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“There is in the State Treasury the Family Law Trust Fund….”

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When I read that, it reminded me of an old spiritual —  sing it slow, repeatedly, and with feeling, if you want to feel better, temporarily, before returning to work for “the man” in the house or in the fields. Seriously…..

There is a balm in Gilead, to make the wounded whole, There is a balm in Gilead to heal the sin-sick soul.”

That’s the refrain; here’s the rest (including repeated refrain). This is an African-American Spiritual. To really appreciate, search to hear it on-line, preferably with words like “Tuskeegee” or “Moses Hogan” or “Paul Robeson” “Mahalia Jackson” or something with the word “Brooklyn” in it, moreso than, say, “St. Olaf Choir” after the title. It’s a classic, and has obvious appeal.

Sometimes I feel discouraged and think my work’s in vain,
But then the Holy Spirit revives my soul again.
There is a balm in Gilead to make the wounded whole;
There is a balm in Gilead to heal the sin sick soul.

If you cannot preach like Peter, if you cannot pray like Paul,
You can tell the love of Jesus and say, “He died for all.”
There is a balm in Gilead to make the wounded whole;
There is a balm in Gilead to heal the sin sick soul.

Don’t ever feel discouraged, for Jesus is your friend;
And if you lack for knowledge, He’ll never refuse to lend.
There is a balm in Gilead to make the wounded whole;
There is a balm in Gilead to heal the sin sick soul.

Don’t worry — this post starts out religious for purposes of expression, but we are getting down to the business mentioned in its title. This Fund does exist, has a fund number, shows up on various reports, and it’s also possible to see where at least the public part of its contents come from.

More posts forthcoming also…should confirm that the primary purpose of government (as it exists now) is, as the primary purpose of most corporations, to raise money by selling things — like rights to the labor of others’ bodies and souls….

No doubt there is some a Balm in Gilead, or at least a transformational, warming (balmy?) emotion shared after singing it (or hearing it sung).  This goes a long way towards TEMPORARILY healing the sickening gut feeling, a legitimate instinctive response to exposure of what humans can now, and always have done to those arrogantly classified as “the other” — and how exactly how they do it.  I’ve experienced it.

I’ve also been heartwarmed time and again by people who helped me recover long enough from a recent violent incident in order to go on, and get back in that same situation (until that DV order with kick out was served!) — but after all this IN the home, and the Conciliation Court paradigm (i.e., how smart is this? …forcible co-parenting with a batterer whose first assaults began with one’s pregnancy) years of other struggles and hearings (minus any protection) AFTER separation, that all my supportive personnel (friends, colleagues, etc.) were no better equipped (including equipped with KNOWLEDGE) than I  to do more than refresh me before another round in the boxing ring. Unfortunately, we have not yet found the recipe to force the courts to quit hauling one victim in front of one parent in the FAMILY CONCILIATION COURT venues…

{{a closer reading of conciliation law will “shine a light” on how this is done — a jurisdiction grab, that is…}}

WHY? — People in this support system, of people traumatized by these courts, had to preserve their own jobs, integrity, and from their point of view, they already pay taxes to handle these issues (allegedly that’s why they pay taxes). It’s also clear that we can’t stop the entire apparatus alone, one person by one person — and even that complaining about it hasn’t change business as usual. If they were to actually address the issue, many idols would bite the dust, so to say — many myths be exploded, particularly on what their income taxes are being used for, or that these income taxes are even necessary to start with!

My support people, basically bystanders who saw what was happening week by week, month by month, and year by year, don’t run to the criminal sort and didn’t know WHO (government + nonprofits/for-profits) has been both staging and placing bets on the fight, or HOW it was set it up the family law paradigms. But now they are being informed….


Perhaps taking clear action to stop the slave trade or as we now call it more politically correct, “human trafficking” or “child trafficking,”, i.e., the selling of souls for profit would be a healing balm, perhaps it would start to restore the soul in THIS life. See Isaiah 58, “That ye break every yoke.”

6 Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the bands of the yoke, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?

{{sounds like they had the power to do this, as the oppressors…doesn’t say, go rescue them — says, “let them go free.” So who was oppressing?}}

7 Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh?

8 Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thy healing shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the LORD shall be thy rearward.

9 Then shalt thou call, and the LORD shall answer; thou shalt cry, and he shall say, Here I am. If thou take away from the midst of thee the yoke, the putting forth of the finger, and speaking wickedly;

{{sounds like this yoke was in the middle of the people, not the other side of the globe….}}

10 and if thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall thy light rise in darkness, and thine obscurity be as the noonday:

11 and the LORD shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in dry places, and make strong thy bones; and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.

