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What These Words Really Mean: “National” “Responsible” “Fatherhood” “Clearinghouse” [Published Oct. 10, 2012, with some updates]

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Post title (with date published added to the title only in 2019, a standard I now use in the blog):
What These Words Really Mean: “National” “Responsible” “Fatherhood” “Clearinghouse” [Published Oct. 10, 2012, with some updates], short-link ends “-1aN” and OmiGod, why was it 17.7K words long!

LGH|FCM Archives Oct 2012 (image of a very active posting month) ~~Screen Shot 2019June22

In hindsight (see nearby image, taken just now but with Archives set to October, 2012) of how many posts published that month) it was a busy season; I remember also as a personally intense season in my life, and got moreso in the ensuing few months.  I also see that the post contains both long quotes (some about the father of American Psychology William James — and his interest in things “psychic,” including psychics) and has some tables of fatherhood grantees, as well as exploring what, in fact, does that four-word phrase represent.  AFTER ALL, when the USA sees fit to post a website of resource materials labeled “Fatherhood.gov” (which that clearing house is), it bears looking at — closely! Still up and still funded today, last I looked, and more like it….//LGH June 22, 2019.

PS. I see below I also took on issues and specific entities like new age cults in prison ministries (sic), Santa Monica University + MSIA (Movement for Spiritual Inner Awareness) + Huffington Post (Arianna Huffington got involve in it), John-Roger (The Hulnicks seem to be channeling him…) and so forth. Cult Awareness Network reporting — there’s a lot in this post!

It’s a live issue, has come up in my current posting again, this time in connection with funders of an Early Childhood Development Center at Harvard.

[Posted October 10, 2012; Intro with hindsight added Summer, 2013; Expect two (or more) posts to review and re-state this post and these vital issues as of late October, 2014. See recent comments. ]:

Those words may sound good, but should be interpreted according to usage, and who’s sponsoring the phrase. Questions should be asked: Who and what is the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse [website: fatherhood.gov]? What has it and corporations using such terms (this language) been doing? how about these corporations’ founders, followers and associates?

Is the marriage/fatherhood movement as seen in its media and programming, financing and expansion itself an expression of a religious cult, or taken as a whole and considering how it’s supported from public funds, a new blend of several old religions packaged as for the public good, when in fact the good (profits) end up in private hands?

How cult-connected are some of the key founders. If leadership does have outside connections with known cults, what about the programs created under such leadership?

And, what’s more, if the answers are yes, what does that say about the federal grants involved? Where is the line between cult influence in grant-making agencies, and those agencies themselves?
[Light-blue background text above added October, 2014.]

There is a close connection with the behavior of cults, i.e., such things as Charlatanism, Intimidation, Coercion, Retaliation for Reporting, and other things which will come up. There are also direct connections with some providers to organizations which are skin-deep cult-connected, outrageously so.

The “Saybrook” background mentioned in this post is also shared, to my understanding, with the institution from which a prime AFCC leader (Board Member, publisher, etc.) Robin Deutsch, Ph.D. of the “Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology.”

The hyper-professionalization of the field of psychology in the United States through through establishing independent professional schools of psychology to escalate pay grades and earn more respect by turning out more Psy.D’s and Ph.D’s, has a history entwined with the emergence of the fatherhood movement in the 1980s, at first as an antidote to the feminism of the 1980s. Bio at that site, at least several lines of it.

For early origins in the United States, see biography of William James, 1842-1910 and acknowledged as the father of American psychology and influential on Freud’s “psychodynamic theories.”    (Psyography by Bekah Dillon).

James father’s restlessness and mysticism plus intense attempt to manage and control his sons’ (plural) education, with considerable wealth and mobility seems to be reflected in the field (my opinion) in the field still.  He married a wife chosen by his father.  William James was “often haunted by an assortment of ailments, accompanied by depression and suicidal thoughts.”

William James was born the eldest of five children to Henry James Sr. and Mary James in New York City on January 11, 1842.  Henry James Sr. was an Irish immigrant who was studying theology, philosophy, and mysticism and was well connected with many literary and philosophical celebrities of the time (Pajares, 2002).  He devoted himself to his children, especially their education and in 1843, Henry Jr. (Harry) was born in NYC.

The affluent and deeply religious family was headed by a man who often became troubled and sought refuge in different environments.  Henry frequently found himself displeased with numerous aspects of life and in the summer of 1843, he moved the family to England (Pajares, 2002).  Shortly thereafter, he decided to return to New York City (Pajares, 2002).

The wealth and affluence of the Jameses not only afforded Henry the pleasure of exposing the children to many parts of Western Europe, but also enrolling them in the best schools.  In 1852, he enrolled the boys in the Institution Vergnes.  Henry, dissatisfied with the school, moved the boys to the Pulling Jenks School.  Inspired by the drawing teacher, Mr. Coe, young William developed a deep love for drawing at age eleven (Pajares, 2002).  Eventually, Henry removed the boys from Pulling Jenks; it has been speculated that he withdrew the students for fear that Coe would reinforce young William’s talents and destroy Henry’s impact on his son.

Soon enough, Henry became antsy and shifted the family back to Europe.   Despite young James’s dismay the family left in the summer of 1855.  Until 1858, the children received lessons through private tutors in England and France (Pajares, 2002).

In June of 1858, the family relocated to Newport, Rhode Island and by September, Henry had changed his mind.  The family then settled in Geneva.  As well as studying with the tutors, the children attended schools in Switzerland and Germany.  William James attended the Academy, the precursor to the University of Geneva (Pajares, 2002).

By age 18, James attended schools in five different countries, became familiar with numerous museums and galleries, frequently entertained the guests of his father, including Thoreau, Emerson, Greeley, and Hawthorne, and developed fluency in five different languages (Pajares, 2002). …..[wrote Principles of Psychology, teaching at Harvard] He encouraged various psychological methods, including comparative psychology and the use of various populations as research participants, such as animals, infants, or mentally disabled persons (Schultz and Schultz, 2004)

[I added bold and underline. quote added 10/2014].

Psychology branching out from physiology and philosophy, labs established in 1875 by Wilhelm Wundt (in Germany) and William James (at Harvard).   Brief comparison of the two men.

In 1875, a room was set aside for Wundt for demonstrations in what we now call sensation and perception.  This is the same year that William James would set up a similar lab at Harvard.  We can celebrate that year as the founding of experimental psychology!

In 1879, Wundt assisted his first graduate student at true psychological research — another milestone.  In 1881, he started the journal Philosophische Studien.  In 1883, he began the first course to be titled experimental psychology.  And in 1894, his efforts were rewarded with the official establishment of an “Institute for Experimental Psychology” at Leipzig — the first such in the world. . . .

Among his better known students were Oswald Külpe and Hugo Munsterberg (whom James invited to teach at Harvard), the Russian behaviorists Bekhterev and Pavlov, as well as American students such as Hall (“father” of developmental psychology in America), James McKeen Cattell, Lightner Witmer (founder of the first psychological clinic in the US, at U of Penn), and Wundt’s main interpreter to the English speaking world, E. B. Titchener.  Titchener is particularly responsible for interpreting Wundt badly!

Later in his career, Wundt became interested in social or cultural psychology.  Contrary to what many believe, Wundt did not think that the experimental study of sensations was the be all and end all of psychology!  In fact, he felt that that was only the surface, and additionally that most of psychology was not as amenable to experimental methods.

Instead, he felt that we had to approach cultural psychology through the products it produced — mythology, for example, cultural practices and rituals, literature and art…. He wrote a ten volume Völkerpsychologie, published between 1900 and 1920, which included the idea of stages of cultural development, from the primitive, to the totemic, through the age of heroes and gods, to the age of modern man.

[From the same article, but more on William James, which sheds some light on where we are today]:

James had always shared his father’s interest in mysticism, even in psychic phenomena. This has dampened his reputation among hard-core scientists in the psychological community, but it only endeared him more to the public. In 1897, he published The Will to Believe, and in 1902, Varieties of Religious Experience.

But James was never completely comfortable with being a psychologist, and preferred to think of himself as a philosopher. He is, in fact, considered America’s greatest philosopher, in addition to being the “father” of American psychology!

He was profoundly influenced by an earlier American philosopher, Charles Sanders Peirce, who founded the philosophy of Pragmatism. Pragmatism says that ideas can never be completely proven true or false. Rather, we should be looking to how useful an idea is — how practical, how productive. James called it the “cash value” of an idea! James popularized Pragmatism in books like Pragmatism in 1907 and The Meaning of Truth in 1909. In 1909, he also wrote A Pluralistic Universe, which was part Pragmatism and part an expression of his own beliefs in something not unlike Spinoza’s pantheism.

He had retired from teaching in 1907 because his heart was not was it used to be, not since a mild attack in 1898 when climbing in upstate New York. He did meet Freud when he came to visit Boston in 1909, and was very much impressed. The next year, he went to Europe for his health and to visit his brother Henry, but soon returned to his home in New Hampshire. Two days later, on August 26, 1910, he died in his wife Alice’s arms.

Several of his works were published posthumously, including Some Problems in Philosophy in 1911 and the magnificent Essays in Radical Empiricism in 1912. James’ most famous students included John Dewey, the philosopher often considered the father of modern American education, and Edward Thorndike, whose work with cats opened the door to the Behaviorists.

[I added bold and underline. quote added 10/2014]

Radical Pragmatist by Linda Simon (biography of William James) emphasizes his unstable childhood with a controlling, affluent but discontent country-hopping father, and his fascination with spiritualism. He envied the literary success of his brother, the author Henry James. He used mescal, hashish and opium on himself to better understand altered mental states. He hoped to communicate with the dead from beyond the grave:

March 15, 1998
Radical Pragmatist
A new biography portrays William James as a man who subjected his own experiences to his philosophy.

Read the First Chapter

William James, America’s most famous philosopher, brother of the novelist Henry James, has never seemed so vulnerably human as in Linda Simon’s biography ”Genuine Reality.” Drawing innovatively from the vast correspondence of the James family, Simon portrays a troubled, gritty man whose philosophical vision grew directly from private travail.

Many of James’s psychological problems, as Simon shows, stemmed from his vexed relationship with his aloof yet controlling father, Henry James Sr., a writer and lecturer who failed to gain the prominence enjoyed by his friend Ralph Waldo Emerson among American thinkers. When he was 33 years old, he suffered the first of several mental breakdowns that sent him searching for relief to such optimistic theories as Fourierism, Transcendentalism and, ultimately, Swedenborgianism. Financially secure through family money, he and his wife divided their time between Manhattan and Newport, R.I., exposing their five children to American high culture. But dissatisfaction with the United States impelled them repeatedly to take the family for long stays in Europe. For two of their children, William and Henry, this peripatetic life style bred cosmopolitanism and expansive creativity. For the others — Alice, Robertson and Wilkinson — it fostered rootlessness and confusion. For all of them, it set the stage for periods of emotional instability in adulthood.

. . .

His father’s nervous shuttling between the United States and Europe was duplicated in his own equally frenetic country-hopping. His father’s embrace of supposed cure-alls was repeated in his anxious groping for spiritual and physical rescue among the offbeat fads of the day.

One of the delights of ”Genuine Reality” {{the book}} is its dogged pursuit of James while he rummaged among would-be panaceas. Surprisingly, in light of his reputation as an empirically scientific philosopher, James was deeply fascinated by spiritualism. Although he disdained the transparent theatrics of run-of-the-mill mediums, he harbored a faith that the dead could contact the living. When his friend Frederic Myers was about to die, James asked him to send messages from beyond the grave. To his disappointment, no messages ever came.

If Myers failed him, the psychic Leonora Piper did not. James and his wife first sought out Piper for spiritual consolation shortly after the death of their second child, Herman. Stunned by her apparently otherworldly powers, James made her a special object of study, consulting her regularly and reporting on her to the Society for Psychic Research, an organization for paranormal studies. Even when Piper, tired of being analyzed, publicly denied having spiritual gifts, James did not lose faith in her, as did many of his colleagues.

Spiritualism was merely one of many current phenomena that fascinated him. When bothered by heart trouble, he took doses of a new compound extracted from the lymph glands and testicles of goats. When struck by back pain, he applied a galvanic battery to his spine. To combat depression and insomnia, he consulted mind-cure therapists and faith healers. To gain insight into abnormal mental states, he tried mind-expanding drugs like hashish, mescal and opium.

Simon recounts such wide-ranging experimentation on James’s part without ever giving the impression that he was loony or irresponsible.

David S. Reynolds is a Distinguished Professor of English at Baruch College and the City University of New York Graduate Center. His books include ”Walt Whitman’s America” and ”Beneath the American Renaissance.”

