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Technical Assistance and Training = Silencing Mothers’ Voices, Taking their Money…

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[post is about 11,000 words long.
I am showing many TA&T [Technical Assistance and Training] programs and their relationships, although my interest in Battered Women’s Justice Project (BWJP) stems from their recent collaborations with (instead of confrontation of) “AFCC” and drawing upon public funding (HHS grants) to do their analyses.  It’s pretty obvious that the organizations writing up the projects/situation/subject matter are not going to BE the subject matter — and if so, it will be self-description.
My takeaway is, the better way to describe “the situation” is corporate economic viewpoint.   I use corporate lookups, tax return lookups, sometimes grants lookups to describe (and compare to) any organization’s self-description on its colorful, hyperlinked, “Donate Here” websites.  
I also  try to remember which nonprofits have spun off earlier ones that made a name and got the grants.
In that regard, Technical Assistance =  Propaganda Promotion, even if the topic they are writing about is or was indeed legitimate; to dominate the field by the internet, conferences, training, federal funding, and nonprofit status — is to exclude the clientele’s voices as an equally relevant viewpoint.
It should be remembered that several of these organizations got their start in the 1980s, before (really) the Internet Revolution got underway.  However now that it is, business just got easier, and for individual victims of (for example) battering or abusive control — who are often fighting for sheer access to an internet (i.e., isolation is a factor in controlling others) — to expect to keep up with the rapid expansion of certain viewpoints (which are good for sales, if not necessarily good for actually stopping violence against women, or promoting responsible fatherhood EITHER) — is, well unreal.
The only way to even the playing field (being outnumbered and out financed, and less well organized) is to, I hope others also will, EXPOSE the circumstances, and then demand that certain programs be DEFUNDED (they are not reducing “roadkill” they are simply spawning more proselytes and building professional conferencer-careers) –and the organizations pay their own way through life.
When it comes to ECONOMIC control, the United States (obviously) has collective wealth beyond individuals — but I suggest addressing this issue sooner rather than later, anyhow.  TAKE A LOOK!  No matter where one digs in, similar behaviors will prevail; this is as good an entry point as any….]



This website has changed, and no longer openly lists certain projects that are underneath it (an older version may be on my blog)…  Which I seem to recall included groups like PRAXIS International:  “integrating theory & practice,” which like DAIP, had close ties to Ellen Pence (who actually was Praxis “founding director.”  Their home page still holds a eulogy, as Ellen Pence died recently:

Praxis believes in social change through advocacy & training “since 1996”.

  •  “Since 1996, we have worked with advocacy organizations, intervention agencies, and inter-agency collaborations to create a clear and cooperative agenda for social change in their communities.

Like others, they endorsed the “SUPERVISED VISITATION & EXCHANGE” (USDOJ Safe-Havens grant series support):

 Since 1996, we have worked with advocacy organizations, intervention agencies, and inter-agency collaborations to create a clear and cooperative agenda for social change in their communities.

Interesting year — startup year coincided with welfare reform…  Like OH SO MANY helpful nonprofit groups getting significant HHS and/or DOJ grants (although I DNR what Praxis got) — they are really “into” technical assistance and training” and quite willing to help grantees — from a safe distance from ongoing, shall we say, volatile, situations at the street level.  Maybe the founders had this experience initially but after all, people age out, and it’s safer to teach than to confront in a group setting — or dispense studies on-line.

When I was young, in desperate situations (year after year) surrounding forcible weekly dealings with an ex-batterer (only ex because he was thrown out), and without the restraining order (after custody), AND I hd internet access, I was “young and uninformed” and didn’t know the lingo.  ‘TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND TRAINING” translates into ‘TOUGH LUCK IF YOUR SITUATION DOESN’T MATCH OUR PROGRAMS, ANYHOW, WE DON’T DEAL DIRECTLY WITH MOST CASES, JUST POLICY CHANGE ISSUES..”

Truthfully, “technical assistance and training” is code for “we qualify to train other grantees, so give us a LOT of federal help to set up programs…  and of course no, we will not report on program fraud by our colleagues in the same business.…”  Technically speaking, it’s more rewarding and I believe far less dangerous, and it’s also just about foolproof.  Results don’t really need to be shown!  Lives don’t have to be saved, etc.

Programs have to be sat through, or downloaded, conferences held & attended, tax returns filed (for those that are nonprofits and not a subsidiary program in someone else’s nonprofit.

Also under DAIP, prominently featured last time, was a program ‘MENDING THE SACRED HOOP.”  I actually met some representatives at another (FVPF//endabuse.org) conference long ago…  This is targeted towards Native Americans, which makes sense as there are also grant series to match this population separate from the others….

Actually, this is one of the more HONEST summaries of an organization’s growth around.  They explain they started under DAIP (Duluth Abuse intervention Programs) and began expanding; how in 1994 because of VAWA, more funding became available, STOP grants, and that they split off (became a separate nonprofit) in 2006.   Like mother, like daughter — they do technical assistance and training, form a coalition (i call it a “downline,” probably more honest) and sit on the top as information source and trainer of their own supporting projects or organizations…..


This also is a Duluth-based organization into Technical Assistance and Training; it gets help from the OVAW:

Training and Technical Assistance on Violence Against Indian Women

Welcome to Mending the Sacred Hoop Technical Assistance Project. MSH-TA works under a collaborative agreement with the U.S. DoJ, Office on Violence Against Women to provide training and technical assistance to U.S. Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women Tribal Grantees who are working to address violence against women in their communities. We work with villages, reservations, rancherias and pueblos across the United States to improve the justice system, law enforcement, and service provider response to the issues of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking in Native communities.

Our mission is to restore safety and integrity to Native women by assisting Native Sovereign Nations in strengthening their response to domestic violence and sexual assault. We work to improve the safety of Native women who experience battering, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking by assisting tribes with training, technical assistance and resource materials that specifically address violence against American Indian/Alaska Native women.

We provide technical assistance to OVW tribal grantees through our website, referrals, and phone consultations. MSH-TA is available for consultation on a variety of issues, and also offers referrals to trainers, faculty or other grantees working on similar issues. In addition, we offer relevant support information from our resource library.

Available MSH-TA Trainings & Consultations

Trainings & Workshops – MSH-TA is dedicated to the safety and sovereignty of Native women, assisting Native communities in the development and enhancement of culturally specific responses to violence against women based on each community’s unique circumstances. We provide culturally relevant on-site trainings and workshops addressing violence against Native women to Office on Violence Against Women tribal grantees on:

Batterers Intervention Programs is its own field now, also well organized.  It’s in lieu of criminal prosecution, often — a diversionary program.  Whether or not it stops batterers who know?  I think it’s a racket.

It also had Battered Women’s Justice Project (BWJP) the main topic of this post…

But it’s clear they are not actively confronting problematic matters in the custody courts stemming from Association for Family & Conciliation Court practices — because they are collaborating WITH AFCC as partners on “custody” matters !!!  There is another DV organization in Duluth, formed one year before DAIP (I looked this up a long while ago), in 1979 — called DAP.  It was clear from the start that DAIP had more funding dumped its way; rather than working with DAP (SAME geography) they started up a different model, which model trends towards Training — and through the economic dominance possible by training, dominating the language and rhetoric of DV, which is to say, absenting the CUSTODY & FAMILY COURT FIASCO from its model.