Who put those yokes, and bonds on to start with, who was oppressing? Where was that yoke? Whatever it WAS, today we find written right into our legal code, many “yokes” and financial burdens (fees to support funds like the one mentioned here) to build hard-labor harnesses for the lower and middle class…and then we put the reins in the hands of those who helped set up that same code for their own benefit. That’s a good investment, getting people to endorse and even pay for and construct — their own traps, harnesses, yokes, etc.

How can people be persuaded to do this? Well, the combo of force, confusion (deceit) and relentless propaganda helps….. Confound the meanings of words, tell them it’s good for ’em. Construct some gods to worship

“I knows yer Bible” — and I also know that no tax-exempt from even reporting religious organization is  going to report on this (heck, they don’t even report much on regular domestic violence laws, let alone on how the family code gets around it through conciliation laws).  I also know that the Jesus Christ that is supposed to come back and issue JUDGMENT, according to the last book in the Book, is also opposed to slave-trading (see Rev. 18 or so), and lays the bloodshed of the world at the foot of the merchants of the world.  Seems to me someone had a little insight (or, a lot) there, still true today.

While on that theme…as to religion and tax-exemptions:

I felt pretty sick, too, on reading the tax return of “Young Life” yesterday, based in Colorado Springs, and with boards of directors that are mostly men, and mostly white,  in other words that simply don’t look like what America even looks like (4 women out of 22 shown, and very little color.  Powerpacked board includes the Governor of Tennessee, Chairman of a sports team, etc.). Divisional Veeps: 1 woman out of 9 positions;  and a Cabinet, not much different. (those are photos).   Their tax return is 67 pages long.

And that Madison Avenue Presby (MAPC) in NYC (large enough for you?) has been contributing to local outreach overlapping with this organization, while screwing its own (female) membership out of their property, mistreating its janitorial (African American) staff who were unionized while the overseers were not, and what looks like strategizing in advance to retaliate upon any one who stood up to them.

AND it looks like (MAPC) over-billing for basic repairs (the $169K toilets, invoice being $90K factor), AND allowing church property to be used by others for financing completely un-related deals, and their receipts aren’t exactly under scrutiny either.  The YoungLife organization is about $250 million, and owns a for-profit in Colorado, and a Yacht company in Canada; their “CEO” type (Dennis Ryberg) has about $415K in compensation (and many  others, well over $150K salaries)  and among their boards is the Governor of Tennessee.  They are wiring money all over the globe (especially Central America) in re: their tax-exempt purpose:  exposing people to the person of Jesus Christ through personal religious experiences (at camps and getaways, weekly Bible studies, etc..”  In other words, we are subsidizing that stuff.  (contact me if you want details, or find them yourself!).

So, until justice happens we are going to need all kinds of balms, salves (I don’t recommend Rxes) and lots of great music probably, to survive.


In this post I am going to “lend” us some knowledge about a few other things….and maybe it will be healing to the soul.   

Who knows if understanding where the money comes from –how we pay the state to transfer money to the family law trust fund,

How that family trust fund gets used,
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January 27, 2013 at 9:11 pm

Without a Prayer For Relief: Investigative Reporter Betsy Combier (ParentAdvocates.org) connects the Dots at Madison Avenue Presby

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This gripping narrative of events in New York which began ca. 1998 is a little more complex to read than Marv Bryer’s 1997 interview “Exposing and Prosecuting Judicial Corruption through Common Law Discovery” of events occurring in Southern California which I just posted, “sticky” status (=stays near the top of the blog’s home page.). Bryer’s critical description (1997 interview) of his investigation involved getting copies of bank records (fronts and back of checks) and looking up corporate records.

However both of them entail collusion of judges and lawyers, potential money laundering (including how it’s done — through nonprofits that sound like, but are not, government agencies in his case, and through cooperation of a major NY landmark church with a major NY and DC realty investment corporation — plus of course judges and attorneys — in hers). Both of them seem to be aiming for others property, whether real estate, or simply money, and pulling a fast one on the public in general.

This author did similar things. Both did it for apparently similar reasons — after some very disturbing damages and utterly strange, abusive, behavior by institutions we typically should expect to be more honest — they didn’t just complain, or tell their story — they examined the evidence — and then told their story, with the evidence. In this case, the writer had to also overcome a retroactive, lack of jurisdiction, not a party Injunction to not tell her story in 2005.

