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Swirling Circles of Influence among Networked Nonprofits (Tend to have a Single Vortex)

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NOTE: In 2016 I did more lookups on the “Miami Child Well-Being Court” model. It’s written not published. Hit me with a comment if further interested; see earlier 2016 posts for more info.
It’s definitely no fun conversing with a linear-based blog platform (minus an enforceable stylesheet) to whoever swings by here– on things, Let’s Get Honest, I’m reasonably angry and distressed about, and which I know to be driving the future downhill while calling it uphill.For example, how much more individual family prosperity might be around if these “change agents” were actually themselves open to outside input (like feedback) to the collective impact on the coverage gaps in their collective models?

Or from those who do not think the entire problems of the world actually fit into human neuroscience-based motivational paradigm, nor should they be crammed into that paradigm just because the giant contractor called the USA prioritizes that research.  Are you NUTS???  We’d better stay on top of what THAT’s all about (what’s the endgame…..).

There has to be a truth meter, and there has to be a balancing of this power.  And I’ll tell you what — it’s real hard to negotiate with someone who’s in control of the media, the money, to an extent the courts, and has their collective expert mouths open 24/7 (through the internet, conferencing, etc.).

In truth, this gets down to basically an economic model — and that is the best way to understand it.  Cut the crap — show me the funding, and I’ll tell you what the group’s about, truthfully… and how those who are constantly teaching and programming do not, by and large, walk in the same shoes (or paths) as their clients or the people on the radar to be socially changed… Actually, as most groups don’t talk about their tax returns, it’s up to use to talk about them.  UNBELIEVABLE what you can learn by reading these (assuming they exist…).

But if these weren’t the latest experts (God’s gift to humanity)– then they wouldn’t be “change agents” in the true meaning of the word, would they?  Because to force change implies to use of collective (networked) force and driving public opinion towards a certain solution to a certain problem, as framed by (the change agent).  

Unfortunately, they are copying each other’s models, and starting to clatter and clang to the same general beat.  those who don’t, don’t get grants next year.  Besides, what’s the point of access to all that wealth, if not becoming a change agent?

But what about the human spirit?

And what about meeting and talking with others with the intent to actually hear from and listen to them — and not an ulterior motive of behavior modification.

I hear people’s stories EVERY day (by virtue of being accessible) and many are hair-raising and involve an interaction with the court system, abuse by other family members…

Wikipedia illustration of “Vortex

“Vortex created by the passage of an aircraft wing, revealed by colored smoke”

The Miami Child Well-Being Court Model Concept,** though, has GEARS…  doesn’t sound or look as exciting — it has three interlocking labeled gears and is designed to be replicable.  (Link is from LAW.Harvard.EDU, CAP (Child Advocacy Programs) but apparently this model is spreading rapidly)

(Just dropping the reference; it’ll get posted eventually….)

Link Updates — that’s now a generic link to Harvard’s CAP news.  However, here’s a 2015 link to what it appears this post was referencing, with the gears:  http://cap.law.harvard.edu/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/22_miami-child-well-being-court-model.pdf

That is a 3-pager link explaining the model.  Notice the participants in fine print at bottom of first page (I just transcribed, as it’s impossible to copy from website, or website as pdf, or to upload the same pdf, it seems to a blog for public discussion of the trademarked plan to alter the focus and form (nationally) of public institutions….

“The MCWBC Training & Evaluation Team is led by Judge Cindy Lederman, Miami-Dade Juvenile Court (11th Judicial Circuit, FL) and Dr. Lynne Ktaz, University of Miamia Linda Ray Intervention Center, in collaboration with researchers at RTI International, Dr. Jenifer Goldman Fraser and Dr. Cecilia Casanueva.  This effort is currently being funded by a generous grant from the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control at the Centers for Disease Control (No. R18 CE001714).  The model began as an innovative collaboration between the judiciary and infant mental health, led by Judge Lederman in partnership with trauma expert, Dr. Joy Osofsky, of the Lousiana State University Health Sciences Center, and Dr. (Lynette) Katz.”  [quote added to post 12/2015]

I took some time (just now — on this major holiday weekend) to look at the participants here, in some detail.  Interesting affiliations and in what fields the various “Drs.” above, all women as it turns out, actually hold doctorates. (Hint:  Apparently none are M.D.s)…  This is becoming a separate post — it ties into major, systemic changes to the courts already set in place, and how they are occurring. As far as representative government f the people by the people, with citizenship being tied in the USA to specific states and people being subject primarily to laws (and taxation) in those states, this process is NOT good news.

This model was developed — excuse me — “evolved”  and by 2013 was trademarked.  See (later than this post — added during an update) http://www.floridaschildrenfirst.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/MiamiChildHandbook.pdf  I’m saving this to Media — click for image. Apparently, despite the public funds (federal grants, juvenile court) — we’re not supposed to as general public, actually discuss the material on a public blog — see encryption of the text to prevent quotation under Fair Copyright Law):

!”#␣!”#$”␣%&”‘(␣)*”␣+*”,-␣%./012␣$%&#’␣()␣*␣+(%,##-(,.␣/%0-1␣(,(1(*1#&␣)2)1#$)␣(,1#.-*1(%,␣*++-%*/”␣1%␣ +-%$%1#␣”#*'(,.␣*,&␣-#/%3#-2␣4-%$␣1-*0$*␣(,␣$*’1-#*1#&␣2%0,.␣/”(‘&-#,␣*,&␣1%␣5-#*6␣1″#␣(,1#-.#,#-*1(%,*’␣ 1-*,)$())(%,␣%4␣/”(‘&␣*50)#␣*,&␣,#.’#/17␣8,␣1″()␣$%&#’9␣1″#␣&#+#,&#,/2␣/%0-1␣()␣*␣+’*14%-$␣4%-␣(,/-#*)(,.␣1″#␣-#*/”␣ *,&␣#44#/1(3#,#))␣%4␣1″#-*+#01(/␣#3(&#,/#␣5*)#&␣(,1#-3#,1(%,)␣4%-␣$*’1-#*1#&␣/”(‘&-#,␣*,&␣1″#(-␣/*-#.(3#-)7␣!”#␣ $%&#’␣4%/0)#)␣%,␣:;<␣/#,1#-(,.␣1″#␣*11#,1(%,␣%4␣1″#␣/%0-1␣%,␣1″#␣&#3#’%+$#,1*’9␣#$%1(%,*’9␣-#’*1(%,*’9␣*,&␣$#,1*’␣ “#*’1″␣,##&)␣%4␣1″#␣2%0,.␣/”(‘&␣(,␣=0&(/(*’␣&#/()(%,␣$*6(,.9␣/*)#␣+’*,,(,.9␣*,&␣+#-$*,#,/2␣&#1#-$(,*1(%,>␣:?<␣ 1($#’2␣-#4#–*’␣1%␣*,&␣=0&(/(*’␣$%,(1%-(,.␣%4␣)#-3(/#)␣4%-␣*&=0&(/*1#&␣/”(‘&-#,␣*,&␣1″#(-␣+*-#,1)9␣*,&␣:@<␣/-%))␣ &()/(+'(,*-29␣)0)1*(,*5’#␣+-*/1(/#␣/”*,.#␣*1␣1″#␣/*)#␣’#3#’7␣!”#␣$%&#’␣”*)␣.#,#-*1#&␣*␣.-%0,&)A#”␣%4␣(,1#-#)19␣A(1″␣ /%$$0,(1(#)␣*/-%))␣1″#␣/%0,1-2␣*,&␣(,1#-,*1(%,*”2␣)##6(,.␣1#/”,(/*’␣*))()1*,/#␣1%␣#B+’%-#␣*&%+1(%,␣*,&␣*))()1␣A(1″␣ ($+’#$#,1*1(%,␣%4␣1″#␣$%&#’7␣C)␣1″#␣%-(.(,*’␣&#3#’%+#-)␣%4␣1″#␣$%&#’9␣1″#␣D(*$(␣1#*$␣”*)␣/%,1(,0#&␣%,␣*␣)1#*&2␣ /%0-)#␣1%␣50(‘&␣1″#␣1-*(,(,.␣-#)%0-/#)␣1″*1␣A(”␣.0(&#␣#44#/1(3#␣*,&␣)0)1*(,*5’#␣($+’#$#,1*1(%,␣%4␣1″#(-␣/%$+’#B␣ $%&#’7␣