This William James was the grandson of a “captain of industry” who’d come from Ireland to the US in 1789, as described (from first chapter of the Linda Simon book, link from the book review above).

IN THE LATE 1800s, the trip from Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Syracuse, New York, was long, convoluted, and uncomfortable. But it was a trip that William James {{the father of American Psychology discussed above}} undertook regularly in his role as overseer of the James family property. He traveled to Syracuse at least once a year, often more; and whenever he went, he had money on his mind. For himself and his siblings, a few stores on Salina Street, owned by the family since the eighteenth century, meant mortgages and repairs, bankers and agents, and most of all, rent. The Syracuse property supplemented James’s income, subsidized his travels, had helped pay for the publication of his first book, and always served as a reminder of his origins.

He was descended from one of America’s richest men, a captain of industry so wealthy that, rumor had it, only John Jacob Astor exceeded his fortune. Then as now, wealth meant power, and the first William James, grandfather of our philosopher, was a powerful man: restless, decisive, fiercely willful. He believed, with unwavering certainty, that money and power reflected a man’s ultimate achievement. . . .

Yet James’s private and public writings are peppered with metaphors drawn from the world of business, and he strived, with no apology, to shape his publications for the marketplace. His philosophical works, focused as they are on questions of free will and human potential; his personal struggles with power and authority; and his anxiety about his self-worth suggest his affinity, by more than blood, with his grand and looming patriarch. The first William James, of course, did not consider philosophy a suitable occupation for any of his descendants. Family legend has it that he was known as “the Patroon.”

WILLIAM WAS EIGHTEEN when he emigrated from Ireland to America in 1789, twenty-two when he arrived in Albany, where he would make his fortune, take three wives, and sire thirteen children. His career as a businessman began when, with a partner, he opened a small store that sold tobacco and cigars. The shop soon expanded to include dry goods and groceries, but James was not satisfied with being a modest merchant. Shrewd, sharp, ambitious, he built a tobacco factory, leased and operated the saltworks of Syracuse, and, among many civic roles, served as first vice president of the Albany Savings Bank, director of the New York State Bank of Albany, and trustee of Union College. He was a significant force in the decision to build the Erie Canal, which established Albany as a major center of trade.

© 1998 Linda Simon All rights reserved. ISBN: 0-15-193098-8


The establishment of  independent (freestanding, as opposed to departments within universities) Schools of Professional Psychology leading to advanced degrees may have begun in 1969 with Nicholas J. Cummings‘ establishment of the California School of Professional Psychology (now absorbed into Alliant International University),   He certainly takes claim for it here, and in a 2008 interview with psychotherapy.net, and with this claim to have educated half the psychologists in California.

Catch the lingo:

Robin M. Deutsch, Ph.D.is a psychologist and the Director of the Center of Excellence for Children, Families and the Law at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (MSPP). She is the former director of Forensic Services of the Children and the Law Program in the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital where she remains a consultant. She is Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Deutsch is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison from which she also received her Ph.D. in counseling psychology.** As a therapist, consultant, custody evaluator, mediator, and parenting coordinator, her work has focused on the application of child development research to children’s adjustment to divorce and parenting issues, the evaluation of families involved in family change and management of high conflict divorce. Dr. Deutsch frequently speaks to interdisciplinary groups on complex issues in child custody disputes. She has provided training for Parenting Coordination throughout the country, Canada and Sweden, including the first Massachusetts training. Dr. Deutsch has published articles on the effects of high conflict divorce, the evaluation of domestic violence, Parenting Coordination,

**(Madison is also where AFCC claims its headquarters, currently, although it is not registered to do business as itself in the state, last I looked (2013) “high-conflict” and pushing parent coordination are AFCC “tells.” the former is to minimize the latter (notice “evaluation of DV” — usually to minimize or dismiss it) and as to parenting coordination, parents have begun to sue over it, and the Supreme Court of PA (as I’m recalling it) recently, and suddenly, eliminated the field by simply changing the administrative rules. See right side-bar)).

it is just a few clicks from the President of MSPP (Nicholas Corvino, Psy.D.) through his bio, hearing that he was “past-President” of the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, clicking on that, and looking at its Leadership, to seeing that the FOCUS (newsletter?) editor is hailing from Saybrook (Eric Willmarth, Ph.D.). This is a certain set of cultural values (including Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis itself, which has religious overtones and in some religions is contraindicated, i.e., don’t do it..Practitioners often go into counseling or behavioral health and have a sense of “calling” about how to heal others..)….

So, this article is going to look at both incorporation and (as it’s also where I discovered some of the connections) the tendency for people susceptible to joining cults themselves to go into fields where they can access more vulnerable, traumatized, in-pain, or troubled individuals to help them, as they were themselves indoctrinated to do. This goes both ways (short-hand, “new age” and “Evangelical and/or Conservative Christian Fundie” and to me says — when zealous people looking to recruit others into a changed worldview are flooding into a field, we should reconsider whether that’s a good idea, or a bad idea.

However, I have to question why the timing of “corporation status revoked” with the timing of receiving more HHS funds to promote fatherhood, which comes up repeatedly, below.

(UPDATE from 2013) I found this individual cited as a lead presenter in “Disconnected Dads, Strategies for Promoting Responsible Fatherhood” courtesy “Policy Institute for Family Impact Seminars” (FIS) and a few other funders and panelists on the (long) publication… This 70pg document is highlights from a Washington D.C. conference hosted by then-Vice President Al Gore, and on page 1 cites the Charles Ballard organization.

Buckle your seatbelts, this is one of those rollercoaster posts, somewhere between thrilling, comical, and “we are not amused.” [End, 2013 intro…]

Remember the nonprofit from my last post, the one in Washington D.C. which got a bunch of grants (over $2 million) only has one public displayed tax return (that I can see), never got a DUNS# for its HHS grants, and eventually got its nonprofit revoked or failure to file? — this one?

TAGGS.hhs.gov on this group (I searched by its EIN# — which is below).

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards


One of whose Principal Investigators ended up on THIS one, which I’ve profiled before (herein):

 “Women in Fatherhood Inc”  which is ….

an organized voice of women with diverse perspectives and experiences. We are a national 501c3 comprised of women with direct or indirect professional involvement in the responsible fatherhood field. The mission of Women In Fatherhood is to contribute to and advocate for family and community well-being through the support of positive father involvement and healthy family relationships.

and on THAT board of directors, is:

>Frances Ballard:

Petrice Sams-Abiodun

“Frances Ballard is the Executive Director for the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC). In her role she is responsible for the strategic direction and leadership for activities regarding the NRFC, including the coordination of the media campaign, clearinghouse and Web site, Training and Technical Assistance (T & TA) to responsible fatherhood demonstration sites, and building relationships and partnerships for NRFC. {{*1}} She has over 20 years experience working with fathers, families and healthcare. Her previous positions include 12 years serving as the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for The Institute for Responsible Fatherhood and Family Revitalization (see below); Consultant to The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Making Connections Program; Director of Corporate Development and Clinical Manager-Ambulatory Care, Grace Hospital; and Nurse Consultant/Program Developer, The Institute For Responsible Fatherhood and Family Development.** She holds a Masters of Science Degree in Nursing Administration, a B.A. in Social Work, an A.S. in Nursing, and numerous executive management certifications. She is married to Dr. Charles A. Ballard, “pioneer” of the Fatherhood Movement and the mother of their three children, Jonathan, Lydia and Christopher.”


**”The Institute For Responsible Fatherhood and Family Development” is an organization  which got over $2 million of grants over several years, but then intentionally? let its corporate registration go unfiled and eventually was revoked by the IRS; Dr. & Mrs. Ballard were both “Principal Investigators” on HHS (grants) to this group, while the single tax return I found shows them on the board of Directors.  This irresponsible behavior, as to filing, was then further rewarded by promotion — to the WIFI group, and from there to the HHS outfit mentioned above.  This is apparently what HHS is doing in the marriage/fatherhood field.  

My problem, you see, is that I actually read this stuff, look at it, say “HUH? What’s THAT?” and go find out.

I might have a much more peaceful life — and a lot less to think about — without going down that Rabbit Hole, but today I did.  I do this because ignorance of what the US Government & certain large family foundations (i.e., private money – such as the Annie E. Casey Foundation) is supporting, and what it’s attacking, in short, what it’s DOING, is not bliss — not in the long term.

And I hate to say this, but it led to the something we have to discuss sooner or later, which is:




specifically, how did the USA, Inc. (and specifically here, HHS) — become one?  Because — honest! — all I did is look things up.  I look at organizations, and the people running them, and I read what they say.  And before the end of this post, sorry to bring this up, but it leads right to:


[Broken link to image; blank space removed]

And I’m not talking, in general, vague principles of comparison.  I’m talking personnel and graduate degrees.  I already talked ultra-conservative Christian  Pepperdine University CDRC centralized push through Mediation as the Norm in California (at public expense) and connect with Marriage/Fatherhood funding (right on the website).

I’m talking “Spiritual Psychology” Marriage and Family Therapists and the (then, very young) man who decided to expose one of these ex-Eckankar, ex-Scientology (or maybe not, depending on who you believe) and ended up dealing with not just a smear campaigns, but death threads, having his house ransacked, and now the guy doesn’t even keep a phone.  But inbetween he was in Geraldo, you name it, and the question I have is — why are we paying, and tax-exempting — this stuff?  Because, when you get right down to it — whether it’s Neopagan New Age (hypnosis, belly-dancing and Mind-Body Ph.D.s (distance learning, on-line) followed by Ph.D.’s in psychology, etc.– or Right-wing Reich (do away with no-fault divorce, exterminate the gays and especially hang the feminists)

It’s going to (I say) end up just about the same place:  It’s going to end up in bed with you — or your kids (regardless of your age, gender, or marital status), demanding absolute loyalty, embezzling, and trying to sound very wise and spiritual.

And if it sounds much more dignified and organized (as the National Clearinghouse for Responsible Fatherhood does – most of the websites I’ve seen, for that matter, look Grrrr–eat) — it may be organized, but it’s going to boil down to about the same thing as any run of the mill cult.  Only some are larger.

Looking at Mrs. Ballard’s Profile, above we see a lot of responsibility and organization, plus professionalism.  OK, like I said, down the rabbit hole….

  • National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC).
  • what is it?  It’s not a nonprofit.  It’s, literally, “Fatherhood.gov
  • Is it an agency?  Is it a corporation? (for profit, or not for profit?)  Because if it has an “executive director” it sounds like a corporation, right?  If it’s part of gov’t, then it should be “Department Head, Czar of some sort (esp. in Obama Admin), or simply “Secretary” as in the Secretary of HHS,  currently Kathleen Sebelius.
  • In its own words, the “Clearinghouse” is a “resource center.”:

Who are we?

The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse is an Office of Family Assistance (OFA) funded national resource for fathers, practitioners, programs/Federal grantees, states, and the public at-large who are serving or interested in supporting strong fathers and families.

(commentary:  a little reverse-indenting going on here, sorry):

OK, number one, it’s aimed at half the population, men (“fathers”). It’s funded by ALL the population (men and women both) because it’s an OFA-funded national resource.   Ladies, got that?

Is it for the whole public (even though it’s a “national resource”) — well that’s debatable, but in the above paragraph, it says actually it’s for “practitioners, programs/federal grantees” (those words refer to people who get the grants, programs run by the grants, and organizations that are getting the grants — of which I just showed one (above) in washington D.C. that got the grants, didn’t get a DUNS# (for some reason) and filed only ONE tax return over many, many years of receiving money.  Moreover it looks like Dr. Ballard was paid to evaluate his own organization, seeing as he was on the board taking compensation — and a principal investigator of a grant to evaluate his own organization.  Whatever…..

The goals of the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC) are to provide, facilitate, and disseminate current research, proven and innovative strategies that will encourage and strengthen fathers and families, and providers of services via the following priorities:

  • Robust NRFC Website – www.Fatherhood.gov
  • Media Campaign that promotes the Responsible Fatherhood field and efforts of local programs
  • Social media engagement
  • Development and dissemination of written products that advance responsible fatherhood research and practice
  • Outreach and presentations at conferences and events
  • National Call Center for dads and practitioners (1-877-4DAD411)
  • Virtual Trainings

Now, what happens when someone calls 1-877-4DAD411?  I don’t feel like finding a man just now to make the call for me, but one of these days, I’ll be sure to.  However (see red font) — is it, or is it not clear — that every aspect of this (listed, at least) consists of disseminating media, primarily electronically?  Plus some “written products” (paper?  Or DVD/webinars, pdfs — what format?)  Make a guess!

Again, Who’s paying for all this?  Get out your mirror!

The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC) is a resource of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families’ (ACF) Office of Family Assistance (OFA).