2010 The Battered Women’s Justice Project receives an “Angel Award” from the Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community** for extraordinary outreach efforts in communities of color to promote safety, support, and social justice for battered women, their children, and families affected by domestic violence.

**idvaac.org.  I linked to a Johnny Rice II who CURRENTLY (at least this is a current link from their website) sits on “Office of Grants Management, Maryland Department of Human Resources (DHR).”  Think that’s insignificant?  This is THE pattern in HHS grantees, probably DOJ ones also.  Closer than the air we breathe to the fount of federal blessings for their chosen projects.

LGH Commentary segment, 3 paras., green:

1. You and I individually — or even somewhat organized, if we oppose the objects, tactics, purpose, or impact of these projects, don’t really stand a spitting -in-the-wind chance of getting past the language-dominance (media presence, circulation, etc.) of any such propaganda.   This way of doing things is well-entrenched, and to oppose something because it’s wrong in ideology,  practices, or having a seriously dangerous impact on the street level (which some of these are, I call it “roadkill.”) — would be to oppose something with an appearance of authority, and to be messing with many people’s income (i.e., if they’re paid board of directors) or even if not, possibly life’s work.

2. But someone needs to — because this IS ideologically wrong and IS having negative impact on teh street level.  Moreover, these groups are not keeping the feedback open to all — they specialize in setting up a hierarchy of layers (through trainees, subgrantees, etc. right?) are published, often have a Ph.D. or such on the staff for more credibility, and many of us speaking from the street level (both domestic violence, child abuse AND the custody courts, Child Support matters, etc.) — do not have Ph.D.’s, and aren’t going to get any in the near future either (should that be a goal) while dealing with the cumulative effect of such groups.

3.  I am again going through things I already know (looked at, researched) because in MARCH, 2013 (post-poned from by Sept. 2012), WELFARE (many aspects of it) IS UP FOR REAUTHORIZATION.  WE NEED TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT WHERE ITS GRANTS ARE GOING, AND WHAT ITS GRANTEE PROGRAMS ARE DOING, AND ARE LIKE (LARGE AND SMALL ,THERE’S A CLEAR PATTERN, INCLUDING OF NON-ACCOUNTABILITY & FRAUD).  It’s much easier to SEE (by looking at enough websites & grantees, etc.) than to TELL in linear form on this blog; the point of posting it is to make apoint about the SCOPE of it.   Is this where we want public funds going  — into endless trainings, and into private pockets?

RE: IAADV (above), Mr. Johnny Rice II…..If you finish reading this (carefully), you can see that this person has a background in Responsible Fatherhood movement and, it says, beginning to blend “responsible fatherhood” into “domestic violence prevention.”

Mr Rice is apparently now based in Washington, D.C. , and the “DHR” he’s listed as Directing Grants Management for IS an OFA (That means US Department of Health and Human Services, “HHS/OFA”) Fatherhood grantee, although the organization IDVAAC (well known in fatherhood circles also) is in MN.

That is called a conflict of interest, but explains NICELY why no one (of these groups — domestic violence, or responsible fatherhood) is going to report on how the money flows in the FAMILY CUSTODY COURTS to separate competent parents (custodial mothers often) and switch the child to an incompetent or abusive, and sit back and charge admission to the show — while ordering the participants who are obviously going to have “conflict” (“HIGH-conflict”) about this into program services which GUESS WHO set up?   And that ain’t no “cottage” industry — it’s nationwide, it’s affiliate with almost every local family court (how many counties — or Unified Family Courts — exist in America?  That’s about how many are going to have program services to accompany custody conflict!

To the uninformed, it looks like domestic violence and child abuse JUST WON’T STOP, so of course, why not more grants to the DV (or Fatherhood/child-welfare) grantees to handle society’s problems?

That’s why I say society’s problems get back down to the income tax, the IRS, and creating a caste system through profit/nonprofit divide.  Individual people working only for their own families, or even selves, or even communities — don’t, unorganized — stand a chance against the very well organized crime that our government, literally, IS at this point.  Wealth attracts wealth.  it’s a  LOT easier to attract wealth if one doesn’t pay taxes on it, take private funding AND government funding — and sets up Technical Assistance and Training Centers to sell round the clock while you go conference or speak (and write off the expense).  Or sit on three nonprofit boards, taking a salary from all, etc. etc.

Well, just read, and I’m showing IDVAAC because its recommendation was used to promote “BWJP” on a DAIP website.  Hopefully you can keep those acronyms plus a few more straight by now….Another thing the nonprofits like to do is give each other awards (mutual appreciation day).  It’s a lot of words, but can you catch the general pattern?

He most recently served as Special Assistant in the Office of the Secretary at DHR. DHR-OGM administers and provides oversight for statewide domestic violence efforts through the Victims of Crime Assistance Program, the Domestic Violence Program, and Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Program. Community Based (i.e., Father-focused) and Homeless and Transitional Service programs are also administered by OGM. DHR is an OFA Responsible Fatherhood Program grantee.

Mr. Rice formerly served as Chief Operating Officer for Communities Organized To Improve Life, Inc. {{COIL}} an historic community development corporation located in Southwest Baltimore City. Prior to joining COIL he served as Chief Operating Officer and Director of the nationally recognized Men’s Services Program for the Center for Urban Families (CFUF). While at CFUF he assisted in developing a partnership with the House of Ruth Maryland Gateway Project, one of the first in the nation between a Responsible Fatherhood oriented service provider and an Abuser Intervention Program (AIP). **More recently Mr. Rice served on the Family and Relationship Panel for the National Domestic Violence Hotline’s [[1-800-799-SAFE?  I think this is an HHS grantee…]]  Decade for Change Summit and served as national faculty for the first Institute on Fatherhood, Visitation, and Domestic Violence for Supervised Visitation Grantees sponsored by the Family Violence Prevention Fund.** 

IDVAAC steering staff — the organization is based at the School of Social Work, University of MN.  Dr. Oliver J. Williams well known in the fatherhood field.

Current Initiatives:  (about six, check it out)

Goals — this is #1:

By creating a community of scholars and practitioners and promoting a partnership among various constituencies around this issue, IDVAAC helps bridge the gap between research and practice on methods of remedying issues of domestic violence. This also minimizes the isolation felt by scholars and practitioners over a concern that to date has received limited attention. IDVAAC’s existing Steering Committee represents prominent scholars and practitioners working to eliminate domestic violence in the African American community. Creating a nationwide community ensures the promotion of messages that educate and encourage efforts to end domestic violence in the lives of African Americans. This network of scholars created, expanded, and supported by IDVAAC also interfaces with and coordinates activities with other national advocacy and domestic violence organizations, national technical assistance resource centers, and clearinghouses.

