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Troubled by Trauma Today, while Debating FR Rhetoric… (Published Oct. 31, 2012)

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Post Title:  Troubled by Trauma Today, while Debating FR Rhetoric (Published Oct. 31, 2012) Post short-link ends “-1cQ”  Wordcount, including a few tables (each word in the table counts) is just under 9,000 words.

(Adding the post title to the body of post itself, with reference to its shortlink, and a date published to the title itself are 2020 Updates.  The topic of Fathers, Inc. came up on Twitter, and I wanted to reference the posts which had already looked at this and its relationship to “Fatherhood.gov” (via drill-downs)while the address was still in NY.  It has since (see for yourself under “Contact” at Fatherhood.gov) moved to Georgia).

I also quickly added margin limits (700px) and a border and switched it to smaller (condensed) font more typical of how I’ve been blogging since blog restructuring (Jan. 2018)….  ALSO, this post (not that common) has long comment (and my response to it) by a mother (“stillhere”) who had contacted me (telephone, email); we networked over, as I recall, at least a year or more, comparing notes as she was out of state (compared to where I was).  Access or add comments at the bottom of any post…//LGH 2020May31

The conversational model of this blog has (I believe) run its course, although the relevance of the subject matter has not.

The subject matter is the constant round-tables, collaborations and strategizing (and all the involved professionals, most of them on the public payroll) on matters immediately affecting the family courts — and the family courts are full of people attempting to resolve criminal issues, in a model which frames these as relational issues.

A look at some of the largest corporations on the planet shows that these are often pharmaceutical corporations.  No wonder mental health is increasingly the paradigm, and governments are more than willing to use this framework to warehouse and silence people who shouldn’t be warehoused and silenced, while failing to incarcerate people who common sense might say, should be.  In this climate, the concept of “justice” as a fair process with checks and balances, and the courts as where this happens, is becoming obsolete.

While the conferences, institutes, initiatives, clearinghouses, “resources,” webinars and web-based toolkits; media campaigns to raise awareness of fatherlessness as a social scourge or (alternately) domestic violence as a social scourge or (alternately) child abuse as a social scourge or (alternately) too much religious influence (or, alternately not enough religious influence) in government as being a threat to individual rights or, alternately …. (get the point? if it’s ALL of the above, then there is an underlying, and larger in scope issue not identified yet).

While all this is going on — and pretty much in every single state — often in the states speaking out loudest about these issues through organizational mouthpieces — and vying for the limelight as being the most loving, the most protective, the most benefical, the most philanthropic groups around — SOMEHOW . . . . .

Women are still getting murdered by their exes, namely, by men, orphaning children into the foster care system, shortly after (or, sometimes, BEFORE) these same women seek help in the form of getting  a protection from abuse, or domestic violence (it varies in names by state)  restraining order.  While they sometimes get them through the criminal system, other times it’s through the civil system, which has increasingly become a joke.

In ADDITION, increasingly (seems to me) women who are not involved with these men — at all — but simply happen to work alongside or patronize businesses where such women work, pending or after divorce. In other words, they got up, they went out, they entered a hair salon or spa alive, and they left it in body bags, with bullet holes. Or on a guerney, to die shortly afterwards. The man was after his wife, but took out a few more females en route, sometimes a male, too.

Meanwhile, somehow, the fatherhood/marriage promotion rhetoric goes on- faithbased or unfaithbased (because of private and federal funding) unabated and as if this were NOT happening and NOT public knowledge.

In such a group I blogged yesterday, “men of faith” were called out (in another media campaign, badly distorting the context of its own theme verse) to take charge of their families as responsible fathers. But their faith institutions (presumably composed of both genders), on the other hand (in this same campaign) were exhorted to treat men better, nurture them, help their depression, participate in healing their wounds, deterring them from committing suicide, and in short be a healing balm — or forget adequate church attendance.  There is nothing more dangerous than an un-nurtured or sad male whose authority in his home has been challenged, I guess, or who doesn’t have a supportive woman in that home.

The person who started this campaign runs an unregistered (or barely registered) nonprofit at NRFC, which is not reporting ANY of its income, that I can see, and yet broadcasts the site anyhow.

Such person apparently has been a responsible fatherhood program manager within NYState ODTA (that distributes welfare funding, I gather), and cites himself as on the board of “Fathers and Families coalition of America” (another organization whose nonprofit filing I can’t find), and an ICF consultant (ICF International being an HHS grantee) and — the sky’s the limit on names one can claim and grants that flow towards the public web presence, how often supported by tax filings??? Not often enough! !!!

From the NYState Charitable Registry Search (Note:  National Fatherhood Initiative is registered in Germantown, MD but operating or collecting in NYState and registered there, as it should) we can see that SOME FR groups do post data — but Fathers, Inc. — which claims to be the contractor for the public-funded NRFC (national responsible fatherhood clearinghouse, see yesterday’s post) — does not.  Moreover, the corporate name of this group in NYS is “FATHERS” and the web-name is “Fathers Incorporated” (no comma), so good luck keeping it straight!).  After one factors out for the religious (which means, also “exempt”) organizations (not 501(c)3s in other words), still the other organizations seem to be doing a little better at giving the public a LITTLE information about their own operations here!

Community Fathers, Inc. 42-17-84 270581930 NFP SCHENECTADY NY
Corpus Christi Church The Order of St. Paul, First hermit-The Pauline Fathers 41-27-86 160743974 NFP BUFFALO NY
Crosier Fathers and Brothers Province, Inc. 43-21-09 NO DATA AVAILABLE NFP PHOENIX AZ
Equal Rights For Fathers of New York State, Inc. 43-39-32 161177439 NFP ROCHESTER NY
Families, Fathers & Children, Inc. 41-08-37 680661653 NFP BROOKLYN NY

a few more, from NYS:

Justice For Fathers Inc. 06-43-31 NO DATA AVAILABLE NFP CEDARHURST NY


(someone who lives in this state might want to check some more of the “No Data” registrations, if they aren’t religious exempt and are still taking donations).

For an example of how a registered organization MIGHT look on its state site, whether or not I personally approve of this group, it does appear to be filing:

Registration Type: NFP
Registration Category: 7A
Month number fiscal year ends : 12
Federal ID No. (EIN): 232745763
NY State Reg. No.: 16-51-05
Address: 20410 Observation Drive Suite 107
Germantown , MD 20876-4000
Web Site: http://www.fatherhood.org

There (above) is the EIN#, there is the website.  moreover, I don’t have to go hunting or trapping to find some of its reports or tax returns.  If you look right here on the site, you can read some annual reports (audited information on where it’s money is coming from, etc.) and even an IRS return.  Contrast with the admittedly smaller (but one wouldn’t know that by looking at the website carefully) “Fathers, Inc.” grid, which givae an address, no EIN# (though there is one) and no website (though there is one)  Moreover, there should be some documents listed below — and there are NONE.  I did eventually hunt down an EIN# — through the IRS website, and then looked up the tax returns.  Basically, there’s a practically vacant one (and a fragment) for (as I recall) the year 2010 for an organization formed in 2004 and tooting its horn up and down the Eastern NY and D.C. area; book tours, speaking engagements, etc., citing executive directorship of this non-nonprofit (??) every time.  In other words, name-dropping, a lot.

