofit, i.e., “National Association of Professional Psychology Providers” (NAPPP), an organization listed as from “D.C.” but having a registration in California also (and possibly other states, I didn’t check….).

G. Stanley Hall was the APA’s first President. This leads into why you tend to find educators and psychologists in such close proximity. For example, G. Stanley Hall, it sounds, was instrumental in de-emphasizing academics in high school, and viewing it rather instead as an extension of elementary school (sound like about where it’s at today, overall?)… and based on ideas of Darwin and others, helped develop the field of educational psychology. He influenced another man Lewis Terman (Development of the IQ test) who was also a eugenicist, and it would seem from the evidence, racist. The tests then would help determine who got what kind of education, i.e., the laborer track or the leadership track. Just a sample here:

From 1880-1920, the high school was primarily college preparatory, emphasizing Latin, modern foreign languages, mathematics, science, English and history. However, Hall objected strongly to the college preparatory view, arguing that high school should be more concerned with the education of adolescents. . The high school was the institutional extension of the elementary school. Hall and other educators began to view the high school as a school for adolescents rather than a strictly college preparatory institution.

{{who here knows that the word “adolescent” hasn’t been around that long?}}

In 1887, he founded the American Journal of Psychology. In 1889, he was named president of the newly founded Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. Under his guidance considerable work was done in educational research at the university during its first 20 years. Hall was instrumental in the development of the new science of educational psychology. Hall’s pioneering studies, Adolescence (1904) and Educational Problems (1911), described the implications of adolescent development on education.

In the late 19th Century, Hall was influenced by Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. It provided an impetus for the scientific examination of child development. His emphasis on the survival behavior of different species stimulated an interest in observing children to identify their adaptive behaviors and to learn about the inheritance of human behavior.
. . .

And you wonder how our schools were turned from teaching to testing and measuring how children adapt to survival situation — now, this apparently includes survival situations involving lockdown and classroom shootings….

One major stimulus was the introduction in 1916 by the American psychologist Lewis Terman of the test known today as the Standford-Binet Intelligence Test. This test led to a number of studies about children’s intellectual development. Dozens of leading universities began observational studies of children and their families, where the same children were observed and tested over a specific time period. 

This testing led many other psychologists to further their views and create other tests involving the measurement of a child’s head, mental abilities, intellectual strengths and weaknesses and many others. Educators today use these tests, which include the General Aptitude Test Battery, Inkblot Test, and Thematic Apperception Test, in elementary, middle, and high schools.

Prepared by Christina Meiss
(again — more links on the original).

Having such a large number of soldiers to test and screen for war (World War I), got the gears thinking — hey, can’t we apply these same sorting tricks to schools as well? Yeah, let’s develop that also:

(Again, better viewed at the original blogpost — more active links):

He also administered English tests to Spanish-speakers and unschooled African-Americans, concluding:

“High-grade or border-line deficiency… is very, very common among Spanish-Indian and Mexican families of the Southwest and also among negroes. Their dullness seems to be racial, or at least inherent in the family stocks from which they come… Children of this group should be segregated into separate classes… They cannot master abstractions but they can often be made into efficient workers… from a eugenic point of view they constitute a grave problem because of their unusually prolific breeding” (The Measurement of Intelligence, 1916, p. 91-92).

Unlike Binet and Simon, whose goal was to identify less able school children in order to aid them with the needed care required, Terman proposed using IQ tests to classify children and put them on the appropriate job-track. He believed IQ was inherited and was the strongest predictor of one’s ultimate success in life. Terman adopted William Stern’s suggestion that mental age/chronological age times 100 (to get rid of the decimal) be made the intelligence quotient or IQ. (NB: Most modern IQ tests calculate the intelligence quotient differently.)

In 1921, Terman initiated the Genetic Studies of Genius, a long-term study of gifted children. He found that gifted children did not fit the existing stereotypes often associated with them: they were not weak and sickly social misfits, but in fact were generally taller, in better health, better developed physically, and better adapted socially than other children. The children included in his studies were colloquially referred to as “Termites”.[2]

Terman later joined the Human Betterment Foundation, a Pasadena-based eugenics group founded by E.S. Gosney in 1928 which had as part of its agenda the promotion and enforcement of compulsory sterilization laws in California. Terman Middle School in Palo Alto, California is named after himself and his son. Lewis Terman was the father of Frederick Terman, who, as provost of Stanford University, greatly expanded the science, statistics and engineering departments that helped catapult Stanford into the ranks of the world’s first class educational institutions, as well as spurring the growth of Silicon Valley.

Isn’t that “sweet”? IQ testing followed by, if necessary compulsory sterilization — after all, they are prolific breeders!

A NNDB.com profile of Lewis Terman:

Like many leading scientists of his time, Terman was a strong supporter of eugenics programs, and enthusiastically argued that his test results proved that “the intelligence of the average negro is vastly inferior to that of the average white man. … The intelligence of the American Indian has also been over-rated, for mental tests indicate that it is not greatly superior to that of the average negro. Our Mexican population, which is largely of Indian extraction, makes little if any better showing.” He declared that his own IQ had been measured at 180.