This group show up and speak up for a Maryanne Godboldo who was targeted as a single mother for sticking up for her child in Detroit area?  Who targeted Godboldo and raised hell with her and her family in 2010?  The mental health/pharmaceutical/FAMILY COURT arena, plus CPS . . . . The IDVAAC can’t really speak out against the fatherhood industry because they, and some of their national partners, are in on it.   Sorry to say this, but it’s up to others — and that means individuals.

FVPF conference that IDVAAC steering committee attended (while heading up another organization):

FVPF sure did run some terrific conferences. You should go to California Office of Attorney General (plus TAGGS.hhs.gov) and look up its grants received, and its tax returns.  It’s HUGE… Look at the “RRF” which shows their income — the year 2009 they were on FIVE different government grant systems, plus I believe Annie E Casey also likes them (i.e., they’re not advocating for “fatherhood” as a tool to prevent DV, etc.) and of course a namechange, “Futures Without Violence.” which equates to “Futures with More Training..AND acquisition of more real estate to run the trainings from..”

That’s why I say we simply need different words. The phrase “domestic violence” equates to “train a father.” or “Abuse intervention Programs” (notice, more innocuous term than “Batterer Intervention Programs,” although that phrase, too, is a going concern with its own network, mailing list, coalition, conferences, and probably funding too….).  Overall, this is a FEDERAL GRANTS situation….


(see top of post) AND ITS


TRAININGS PAGE (leads to SIX tabs/links across top of page):

Training~ Resource ~Materials, ~Wheels,~ Success Stories, `Continuing Education,~ Online Catalog

On the left column, two large colorful links:

 Under Trainings — it’s a well-organized website, clear outline, style-consistency (puts mine to shame):

ITEMS  {{commentary below}}

 On the page itself: More sales pitches:

Be more effective. Learn new skills!

There are many options for getting the training you want and need:





~ ~ ~’ITEMS’ (above):

{{Translation:  Items for sale on a website, i.e., automatic 24/hr drop-ship, call center? streamlined sales….. the best kind, really; highest profit margin of almost any field of production or manufacture. . .  most of them informational and web-based, but obviously some in print.  Or print manual & probably since nice electronic media to go along with it — in other words, like the marriage-mongers, they too understand leverage, profit margin, and how to commandeer public support (that’s grants, I mean, and charitable contributions) for network & affiliate marketing.  of course, to have some market-niche idea helps with the sales; the primary one behind DULUTH is “Collective Community Response” and, that people can be trained not to batter, to have good relationships with children after battering (supervised visitation), and law enforcement, the community and yes, now — even the family courts (made up of lawyers and judges), IF they sit in front of the right training materials & personnel, will have a change of heart, and start doing the right thing.  This is the public premise of sales; however operationally, it’s primarily — sales…)

Even the trainings are so many, from this one organization (DULUTH ABUSE INTERVENTION PROGRAMS — GET THE IDEA?  THEY ARE INTERVENING AND PREVENTING).  The former name was “Minnesota Program Development, Inc.”  As we can see, many programs have indeed been developed… Hold that thought ….

FOUR CATEGORIES OF TRAININGS (What about the subject matter, or content — who has awareness, who has feedback, who has input — DO WOMEN KNOW??)


  • ###

    Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter – Followup Skills Development Seminar

    Followup training for men’s nonviolence class facilitators.

  • August 2-3, 2012 – Virginia Beach, VA

    View this item to read the training description.

Price: $325.00
  • Holding Batterers Accountable

    Training for holding batterers accountable in the criminal justice system.

  • In Our Best Interest – Working with Battered Women

    Training for facilitators of educational support groups for battered women.

  • Keeping Women Safe Post-Separation

    Training for working with families post-separation.

I wonder what’s the math on their yearly seminars.

<> <> <> <>

Oh yeah, keeping women safe post-separation can be learned (the basics, anyhow) in a seminar…

Three Organizations, apparently, under one BWJP.org website, but it’s not quite like that.  The chance that an individual might interact directly with any of these would depend on referral.  When women like me, for example, as domestic violence (battered woman) are out of the system (or the batterer out of the house by DV order withkickout), the language we know is the language of DV.

What we do NOT know is that the next system we will shortly be in (given children belong to one or the other or both:  Batterer, Target (“Victim”) — is not a system which speaks the language of domestic violence and battering. . . . .  This system speaks and acts differently.   So, if internet — or DV agency — is the source of information, generally speaking, one is on one’s own…

Over the years, I have learned that direct services are almost not available — from anyone; even leaders in the field (or their organizations), but to the extent one approaches a pro bono law firm of some sort -these law firms (I’m thinking of a large one in our area) do not deal with CRIMINAL matters.  I don’t want “services.”  I want the slush fund grants to stop setting up free bribes for anyone who can technically assist and wants a platform….  Personal Restitution would be nice, but for this insanity to stop, also would be….

So what does this leave us?   . . . .   This leaves us inbetween a rock and a hard place.   Prosecution is up to the DA (they may, or they may not — but generally speaking, they’d rather let the family law system just handle it).  The nonprofit agency has “triaged” the victim, may help get a RO, may continue having support classes available, and WILL (naturally) still be fund-raising.  So they drop-kick us to the family law arena, which speaks psychology, behavioral science, and “explicates” what is domestic violence or child abuse (and then goes to great lengths to say, for the most part, it ain’t….).

Eventually, women & mothers began speaking up and even organizing about this, which draws in, sometimes, professionals.

So what do these professionals do, after making films, getting on Dr. Phil, Oprah, going to the state capital or even the nations’ capital, getting the platform at conferences?  They seek task forces, audits, initiatives and commissions.  So then what after the task forces, audits, initiatives, or commissions — if they get them?  Then someone gets to say:  “we did a task force (initiative, commission, audit even)” — meaning that the next person who brings up the topic sounding even remotely similar, can get the “but we handled that” already.  Of course, this is how the DV coalitions went down also. Those who wanted grants, followed policy.  Telling Mothers what they needed to know (or, for that matter, fathers, too) — about the BUSINESS OPERATIONS — was apparently, not necessary to know….

They copy the behavior of the prior leaders in the field — seek the microphone, promote their own practices and agenda, and don’t talk about welfare reform, the OCSE being set up for fatherhood funding, the marriage grants, the AFCC, the CRC, the CPR, the PSI (Colorado), or in short most of the things I talk about on this blog . . . .. I’m referring to the CPPAs CJEs JfCs (Justice for Children) and similar groups . . . of this country.

which wastes valuable time, concealing the more important truth — the business model/s

Battered Women’s Justice Project   |   National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women   |   National Center on Full Faith and Credit
  •  and

Visually, they are presented on the clearing house as three parallel and equal organizations, or at least functions.

Neither (none) are what they seem, and the Parent Company of BWJP is actually another umbrella organization “DAIP” — Duluth Abuse Intervention Programs — which itself has several “projects” underneath it, including (not mentioned here…) marketing supervised visitation / Family Visitation Centers, and of course, lotsa trainings, too.  Technical assistance — you know, right?