Organization Name: Fathers, Inc.
Registration Type: NFP
Registration Category: Dual
Month number fiscal year ends : 12
NY State Reg. No.: 42-88-99
County: ALBANY
Address: 307 A Consaul Rd.
Albany , NY 12205
Web Site: Kennethbraswell@gmail.com

This is not responsible fatherhood — it’s irresponsible allocation of public money by people who don’t seem to believe it really IS public money or feel they need to give an account of where it went TO that public!

Evening with Kenneth Braswell, Faith, Family and Fatherhood – Book Lecture / AlbanyFriday, Oct 26 7:00p at The Book Store, Albany, NY Age Suitability: None Specified Tags: socialfundraisers

Evening with Kenneth Braswell, Faith Family and Fatherhood and Birthday Celebration (50+)

Braswell is the Executive Director of Fathers Incorporated and the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse, which supports President Obama’s Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative.

In the past year Fathers Incorporated has traveled to multiple cities and conference to elevate the conversation on Responsible Fatherhood.

Go look yourself and see if you can get a board list or a tax return for “Fathers Incorporated” — or any tradename filing where the CORP “fathers” and the CHARITY “Fathers, Inc.” above gets to call itself something else in promotional material.  Also, what’s with all the typos in the publicity material?

Earlier this year Braswell and Fathers Incorporated was invited to Mongolia to participate in an International Family Strengthening Conference. His book, “When the Tear Won’t Fall: One Man’s Journey Through the Intimate Struggles of Manhood and Fatherhood,“** and his Ties Never Broken Campaign has landed him in multiple speaking engagements around the country; including this year’s Manpower Conference hosted by Bishop T.D. Jakes.

**this link is to a facebook site advertising the book.  “Surprisingly,” Ronald D. Mincy (search herein, or go to Columbia University and see his field of study) and Roland D. Warren endorse it.  I guess they don’t bother to go look up 990s either (too busy).

So — money changed hands, or honoraria were donated to something for these conferences, right?  NRFC takes federal funding — so we get to see where the money changed hands.  If FI is a federal contractor, then where is its DUNS#?  Because I already looked up the EIN# and it shows no HHS grants, at least….  They are selling a book for $20 — where is the “program service revenue” statement for FI?

The lecture tour is designed to allow Braswell to revealed and share what he has learned in his travels and how he believes that the work of Responsible Fatherhood will be critical to the strengthening of family here in our communities and around the world.

This event is to Kick-off the National Book Lecture Tour. The cites include: Brooklyn, Washington DC, Chicago, Dallas, Winston-Salem, Boston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Newark, Milwaukee, Houston, Wilmington and Philadelphia.

Braswell’s Book will be on Sale for $20; we would ask that you support the work of Braswell and Fathers Incorporated by the purchase of the book.
The Book Club,, 153 South Pearl Street, Albany, New York. For more information; visit http://www.fathersincorporated.com or call 518-779-6007.

Category: Talks & Lectures

A media group in Chicago (SMG) has signed him on as a Speakers’ Bureau.  This man with the name “fathers incorporated” has to be handling some money — in addition to the grants he handled as a public employee at ODTA for many years — so why is not Fathers INcorporated reporting it to the public, and why is not the public asking Why it isn’t?  Or does it just not matter?

Roland Warren also grew up without a father.  Therefore, no one else should, ever?

Endorsement by Roland Warren; President – National Fatherhood Initiative

” As one who also grew up without his father, I can honestly say that Kenneth Braswell and I are kindred spirits committed to doing the sacred work of connecting fathers to their children-heart to heart. “When Tears Won’t Fall” is a compelling story of healing and hope that is sorely needed in a nation where 1 out of 3 children—2 out of 3 in the African American community—still grow up in father absent homes.”

Roland C. Warren
President—National Fatherhood Initiative


_ _ _ _ _

Here is a tax return (the address matches the organization):

2011  201893855 Fathers Incorporated NY 2012 03 12,400 0 990

Shows it as a professional society, youth development and “approximate date of founding 2012” although it has a single 2010 filing:

EIN: 201893855
Name: Fathers Incorporated — Google
Location:  307a Consaul Rd
Albany, NY 12205
 Report Address Change
County: Albany County
Ruling Date: 2012   (Approximate year when founded)
IRS Type: 501(c)(3) – Public charity: Religious, educational, charitable, scientific, and literary organizations…
Legal basis for public charity or private foundation status (FNDNCD): 16 – Organization income is <=1/3 investment or unrelated business and >1/3 donated or related to purpose
NTEE:  O03 – Youth Development: Professional Societies & Associations
Most recently completed fiscal year (TAXPER) 12/2011
Total Revenue $12,400
Total Assets: $0

(good luck finding a printed form showing even $12,400 revenue).

GUIDESTAR (another resource for looking up nonprofits) also shows it as ruling date ca. 2012, “0” income but (inexplicably) has a 2010 tax return probably obtained from the foundation center, which obtains them from the IRS:

Basic Organization Information


Physical Address:
307A Consaul Rd
Albany, NY 12205
EIN: 20-1893855
Telephone: 518-227-6161
NTEE Category:
O Youth Development
O03 (Professional Societies, Associations)
Year Founded:
Ruling Year:

(I just found the Federal Contract for $7,428,721.00 awarded to “Fathers Inc” (DUNS# 172539897 to develop the clearinghouse, and will post it separately.  This is after several days of wondering WTF it was and why there is no properly associated EIN# for this contractor — at least that shows the cash flow!). This was on about the third page of search results for the street address listed.  I guess this is helping promote Braswell’s book, and conference tours.  Is he still an ODTA employee, or is this early retirement?

I did an initial search on the DUNS# and also came up empty.  I’ll recheck it wasn’t a typo and post separately.

_ _ _ _ _

And (by typing into the general search field on USASPending.gov I found the 2011-2012 contracts for “Fathers Inc”).  Notice the extended 12-month option ($2.7 million) was signed only last month:  09-14-2012..