Terman believed that children who scored high on his IQ tests were likely to become society’s leaders in adulthood. Toward this end, he conducted detailed and extended studies of more than 1,000 children deemed “gifted” under his tests, but the results of his studies are considered marred by Terman’s frequent offering of guidance and assistance to these children. He published studies purporting to have measured the IQs of dead scientists including Carl Friedrich Gauss, Isaac Newton, and Gottfried Leibniz, by complex calculations that considered such factors as the length of their encyclopedia biographies.

He also developed systems to measure masculinity, femininity, and marital happiness.
Father: James Lewis Terman (farmer, d. 1834, d. 1910)
Mother: Martha Cutsinger Terman (b. 1837, d. 1908, fourteen children)

Wow, that “systems to measure masculinity, femininity and marital happiness” is starting to sound like the healthy marriage responsible fatherhood movement of “Welfare Reform” (1996ff), which, also, FYI brought up prior to passage the problem with prolific breeding of certain ethnicities, which were of course going to swamp the caseloads and, as single mothers, are a burden to society. (Some things never change)….

Let’s bring this up a littler more to current:

What, pray tell, does all this have to do with the “Our Broken Family Courts” conference in Arizona, which was then followed up by the “Our Broken Family Courts Initiative” which we are supposed to believe indicates that Nicholas Cummings and his Foundatin, (primarily purposes — increasing the use and practice of psychology as a profession and, with his colleagues, also at times pushing for prescriptive (Rx) privileges for psychologists (why should psychiatrists have all the fun?), and mental health treatment as available through the primary healthcare system, and recommended throughout our lifetimes?

I don’t know, but again here’s from that post last April

And, John Caccavale, with his association with Nicholas Cummings, which we need to talk about — the Cummings Family and their Foundations specifically as it promotes the mainstreamining of the profession of behavioral health:

John Caccavale, Ph.D.

the Executive Director of NAPPP is Dr. John Caccavale.

How many times can you squeeze the words “behavioral health” into a bio?:

John Caccavale, Ph.D.,ABMP

Dr. Caccavale is a California licensed clinical and neuropsychologist and the executive director of NAPPP. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Medical Psychology. Dr. Caccavale is a long time advocate for the advancement of clinical and medical psychology and its inclusion into primary behavioral healthcare. Dr. Caccavale serves on a number of professional boards including the American Board of Medical Psychology, the National Institute of Behavioral Health Quality and the American Board of Behavioral health Practice. He is the Chair of the Behavioral Health Committee of Orange County Medical Reserve Corp. 

He has published numerous articles and book reviews on a wide array of subjects but, in recent years, has confined his writings to the current issues facing the profession. 

Dr. Caccavale is a strong advocate for doctoral level psychology practice and, although he is a trained psychopharmacologist, [i.e. he can Rx a situation] he advocates for psychotherapy as a first line treatment for behavioral disorders.

Nicholas Cummings, Ph.D, Sc.D.

Dr. Cummings is a psychologist who has been predicting the course of psychology for the past 50 years, and has innovated steps to enhance the profession along the way. He has authored 47 books. In the 1950s he wrote the first comprehensive prepaid psychotherapy insurance benefit and through his medical cost offset research convinced third party payors to include psychotherapy as a covered benefit. His pioneering “intermittent, focused psychotherapy throughout the life cycle” is the way most psychologists practice today. He was active with the Dirty Dozen for 30 years, founded the professional school movement through the four campuses of the California School of Professional Psychology, created the nation’s only psychology-driven national healthcare company which grew to 25 million covered lives and in which psychiatric/medical directors reported to psychologists, and a host of other innovations too numerous to mention. He served as President of the APA, has six honorary doctorates, and holds every honor the profession can bestow, including the Gold Medal. In predicting the necessity of professional psychology to become integrated into mainstream healthcare for its survival, in 2008 he founded the Doctor of Behavioral Health program at Arizona State University. For 44 years in spite of everything else he was doing, he maintained a psychotherapy practice of no less than 40 to 50 patients per week. At the present time he is President of the Cummings Foundation for Behavioral Health,** Distinguished Professor at the University of Nevada, Reno.

**well, whose foundation is it? Only natural he might be President!

The following section (again, from the post) reveals his attitude to whether single mothers should have the option to become single mothers without the responsible input of — well, the professionals who know better, I guess, obviously…

He also brings up in his concerns of “vital social significance” (and this next is the first concern):

A large body of evidence outside psychology reveals that children of single parents are several times more likely to be in trouble with the law in adolescence or early adulthood. Why is psychology not studying this? Is it because it is politically incorrect to question challenges to traditional marriage? A woman has a right to be a single mom, but do we not have an obligation to help her make an informed decision about pregnancy?

While this isn’t quite saying “compulsory sterilization (based not on race, but marital status) it’s implying making sure women are taught that becoming single parents is going to result in a greater likelihood that the offspring will be in trouble with the law….