The 2nd one, it says, is:  “a nonprofit organization founded in 1987, is a resource and advocacy center for battered women charged with crimes related to their battering. Through its work, the organization aims to increase justice for — and prevent further victimization of 

— arrested, convicted, or incarcerated battered women.”  (Philadelphia address)

The FIRST one, BWJP — is a project — not a corporation, and not a nonprofit.  It’s a Collaboration.

The THIRD one, National Clearinghouse, is a project of the project BWJP, which is not a clearinghouse — and not a corporation, I gather.

About the Battered Women’s Justice Project

The Battered Women’s Justice Project is a nationally-recognized partnership and collaboration between the programs of the Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs (formerly Minnesota Program Development, Inc.) and the National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women.

BWJP is comprised of two offices: the Criminal and Civil Justice Office(coordinated by Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs) and theDefense Office (coordinated by the National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women).  While both offices can provide training, technical assistance, and other resources on domestic violence related to civil court access and representation, the criminal justice response, and battered women’s self-defense issues, each office has expertise and resources for their specific subject area.  BWJP does not take on individual cases (see brochure for more details).

The National Center on Protection Orders and Full Faith and Credit (NCPOFFC) is a project ofthe Battered Women’s Justice Project. NCPOFFC’s mission is to facilitate implementation of the Full Faith and Credit clause of the Violence Against Women Act in all states, tribes, and territories by raising public awareness of the statute’s requirements and by providing problem-solving technical assistance and support to individuals and jurisdictions.


While the Family Law System and AFCC/CRC/NACC/CPR/PSI, Welfare Reform, Access Visitation grants, Statewide Marriage Promotion&amp;Fatherhood rhetoric were setting up THEIR systems of “technical assistance and training” through the welfare system, other groups — starting with an institutional ethnographist from Canada? — and some others . . . .

Engaged in the same behavior, different line of work.  Same church, different pew.

Believing that their ideas were the best, they figured out ways to market, ensconce, sell, and train them into prevalence — and of course to do this, one must raise money.




Coordinated Community Response (a centerpiece of DAIP and related organizations, like this one) has failed — unless the purpose was all along ONLY to set up an endless system of training and professional careers, organizational prosperity and the perpetuation of the belief that a definition of JUSTICE can be sold, encouraged, and swallowed.  And the presumption that one’s own beliefs and viewpoints were close enough to the truth that ALL of the United States should be trained in them.
Or, was it just about the training & conferences all along?

Mind the Gap: Accounting for Domestic Abuse in Child Custody Evaluations

Ellen Pence, Gabrielle Davis, Cheryl Beardslee and Denise Gamache

This report was part of a national child custody project funded by the Office of Violence Against Women of the U.S. Department of Justice designed to help family court systems better identify, understand and account for the nature and implications of domestic violence in child custody determinations.

This is one of the most ridiculous premises for a grant I’ve yet heard of, and among NAFCJ and other women — including DV survivors STRANDED in the custody system — and to my understanding, at least a few BWJP personnel (Grant Recipient Principal Investigators) have been contacted about this hypocrisy, and failed to respond.
I’m going to go on about this (expressing, documenting, exclaiming, etc.) until you see the line of “@ @ @ @ @ @ @’s” if you already know this material and want to hear what I have to say about BWJP in general, after being (unpleasantly) reminded yesterday of their AFCC conferencing and projects, and back to “let’s get honest” about the most honest way to analyze groups — and that’s an ECONOMIC analysis describing their activities – not their goals, i.e.,  what, really, do they actually do, and who pays ’em for it!  IS there a legitimate public benefit?

The family law system was designed and drafted barely after women got the vote, came to further expansion in the 1960s after Conciliation Law was passed in California, and is funded and has expanded principally as an “off-ramp” to the criminal justice system, so that certain crimes against women and children will not be treated as such.  It serves ONLY to diminish the role of evidence and exalt the role of hearsay + psychological “expert testimony” for the purpose of profits to those involved in it.  The amount of “assumption” in it is astounding — but (as ever) it seems no astounded personnel, of course, were in on the grant application process, or invited to review the report.

I have found a few cases in which a judge might actually “understand” the domestic violence happened — like when (in Florida) a woman gets cold-cocked by her husband (knocked unconscious) in his chambers, and it took three bailiffs to taser the man into submission; moreover the same judge was over domestic violence court {not necessarily this 11th Judicial District one, I just wanted to show that even in criminal — all the diversions, interventions, counseling, parenting classes and “outs” available even in these proceedings…} , and the judge (not the mother) had made a comment (NB:  about, you’re going to pay child support!)  that provoked the violent response  . . .this young mother had previously requested protection and been told to “go work it out” with her ex.  So, she gets her jaw broken, and her very young children don’t recognize/are afraid of her . Even then, the judge said, shared custody (and probably, increased courthouse security (see my “Consequences of Welfare Reform, Illustrated” 9/10/2012 & comments 8/30/2012 for links to news article…).

Other than that– it’s generally speaking, a family dispute, and subject to “domestic violence mediation”  [“TBD”] under the “Conflict Resolution Collaborative” is the policy (also in Florida/see “CRC Trainings” on left column, incl. Parent Coordination Training).

The Florida Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) was established in 1986 by Supreme Court of Florida Chief Justice Joseph Boyd and FSU College of Law Dean Talbot “Sandy” D’Alemberte as the first statewide center for education, training and research in the field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The DRC provides staff assistance to four Supreme Court of Florida mediation boards and committees; certifies mediators and mediation training programs; sponsors an annual conference for mediators and arbitrators; publishes a newsletter and an annual Compendium; provides basic and advanced county mediation training to volunteers; and assists the local court systems throughout Florida as needed.

The Mediation Training Review Board was appointed in 1997 to consider complaints against certified mediation training programs.

The members include judges, and county, family, circuit and dependency mediators who meet in complaint committees and hearing panels when grievances are filed against certified mediation training programs.  {{in  other words, no citizen members of complaint boards!}}

It truly does not seem to matter how many people are killed surrounding custody matters- it hasn’t modified the system policies much, changed the rhetoric significantly in the conferences, but it has resulted in more CYA alliances on the part of AFCC — such as pulling in BWJP to make a show of giving a damn about the women and children involved, and men too at times, who are being battered, threatened, stalked, and living with their hearts in their mouths about the safety of their children during shared visitation & joint legal custody situations (until after the usual bait & switch plan has played out, giving sole legal and physical custody to the abusive parent)

And the purpose of the funding for the mediation is increased noncustodial parenting time & social science demonstrations, which is what access/visitation grants are for.

So what’s with all the “Technical Assistance and Training” — are judges, law enforcement (police, etc.) just too dense to “get” the extent of the problem?  Or are they coming up against the opposing forces, and saying, well, whoever’s got the most power, we’ll go with that?