Total Dollars:
1 to 2 of 2

Transaction # 1 (Definitive Contract)
PIID/MOD: HHSP23320110020YC / 1

Recipient: FATHERS INC 
Reason for Modification: EXERCISE AN OPTION
Program Source: 75-1552
Department/Agency: Department of Health and Human ServicesOffice of Asst Secretary for Health Except National Centers
Signed Date:
Obligation Amount:

Transaction # 2 (Definitive Contract)
PIID/MOD: HHSP23320110020YC / 0

Recipient: FATHERS INC 
Program Source: 75-1552
Department/Agency: Department of Health and Human ServicesOffice of Asst Secretary for Health Except National Centers
Signed Date:
Obligation Amount:


This includes Cost PLUS contract — so how much travel is involved and billable?  Place of performance Washington, D.C. ONLY THREE OFFERS were made for this contract. WHile the firm is tax-exempt and minority owned (obviously not woman-owned), it fits almost none of the many categories of business promotion available — (see the site, it’s a long list).

It is a HUGE red flag that this corporation getting $2+ million to run this site comes from a funky incorporation status….

Contract Information

Signed Date 09-30-2011
Effective Date 09-30-2011
Current Completion Date
Ultimate Completion Date
Award Type Definitive Contract
Reason for Modification
Type of Contract Pricing Cost Plus Fixed Fee




It takes a lot of indoctrination to turn people’s heads away from the obvious — some marriages (not all, obviously) are very, very dangerous and once in them, leaving them is very, very dangerous — and women don’t always get away.   Three incidents that came up today all involved guns; two murders happened right where the women were living — and one, where the woman was working, and in that one, two others were murdered, three others (ALL female) were injured, and eventually the shooter allegedly killed himself as well.  Two appeared to be recent events, and one was a trial from a 2008 event which, when I read the background, I would have to classify as avoidable and due specifically to weak enforcement for terroristic threats.

So what, exactly, are our (women leaving violent relationships’) options then — we have to live somewhere, and ideally we should be working somewhere.   I personally believe that when children are involved, and one parent has demonstrated a pattern of serious violence and/or threats, that — given this is identified, there should be a required separation IF the non-abusive parent wants this (and isn’t being threatened to say she doesn’t) — and thus a curtailment of generation after generation of kids in foster care (because one parent murdered the other one and went to jail) etc. — might actually occur.

I will say, honestly, that I have been dealing with this issue literally, for twenty years now, since the first blows started landing, and I am not willing to “shut up or go away” about the individuals, groups, or policies that literally shut the doors to leaving violent and terrorizing relationships (which is kept shut often economically, or by controlling the children) — and the funding behind them.

No one and no society has a right to punish a person that long for having made mistake in choice of marital partner, especially after a person has done everything within (her) ability to set boundaries, stay independent, comply with the law at all points, work, and protect her own right to work without imminent threats on her life — including stalking, and ongoing contempt of court orders, met with silence by those who helped obtain them.  OR, for speaking out about it.  

It is not necessary to continue churning out marginalized populations through bad fiscal policies set at the federal level by private interests.  

And it is not acceptable to sacrifice (literally) this many individuals to ideas which don’t hold water when taken at face value.  We should not let it just “slide off our backs” when there are multi-million-dollar program setting up “technical assistance and training sites” to direct $$ traffic down these dialogue drains.

It’s dumbing down the entire culture unacceptably; it seems to me that we have allocated (governmental) “thinking,” decisionmaking, spending, and speaking, to the wrong set of individuals for too long, and for the most part, these collective networks are far more expert at expanding their reach, influence, and attracting more funding to do this every month.

I wanted to address the PEERTA network and its lack of feminist voices as a system problem.  (See example from last post).   This is the networks at work.  The gas in their tank includes money — no website host is free, no conference, speakers are paid, people earn money in this field.  I say, taxation without representation is still unacceptable.

I also have to acknowledge that people who haven’t read as much of this schlock (propaganda) as some of us have, are less disgusted by it simply because they aren’t reading the stuff.  So — as with people reporting individual abuse in the home, which can be day and night, ongoing, pervasive, and escalating — we are going to sound like we are over-reacting in speaking the truth.

Today, I got a running start by referencing another nonprofit central to the FR funding (slush funds, in my opinion) and found another trail of connections straight back to the American Humane Association’s close connection with the HHS/ACF Child Welfare systems and more “schlock” — and I admit, I reacted.

HOWEVER — Today is not just Halloween, it’s the last Day of the famous “Domestic Violence Awareness” month of October.  I call it “domestic violence industry awareness” month anymore.  It was unlikely to pass without some reference to the topic — and life has provided us with some prime examples in the form of newspaper headlines, today.

If no one besides those making a living in the fields can stand (emotionally, or timewise) to talk about these things, then i suggest the subject matter to handle is the financial reports, and cash flow — which is a great diagram and analysis of policies anyhow.  Some logical conclusions about this field and certain leading organizations in it really can be drawn — and from there, a strategy developed to counteract, as I say, the ongoing global consolidation of wealth in the name of public interest.

See Vital LInks/Info to the right.  Most of all, spare me the myths, show me the money, and let’s talk about either child support arrears compromise, lost fundings in the bermuda triangles of welare, where the real profits are going in that field (it’s into software companies, telecommunications companies, and people willing to open their loud mouths without filing corporate or tax returns — which is an indication of shell corporations and misappropriation of grants.

If grants are NOT being misappropriated, then when they are given to nonprofits, these would be posted and visible, along with the EIN#S AND DUNS#S of the federal contractors.

Our national model has assured that money goes away from people who have been silenced and who do not have related professions (in or at government influence level) that profit from talking about problems without solving them or making worse ones.

In other words, for every single one of us, the question of how to maintain food, housing, transportation, access to one’s family members (assuming one is no criminal), self-defense (from criminals — who else would one need self-defense from?), and in essence, the basics to sustain physical — and beyond that, ideally a sense of place and purpose in this world — the psychological and emotional — remains.

When there is easy pickings working for the US government in an over-promoted and under-analyzed field such as the ones springing up around how to distribute excess (supposedly) money the US Government (federal) has remarkably, accumulated, and is dispensing decade after decade – then the “Just let me work, and I’d like some privacy please” individuals are the losers.

The system is too big and too internet laced — no human being can possibly locate all the networks and conferences likely to influence their immediate future safety and well-being once they’ve had a traumatic encounter with the alien creature that our welfare system has become.  This is why I plan to transition my efforts to the ColdHardFacts blog.  The trouble is, the closer one looks — the more widespread insult to logic, intelligence, and a sense of fairness, surfaces regarding these volatiles fields of:

  • Marriage
  • Fatherhood
  • Domestic Violence (protection from)
  • Child Custody
  • Rapid Revision of the Nations Courts into simply tollgates for the mental health professions
  • Rapid conversion of HHS to a tollgate for the mental health professions AND the pharmaceutical professions, as enabled by collaborations with (of course) attorneys and PR Firms.