The Claims Resolution Act of 2010 (CRA) re-authorized funding for the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC). The NRFC was initially funded through the Deficit Reduction Act (2005) for “the development, promotion, and distribution of a media campaign to encourage the appropriate involvement of parents in the life of any child and specifically the issue of responsible fatherhood, and the development of a national clearinghouse to assist States and communities in efforts to promote and support marriage and responsible fatherhood.”

Back to Top

About the President’s Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative
Fatherlessness is a growing crisis in America, one that undergirds many of the challenges that families are facing. When dads aren’t around, young people are more likely to drop out of school, use drugs, be involved in the criminal justice system, and become young parents themselves.

In case you didn’t catch that, the last two sentences WERE part of this media campaign.  The statement is debatable — but with this kind of clout behind the indoctrination, who’s going to stand up to it?  The Domestic Violence Coalitions?

Not if they want their grants next year; besides those that didn’t “play ball” and join the coalition, don’t get the grants.   Those that play their cards right (and you KNOW I’ve named them on this blog, repeatedly) get more money.  They’re not stupid enough to go single-handedly up against:  Ford, MacArthur Foundation, and Annie E. Casey (who has a seat at the National Conference of Mayors, and almost every where else that has the word “kids” on or near it….).  Right?

Actually, to answer “who’s paying” we’d also have to know where the USGovernment gets its money from. It’s not all from taxes — a LOT of it is from return on investments, but thats a CAFR topic…. for another day.

In actually looking up the term {{when post first published in 10/2012}}  “National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse” (written out) and “Frances Ballard” I got only three basic links:

<>Women in Fatherhood Inc. (as above).  <>Claudine Dombrowski’s blog complaining about WIFI (I’m glad someone has been at least reading some of my sh*t here), i.e., “caught’em in the act,” and my own blogs on it. Claudine, who is a BADLY battered Mom from Kansas (I’ve read the case docket, it’s off the charts, like so many are), from which state we got the current head of Secretary of HHS — caught part of the WIFI women’s media campaign on:

site, and reblogged it, with her commentary.  Good!

Also, a JIGSAW business card listing the contact info for Mrs. Ballard at the National Fatherhood Initiative, and another one on Spoke.com

BUT — if I wanted to really know what she did (in this capacity) and what she was PAID to do it (and by whom) — where would I look?  At the Maryland Corporations Database?

Well, here it is:

(Dept. ID) Entity Name Entity Detail Status

Looks like someone let it slip temporarily:  You can see it was formed 8/11/1994, address 20410 Observation Drive #107, Germantown, MD (note, not far from DC, is it?) and the incorporation agent was Roland warren  It’s “ordinary business- Non-stock” — its STATE OF FORMATION is PENNSYLVANIA! — and whether it’s Close/Not Close is unknown…). It went on and off several times in Maryland, the record shows (“amendments”)

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Description Date Filed Time Film Folio Pages View Document Order Copies
RESOLUTION 11/29/2010 09:03-AM 0002 View Image

RE-QUALIFICATION 01/06/2006 10:29-AM B00914 0630 0002 View Image

DEPT. ACTION – FORFEITURE 11/22/2000 11:10-PM 00000 0000 0000 Image Not Available Online

REINSTATEMENT 12/19/1995 08:30-AM F3768 016 0001 Image Not Available Online

AUTHORITY TO DO BUSINESS IN MARYLAND FORFEITED 11/17/1995 08:30-AM 00000 0000 0000 Image Not Available Online

QUALIFICATION 08/11/1994 09:52-AM F3640 523 0004 Image Not Available Online

ANYHOW– it’s interesting that when an organization goes “out” like that, one can’t view the older records on-line.  That’s convenient for such a prominent organization, huh?

Now, about “Down the Rabbit Hole We Go” – this is the trail.   That long intro was just my warning, after playing “Alice” or a while here, of where this led.

Alice with flamingoBig Alice in houseDisappearing Cheshire Cat (etc.)

OK — it was looking at this site which led me to a school in Santa Monica where one can get an MA in spiritual psychology, or where faculty whose original specialty was belly dancing and hypnosis, after going (for the degree in Spiritual Psychology) can hop on over to the Saybrook Institute (which actually WAS accredited) and get a higher, more advanced degree in hypnosis, and mind-body-energies (mostly on-line) from an institute based on Front Street, San Francisco.  All of this — or some of it — will fulfil the qualifications to take up some court-ordered marriage counseling, at least in California –should you, perhaps, be contemplating divorce, and have children.  You are forewarned….

If I’m talking a little nutty here, be aware that what you’re about to read (scrolling down), I just did.  Let’s see how you end up afterwards.  Being aware, as I am, that this is in part why women leaving violent relationships can neither leave them, nor (generally speaking) actually get their child support orders enforced sufficient to do so.  As withJim Crow, there may have been a BRIEF window when this was possible (possibly in the early 1990s; I’ve talked to a few who did), but after that, the doors snapped shut.  And there are REASONS the whole thing looks like a cult, or a series of them connected at the fount of blessings (HHS grants), or at least, the internet marketplace.

Which, by the way, is not a level playing field, either, although one may stand a chance there.

Oh, and with Charles A. Ballard as principal investigator on a large grant to evaluate the program his nonprofit was running, probably while he was also on its board of directors at the time, getting over $100K salary?

& FAMILY REVITALIZATION  3594 Hayes St. NE Ste. 102
Washington, DC 20019-7522 (one of several addresses found for the institute)

Population Served: Custodial and non-custodial fathers, TANF Recipients
Area Served: Primary target area is Ward 7 in DC; also serve those who are referred by our collaborative partners

Turning the hearts of  fathers unto their children”
We are a 20 year old grass roots organization working with  fathers and mothers to enhance self-worth and communication skills to empower them a parent to take charge of their homes and families
Services Offered:

  • Paternity establishment
  • Domestic violence Intervention
  • Father & mother parenting support sessions
  • Family Support Services
  • Job Readiness & Job Search Skills
  • Child Support Assistance

The website is sponsored (it says in fine print at the bottom) by InterCHANGE.org,” sounds decent enough:

InterCHANGE.org, an intersection on the Internet pointing to resources by and about African people produced by 
CA-FAM III, Inc, a non-profit  corporation dedicated to social change through the effective use of networked intelligence.  (one can read about this one, which goes far back and has some connections to neighborhood community development groups, etc.)

You can see CA-FAM III, Inc. was exploring the concept of networking on video and alternate information exchanges, before the internet was up and running.  the “institute” above had at least two levels of organization involved — Interchange is a product of CA-FAM III, Inc. whose client was “ROMROS” (Reaching Our Men, Reaching Our Sons) CA-FAM III’s current clientele includes:

  • African Heritage Dancers and Drummers
  • AHEAD, Inc.
  • The Association of Black Psychologists
  • Philippine Centennial Foundation USA
  • The International Black Buyers & Manufacturers Expo and Conference
  • Reach Our Men, Reach Our Sons

“Reviving and Building on the Success of the Million Man March”

The lives of our children are full of confusion, anger and violence.  For many there is no vision and the future seems hopeless. They are crying out for our love, our guidance and our commitment to make positive changes in their lives and their community.”

This  Coalition had “members” which included the Institute for Family Revitalization.  I understand — a different (for the time) means of organizing socially, with the goal of social change, and focusing on the African Diaspora.  Addressing Racism, the consequences of global slavery.  I notice that one organization member is a Family Crisis Center, offering a Battered Woman’s Shelter, and Supervised (and unsupervised) Visitation Services, and DV counseling for “couples experiencing violence.” (joint counseling, sounds like — dangerous!).  This tells me someone had already adopted a model by then and later (probably) being marketed from Duluth — which is not to treat the battering as a crime, but to counsel couples out of it.. . .

A sponsoring and Member Organization is “Fathers and Sons” but this is the contact: (see site)

Iyanla Vanzant Founder of Inner Visions Worldwide

WEBSITE:http://www.innervisionsworldwide.com (hover cursor/since 1998)
Contact Person: Adeyemi Bandele

Facilitating The Evolution of Human Consciousness
. . .One Mind, One Heart, One Life, One Spirit at a time.

Founded by Iyanla and Gemmia Vanzant in 1998, Inner Visions teaches and offers a variety of classes, workshops and relationship building tools, based on universal laws and spiritual principles. Our offerings are designed to facilitate and support Personal Development and Spiritual Evolution.

Hours of Operation: 9:00a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Population Served: Boys and Men all ages  Area Served: Metropolitan Area,  National  (Amazing life story; born in the back of a Brooklyn Taxicab from extramarital, mother died early (she was 2), left with relatives, incl. an uncle who raped her (at 9), went to school, brief stint as an public defender attorney, married an abuser, 3 kids by age 21, basically homeless with a 16 yr old public daughter — eventually she got to teaching, training, writing and became very successful.  Mentions became a “Yoruba Priestess” (Nigerian for “Great Mother” in 1983)  Also described in “wikipedia” as an ordained minister of ‘New Age Thought.”

A friend invited her to teach a class for women who were being trained to transition from welfare to work. Understanding their predicament very well, Iyanla took her new job seriously. She produced a workbook for the class. In 1988, that workbook became her first published work, Tapping The Power Within: A Path To Self Empowerment For Black Women. The 20th. Anniversary edition of this book was published in 2008. (Smiley Books/Hay House). Her second work, Acts of Faith: Daily Meditations For People of Color, crossed the racial divide to become a favorite companion for Tipper Gore, wife of then Vice President Al Gore. 13 publications and 5 New York Times Best Sellers were not a part of Iyanla’s plans. Then again, the best laid plan tend to go awry.

Iyanla has received numerous awards and accolades for the power and impact of her work. She received She is hailed as one of Halle Berry’s five “Sheros” (Glamour Magazine 2006); one of the country’s most influential African Americans (Ebony Magazine 2004); among the country’s most 100 Influential Women (Women’s Day Magazine 2003); one of the “most dynamic speakers in the United States” (Emerge Magazine 2000). She is a woman of passion, clear vision and purpose.

ALSO: a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology (University of Santa Monica)**{{Note, below}}  2 Honorary Degrees (City University of New York and Georgia State University), an Emmy, an NAACP Image Award, a Rosa Parks Award (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) or the keys and honorary citizenship to Five Cities.

ALSO Chief Executive Officer of Inner Visions Worldwide, Inc. Spiritual Life Maintenance Center in Silver Spring, MD, Vanzant conducts workshops and classes and coordinates a correspondence prison ministry with more than 3,500 incarcerated members in over 150 penal institutions nationwide. In October 2000, Iyanla headed the faculty of the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development, offering a two-year certification program in Spiritual Counseling and Life Coaching, based on the principles covered in her best selling books



“When you share your resources, the Law of Circulation is at your service!

As we experience an expanded realization of our onenesss with all life, an organic desire arises to share, to participate in the Law of Circulation, to be a vehicle for the well-being of others. Spiritually mature use of the Law of Circulation reflects a wisdom-guided use of our resources, including money.

Realizing the true Source of our supply is living in authentic alignment with the universal Law of Circulation. We then give thanks for our abundance, and our joy is in circulating and sharing it. I like to say that we give to live until we live to give.

It is Undifferentiated Substance that takes the form of whatever it is we require: livelihood, food, money, and so on. It is ours to gratefully accept, use and share.”

~ Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Excerpted from Living from the Overflow

Donations can be mailed to:
Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development
P.O. Box 8517
Silver Spring, MD  20907


As a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization your donations and tithes to
Inner Visions Spiritual Life Maintenance, Inc. are tax deductable

Apparently so, although staying registered at the state level is a whole other project: (note, in chart below, 2008 is on the top because of the Org. Title’s lack of an “inc” in the name).








Inner Visions Spiritual Life Maintenance MD 2008 $15,020 990 28 31-1723212
Inner Visions Spiritual Life Maintenance Inc. MD 2011 $100,094 990 24 31-1723212
Inner Visions Spiritual Life Maintenance Inc. MD 2010 $98,563 990 26 31-1723212
Inner Visions Spiritual Life Maintenance Inc. MD 2009 $66,716 990 27 31-1723212
Inner Visions Spiritual Life Maintenance Inc. MD 2007 $15,306 990 30 31-1723212
Inner Visions Spiritual Life Maintenance Inc. MD 2006 $71,236 990 29 31-1723212
Inner Visions Spiritual Life Maintenance Inc. MD 2005 $191,668 990 26 31-1723212
Inner Visions Spiritual Life Maintenance Inc. MD 2004 $15,314 990 27 31-1723212
Inner Visions Spiritual Life Maintenance Inc. MD 2003 $9,002 990 26 31-1723212
Inner Visions Spiritual Life Maintenance Inc. MD 2002 $5,807 990 32 31-1723212

Search Again

As of 2011, it looks like a modest operation, PO Box in MD matches the solicitation page, they are doing ONLY Personal Growth, and Train the Trainers to do Personal Growth.  There are only two on the board — Iyanla Vanzant (president, earning ca $35K, President) and Almasi Wilcotts, Secretary, earning more like $57K.  I note that the name “Almasi Wilcots” below, incorporated the “Forfeited” version of this corporation with the “Do Not Revive” stipulations.  There are about a dozen “inner visions” or “InnerVisions” (no space) registered (and most, forfeited), looks like about evry other year, by different people with different addresses, some are trade names.  So, apparently at least the theme has been popularized — but is this organization, above, a nonprofit and taking ANY money as a nonprofit legally?  Maybe too small for the IRS to notice. . . .

