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Republicans, Quit Blaming the Poor for their Poverty! (House Ways’n Means/Camp statement re: TANF)

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My blog just hit 100,000 visits!


The HOUSE is who appropriates money for various legislation.  One way to stay up on it is simply to subscribe to email announcements.  See four-day committee hearings 9/11-12-13-14th 2012…

TANF, as I noted last post, frees up more and more ways for states (those in power in state HHS branches in particular) to divert money collected from all originally intended as “AID to FAMILIES with DEPENDENT CHILDREN” (AFDC) to ‘TEMPORARY AID for NEEDY FAMILIES” (of federally-connected contractors and social-engineering-minded professionals..)

Someone else needs to start posing (framing) the questions.  I just showed how, amazingly, some people’s work entails spending welfare diversions from kids and their parents who need it to eat, in order to promote evangelical world views that marriage is the way.  And somehow these proponents are rarely lacking in real estate assets, which only a spelunker could trace –and who has the time and will for that?

WORK ETHICS indeed!  Hypocrites!

How much “work” is involved in going to conferences, attending a training seminar in how to push marriage or fatherhood curricula on xyz population, write off the conference as a deductible for one’s nonprofit formed precisely to take advantage of TANF’s diversionary magic qualities, set up (or buy) a website and then take referrals from your church, child support offices, or prisons?

What this is really about is making sure that more people are working wages, which = more centralized control for those who are close to government (in it, getting grants from it, or contracting from it).

See last post.   Block Grants to States.

Opening Statement
Opening Statement Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI)
Markup of 
H.J.Res. 118, “Providing for Congressional Disapproval of the Administration’s July 12, 2012 Waiver of Welfare Work Requirements” September 13, 2012
(Remarks as Prepared)
Good morning. We are meeting today to consider H.J.Res. 118, a resolution to block the Obama Administration from waiving work requirements in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) welfare program.Americans strongly believe that those who are able should work in exchange for receiving federal benefits.  A recent survey revealed that 83 percent support a work requirement as a condition for receiving welfare.  The best way out of poverty is a job, and it is critical that our laws both foster job creation as well as ensure that welfare is always a pathway to work.

Work requirements were central to the success of the bipartisan 1996 welfare reforms.  Those reforms led to more work, more earnings, less welfare dependence, and less poverty among low-income Americans.  And the reforms were unmistakably successful.

For example, employment of single mothers increased by 15 percent from 1996 to 2000, and it remains higher today than in 1996, even after two recessions.  At the same time, welfare caseloads have declined by 57 percent.

However, with their July 12 announcement, the Administration moved to undo the success of the last decade and a half and allow States to waive the welfare work requirements that are at the heart of the TANF program.

To make matters worse, the Administration’s proposal to waive these important work requirements is illegal.  The 1996 legislation, signed into law by President Clinton, does permit an administration to waive certain requirements in the welfare program, which we will hear more about today.  But the work requirement is not among those provisions.  And this was intentional.

In orange, one lie and one irrelevancy.  Who’s on-line to counter this propaganda?  Notice how he went RIGHT to “single mothers” when in fact, now there are single fathers (or remarried fathers) extracting children from working single mothers’ homes, so some of these mothers are now instead simply paying for the privilege of having been robbed of contact with their kids.  Some of these are also paying men who battered them or abused their kids (I am NOT saying it’s all).

It could be that for SOME types of jobs, the way out of poverty was a job — but then again some of the people (in the family court system at least) who are helping put one or BOTH parents out of jobs are either judges or psychologists, or both.  The Wall Street Journal did a study a while back of the highest-paid per hour professions — and guess which two came out near the top?  Judges and Psychologists (at the PhD level).  Guess how THAT came to pass?  Off mainstreaming mental health.