I chose to look at Fatherhood.gov in particular after noticing and posting on an organization (one of the many, many, many grantees) which it turned out, just didn’t file its tax returns right:


3594 Hayes St. NE Ste. 102
Washington, DC 20019-7522
(202) 396-8320 Fax (202) 396-8326 

http://www.responsiblefatherhood.org/  [“Manhood Matters”]

(which website has changed since I last blogged it, apparently, and is now visually spiffed up, and directly connected again to welfare funding/training resources:  shifting graphics, nice logos, emotionally moving images of “iron men,” etc.  I do not remember this link being on it before).  It now reads:

He has become a figurehead — or at least has the endorsement of the AHA (American Humane Association) a nonprofit which deserves its own post and has been (along with Annie E. Casey Foundation) helping transform the meaning of “child protection” into “Dad addition,” period.   I looked at AHA tax returns and do not recall how much of this I blogged (herein), but did alert mothers in my on-line acquaintance to what they are doing in this matter.

Child Protection is not synonymous with Add-a-Dad and until this is understood, violence is going to increase, not decrease around the country. People need to start translating the rhetoric into organizational and economic terms;  WHAT, really, is happening?  In this case, what really is happening is someone is sponsoring a media campaign (sales, products, services) — and usually there is public and private money behind both of them.   In this climate, no non-wealthy individual (parent, specifically)  who doesn’t “get with the program” promote a program, or get under a program’s client list, is going to retain intergenerational transmission of values or wealth.

Look at this!

Ron J Clark’s article featured in American Humane Association national research journal!

Congrats to all of the new 2011 Federal Fatherhood and Healthy Marriage Grantees! (click here to find resources in your area)

(the phrase above — at least the “click here” part — leads to a printout of the grantees similar to the one I pasted on “Vital Info/Links” to the right, i.e., the 2011 ACF press release.  What’s funny is, the overall “Ron J Clark” website reads “responsiblefatherhood.org” but this link (found when I posted it here) reads

http://www.ronjclark.org/grantees.html” — but when you are on the list of grantees, the URL at the top again displays “responsiblefatherhood.ORG.”  So there was a redirect, and RonJClark website knows the “click-through” interest — possibly their IPs as well…  It’s a collection resource..
Then it links to a selection of several (not all) fatherhood resources, some of which are (broken links), some are nonprofits (with substantial federal funding), and at least two are federal “clearinghouses,” both of them sponging off federal appropriations for welfare by diverting it into CDFA 93.086 Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood programming and programs — including websites.  These websites do more than advertise — I’m sure they have a way to solicit and build a database of support for the cause, and electronically measure traffic.
I feel sure if the public at large actually knew how this money was being used (or the extent and scope of how poorly it is monitored and tracked, and how susceptible the programming has been — from the start — to religious cult influence (fundamental & new age) or simply crooks (i.e., take the money and run groups), and groups that look like hot stuff but are simply following the model of “I work for government, and wouldn’t this be a neat nonprofit to form and get some grants??”” — basically an organized crime model — — the public might understand it is in its own best interest to shut them down and force the REAL welfare population — this crowd — to go find some honest work which actually produces a good, or a service.  And do it in fair competition with the rest of us — if this apparatus were dismantled (which is a Good Cop/Bad Cop Conflict Generation model) — then a lot of the poor now, wouldn’t be so poor.
My blog has profiled group after group after group for a few years, and continually put up links, and ways to fact-check.  It is not the work for a few dozen people even to fully do (and so far I don’t even know TEN other people nationwide willing to look at these matters and STAY ON IT — both researching themselves, and Training Others with a view to replacing themselves at their own skill level — after their own children are grown. )
My conversational format here is not a power-point, diagram, or visual to these things. it is an alert.  I wish to show ENOUGH examples, with some narrative, to show system patterns and system flaws — and to demonstrate that similar flaws occur at all levels of the system (from very local to “top of the heap”).   Again — all of this relates to too much centralized control of wealth:  Business & Government Combined making the rules (and the courts) instead of following them.  In this matter, apparently the AHA and the HHS/ACF felt that certain individuals and their groups (properly incorporated or — frequently — not; who’s around to notice?) would be good vehicles to promote a preset agenda, the first word below sums it up well and starts with the letter “F.”

Fatherhood Program Helpful Links

National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse

National Fatherhood Initiative {a nonprofit, right?}

National Quality Improvement Center on Non-Resident Fathers and the Child Welfare System*** (an AHA site, AHA being a large nonprofit.)

American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law  {{ABA is running a good part of America, and is a private nonprofit trade association;one of the largest.}}

Federal Administration For Children and Families {{an agency of government:  HHS/ACF}}

National Center on Fathering {{functions like the clearinghouse only more private funding}}

National Partnership For Communit Leadership {{NCPL, I’ve looked at this one too; train the trainers, etc. — and don’t want to go into it today}}

Full Circle Health

American Humane Association {{a well-funded nonprofit who has chosen this cause}}

Fathers Incorporated {{been talking about for a few days here — the 307A Consaul Road, Albany, NY address}}

Real Dads Network

Daddy UniverseCity, Inc.

Be Better Guys

Proud Poppa

Fathers Inc.  {domain name for sale, but this remains one of the chameleon-like NFRC incorporation names}

National Effective Parenting Initiative (NEPI)

National Healthy Marriage Resource Center {{like NRFC, only with more nonprofits showing up, and paid for by HHS.  HHS also pays a PR firm, Public Strategies, Inc. of OK to do this one.}}.

Nurturing Parenting Program (check its many trademarks & seminars out, Stephen J. Bavolek, PhD and some of his training at Denver’s Kempe Center puts him in the neighborhood of the “NACC.” This is based on one man’s work, it seems.

Attachment Parenting International

All Pro Dad

The Center for Successful Fathering

Dads and Daughters

Families and Corrections Network  {{this actually I think leads to or is the home of a significant other group, NPNFF and its state incorporations.   See their history page.  THE US does have a prison problem, too many people in jails, and privatized jails are too profitable for their investors — some of who have been legislators (i.e. Corrections Corp of America, etc.) So groups to help families while their fathers [or sons & daughters] are in jail, incl. improperly so, are needed.  However, this can also get out of bounds.  The “national practitioners network on fathers & families [NPNFF]” works with or is related to this one.

Fathers Network

Michigan Fatherhood Coalition

Resilience Net

Responsible Single Fathers

Stepfamily Network

Mother Nurture

Monitoring Software

THE FAMILY has typically been the arena where men were to reign, in almost every major world religion — except in slave families.    The problem with families isn’t weak men — or independent women — it’s violent, sadistic, or dangerous men.  Most people, in particular women, will put up with a lot once they have kids — but we cannot put up with things that endanger our kids, or our lives.  Nor should we have to put up with unfaithfulness (multiple affairs) within a committed under oath and witnesses, marriage.
Women who take this stand are becoming outcasts in communities of faith (where many of these communities –not all, but definitely many — for centuries, millennia — forbid them to speak, to be ordained, to teach other men, or to have any decision-making authority over men in the congregation.  See recent posts on Mormonism and a potential future president of the United States — how did he treat Mormon women while rising through the ranks in that belief system?  Just take a look.
Are fathers synonymous with Families?  Are families without fathers (resident, or engaged nonresident) not really families?  How ridiculous can this conversation get, in application?  But, that’s what this administration says.
The AHA site (blue ***) above says it:

The fatherhoodqic.org website has been redirected to American Humane Association’s Fatherhood QIC Toolkit website where you will find many of the same resources and materials.