Notice it goes immediately from “single parents” to “single Mom” and doesn’t mention single fathers.  This was written 10 years after the initiation of federally supported access/visitation grants to the states to encourage more father-contact, which has often enough resulted in motherless (not fatherless) children.  Should women be advised not to have children out of wedlock based on psychological evidence that doing so puts them at risk of later trouble with the law?  (SERIOUSLY?  No wonder there is a disconnect with Americans & Psychologists).

Up next — false memories of incest planted by therapists. (Inbetween, he brings up oxytocin release in mother/child bonding (including nursing, romantic attachments etc.) as evidence that casual sex hurts women more than men, and there should be psychological research into that…..).  Notice the strong language here (adjectives)

Questioning the efficacy of certain popular but potentially harmful therapies is equated with lack of compassion toward those who are ostensibly benefiting from such dubious treatments.
{{a little obtuse, but it sounds like he’s talking about therapies to cure the “false memory” syndrome…}}

Thus, when it became apparent {{to whom, not mentioned}} that over-zealous therapists were implanting false memories of repressed incest in their patients, the APA’s politically correct propensity for disbelieving the accused male paralyzed for years a special committee assigned to study false memories, and prevented it from taking corrective action. It remained for the courts that had first incarcerated innocent fathers based mainly on flawed psychological testimony to now release them.

He shows no concern for any children, or women, who may have been told that the kids imagined their abuse, their mothers coached them into reporting, and other varieties of it was “all in their head,” chalking it up to a psychological syndrome.  Among these active in the courts (still) is “parental alienation (syndrome, or no syndrome)” yet although this comes in on the psychologist boat (i.e., custody evaluators, parenting coordinators, and others involved in the courts whose profession is psychological in nature) — I see no mention of it here.

In short, he shows no distress at all on the issue of incest (as opposed to, say single parenthood) as a contributor to later psychological problems — only on the false reporting of it.

I am bringing this up now to contrast with the recent collaboration of the CRISIS IN THE COURTS groups (who are promoting the same rhetoric year after year, rather than talking about the nonprofits running the courts, i.e., this is basically the same material year after year, which has been promoted loudly since the formation of Center for Judicial Excellence nonprofit, in order to promote a 42-minute film talking about, the Crisis in the Courts. Since then, whether it’s Dr. Phil, California Safe Child Coalition, Battered Mothers’ Custody Conferenc e– or if possible, getting the attention of someone at the White House — this message has rarely changed.

For example, when there was a virtual “media triumph” in getting the SFWeekly to speak about custody of children being given to batterers in 2011 (a major series in an on-line on this, and PAS, which got well of 1800 comments on one of the articles, and had Glenn Sacks vs. various mothers going to it (including name calling) in the comments field, and CJE and friends complimenting the author on a terrific job– this article STILL didn’t mention WHO is pushing parental alienation (i.e., AFCC), and missed a terrific opportunity to bring up the federal incentives.

What even more astounded me was to learn that at the SAME TIME (over a certain two or three month period that the comments were active) — the major HHS-grants-getting foundation called Fathers and Families Coalition of America — had been conferencing right in the same area — in San Francisco.

Apparently awareness of such organizations are on a “Need to Know” basis — and mothers just must not “need to know” — because the groups hosting the conferences about the crises in the courts, sure ars not informing them about it!

So, contrast Dr. Cummings comments on false memory of incest syndrome, and single motherhood — plus the fact that this individual’s major life’s work has been to continue to promote, professionalize and advocate for the profession of psychology — to the point of helping found a school of professional psychology which claims to have trained half of them in California (could THAT explain the trouble we’re having in the courts????)…
Not to mention a major donation to help establish another program at Arizona State University . ..

Perhaps it’s the prominence and wealth that has our trusty Kathleen Russell of Kathleen Russell Consulting (AND Center for Judicial Excellence) with all the mothers of lost children and distressed parents in tow, teaming up with the Cummings Foundation? Here’s a press release timed to Domestic Violence Awareness Month, last October (at a time we were getting ready to pick another President, either one of which would have been sure to continue the HM/FR funding anyhow….and neither of which is likely to recommend a reduction of the religious element in the federal grants stream significantly (i.e., that faith-based stuff, which also can be very rough on women and other dissidents…):

Cummings Foundation Launches Congressional Initiative to Fix Broken Family Courts

Again, let me reference here, the “initiative” publicity on this matter, this time from the Cummings Foundation’s own website:

4. Why is the CFBH sending this book around the country, and who will be receiving it?

A: The CFBH wants to ensure that all of our nation’s >top legal, psychological and elected officials who are in positions of power to fix the broken system are made aware of its systemic flaws that are harming more than 58,000 children each year in America.

{{Our Nation’s Top Psychological Officials, exc-uuuse me?? Not to mention — this is circular reasoning — who do we think, exactly, helped DESIGN the family courts to start with? And why should we assume they were unaware of this design, and would actually care that children were being given to incest perps? That’s only a flaw if you are against incest — which clearly not everyone is…!!}}

The book is being mailed to 3,000 places across the country, including every member of Congress, the Governor and Chief Justice of every state, law school libraries, and members of the American Psychological Association’s Division of Forensic Psychology.