The fact is that the better way out of poverty is owning a prosperous business (suggestion:  Become a federal contractor), making it to retirement on a federal pension, wise investments that put off enough to live on (NOTE:  Not recommended to invest only in the United States, as IT doesn’t….) – — and then, there’s also the immoral, unethical, and illegal way out of poverty called dealing in drugs.  I don’t recommend it (risk levels including getting caught and jailed, or dying, and plus, it makes for a worse globe).  That said, our own government is one of the biggest drug-dealers around (including Pharma, and Narco) which I think is no longer up for debate.  We just don’t like to think about it much.

ANOTHER way out of poverty is to form a shell nonprofit situation (i.e. sell out) for the HHS and take grants to then take more funds from the poor, which is primarily what the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative set the standard for.   I have WATCHED this and BLOGGED this herein.

yet ANOTHER way out of poverty, apparently, is to become a “FAITH BASED” (or “FAITH-BASED”) something or other, and submit an application to the US Department of Health and Human Services.  There are 11 without the hyphen, and 39 (including some individuals with the name “Faith”) without:

Recipient = Faith based

Showing: 1 – 11 of 11 Recipients

Note: One EIN can be associated with several different organizations. Also, one DUNS number can be associated with multiple EINs. This occurs in cases where Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) has assigned more than one EIN to a recipient organization.

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
Alta Vista Faith-Based Initiative Corporation  Double Oak TX 75077-8450 DENTON 361452084 $ 50,000
Faith Based Community Development Corp.  OCEANSIDE CA 92054 SAN DIEGO $ 75,000
Faith-Based Solutions, LLC 

(= BIGggg FRAUD. I blogged)

RENO NV 89502-3709 WASHOE 145755851 $ 1,000,000
Governor`s Ofc of Faith-Based & Community Initiatives  MONTGOMERY AL 36104 MONTGOMERY 124325460 $ 0
Governors Office of Community & Faith Based Initiatives  DETROIT MI 48202 WAYNE 805340163 $ 250,000
Iowa Center for Faith Based & Community Initiatives  W DES MOINES IA 50265-5489 POLK 189950996 $ 1,050,000
National Center for Faith Based Initiative  WEST PALM BEACH  FL 33407 PALM BEACH $ 1,750,000
New Jersey State Office of Faith Based Initiative  TRENTON NJ 08625 MERCER 361857998 $ 0
OH St Governor`s Office of Faith Based & Comm Initiativ 

(Took the money & ran, next Admin (2007) got to do the audit and pick up the pieces.  This office is still in place.  Search “Krista Sisterhen.”)

COLUMBUS OH 43215 FRANKLIN 809031776 $ 3,444,539 
OH St Governor`s Office of Faith Based & Comm Initiativ  (Interesting, got two DUNSs.) COLUMBUS OH 43215 FRANKLIN 809376072 $ 1,534,186

(the next 39 will include this subset, I believe, so let’s approximate maybe 28 more.  Want an eyeopener?  Do follow-up!)

Showing: 1 – 39 of 39 Recipients:

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
All Faith Food Bank 

Interesting FOOD BANKS don’t get too much help!!

Arkansas Faith in Action State Coalition, Inc.  BENTON AR 72015 SALINE 796366990 $ 45,930
Christian Faith Fellowship Church, Inc  MILWAUKEE WI 53224 MILWAUKEE $ 1,000,000 
FAITH ANTOIN LAROCHE  LAMESA  CA  91944      $ 60,845 
FAITH WALK  CEDAR HILL TX 75104 DALLAS 100051585 $ 700,000
Faith Action for Community Equity  HONOLULU HI 968174653 HONOLULU 039083964 $ 80,000
Faith Based Community Development Corp.  OCEANSIDE  CA  92054  SAN DIEGO    $ 75,000 
Faith House  SAINT LOUIS MO 63112-3414 ST. LOUIS 431697924 $ 964,020
Faith In Action of Central Stark County, Inc.  LOUISVILLE OH 44641 STARK $ 48,955
Faith Strength and Power, Inc. *** (interesting street address — where’s the building?)