Fatherhood as a Tool to prevent abuse was also marketed by the “Family Violence Prevention Fund” in SF a while back.  I took time out to make fun of the concept of men (fatherhood) as “tools.”  What this really means is social media, PR campaigns, and training — that’s the name of the goods and Services offered, and where the money is — besides, it’s cleaner & safer than actually confronting DV on the personal level and helping victims directly.  Plus, the whole country is primed to believe virtual, programmed reality more than what they see, observe, and draw conclusions about, with their own eyes and from collected experience over time — and expressed in their own words.  So, more toolkits = more influence = must be more truth, RIGHT?

The National Quality Improvement Center on Non-Resident Fathers and the Child Welfare System, National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI), American Humane Association, and American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law welcome you to this web-based toolkit

How many initials can one string together at once?  This one is, looks like:  “NQICNRF”

The research {{that we funded, with private/public funding}} is clear, fathers are vital to the overall success and well-being of their children.

{{and those who believe otherwise in individual cases, typically some custodial mothers who know better at least about their individual cases, will be put on the rack, then painfully drawn & their families quartered..}}

A father’s presence in their [[HIS!!]] child’s life makes a positive difference in social, emotional and academic development and success.

{{That’s a mantra, not a fact and it’s not a truth, which is why someone has to market it and dominate the marketing of it financially. — it’s presented as a universally true statement which is universally not always applicable.   Sorry — but read your newspapers to get a general idea of when this involvement is NOT a positive difference. . . here’s a recent example, from Altoona, PA — the man got acquitted, but notice the activity he was engaged in to be a better influence on his 13 yr old daughter.  There was probably a custody case attached to this one, and possibly fatherhood funding.  It’s in the air these days.

Pa. dad cleared of sex charges in vibrator case

The Associated Press Updated:   10/17/2012 09:36:23 AM EDT

HOLLIDAYSBURG, Pa.—A jury has cleared a central Pennsylvania man of sex-related charges after determining he didn’t commit a crime by purchasing a vibrator for his 13-year-old daughter.The Associated Press isn’t naming the Hollidaysburg man to protect the identity of his daughter, who is now 16. The girl testified her father bought her the vibrator and also gave her cigarettes, marijuana and pornography before asking her for oral sex—at which time she rejected his advances and ended their relationship. The incidents happened after the girl began spending weekends with her father in late 2009.

The Altoona Mirror ( http://bit.ly/R4n0KN) reports the Blair County jury acquitted the man Tuesday after asking the judge to define “obscene material.” Defense attorney Mark Zearfus defended the verdict saying “sex toys aren’t illegal” even though buying one for a teenager “may not be advisable.”

And in case you were wondering, no, I don’t scan for material like this.  I was blogging PA (the state) as an illustration of regionalism (although had been active on a Lackawanna County forum a while back) and this was a nearby link in a news article.

However, today more American children are growing up in homes without their biological father.  Involving non-resident fathers in the lives of their children becomes an even greater challenge when these children are involved in public child serving institutions such as child welfare or juvenile service systems.

This toolkit is based upon a nine step development model. Engagement of Non Resident Fathers is a challenge and a valuable opportunity for child welfare services.

Some of these mothers whose children have “nonresident fathers” actually re-marry, and not all stepdads are bad, either!  Suppose some of those women learned from their lesson of having married poorly — or an abuser — and wish to engage in a supportive, personal relationship with another man?  If the system will not quit torturing them with this indoctrination (imagine the same type of doctrination only based on race — would it be acceptable coming from the federal government?  Because this is also thinly disguised racism AND sexism.  Racism is less politically viable (blatant) these days, and sexism took a few (punches) from the feminists (women got the vote, laws against battering them were written and passed, etc.) — but it’s acceptable to continue to undermine by patronizing, or by concealing the hatred of women as simply caring for children — and scapegoating mothers instead.

Women and men come in good and bad, but the fact remains in this life that many men are dangerous — violence is a socially endorsed value in certain circumstances (war), and definitely in the movies, still (TV, etc.). . .

Women are expected to domesticate the more unruly men and make society a better place.  However not all women can succeed in doing this,particularly if they don’t follow through with commitment and turn away from a relationship.  Two recent cases:

  • 2 men arrested in slaying of pregnant W. Pa. woman.  In the Lebanon Daily News:  The alleged killers were 27 & 31, and the seven-months-pregnant woman was 19.  She was shot to death on opening the door of where she lived with her boyfriend. It doesn’t say who of all three men involved, if any, was the father this woman was cut down in her prime and her unborn child, too. It was premeditated planned event obviously — and this is dated today — 10/31/2012.  HOW can this be??
  • Also dated today:  Closing arguments are set in the trial of a Pennsylvania man accused of killing the mother of his three young children following their breakup.  Prosecutors are seeking a second-degree murder conviction for 50-year-old Roderick Sims in the September 2008 killing of his estranged fiancée, Charity Spickler. They say he stalked her and gunned her down inside a friend’s Lewisburg apartment.  
  • This is the 2008 article of the incident which says, six years of daily abuse, a 2004 restraining order, and a 9/2/2008 restraining order.  She was gunned down execution style, having been confronted leaving the shower in a home she was living in. “
  •  “The dispute on Aug. 28 — when Spickler was reportedly spit on, grabbed and struck — led to her filing a second protection from abuse order in five years against Sims, the father of three of her (FOUR) young children.  Police said Sims shot Spickler in the head with a .38 caliber revolver, pointed the handgun at another man in the apartment and held off police during a 30-minute standoff while he threatened to shoot himself. Sims told police he did not shoot Hitchcock because he was mad only at his fiancee. …

(also see HERE which reveals that she was 27, three kids by a man this much older by the time she was 27..  What kind of man is impregnating a woman easily young enough to be his daughters — and where, if anywhere, was his first family?   In this trial the Forensic Psychiatrist said it was the heat of passion (manslaughter, not murder), plus he after all, had a narcissistic personality disorder; the man on trial said it was an accident (although he’d been staring in the windows for a while) & he was on drugs (apparently he wasn’t), and others testified he’d threatened to do this two days earlier, to shoot her in the head.  They were fiances, but had been living together? for six years and recently evicted, plus yes, she was in a relationship with someone else it seems…

My question is, how come the message didn’t get to this mother of FOUR in time to vacate the area for safety, WITH their kids?  Except I know how hard that is, and one could be then charged with kidnapping.  Well, he was convicted, she is dead, and those kids are without a genuine parent at this time.   The man was given an electronic shocking-device for use at the trial, due to his outburst, per the judge.