{{in other words, this is a publicity blitz which hasn’t been run by the people most likely to be affected by it — the parents and their children!!!}}

5. What’s in the Broken Family Court System book?

A: The book includes a complete transcript of a two-day conference that took place in Phoenix, Arizona on March 16 -17, 2012 called Our Broken Family Court System. The conference was co-sponsored by the Nicholas and Dorothy Cummings Foundation and the National Alliance of Professional Psychology Providers.

{{Just in case it’s unclear WHOSE businesses are being promoted here….}}

6. Who contributed to the book, and are they available to speak to the media?

A: Yes, a collection of some of the nation’s top legal, judicial, medical and mental health professionals working in family law presented their perspectives on the broken family court system at the conference, and many of them are available to talk with reporters about their research, their expertise and their proposed solutions to fix the broken system. Please contact Kathleen Russell to arrange interviews or to get connected with the book’s contributors.

7. Where can people get a copy of the book?

A: The book is not currently available to the public but the CFBH has a limited supply of extra copies at their Reno office.

{{just because it’s being mailed to EVEYY Congressperson, ALL Governors and Chief Justices, put in law libraries, promoted at law schools and to forensic psychologists — and is recommending a federal-level fix of “United States family courts” which the public (FYI) is funding, and affected by at all levels of the local economies (i.e., when a custody case creates orphans, and bystanders, for example, get shot — or people have to go to jail, or money gets lost in the child support enforcement system, which it obviously does (see HHS/OAS/OIG, which admits as much — if not, see “Silva v. Garcetti” case from Los Angeles), and has created new professions out of thin air (supervised visitation, parenting coordinators, etc.) — that doesn’t mean the public who are NOT in positions of authority to fix the systemic flaws in this deeply flawed and broken system — gets to see what the Cummings Foundation experts are recommending. Are you kidding– did you really thing those members of Congress were actually representing you-all???}}

8. Why did you include a DVD copy of the film No Way Out But One in your nationwide mailing?

A: We believe that the true story of Holly Collins journey to becoming the first American granted asylum in Europe because of the broken family court system in the U.S. should be required viewing for all elected officials. The fact that Americans are forced to flee to another country for protection for their abused children speaks volumes about the need for reform in our nation’s family courts.

I think more people need to take a serious (more serious) look at the intersection of the Anglo-American (Britis-American) elite playing both sides of World Wars I and II (specifically the Bush family alliances), understand that experiments have been performed on children, systematically, and possibly as part of initiation rites into elite, if not occult orgasnizations, with a view to figuring at which point the human psyche can break, and what causes it to break. America education was centralized and dumbed down (see G. Stanley Hall) and overall has been marked by becoming more of an experimental playground for educational psychologists and behavioral modification change agents. The fact that two (at least) U.S. Presidents have a family background which involved supporting Hitler’s Nazi regime, and another one (Clinton Family) instrumental in signing welfare reform (1996) was a Rhodes Scholar influenced by other Rhodes Scholars — and Rhodes himself (late 1800s) was a racist imperialist who vowed to bring the world back under British rule — and demonstrated exactly what he thought of Africans in British South Africa, not to mention the Germans (at the time who weren’t much better (history shows that, as I have been reported in the Long and Winding Rhodes series, and elsewhere) practiced up for concentration camps — and helped build the railways, etc. — in German SOUTHwest Africa, committing near genoicde on at least three different tribes (Herrero, Namaqua and Wittbooi?), with DIRECT personnel connections to the later Nazi practices (concentration camps). See “Shark Island.” Also in related events around this time, a two-tiered education system was set up for Rhodesia? (i.e., apartheid), with the person who set this up (from the Netherlands) having an obsessive interest in these exact same fields: Education, Psychology and Sociology.

However this is paraphrased and sold — it’s racist in intent:
Chat forum? / Political / Bush from Silicon Investor.com relates chapter 3 from the Tarpley book I cited above, i.e., we can’t deny — this was part of Congressional record — Congressman George H.W. Bush (note: the book shows the role the Walker frailly played in Bush line)
PLEASE! — THIS IS A SIMPLE LINK TO A ONE-PAGE POST. YOU CAN READ IT!. In reading this, then ask yourself — is this the Administration in Washington (i.e., White House OR Congress), we should really be asking to “have a heart” for our molested children, and on their behalf, from who we should expect some justice, intervention, or protection? Why would as late as 1969 (civil rights era, RIGHT?) – while Nicholas Cummings is over dealing with Ronald Reagan about starting up a California School of Professional Psychology (and Governor Reagan has student unrest — for one, students were protesting the policy of war as the norm in this country) — and the two-tier system of education in the United States was in its third or fourth generation — and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts had finally gotten itself incorporated (after being chased down from state to state for non incorporation) ca. 1963, up and running to promote mandated counseling for divorces, and the promotion of psychology — there were two eugenicists testifying before Congress on “down-breeding” of the American population. Guess who they were referring to, and where those ideas came from?