Law enforcement have their own issues to handle — here’s a 2011, in a prosperous East Bay community, including a number of criminal behaviors — although the one that got the most press was NOT running a brothel and selling drugs (locally) !!! — but setting up ex-husbands for DUIs by tempting them — i.e., “Dirty-DUIs.”   As reported in the LAtimes:  (“Coming Clean on Dirty DUIs /A whistle-blower tells how a private detective arranged for men to be arrested for drunk driving at the behest of their ex-wives and their lawyers — and that entrapment using decoys was only one of many alleged misdeeds.”~October 16, 2011~By Maura Dolan, Los Angeles Times):

Butler, 49, a former police officer, was arrested in February. In addition to setting up at least five DUIs, he sold drugs for law enforcement officers and helped them open and operate a brothel, collecting and delivering the profits, according to prosecutors and a statement Butler gave them after his arrest.

In the March 15 statement obtained by The Times, Butler said his accomplices reasoned that they could shield their illegal businesses because any complaints would be investigated by a state-run narcotics task force, which one of the officers headed.

The alleged crimes implicated three different law enforcement agencies — the San Ramon and Danville police departments and the narcotics task force — and took place in Contra Costa County, a collection of mostly middle-class communities that stretch from the East Bay shoreline opposite San Francisco to upscale suburbs inland.

Jewett called the scandal a “sordid drama” that overwhelmed the resources of the county and raised potential conflicts for police departments being asked to investigate their own.

In May, the FBI took over the probe, interviewing Dutcher and other ex-husbands arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. A federal grand jury indicted Butler and two of the officers in August and September. The charges included drug dealing, running a prostitution business and illegal possession of a weapon.

More indictments are expected. A third officer, implicated by Butler in the DUIs, faces state charges of accepting bribes to make arrests.

Stunned prosecutors combed through pending criminal cases and eventually dismissed charges in at least 20 DUI and vice crimes, tainted by the involvement of the accused officers. Two of them had once worked with Butler on the police force of the East Bay city of Antioch.

Other issues law enforcement deals with include officer-involved shootings, which they are also naturally concerned about.   Courthousenews.com Phoenix — officer shoots  unarmed man with a 7month old grandson — in the forehead — same officer had shot 6 others previously, evaded discipline.  Here, a middle-school security guard is beating up on students, including a student who witnessed and reported one of the assaults.  Police in Trenton, NJ mess with a filmmaker’s documenting of gangs..Appellate court reverses first dismissals on violations of his civil rights (by the police).  Warden of man charged with rape (Baltimore) read his charges aloud then opened the doors of six cells, allowing those inmates to attack him; his tendons were stabbed, required surgery; seeks $1 million damages.  I am simply looking at this website (Courthousenews) which reports court filings of interest — and these were on its front page today — this being the last one involving police, guards, security guards, wardens, etc. — and it’s the most troubling, particularly if true:

High Court Takes Up Claim of Inmate Assault By BARBARA LEONARD

A man who claims a trio (of) prison guards forced him to perform oral sex will get to bring his civil rights complaint to the Supreme Court.  .Kim Millbrook, an inmate the Lewisberg, Pa., federal penitentiary, claims that three guards subjected him to sexual and verbal assault on March 5, 2010. The guards allegedly led Millbrook to the basement of the special management unit for the attack. Millbrook says one guard held him by the neck to make him perform oral sex on a second guard, while a third guard stood watch by the door. . . .

(Listen to what’s necessary for the Supreme Court to hear a case/ grant them a writ of certiori…)  In granting Millbrook a writ of certiorari on Tuesday, the Supreme Court limited its consideration to one question: “whether 28 U.S.C §§1346(b) and 2680(h) waive the sovereign immunity of the United States for the intentional torts of prison guards when they are acting within the scope of their employment but are not exercising authority to ‘execute searches, to seize evidence, or to make arrests for violations of federal law.'” The court also granted Millbrook leave to proceed in forma pauperis. 

In California cities (Vallejo, Anaheim, elsewhere) protests about too many officer-involved shooting (deaths) this year, including an officer shooting a double-amputee in a wheel chair wielding — a pen!

(7/24/12 Democracynow.org writeup): Police in the California city of Anaheim are facing allegations of murder and brutality after fatally shooting two Latino men over the weekend and firing rubber bullets at crowds of protesters. On Saturday, Anaheim police shot and killed 24-year-old Manuel Diaz after he reportedly ran away from a group of officers who confronted him in the street. Diaz was unarmed. Hours after his death, a chaotic scene broke out when police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at a crowd of local residents protesting the shooting. Another Latino resident, Joel Acevedo, was shot dead by police the following day. Police say Acevedo was suspected in a car robbery, but the circumstances around his death remain unconfirmed. We discuss the situation in Anaheim with Gustavo Arellano, editor of the alternative newspaper, OC Weekly, and Theresa Smith, who has worked with families to call for police accountability in Anaheim since 2009, when officers shot and killed her son, Cesar Cruz, a 35-year-old father of five. “Given the fact that this is the eighth officer-involved shooting within one year in the city of Anaheim … the community is going to be very upset,” Arellano says. “There’s a lot of angry residents, and rightfully so.” [includes rush transcript]

Who knows whether the BWJP trainings will take, in other words?  This is a book, I had it, called “REFUGE:  A Pathway out of Domestic Violence” (co. 2004) written by a (Christian) police officer who’d witnessed too much domestic violence: while validating, it was extremely disturbing also, as he described stages of danger, and realizing how far over the line (i.e., animal abuse also as a form of terrorizing or controlling me, strangling (hands on neck), throwing, slapping, kicking, property destruction, stalking (while married), blocking the exit at times when I ran, and in general having to live in that situation like half a fugitive with an escape plan most of the time — I mean, most of the time at home….  I only have one major (permanent) injury, but the ongoing trauma has forced me out of the former professional employment, and .  .. (don’t want to talk about the rest here)….

Front Cover

When there has been VIOLENCE (assault & battery, esp. felony) or any kind of felony behavior — that family should not have the violent partner in contact with it.  PERIOD.  End of story other than preventing his stalking, and the intact but NOT abusive family line (what’s left of it) has to figure out how to support themselves.   If this were policy, consistent — where there was not other serious problems with the caretaking parent (like drug abuse, I mean, or neglect of the children), how many issues would that (not?) solve?


(Link is to documentation.  But link description (if you hover cursor) is my own tale, part of it.  Mothers have written this up before — Cindy Ross, Liz Richards, (me), at one point California NOW with input from Phyllis Chesler.  The role of HHS funding has been cited before as of 2005, and an appeal made to audit the fathers’ rights elements in it.  currently Anne Stevenson has a HuffingtonPost Blog on HHS programs that endanger women and children; and the following is from a Pennsylvania mother, Doreen Ludwig.  You tell me why BWJP and friends aren’t interested in even considering this, and so many DV organizations simply “won’t,” IF their collective or individual “Public Benefit” purposes are actually Philanthropic (see last post).  it’s NOt that hard to comprehend.

SECTION I:  HHS Custody Programs

  1. “Access/visitation” is just another name for custody.
  2. HHS is directly funding court litigation
  3. “Promising Practices identifies a collusive relationship between the Custody Court and OCSE
  4. HHS Court programs fund punishing Mothers
  5. TANF pays for Court litigation
  6. For-Profit Access/Visitation Program Practitioners are Integral to Custody Litigation.