How can a NON-organization that — apparently — does not exist as a corporation (of any kind) where it says its address is (i.e., in Maryland) — and never did exist as a nonprofit– but as a Stock Corp, “non-close”?  be up on the 990foundationfinder (which is to say, filed with the IRS) as a nonprofit?


(Dept. ID) Entity Name Entity Detail Status
(D03884954) INNER VISIONS SPIRITUAL LIFE MAINTENANCE, INC. General Info. Amendments Personal Property FORFEITED
(D05051552) INNER VISIONS SPIRITUAL LIFE MAINTENANCE, INC. General Info. Amendments Personal Property REVIVED

Top row shows it was originally a stock corporation formed 1994, forfeited usually for not filing annual report for two years, the second one shows different address and person and it was revived in 1998, then forfeited again in 2004, with a note it was forfeited by the Comptroller “Do not revive again without clearance from the Comptroller.”

Principal Office (Current):
Resident Agent (Current):
Business Code: Ordinary Business – Stock
Date of Formation or Registration: 05/10/1994
State of Formation: MD
Stock/Nonstock: Stock

(the 2nd incorporation, above)

Principal Office (Current):
Resident Agent (Current):
Good Standing: Yes      What does it mean when a business is not in good standing or forfeited?
Business Code: Ordinary Business – Non-stock
Date of Formation or Registration: 07/28/1998
State of Formation: MD
Stock/Nonstock: Non-Stock
Close/Not Close: Not Close

(click on its “Amendments” page to see the status mentioned above).Entity Name: INNER VISIONS SPIRITUAL LIFE MAINTENANCE, INC.
Dept ID #: D05051552

searching “Inner Visions” in Maryland at least, we see lots of companies with the name, of which only ONE (an Art Group) is still functional.  I wonder if the forfeited ones are still taking donations?  And if it was ever a genuine 501(c)3:

(Dept. ID) Entity Name Entity Detail Status
(T00125426) INNER VISIONS General Info. Amendments FORFEITED
(T00050545) INNERVISIONS General Info. Amendments FORFEITED
(D02032613) INNERVISIONS, INC. General Info. Amendments Personal Property FORFEITED
(D00660514) INNERVISIONS, INC. General Info. Amendments Personal Property FORFEITED
(L10187888) INNER VISIONS ART GROUP Personal Property ACTIVE
(W07245137) INNER VISIONS CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC General Info. Amendments Personal Property FORFEITED
(D03283470) INNER VISIONS-CUSTOM FRAMING & ART, INC. General Info. Amendments Personal Property FORFEITED
(D04242996) INNERVISIONS OF ANNAPOLIS, INC. General Info. Amendments Personal Property FORFEITED
(D03884954) INNER VISIONS SPIRITUAL LIFE MAINTENANCE, INC. General Info. Amendments Personal Property FORFEITED
(D05051552) INNER VISIONS SPIRITUAL LIFE MAINTENANCE, INC. General Info. Amendments Personal Property REVIVED
(D04537734) INNER VISIONS WORLDWIDE NETWORK, INC. General Info. Amendments Personal Property FORFEITED




Yep, California has a lot of this:  Santa Monica is the home of a lot of stuff like this, which is to say, religions.  Possibly that’s why right-wing religious groups like the “Pacific Justice Institute”  or Initiatives like the “California Healthy Marriage Coalition” love to cut their teeth on the pagans (while continuing to ignore and diminish violence against women and children in their own religious ranks):

The School Rev. Dr. Iyanla (in addition to a law degree earlier) got her Masters from:  http://www.universityofsantamonica.edu/Why_USM/index.aspx shows up as more of a cult.  Which is not to say it’s not a successful business enterprise also; the world is full of this:

Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick

It says:

Right now, more than any time in history, people are evaluating their lives through the filter of these essential questions:

1) Who Am I?
2) What Is My Purpose?
3) How Can I Make a Meaningful Contribution?

For over 30 years, the University of Santa Monica, the Worldwide Center for the Study and Practice of Spiritual Psychology®, has been diligently and lovingly providing innovative Master’s Degree Programs in Spiritual Psychology. The University’s Soul-Centered experiential educational paradigm evokes in students their own answers to these three essential questions resulting in more purposeful and fulfilling lives. Each individual student is recognized, honored, and respected for the Essence of who they truly are.
Spiritual Psychology being a trademarked phrase, however as it turns out the ideas behind it are plagiarized…which is an ancient, though dishonorable practice:
Serial Number Reg. Number Word Mark Check Status Live/Dead
The first three are copyrighted to USM, one in 1985, the others more recently (like, 2009).  If you look at them (please do) — the GOODS & SErVICes pretty well parallel the “TECHNICAL AND TRAINING ASSISTANCE” materials of fatherhood, marriage promotion, abstinence education, violence-prevention, or you name it:  Conducting seminars, workshops, trainings, distributing workbooks certifying trainers, on-line materials etc.  ALl that differs, slightly, is the material running through the pipes.  But the plumbing (the delivery system) is pretty much the same.  With the exception, some have more HHS (getting government grants) clout than others…  But all are Missionary-zealous marketing..
~ ~ ~ ~
Grammatically speaking “who they truly are” IS a person’s essence (Small “e”) and there is not a “who I truly am” outer shell, with a secret kernel even more deep-deep-deeper called “essence.”  I’m talking language.  If who a person “truly is” is not their (smile) essence, then “who they truly are” and “essence” become meaningless as words.  What this (religion) is getting at is we pre-existed as something else, and the “human” part is just clothing. Many religions say this, they are not the first.  what’s different, perhaps, is blending the word “psychology” in.  read on.
The “Essence” of this University is probably its trademarks, and business operations + its religious appeal to the less than traditionally religions = profits (as do the traditionally religious groups also).
Singular subject (“Each individual”, plural noun “they”  while this is common, it’s going to be very commonplace to mix things up in a place called “spiritual psychology” — even the website explaining that also got their facts (i.e., word origins) a little jumbled).  It should’ve been “students are recognized… for the Essence of who THEY” are — but the promo wants to emphasize individuality.  But to do this and have grammar straight, it would have to then read “Each individual student is  recognized…. for the Essence of who he or she truly is.”  In California, especially, saying “he or she” may be too limiting, what about LGBT, cross-dressers, etc?
The website on “What is Spiritual Psychology” is also decides by ignoring the topic of “spirit” and blending it into “psyche.”  From a page defining (the trademarked phrase) “Spiritual Psychology” we can see — as with the National Resource Clearinghouse on Responsible Fatherhood, pay attention! — the use of the phrase being defined in the definition, a.k.a. beating around the bush….. (Circular reasoning):

The Spiritual Dimension of Human Consciousness

If you look up the word “psyche” in the dictionary, you will find “breath, principle of life, Soul.” But if you look up “psychology,” you will find “the science of mind and behavior.”

And if you had any academic background, you’d look at the root word of both, and then the root word of “spirit.” (all these definitions from the same on-line, for what that’s worth):

Origin of PSYCHE

Latin, from Greek psychē soul First Known Use: 1590

Psychology (from the same source, Merriam-webster):
1: the science of mind and behavior
2a : the mental or behavioral characteristics of an individual or group
b : the study of mind and behavior in relation to a particular field of knowledge or activity

New Latin psychologia, from psych- + -logia -logy
First Known Use: 1653

By comparison, “Origin of “SPIRIT”:Middle English, from Anglo-French or Latin; Anglo-French, espirit, spirit, from Latin spiritus, literally, breath, from spirare to blow, breathe
First Known Use: 13th centuryRelated to SPIRITSynonyms: psyche, soul  {{obviously not an exact synonym}}
Antonyms: nonintoxicant

Definition of “spirit”  (there are about 14; these are just a few)

1. an animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms

2: a supernatural being or essence: as
a capitalized : holy spirit
b : soul 2a
c : an often malevolent being that is bodiless but can become visiblespecifically : ghost 2
d : a malevolent being that enters and possesses a human being

3: temper or disposition of mind or outlook especially when vigorous or animated <in high spirits>

4: the immaterial intelligent or sentient part of a person

It’s a matter of words used to describe behaviors, “mind” on one part, and to describe something related to that which gives life, is immaterial, supernatural, or bodiless, on the second part.   It’s impossible to describe either without adopting a worldview or, essentially, framework — and it’s the adoption of this or that framework, which is the act of religion.  I mean, words are symbols anyhow — it’s how they are assembled that creates  some sort of meaning for the speakers and hearers (or, if that’s the intention, hides the meaning).  For example, this “Spiritual psychology” is like trying to blend that which was separated in previous belief systems, and without getting into the history of religion — most religious systems believe in some form of spirit!

The Bible (the book, lit. calling itself the Word of God ) states specifically (Hebrews 4:12 and elsewhere) that spirit and soul (pneuma — obviously related to the word for “breath,” and which is translated “spirit” — pneumonia, etc., and “psuche” for soul, which is in one passage that comes to mind a term for a person lacking “spirit” (meaning lacking holy spirit), i.e., a “Natural” (Psuchikos) individual.   (I Corinthians 2).  Here’s some Greek (click or hover on the words “spiritual” or in the last verse “natural” (Psuchikos).  In this worldview, they are separate.  the phrase “body, soul and spirit” are a phrase in a Pauline epistle.

Maybe this is right, maybe this is wrong — but it is a use of language reflecting a worldview. In this world view, you cant know the things of God without the spirit of god; hence elsewhere (same set of epistles) it talks about “discerning of spirits.”

When you get right down to it, many of the spiritual traditions are going to talk about having an experience of leaving the body behind anyhow….. !  Another way to have such an “experience” comes from severe trauma and shock (i.e., “dissociation”) or mediation, yoga, any number of practices which are designed, or in practice, to provide such a sensation of being “out of one’s body.”   Victims of severe child (and other) abuse can have it, too…

But when it comes to some of this California crowd, they are (as it turns out) quite sensual and material when it comes to basics like money, and sex, i.e., they want it and lots of it, for as low a price (having volunteer followers helps) as possible!

However, the USM website continues, after my rude language lecture pointing out that essentially all this phrase does is blur the boundaries of language.  As it goes with (cults) other boundaries get blurred, too….

Somehow, in the translation from essence to practice, the most important aspect of “psyche” has been lost. At the University of Santa Monica, we recognize our task as reintegrating the spiritual dimension back into the essence of an authentic psychological inquiry.

What is Spiritual Psychology?

Spiritual Psychology is the study and practice of the art and science of human evolution in consciousness. To engage in this genre, we must begin by distinguishing the essence of human evolution—what does it mean to evolve? In short, it means learning how to identify, recognize, and navigate successfully, within the Context of Spiritual Psychology. . . .

Yes (see red, above). Spiritual Psychology is the study and practice of the art and science of human consciousness evolution.  What is evolution?  Forget Darwin — evolution is learning how to frame your identity, recognition and navigation successfully attuned to the North star of Spiritual Psychology — but be aware, we own the trademark to that phrase..  for this, you will need gurus.  Welcome to our “training rooms….”


1) Who Am I?

The University’s Master’s Degree Programs engage students experientially in the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology. This technology empowers you to convert your everyday life experiences into rungs on the ladder of Spiritual Evolution. Classes are conducted in a Soul-Centered educational environment, pioneered by Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick, that acknowledges Spiritual Reality and begins with the recognition that we are not human beings with a Soul; we are Souls having a human experience.

FROM HUFFINGTON POST FEED ON THE DIRECTORS we find a degree in psychology and — surprise — a marriage and family therapist! How many marriage and family therapists are members of cults or religions (probably, most..) Background color more green (HuffPost theme is green):

Please read this ONCE and see if you can tell, by the readthrough — which Dr. got His or Her degrees in what, where?  In other words, see if one read-through lets you tell Ron’s schooling from Mary’s schooling.  It took  me several times.  (Ignore my *1 & *2 til after)

Dr. H. Ronald Hulnick has served as the President of the University of Santa Monica in Santa Monica, Calif., since 1983.{{*1}} He is responsible for directing all aspects of the University’s well-being, {{*2}}including serving as a member of the University Board of Trustees, supervising and directing financial areas such as budget preparation, implementation and evaluation, long-range planning and fundraising, and overseeing all current and proposed university offerings.