Short background on who’s telling the tale: As I cannot personally verify this much information, here’s the author’s bio-blurb on “OpEdNews”


http://www.opednews.com/author/author13587.html. The “E-Accountability Foundation, INC. (mentioned up top) shows a NYC address, date of incorporation 2012? EIN# 16-1642397. I am finding pieces of the various lawsuits on-line, as you also could. Here’s a 1996 letter of her under EcoMedia International, Inc., sticking up for a particular (fired) janitor and testifying to verbal harassment and intimidation by a maintenance supervisor at the church who (unlike the janitors) were not union members. EcoMedia International, Ltd. was dissolved in 1990 (per NYState). E-Accountability.com, Inc. was formed 2002, dissolved 2005 (while she was going through these trials, apparently)….

A NYT 1984 Wedding Announcement shows the family background/influence: Her father P. Hodges Combier was Assistant Attorney general of NYS, her grandfather, Samuel Strauss, bought, consolidated, and sold Des Moines newspapers, and from 1910-1916 was Treasure of the New York Times, which should give a general idea.

She also shows on the (Advisory) Board of a National Judicial Conduct and Disability Project, Inc. (Indiana/Incorp. in 2005). This addresses the problem with prosecuting federal judges under a Title 28 law that allows one to, namely, judicial collusion! (hover cursor or click through). I.e., basically judges have immunity from prosecution for what they do ON the bench (the Luzerne County Kids for Cash judges got convicted, I believe, for what they did OFF it, in re: RICO (or whatever it was). I remember learning with dismay at the time about this immunity from prosecution. However, apparently a section of Federal Law was passed to help in certain cases. But the question still comes up — who would convict? Are judges generally going to want to expose their colleagues — and maybe later, possibly themselves — to accountability for abuse of power by the judiciary? (!!!). They write about the control via threatening or disbarring attorneys and judges willing to actually address judicial corruption, under “Coups D’Etat.” … and on a 2009 Supreme Court Decision, “The Official End of Judicial Accountability….Ashcroft v. Iqbal” The founder (or, a founder) of this nonprofit NJCDP, was disbarred in Indiana, it says, for making “false allegations” against a judge, and in federal district? for failing to pay a $6,000 costs of disciplinary hearing. Interesting, though not strictly on-topic…..

So, this narrative involves not only a major NYC landmark Church, but members of the NYS Unified Court System, including its current chief (Jonathan Lippman), its former Chief (Judith Kaye) and many issues. The events here started ca. 1998…



Betsy Combier and her family were long-time members of Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church (“MAPC”): 921 Madison Avenue, NYC. She has a twin sister, and a mother who volunteered (had her office) full-time for this church. In the course of attempting to get her own inheritance, she discovered:

~ Probably embezzlement on its maintenance — i.e. invoice for plumbing repair $90K; Church paid $169k, so where is the missing about $80K? How often does this happen?
~ In looking up that, that New York actually owns the church; it is government property?
~ That MAPC (the church) doesn’t have a separate EIN# for the IRS, but uses the one of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church
~ That somehow MAPC Connections to a REIT, and commercial real estate owner “Vornado Realty Trust” (This 2009 article on the aggressive REIT (“the Vornado Tornado,” Steve Roth says it all. Namely they buy up distressed assets, almost — among largest landlords in NYC and D.C., ruthless, etc.)? to finance a co-op based on church property? Browse articles for a scope of influence (i.e., buying up Kennedy real estate, acquiring a West-Side YMCA, etc.). Selling a West Village loft @ 4 times purchase price(which was ca. $1 million)2010; Battle of the Skyscrapers: planning a skyscraper to challenge the Empire State Building (15 Penn Plaza), etc.

~ A determination by those associated with the church to get Ms. Combier’s property, incl.? an Upper East Side Manhattan Apartment — apparently a RICO situation (also hover cursor there):

All in all it raises and addresses so many issues, I felt it relevant to put on this blog.

EXCERPT from PARENTADVOCATES.ORG and related pages on this matter:

The City of New York seems to be the “owner” of Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church. Most of the congregation of “MAPC” does not know what is going on.

District Attorney Robert Morganthau, a friend of my dad, so far has expressed no interest in this RICO claim. I called Mr. Daniel Castleman, (212-335-9817) Chief of the Investigation Division, in October, and he set up a meeting with his “best” investigator, Ms. Judy Weinstock, soon after. In January, 2006, Ms. Weinstock sent me back every one of my documents, saying, “We are not looking into this because you did not give us a receipt for the two toilets’ that were repaired in May, 2004 for $169,224.”

[[Material on who is the Presbytery of New York, originally published on this post, removed; it’s background info I like to know FYI (and for future reference), not the actual narrative. That’s also one reason my posts get so long, and illegible!]]

I sent Mr. Castleman a letter in January, and he never responded. Attorney General Eliot Spitzer’s Charities Bureau told me they never investigate churches, because churches are not charities. Spitzer’s criminal division’s Mr. Bill Jorgenson told me in November, 2006, that the information I had showed “a clear-cut case of embezzlement”, but only someone at the legislature level could submit it to the Attorney General for consideration, “sorry”. He advised me not to call the Attorney General’s office about this matter ever again.