SECTION II:  Custody and Support in Cases of Abuse

  1. Abusers are more likely to seek custody and to take the abuse to court
  2. House Concurrent Resolution 172

SECTION III:  Trade Associations And Therapeutic Jurisprudence

  1. Trade Associations Maximize Profit By Increasing Business in Family Court
  2. Therapeutic Jurisprudence
  3. Professional Academy of Custody Evaluators (PACE)  Pre-Agreements
  4. Deprogramming Children

Other women have been murdered on unsupervised visitations (Nina Reiser- California/2006) and buried in a shallow grave– or children murdered when they, too, were grabbed illegally and despite repeated requests from their mother to get them back (Jessica Lenahan (then ‘Gonzales’) — Colorado/1999**).  Yet another re-married & pregnant woman Teri Jedusa-Nicolai, from Racine Wisconsin/2004) spent 18 hours in a snow-filled garbage can (being pregnant) and only survived because she fought back so hard, happened to have a cell phone; her ex slipped up while stuffing her into it, and left a business card to the storage locker where she’d been scheduled to DIE (Freeze to death).  She fought back, personally, alone, and from inside a snow-filled garbage can into which she’d been stuffed which was on the back of a pickup truck traveling down a highway from Wisconsin, to Illinois. This was done in front of their daughters; it’s not clear to me whether they were left at home or in the pickup truck with their Dad. YEARS later, the case is still in court over damages (she lost all her toes.—and the baby she was carrying). This is the FACE of court-ordered visitation (as I recall) with men who have already been violent towards their women. When you hear about Fatherhood Promotion, the anecdotal stories are often about poor, low-income black urban males getting job training — not violent jealous, proprietary Caucasian males raising hell and using up public money to commit crimes, cause more court cases, and terrorize others as well. RIGHT? Or, the image of the prominent men running fatherhood organizations of national prominence, not all (but some) of them religious in temperament.

**though it’s well-known case, listen AGAIN, this is the US standard, and has been, from 1999 – 2011:

The Human Rights Clinic at the University of Miami School of Law, the Human Rights Clinic at Columbia Law School, and the American Civil Liberties Union represented Jessica Lenahan (formerly Gonzales) in Jessica Lenahan (Gonzales) v. United States of America, a landmark case before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. In 1999, Lenahan’s daughters were abducted by her estranged husband and killed after the Castle Rock, Colorado police repeatedly refused to enforce her domestic violence restraining order against him.

{{HENCE – they are essentially meaningless.  “Certifiably insane restraining orders…”}}

Lenahan brought Fourteenth Amendment due process claims against Castle Rock. In 2005, in Town of Castle Rock v. Jessica Gonzales, the Supreme Court found that the police had no constitutional duty to enforce her restraining order, thereby leaving her without a remedy.

From what I’ve learned since — legally, jurisdictionally, this was true.  Her 2005 case has been then cited again in other domestic violence shootings where the victim shot damages, i.e., Burella (i blogged it here, under 11th Amendment).  Mrs. Burella was shot in the chest after insane months of harassment, threats, stalking, violence, and almost never did Burella’s buddies (he was a cop) throw him in the clink.  However, shortly after they did (and he got out), he shows up again and shoots, but doesn’t succeed in actually killing her.  She wanted some remedies too, being also a mother! So this is the landscape we live in — and BWJP conferences in.  They think that training police & basically (most of this time) ignoring the custody courts, is going to change these equations.  Either that, or they simply like training and doing webinars in an attempt to make SOME parts of the legal system (criminal/civil) law work, while neglecting the most critical part — custody.  Go figure!!!

Lenahan subsequently filed a complaint against the United States before the Inter-American Commission, claiming human rights violations by the local police for failing to protect her and her children, and human rights violations by the U.S. courts, which failed to provide her with a remedy.

The case before Commission challenged the core principle of US law (embodied in DeShaney v. Winnebago County) that government generally has no duty to protect individuals from private acts of violence.

As we know, the main cause of child abuse and poverty in this land is lack of a resident father, or contact with  biological father… Regardless of that father’s character.   .. .Even if that father happened via statutory rape of a 14 year old — (“DastardlyDads news from 9-25-2012” and don’t look at me crooked — apparently the young man confessed) . .

Do honest, ethical men & fathers really NEED family courts?  Because look who seems to have an advantage in them, overall?  Dangerous men…  And then BWJP wants to study how the system judges can tell the difference?
Some groups will do anything to keep going, as an organization, and to get another grant.  After all, are there not staff employed by the organization, is there not a website to maintain, and a reputation to uphold?  Once established — what else IS there to do but continue to expand one’s reach and influence?

@ @ @ @ @ @ @Look at the Mission statement of BWJP:

Mission Statement

The Battered Women’s Justice Project promotes systemic change within community organizations and governmental agencies engaged in the civil and criminal justice response to domestic violence in order to hold these institutions accountable for the goals of safety and security for battered women and their children.