Dr. Hulnick holds a Ph.D. in counseling and educational psychology from New Mexico State University and an M.A. in clinical psychology from Long Island University. Licensed in the state of California as a marriage and family therapist, Dr. Hulnick has been in private practice for over 25 years, working with individuals, couples, families and groups.

* * * * *

Dr. Mary R. Hulnick has served as the Chief Academic Officer of the University of Santa Monica since 1981. In this role, she is responsible for all academic matters including curriculum development, academic standards and policy, faculty/student relationships and faculty development at USM. She also has an active role in the University’s Executive Team and provides leadership of staff and faculty in the areas of administrative and executive functioning at the University.

Licensed as a clinical psychologist and as a marriage and family therapist in the state of California, Dr. Hulnick has maintained a private practice for over 25 years, working with individuals, couples, families and groups. Her special emphases and gifts include the areas of spiritual psychology, consciousness counseling, couples counseling, nurturing the divine feminine and answering the call.

Dr. Hulnick holds both a Ph.D. and an M.S. degree in counseling and guidance from Iowa State University. She is a member of Psi Chi, a national honorary psychology fraternity, and Sigma Tau Delta, a national honorary English fraternity. She is a Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Counselors and is also a member of the American Psychological Association

. . . “The University’s Programs in spiritual psychology are offered within the context of soul-centered education, which recognizes spiritual reality and begins with the assertion*4 that rather than human beings who have a soul; we are souls having a human experience. This principle evokes a radical paradigm shift, which results in a psychological and educational process*4 whose goal is to bring forth the beauty, wisdom and compassion inherent in every human being.

In co-creative partnership, Ron and Mary have provided leadership in designing, implementing, and facilitating the University’s Graduate Degree Programs in spiritual psychology; consciousness, health and healing; and soul-centered leadership. They are actively involved in designing programs and seminars for the University, including USM’s Online Classroom.*3

*1{{I’ll look up the corporate side in a bit here}}

*2 “the University’s well-being.”  Cute (they’re spiritual psychologists running a university and are concerned about everyone’s well-being, plus the University’s). {{Would that be the well-being of the Only the Essence of the university, or does it reach further outward into the well-being of Who the university Truly Is?  I mean, it is too a university which pre-existed, but only too physical shape when it got buildings, a website (capital & income), students, and evangelists publicists, an empassioned down-line with missionary zeal graduates?

*3, yes, there is a real beauty wisdom, and compassion in making sure there’s an Online Classroom for the university…

*4 “recognizes spiritual reality and begins with the assertion” {{OK, to recognize a spiritual reality  — implies receiving a revelation, which brings up the question” from who or what?”   to Begin with the assertion — which is entirely different — is to pronounce a creed.  This is the language of religion.  Assertion = “Credo” == take it on faith, but I assert, we assert.  Further down, this post, the co-founder of USM, or at least someone who interviewed and reported on him, details where that person got his revelation from, after being in a long coma and a kidney-stone operation}}….

It’s the language which tells what’s up (in addition to the tax returns, etc.).

Elsewhere on the site,

OK, answers to the Who’s Who quiz:   He is “Dr. Hulnick” — being the head of the household?  Rather than an equality — He’s “Dr. Ron Hulnick” and she’s “Dr. Mary Hulnick” — he gets the main designation (and comes first) and she needs a first name designator.  He’s the boss (see underlined phrases near the top):  like God (?) he oversees, implements and directs all.    His academics (though less than hers) come first, then his work.  Her work comes first, then her degrees AND honors.   He’s New Mexico State and Long Island Univ.  She’s Iowa State (both degrees) and has some honors in various fraternities including an English one — which beats me, as their writing and grammar in the website ain’t that great.

Look again — in his descriptive paragraph, it’s third person.  There is no pronoun designating gender. Readers should automatically know that the man is primary and goes first in any married couple therefore, there’s no need to clarify WHICH “Dr. Hulnick” is referred to up front:

Dr. Hulnick holds a Ph.D. in counseling and educational psychology from New Mexico State University and an M.A. in clinical psychology from Long Island University. Licensed in the state of California as a marriage and family therapist, Dr. Hulnick has been in private practice for over 25 years, working with individuals, couples, families and groups.

They are both into the same field which correlates REALLy well with high pay (at the Ph.D.) and taking referral business from the government (or working in a DHS department).  Counseling, Education, and Psychology.  Further down on the HuffPost article we also notice USM takes advantage of a nearby women’s prison at Chowchilla, reached out to them, wrote it up (filmed) and is making money off the incarcerated women.  That’s nice:

Ron is the founder of USM’s Prison Project, a service project conducted by USM graduates at Valley State Women’s Prison in Chowchilla, Calif. This service project inspired the award-winning documentary “Freedom to Choose,” for which both Ron and Mary served as executive producers. The “Freedom to Choose” documentary won the 2009 Emerging Filmmaker Showcase in the documentary category at the American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival

NOTE:  religions and training groups love captive audiences, whether welfare populations court-ordered to attend trainings (to get Food stamps  in order to eat, or to stay out of prison for nonpayment of child support arrears).  How ironic they both went after a female population of prisoners.  However Ron founded this prison project conducted by the USM students.  I notice also USM degree-holder (graduate) Rev. Dr. Iyanla is also running a prison project in Maryland.


You may notice I like to get at the ‘essence’ of things according to various measurements — including, their corporate status, tax status, grantee or not status, founders, and from that basic diagram — is the organization honest?  Because, how can one be honest and profit from others labors (which being a nonprofit, taking tax-exempt status, or incorporating to take in money and customers as a business, but then failing to play by the rules of incorporation — in essence, failing to account to others who do Not incorporate (or do) in this same system where, to do business IN America, OR in any of its various states and territories, one is supposed to fess up, show up, and pay up, i.e., register your commerce?

(If people do not do this, how can then the US tax the ethical and have a booming narco-dollars business with the unethical?  Sorry, just a comment there… but think about it — we are supporting a huge superstructure of lawyers, courts, jails, courthouses, and other institutions to which judges send people that show up in front of them.  Or, ex parte, don’t.    So, let’s keep it above board, or let’s quit utilizing a system that refuses to play fair!  Or, just call it what it is — BUSINESS, not “Government”!)

Even wikipedia (which notes, “there are issues with this article”) gives some clues:

The University of Santa Monica is a private unaccredited graduate school in Santa Monica, California  offering master’s* of arts in spiritual psychology.

(*that’s a typo, it’s “masters”)

The University was founded in March 1976 by Roger Delano Hinkins, an educator, author and lecturer who is also known as John-Roger and founder of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA). He was joined in 1980 by Dr. H. Ronald Hulnick and Dr. Mary R. Hulnick (former faculty members at New Mexico State University), who shortly thereafter took on the roles and responsibilities as President and Academic Vice President, respectively

Calling it a “university” is EXTREMELY misleading.  It only offers two degrees, apparently, and those degrees allow people fulfils the requirements to register as a California Marriage and Family Therapist in California, it says.  Let’s look at HOW:  Monthly trips (one meeting a month) to the campus for nine months out of the year, and an intensive 5-day practicum! In 2008 (it says), even with this flexible format there were a whopping 500 students.

Re:  The Freedom to Choose project — the idea is not original. It’s based on the (much more respectable) work of Viktor Frankl.   Moreover, they used USM volunteers to do the actual legwork and used the stories of women in prison, then took it and got a Cannes Festival Award:

Forty-six volunteer graduates from USM’s M.A. Program in Spiritual Psychology traveled to this maximum-security women’s prison

I think women in prison’s stories should be told.  I just don’t like cult-like groups that exploit others for profit and fame.

Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process
Organization Name Registration Number Record Type Registration Status City State Registration Type Record Type
UNIVERSITY OF SANTA MONICA Charity Not Registered SANTA MONICA CA Charity Registration Charity

(I clicked on the top row).  Even though this University is “not registered” it tried — in 2012 apparently — to register as a raffle to raise money! resulting in this letter from California Attorney General’s office (Kamala Harris).  I guess they don’t understand what is the Essence of being an Educational Institution..

I did get an EIN# though:   510207234

March 19, 2012



The Application for Registration received for the above organization is being returned for the following reason:

o Educational institutions are not subject to Raffle registration with this office. o Religious institutions are not subject to Raffle registration with this office. o Hospitals are not subject to Raffle registration with this office. o Other:

We are returning your application and check.

Doc CT-702 Raffle App Not Subject


Staff Services Analyst Registry of Charitable Trusts

KAMALA D. HARRIS Attorney General

Their assets are steadily increasing, which would make sense if you are training California Marriage and Family Therapists, and others (same idea) who are becoming successful trainers, marketers, speakers, and referring business back to the home ship.








University of Santa Monica CA 2010 $5,449,910 990 25 51-0207234
University of Santa Monica CA 2009 $4,524,510 990 26 51-0207234
University of Santa Monica CA 2008 $4,265,601 990 20 51-0207234
University of Santa Monica CA 2007 $3,842,953 990 22 51-0207234
University of Santa Monica CA 2006 $3,420,002 990 18 51-0207234
University of Santa Monica CA 2005 $2,928,483 990 18 51-0207234
University of Santa Monica CA 2004 $2,439,851 990 18 51-0207234
University of Santa Monica CA 2003 $2,375,317 990 18 51-0207234
University of Santa Monica CA 2002 $2,235,539 990 17 51-0207234

OK, a quick look.  Ron Hulnick of course is the principal officer (I looked at the top one, for year 2009):

Their tax-exempt purpose is “The study and practice of spiritual psychology including conveying masters and doctoral degrees.”

Again, a 990 is a quick snapshot of what a group does (to the extent it’s reasonably truthful).  I see immediately that the contributions to program service income ratio this year was about 1:6 ($838,116:$4,703,976), and the prior year which was (643,340:4,053,027), which in my pea-sized math brain  see as <1:6 and prior year just >1:6.  However this year their investment income was way down, (29K to 3K, poor investment choices?) as was their “other revenue” (all this is on p.1 of the 990).  As were, come to notice, their grants (from 228K to 70K).  At the same time, their salaries went UP by almost $600K.  The “officers and Key trustees” pages (which are to show WHO, and how much the WHO worked, and were paid, and if they got income from any related organizations) – are completely, completely blank!   However “independent contractor” Leigh Briggin (see above corporate registrations), a CPA, was paid $110,867, and a graphic designer, $106K.  I can see why, given the business it’s in…)

Their $4 million income is tuition, plus they are paid room and board.  But it’s a public service organization anyhow.  Part X (balance sheet) shows $2.9 million invested in “Public traded securities” -which is to say, someone else’s debt — which is why I want to wind up this blog and talk about those matters instead.   … They have also invested (an unusual entry for a 990, but not an unusual investment):   GOLD AND SILVER/ 2,000 SHARES OF VERTEX/ ARTWORK.  (VERTEX is a pharmaceutical — developing small molecule drugs for various diseases including Hep-C)

 Dr. Ron & Dr. Mary each earned $226,615 this particular year.  3 others (including “Brand Director” (Kirk Souder, Education U. Delaware [BS in VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS] and Here, see LInkedIn) and “online director” earned over $100k.  

Take a look — because this TYPE of work is also the TYPE of work that the fatherhood (and other) train ing, advertising, resource centering stuff is also in — only through government.  I think the article has something to say about the world we live in, where USM can be called a “University” although it only has one basic product — qualification as a marriage therapist, a certain religious world view, and a demonstration of how to market niche others’ ideas (USM ideas are not original, just the packaging.  Kirk Souder’s probably are, but I’m talking about, what people do who go through USM):

GMMB Taps Kirk Souder as Exec Creative Director
DC Shops Gain More Visibility in Hot Campaign Season
By: Ira Teinowitz Published: July 10, 2008

WASHINGTON (AdAge.com) — Former Publicis[t] & Hal Riney President-Executive Creative Director Kirk Souder will become executive creative director of Omnicom Group’s GMMB in Washington. It’s yet another sign of increased visibility for Washington shops amid continued strong spending on political and public-policy campaigns.

GMMB is one of the top shops for Democratic candidates. Its partner Jim Margolis is co-head of Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign ad team — a campaign GMMB also buys media for. Since early last year GMMB has bought more than $90 million in media for the Obama campaign.

Kirk Souder

Kirk Souder
GMMB is also handling advertising and media for a number of other high-profile Democratic candidates this year. On the public-policy side, it handles the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Save Darfur Coalition and others. The agency has offices in Washington, Los Angeles and London, and a 200-person staff.