This article says, the mother had obtained DV services — and a protection from abuse order.  Now she is dead.  (read the link.  She sought help from a crime services center, and is now dead….)

In looking up a different version of this story, as happens too often, “Suspect had a history of abuse” unearths another one.  This is a recent shooting from suburban Wisconsin, which happened apparently when a 45 yr old man under a restraining order (for slashing his wife’s tires) went to the spa where she worked, murdered three women, injured four others, then shot himself (ALLEGEDLY) and in general spread mayhem around.   I am starting to believe that spas should start using metal detectors at all entrances, specifically because of domestic violence issues…..  This one doesn’t say whether children were involved — or even a separation was in process:

BROOKFIELD, Wis. — A man suspected of opening fire at a Wisconsin salon where his wife worked, killing three women and wounding four others, (link:) had a history of domestic abuse and had been arrested for slashing his wife’s tires a few weeks earlier, police said.

It wasn’t clear if Radcliffe Franklin Haughton’s wife was among the victims in Sunday’s shooting at the spa in Brookfield, a middle-to-upper class suburb west of Milwaukee. Haughton, 45, shot himself to death at the salon, police said. {{SHE WAS, it turns out}}

Haughton’s wife sought court protection four days after he slashed her tires on Oct. 4, Brookfield police said. Police arrested him and a judge granted a four-year restraining order on Thursday. As part of the order, Haughton, of Brown Deer, was prohibited from owning a firearm.

Brookfield Police Chief Dan Tushaus declined to comment on whether Haughton had surrendered any weapons prior to Sunday’s salon rampage. Tushaus also said he wasn’t aware of a motive, but that investigators weren’t looking for anyone else in the shooting.

. . .A sea of ambulances and police vehicles converged on the scene shortly after the shooting. A witness, David Gosh of nearby West Allis, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel he was returning from duck hunting with his father and a friend when he saw a woman emerge from the spa, screaming, as she ran into traffic.

“She ran right out into the street and was pounding on cars,” Gosh told the newspaper. Moments later, a man with a handgun ran out. He appeared to be chasing the woman but then went back inside, Gosh said. At the hospital where the victims were taken, staff members were escorted inside during a temporary lockdown. Officers were stationed at entrances, and critically injured patients were admitted with a police escort.

The shooting investigation and manhunt paralyzed a normally bustling shopping district.

_ _ _ _ 2nd article on this one shows yes, there were daughters, she had been terrorized in the home, and he’d threatened to kill her and her family if she ever left him or called the police.
For some strange reason, he was still allowed to go free, and now his wife, two other women are not injured but DEAD, three others critically injured (does this man hate women, or what?) and I believe the above article said he killed himself too.

BROOKFIELD, Wis. – A Wisconsin woman whose husband killed her and two others at the spa where she worked said he threatened to throw acid in her face and jealously terrorized her “every waking moment,” according to court documents.

Authorities say Radcliffe Franklin Haughton, 45, killed three women, including his 42-year-old wife, Zina Haughton, and wounded four others Sunday before turning the gun on himself.

The Waukesha County medical examiner’s office on Monday identified the dead as Zina Haughton; Cary L. Robuck, 35, ofRacine; and Maelyn M. Lind, 38, of Oconomowoc. All were found in the spa.

In a written request for a restraining order filed Oct. 8, Zina Haughton said her husband was convinced she was cheating on him and that aside from the acid threat he also vowed to burn her and her family with gas. He said he would kill her if she ever left him or called the police, according to the court papers obtained Monday by The Associated Press.

“His threats terrorize my every waking moment,” she wrote.

In a separate police report, she said the couple was in the process of getting a divorce and “we are always arguing.” Haughton was arrested earlier this month for slashing his wife’s tires; she was granted a four-year restraining order on Thursday. Under the order, Haughton was prohibited from owning a firearm.

It’d be interesting to see what types of attorneys (if any yet) were involved in getting that divorce, and how many of them were pushing Alternate Dispute Resolution on the couple (maybe nothing had been filed yet)….

Maybe this mass femicide/suicide by a man with a restraining order on was avoidable.

MAYBE if the tire-slashing — which was symbolic at more than one level (i.e., violence using a weapon, plus preventing an escape) had resulted in at least two months in the cooler while this woman vacates the neighborhood — with the children she might be alive, their daughters might have one living parent, and he could go deal with his lack of restraint somewhere else.  But we cannot do that, because a father is a positive influence on everyone’s life; it’s single mothers that are really causing society’s problems by being single as the federal government keeps telling us, not matter how much of this we have to witness in the course of daily life, USA.

Moreover, we can’t have a Congress which is half women, such that women in power don’t feel so threatened or proprietary about the level they themselves have reached — when it comes to other women who have not.   Maybe it’s time again to go for the ERA.

I don’t want MY kids growing up in a culture like this — do you?  

The last few years of that life apparently were hard times….

Police responded last year to reports of domestic violence at the Haughtons’ home in Brown Deer. Zina Haughton called 911 saying her enraged husband had thrown her clothes and bedding into the yard and doused her vehicle with tomato juice. Radcliffe Haughton was charged with disorderly conduct, but the charge was later dismissed because a witness failed to appear in court. {{and no one had photos of the car and clothes in the yard.}}

Maybe witnesses couldn’t get off work, or were concerned for their own safety?

This event, assuming it did happen — demonstrates an intent to humiliate in public, it is a public statement.  I don’t know how much tomato juice, but it sounds like it represents PRACTICING destroying this women, targeting her stuff first.  She’s next, is the message.  And she was next, too — plus some others who happened to be nearby (and female).

Things that get targeted in violent/controlling relationships are:  Things symbolic to the woman; transportation; outside connections to support systems or work systems (see the spa, for example).  It’s psychological warfare, not just physical — and property is often an issue.  I had property destroyed, moved, slapped, buried under junk, or forced to stay outside the home where it was destroyed by the elements.

Sometimes the woman’s own family system is targeted (after separation) for attempted brainwashing about the past, or to explore any family rifts which might be played  against the situation.  War is war, and all seems to be fair in war which is disguised under the label “love” but isn’t love — it’s just ownership.

Brookfield Police Chief Dan Tushaus said he wasn’t aware of a motive in Sunday’s shooting.

{{Guess no one takes restraining orders seriously around here, or understands that threats to kill are usually genuine and followed through on unless someone ELSE stops them.}}

A .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun was used in the attack, said agent Tom Ahern, of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The third article shows the man was an ex-Marine with ties to suburban (not “southside”) Chicago, and a brother in the general area. Imagine being the two daughters — besides living with the terroristic threats until Dad killed Mom and others, now they are going into foster care somewhere… if they’re still minors.  They must’ve been in school somewhere while this happened.