Continuing the same “quote”:

␣ E0*'(1*1(3#␣)10&2␣%4␣1″#␣#))#,1(*’␣#’#$#,1)␣(,␣1″#␣D(*$(␣$%&#’9␣A”(/”␣2(#’&#&␣*␣)#1␣%4␣0*;'”:#?’*␣:.0*␣ :.$;.,*,1<␣/%$+-()(,.␣+-%4#))(%,*’␣5#”*3(%-*’␣/”*,.#)␣*,&␣($+’#$#,1*1(%,␣+-*/1(/#␣,#/#))*-2␣4%-␣#44#/1(3#␣ &())#$(,*1(%,␣%4␣1″#␣$%&#’7␣

␣ F#3#’%+$#,1␣*,&␣+(‘%1(,.␣%4␣*␣:0.<<␣<@<1*$<␣10#”,”,-␣#,(␣:.#:&”,-␣:/00″:/’/$␣4%/0)#&␣%,␣5#”*3(%-*’␣+-*/1(/#␣ /”*,.#␣*/-%))␣+-%4#))(%,*’)␣:=0&.#9␣*11%-,#2)9␣/*)#A%-6#-9␣/”(‘&G+*-#,1␣1″#-*+#01(/␣)#-3(/#␣+-%3(&#-)<␣1%␣ )0++%-1␣40”␣(,1#.-*1(%, ␣%4␣1″#␣1″#-*+#01(/␣+#-)+#/1(3#␣(, ␣1″#␣&#+#,&#,/2␣/%0-1␣+-%/##&(,.)␣*,&␣1%␣6##+␣1″#␣ /”(‘&␣*)␣1″#␣/#,1-*’␣4%/0)7␣

␣ F#3#’%+$#,1␣:(,␣+-%.-#))<␣%4␣*,␣($+’#$#,1*1(%,␣$#,/#’␣*,&␣1-*(,(,.G/%*/”(,.␣:/00″:/’/$␣1″*1␣+-%3(&#)␣)1#+␣ 52␣)1#+␣/%,/-#1#␣.0(&*,/#␣4%-␣=0-()&(/1(%,)␣)##6(,.␣1%␣($+’#$#,1␣1″#␣$%&#’7␣

␣ F#3#’%+$#,1␣*,&␣+(‘%1(,.␣%4␣4(&#'(12␣1..'<␣4%-␣#3*’0*1(,.␣1″#␣#44#/1(3#,#))␣%4␣1-*(,(,.␣*,&␣&#.-##␣%4␣ ($+’#$#,1*1(%,␣%4␣5#”*3(%-*’␣/”*,.#)␣(,␣,#A’2␣*&%+1(,.␣)(1#)H␣:;<␣/%0-1␣%5)#-3*1(%,*’␣1%%’9␣:?<␣%01␣%4␣/%0-1␣)#’4␣ *))#))$#,1␣1%%’)␣:52␣&()/(+'(,#<9␣*,&␣:@<␣/”(‘&G+*-#,1␣1″#-*+#01(/␣)#-3(/#␣1%%’␣1%␣/*+10-#␣*&*+1*1(%,)␣4%-␣/%0-17␣

␣ 5’#,,”,-␣A.0␣1*:&,”:#’␣#<<“<1#,:*␣1%␣)(1#)␣#B+’%-(,.␣*&%+1(%,␣%4␣1″#␣$%&#’␣1%␣)0++%-1␣#44#/1(3#␣($+’#$#,1*1(%,9␣ (,/’0&(,.␣)(1#␣-#*&(,#))9␣)1*44␣)#’#/1(%,9␣+#-4%-$*,/#␣*))#))$#,19␣*,&␣/*+*/(12␣50(‘&(,.␣4%-␣#3(&#,/#␣5*)#&␣ )#-3(/#)7␣

!”#␣!”#$”␣%&'()()*␣+␣,-‘./’0(1)␣%2’3␣$%␣&#’␣()␣*+’,#␣-$.’)␣/#’#012.3␣4$21$␣52’#␣*+6#.$&#␣-7+08␣9::8″␣*+’$;$2&␣-$0;+$83␣</=32.’␣50>␣/)..#␣?28@3␣A.$6#0%$8)␣7B␣ 4$21$␣␣/$.’2␣C2)␣D.8#06#.8$7.␣-#.8#03␣$.␣;7&&2(7028$7.␣E$8″␣0#%#20;”#0%␣28␣C!D␣D.8#0.28$7.2&3␣50>␣*#.$B#0␣F7&’12.␣<02%#0␣2.’␣50>␣-#;$&$2␣-2%2.+#62>␣!”$%␣#BB708␣$%␣ ;+00#.8&)␣(#$.,␣B+.’#’␣()␣2␣,#.#07+%␣,02.8␣B071␣8″#␣G28$7.2&␣-#.8#0␣B70␣D.H+0)␣I0#6#.8$7.␣2.’␣-7.807&␣28␣8″#␣-#.8#0%␣B70␣5$%#2%#␣-7.807&␣9G7>␣C:J␣-KLL:M:N=>␣ !”#␣17’#&␣(#,2.␣2%␣2.␣$..7628$6#␣;7&&2(7028$7.␣(#8E##.␣8″#␣H+’$;$20)␣2.’␣$.B2.8␣1#.82&␣”#2&8″3␣&#’␣()␣*+’,#␣/#’#012.␣$.␣O208.#0%”$O␣E$8″␣802+12␣#PO#083␣50>␣ *7)␣Q%7B%R)3␣7B␣8″#␣/7+$%$2.2␣S828#␣A.$6#0%$8)␣T#2&8″␣S;$#.;#%␣-#.8#03␣2.’␣50>␣?28@>␣


Interesting way of “publicizing” what public funds are being used for.

So, here’s more finds from from my last dive into the world of nonprofits, their trademarks, their friends, and their Cooperative Grants with HHS/ACF.   

Plus some contextual translation help.  For one, if it says “Child Protection” and certain groups are involved (particularly any HHS funding) we should understand that this translates policy-wise into “fatherhood promotion.”

All you Good Dads, don’t get angry, first of all that doesn’t mean actually promoting “fatherhood,” in the best sense, but promoting that certain people divert certain moneys to certain populations (including inmates) who should be taking certain program material and classes, in exchange for various collective benefits.)

However, whoever you are (including embittered Dads and their new partners, or buddies), I can prove this.

And no amount of Anecdotal evidence  — Arguing about your ex, your buddy’s ex, or commiserating with your new woman’s complaints about that bitch, the mother of your children, and how that bitch woman is causing her new (and your new) relationship all kinds of grief — is going to make this grants and programs evidence go anywhere.   And we’re talking, millions of dollars taken from the public at large, and distributed to help certain of your brothers (not you, obviously), including some in prison, take fathering classes.  None of this is readily apparent unless one identifies, then to an extent follows, the funders & talkers.

Swirling Circles of Influence take Money,which tends to Swirl Around the World’s Largest Contractor… the U.S.A. as allocated from Washington, D.C., often through HHS, or as it may be through the DOJ/OJJDP as we have seen recently.