Mr. Souder, 46, is co-founder of Los Angeles agency Ground Zero. He left San Francisco-based Publicis & Hal Riney in 2004 to get a degree in psychology, spend more time with family and consult. He had been based in Los Angeles and most recently consulted for Granite Pass.

He said the new position — he also will be a partner at GMMB — came out of a consulting request from GMMB’s Los Angeles office.

The “alumni association” that registered with California Corporation in 1977 finally got round to registering as a nonprofit association in 1990, per the OAG record, and its EIN# is 95318788.  The latter is showing RRFs (no IRS forms -possibly because the exact same amount, $10,872 — shows for every single year) — but right now I can’t open them, or look at the founding documents, besides, who cares?

OK, were you even just a LITTLE bit curious about “MSIA” and the co-founder of this (weird, and not too bright) “University of Santa Monica” which tried to register as a raffle-raiser for itself?  So was I, and — look, I knew pretty quickly it was a cult, but here’s the rest of the info.  Just for the record Hulnick came along later, from New Mexico (with his wife), right?

The University was founded in March 1976 by Roger Delano Hinkins, an educator, author and lecturer who is also known as John-Roger and founder of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA)

They all like to be “founders.”  So, Roger Delano Hinkins had an alter-ego, or at least alternate name, “John-Roger”

Click on the Logo for the “cult-help” (2nd search result below) and learn why we should shut down the business of  “Licensed Marriage Therapists” until they figure out a definition “too weird for words” and “not close enough for jazz” to screen out the cultists and sex-obsessed, money-embezzling, status-obssed gurus from their practitioners — and see if anything is actually left (which, I doubt there will be, by sheer definition of the field).

Also, by the way, I’m a Mom, and “mother told you so.”  However the other clue is being sensitive to language and having read so many backgrounds of so many of the corporations (and people) in the field, inbetween listening to the nightmare stories of parents trying to get their kids away from them, but unable — because a court order is a court order in family law,


  1. Cult Leader JohnRoger, Who Says He’s Inhabited by a Divine Spirit 

    Sep 26, 1988 – Susan Whitmore finally decided that her guru,JohnRoger, was no man of God the  Los Angeles-based Movementof Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA), denouncing its founder as a fraud.  Born of Mormon parents in a small Utah coal mining town,Roger Delano Hinkins, now J-R, claims that while in a 

  2. JohnRoger Hinkins – Culthelp.info

    JohnRoger Hinkinsfounder of the Church of the Movement ofSpiritual Inner Awareness (M.S.I.A., pronounced “Messiah”) has gotten a lot of bad press lately.

(probably for a good reason):

A Former Member of Eckankar Revisits Eck

Page 3 of 6

JOHN-ROGER HINKINS  (read the interview…hard to put down.  First few paras here are from p.1 and about David Lane, who was being interviewed on Hinckins:.)

. . .At seventeen Lane, who was raised Catholic in the San Fernando Valley, became interested in Radhasoami, a branch of surat shabd yoga founded in India in the nineteenth century. In 1978, after five years of study, he was initiated into Radhasoami in India by the late Maharaj Charan Singh.

In 1977, noting the similarities between Radhasoami and Eckankar, a religious movement founded in San Diego in 1965 by the late Paul Twitchell, Lane wrote a term paper comparing the two for an undergraduate religious studies class at California State University, Northridge. In the course of his research Lane discovered that Twitchell “plagiarized whole chapters from Radhasoami texts, lied about biographical details, and commenced vast cover-ups concerning the true origin of Eckankar’s doctrines.”

I seriously hope readers check this article out, for example, how Twitchell got into the “self-revelation church of absolute monism” (with his wife) while in the Navy, in Washington, D.C., in — 1945; but they were thrown out for personal misconduct (and then divorced).  He also was involved with L.Ron Hubbard, i.e., Scientology.  Must be a lot of this going around….

. In 1942, after a stint in the Navy, Twitchell moved to New York, where he continued his journalism career, attended many churches, and read extensively on spiritual subjects. A job as a correspondent for Our Navy took him to Washington, D.C. in 1945. There he and his first wife, Camille, joined the Self-Revelation Church of Absolute Monism, a system of yoga founded by Swami Premananda. In 1950, the Twitchells moved to the church compounds, but five years later Twitchell was asked to leave the Church for “personal misconduct.” That same year he and his wife separated. Their divorce was finalized in 1960.

After leaving the Self-Revelation Church, Twitchell dove into the Radhasoami movement. Radhasoami is a yogic teaching which, according to Lane, “is designed to enable the soul or consciousness to ascend beyond the physical body to higher spiritual regions by means of an internal sound or life current.” Central to the teachings of Radhasoami, continues Lane, “is the necessity of a living human master competent in initiating disciples into the practice and technique of listening to the inner sound, contemplating the inner light, and leaving the human body at will.” The Indian guru, Kirpal Singh, figures prominently in Twitchell’s early writing. Eight years later he broke with Kirpal Singh and thereafter denied any involvement with him. In the late fifties Twitchell also became a staff member of L. Ron Hubbard’s Church of Scientology, another association that would later be denied.

Like I keep saying, many groups / cults are simply plagiarizing or at least borrowing and repackaging ideas, which works until people figure out where they come from.  However, exposing this can be risky; read on…. (lawsuits, death threats, etc.)  Notice — at USM, at least, what they are selling is “Love.”

I wonder how and when Hulnick(s) hooked up with Hinckins to either take over, or redeem the cause from the damage done by this young (at the time 20), disillusioned researcher (who, it notes later, came from a family of attorneys and didn’t intimidate too easy)….

At Hillcrest’s Espresso Roma Cafe, Lane confides, “The people who scare me are John-Roger’s people, not Eckankar’s.” John-Roger Hinkins, founder of the Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (M.S.I.A., pronounced “Messiah”) has gotten a lot of bad press lately. Last year former cult member Peter McWilliams published a scathing tell-all, Life 102: What to Do When Your Guru Sues You, November’s Vanity Fairlinked Arianna Huffington’s allegiance to M.S.I.A.** to her husband’s unsuccessful Senate campaign, and the March issue of Playboy ran a detailed exposé. But Lane had the jump on all of them when back in 1984 he wrote, “The J.R. Controversy: A Critical Analysis of John-Roger Hinkins and M.S.I.A.”

 (which possibly explains why the Hulnicks (see bio above, green/gold background) got a spot on the Huffington Post with web feed.  Not everyone does, and I’ve seen some censorship)….

Lane pays for my coffee and his Coke, and we sit down at a small dark table. The walls are covered with Andrea Zuill’s dramatically lit oil paintings of monstrous chalky-fleshed zombies. I imagine them as the tormented souls of all the cultists who have lost their faith because of Lane. “John-Roger was a follower of Eckankar,” begins Lane. “In ’68 he was a ‘convener,’ which means he held ECK satsangs [classes] in his home in Rosemead, California.

Notice on the 990 for USM there’s an expense category for “Training” and “Training Room…”

After a year or so, he branched off and started his own group, M.S.I.A., claiming that in 1963 he had a kidney stone operation and that after nine days of being in a coma he had been commissioned to be the Mystical Traveler Consciousness.” At first Hinkins thought it was the legendary Rebazar Tarzs who came to him on the inner planes and passed on the “keys” to the Kingdom, but, later, after seeing a photo of Radhasoami guru Sawan Singh, Hinkins decided that it was really Sawan Singh who had given him the mantleship.

Just a reminder, he was raised Mormon….

Browsing in a bookstore, Lane stumbled upon one of John-Roger’s books and noticed it was a “rip-off” of Eckankar. “You can imagine how I felt,” exclaims Lane. “This was in ’76 or ’77, and I was twenty years old, so it’s like All the President’s Men. I wrote to him, and he wrote a real nice letter back, saying that we should get together and talk. This guy’s pretty smart, because he knows that if he pays attention to me, that’s a good way of buying me off, so he can spin-doctor my research. He invited me to his house in Mandeville Canyon, a beautiful house, a mansion. I should have been suspicious because there were really good looking guys all over the compound, washing his car in short-shorts. I was very naive. The minute he saw me he canceled all of his appointments and spent six hours with me.” Lane leans across the table towards me and grins. “I never thought he was gay until everybody said, ‘Hello-o, looks like he likes you a little too much, Dave.’ One of his major disciples, Victor Toso, later revealed that he had kind of a quasi-crush on me…

. . .A friend of mine calls him the Divine Rump Ranger.”

I kind of knew he was a fraud, but at the time he was being nice to me so I wasn’t in the mood to expose him. Well, the upshot of it is, we were friendly for five years, and then in 1983 four of his closest disciples defected. They knew what I had done with Eckankar, and they thought, ‘Well he can do this with J.R. ‘ So there was a secret meeting in a Santa Monica condominium with these defectors. Very top secret, for they were really scared of upsetting John-Roger. I taped them for five hours.” The accusations leveled against Hinkins included embezzling money, plagiarizing from the teachings of Paul Twitchell and others, skirting zoning laws, illegally obtaining airfare discounts, setting up tape recorders throughout his house to obtain information that he would later use to appear psychic, and sexual misconduct.

Cute.  And USM is still training marriage therapists? Again, this is anecdotal information, but, hey — here’s that Anecdote.  Note the comment that J.R. wasn’t too smart at covering his tracks, but went for the smear campaign, and at least tried…

After the secret meeting, Lane phoned Hinkins to ask him about these charges. “He went nuts. The courtship was over. Man, it was a nasty conversation. I told him I didn’t plan to write about him, but he started to send out smear letters around the country, saying that I was a gay FBI agent in San Diego, that I had researchers working for me that I wasn’t paying. Some letters contained death threats against me and my informants. In one he refers to me as ‘Lane the widower‘. So then I wrote “The J.R. Controversy” for a new journal called Understanding Cults. When it came out I got a twenty-five page letter from a group in Wilshire called the Coalition for Civil and Spiritual Freedom. It never existed. It was a P.O. Box with John-Roger’s own name signed to it.”

USM I read is about 15 miles from Los Angeles, in fact “wilshire boulevard” keeps coming up when I look up corporations.

Four or five months later, on October 5, 1984, Lane’s apartment in Del Mar was broken into. . . .  (etc.)

(ALL THIS IS:   “Copyright © 1995-2012 Cult Awareness and Information Centre. Yada yada yada.”)

Here is another source, i.e., Wikipedia.  This appears to be one surefire cult with the corresponding behaviors.  ANOTHER reason we don’t want its graduates coaching our kids!

Accusations of cultism, criminal conduct and abuse

In the 1980s and early 1990s, several former members of MSIA accused Hinkins of various crimes and abuses, including high-tech charlatanism, the sexual coercion of young male staffers, brainwashing and intimidation, andplagiarism. These allegations, as well as the revelation of the high-profile Ariana Huffington‘s association with the group, led to a series of investigations by publications such as PeoplePlayboy, the Los Angeles Times and Vanity Fair. MSIA began to be referred to by some elements of the media as a cult.[2] Cult expert and psychologist Steven Hassan, when asked by ABC News Nightline‘s Ted Koppel if MSIA qualified as a cult, responded:

“In my professional opinion it does. It’s a pyramid-structured authoritarian regime that uses deception in recruitment and mind control techniques to keep people dependent and obedient. People are instilled with phobias that if they ever question John-Roger or if they ever leave the group terrible things will happen to them.” [26]


Dissidents in the organization say Hinkins employed covert listening devices at MSIA’s Santa Monica headquarters to support his claim of possessing extrasensory perception. One disenchanted member claimed “What people thought was J-R’s clairvoyance was just his cunning and deceitful information gathering.”[8]

Sexual coercion

Susan and Wendell Whitmore, who joined MSIA in the early ’70s, finally decided to leave MSIA in 1983 after several male staff members confessed during an informal group discussion that Hinkins had used spiritual threats and promises to coerce them in to having sex with him. The Whitmores claim that MSIA members had been led to believe that Hinkins had taken a vow of celibacy, and therefore did not question the series of attractive young men that stayed in his house. “He always had someone sleeping in his bedroom at night, supposedly to protect his body while he was out of it,” says Whitmore.[8] Former MSIA members charge that staffers who submitted to their leader’s sexual advances were promoted to positions of authority and were praised by Hinkins for their spiritual qualities. Ex-MSIA member Victor Toso, said that although he was not homosexual, he consented to Hinkins’s requests for sex because he feared being expelled from the MSIA staff. “Whenever we fell out of line, having another sexual encounter with him was sort of required to seal us back in the brotherhood,” said Toso.[8]Mhr />


Wesley Whitmore, Wendell’s twin brother and also former MSIA staffer, recalls that in “contrast to his public behavior, Hinkins in private was often angry, vindictive and bizarre, occasionally shouting that he was under attack from negative forces.” He and his wife said that their devotion to Hinkins kept them from addressing these issues.[27]According to Susan Whitmore, MSIA defectors hesitated to challenge Hinkins publicly even after leaving the movement “because we were made to be afraid.” She claims that Hinkins would declare that people who questioned him had placed themselves “under the Kal (a devil-like spirit) power and its field of negativity, known as the Red Monk,” and would essentially be warning that members who associated with defectors risked spiritual disaster. Whitmore alleges that one woman was told she had had a miscarriage because she had hugged one of the defectors.[27]

The Whitmores also claim that after they left MSIA, their cars were vandalized, they received obscene letters accusing them of homosexuality, and phone calls in which threats were made on their lives. Similarly, Eve Cohen, the daughter of ex-MSIA ministers Matthew and Ellen Cohen, and at the time a teenager, received a letter graphically alleging that her father had had sexual acts with other men. The letter claimed to be from a friend of Eve’s in Los Angeles.[8]

Religion academic and writer David C. Lane claims that in the fall of 1983, after he called Hinkins, who at that time he considered to be a friend, to get his response to the allegations of plagiarism, sexual manipulation, and charlatanism that had been raised by other friends, he was subjected to a series of threats, including several made against his life and the lives of his friends/informants. His home was subsequently ransacked and a number of his research files were stolen. He claims that documentary evidence implicates John-Roger with the robbery, as well as with implementing a smear campaign including threats against Lane and other of his critics. This included setting up a front organization called the “Coalition for Civil and Spiritual Rights”, an act which was eventually traced directly back to Hinkins.[28]

I realize this is Wikipedia, but you can see traces of Scientology behavior, Opus Dei (see ODAN.org), and basically any personality cult.  Good luck getting out.