CHURCHES ARE NOT CHARITIES: It’s True, and It’s Significant! See NYState Charities Search which says this twice:

Charities Bureau Registry Search (for New York State)

{{search for “Presbyterian Senior Services” {{found, registered with the state as a CORP in 1962, but as a CHARITY (dual-purpose) in 1986) and “Presbytery of New York City” (NOT found) here…. Yet the by-laws of the Presbytery of New York City clearly state that the latter is a “corporation” and we can see that it was “incorporated” in 1899…)

Welcome to the Charities Bureau Registry Search. To search for specific charitable organizations, use the search fields below. Please note, in order to use the Registry Search, one of the following search terms must be entered – Name, Charities Bureau ID #, or federal employer identification number (EIN). Some organizations, like religious organizations, are exempt from registering with the Charities Bureau and may not appear in the Registry.



Essentially, these business entities (it takes money to be a church — real estate, wages, housing, collections, financial staff, secretarial staff sometimes; settlements for lawsuits against sexual abuse (or embezzlement) by leadership….they also charge rent for nonreligious use of their facilities; a lot of assets and income changes hands in the operations, MOREOVER, federal and other level public monies (grants, contracts) goes to many religious groups, directly! (see HHS) — millions, that is…. So where does anyone keep a list of who they are, and where they are run from? ???

Ms. Combier, Cont’d.:

I tried to find out. I called the accountant who did the budget,** Sandy Davies of O’Connor Davies, and was told that Mr. Davies never saw any receipts for any job. Then I called the Presbytery of New York City, and spoke with the financial officer, Simon Lai, who is supposed to look at money donated to and spent by presbyterian churches in New York City. He told me that he has never seen any financial information from MAPC in the 7 years he has worked at the Presbytery. As MAPC uses the tax exempt IRS number for the Presbyterian Church, USA General Assembly, I called over there to find out if any records of MAPC were available. There are none. Thus, MAPC is an entity doing business in New York City without any oversight by anyone.


A very large budget — see church site, and there’s a link to the 2003-2004 one in the story.
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Exposing and Prosecuting Judicial Corruption through Common Law Discovery (1997 Interview)

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Hardly Breaking News, But Still True: “Black People and the Tavistock Institute” (Another’s 2009 post) [Publ. Jan. 16, 2013].

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This Post Title Is:
Hardly Breaking News, But Still True: “Black People and the Tavistock Institute” (Another’s 2009 post) [Publ. Jan. 16, 2013] (Case-sensitive short-link ends “-1i1.”  [<–not including the “.” period]. About 10,500 words

(Title revised to add the date published, content revise to add borders, standard font I now use, and insert title with short-link into body of text.  2018 blog upgraded affected formats of earlier posts.  In 2013, I had no concept that I’d just keep writing on this blog for nearly another decade.  While here some light copy-editing.  I think at this time of life I was without a normal laptop (certainly no current version) and might have been typing “blind” in html only for a season, based on the look of this post, but I do not remember exactly what year that was. It might have been earlier or a bit later.  //LGH 03/23/2022).

My ongoing concern lately is of certain groups promotion of the flawed concept that the family courts are merely “Flawed,” i.e., they are broken. In this manner, said groups have, in their quest (lust?) for power and publicity, hooked up (phrase choice intentional) with a powerful sector of the American psychological scene, i.e. the Cummings family and their various foundations, professional associations, and boards of ethics, etc. — in claiming loudly that Family Courts are Broken.

Broken? Just Flawed? All they need is a tweak by ETHICAL psychoanalysts, psychologists, psychopharamcologists, and psychotherapists whose financial backing comes, in great part, from having successfully mainstreamed mental health treatment at the primary care level and wants it to stay that way?

And from a leadership who personally invited a couple from the Tavistock Institute early on to come and help coach in certain endeavors, and whose other allegiances include a group known for endorsing clinical hypnosis (Milton H. Erickson Foundation) and claims to have trained half the professional psychologists in the state of California, where one of the major “OUR BROKEN COURTS” proponents (lately on the scene) comes from?

