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I need to take some time off this blogging (as rewarding as it is to learn the information, urgent as the information as it is to get out, and despite how really urgent the times are).

For the past several days, I was of course (and as usual) in learning mode, and happy about this information and insight — but struggling with the presentation.  Kept losing chunks of text or formatting after having worked them into a good appearance.

I am having issues with learning a few new formatting tools (did you notice the two-column boxes with borders yet? ) and what I’m grasping (conceptually) needs a little more support or help as to platform and presentation.  This is resulting in  what I see are increasingly embarrassing posts (as to format).   I think that this format may compromise the very real value of the content — although obviously format and content are related.

And I need a change of pace, for sure.

In addition I am typically having the roller-coaster income situation which some call the “cycle” of family violence (with good reason).  Roughly translated, this means, that the status quo exists until someone (typically the target party or parties) makes a move to change the status quo of extreme control, and barely concealed malevolent hostility.

Someone reaches a tolerance limit (typically the controlled person) and makes a move to change the status quo, or exit the forced through threat association.  Things are then in flux, and at risk (they are being “unfrozen”) and there is the predictable power struggle to make the next “status quo” (frozen) situation WORSE.  It’s basically like wrestling, more than, say, “mixed martial arts.”  The difference is, there is no coach — no empire to force the parties to break their holds when someone is going to be injured.    You don’t get to “tap out” of situations like this once you start fighting back. At all points someone is seeking to assess the other one for future strongholds, vulnerabilities.

The other apparent thrill someone gets is from privately weakening the parties (‘off the radar’) then getting a nice public demonstration of a “win.”  It’s one SICK game, overall, in which there are never two winners — there’s only a vanquished foe, or there is war.  And it’s not a game to one of the participants.  It sometimes appears to be sport for the others.  They get breaks.  We get “marathon training” with unpredictable breaks.  As such, we (those in the ‘target’ situation) do not either get to engage in a normal, socially acceptable work/life balance or build towards that kind of stability– because approaching this stability or independence of movement, angers the others involved.

I’m saying this openly, it’s intergenerational.

It is the incremental and cumulative losses that have to be looked at, and strengths-assessment, stamina, etc.

As with families (intergenerationally), so also to some extent, with countries.

I feel safe to say that we are, overall, at war in this country — and that this war is for a centralized control (increasingly) and it has an “endgame” which, sorry to say, ain’t pretty.  It is waged on many levels which have a coordination that CAN be seen, however the primary capital and resource for this war, obviously has systems of collection — which are coordinated with propaganda.

Some people may last longer than others in this process, but those of us who have been put into repeat sliding downward motion and family disintegration process — which is the courts.

Meanwhile, there are some advocacy groups which simply need to be exposed.

They are endangering women and children, and what’s worse, there’s a level of deceit in their agenda which is beyond belief.  I plan to document and publicize it, knowing several people who have been involved in this, to the detriment (or certainly, not any real, tangible help) of the groups.

No one — but no one — in this situation can afford to ignore economic self-sufficiency & independence.  And the fact is that, in a parent relationship, if one party goes for assistance in the form of welfare, this will precipitate a child support order.

The child support order will pull in the welfare-diversions, fatherhood funding (a few million a pop), and a lot more unforeseen variables when there has been a violent or abusive relationship.  The power base in this scenario is how PRIVATE organizations are able to pull in FEDERAL (state, county, block grant, church and corporate foundation) wealth.

It’s a fault line socio-politico-economic-religious fault line that ain’t going to get fixed in the near future.  Unless someone truly has a “fix” for human nature.  And religion ain’t it — religion is behavior modification in corporate form.

In order to retain this, (or regain it), it sure does help to take a real look at how the many “helping” agencies and nonprofits function, inbetween preaching and training to the rest of us about how to get a job.

Anything below this line is a summary of thoughts, not necessarily in order.  I am pre-occupied these days, not writing effectively and working on a transition to better format — and a few personal transitions as well.  People who know me how to reach me, and I will respond to legitimate questions or comments submitted to the blog.

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Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

November 15, 2012 at 6:50 pm

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