And here’s from Prison Planet — it’s showing Huffington Family background, and (scroll down) gets later to MSIA.  Arianna & Michael Huffington’s background is interesting enough if you wondered what the just-too-wealthy do, this is as good a diagram as many… (Huffington family is Texas Oil, there’s Harvard in their, California Politics, etc.)

Well, this could go on, and on, and on .   . . . . .

Now, I have a question — if some of those allegations (or any of them) are true, then why has not Dr. Iyanla disavowed them, or separated herself from this?  In fact, very many successful and famous people seem to have been involved.  Did Arianna Huffington divorce herself from M.S.I.A. yet?

How about Kirk Souder (above).  Isn’t it reassuring to know that someone who went through this training is helping with the Obama media campaign through GMBB, or whatever agency, as we speak?  After having received $109 or so K as Brand Consultant (per the USM tax returns) . . . . Good money in branding a product, right?  BIG money….

From near the top of this post, again — now that we have the sense of the USM and the Masters of Spiritual Psychology — compare the language — and unlike, perhaps John-Roger Hinkins, assuming this woman’s biography is true (I have no reason to believe it’s not), we see a little girl, born in a taxi-cab, abandoned, raped by her uncle starting at nine, got married too early, married an abuser, got out, one of her own daughters also got pregnant at age 16, she got through school (looks like this woman has always been on her own) tried being an attorney, found her own training welfare mothers, got trained at this university also, got published starting in 1988, and is now successful.  She found her muse somewhere for sure — what year did the masters in spiritual psychology show up?

And (as to USM), what year did Hulnicks come in and start, if they did, cleaning up the mess of John-Roger Hinckins?  (note who holds the trademark — the USM.  Who runs the USM?  Well, I see who’s on the Board of Directors).  Their background ALL of them (incl. Hinckins) is in psychology and counseling.

They need people to train!  The training is to re-align the mindset.  The sense of power from this profession comes specifically from getting others to change, a.k.a one form or another of indoctrination. Or, if you will “transformation,” but whether it’s Pepperdine University or USM (both in Southern, Cal), I call it the desire to control others and get them to see life your way.  For pay and internet definitely helps spread the word.   Trademarking helps too no doubt.


Here’s a person who has mastered the speaking, training, website, teaching, and networking/certification field very well, in addition to having the compelling content story (which some groups don’t), she can speak with authority on what she has lived; but her breakthrough wasn’t even becoming an attorney — but connection with, actually, what later multiplied and expanded this model, with TANF — training welfare mothers:

As the Chief Executive Officer of Inner Visions Worldwide, Inc. Spiritual Life Maintenance Center in Silver Spring, MD, Vanzant conducts workshops and classes and coordinates a correspondence prison ministry with more than 3,500 incarcerated members in over 150 penal institutions nationwide. In October 2000, Iyanla headed the faculty of the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development, offering a two-year certification program in Spiritual Counseling and Life Coaching, based on the principles covered in her best selling books


Ronald Hulnick is the founder of USM’s Freedom to Choose Prison Project, a service project conducted by USM graduates at Valley State Prison for Women in Chowchilla, California. The USM Prison Project is the original Freedom to Choose workshop[citation needed] and is supported by USM faculty and a group of volunteers. The name of the workshop, “Freedom to Choose,” is derived from the work of Viktor Frankl, who was a psychologist interred in a concentration camp during World War II. Founded in 2004 by Ron Hulnick, it is co-facilitated by Drs. David and Bonnie Paul. In 2005, the USM Prison Project was nominated for a national award recognizing excellence in prison reform programs.[9]

This service project inspired the documentary film Freedom to Choose. The USM documentary highlights the story of the Freedom to Choose Workshop that was provided to over 160 inmates at Valley State Prison for Women in March 2007. Forty-six volunteer graduates from USM’s M.A. Program in Spiritual Psychology traveled to this maximum-security women’s prison.[9]

FREEDOM TO CHOOSE, per Dr. Bonnie Paul’s faculty website consisted of teaching Spiritual Psychology to the (captive audience).  Her profile here, note the background isn’t in even chrono order:  Belly Dance (since 1994), Clinical Hypnotherapist.  Her undergraduate degree was in Computer Science.  The Ph.D. in Psychology came after going through the cult-training in 2000 (look at the years).  I’ll put 1989 at the top:

Dr. Paul’s background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from California State University at Northridge in 1989.

. . .Dr. Paul and her husband also co-facilitate USM’s Couples and Singles Workshops with Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick.Dr. Paul earned her Ph.D. in Psychology at <a title=”Saybrook was founded on a fundamental humanistic belief, that human consciousness at an individual and societal level is a work in progress, for which each person is responsible. The concept is the ethical, pedagogical, and disciplinary foundation of the school’s programs. [edit]History

Saybrook traces its origins to a 1964 conference at Old Saybrook, Connecticut. The event helped establish humanistic psychology as a movement embraced by scholars from a variety of disciplines, including Rollo May, Clark Moustakas and James Bugental. The humanistic movement in psychology became a response to mainstream psychology’s perceived lack of interest or involvement in human centered treatment and therapy, as well as a critique of the standard psychological practices of that time.

In 1969, Dr. Eleanor Criswell, a professor at California State University, Sonoma, proposed that an educational program be established to provide an innovative, learner-centered, and rigorous educational environment devoted to humanistic psychology and research. Led by Dr. Criswell and pioneer somatics researcher Dr. Thomas Hanna under the name The Humanistic Psychology Institute, the school began by offering graduate courses in humanistic psychology. In 1971, a master’s program was added, and a doctoral program in 1972.

Based on the humanistic tradition, Saybrook has evolved as a ‘learner-centered’ educational environment. In honor of the 1964 Connecticut conference, the school changed its name to Saybrook Institute. Founders who remained with the Institute included Old Saybrook conference participants Rollo May, Clark Moustakas, and James Bugental, all of whom served as members of the Saybrook faculty.” Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center in 2006.  Her doctoral research focused on the expressive arts and the healing benefits of belly dance.

One of her candidacy essays was nominated for the Outstanding Essay Award.  Dr. Paul received her M.A. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in 2000.  She also holds certificates of completion in two additional programs from the University of Santa Monica:  Consciousness, Health, and Healing in 2002 and Soul-Centered Leadership in 2005.

Saybrook is at least accredited.  It was founded in 1971, distance learning (500+ students), no undergraduate (I’m not sure if it actually has a campus), it was the outgrowth of a discontent with mainstream psychology; they wanted “humanistic psychology.”  747 Front Street, San Francisco. In case you think California is breeding all of this — we aren’t.  They just end up here, probably because of the weather.  Of the people profiled above, Hinckins was from Utah, looks like the Mrs. Dr. Hulnick, attended school at Iowa State; Hulnick — Long Island and New Mexico, then california; and this Saybrook meeting was from Connecticut.  The work Hinckins plagiarized (Was it “twitchell?”) Twitchell was from Kentucky, but he got into the (alternative religions) in Washington, D.C.

Like I say, we don’t breed them all, they just come here.   Has aspects of personality (the Humanistic often seems to include obsession with a certain founding “human.”  Rollo May was one of these).

Entity Number: C0626064
Date Filed: 06/09/1971
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 747 FRONT ST 3RD FL
Entity City, State, Zip: SAN FRANCISCO CA 94111
Agent for Service of Process: MARK SCHULMAN
Agent Address: 747 FRONT ST 3RD FL
Agent City, State, Zip: SAN FRANCISCO CA 94111

I don’t know which of the below are related to saybrook and right now, don’t care….


They’re into “Mind-Body Medicine” — and the Learning Model (of course) entails contact with the Guru:  They offer two degrees (MS, Ph.D.) and a Certificate program:

Printer Friendly VersionOur programs connect you directly with Dr. Gordon and other leaders in the field and provide you with intensive training in tested and proven approaches and techniques in evidence based mind-body medicine and nutrition.You’ll learn how to apply these approaches and techniques in your own life and practice, giving you the professional training that you need. Our faculty works closely with you to develop programs that best meet the needs you see in your communities.

A majority of coursework is conducted online and at a distance:  all courses include weekly web-based activity and monthly video conferences for students and faculty.

Each semester includes two eight week terms. At the beginning of each semester students must attend at least one Residential Conference (offered in San Francisco and/or Washington D.C.) in order to work in-person with faculty and fellow students, and receive hands-on training.    {{i.e., you only need show up in your Physical body once every four months}}

Sample course description, MBM5625:

Intermediate Training and Education in Hypnosis

This course provides students with an advanced skill-set to con- duct advanced hypnotic interventions, along with additional knowledge about hypnotic concepts and approaches. In addition, the student develops a sophisticated ability to learn and assess new applications of hypnosis to common medical and behavioral disorders. This course provides students with an intermediate level of understanding helpful for engaging in hypnosis-based clinical practice and hypnosis-oriented research in integrative health. This course introduces more challenging trance induction protocols, trance deepening techniques, and uses of post- hypnotic suggestion. In addition, the students learn specific approaches and techniques for a number of advanced application areas, including: 1. pain management, 2. treatment of anxiety disorders, 3. habit change protocols, 4. weight management, and 5. ego strengthening hypnotic interventions. Additionally, the course reviews scientific approaches to investigating hypnotic phenomena, trains students to implement a widely accepted measure of hypnotic susceptibility, and {{LAST BUT NOT LEAST, “ETHICS” ARE DISCUSSED!}} engages the student in discussion of ethical and appropriate uses of hypnotic techniques. Students completing this intermediate training sequence are equipped to utilize applied hypnosis skills in the course of any therapeutic process, for which he or she is currently licensed. In this course, the student completes 20 hours of intermediate didactic education and 6 hours of 2 additional clinical consultation qualifying toward eventual certification in clinical hypnosis by the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis. (Completion of the basic and intermediate levels of training provides a total of 40 hours of didactic education and 10 hours of clinical consulta- tion.) 3.0 credits.

Offered SP – Term A. Course Length: 8 Weeks. RC Required (3 days: January 17-19, 2013). Prerequisite: 5620. Relevant Learning Outcomes: 2.3, 2.4, 5.1, 6.1.

How do students engaged in ethical discussions aren’t being hypnotically induced by their more advanced trainers?   I only mention this because somethings things go wrong . . . . .

BACK TO THE BEGINNING — a few brief definitions (mine) — written before I knew better:



What it says in “Who We Are:”

Who are we?The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse is an Office of Family Assistance (OFA) funded national resource for fathers, practitioners, programs/Federal grantees, states, and the public at-large who are serving or interested in supporting strong fathers and families.

Since when (even in 9th-12th grade English) does using the vague word “resource” to define what a “clearinghouse” is make any sense?  what is it — a government agency?  A corporation?  A nonprofit? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, Superman?  In economic terms AND legal/commercial terms, show me the staff, the money, the etc…..