Broken, slightly flawed? — The hell they are. A history of the same groups shows direct connections to Tavistock. When at war (which this is), the first thing to go, generally speaking, is the truth about who’s who and what’s the agenda

Said groups have many distressed and traumatized/needy (as well as I’m sure indignant and offended, perplexed and — if they continue to use these groups’ analysis for their primary and sole narration of “What Happened?” in the courts — confused parents (particularly women), some of them homeless, others losing homes, professions, and parenting privileges, in essence, losing their power. Keeping in mind that there is a specific “Confusion Technique” which is known to help induce a trance state in victims who would otherwise resist the same, and is in use (allegedly) by cults and scam artists (i.e., for the purpose of stealing) and has been for decades. It’s not possible to literally cage up, traumatize, and cause altered states in the public at large, as it has been in certain awful situations involving children, or those incarcerated. therefore a little more subtle technique would be in order.

The Title in this post, I appreciate the talk because it’s straightforward and takes a stand — not a mealymouthed sell-out compromise position — on what this is actually about — it’s essentially racism, institutionalized. And the thing is — when the techniques of brutality and persuasion, deception and extortion, inducing any group to (if possible) hate and despise themselves, while lying about their own history, breaking up their families, and in general being an all over PROBLEM — are in place to be utilized against ONE group, they affect ALL groups. Particularly where it counts– in our ethics, and our will to fight, endure conflict, and keep at this until what’s arrived at represents truth. You cannot have justice without truth.

It takes money to control media and disseminate collective lies nationwide, and suppress individuals whose truth is spoken differently, or who simply want others to know more of it, so we can defend ourselves against insidious myths and lies. Hence the system of economic control of a nation, and media control, and PHYSICAL control — always go together.

This should be a good post, I hope it makes as much sense to my readers as it does to me.

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How I Learn (You Can Too) from High-Profile Custody Cases: Genia Shockome, Viola Stroud, Barry Goldstein, etc. [Publ. Jan. 12, 2013; reformatted Mar. 31, 2022].

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This is a 15,700 or so word post with a lot of quotes in it, and possibly some duplication, plus some chunks which belong on a separate topic. The bottom half is a repost from 2011. I have been struggling with this format for a few days now.

Some of the extended introduction is actually summarizing or illustrating some of the talk found in the “Crisis in the Courts” crowd — with the intent of contrasting it with economic analysis which has been around for years, but is being virtually ignored.

Moreover, I’m still stuck publishing (laboriously) in “html” mode, pending a software update. SO, hitting “Publish” is from my point of view, a way of getting this thing off my mind for a bit (despite humiliating appearance that will not doubt surface on the blog). WYSIWYG — although not for me while writing the thing.

How I Learn (You Can Too) from High-Profile Custody Cases: Genia Shockome, Viola Stroud, Barry Goldstein, etc. [Publ. Jan. 12, 2013; reformatted Mar. 31, 2022]. (short-link, case-sensitive, ends “-1hR”)

It still has valuable information, and if/when I can put this out in a much shorter, or FAQ format, I most certainly will do so. We are all in a learning process. However one thing I learned is not to judge the content by the professionalism of its cover, and that includes websites. The professionalism may mean a skilled blogger, or it may just mean financial backing to hire some — which might include money from government, courts, private foundations, or personal profits. Either way, look at the content as best you can!

This is a well-known case in the Crisis in the Courts circuit, which complains about whose households abused children land up in. It’s also well-known in the fathers’ rights circuit (Glenn Sacks et. al) and it seems everyone is playing off each other yet not even the same attorney who lost his license over this (in part) brings up that Supervised Visitation, Mediation, Parent Education, etc. — are ripe areas for potential fraud. No one mentions, like some of us INDIVIDUALS have just how much money actually goes into developing, promoting, funding, and pushing through state legislatures incessantly, that what the world needs now is more training.

For just how well known, google “Shockome Glenn Sacks” “Shockome crisis in the courts” Shockome feminist” or almost any combination there of. Here’s a May 2005 “Trish Wilson” typad site linked to other sites, with detailed paragraphs from both Mo Therese Hannah and Barry Goldstein, about this case. (if link seems broken, the url “Type Pad” may have been artificially separated; should be one word).

Here’s an
October 2006 “Not So Simple //Tim’s Side
” referring to a Newsweek Article and listing several URLs, but unfortunately the links to article and the order, are broken)(blog simply posts this information), but mentions a custody evaluator who found no DV, “Meg Sussman,” which it took me about one minute (or less) to realize, is an AFCC professional with a focus on psychology — not fact-finding regarding domestic violence; there are several “tells” (Collaborative divorce, parent coordinator, into certain fields, including Therapeutic Supervised Visitation, etc.). See profile — she has worked at a treatment center for DV and sexual assault and likes to stay involved esp. with adolescents.