MD 21678 KENT 193326381 $ 99,948
Faith Temple Christian Center  ROCKLEDGE FL 32955 BREVARD 829655927 $ 872,130
Faith Unlimited Institute  SPFLD MA 01109-2837 HAMPDEN 093133895 $ 50,000
Faith in Action Outreach Ministries, Inc. AL  HAYNEVILLE AL 36040 LOWNDES $ 75,000
Faith-Based Solutions, LLC 

{{see above “11 recipients search, same group, shows $1M grant}}

RENO NV 89502-3709 WASHOE 145755851 $ 500,000
Family and Children Faith Coalition, Inc.  MIAMI FL 33144-3302 091543046 $ 1,730,577
Governor`s Ofc of Faith-Based & Community Initiatives  MONTGOMERY AL 36104 MONTGOMERY 124325460 $ 0
Governors Office of Community & Faith Based Initiatives  DETROIT MI 48202 WAYNE 805340163 $ 250,000
Hands of Faith, Inc.  BELOIT WI 53512 ROCK $ 33,334
Inter-Faith Food Shuttle  RALEIGH NC 27620-4638 WAKE 957485733 $ 43,458
Inter-Faith Ministries Wichita, Inc.  WICHITA KS 67214-3519 SEDGWICK 113265607 $ 100,000
Iowa Center for Faith Based & Community Initiatives  W DES MOINES IA 50265-5489 POLK 189950996 $ 1,000,000

{{medication-related, more technology}}

CRYSTAL LAKE IL 60014-4301 MCHENRY 623142163 $ 5,327,199
Latino Coalition for Faith and Community Initiatives  BAKERSFIELD CA 93309 KERN $ 978,551
National Alliance of Faith and Justice, Inc.  Washington DC 20013-7075 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 141252283 $ 150,000
National Alliance of Faith and Justice, Inc.  WASHINGTON DC 20013 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 141252283 $ 350,215
National Center for Faith Based Initiative  WEST PALM BEACH FL 33407 PALM BEACH $ 1,750,000
New Jersey State Office of Faith Based Initiative  TRENTON NJ 08625 MERCER 361857998 $ 0
OH St Governor`s Office of Faith Based & Comm Initiativ  COLUMBUS OH 43215 FRANKLIN 809031776 $ 2,294,140
OH St Governor`s Office of Faith Based & Comm Initiativ  COLUMBUS OH 43215 FRANKLIN 809376072 $ 990,046
Southern Good Faith Fund  Pine Bluff AR 71603-5005 JEFFERSON 171218063 $ 1,436,533
The Scottsville Allen Faith Coalition, Inc.  SCOTTSVILLE KY 42164 ALLEN 797486961 $ 250,000
World of Faith Church International  CEDAR GROVE LA 71106 CADDO 805383569 $ 1,000,000

Showing: 1 – 39 of 39 Recipients

***a spotcheck or two (on some new to me):

From (HHS/OCF/OCS) Project Summaries:
Targeted Capacity Building Program — Youth


Faith, Strength and Power, Inc. (FSP) P.O. Box 621 Chestertown, MD 21620410-348-9440 Award Amount: $49,998 Award Year: 2006

    Organizational Description:

Faith, Strength and Power, Inc. (FSP) is** a nonprofit 501(c)(3) faith-based community development organization promoting positive youth development.

…**MAKE THAT “WAS,” as it forfeited its corporate status on 10/06/2006, I just found out today….

Project Description:
FSP will increase capacity by obtaining training in program monitoring and evaluation; developing a fundraising and donor database; and utilizing the Helping America’s Youth toolkit for community assessment to develop a framework for conducting a community assessment in Kent County, Md.



In looking again at the language of the section of welfare that’s dedicated to pushing marriage & fatherhood, in remembering the “Access/Visitation” funding ($10 million/year since 1996), and in reading the proclamations of those who have profited SO MUCH from re-writing welfare (as have, for example, companies like Maximus and others) – – – the Republicans and Religious Right — and Democratic Left — should thank their respective Gods that there are enough poor to go around and justify these programs.

As I said early this year (comment below):

The dirty secret is that ongoing poverty & abuse really are desirable and for too many, great career path.