Is it possible that one of the most dangerous things a woman attempting to leave a violent relationship against the abuser’s will can do is what the system wants her to do — take out a restraining order to protect herself — and not simply ALSO leave the area?

I can understand the purpose of restraining orders.  But in the increasingly high temperature (culturally) of idolizing and promoting women and children as property again (or at least the children) and women as the physical factories through which children (the state’s resources) are simply processed — a temporary and disposable relationship overall — these restraining orders, don’t.  However, other than men with outside contacts to other criminals, bars WOULD restrain, leaving the problem to solve of how could a family support itself.

I don’t know that — but I do know that with a restraining order on, I COULD, and with it off, I COULDN’T.   Do this routine for enough years, and it gets harder and harder to maintain a positive cash flow and work referrals, and we have to become more and more resourceful about surviving economically.

Again: There’s a choice:  if we cannot have stricter enforcements for the threats and behaviors building up to incidents like this, what we can and do have is paralyzed shopping centers and a higher homicide statistics. Plus no doubt a lot of traumatized spa workers. ((I recommend women leaving abusive relationships find another line of work; this is at least the third mass-murder incident at a spa I’m aware of (one in 2011 claimed 8 people, not the shooter))….

One  potential solution for this implies holding the DV and FR industries open to a transparent look a their policies, as opposed to their polemics.

So, there are women (typically mothers) who look at these articles for clues, for indicators, for understanding of how can it be that obtaining a PFA results too often (how many times is “too often?” what’s the acceptable margin of error for this field, when margin of error is gambling with people’s lives, literally?) ends up with crime scene clean-up. Then afterwards, the same groups that issued the PFA resulting in death, get interviewed and talk more about domestic violence– but not about restricting funds or options for women to leave it?

The Simms/Spickler (pink background, PA area) was also an interracial couple with a major (about 23 yrs) age difference, and it seems that dominance was a feature of it throughout. She must have come into the relationship fairly young (do the math for four children by age 27), and it’s clear she did come in with a child to support.  what are the options for a very young single mother with a child to support; was that father contributing or not?

So, the Spickler/Simms own children, their parents not being married either, grew up witnessing this type of abuse, and very likely were in the home (it doesn’t specify in reports) when their mother was murdered, in a violent fashion (back door kicked down, near midnight). The PFA didn’t request removal of weapons!!! This should be automatic, although it doesn’t mean a resourceful determined person couldn’t just go get someone else’s gun or has no unregistered gun (see Brookfield, WI). Would this murder have happened if someone had been on the ball to request surrender firearms? would she have stood a fighting chance to get free otherwise? Why wasn’t the couple themselves prepared to defend themselves, knowing who Mr. Sims was?

More to my point — why won’t PCADV — one of the larger DV agencies around — stand up to the access/visitation, parenting coordination, responsible fatherhood and healthy marriage movement, SPEAK ABOUT IT, and quit playing their game? Where was this young woman’s support system once she was in the marriage — where was her family? (etc.)


I cannot handle the diagnosis and analysis of things like this any more, (it should be obvious) — my situation DID involve weapons in the home.

But I do believe I could handle — and particularly if able to get into a more viable format — the discussions on the financial matters (of interest to the whole country, not just the bystanders of DV — although literally that could be almost anyone, anywhere) — and this should properly focus on at a minimum welfare funding, HUD, and the DOJ.

It has not helped my case almost one whit to know about “DV” terms — it did help me get up the nerve to get out, and get some help making this happen — but basically after that, people just don’t want to hear about it- in the courts, among the police, it is considered “solved” after someone is evicted from the home. Then the game is get the same man, in such cases, back IN the home, with more power than ever, playing tetherball with family situations.


What this really is about is marketing the media campaign.  In the RONJCLARK site (whoever he is) it’s clear that this website, and the other one — is under a different, and more appealing name and with graphics, driving traffic to the central corral.  This is sold as being GOOD for all.

But PR spin which has a built-in flaw, a good part falsehood, is never “good” for society, in characterizing one half (by gender or marital status) as better than the other.

Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

October 31, 2012 at 6:42 pm

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  1. Here’s how well their EDUCATION AND TRAINING serves women, I have lost a successful business I started 22 years ago and currently need welfare and qualify! I most likely will need Social Security Disability and will qualify for that too. I have serious medical problems from prolonged stress and abuse by the family court system and from a man who had the backing of an “ordained pastor/psychologist/author/economist”. Some of those titles are “formerly” as I utilized some resources OUTSIDE the family courts to help me with my corrupt family court case which jeopardized the safety of my child and definitely changed her from believing in doing good and people are good, the law is good and God is good to now feeling it’s all Santa Claus. I am not so sure she’s wrong anymore. Everyone is aware you can become a minister or pastor for a few bucks online and less than an hours time right?