Let’s analyze that statement:
  • BWJP (who they are needs to be organizationally defined — is it a corp?  is it a nonprofit?  If so, when did it incorp, if a nonprofit, where’s it’s 990s and let me see the articles of incorporation — who started it, who’s the executive director, what’s the program service revenue, contributions — what government entitities are contributing (a lot of them are listed) and how much in which years?  What product resulted from these public funds, and were they grants, contracts, or both?, that’s upcoming)
Reminder — where do grants COME from?
Always remember — government didn’t just drop down from heaven like an alien and start ruling the place.  It acquired assets and income, just like you did, if you’re alive (well, at least income.  Or, if homeless — as too many are — at least food from time to time.  The daily or weekly need to eat is part of BUDGET (income/outflow) and anything left over after needs are paid is “profit” and accumulated net worth.
Government is essentially, a “person” or corporation — except that it writes the rules (we don’t) and it plays by different rules.  For example, I don’t believe ITS investments are regulated by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and those assets are, let’s not forget, HUGE.  Perhaps it was a great deal that it’s not subject to SEC scrutiny…
NONPROFITS are not supposed to have so many assets left over, one would think — after all, aren’t they philanthropic ,and don’t they only exist just in order to help the rest of us?
Well, Eustace Mullins’ book about the New World Order — and my look at too many tax returns — and the message of investigations suchas, for example, the nonprofit hospital system in Georgia (“Phoebe Factoids”)  — say, NO.  That is, certain people actually looked at what certain nonprofits are actually doing.
It pretty well goes without saying that the average American is too busy trying to live and operate at a slightly or reasonably above ZERO profit level to seriously track (cumulatively) the wealth of the nonprofit worlds.  Although those who make a living writing and applying for grants would of course have a better idea.  (How many such people are there around in that job sector, then?)
 Like Government, many are REAL good at accumulating their own assets and infrastructures, some better than others.   Assuming their annual reports, audited financial statements, or tax returns are honest, then an interested person with the initiative (and means) can look at what these are; and people should learn to look at organizational financial statements and tax returns of nonprofits — because that’s a window into THIS world we live and do business in.  It’s also a commentary on the illegal movement of money, persons, drugs, arms, or anything else which is NOT recorded legally — and it’s a given that, it not being recorded, probably most of us don’t have a handle on how much it is.  I assume criminal enterprises, or individuals (as that’s their business — crime) probably have a better idea, meaning, they could know about the legally recorded financial information — as well as the systems of illegal flow of — again, humans, money (various currencies, or metals), persons, drugs, arms or any other product.
First of all, ANY and all government entities got to be government by taking funds — whether GOLD, collected taxes, appropriated real estate, donated from other foundation or business wealth, or from the PROFITS of accumulated wealth over time (which CAFR reports show and annual budgets don’t, as I now realize, just as I, a person — or you, a person, even a homeless person – have both goods or services that flow through you daily (if you’re alive, you’re eating) — and possibly some accumulated possessions (assets, worth something, or next to nothing).
GOVERNMENT — I just showed us last post, the USA owns the most global infrastructure of any country and more than any single corporation, too.  Assets produce income — and that’s where SOME of the USA (government) wealth comes from.  So let’s keep that straight.  There was a time when the USA did not exist, and now it does.  As such, wars and all, federal reserve board, IRS, court filings, license fees,  traffic violation fees, marriage contract fees, and interest income on money collected but not distributed, royalties perhaps – sales of classes or trainings, publications, fees — there are a kazillion ways (besides war and appropriation) that what we consider “the US” and the “Federal Government” (for purposes of this example — as BWJP gets Federal grants) GETS what it has to GIVE.
In general, it makes no sense to never think about that, either.  Because they are GETTING it from somewhere, which means unless it’s 100% created wealth, it CAME from somewhere.  By and large, this comes from individual people less well-organized than, say, a corporation (government entity) in possession of law enforcement, an army, and a system of prisons that others actually invest in!
It also holds (and has “lost” we’re told) billions of $$ in real estate mortgages through HUD, which are then also bundled and sold, often at a loss, to others, often for influence or favoritism towards those others.  (That’s the lesson from the C.A. Fitts attempt to clean up HUD’s act. ).  So, it has a lot of sway.
OK, now this appears to be the situation (and this is a 2001 explanation, moreover!)

The Economics of Production:

Sam and Dave Do Boat Loadsof White Agricultural Substances


Two boats pull into the docks. The first boat is full of a white agricultural product grown in Latin America called sugar. The owner of the cargo, lets call him Sam, sells his boat load of white agricultural substance to the sugar wholesaler on the docks for how much money?Ok, so let’s say that Sam sells his entire boatload of sugar to the sugar wholesaler on the docks for X dollars.

Now, after Sam pays his workers and all his costs of growing and transporting the sugar, and after he and his wife spend the weekend in New Orleans and he pays himself a bonus and buys some new harvest equipment and pays his taxes, how much cash does he have left to deposit into his bank account? Or, another way of saying this is: What is Sam’s net cash margin on his sugar business?

Well, it depends on how lucky and hard working and smart Sam is, but let’s say that Sam has worked his proverbial you know what off and he makes around 5-10 percent. Sam the sugar man has a 5-10 percent cash profit margin. Let’s call Sam’s margin S for slim or SLIM PERCENTAGE.


Back on the docks, the second boat—an exact replica of the boat carrying Sam’s sugar—is a boat carrying Dave’s white agricultural product called drugs. In those days this was more likely to be heroin, these days more likely to be cocaine. Whatever the precise species, the planting, harvesting and production of this white agricultural substance, Dave’s drugs, are remarkably like Sam’s sugar.

Ok, so if Sam the sugar man sold his sugar to the sugar wholesaler for X dollars, how much will Dave the drug man sell his drugs to the drug wholesaler for? Well, where Sam is getting pennies, Dave is getting bills. If Sam had sales of X dollars, let say that Dave had sales of 50-100 times X. Dave may carry the same amount of white stuff in a boat but from a financial point of view, Dave the drug man has a lot more “sales per boat” than Sam the sugar man.

Now, after Dave pays his workers and all his costs of growing and transporting the drugs, and after he and his wife spend the weekend in New Orleans and he pays himself a bonus and buys some new harvest and radar equipment and spends what he needs on bribes and bonuses to a few enforcement and intelligence operatives and retainers to his several law firms, how much cash does he have left to deposit into his bank account? Or, another way of saying this is what is Dave’s net cash margin on his drug business?

It’s also going to be a multiple of Sam’s margin, right? Maybe it will be 20 percent or 30 percent or more? Let’s call it B for Big, or BIG PERCENTAGE. Dave the drug man has a much bigger “cash profit per boat” than Sam the sugar man. Part of that is, of course, once Dave has set up his money laundering schemes, even after a 4-10 percent take for the money laundering fees, it’s fair to say his tax rate of 0 percent is lower than Sam’s tax rate. While it is expensive to set up all the many schemes Dave might use to launder his money, once you do it you can save a lot avoiding some or all of the IRS’s take.

Look at your estimate of Sam and Dave’s sales and profits. Now answer for yourself the following questions.

  • Who is going to get laid more, Sam or Dave?
  • Who is going to be more popular with the local bankers, Sam or Dave?
  • Who is going to have a bigger stock market portfolio with a large investment house, Sam or Dave?
  • Who is going to donate more money to political campaigns, Sam or Dave?
  • Whose wife is going to be bigger in the local charities, Sam or Dave’s?
  • Whose companies will have more prestigous law firms on retainer, Sam or Dave’s?
  • Who is going to buy the other’s company first, Sam or Dave? Is Dave the drug man going to buy Sam the sugar man’s company, or is Sam the sugar man going to buy Dave the drug man’s company?
  • When they want to buy the other’s company, will the bankers, lawyers and investment houses and politicians back Sam the sugar man or Dave the drug man?
  • Whose son or grandson has a better chance of getting into Harvard or getting a job offer at Goldman Sachs, Sam or Dave’s?

Don’t listen to me. And don’t listen to Peter Jennings, Dan Rather or Tom Brokaw. Who do you think pays their salaries? Who owns the companies they work for? Sam or Dave?

Don’t listen to anyone else. Think about the numbers and listen to your heart. What do you believe?

There is very little about how the money works on the drug trade that you cannot know for yourself by coming to grips with the economics over a fifty year period of Sam and Dave and their boat loads of white agricultural substance. It is the magic of compound interest.


Let’s take the BIG PERCENT margin that we estimated for Dave the drug man’s net cash margin. Let’s say that every year from 1947 through 2001, that the cash flow sales available for reinvestment from drug profits grew by $3 billion a year, throwing off that number times BIG PERCENT. Okay, assume that the reinvested profit grew at the compound growth rate of the Standard & Poor’s 500 as it got reinvested along the way.

That amount is an estimate for the equity owned and controlled by those who have profited in the drug trade. Total narco dollars. How much money is that? I made an Excel spread-sheet once to estimate total narco capital in the economy.