. . . But of course, that wouldn’t be politically wise to say in public….

Since 1996 . . . .

Decades pass (one and a half, to be specific, since this major triumph of block grants to the States) and still there is study after study being run on the poor, particularly single-parent households; we might as well be lab rats.  Not only have we been working (at low wages and shrinking dollars) for corporations that themselves have a completely different economic model, but they also have to help one perfect population profiling as well?

Besides, talk about hypocrisy — the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate is the product of a single mother!

Read Anne Stevenson Huffington Post Blog – she (and I) are (independently from each other) watching where some of these TANF grants go, and the organizations that get them, and the real estate they purchase.

Congratulations Betty Ryan! Giving Credit to a Nation of Strong Single Mothers

When Governor Mitt Romney announced Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate, I thought to myself how proud his mom must have been at that moment, and I wanted to tell her “From one mom to another Betty Ryan, great job!” Congratulations Betty Ryan, please joinVirginia Dell KelleyKathleen “Kit” Gingrich, and Stanley Ann Dunham in an elite club of single mothers who raised influential American leaders. As examples of strong American mothers who lived the dream and walked the walk, you have earned the right to brag about your boys in public and tell off any politicians who might refer to single mothers as a social ill.

Although my politics are 180 degrees to the left of Rep. Ryan’s, I even felt the need to congratulate the last three generations of Ryan family women. Despite the fact that their husbands died young at age 55, 57, and 59, these widowed single mothers raised sons who went on to become educated and respected leaders and good fathers. How did they manage?

Also see her “A Citizen’s Report from the US Conference of Mayors

Last week I found myself with a last-minute invitation to become a fly on the wall of the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Washington, D.C. Since the last conference in June 2011, an widespread movement called Occupy Wall Street has arisen to protest the fact that 99% of the country does not have meaningful access to their government. As a member of the 99%, and without hesitation, I used the last of my credit and favors from friends to arrange for my child’s care and my own accommodations in DC, and I hopped on a flight to the Capitol 12 hours later

Comments from “BackAtya” (that’s me), Lorraine Tipton, and Emad Tadros indicate the public is catching on.  I only hope they are activist enough to stop some more insane Appropriations, while informing their legislators that the wool is no longer over our eyes — we are not your personal sheep:

Another woman affirms the fact that MORE women are now tracking the DHS funding.  Lorraine’s went to jail 30 days for her daughter (from Oconto, Wisconsin) after CPS in two counties confirmed abuse, while the father was being caught driving drunk, and using the same fish twice to win a contest, for which the Fish & Game got after the man!  I blogged it here at “Wacko in Wisconsin;” this being one of the first cases I actually looked at the docket.  Meanwhile, a D.A. in the area (if I’m remembering it right) was in trouble for sexting a woman whose husband he was prosecuting for domestic violence.

Not all — but plenty of mothers are single by choice because the other choice is abuse, which leads to death.   

06:38 PM on 01/30/2012

The light is shining on the dirty little secrets of DHS and funding.…this is not the end…only the beginning…a jump start for ALL who care about children to stand up to these offenses against humanity We look forward to more from Anne Stevenson, who has her finger on the pulse of this corruption. Our children also thank you.

07:59 PM on 01/29/2012

Excellent Writing, wide-rangi­ng commentary­, and thanks for getting your behind into that Mayor’s Conference­! Also congrats on the (very) new Georgia company, MAC, LLC; they’re lucky to have your services.

At “http://familycou­rtmatters.­wordpress.­comI publicize the nonprofit program fraud in family law, in the honorable, under-repo­rted, and NON-federa­lly-funded tradition of Liz Richards (NAFCJ.net­), Richard Fine, whose work I’m sure Mayor Villaigros­a knows about, Cindy Ross, etc. Fine’s work intersecte­d with family law when he filed to force the L.A. District Attorney to actually distribute about $25 million in collected child support. 

Firing Sebelius won’t change HHS. It’s about systems, not personalities!

