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Government– Same Turkey Outside, but Who Changed the Stuffing?

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I think that “Government” has been Gutted & Stuffed with Nonprofit/For-profit Alliances.  How about you?

So what does the word “government” mean to you?  

How hard have you thought about it lately?

~ ~ ~ ~

Does it mean something funded by taxes,

managed by people accountable to us

(the people paying for it)

and which only collects those taxes 

for the (essential) services it provides?

Below, the question is posed:

Do you own Government? Or, does Government own you?

Anyone know how to answer this last multiple choice question? Which is truth and which is myth?


Words have connotations and associations, but only after examining what they refer to, and seeing that reality in action (in motion — in process) can we understand the reality these words point to.  It takes time and attention.  But first you have to “find the thing!”

You can get to a slice of turkey, probably, in the USA somehow today, and have seen photographs, or even the live birds — but can you say that about government, although you probably interact with several of its body parts (in action, not on a roasting pan) in daily life.

To the extent you (or I) don’t understand who and what “government” is — you, and yours, and your offspring (if any) are very probably, the turkey (dinner, that is)….

Mine already were, which is why I write about these things….My current impression of “government.” (click or hover for more detail than you wanted…)

As I’m looking at it now, …. and have been for years … “(the last vestiges of representative) Government” has been Gutted & Stuffed with Nonprofit/For-profit Alliances.

I have deduced from the data that this is so, prior to finding others who came to the same conclusion, one of whose claims I’m posting and discussion here.

It appears that government has been gutted, and a stuffing mixed with nuts, nonprofits and for-profits (private corporate interests) has been inserted.  It has been baked til done, apparently, and served up, usually when demanding more patriotism or fiscal support, as a true feast of the people.

So many things have literally changed “government.”  Wars, the revision of the financial systems, science and technology, the tax system (enabling for-profit, not for profit status), you name it.  It’s hardly “Federal-State-County-Municipal” and that’s it.  It’s also much more than “three  branches of government in every state, just like in the federal government.”  Good grief, that concept is archaic.

Don’t take just my word for it, I’m just the messenger.  I see this myself, not just experienced, but the follow-up investigation.  I call the primary research.  People far more qualified than I in the very things I was researching (in a narrower application, though, i.e., the family courts) are in agreement, and they should also be heard. The heart of this post today was inspired from a January 2012 piece by Walter Burien (CAFR1.com).  However the lime-green-background intro, and this next quote, is from a January 2011 interview by Catherine Austin Fitts.  Neither of them bears any responsiblity for what I say, or how I interpret their stuff.   I just now good reason, and priorities when I see them.

“Essentially there is no government as many of us think of it.”

It’s beyond time more of us got our thinking caught up to the reality, and found accurate, relevant ways to say what happened, what is, and what that means.  Straight talk, as it were.

(I originally cited this over at “Why Baltimore’s CAFRs are MIA — “Audit Baltimore” Tells Us.”  I am not through posting on Baltimore.  Some of these interim posts simply are laying the table for understanding its issues (and relevance to our issues) better)

Quoted from:”Straight Talk with Catherine Fitts:  We are Victims of a Financial Coup D’Etat” by Adam Taggart, posted January 30, 2011
. . .the members of the Administration have no way of guaranteeing their safety and the safety of their families if they defy orders of those who have the weaponry and power to enforce their will by any means necessary.This means that essentially there is no government as many of us think of it. It also means that the governmental mechanism is quite fractured, with many competing interests that lack an organizing mission. They simply share an organizing imperative to control and concentrate credit and cash flow and to enforce the liquidity of currency and credit that makes the system go.Since WWII, the American economy has been “fiscalized.” By that I mean that {{#1}} most households, state and municipal governments, and local economies have become highly dependent on federal government credit, contracts, subsidies, and other forms of income and {{#2}} are heavily regulated by federal agencies. This widespread dependency on the federal financial mechanism is the basis for extraordinary central control.
Ms. Fitts also was quoted (this was an interview) as saying:
The federal financial model is institutional, and its ultimate governance is outside of the government. …the federal government lacks sovereignty.It lacks financial sovereignty– it is financially dependent on the banks that control its depository and slush funds, create the currency through the Federal Reserve and manage the accumulated capital of the same syndicates outside the government.It lacks information sovereignty as its data, information, and payments systems are controlled and operated by private corporations, primarily defense contractors. If we could dig out the true ownership of both banks and defense contractors, my guess is that it would look identical.. . .Between 1998 and 2002, over $4 trillion went missing from the federal government. During the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations, the US Treasury has consistently refused to produce audited financial statements, as required by law since 1995, or account for missing funds.This is two decades of financial operations run completely outside of the US Constitution and the law.In short, whether from the centralized private interests that own and control the federal financial mechanism or a large population that is financially dependent on it, the fundamental economics are institutionalized.

There is a chilling quote on this “straight-talk” interview, I am posting at the very bottom today.  For those who don’t know the Fitts story, there are links to the right.

Four things I really appreciate also about Walter Burien’s writings around the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports and other economic/government matters:

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