I hate to give the Mr. Sacks help with his already loud mouth, but he literally titled the Feminist vs. the Fatherhood post “The Shockome Syndrome,” (his posts are as long as mine!, will wear you out in a NY minute, will name names and use inflammatory language — but will no more than any of the groups he’s playing as hostile (CA NOW, Feminists, PBG Breaking the Silence, BMCC, or Genia Shockome herself) mention that fraud has already been identified in supervised visitation cases — including this one!). A few paragraphs, dated to early 2000s possibly:

“The feminist movement is worried about the fatherhood movement. The California National Organization for Women recently issued a 95-page report called Disorder in the Courts: Mothers and Their Allies Take on the Family Law System, in which they warn “the fathers’ rights movement has been gaining strength and legitimacy. Fatherhood groups are well-funded, well-organized and publicly supported through conservative mouthpieces in the media.” In the report, many prominent figures in the Feminist Family Law Movement (FFLM) call for a “mothers’ rights movement” to block the rising fatherhood movement.The National Organization for Women attacked divorced dads in a resolution at its national conference in July. This spring several branches of NOW, including New York and Michigan, issued Action Alerts against moderate legislative attempts to help dads remain a part of their children’s lives after divorce or separation.

One of the fatherhood movement’s primary goals is to get family courts and family law to properly address the issue of parental alienation. Parental alienation occurs when one parent, usually the custodial parent, has turned his or her children against the other parent, destroying the loving bonds the children and the target parent once enjoyed.

The fatherhood movement has had some modest success in creating awareness of parental alienation, both in the courtroom and in the media. Now the FFLM is hitting back hard. NOW’s July resolution denounced Parental Alienation Syndrome as a “defense strategy for batterers and sexual predators that purports to explain a child’s estrangement from one parent, or explains away allegations against the estranged parent of abuse/sex abuse of child, by blaming the protective parent.” According to NOW, the employment of this “unethical, unconstitutional, and dangerous” tactic is so common as to constitute “epidemic levels of abuse and dysfunction in our court system.”

California NOW’s report attacks the fatherhood movement and relentlessly assails PAS. CANOW Executive Director Helen Grieco calls PAS a “scam,” and says, “As activists we must continue to expose the true agenda of the Fathers’ Rights movement. We must eradicate the gender bias…that is rampant in our family courts.”

A little background on Helen Grieco, from a 2009 article….she does know something personally about domestic violence…

Per this 2009 interview, Helen Grieco grew up witnessing her father beat her mother; she at one point learned her mother had been raped at age 15, and eventually, it seems as a young adolescent, the family fled (got free, another words) exchanging in-home abuse and witnessing this for poverty, which is about how it goes today as well, given that now one must fight through this law system. She helped change family law in California, raised funding for NOW, and at this point in time teaches self-defense with her husband. The interview admits that women can be aggressive; in fact her decision to learn self-defense came from an incident in a SF NOW office.. [hover cursor or see article]

Perhaps Sacks’ blog was pre-2002, as in 2002 NOW also came out with its “2002 Family Court Report” which is longer, and tracks the history of AFCC, includes a chapter by Marv Byer on subpoenas of check deposits from training fees (i.e., the Los Angeles Judges “slush fund.” Or that in 2005 NOW posted a letter on its site asking Congress to audit the HHS fatherhood grants.

Nor, until VERY recently, would any of the Crisis in the Courts group bring this up, preferring to be seen in the verbal boxing ring with generic talk of PAS, feminism, and fathers’ rights as if no corporations, organizations, or funding even existed.

As we know, ALL “PR” is Good “PR” (or at least better than no “PR”) and sometimes I wonder if the groups haven’t had some private handshakes on this public circus, while covering up the financial motivation, rather than leading with it.

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January 12, 2013 at 9:02 pm

STILL Too Hot to Touch with a Ten-Foot Pole? Supervised Visitation Racketeering (Shockome/Viola Stroud case) and Professionalization (SVNetwork.org) etc. [publ. Jan. 9, 2013]

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(No apologies for format, I just want this post published!)

Why this case is important: For one, a prominent attorney known to support the Battered Mothers’ Custody Conference and other groups concerned with abusers getting custody of minor children, in 2009 lost his license to practice law, in part, over this case, and allegations he made about Judge Amodeo — and Dutchess County (New York) goings on.http://www.nycourts.gov/reporter/3dseries/2008/2008_10622.htm

So, Let’s talk about why Barry won’t talk about the Money Laundering //Financial Fraud angle in the Shockome case that helped cost him his law license, and why Mo Hannah (who he is promoting a certain book with) won’t talk about the HHS funding of the fatherhood movement, and why neither of them (OR the NCADV) cares to mention that this comes from Title IV diversions, i.e., federal money that otherwise might actually help minor children, and the households they live in!

After all, that aspect of the particular provider was exposed – even in the local newspapers — back in 2004 !!! and a conviction of grand theft, in June 2006!