My numbers showed` that Dave the drug man had bought up not only Sam’s companies, but —if you throw in other organized crime cash flows—-a controlling position in about most everything on the New York Stock Exchange.


She asks, which are the four states with the biggest drug trades, and answers:

New York, California, Texas and Florida.

It makes sense. Those are the biggest states. They have big coastal areas and borders and big ports. It would make sense that the population would grow in the big states where the trade and business flow grows. . . .

Same four states. They are all known as banking power places.

New York, California, Texas and Florida.

What’s next? What are the four states with the biggest business in taking the laundered narco profits and using them to deposit money in a bank, or to buy another company, or to start a new company, or just buy stock in the stock market? That’s what I call the reinvestment business.

Same four, right? New York, California, Texas and Florida.

Who were the governors of these four states in 1996?

Well, let’s see. Jeb Bush was the governor of Florida. Governor Jeb was the son of George H. W. Bush, the former head of an oil company in Texas and Mexico and the former head of the CIA and the former head of the various drug enforcement efforts as Vice President and President. Then George W. Bush, also the son of George H. W. Bush, was the governor of Texas. So the governors of two of the largest narco dollar market share states just happen to be the sons of the former chief of the secret police.

. . . .{{Now let’s ask a reasonable question}}. . . . .:

Do you think it is possible to become the governor of a state with the support of the SLIM PERCENTAGE profit businesses and the opposition of the BIG PERCENTAGE profit businesses, particularly after the BIG PERCENTAGE profits have bought up all the SLIM PERCENTAGE profit businesses?

{{Please re-read the question, and think about it for a minute…  this is a comment on who are our state governors, I mean, how did they get to that position of power?}}

What about president?

Of course, George W. is President today {{OBVIOUSLY; this was written in 2001, the year of the challenged,  “stolen” election“}} fueled by the single most successful campaign fundraising in the history of Western civilization. Now do you know why Hillary Clinton wanted to be a Senator from New York? Now do you know why Andrew Cuomo wants {{2001}} to be New York governor and is reported to be doing polls to see if people associate him with the Mafia and organized crime?

When you think about it, the President would need to win the majority of the people who donate from the SLIM PERCENTAGE profit businesses but control the reinvestment of the BIG PERCENTAGE profit industry cash flow to win. The competition for the support of the people who control the reinvestment from the BIG PERCENTAGE profit business cash flow in the biggest states would be fierce.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics analysis of the 2000 elections, donors in California, New York, the District of Colombia Metro Area (which is full of lawyers and lobbyists who represent all the other states), Texas and Florida contributed $666.8 million, or approximately 47 percent of a total of $1.427 billion in donations.


16 STATE OF CALIFORNIA+++ United States 104,107
17 FERROVIE DELLO STATO S.P.A. Italy 103,903
18 AT&T INC. United States 103,196
19 STATE OF TEXAS +++ United States 92,214
20 ENI SPA Italy 90,065
21 STATE OF NEW YORK+++ United States 89,583
37 STATE OF FLORIDA+++ United States 67,521
38 IBERDROLA S.A. Spain 67,080
40 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY United States 66,214
Let’s not forget some of the cities in these 4 big states — what’s their ranking?
81 CITY OF NEW YORK United States 41,495
122 CITY OF LOS ANGELES United States 29,880
(just for comparison — and it’s pretty close to New York):
179 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA United States 22,463
243 PFIZER INC United States 19,123
244 STATE OF ILLINOIS United States 19,092
(I bring up UPS here because that’s where the family wealth of the Casey Families // Annie E. Casey, etc. came from — and they’re all over the family, child abuse, adoption, and foster care area.  They have advisors on all kinds of governmental operations — or associations (for example, they had a seat at the “U.S. Conference of Mayors” in 2011, I believe…)
281 UNITED PARCEL SERVICE INC United States 17,387
 263 CITY OF CHICAGO United States 18,006
Looking for city representatives of Florida or Texas, these are the first — and again, they are in the top 500:
308 CITY OF HOUSTON United States 15,800
309 MIAMI-DADE, COUNTY OF United States 15,762
310 CHIMEI INNOLUX CORP. Taiwan 15,748
311 STATE OF COLORADO United States 15,705
397 CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO United States 12,371


In wondering, why is the Gov’t of DC so far down on the list, I’d just remind us who is #1 on the list (The United States) and where is the seat of government of “The United States” housed? . . . . OK, I rest that question!!

455 CITY OF JACKSONVILLE (Florida, presumably) United States 10,936
_ _ _ these are the only cities on the list:  Only one Non-USA city made the top 500 // Toronto…and the only Cities outside the big four states that made it on the US list is Chicago, Phoenix & Charlotte, NC, where, among other things, sits the ABA (it recently sold its WDC property, I read)….
463 CITY OF ATLANTA United States 10,802
464 CITY OF CHARLOTTE United States 10,728
263 CITY OF CHICAGO #3 of US IL/Midwest United States 18,006
308 CITY OF HOUSTON (#4 of US) TX United States 15,800
455 CITY OF JACKSONVILLE – FL (#6 of US) United States 10,936
122 CITY OF LOS ANGELES #2 CA United States 29,880
81 CITY OF NEW YORK – #1  NY United States 41,495
475 CITY OF PHOENIX United States 10,398
397 CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO (#5 of US) CA United States 12,371
297 CITY OF TORONTO (4th of all of them) Canada 16,287
Then there’s the NY/NJ Port Authority (which is a gov’t entity) and the NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority…(ditto).
On what basis does BWJP (and most other DV coalitions, agencies, and grants-based programs) elect to IGNORE how many deaths are actually happening in the FAMILY & CUSTODY arena?   Consistently “Civil & Criminal” is the focus of organizations, when “Domestic Violence” and “Child Abuse” are automatically involving the expanding and very powerful (California Judicial Council Level; Law School Level, established Unified Courts level, establish SPECIALIZED courts, divert welfare funds to promote Family programs, publish books on Parental alienation & force parents into classes about it, level, and COURT-ORDERED VISITATION (supervised or nonsupervised) level?

Call it market share.  There’s mutual agreement to maintain collective silence on the actual activities taking place, from an objective (outsider) point of view — which most women being threatened, stalked, having their personal and relationship lives eviscerated, what work or assets they have left being drained and having to, in defending themselves, listen to talk, attitudes, and dialogues similar to the abuse they thought they LEFT when someone offered them a shelter (temporarily), a restraining order, or (briefly) arrested someone that stalked, battered, or assaulted them.

There are goods to be divided among the Technical (as opposed to REAL) Assistance and Training fields.  These goods are called:  Target Market (warm bodies to sit through trainings– that’s where “community organizations and governmental agencies come in, with their various staffs) and grants & contracts to set up trainings and webinars…
As came up (T. David Horton)
(To be continued on next post…)
(Unrelated, but for what it’s worth, my visitor counts (anyone can see by clicking on a flag or “feedjit” counter on the right, here).  For some reason, more on 9/13/2012
“Four Largest States” to be continued and tied into the HHS funding….

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