In the mid to late 1980s, (Chapter 21 “Omaha” in the Unauthorized Biography book, but as we are dealing with this issue in the Family Law Crises in the Courts Initiative –

On the morning of June 29, 1989, pandemonium erupted in the corridors of power in the nation’s capital. “Homosexual Prostitution Probe Ensnares Official of Bush, Reagan,” screamed the front-page headline of the Washington Times with the kicker “Call Boys Took Midnight Tour of White House.”

The Times reported, “A homosexual prostitution ring is under investigation by federal and District authorities and includes among its clients key officials of the Reagan and Bush administrations, military officers, congressional aides and U.S. and foreign businessmen with close ties to Washington’s political elite.”

The exposeé centered on the role of one Craig Spence, a Republican powerbroker known for his lavish “power cocktail” parties. Spence was well connected. He celebrated Independence Day 1988 by conducting a midnight tour of the White House in the company of two teenage male prostitutes among others in his party.

Rumors circulated that a list existed of some 200 Washington prominents who had used the call boy service. The Number Two in charge of personnel affairs at the White House, who was responsible for filling all the top civil service posts in the federal bureaucracy, and Secretary of Labor Elizabeth Dole’s chief of staff, were two individuals publicly identified as patrons of the call boy ring.

Two of the ring’s call boys were allegedly KGB operatives, according to a retired general from the Defense Intelligence Agency interviewed by the press. But the evidence seemed to point to a CIA sexual blackmail operation, instead. Spence’s entire mansion was covered with hidden microphones, two-way mirrors and video cameras, ever ready to capture the indiscretions of Washington’s high, mighty and perverse. The political criteria for proper sexual comportment had long been established in Washington: Any kinkiness goes, so long as you don’t get caught. The popular proverb was that the only way a politician could hurt his career was if he were “caught with a dead woman or a live boy” in his bed.

. . . {{Then there was The Nebraska // Boys Town Business}}

As the call boy ring affair dominated the cocktail gossip circuit in Washington, another scandal, halfway across the country in the state of Nebraska, peaked. Again this scandal knocked on the President’s door.

A black Republican who had been a leader in organizing minority support for the President’s 1988 campaign and who proudly displayed a photo of himself and the President, arm in arm, in his Omaha home, was at the center of a sex and money scandal that continues to rock the Cornhusker state.

The scandal originated with the collapse of the minority-oriented Franklin Community Credit Union in Omaha, directed by Lawrence E. King, Jr., a nationally influential black Republican who sang the national anthem at both the 1984 and 1988 Republican conventions. King became the subject of the Nebraska Senate’s investigation conducted by the specially created “Franklin Committee” to probe charges of embezzlement. In November 1988, King’s offices were raided by the FBI and $40 million was discovered missing.

Within weeks, the Nebraska Senate, which initially opened the inquiry to find out where the money had gone, instead found itself questioning young adults and teenagers who said that they had been child prostitutes. Social workers and state child-care administrators accused King of running a child prostitution ring. The charges grew with the former police chief of Omaha, the publisher of the state’s largest daily newspaper, and several other political associates of King, finding themselves accused of patronizing the child prostitution ring.

Then there was the 1985 testimony of two sisters from foster care family who kept running away. They didn’t like being part of Mr. King’s child prostitution ring, understandably.

Way back in 1985, a young girl, Eulice (Lisa) Washington, was the center of an investigation by Andrea L. Carener, of the Nebraska Department of Social Services. The investigation was instigated because Lisa and her sister Tracey continually ran away from their foster parents, Jarrett and Barbara Webb. Initially reluctant to disclose information for fear of being further punished, the two girls eventually recounted a remarkable story, later backed up by other children who had been fostered out to the Webb’s [sic].

These debriefings were conducted by Mrs. Julie Walters, another welfare officer, who worked for Boys Town at the time, and who had been called in because of the constant reference by the Webb children and others, to that institution.

Lisa, supported by her sister, detailed a massive child sex, homosexual, and pornography industry, run in Nebraska by Larry King. She described how she was regularly taken to Washington by plane, with other youths, to attend parties hosted by King and involving many prominent people, including businessmen and politicians. Lisa specifically named George Bush as being in attendance on at least two separate occasions. “Remember, this was in 1985,” emphasized the Australian newsletter.

The newsletter reproduces several documents on Lisa’s case, including a Nebraska State Police report, a State of Nebraska Foster Care Review Board letter to the Attorney General, an investigative report prepared for the Franklin Committee of the Nebraska Senate, and a portion of the handwritten debriefing by Mrs. Julie Walters. Peter Sawyer says that he obtained the documents from sympathetic Australian law enforcement officers who had helped Australian Channel Ten produce an exposeé of a national child prostitution ring Down Under. The Australian cops seem to have been in communication with American law enforcement officers who apparently agreed that there had been a coverup on the Nebraska scandal. Subsequent investigations by the authors established that all four documents were authentic.