This is a wonderful (sic) summary of the situation from a yahoo on-line group about familycourtreform. Now, there’s a lot of that going around, but this one I believe relates to the LIz Richards/NAFCJ.net stream, and she does know what she’s been talking about for years (not that others of us haven’t continued researching and blogging — and being ignored by the advocacy groups more interested in moving product and pushing their personal professions….

Towards the bottom I also have some links to the wonderfully professional-looking newsletters and website pushing “Centers for Dispute Resolution,” ADR, and Mediation as a tool to resolve custody dispute. Ms. Viola Stround (and others like here, probably) were definitely there. So those professional publications should be compared with the resulting fraud investigations, although probably not enough of the latter. In this one, it turned out the County was disbursing funds to a nonprofit which hadn’t registered as a charity with the state of New York…..

Please circulate if nothing else, this link, save the material, and encourage people to think about it! Thanks: Read the entire article — it speaks volumes!

Viola Stroud of CRC (The Journal News, September 26, 2004)
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Thu Oct 5, 2006 1:12 am  |

For those of you who have read the recent article in Newsweek, which described use of PAS in Genia Shockome’s case http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14870310/site/newsweek/%5B%5Bbroken link], here is an article from 2004 about the Children’s Rights Council affiliated “supervisor” — who served to prevent Genia from protecting her children — Viola Stroud, who was recently convicted for grand larceny theft: Click here: Mahopac Woman Convicted of Grand Larceny*

Please note that the link to this article has been removed from the Internet, but luckily a friend just forwarded this back to me (I had copied it in its’ entirety in the original email in 2004):

(Original publication: September 26, 2004)


A Putnam County court insider who was entrusted with the finances of three aging and incapacitated women wrote tens of thousands of dollars in checks to herself, to “cash” and to an unregistered charity she heads, legal records show. Viola Stroud of Mahopac received judicial appointments to oversee the women’s assets even though she failed from the start to account for their money and property as required by law, the records show. And while two of the women have since died in nursing homes, the third, 64-year-old Doris Pope, lost her lakefront home and now lives in a cluttered apartment on a hill overlooking a gas station while battling in court for a full accounting of how her money was spent.


Court records show that some of Pope’s money went to Little Angels Supervised Visitation, a not-for-profit organization that Stroud created to provide court-ordered services in child-custody disputes. Although incorporated five years ago [[=CA. 1999]], Little Angels has never complied with state reporting requirements for charities. “I am so disgusted with the justice system … I just don’t believe what’s going on,” said Pope, a former attorney and Putnam’s first female prosecutor before a 1987 car crash left her brain-damaged and nearly blind. In a separate case, Stroud is accused of failing to account for the estate of former Carmel Town Historian Dorothy Jewell five years after her death. Court papers say the estate was worth $195,000, of which only $11,000 remains. A related lawsuit, since settled, accused Stroud of fraudulently renting out and striking deals to sell Jewell’s house after her death, and of selling off Jewell’s antique furniture, some of which had been willed to the Carmel Historical Society. Stroud, 60, declined to answer questions when The Journal New visited the Little Angels offices in Mahopac recently. Stroud said she was eager to be interviewed, but needed permission from her lawyer. “I have nothing to hide. I haven’t done anything wrong,” she said. But her attorney, Ronald Levine of Poughkeepsie, said that neither he nor Stroud would discuss the allegations. When asked why, Levine said: “No comment.” In an affidavit filed earlier this year, however, Stroud acknowledged errors in her accounting of Pope’s assets. “I am not an attorney at law. … I have no expertise in bookkeeping. I am not an accountant,” she wrote.


One-day training Stroud received her appointments under Article 81 of the state Mental Hygiene Law, which lets court-appointed guardians take over the finances of people incapacitated by mental disability or other illness. In most cases, the guardians are attorneys, said Thomas Kilfoyle, counsel to the state judge who oversees such appointments. Otherwise, the appointees are usually relatives or friends of those in need, he said.

Court papers show Stroud won the appointments after attending a one-day training session in 1993. In 1996, then-Putnam County Judge and acting state Supreme Court Justice William Braatz named her Jewell’s guardian and awarded her $650 for earlier work as a court evaluator in the case. Jewell, 80, was suffering from dementia. She had never married, and her closest relative, a cousin, lived in Texas. The next year, Stroud signed a reverse mortgage for as much as $63,675 in advances against Jewell’s Carmel home, even though Jewell was collecting $1,155 a month from Social Security and had about $70,000 in savings when Stroud was appointed. The initial advance from the reverse mortgage, which allows homeowners 62 and older to convert their equity into spending money while keeping title to their homes, was $10,520.60, of which $5,000 was in cash, records show. On Dec. 11, 1997, Jewell moved into the Putnam Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. She died the next day of cardio-respiratory failure.