(This post comes from searching for information on those Circles and Councils classes, see last few posts).


Anyhow — I’ve never heard of the “Devereux Foundation” (below), where I dove in, as they were helping sponsor another two-day facilitator training (being promoters of their own two-day facilitator training from elsewhere).  But these aren’t exactly new waters, and it’s fairly clear which way the currents are flowing.


The Boys Council in Tampa Florida shows several nonprofits are involved in sponsoring it, if you read carefully, and a focus on “Youth-Serving Organizations.” I counted three (so far, and likely a fourth) nonprofit group involved in this, pulled up a few tax returns on one of them, looked around some.  How many do you see?  Who are these groups, really, what do they do?

Devereux - Inspiring Hope. Empowing Lives.

Tampa Training Teaches Adults How to

Facilitate Cutting-­Edge Support

Groups for Boys & Young Men

Program Finding Show Increases in Boys’ and Yong Men’s School Engagement

The Council for Boys and Young Men, an acclaimed program that promotes healthy male adolescentThe Council for Boys and Young Men development, is now registering participants for its two-­day Facilitator Training. Co-­hosted by Devereux Kids and OPBI, Inc., the training is being held May 24th & 25th, from 8am to 4:30pm at the University Area Community Development Corporation, 14013 North 22nd Street, Tampa, FL 33613.

Attendees will learn how to implement the Council model, a new program gaining interest with youth-serving organizations across the country.  The Council promotes boys’ and young men’s safe, strong and healthy passage through pre-teen and adolescent years.  Academic credit and continuing education hours are available to most service providers.

Registrations can be made online at BoysCouncil.com or by calling (707) 794-9477.

The Council for Boys and Young Men is the male adjunct to the widely-acclaimed Girls Circle program founded by Giovanna Taormina and Beth Hossfeld, MFT, in California.  A structured group program for boys 9-18, (etc….)

About the Organization: 

The Council for Boys and Young Men is a division of The Girls Circle Association (GCA).  Created by Beth Hossfeld and Giovanna Taormina, the Council’s sister program – the research based Girls Circle model – is rated a “Promising Approach” by the Federal Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). In 2006, Hossfeld and Taormina teamed up with Matt Bowers to develop The Council model based on masculinity research and evidenced-based principles. For more information, visit BoysCouncil.com or GirlsCircle.com.

About Devereux Kids

Devereux Kids is a primary prevention and diversion program of the Devereux Foundation in Florida. They were established in 1999 to involve parents and community residents in training, relationship building and skill development to increase the safety and well being of children, youth and families at the neighborhood level.Their mission is to engage community residents, strengthen families and protect children.


About OPBI, Inc.

OPBI is a Tampa Bay non-profit organization that has been around since 2002. At the Ophelia Project and Boys Initiative of Tampa Bay, they are committed to creating a best practices model for communities who want to be on the forefront of meeting the specific needs of girls and boys, in an integrated and innovative fashion.They believe in positive and successful youth development.


GUESS WHAT DEVEREUX KIDS (is in the business of) and who’s behind it?  Does this business model sound familiar yet? (the logo belowis also a link; click on the yellow):

Devereux Florida – Front Porch Project

14 hour certificate

12 CE’s offered 

Front Porch ProjectDevereux Kids offers a two day, comprehensive training program teaching that every person can make a difference in their community through personal action to build a culture of “neighbors helping neighbors”. American Humane’s Front Porch Project® is a national initiative designed to connect neighborhood residents and to establish positive patterns of individual behavior based on mutual responsibility and ownership.**

The training builds participants’ awareness of their capacity and responsibility to become more involved in the safety and health of children and families in their neighborhoods. Now more than ever, parents, family members, friends, neighbors, community members and service providers need to share in the responsibility for the safety and well-being of our nation’s children. One person can make a significant difference in the life of a child.

**Quickest way to cut through the crap on what such and such IS will, generally speaking (after verifying who’s owns the Trademark at USPTO.gov , and other things such as when they got it and what “G&S” (Goods and Services) are involved) is see if you can find out who’s funding it.  

EVERY FUNDER needs a market niche — somewhere to sell their goods.  So who’s being sold what in this mix? And what other products does the same source sell — in this case, AHA?)

But no matter how you look at it, it will involve someone selling “behavioral-change” modules, i.e., classes, trainings, information and resource centers.  It’s  not necessary to actually show behavioral change — just to get through the classes.  And when it comes to Dads, Dad’s aren’t signing up for them that easily; they have to be recruited, and get incentives (rewards) for participation – like reduced child support, etc.

I have news for us – so, Devereux Kids is promoting a trademarked training of the American Humane Association, who also works in tandem with HHS (and has been for a long while) to promote fatherhood activities also. Here’s when the trademark was registered (1997, i.e., same year the Adoption & Safe Families Act was made, also the year after welfare reform), in addition to (co-hostd with OPBI, Inc., same idea) who probably have their own training and why not bring in another “social entrepreneur” which has OJJDP backing, the The Boys and Young Men’s Council(r)? Birds of a feather…. Here’s the search results from USPTO — the Front Porch Project has been around over a decade…


Typed Drawing


Goods and Services IC 036. US 100 101 102. G & S: charitable fund raising. FIRST USE: 19950700. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19950700

IC 042. US 100 101. G & S: association services, namely, promoting public awareness of child abuse through education and dissemination of information, and providing assistance and guidance to the public in identifying and preventing the causes of child abuse and neglect. FIRST USE: 19950700. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19950700

Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING
Serial Number 75340785
Filing Date August 14, 1997
Current Basis 1A
Original Filing Basis 1A
Published for Opposition July 14, 1998
Registration Number 2193643
Registration Date October 6, 1998
Owner (REGISTRANT) American Humane Association, The CORPORATION D.C. 63 Inverness Drive East Englewood COLORADO 80112
Attorney of Record DARREN HANDLER
Affidavit Text SECT 15. SECT 8 (6-YR). SECTION 8(10-YR) 20080716.
Renewal 1ST RENEWAL 20080716
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

The subtitle of the AMERICAN HUMANE ASSOCIATION is “THE Nation’s voice for the protection of children & animals”

American Humane Association logo

American Humane Association Expands the Front Porch Project® to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect in Pennsylvania

However, if you go just a few clicks away — and under the same banner — you’ll see they are entirely in favor of silencing adult women’s voices (this includes mothers) when it comes to a firm assertion that to protect a child means to insert a father, particularly if father is absent.  As some fathers are inserting things where they don’t belong, and some mothers object to this — it’s simply wrong that any nonprofit this large continue to take million-dollar-initiatives to divert welfare money into fatherhood training programs to get them back in.

A closer look at AHA grants received from HHS over the years shows that they started with “Child Protection” but morphed over the years, plus some…

Meanwhile, there are then the other organizations aimed at youth & girls (OneCircle, Ophelia, and knockoffs, or these being knockoffs of other similar programs…).

If you read the description carefully — you see that AHA is screening and selecting leadership, setting up a distribution network through — for Pennsylvania at least Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance.  After all, it’s an AHA project (AHA has however received a good deal of $$ from HHS over the years) so they deserve to screen who’s going to distribute it, like any good wholesaler would:

Working with the Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance, selected communities across the state will begin implementing the Front Porch Project®, American Humane Association’s research-supported, community-based initiative to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Over four days in April and May, American Humane Association will train professionals and other community members selected by Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance on how to locally deliver the Front Porch Project’s community training. 

Notice how they are going to do this.  WHO, for example, is the Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance?

