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About CAPITALs, COURTS and TRUSTS (hint: the Social Security Act is regarding a “Trust”)

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[Not including the blue intro here, this post is ca. 12,000 words.

Who the courts are relates to who the country is, and all of this relates, naturally, to our rights as citizens within this country.

The country has been in a Presidentially declared state of emergency (since 1933, right?) and, as we should know, operating with dollars which are not bona fide currency. 

So, if we want to work for wages, drive (marry), and continue giving our children birth certificates, applying for all kinds of licenses, and sending them off to inferior collective schools which we pay for, as instructed, where they will NOT (as youth) be encouraged to reflect on what this signifies, ….

…then how logical is it to HOPE for some ROI (Return On Investment, the “I” being what we paid into the system) has kept us all in thrall, while enabling some of the most magnificent fund-raising and lousy public transparency around to prosper and invest worldwide.

How long does it make sense to believe that the most important decision every four years is which President, and not to buckle down and assess who, and what, we are dealing with, and why people keep getting killed or go homeless shortly after they tangle with the courts seeking help, or attempt to terminate a relationship — or where did our “rights’ go?

The people who designed this system thought a few generations ahead (at least), had a plan with a destined outcome, and believed that it was their right and privilege to plan for the so-called stupid, uninformed (including of said plan), easily deceived, and incompetent — which from what I can tell, includes most of the planet.  The CORE of this plan was legalities / legalese which deeded over the country to themselves, while presenting this as a great idea.  

One of the wisest things a person can do (individually) is admit where he or she “bought” a fake product, and quit buying from the same source.  If that fake product causes serious damages (or worse), the learning curve should accelerate.  it’s time for a spring cleaning on personal assumptions about many things, including what meaning lies behind which words.


RE: what’s this got to do with the COURTS?

If you have a profound sense of betrayal, so do others, who like us may have signed on — or been signed on — for a contract before understanding the parties involved, and reading the fine print.

In understanding who the courts are, it’s important to understand what those CAPITAL LETTERS in all the pleadings are.

Not to mention, when researching some corporation or nonprofit, I cannot but help notice their names are registered in Capital Letters also.

For example, the Republicans, in the 1990s, united into “Contract with America” and the response was “Welfare Reform” by President Clinton.  Welfare Reform was played off as much better than Contract with America, but both pushed this envelope downwards, resulting in (my opinion — but I do look things up!) greater capacity for fund-raising away from those who play the game right and away from the poor and disenfranchised. (Blogged somewhat over at Family Court Franchise, topics  or pages relating to the development of TANF (From Tavistock to TANF, or “Unfreeze-Change-Refreeze” subject).

The CAPITALS, apparently, arefor legal/economic reasons, and may relate to something as far back as 1666 (yes, 1600s, not 1900s).

I end the post with some posting on the topic of money and how debasing a currency takes a country down, and leads to civil unrest.  And a very difficult (unpleasant) reminder what happens when people do not control their own rulers sufficiently, whether a Monarch, a President, a Congress, or whoever.  I have noticed recently on “PBS” that there’s quite a display of “The Monarchy” (British).  Culture aside, these are NOT nice people!!! Look at the history.

I don’t do this for amusement.  I am (with many others) in the middle of situations that have spun out over many years, and figuring out what is the next logical step for a better conclusion than the last ones.  In considering this, I do report what I see (it’s up to readers to evaluate), and for ways to NOT be part of the same problem in the future.  FYI, when Obama ran first on “CHANGE” he was referring to “Change agent.”   This time around, I was hearing, after election, the collective appeal for us all to work together.

Us WHO? And, who/what are we working for?  What are the terms of the contract, and who are the parties to it? SOME of these answers are below…

Again, I don’t think we can understand the courts and the legalese without understanding some things outside the courts, some which I talk about here, starting approximately with the Social Security Act of 1935 and its immediate context.]

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FYI, I added a few links to the  “Vital Info/Alpha by Link” menu to  the right, including one called “Musicians4Freedom” (a little bit “out there” including visually, but with some very interesting information, including the first pyramid graphic below here) and “USA vs US” and which is a chart relating more to, for example, creation of the USA, Inc., which cannot be ignored for much longer, and a link to  “Clint Richardson (“realitybloger“) writing on “Contracts,”  who I quoted at length on yesterday’s blog.  

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November 9, 2012 at 4:18 pm

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