{{NOTE: there is now (I DNK if then) a “NASGA” __ National Association to Stop Guardianship Abuse.” Another investigative writer, Janet Phelan, who had to deal with a case with one of her own relatives (many of us have!!), did a series on “Probate MURDERS” and recounted how when guardians and judges get too cozy, real estate starts trading hands quickly (San Bernardino County, I think it was). As it seems to have in this case. This tells us something about the character of Ms. Stroud — and the culture of the court system there..}}

Braatz’s order had directed Stroud to file an initial report accounting for Jewell’s assets within 90 days, but in court papers, the Putnam County Department of Social Services alleged that Stroud failed to file that report and subsequent annual reports required by law. Stroud’s lawyer said in court papers filed last year that “a portion of the initial report was delivered to Judge Braatz during the first year of the guardianship” but was “apparently lost by the court.”

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Interesting Bedfellows, and the Speckled Background of Psychology in America

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Last April I wrote a post

Why Watching Conference Agenda is Crucial: Cummings Foundation, Behavioral Health Promotion, and “Our” “Broken” Family Court System.

and did some research on this topic, after hearing about a March 2012 conference in Arizona — a very interesting state from the family law perspective for several reasons (among them a major AFCC chapter, the origination of the Fathers and Families Coalition of America began there, a certain Republican legislator (Mark Anderson) was also a Unification Church (i.e. the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon) member, and a certain marriage-promotion organization with ties to the Godzich family, called “National Association of Marriage Enhancement,” the Godziches also have some connections to G.W. Bush, and a number of issues relative to this blog, and interesting in their own right.

I’m glad I did, because here comes some more of the same. File under, “I told you so!”:

Cummings Foundation Launches Congressional Initiative to Fix Broken Family Courts

Notice this link is from the NCSDV.org website…..This is an organization formed in 1998 with this statement:

When Deborah D. Tucker, MPA, and Sarah M. Buel, JD, founded the National Training Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence in 1998, their vision was to create an organization that encouraged and created unprecedented levels of collaboration among professionals working to end violence against women. See the National Center’s introductory letter to national and state organizations, friends and supporters.

The reason behind this vision was simple: after decades of work in the field, these two women understood that the most successful efforts – the kind of efforts that save lives and transform our society – are always the result of individuals and organizations working together.

Unlike many organizations, this one appears to have been started by a survivor, a mother who was temporarily on welfare, and got her undergraduates degree in 1987 by working FT days and going to school nights (who, then, raised her son?) and then went on to star summa cum laude at Harvard University School of law. Unfortunately, from a perspective of mothers going through the system (including systems of training created by founders and creative visionaries in the field of domestic violence itself), the expertise and insistence that a “Coordinated Community Response” is the best response — and including some of the problem agencies among the Coordinated Community” — has made it impossible to confront, or even be heard,about the problems and conflicts of interest this actually causes us. Or even that it’s resulting in unnecessary and avoidable deaths because of the same issues!

While Coordinated Communities Consolidate Philosophies and Increase Credibility — the fact is, they also “Incorporate Conflicts of Interest while Centralizing Control” — and hence strengthen their initiatives, while silencing alternative, unfunded, and non-collaborationist lone-wolve, who just might be howling out the truth in the middle of the night.

After a quick look at the “who’s who” in this board of directors, I can already see fatherhood funding from HHS (at a conflict of interest, supposedly, with situations in which women literally need to leave, and stay separated from stalkers, batterers, abusers, and molesters, once this activity has been identified), AND involvement of the BWJP (Battered Women’s Justice Project) who has been co-conferencing and collaborating with behavior-health-monger, “Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.”

However, as NCSDV is not the focus of the post, I’ll let it go for now. Except it is interesting that one of the board members has been active in Arizona also, it seems. Except to note that as they are into “collaboration,” they opted to advertise the Our Broken Family Courts Initiative, lending it credibility it does not, in my opinion, deserve.

In the bottom line, a corporation is a corporation is a corporation. And they take funding, often, from state and federal governments — which are themselves (and I can prove this) corporations. Our Government is a form of Corporation, and sooner or later this will (I hope) sink in, as well as the fact that what corporations do is seek profits.

That is THE simplest explanation of “OUR FAMILY COURTS” (they, too, seek profits) and why as such — they are successfully not only bringing profits in (untraceable ones, too), they have basically supported a PLETHORA of PROFESSIONS. So it’s in the best interest of people IN those professions, or seeking to make a place for themselves in the similar professions and networks to call those courts “OUR” family courts. When the word “OUR” is used, who is being referred to?
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