The American Humane Association (originally related to treatment of pets more?) Is intimately connected with the Fatherhood Initiative and has membership on one of its boards whose philosophy is to get nonresident fathers more involved in order to protect against child abuse:

On the same website (AHA) click on over to “for Professionals” . . . . “Programs” … “Children” and here’s the list, see url?   http://www.americanhumane.org/children/programs/**

**(before then, AHA has also its own ideas about how to handle domestic violence, which can include battering and can become lethal.  Better to keep the family intact than to save the victims….) Differential Response Webinar Series A Family Intact: An Alternative Response to Domestic Violence April 21, 2011 Noon – 1:30 p.m. PDT; 1 – 2:30 p.m. MDT; 2 – 3:30 p.m. CDT; 3 – 4:30 p.m. EDT

Isn’t this child beautiful?  You betcha.  But we need to look at the programs.  There are almost no programs that aren’t going to have pictures of cute kids attached.  But how cute is what they are promoting?


Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention: Together we can help families and children 

All of us can and should be involved in keeping our nation’s children safe from abuse and neglect!

  • Notice the encouragement to claim “our nation’s children” as property of the nation.  Naturally, someone will have to spearhead such protective movements and need guidance.  For how AHA plans to guide us (as opposed to We the People through our legislators, from grassroots on up), keep reading..

Child Welfare & Migration: Kids between laws and lands 

Did you know nearly one in four U.S. citizen children currently lives with at least one immigrant parent?

Chronic Neglect: Invisible wounds Many more children experience neglect than physical abuse. We can help!

Differential Response: One size doesn’t fit all We all know that every family is different. That’s why a cookie-cutter approach in child protection doesn’t always work.

Disparities in Child Welfare: Overrepresented but underserved Are all children and families treated equally within the child protection system?

Family Group Decision Making: What if it were your family? Involving extended family members in decisions about children who need protection or care.


Fatherhood Initiative: Bringing back the dads

  • Bringing back the dads

    Today, too many of America’s children—both inside and outside the child welfare system—are growing up without a father in their lives. ** At least 65% of children placed into the child welfare system were not living with their birth fathers at the time of placement, and even after placement their fathers and paternal relatives are not involved in planning their cases.

  • (Note:Opening paragraph contains a built-in intent to expand its purpose BEYOND child welfare into defining Child Welfare as NOT being in a single-parent (without regular father-contact) household!

Policy & Government Affairs: Advocating for children & families Take a stand on policy and legislation that affect vulnerable children!

Scientific Research & Evaluation: Data-driven decision making Making sure our programs and initiatives benefit kids and families.

Safety & Risk Assessments: Are kids safe?

Many factors affect child welfare professionals’ decision-making around whether children are safe in their homes.

Training & Professional Development: Helping those who help kids & families

We stand behind child welfare professionals as they work to protect children and strengthen families.

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JUST SOME AHA FYI — they’re off the deep end (probably be cause that’s where the money is, or who knows why?) favoring fathers,…

  1. [PDF] 

    PROTECTING CHILDREN – American Humane Association

    www.americanhumane.org/assets/pdfs/children/fatherhood/pc262.pdfFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View Previously, she worked at AmericanHumane Association and served as interim director of the Quality. Improvement Center on Non-ResidentFathers and the 

Fatherhood Initiative – American Humane Association

www.americanhumane.org/children/programs/fatherhood-initiative Too many of America’s children, both inside and outside of the child welfare system, are growing up today without a father in their lives. In fact, reports suggest 

About the Fatherhood Initiative

Too many of America’s children, both inside and outside of the 

Advisory Board

QIC-NRF National Advisory Board Members. The national advisory 

QIC Fatherhood Toolkit

The fatherhoodqic.org website has been redirected to American 

QIC News

QIC News. QIC-NRF newsletters share the most current 

Which QIC-NRF (and AHA connection) I found out when I was following up (another) Youth/Justice reform group from Washington, and part of its leadership, Susan Dreyfuss (then head of Washington State’s $20billion DSHS budget; having come from Wisconsin (head of the first DCFS or such) and with strong connections to the behavioral health industry (what an eyeopener) . .  Combined with a local judge (Bobbe Bridge) and and a few foundations (like, the MacArthur Foundation and its Models for Change), it was  a powerful nonprofit.

This is from the AMERICAN HUMANE ASSOCIATION (Colorado)

QIC-NRF National Advisory Board Members

The national advisory board brings together representatives from numerous disciplines, including law, fatherhood, child welfare and child protection services, courts, front-line practice, research, policy and academia. Ten members were selected for the board and approved by the U.S. Children’s Bureau. Board members assist the quality improvement center in identifying issues and barriers to involving non-resident fathers in child welfare cases; guide the selection of research focus, requests for proposal and site selection; and act as a resource regarding multidisciplinary issues and methods that may contribute to comprehensive assessment and experimentation.


HOW THIS TIES BACK TO THE HHS GRANTS SYSTEM? (search recipient name, then click to find out which grants):

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards

Showing: 1 – 2 of 2 Recipients

(please DO scan (and I’m wondering why there are two listings with two DUNS# which only vary by ONE digit — and it just so happens tha tthe ONE digit DUNS# is exclusively for this QIC-NIF project above — $4,924,808 in THREE years!

All of these were a single grant to AHA; #90CO1025, ACF/CB (Children’s Bureau) and from the DUNS# top row above.  They all had one Principal Investigator (SONIA C. VELAZQUEZ), and are categorized under CFDA 93652, “Adoption Opportunities.”

Fiscal Year Recovery Act Indicator Award Number Award Title Award Code Budget Year Action Issue Date Award Class Award Action Type Sum of Actions
Some of this grant (it announces) was sub-granted to a provider of fatherhood classes in El Paso County, TX.  They managed in two years (2008 – 2010) to actually get 23 men through 20-week classes (do the math) and discuss other ways to recruit fathers, and train caseworkers to evaluate father/child visits differently than mother/child visits. (for children in the welfare system).  The feedback includes that the fathers appreciated the classes (that’s nice — WHOSE money involved??) 90CO1025

As SO OFTEN happens when I compare what HHS says they got on a certain grant (and the TAGGS input comes fromHHS) with what USASPENDING.gov says they got on the same grant (and USASPENDING.gov input comes from the agencies also) — USASPENDING.gov is often short — by like a year or more’s worth of data, sometimes HALF.  In this case,  — I just proved it by searching on the same, strangely similar but uniquely NOT identical DUNS# above — that where TAGGS.hhs.gov says, they distributed $4,924,808 — somehow USASPENDING.GOV (which info usually goes back to the year 2000, while TAGGS to about 1995), says the same grant series was only $1,999.  Obviously (at a glance) they have nothing recorded but years 2009 and 2010 in the latter source here: (there’s also a disclaimer showing again that this database is as of 9/18/2012 and provided by the agencies, no liability as to D&B number usage:

“All prime awardee data as reported by agencies. The assistance prime awardee data includes agency submissions as of 09/18/2012 and the contracts prime awardee data includes procurement data downloaded from FPDS as of 09/18/2012. . . .. For more information about the data, data sources, and data timeliness, please see Learn.  The quality procurement data is maintained by the federal agencies by annual verification and validation of their data in FPDS {{{I don’t know what that is}}. For more information on how the quality is maintained and what the government is doing in ensuring the quality please see (PDF).