    The song from the past “We Don’t Need No Education” should play in the background of your blog as I am thoroughly convinced all that is happening is “training, education and certifiying” through non-profits created by already wealthy people for some pocket change as it’s free money with no need to prove you did anything but open a non-profit and use a buzz word for the name which consists of “advocate, children, fathers, families etc.” at this time. NONE of the BILLIONS per year being GIFTED to the wealthy are used to help the actual “NEEDY” so while they tout “fathers and two parent family households” are best so we must help men “learn” how to be “fathers” because for some reason it wasn’t in A WHOLE LOT OF THEM NATURALLY AND APPARENTLY ESPECIALLY PRISONERS. It didn’t dawn on them to ever bother to help single parents/mothers to be successful and have opportunity to raise their children in safe, sound, nurturing environment? Help those men! This is FACT! Now we hand out money under the guise of teaching fahters and many being sociopaths and psychopaths how to grow a conscience which is IMPOSSIBLE!! All they do is gain knowledge how to stay out of prison and how NOT to be a deadbeat dad by gaining custody from the mothers of children they had no interest in but they sure are interested in staying out of prison. Prison just happens to be one of the non-profits main focus as it gives them the undivided attention or captive audience of a particular group, MEN sociopathic/pshchopathic deadbeat dads carrying bibles in an attempt to get an early release but the outcome is a blind test using innocent children! MAYBE if DADDY gets a piece of that NORMAL life mom built against all odds, with the child that DADDY sacrifced NOTHING for, paid no child support for and the child would be dead by all rights if left to the fathers parenting, he might not commit more crimes and come back to the state penitentiary!! Let’s not give any thought to the damage that is done to these children with this test or the damage to the responible parent. Nobody can pin it on “US” (being the non-profits and fat pockets) anyway and we got our free money and hey, there’s always the DNA factor that overrides felonies, child abuse, domestic violence, stalking harrassing molestation etc. and all evidence of it, RIGHT? A child deserves this criminal to be in their life with no regard WHY? That parent who hasn’t even functioned in society is fine to be around a child when we don’t know if they can take care of a houseplant and we want to raise this type of child to be running around later? A child loses their human rights to security, safety and a loving environment. They lose their belief they are worthy of Gods love as they MUST forgive this parent, the belief policemen and the courts will protect them, their belief in doing good things and getting good grades and their basic reputation along with their protective parents good standing matters at all not to mention they aren’t worthy of a voice YET they can testify in criminal court but are voiceless in family court?? COME ON!!!. They lose their belief they are worthy of any voice, opinion or chance for a peaceful future as they are forced to be in the presence of “stranger danger” and suddenly everything is confusing and their life lessons they lived by are all wrong. They become hopeless, helpless and in a state of despair wishing themselves dead. If any of you only knew the number of children who are driven from being well rounded to suicidal by these practices, UGH! because we are using them in a more disgraceful way than any animal has been used for testing and to basically see if our false teaching can grow a conscience in the 10-20% of the parents who don’t just do what’s best for their children and require the courts intervention (or is it power and control over the other parent?) to figure out what “manhood” is, “fatherhood” is, “family” is since it wasn’t automatically there. NO CREDIT to the parent who did do all of the above without the need for these NON-PROFITS to teach them!!!! CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!Or “THERE”S YOUR SIGN”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This process makes wealthy people weathier. I say all of this because I lived it, I researched it and I watched other cases while my eyes were slammed open by the reality of family law. I watched the abuse of children by the court faciliators, a mom kill herself and a child be murdered just two weeks ago. Perjury is a crime……but not in family court. Psychologists must pass ethics testing and answer to a regulatory board but not in family court. Every family court affidavit states all statements must be true but it is wasted ink in family court. The perjury is not “difficult to prove” as my case and many others were provable by a simple google search but family court while sealing the fait of innocent children doesn’t abide by those laws, (WE ALL KNOW NOBODY WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE IN THE CASE OF DEATH AND/OR DESTRUCTION, No names, no criminal charges, no fines. NOTHING!. A loving parent must watch the destruction of themselves and their children. The other parent is correct. It is the absolute best way to get back at the parent they hate! NOTHING HARMED MY SOUL LIKE THIS AND I WILL GO TO MY GRAVE WITH THE NAME OF EVERY PERSON ETCHED IN MY MIND WHO HAD A HAND IN MY CASE! You all better hope there is no God because every day you are living as if there is none.

    The SEC overlooked Bernie Madoffs crimes and all the whistleblowers and evidence which was repeatedly given them by those who still believed in our “systems” and each person ignored their part in it and WE FAILED TO PROSECUTE THEM! We allowed some to retire or step down….some other menial BS that will mean nothing beyond this life. It meant nothing as far as justice goes to those destroyed by this ongoing corruption in our country. They had a similar rude awakening. No it wasn’t an error, an oversight, a bad apple. It was BUSINESS AS USUAL!

    Now let’s look at HHS!!! What are they considered in the non-profit funding of these bogus names of non-profits? Are we going to prosecute the powers that be? Are we going to just let them resign with full benefits after the multitude of dead bodies of children and parents who loved them are at different stages of decomposition? Is HHS going to be held accountable?

    Our country is financially struggling and good people (I am one and my daughter was one but the result remains to be seen) and there are billions of dollars per year NOT HELPING THOSE WHO DESERVE IT AND NEED IT THE MOST!!! We spend it on the “wrong doer” and force the good people to fight them with no other option at the expense of their lives and any money they have/had/borrowed and so on!

    I got the psychologist who wrote a FRAUDULENT letter on behalf of the father on his CHURCH LETTERHEAD WHICH WAS ACTUALLY HIS HOME CHURCH psychology license was revoked! I was thanked by the assistant state attorney for bringing this man to the states attention. Not only was his psychology license revoked but his home church was shut down. This was after collecting tithings for at least 15 years tax free (basically he got people to pay his home expenses and that must be why he went from a $150k condo to a $750k house) and he couldn’t even tell the truth about who ordained him during his hearing in front of the psychology regulatory board and was caught lying. Was he ordained? This mans fraudulent letter changed our lives, put my child in a dangerous and abusive situation as it took over 2 years for the investigation of this ONE letter writer to be completed. Is there any help for me now? NOPE! But the 9 time felon has help coming from every direction.

    This teaches children “Do Wrong and Our Country Will Help You, Give You Free Education and Give You a Job Before the Honest Hardworking Person as the Government Will Pay .50 cents on every dollar paid to that employer who hires you as long as he states he’s training you in something and the employer gets free government insurance for the released prisoner while he works for you as another perk for hiring a felon. Also that felon has all medical and dental and vision paid for by our tax dollars while he’s incarcerated and he can get a degree and come out with absolutely no student loans following him like the dumb hard working stiff! By the way, Make sure to tell your new boss to get that ordainment on the WORLD WIDE WEB as he will get all kinds of “faith base federal funds” too. If you have a child that you haven’t acknowledged or have child support arrearages, the “faith based fathers rights or faith based fathers and families” will get you custody of those kids, pay your attorney fees and HECK SHE MIGHT EVEN END UP HAVING TO PAY YOU CHILD SUPPORT BUT SHE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO WORK AFTER PROTRACTED LITIGATION AS SHE MAY SUFFER FROM SEVERE PTSD FROM THE HORRIBLE LIES TOLD OF HER, HER PARENTING, HER CHILD/REN AND SO ON.

    I would like ANYONE to show me where every point I have made is inaccurate and if you can’t and you aren’t an abuser, you have a responsibility to help right this wrong and bring these people who are scamming the system, getting money to do it and harming children in the process to justice. Accountability is what needs to happen and follow up and follow through. It really is that simple.

    Let’s Get Honest is a blog which brings detailed proof which is where I learned what was happening to me and my life. Everyone said “follow the money trail”. This blog follows the money trail.


    November 1, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    • Thank you — also for demonstrating, I’m not the only one who goes into rant mode sometimes (understandably, and with good cause in context) . . . I think I know your case (from other sources), please post (or may I) a link describing it in part?


      “we hand out money under the guise of teaching fahters and many being sociopaths and psychopaths how to grow a conscience which is IMPOSSIBLE!!”

      I don’t, You don’t — Congress does and from there, it’s history. WE do this only to the point we passively allow our legislators to do so– money is appropriated during welfare reauthorization every so many years. This is up again in March 2013. I would like to know why we are letting HHS function — in concert with HUD — as a criminal organization? Are people just personally too worn out to notice.

      Plus the DV experts were too busy jockeying for position, for example Barry Goldstein, Lundy Bancroft, Evan Stark. None of them stands a spitting chance, in my opinion, unless they either sign up with AFCC or take it on (as some of us individuals have) and expose what it’s doing.

      I’ll get back to blogging — comments aren’t the best places for debates.

      Let's Get Honest

      November 1, 2012 at 7:49 pm

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