  • web and private-association or other network-based.
  • Strategizing can happen outside state lines and then be implemented locally through a chosen front man, or task force.  Often these people are civil servants (judges, legislators, human resource department heads, etc.) and it helps to throw in a professor or two.
  • Most people thinking locally are not watching nationally, they’re in survival & entertainment mode, and can’t possibly track all the national associations going on, several of whom we will associate with.
  • National is better.  In many ways, it’s more private, and it sounds authoritative.  Despite Hollywood and the 1960s & 70s nightmare, when African-Americans, women, and students almost got completely out of control, the fact is, Americans LOVE authority figures; they are fairly well trained.

RESPONSIBLE:  translation:  Ir-responsible.   

  • I can almost hear the NFI prominent thinkers, brainstorming:  “Doesn’t that sound great?”
    • per Liz Richards (and her 6/2010 testimony about this is on-line at the House Ways & Means subcommittee meeting when they were advocating to renew the (pause for a breath…) “Julia Carson Responsible Fatherhood” (funding…..)…  She claimed that the word “responsible” was used to distinguish the good-guys from those in-your-face hatemongers who put together the “fatherhoodmanifesto” where you can tell up front they hate almost everyone, (except their kind) based on gender, color, religion (i.e., Jews) etc.
  • But let’s not forget — this is an ad campaign.  what are campaigns generally used for?  Spin, right?  (You’re in it!)
  • (By definition it means the clearinghouse is not for IR-responsible fatherhood.  Who would sponsor that voluntarily?)
  • To summarize:  “RESPONSIBLE” does really, literally mean “ir-responsible.”  If it weren’t IRresponsible, no one would need to make such a deal bout the “responsible” part.  That’s just PR.  Take a close look at this movement, and one thing will become immediately clear — NO ONE is responsible, really, once those grants start flowing. Moreover, once they do, no IRresponsible Dads are going to be held fully responsible for criminal activity towards spouse or children.  This is the escape hatch — treatment plans and classes….

CLEARINGHOUSE:  translation:  Technically Assisted Website.

  • Press release.   Censorship by Failure-To-Mention (alternate interpretations, the other side of the coin)
  • CENSOrSHIP, period.   Also implicit in the word “clearinghouse” is that if it doesn’t clear the editorial staff — like if it talks about the ownership, the management, and the funding in a POSITiVE way, it might get the “David Lane” treatment (i.e., we are talking a cult here).  First, no goodies for you.  But if that’s not good enough, there’s enough collective clout in this movement to shut up individuals who disagree.  UNLESS they get organized pretty d@mn soon to pull the plug on its $$$….
  • Information Dispensary to help encourage more nonprofits we won’t track to get more money.
  • “If you copy (“walk like this,”) chances are MUCH better of staying on track for a few years of a few hundred (or maybe a few million) of free HHS (etc.) grants money.g  Make sure to kick some $$, business and/or press back towards your handlers.

That’s my take on the meaning of the words in there.  Part of the ongoing “english-to-english” guide to governmentese…

Check it out: (the bullets appear horizontally links across the top of the page)

However, that clearing house is actually seen at ‘FATHERHOOD.gov” and here’s what that site
says about the funding:
Now again — does anyone see on here (if you find it, please contact me through the comments field) where Ms. Ballard fits into this as “executive director”?  Is she a government employee, or is this happening through the nonprofit “WIFI, Inc.” and visible on one of its tax returns?

Charter Search Results for: WOMEN IN FATHERHOOD

(Dept. ID) Entity Name Entity Detail Status
(D12220018) WOMEN IN FATHERHOOD, INC. General Info. Amendments Personal Property INCORPORATED
this is a NEW nonprofit, relatively:
Description Date Filed Time Film Folio Pages View Document Order Copies
ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION 11/07/2007 08:46-AM 0003 View Image

Principal Office (Current):
Resident Agent (Current):
Good Standing: Yes      What does it mean when a business is not in good standing or forfeited?
Business Code: Ordinary Business – Non-stock
Date of Formation or Registration: 11/07/2007
State of Formation: MD
Stock/Nonstock: Non-Stock
Close/Not Close: Not Close
It’s an extremely simple matter to incorporate.  this is about 3pp, lists the four original incorporators (and an address), there’s a receipt of the filing fees (including expedited) – total only $212 (not much considering who’s on the board and their existing backgrounds) — and an unsual part, I thought:
if it’s dissolved, the assets to go a particular nonprofit: the “Center for Fathers, Family and Workforce Development” which it asserts is a nonprofit.

To search for a Maryland Nonprofit:

I just searched “fatherhood.” Apparently WIFI has a low enough profile not to show up (but NFI does) and then I searched “fathers” which you should, too.  There are several (like about 3) closed — which are specifically to this field, or are under $25K and so don’t have to file.  I found this one, well, “interesting”  — note amount (and I’ve seen the website before, check it out):
14 records match your request.

Center for Urban Families Inc.

Victor Valentine,3002 Druid Park Drive ,Baltimore,MD 21215 (Baltimore County) Phone (410) 367-5691
Disclaimer – This organization is not in compliance with the Maryland Solicitation Act Because the ogranization has not submitted the information to maintain its registration.
Income Expenses
Charitable Contributions: $10,784,541.00 Charitable Program: $2,049,742.00
Total Income: $11,123,876.00 Management & General Expenses: $731,427.00
Fund Raising Expenses: $0.00
Total: Fundraising & Mgt Expenses: $731,427.00(7%)
Percentage denotes amount of money spent on management and fund-raising for reporting year. Financial figures were obtained from organization’s IRS 990 report.
Year Represented: 2007 Uses a Paid Fundraiser: No
Purpose: Facilitating responsible fathering through training & assistance for low-income, never married, non-custodial fathers from fragile.
Does it look like this organization shut down business just because it’s “not in compliance”??

Practitioners Leadership Institute:Training & Technical Assistance

Built from CFUF’s 10+ year history of providing subject matter expertise and training to community and agency based practitioners devoted to strengthening urban communities through work with low-income fathers and families, CFUF has partnered with the Open Society Foundations {{FYI, that’s SOROS.org, where Claudine (NCMBTS) found the Wifi campaign also up and going, above}} to formally establish the CFUF Practitioners’ Leadership Institute (PLI).

Launched in 2011, the PLI is a national initiative designed to build the capacity of and serve as a replication model for community and faith-based organizations, government agencies and other institutions engaged in efforts to structure, implement, and/or manage high-quality Responsible Fatherhood and Family Strengthening programs. Organizations served by the PLI access best practices, tools and strategies for program success; connect with like-minded organizations and trailblazers in the field; and, build organizational strength through hands-on mentorship and coaching provided by seasoned practitioners.

Contact Us

2201 North Monroe St
Baltimore, MD 21217

Donate Now | About Us | Programs | Calendar | Contact Us | Site Map

© 2011 CFUF. All rights reserved.
Site by MOS Creative

SO — the state of Maryland Attorney General says the organization is not Kosher, but a probably sizeable organization, “Open Society” (soros) says it is. So, who has the most clout — and who cares?

Well, it’s late, I’m tired, and that’s enough! What do you think?

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  1. interesting to note on her bio that she is married to the father of the fatherhood movement? I thought Richard Gardner got that credit? And oddly when I ran a search on corporation wiki on him, nothing turned up– (Charles Ballard). jan Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 03:55:46 +0000 To: janpittard@live.com


    October 10, 2012 at 10:34 pm

    • Well, I was looking at TAGGS and looking at series of grants recipients. It becomes clear over some time who are the repeat grantees.

      Start at the top and look down. TAGGS, wherever. These guys have been running training institutes on fatherhood, and dealing out grants (plenty in texas) for years.

      You’re thinking “Gardner” because people have pushed that, in order to distract from the more relevant (and current) situation, i.e., the AFCC, CRC, NACC (various nonprofits) and the CFCC (Centers for Families & Children in the Courts) being set up here and there, the effort towards “unified family courts” so they can do dependency law blended into custody, the pushing of parent coordination (which is a PAS promotion tool as well) and much, much more.

      Pay attention to the people who started this stuff — they’re still around (many of them) and the groups they started.

      A wiki search is based on the Sec. of States, but many of the groups aren’t filing properly with the Sec of State, state charities, or some, even filing their 990s — so how would those be found?

      Again, I’m blogging to publicize this because no one did it for me. I, as an individual, only knew about what I found on-line — and that was the usual nonprofits that did nothing to tell me what might have averted the custody switch, and gave zero leverage to me as a mother.

      My most valuable learning came after on-line distribution lists (support groups) and I parted paths.

      Be aware of people & groups, but it’s always patterns and systems to watch. However, when you get a cult leader or gurus that start propagating and reproducing — which is done via internet, conferences, training, etc. — then watch out.

      FYI, the intentional creation of conflict is in order to change the system (i.e., like starting a fight between cats and dogs, or cock-fighting.) The thing to watch is who’s on the sidelines betting on the outcome, or changing the odds.

      Let's Get Honest

      October 11, 2012 at 8:19 am

  2. to much information kills message. im not that bright could you break this down and simplify it 4 me? i have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Ballard and am confused, are you in any way suggesting that he is in a cult or running one? and who is this (J.r.) guy and whats the connection between him and Ballard?

    Chad Hubbard

    October 16, 2014 at 7:08 pm

    • This post is two years old (10/10/2012), let me review it before specific answer. Anything below is a general response. Confusion usually means there’s some information which contradicts your understanding and takes effort to look closer to understand. The “What’s that?” means, time to find out. That’s what I had to do….so thanks for asking.
      See “Let’s Get Honest” comments on Fearlessfathers.wordpress.com, “Hocus Pocussing Fathers in the Market of Supervised Visitations.” which is a Sept. 2008 post. I talk about the clearinghouse and other links, it may explain the context.
      I am not too active on this blog right now; the personal (legal) situation has been heating up, and as a parent, even though my children are young adults now, that takes priority. Maybe a quick post might break it down again (comments aren’t the best way to demonstrate or show anything).
      I was also confused about the courts until I started looking at the financing — the relationship between our federal budget (including welfare and child support issues) and the family courts. Anyone might be without an awareness how large an influence it is to have federal grants to corporations and to states which are ongoing, are large and are given to support organizations, or court functions, to influence family court issues (custody and visitation, child support, domestic violence) OUTCOMES. We naturally want to think that the courts should decide cases based on the facts of those cases — locally. But they don’t, there is an entire extended network of influences on how decisions are made. This influence is intentional, and it is not made where both parents are aware at any point in time of SYSTEM influences outside the courtrooms are affecting whether or not they get to see their own children grow up or not. My blog reports on many of those influences, including fatherhood corporations and also domestic violence corporations.
      I don’t want to overload this comment or say more until I look at that post again. Meanwhile, there are sidebars on my blog and a table of contents which may also help.
      – – – – –
      Very bright people also don’t “get” what’s going on, because they are not looking at the grants and the corporations.
      Corporations have rules to comply with — and that’s staying registered in their home state and any other state where they do business. What’s more, corporations register as stock or nonstock (for profit or not-for-profit) which affects what taxes they have to pay on their profits. When they are required to file public tax returns and annual reports (to stay registered), the public can look at whether they have, and what’s on those tax returns.

      Corporations that do not do this properly — and that’s MANY of them — are dishonest and possibly cheating the public. They may have personable and friendly people leading them, but if the corporation under which they are doing business is cheating the public by not staying incorporated, and not showing their tax returns where they’re supposed to, public money (federal grants, from the U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) or Department of Justice (DOJ), etc., may very well be poured into private pockets, go missing, and missing money can easily be used for kickbacks or any improper, including illegal, purpose.


      . . . . . .

      Let's Get Honest

      October 17, 2014 at 9:53 am

    • (2nd reply after looking at the post). No, I am not saying connection between Ballard and J.R. (John-Roger).

      I was looking at the Ballard’s organization, which (fine print) led to nonprofit CA-FAM III and under it, “ROMROS” (Reach our Men Reach our Sons) which is a Coalition with members (members, organizations) and from there to Iyanla Vanzant’s Innervisions. Iyanla Vanzant being a graduate of Santa Monica University, I looked that up — and that’s where J.R. comes in, as this “Santa Monica University” was founded by two of his converts, the Hulnicks, and I can safely say that’s a cult, roughly speaking, “new-age.”
      – – – – – – – – –
      I live in (but am not from) California, and this was interesting to me, as there’s a lot of it going around.

      I also see this post was written before I learned how to put a border around those quotes, like corporate registrations. I’ll be back. In the broader sense, yes, I do consider the fatherhood movement, in general, to resemble a cult in function, but that can’t be understood without some definition of “cult” and some definition of what it is, actually, this movement is doing with public funds and why groups which don’t stay accountable are getting rewarded with sometimes thousands, sometimes millions of dollars anyhow. What I’ve seen in the past two years is shocking, along those lines. I wish more people would pay attention.

      Let's Get Honest

      October 17, 2014 at 11:19 am

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