DUNS as above shows only two transactions:

Total Dollars:
1 to 2 of 2

Transaction # 1
Federal Award ID: 90CO1025 (Grant) 

63 INVERNESS DRIVE, EAST, Englewood, Colorado
Program Source: 75-1536 “Children and Families Services Programs”
Department/Agency: Department of Health and Human Services:Administration for Children and Families
CFDA Program: 93.652: Adoption Opportunities
Obligation Date: 
Obligation Amount: 

Transaction # 2
Federal Award ID: 90CO1025 (Grant) 

63 INVERNESS DRIVE EAST, Englewood, Colorado
Program Source: 75-1536 “Children and Families Services Programs”
Department/Agency: Department of Health and Human Services:Administration for Children and Families
CFDA Program: 93.652: Adoption Opportunities
Obligation Date: 
Obligation Amount: 

~ ~ I’m just a layperson (a very inquisitive one), however I then tried with the alternate DUNS# (absent the “4”) and Grants only — and found the missing grants from the other years.   So how did that happen, then?

Transaction # 5
Federal Award ID: 90CO1025 (Grant) 

63 INVERNESS DRIVE, EAST, Englewood, Colorado
Program Source: 75-1536 “Children and Families Services Programs”
Department/Agency: Department of Health and Human Services:Administration for Children and Families
CFDA Program: 93.652: Adoption Opportunities
Obligation Date: 
Obligation Amount: 

Transaction # 6
Federal Award ID: 90CO1025 (Grant) 

63 INVERNESS DRIVE, EAST, Englewood, Colorado
Program Source: 75-1536 “Children and Families Services Programs”
Department/Agency: Department of Health and Human Services:Administration for Children and Families
CFDA Program: 93.652: Adoption Opportunities
Obligation Date: 
Obligation Amount: 

Transaction # 8
Federal Award ID: 90CO1025: 1 (Grant) 

63 INVERNESS DRIVE, EAST, Englewood, Colorado
Program Source: 75-1512 “Promoting Safe and Stable Families”
Department/Agency: Department of Health and Human Services:Administration for Children and Families
CFDA Program: 93.652: Adoption Opportunities
Obligation Date: 
Obligation Amount: 



=4,249,999  per USASPENDING.gov. (4 transactions, right?) (see chart above). (I’m looking at partial screen and having to scroll here, but one could look at it and see that $4,249,999 =/= $4,924,808 — and that HHS is saying $1 million X 4 (counting $999,999 as one of those) and $250K — and looks like the $ 674,899 (first showing in the grant) at USAspending.gov isn’t showing up.

Whoever it’s “cooperative” with maybe got credit for that amount.  Or maybe someone who wasn’t supposed to get something — how would I, Jane Public, know?   Given the bookkeeping correction (see TAGGS chart, above) on 08/28/2012 of ($90.00) — I make that “only” a $674,809 differential, in other words, enough to buy two homes outright, or make or support how many families for how long?   How much error is acceptable — and who do we think might be checking quality on this — the HHS/OIG (I’ll simplify matters there – -they’re not keeping up.  But if they did, they don’t have enforcement teeth).

ALSO, to establish that the Program Source code 1512  is a PSSF (Promoting Safe and Stable Families) code.

Assistance Type Block Grant
Project Description National Quality Improvement Center on Non-Resident Fathers
Program Source Agency 1512 75
Program Source Account 1512
Program Source Sub Account N/A
Program Source Description Promoting Safe and Stable Families

I find that interesting, because (read on) one of the subgrantee recipients — who is working with this AHA project is called Center on Fathering and admits that they are targeting incarcerated Dads.  For the shorthand, the program helps promote adoption opportunities to jailbirds, fathers who commit DV, which is what we have been discovering and saying right along anyhow over some years.

I did a google search on the grant# and found out that HHS actually sent someone to visit a subgrantee:

Children’s Bureau Grantee News

Site Visit: Nonresident Fathers in the El Paso, CO, Child Welfare System

The National Quality Improvement Center for Non-Resident Fathers and the Child Welfare System (QIC-NRF) awarded subgrants in 2008 to projects in four States for fatherhood classes for nonresident fathers whose children have been removed from their homes. One of the four subgrants was awarded to the Center on Fathering (COF) of the El Paso County, CO, Department of Human Services (DHS) to locate and recruit nonresident fathers of children in the child welfare system to participate in fatherhood classes. The goal is to increase fathers’ involvement with their children and the child welfare system.

The fatherhood classes meet for 20 weeks and use a curriculum developed by the QIC-NRF to support nonresident fathers in engaging their children. The curriculum covers topics such as navigating the child welfare system, supporting their children, and workforce issues. Between September 2008 and September 2010, 23 fathers participated in these classes.

COF also has developed a training for caseworkers about how to engage fathers. The training, which was conducted at five State academies throughout Colorado, included practical advice on topics such as bringing fathers back into the family dynamic, closing the revolving door on cases, and how father-child visits may be different—and should be evaluated differently—from mother-child visits.

The following are examples of successful strategies used by the project to recruit, engage, and work with the fathers:  Fathers interviewed during the site visit expressed how much the project has helped them with their children. The project helped them gain a better understanding of the child welfare and court systems and provided helpful information about child development and communication.

Similar (or, the same) report shows that this particular project from El Paso County, Colorado, coincides with key players in this entire field, Center for Policy Research (Jessica Pearson, one of its founders) and Policy Studies Inc. (they often do reports together and at least used to have staff in common; i.e., CPR is the nonprofit PSI is a for-profit) and what I have confirmed on this blog, ONE of the many earlier incorporations of the association basically constructing and running the family court system (and I do mean that!)AFCC — also has an early incorporation version with Dr. Pearson on it.




The National Quality Improvement Center for Non-Resident Fathers and the Child Welfare System (QIC NRF) awarded one of its four subgrants to the Center on Fathering (COF) (http://dhs.elpasoco.com/Pages/COF.aspx) to conduct a project in El Paso County, which is the second most populous county in Colorado and includes the city of Colorado Springs. El Paso County has the State’s highest concentration of children ages 0 to 5 and has a 73 percent divorce rate.

This model for this project, like that of the other three subgrants, consists of locating and recruiting nonresident fathers to participate in 20 weekly fatherhood classes designed to strengthen the fathers’ engagement with their children who are involved with the child welfare system. Per QIC NRF requirements, the initial contact for the fathers must be a male.

COF {{Center on Fathering}} is part of the El Paso County Department of Human Services (DHS) and is tasked with implementing responsible fatherhood activities. Other COF programs include InsideOut Dads for incarcerated fathers, Nurturing Fathers for fathers with current or past domestic violence issues, and Fathers as Providers for fathers needing employment assistance. Other project partners include the Center for Policy Research (www.centerforpolicyresearch.org), which is the evaluator, and Policy Studies Inc. (PSI). PSI (https://www.policy-studies.com) provides a staff person who serves as a class facilitator and father coach. PSI also is the child support enforcement contractor in El Paso County. ***

{{And I suppose that’s not a conflict of interest??}}

(Note: The term “father” in this report will be used interchangeably with “nonresident father” unless otherwise clarified.)


http://dhs.elpasoco.com/Pages/COF.aspx  (NOTE — it sounds “govt” because of “DHS” but it ends in *.com which tells what business someone is in….  sales….

The Center has an extensive library of books, magazines, audio and video tapes, and computer software to help individuals explore issues related to fathering.  The Center is staffed with individuals who can assist persons in need of referrals to community resources.  The Center is available for workshops and seminars on the responsibilities and challenges of being a father.  The Center provides a 15-session program called “Fathering Class” which teaches dads to be more actively and positively involved in their child’s development.  

We also offer a 10-session program called Conflict-Resolution for Dads which gives dads a unique, father-oriented way to deal with conflict in their lives. 

The Center has been providing services through the Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Funding since October, 2007. Using evidence-based curriculum, this funding has expanded the Center’s services to 2 grossly underserved father populations – dads with histories of domestic violence and fathers who are disconnected from their children due to incarceration. The services that started in 2007 go into the community Corrections Facilities and our County Jail on an ongoing basis. We offer the 12-week class “Inside Out Dads”, which assists incarcerated fathers in preparing to resume or begin a positive path of fatherhood once they are released from jail or prison.  We also offer a 13-week class titled “Nurturing Fathers” for dads who have past or current issues with domestic violence.  Our latest grant is through the Quality Improvement Center for Non-Resident Fathers, of the American Humane Association. We are one of four national sites chosen to implement an evidence-based program for fathers with children in foster care.