Mrs. Julie Walters, now a housewife in the Midwest, confirmed that in 1986 she had interviewed the alleged child prostitute, Lisa, who told her about Mr. Bush. Lisa and her sister Tracey were temporarily living at the time in the home of Kathleen Sorenson, another foster parent. Mrs. Walters explained that at first she was very surprised. But Lisa, who came from a very underprivileged background with no knowledge of political affairs, gave minute details of her attendance at political meetings around the country.
….The Walters sisters also confirmed that boys were obtained from Boys Town, and that most were black but some where white. Put this together with (about 15-20 years earlier), Bush Congressional testimony about concern for the congested urban poor, population growth, and please listen to our two eugenicists where (Shockley, Arthur Jensen of — get this, UC Berkeley)…

AUTOBIO blurb of “Webster Griffin Tarpley (b. 1946, Pittsfield, MA) who, I should note, is a Fullbright scholar (full bring being the first Rhodes Scholar to become an American legislator, who then established the Fulbright Scholarship system modeled on the same, and was something of a mentor ? to former President Clinton. If Rhodes purpose in setting up these scholarships was to return the planet to British control, under a one-world system by, in large part, commandeering the brightest and best (at least according to their own screening processes) to be indoctrinated at Oxford, then “go forth and conquer” back in the USA, I’d have to say for how briefly he lived (with no known progeny), Cecil Rhodes, and friends did a pretty good job of it. At least setting the foundation. However, this book is an excellent read… W.G. tartly also has a degree from Catholic University, and writes on international terrorism.

To the Contrary, here’s Sept. 2007 a link describing this author and the co-author of the Bush book as typical Lyndon LaRouche style. Nevertheless, what he reports on has been documented by non-LaRouche sources (i.e., this Franklin Coverup material, etc.)

Around the same time, 1989-1990, in the Bush, Sr. Administration, another person (Catherine Austin Fitts, formerly of Dillon Read) was taking a look at the inner workings of HUD, and its operations (see links on my blogroll), and came eventually to the conclusion that American assets were being sold off, and the public stuck with the debt (fees for friends) as there was a negative return on federal investment around “the projects” (HUD projects), which, incidentally, were areas of high crime and high drug peddling…

FYI, a number of individuals (people) I know have spoken with Jennifer Collins (electronic on my part) to report on the federal incentives to the family courts in these issues, or the AFCC, but to be honest, there is not a genuine interest. That’s a shame because there are many things which have developed while the Collins family was overseas, which is not being incorporated into this report, and should be.

As for example, the late Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband, allegedly (many of us don’t buy it) who died by murder-suicide, were reporting on at the time, CPS primarily but also in short, the federal incentives to break up families, including adoption bonuses.

The truth is, as horrible as the situation is, and even though it’s got public press appeal — and I mean no disrespect to Holly Collins, or any of her children, who have shown extreme courage — but they are hardly the only people who have fled overseas for safety after reporting crimes. And these people are getting hunted down and dragged back. moreover, there are horrible situations occurring throughout the United States (and equally newsworthy and typifying the family court fiascoes) such as others outside this group of experts have been reporting consistently.

Moreover, while some people are focusing on press, publicity, attention, sales, and getting to the White House and on Television (more power to you for the clout), OTHERS of us have not ceased developing our own understanding of these issues by diligent reading, research, networking, communicating and reporting what we find.

For example, there is the matter of The Franklin Coverup, which a State Legislator (John DeCamp) who was on a task force investigating, has written on — and he says, “we missed it — it wasn’t about the abuse, it was about the money-laundering.” And the abuse he reported, and the witnesses he helped, or tried to, was horrific (murders were involved; eight people, I heard, died during the investigation of this child-trafficking, drug-running, money-laundering and kidnapping scandal from Omaha — which reached all the way to the White House…

Children were taken from the streets (kidnapped, in other words), from a foster care home, and from Boys Town, and in addition to being USED to cater to the vices of people in high authority in government (the same people these reports are being sent to by the Cummings Foundation, i.e., they are interested in reaching those in “positions of authority”) — who then, because of their vices, could be blackmailed. Our country is, literally, trafficking in children, and losing track of them also — not just of money it has obtained from the citizens.

The 58,000 per year figure cited by The Leadership Council in 2008 (a conservative estimate, more than…)…

The 58,000 per year figure cited in 2010 at “Kansas Fatherhood Initiatives’ (appears to be an AMPP — ‘AmericanMothers Political Party” blog — at least they mentino some of the federal funds and “The National Fatherhood Initiative” — but notice, still no prominent recommendation anybody go look for themselves, or how to:

The 58,000 per year figure cited in 2012:

And we also happen to have a nonprofit dedicated to promoting this….

Sometimes I wonder if this is a “tell,” a trigger, or a mantra — which by being uttered, like a warm blanket, somehow comforts those that rally around it, although the mindless repetition is, itself idiotic. Are people being hypnotized into trusting anyone who promises a rescue?

People who have been subjected, through whatever source, by long-term attempts to break their will, disorient them, blame them, and steal from them (including stealing family members) — without having committed any crimes that would merit this — have to work, and get help, to overcome that programming. However this HELP should not be obtained from anyone, or any group, which has been employing the same techniques, or has the same incentives,practices, or uses the same tools used to inflict the damages — again, in my opinion.