Through a partnership with the Colorado Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Initiative and the Division of Child Welfare,

    the Child Welfare Incentive Program site

provides caseworkers, supervisors and county agencies with referral links to local fatherhood programs, tips on improving father engagement in agency settings, father friendly agency check up surveys, links to Be There for Your Kids electronic newsletters and a forum to share agency news.  By setting up an account on the site, users become eligible to receive a variety of donated incentives – Be There for Your Kids hats and magnets as well as donated gift cards – through their use of posted articles and resources. The incentives can be used by caseworkers directly or given to local foster families. Incentives will be distributed to identified caseworkers once they reach 350 points”.



Please note date of formation (1995, the year after the national fatherhood initiative was formed, and one year before welfare reform (1996).    Colorado is a key state (esp. Denver area) in some of these movements.

(State of Colorado Corp. Search) Found 1 matching record(s).Viewing page 1 of 1.

# ID Number Document Number Name Click here to sort in ascending order. Event Status Form Formation Date
1 19951027102  19951027102 CENTER ON FATHERING – ROYAL BLUE BACKGROUND WITH WHITELETTERING Register a Trademark Effective TM/L0042 03/03/1995

This is a trademark of the El Paso County Human Services Department, and has been renewed in 2005. Mr. Sanders shows up alongside the usual (players — none representing mothers, or women, or domestic violence advocates, hardly unusual) and here’s his bio.  They are giving each other “Excellence in Practice (EIP) Awards, which were a self-(flattering) set of awards begun ca. 2008: “Sponsored by the Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Child Welfare, the Office of the State Court Administrator and the Office of the Child’s Representative

OK– what’s wrong with this overall picture.  The Center on Fathering is outreach to noncustodial fathers, particularly two “grossly underserved” categories of fathers, jailbait and those who commit domestic violence (obviously against their partners, which is part of the definition of “domestic.”).

On the same site they are advertising foster children up for adoption!

Ken Sanders
Program Manager, Center on Fathering
El Paso County Department of Human Services

Manager of the Year Award

Ken Sanders is the Program Manager of the Center on Fathering. This unique organization, created by the El Paso County Department of Human Services in June of 1995, provides comprehensive services to fathers and their families in the Pikes Peak region. The Center offers a variety of comprehensive services designed to strengthen, encourage and support fathers to be actively and positively involved in the care and development of their children.

Mr. Sanders has been at the forefront of enhancing awareness by Child Welfare professionals of the needs of children to have actively involved fathers. He has been instrumental in the development of tools to help Child Welfare professionals more effectively engage with fathers, particularly when their children are placed in foster care or out-of-home settings.

Mr. Sanders serves on the Colorado Fatherhood Coalition, whose goal it is to improve the well-being of children by building community access across Colorado to fatherhood programs and services. Previously, Mr. Sanders was an integral member of Governor Romer’s Taskforce on Responsible Fatherhood. Mr. Sanders was picked to pilot a nationwide project designed to enhance fatherhood programs for dads in the Child Welfare System.

Mr. Sanders has been an integral part of the development of training for child welfare workers around the state on strategies for engaging fathers in the Child Welfare System. He has presented a pilot curriculum to three sites around the state. His program was one of 4 nationwide sites chosen by the American Humane Association to test model intervention and evaluation project initiatives that are intended to strengthen positive father engagement in the child welfare system.

In looking up that task force (statement April 5, 1996) I am remembering this governor.  You got to watch those task forces; and governors that appoint them and invite “national experts” to justify what they’ve decided to do well in advance of the task force, anyhow! This is why “We, the People” need to obtain as much “mouth” and “clout” as our inspired State Governors, who aren’t listening very well.  JUST FOR THE RECORD, the town of “Castle Rock” (as in Castle Rock v. Gonzales) is in Colorado, also…


The Governor convened a statewide Summit on Responsible Fatherhood as he kicked off the work of a state level Task Force which was created to help him address the problem of father absence. The Summit included almost 500 child and family advocates and other concerned citizens, members of the Governor’s newly appointed task force and national experts, James Levine, Wade Horn, Kirk Harris and Kent Amos. The summit was followed by six months of intense work by the Governor’s Task Force to begin to identify causes and possible solutions around the problem of father absence.

The Task Force met with many different people from around the state, took steps to raise public awareness about the problem of father absence and produced a report, a blue print for a state agenda and recommendations for immediate action.

Findings  (Blah, blah, blah — the usual boilerplate) and at teh bottom, guess who?

Resource Centers

Annie E. Casey Foundation
701 St. Paul Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

(From the UPS family wealth who grew up without a father because he died.  Therefore every one else needs a father, too….).  (Annie E. Casey foundation is very wealthy, and I’ve looked at some of their investments too)

  1. Oct 29, 1998 – At Governor Romer’s Summit on Fatherhood, Mr. Leving will analyze the problem of father absence and outline legal solutions that will help … (JEFFREY LEVING whose firm is co-sponsor of the very, (very very) large HHS-grants-taking Fathers  and Families Coalition of America (Not to be confused with Glen Sacks’ group)

AMERICAN HUMANE ORGANIZATION uncritically dedicates a page to this Center, mentioning Mr. Sanders:


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El Paso County (Colorado Springs, Colo.) and the Center on Fathering

The El Paso County Department of Human Services has been active in fathering programs for 12 years. They work and contract with several of their long-time partners for this project.

The Partners

  • The Center on Fathering, which offers a variety of services for fathers, houses the principal intervention, using the curriculum developed under the non-resident fathers supplemental grant.
  •  Policy Studies Inc provides all child support services (including the diligent search for absent parents and establishing paternity) and houses the Parenting Opportunity Program, which does case management, mediation, dispute resolution, and employment and job readiness services (with Goodwill Industries Opportunity Program).
  • The Community Partnership for Child Development operates through Head Start and offers groups for fathers, activities with children, advice on how to read to kids, parenting classes and a fathers-as-mentors program.
  • The Center for Policy Research in Denver is well-known in Colorado for a number of studies in child welfare, child support, incarceration and other social programs. The center serves as the evaluator of the project.

In addition to the research questions pursued by all sites on the safety, permanency and well-being of children as a result of increased engagement of fathers, the El Paso County collaboration examines the factors which influence a father’s decision to participate and the ways in which a father’s interaction with various systems can change for the better.

Primary Contact
Ken Sanders

I need (and plan) to further investigate this too-influential “AMERICAN HUMANE ASSOCIATION.”  It shows a Colorado address, but the registration I’m looking at shows Washington, D.C. (originally 1942), and it seems its influence is out of proportion with its assets. !!!!!

Organization Details
EIN: 840432950
Name: American Humane Association — Google
Location:  1400 16th St NW Ste 360
Washington, DC 20036
County: District of Columbia
Website: www.americanhumane.org
Ruling Date: 1942   (Approximate year when founded)
IRS Type: 501(c)(3) – Public charity: Religious, educational, charitable, scientific, and literary organizations…
Legal basis for public charity or private foundation status (FNDNCD): 15 – Organization with a substantial portion of support from a governmental unit or the general public
NTEE:  D20 – Animal Protection & Welfare
Most recently completed fiscal year (TAXPER) 06/2011
Total Revenue $13,261,444
Total Assets: $12,688,479
Organization Mission Statement and Purpose
The American Humane Association is the only national organization dedicated to protecting both children and animals from abuse and neglect. founded in 1877, American Humane provides national leadership in developing policies, legislation, curricula and training programs- and providing direct services- to fulfill its mission. following is a summary

The Feb. 2011 PRWire says they have dedicated a new HQ  in Washington.  Good for them.  I think they need to be reminded that there’s a significant difference between CHILDREN and ANIMALS, despite their penchant for training the world how to handle both.  The chief difference with animals is that’s it’s acceptable in this culture to break up animal families, but the legal process is to be involved in breaking up human families. Moreover, if a male animal sired offspring, and then was a danger to the same offspring, no zookeeper or other should have trouble taking protective measures, rather than send that male animal through “stag classes” or “bull classes” or “rooster classes” or (go through the species, get my point?) to become more like a female animal.  Moreover, in the animal kingdom, some females are notably fierce when protecting their young — but this type of protection is unacceptable in human families. . . ..

I think anyone at this point who’s unwilling to realize that the whole production is more about the money (and ppower that goes with it) than what it’s allegedly about is part of the problem.

Anyhow, here’s that announcements, below which I have a few more complaints before calling this a day!

American Humane Association Dedicates New National Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON, Feb. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — American Humane Association, the nation’s voice for the protection of children and animals, will dedicate its new national headquarters offices, located in the Resources & Conservation Center, Washington, D.C., on Feb. 17. Attendees will include Pippa Black, star of NBC’s comedy series “Outsourced”; Tinsley Mortimer, socialite and handbag designer; and Ashley Rhodes-Courter, author of a New York Times best-selling memoir about her life in the foster care system

Since 1877, American Humane Association has been at the forefront of virtually every major policy movement, legislative effort and shift in cultural attitudes aimed at improving the lives of children and abolishing cruelty to animals,” said Robin R. Ganzert, Ph.D., American Humane Association president and CEO. “So it is fitting that we build a more prominent presence here in our nation’s capital to speak for the voiceless in our society — from our most vulnerable children to animals of every kind — as we strengthen the inextricable link between people, animals and the world we share.”

“We appreciate the tremendous support we’ve received from our constituents, partners and community in welcoming us to our new offices,” Ganzert said. “As we gather for this occasion, we celebrate American values of compassion, caring and hope, while we also reaffirm our commitment to making a difference for the vulnerable and the voiceless by changing attitudes, shaping policy and improving lives.”

American Humane Association’s new national headquarters offices are located at 1400 16th Street NW, Suite 360, Washington, DC 20036. The organization also has program offices in Denver, and its “No Animals Were Harmed”® Film & Television Unit is based in Los Angeles


Naturally, this relates to BLOCK GRANTS TO TANF — and here it’s mentioned (along with four other fatherhood programs and I notice also “WAIT Training” (Abstinence Education) which is another very funky abstinence-focused healthy/marriage grantee of long-standing in the area:

Colorado Works TANF Funded Projects Resource Book

(= a Colorado.gov/TANF Resource Book (pdf/directory-style; search for “Sanders”))

As with many programs in the state, Colorado Works provides a great deal of local flexibility for counties to makes decisions, implement programs and provide services to meet the needs of the community. Annually, we allocate the vast majority of Colorado’s federal TANF block grant to counties statewide. I am proud and impressed by the quality of the assistance and programs each county in the state provides to serve the unique needs of its residents.

In addition to the county block grants, the legislature has appropriated TANF funds for innovative and statewide programs serving low-income families through the Statewide Strategic Use Fund and special appropriations for housing and employment services through our sister state agencies.

There is NOT ONE noun or pronoun referring to females (not “women” and not “mothers”) in the table of contents here (provided).  This is typical of the field.  There are Fathers, and then there are female-headed-household, or single-parent-households (when what’s meant is single-mother).

Perhaps this “omission” even in the table of contents of a listing of services provided through TANF to an entire STATE may have something to do with the need for Girls’ Circle Associations or their self-images?  Everything gives off something — and this gives off, half the human race doesn’t even get a verbal reference!

This shouldn’t be surprising as welfare reform was aimed at single mothers as a social scourge anyhow, whether it was presented in a patronizing, or in a critical and irritated tone (I’m talking, in the Congressional Record, not just the rhetoric….):

Services catagory index childcare . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 childWelfare  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 custodyServices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 domesticviolence . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 education/Literacy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 education/JobPreparation . . . . . . . . . . . 10 employmentSupport  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 employment Support / transportation .  .  . 13 FamilySupport  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Fatherhood: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Financial Literacy and Support  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 27 Housing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 Medicalanddental . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 MentalHealth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Parenting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Prenatalcare  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 PregnancyPrevention . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 refugeeassistance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Substanceabuse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 youthdevelopment  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 youth development / Homelessness:  .  .  . 32

Use that “Alt-F” or “search” function while in the document — I often spot-check documents.  Again, here’s the link:Colorado Works TANF Funded Projects Resource Book”  Why should we be getting language results like this?

 There is”  Children, families, custody, parenting (Domestic violence), youth, Child, prenatal — but — see for yourself.  There’s “Fatherhood” (which is an idea) and no “motherhood.”   !!! (the word “mothers” occurs 2x (in context of prenatal/pregnancy only), but fathers 44x, fathering 5x, fatherhood 46x, motherhood 0x, mothering 0x, and the word “women” 4x.!

In a 33 page glossy, fine-print pdf representing TANF resources!

THREE of these ONLY FOUR times is for a Women’s Resource Center which specifically details how it runs fatherhood programs (and says nothing at all about women in the paragraph!):

(Southwest Colorado) 679 E. 2nd Avenue, Unit 6 Durango, CO 8130 Eve Presler, 970.247.1242

The Advocacy for La Plata, Women’s Resource Center fatherhood program takes fathers of at-risk families through the Responsible Fatherhood Curriculum and works with them to achieve a sense of stability – financially and emotionally. The program also holds Responsible Fatherhood classes at the Southern Ute Detention Center, which houses men from various U.S. tribes.

Enough is enough — Write your legislator (get info together for your area) and Congressman, Representative and ask for a veto of future marriage/fatherhood funding.  First of all, where IS it?  Second of all, it’s paid for by all, but is misapplied — for social science theories about poverty and child abuse, which generally ends up profiting the people running the programs, for another, no one should have to recruit participants that hard (bribes?  Seriously).  For another, it shifts the balance of power away from the facts of the case and towards “out-come based” judicial proceedings. . . . . .  And as I pointed out, for another, on any given day, up to $670K can go missing, or money goes to corporations that themselves go missing — so what was the purpose of the financing?