Not only do we see sometimes our family members (often children) being put through this routine, but also at the same time ourselves, it is no small deal to get free. The concept of “family” does not compute with some of the evil that comes from some families. Meanwhile, overall, while the public remains in cognitive dissonance about the causes of this violence on the human psyche (as well as in our economy, in general) and still credits those in authority as being our “helpers” — become part of the problem.

When the source of what should be positive and sustaining (nourishing) for anyone becomes an innate and ongoing source of severe psychic pain, then one needs to go through either changing that situation (reconciliation, justice) or a process of detachment and reconstruction of a personal identity, one which is not in constant pain. This is the desired event for which circumstances of ongoing trauma are set up to start with.

I hope this posts helps at least SOME people understand who is involved in this at the family court level, and get down to business with some Economics 101 on our country, change your lifestyle, and become part of a sane solution.

NOTE: Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports are not optional — we need to know who has been responsible for laundering selling off our assets, and disempower them from doing it any further. This is not going to be a simple task, obviously.

Just remembering — things that began in slavery, genocide and perpetuating national myths — while continuing to develop ever more refined technology for dominating masses of people (i.e., back in the late 1800s it was a Maxim machine gun. Now techniques do include psychological warfare on the American public, inducing simultaneous mass trauma and confusion ( i.e., cf.the Newtown Connecticut shootings) and a state of constant confusion, disabling the collective will to resist.

If you want to know HOW this happens, talk to some of your neighbors. Undoubtedly some of them have been through, or are going through this whole situation we are blogging about; there’s a lot of it going around these days.

If it started with slavery, genocide, and racist mentality, it is not going to get much better over 100 years later, and has not.

Here are some more sources on the commonalities between this practice of hypnosis a.k.a. “therapy,” and coercive controling sects (Scientology) not to mention, Communism, etc. It is co. 2003 “Arnaldo Lerna,” and relates that Ron Hubbard probably just plaigiarized state of the art WWII psychotherapy, afterwards demonizing psychiatry, primarily so people wouldn’t figure out where he plagiarized his stuff from (see the site psychcrime.org): By quoting this, my post goes to about 15,000 words, so I hope it has been helpful!

Dianetics, Scientology and Communism – both Hubbard and Lenin used Pavlov’s research.

Ida Camburn gave me a copy of William Sargants’s book, first printed 50 years ago, Battle for the Mind. I cannot recommend it more highly…for students and researchers into the Scientology problem and those who have been affected in any way by Scientology or any of its many Frontgroups.

Sargant’s book appears to be based on a journal that he kept during his experience treating WWII victims of post traumatic stress disorder. His observations and conclusions are as valid now as they were then and even more now so due to the apparition called Dianetics and its twisted twin sister Scientology.

Everything that Hubbard rants about in Dianetics including what Hubbard foists off as his “discovery” of Dianetics is based on prior art without attribution, in fact, instead of properly attributing the basis of his scheme to the research of Nobel Prize winner Pavlov, which Lenin incorporated into what became known as Communism, he goes to great lengths to vilify Pavlov and the entire field of Psychiatry, just to make sure that those he has fooled never figured out the degree to which we had been scammed…..that they were in fact trapped by state of the art Psychiatric techniques used in the 1940’s and abandoned because they took too long and were not consistent.

William Sargant describes a technique used during and after WWII called Aberactive Therapy… which stands for Abnormal Reaction Therapy – reliving incidents of trauma in your mind….(real or imaged) with the aid of a drug, hypnosis or ether…and a person to listen.

Aberactive therapy is not something special, people engage in it after having a few drinks and then pouring their hearts out to you….Though, of course Hubbard sought to demonize drugs and alcohol and psychiatry because he wanted to “dead agent”, to “depopularize” all possible competition and most importantly, reduce any threat of exposure and broadbased understanding of how his scam worked.

Even the description that only if you create an emotional discharge in an incident ( for which Hubbard coins many new words, to hide the sources of his information , he calls them somatics in Dianetics and then calls incident of trauma “engrams” ) you wont get relief and William Sargant was describing techniques being used in 1942 in North Africa by military practitioners treating with shell shocked and battle fatigued soldiers, and those recovering from the nazi bombings of London.

Every topic that Hubbard rants about in Dianetics is covered in William Sargant’s book, shock treatment, insulin shock… lobotomies… hypnosis…. Pavlov…. even Hubbard’s 2% rule. Sargant describes how early clinicians treating the psychological casualties of war, thought that a small percentage of soldiers did not suffer from battle fatigue. However, after a few years experience, they amended their opinion, to state that all will eventually succumb to stress induced fatigue except that 2 percent who in fact were psychopaths… Hubbard uses this same 2% rule in Dianetics to state that 2% of society are what he calls “suppressive” people.

This treatment of human beings as mere substance to be manipulated (notice, above, the word {subject) is common to totalitarian regimes and comes from a real disregard for their inherent worth. Those who resist, there are ways for their will to be broken. Its’ time we acknowledged what the present has in common with the past. Here’s some of that past, with “Dialectic Materialism” under Lenin. Note: Pavlov’s techniques were very useful in this purpose. If they are also in use by psychotherapists today (including those who want more Rx privileges), then I think we should be alarmed, adn reconsider the mainstreaming of mental health in this manner!

From “Nightmare of Disbelief” (re: the Dialectic of Materialism / Lenin):

Like the other Communist leaders, Lenin often stressed that Darwin’s theory was the fundamental basis of dialectical materialist philosophy. . . .
Along with Lenin and Trotsky, other Bolsheviks, under the influence of Darwinism, believed that human beings were an animal species, nothing more than an agglomeration of matter. Because they saw no value in human life, millions of persons could easily be sacrificed for the sake of the revolution.

According to Richard Pipes’s The Unknown Lenin, “For humankind at large Lenin had nothing but scorn: the documents confirm Gorky’s assertion that individual human beings held for Lenin ‘almost no interest,’ and that he treated the working class much as a metalworker treated iron ore.” (Richard Pipes, The Unknown Lenin: From the Secret Archive, p.10)

{{again — compare the Bush Family’s treatment of humankind during the lsat century…}}

Very clearly, Lenin accepted this materialist-Darwinist philosophy that regards human beings as animals. After speaking privately with Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, the Russian scientist famous for his experiments on the conditioned reflexes of animals, Lenin tried applying Pavlov’s methods to Russian society.

Lenin’s rule was a bloody one right from the start. As a result of his orders, tens of thousands of people were shot without trial. In conclusion, between 1918 and 1922, hundreds of thousands of workers and peasants who rebelled against the Bolshevik regime were slaughtered.

In addition to all this, there was a famine in Lenin’s time which led to the deaths of 5 million people in Russia. That is because the communist forcibly rounded up all the produce of the peasants who lived solely off what they grew themselves (grain or rice). [[NB: Food self-sufficiency…]] Left with nothing to eat, people began eating cats, dogs, tree bark and insects. Finally, cannibalism, the most terrible dimension of the famine, raised its head among the people.

Hunger, he knew, would have a devastating effect on their morale and psychology. He wanted to use famine as a tool to destroy people’s faith in Allah and instigate a movement against the church.

Another one (from the site dealing with the issue of Scientology and coercion):

THE RAPE OF THE MIND: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing, by Joost A. M. Meerloo, M.D., Instructor in Psychiatry, Columbia University Lecturer in Social Psychology, New School for Social Research, Former Chief, Psychological Department, Netherlands Forces, published in 1956, World Publishing Company. (Out of Print)
Chapter 3: (long detailed pages…)

The Therapist as an Instrument of Coercion

Medical therapy and psychotherapy are the subtle sciences of human guidance in periods of physical and emotional stress. Just as training requires the alert, wellplanned participation of both student and teacher, so successful psychotherapy requires the alert, well-planned participation of both patient and doctor. And just as educational training, under special conditions, can degenerate into coercive taming, so therapy can degenerate into the imposition of the doctor’s will on his patient. The doctor himself need not even be conscious that this is happening. The misuse of therapy may show itself in the patient’s submission to the doctor’s point of view or in the patient’s development of excessive dependency on his therapist. Such a dependency, and even increased dependency need, may extend not only far beyond the usual limits, but may continue even after the therapy has run its course.

. . .
The practitioners of psychology and psychiatry are now much more aware of the responsibility their profession imposes on them than they have ever been heretofore. The tools of psychology are dangerous in the hands of the wrong men.

Modern educational methods can be applied in therapy to streamline man’s brain and change his opinions so that his thinking conforms with certain ideological systems. Medicine and psychiatry may become more and more involved in political strategy as we have seen in the strategy of brainwashing, and for this reason psychologists and psychiatrists must become more aware of the nature of the scientific tools they use.


I’m tired. Please consider in particular the post of April 2012, and the times we are in. Thank you. (note: the entire post was typed in html mode, not the easiest way to go. Hope to fix this soon.

Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

January 7, 2013 at 11:22 pm

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  1. Good grief, the post looks illegible. I should probably get this material on blogtalk radio, and fix that run-on portion underneath the gravatar as well.

    That said, I do know what I’m talking about.

    Note to readers: Am under longterm and chronic stress re: ongoing situations anyhow, perhaps not the best time to bring these matters up. Except that it’s relevant NOW.

    Anyone who wants a diagram of where this is going need only look to history, and who are the people involved, and the institutions. See what happened to Africa, learn what Bush and friends actually think about people with darker skins (and other worthless sorts, like those not belonging to the artistocracy) and quite taking their promises and expressions of concern about “social services” at face value.

    And hanging out with others who are so gullible (or dishonest) to do so as well. Got questions? put them on comments, I do respond…

    Let's Get Honest

    January 7, 2013 at 11:33 pm

  2. […] days ago I posted “Interesting Bedfellows and the Speckled Background of Psychology in America,” specifically to contrast an October, 2012 (DV Awareness Month, right?) Press Release, […]

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