Partnership for Strong Families, Inc. 4 1 $ 1,200,000


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  1. Once again your information is above the rest as it is TRUE and details the facts.
    While I read all of this connection to Colorado, I recall the UN recently finding in a Colorado mothers case who’s children were shot to death in the bed of the truck the father was driving when he went to a police station and opened fire. This mother tried every avenue to get the police to respond to the children in danger and while they blew it off, I believe there was a protective order in effect. Nobody would take her calls seriously and then the death of her children for the lack of protection given to her and her children but somehow it reached international sources who found the US and Colorado in general were putting mothers and children at risk within the family court system.
    I also remember reading within your posts some time ago that Colorado jumped on the non-profit bandwagon in 2010? and received somewhere in the range of $500,000 million in federal funding they had not received the year prior. They were following Californias lead with the conciliation services if I am remembering correctly.
    I am one grateful mother who by fight and might still retains custody of my child after a federally funded fatherhood prisoner filed for his parental rights from his prison cell while getting “manhood one and two” certifications in there and becoming the prison chaplin clerk two months prior to leaving this prison and after serving me from his cell. This got the faith based funding involved too I imagine as he conned a crooked home church pastor (unordained if I am not mistaken) to write a letter on his behalf stating he was of no harm in any way to a child he didn’t even know and is now ready to be the father he never was and signed it with his lame certifications and his LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) designation which has since been revoked thanks to me. This “senior pastor” of his home church has since disappeared a book he wrote and doesn’t claim to be a senior of said church any longer although the non-profit still shows active in our state (I wonder if he still has tax exemptions). The father after a 3 and a half year custody battle which destroyed my existence and a childs joy and innocense who was 10 years old at the time has managed to get an order of protection from a grown man who couldn’t deal with him and a box checked on that order for domestic violence or counseling classes on the injunction against harrassment/OOP but that didn’t even help our case that the child could be in unnecessary danger. So much to this story, ugh. This is new news though. The man who requested the OOP and got it through a hearing, is a harley davidson custom shop owner with no criminal history. What do you think must bring a man like that to need the protection of the law against my manhood certificate carrying father of the year from prison????
    I will never donate to American Humane Society Association or any such organization and will spread the word amongst my networking arena to reconsider any donations also.
    I cannot understand why our nation is living with such blinders on as not to know billions of tax dollars are being funnelled to these organizations. I understand your postings very well and am just a regular person/mom (although I owned a successful small business for 20+years until the court case) but I am seeing from your information clearly the abuses going on.
    Aren’t religious organizations taking 10% on average from their congregation tax free to set up “programs” in their area? Isn’t that the reason for the tax exemption? As it looks to me, those funds are going to their land purchases, mansions and personal spending and then the government is again subsidizing their income with federal funds that are not followed by anyone, (except you and all who I now know read your blog) to pay for programs in dollar amounts that no nation struggling with spending should funnel to them for the programs they were already receiving benefits (tax free tithings). It is time to audit every one of them! It is time to question every dollar and stop using tax payer dollars to fund this absurd crap and start making them show their “fruits of their labors”. I am really angry with this faith based bogus BS. You know why. This “senior pastor” who I had the disadvantage of knowing, bullied me from the time I had my daughter. I would come to his “counseling or pastoral” meetings whenever requested out of respect he never deserved. Only to find out he managed to get himself sued by the Assembly of God and removed from a church where he was a “fill in”. In his time with this church, he and his wife went from owning a $150k condo to a $750k house (became his future church without proper city registration as the Board of Behavioral Health uncovered in their investigation) in maybe a couple of years if that…… After the civil suit AofG which I learned from my real estate paralegal friend went away if he quit using their property as his own?? or something to that affect (which is how on his financials I am sure he qualified for the new crib) This guy retained the non-profit through our state and immediately changed the name to his new church, home. This bull went on for years while he appears to be as much a con as the father he wrote the letter for in prison. I am burdened with knowing his “unprofessional conduct” letter affected the direction of my custody case and put me in battle with the father upon his release from prison in a brutal battle I had never before even imagined could happen in a court of law against a mother (me)who had raised an honor roll child for over 10 years alone and had never asked anyone for anything and abided by the laws without so much as ever bouncing a check. My record was verifiable with a simple google search as well as the fathers. Well of course those who weren’t close to my case thought “there must be something we don’t know if a mother could lose her child to a 9 time felon just released from prison who had never contributed to the childs life before”. Right? Wrong…………….Or mother is sounding crazy with this drama….right?
    If it happened to me, it can happen to anyone who took responsibility and lived by the “right to life” thinking for the child and I was too old with a business and home to justify not doing my best to raise this child alone as it appeared I would be. (I won’t even dignify how I became enmeshed with this type of individual, father, who ended up with documented mental illness and a threat to cut the baby he was now ready to parent from his prison cell out of my stomach and kill us with much more)
    Let’s Get Honest has helped me know what on earth was happening to me and my life and childs life as they were being destroyed and I falsely accused. My complaint against this holy man as I wasn’t aware of all his underhanded behavior, helped the father obtain a fathers rights lawyer and “reunification therapist” who abused everything in our lives under the name of the law. They waged an attack on my life that will forever affect it and my honor and integrity of which I held high and worked my whole life for my stellar reputation. I would have never been able to wrap my mind around how this all played out or why if it wasn’t for your blog. Thank you. I have let other mothers know that they should not spend their parents retirement in effort to clear their name in these courts as they could be Jesus mother herself and never would they clear their name in this venue. I can explain to them what has happened to them.
    There is no excuse for these financial funnels to continue. There is so much money that could stop being funnelled to these greedy disgusting members of our society and there are more of us then them. It needs to stop! Fathers rights has such a nice ring to it but I am here to tell you, the good dads aren’t doing this and cannot even believe it is happening. I know many good single dads, great in fact! Four have cried hearing my daughter tell them what has happened to her from her own words.
    We will never be the same.
    I want restitution for the loss of my business. As I am sure many mothers want their job back and their life savings back and their childrens homes back, OH and THEIR CHILDREN BACK.
    I want my peace, joy and happiness back. I want to listen to music again and smile for a picture again as I have not been able to have my picture taken during this time as I think I fear I will see the trauma. I don’t know.
    Thank you for letting me rant and if you think this inappropriate for a post as the author of the blog, I would totally understand but I want people to know, this is happening to real people and the system is being used just as you say and it is affecting good people in a terrible way and children for the rest of their lives. Our system takes too long to get changes made after the length of time it takes for them to even KNOW the problem, this needs a task force of honor and integrity behind it as childhood is fleeting and never to be gotten back. Bad people are using the system and harming children. Are we really willing to ignore it now that you KNOW? I can’t.


    September 21, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    • Dear “StillHere”

      I know enough of your situation to appreciate the rant, and no problem posting it here. However you, I, and others need to do all we can to get this into an outline and actionable format — which is of course impossible if we are in certain “modes.” So, to stick the rants one place (I know enough are on my blog here also), and if possible power-point, outline, write-up, and strategize what position we hold and actions to take. … somewhere else . . . . is a goal. we are technically, logistically, and financially outclassed by this system, as well as under ongoing psychological attack in this manner.

      To attack one’s own livelihood, safety, and relationship with a child (particularly as a mother) is horrible enough. But beyond that, this country is living on myths, running on fumes, and headed for slavery & food riots (i.e. a form of genocide) — and that’s not from me, that’s from credible sources, like former FHA person C.A. Fitts.

      I still get in my inbox from time to time alerts advising women to commit custody battle suicide by instead writing everyone, complaining about 58,000 children per year transferred to batterers and otherwise self-identifying as people who don’t do background checks on their own advocacy groups. . . . . It makes me sad.

      The first case you mentioned was Castle Rock v. Gonzales.

      The 2nd paragraph reads:
      “I also remember reading within your posts some time ago that Colorado jumped on the non-profit bandwagon in 2010? and received somewhere in the range of $500,000 million in federal funding they had not received the year prior. They were following Californias lead with the conciliation services if I am remembering correctly.”

      And I don’t know what it’s referring to — if you find the post (search field should), please let me know. Colorado is a state and there are lots of recipients within the state from federal funding. However, yes, it is a hotbed of organizations affecting custody, which I have blogged (and more coming). . . . and Jessica Pearson of CPR (nonprofit) was a co-founder of THE “AFCC” and etc.

      I’m personally overwhelmed by some of this information and will post more as I can. The TAGGS.hhs.gov database is unusable and unreliable, but it’s an INDICATOR at least of what’s going out. Search the word “church” in “institution,” years=All, states=All (pick some fields under Advanced Search) and be prepared for a shock. Maybe I can post it.

      Good luck. Maybe you should blog. Please tweet mine, and appreciate the appreciative comments…thanks.

      Let's Get Honest

      September 21, 2012 at 1:34 pm

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