. . . yes, MDRC, is deeply entrenched with “interlock­ing directorat­e” of corporatio­ns & foundation­s — as is the Mayors Conference­. Annie E. Casey, got a seat at the conference. For example, the recent MDRC/HHS (and another group’s) “Behaviora­l Interventi­ons to Advance Self-Suffi­ciency (BIAS)” SERIOUSLY ??? On my dime?

And let’s keep the custody courts on the front burner and under a microscope — they are where Title IV programs are ignited.

02:08 PM on 02/01/2012

Please also “shine the light” on EVERY protective mothers group which historically said nothing about HHS, court-connected nonprofits(AFCC/CRC), who specialize in obtaining access/visitation (fatherhood) grants, & extorting parents into needless services. Then they focus on the emotional drama of custody disasters, rallies, marches, and meetings.

*AFCC (origin L.A.) is an international lobbying trade group of judges, attorneys and mental health professionals which almost single-handedly invented (and still drives) the family law system nationwide.

CRC (David Levy, origin closer to D.C.) works with thru/child support system & runs “access” centers. Personnel circulate among related spinoff groups, like dispute resolution, collaborative law, etc. CRC is a group that will lobby to haul a mother with children fleeing abuse internationally back to the US & jail her, but doesn’t do this consistently when fathers abduct.

Meanwhile, so-called protective groups actually profit (professionally) from keeping mothers clueless; they LOVE to expose the custody disasters, confer & march — but systematically misrepresent the operating system that creates them, omitting the federal financial incentives. Historically they just won’t tell, leaving it to independent bloggers with depleted resources, ongoing divorce cases, missing children to force their hand.

I sought REAL intervention for my family after leaving a violent marriage & then having a custody challenge — but found only technical assistance, media campaigns, and train the trainer groups. Finally, I noticed an obscure, low-profile website (NAFCJ.net) again, & it proved true, that . . . . .

03:02 PM on 02/01/2012

… since 1996, Title-IV block grants to states with well-known foundations (Ford, MacArthur, Annie E. Casey) fund Ph.Ds testing social policy (how to train the poor and uninformed at the expense of everyone). Seehttp://www.mdrc.org/subarea_index_12.html.

KNOWing this, AFCC and friends throw their collective weight into transforming juvenile & family law fields into an outcome based, not rights-based, or facts-of-the-case based process–which obviously “highly conflicts” with what the public still expects and wants in their courtrooms, which THEY pay for.

Other policy test areas include prisons, child support system, incarcerated youth, foster care, head start, etc. We’ve become a nation of designer institutions; of policy makers & their professional hacks vs. the traumatized demonstrated upon (who are not told).

Fatherhood, marriage/abstinence promotion in an HHS funded grants system attract the extreme religious element and dishonest elements. The “MIA” funds & poor oversight are well-known; even the GAO knows that suspended corporate status doesn’t mean no more grants. Groups just skip the state, regroup, rename & reapply. Nonprofit trade associations form just to help members (often themselves existing HHS grantees) confer(tax-writeoff) & get more. And the middle-class working public naturally wonders why aren’t these social services ever fixing the problems? What’s wrong?! with those poor, those divorcing parents, the schools; why the familicides, why are we broke?

The dirty secret is that ongoing poverty & abuse really are desirable and for too many, great career path.

09:41 PM on 02/01/2012

The Mayors’ Conference in 2005 (http://www.nationalhomeless.org/factsheets/why.html) agreed that domestic violence STILL caused homelessness, but who knows that TITLE IV diversions also do? The real Get-Paid-to-Play is, pit Dads v. Moms in public, for fun and profit, then collaborate privately on “what can we fix (market) next?”

“Promoting Fatherhood” (http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/factsheet/giving-a-hand-up-to-low-income-families) exploits Dads; makes states pay to audit program fraud (http://www.auditor.mo.gov/press/2004-90.htm), even creates orphans “in the best interests of the child,” but family law’s not even on the radar of the DOJ’s recent 13-person “Children Exposed to Violence” Taskforce — Coincidence?

Special-interest groups close to Congress dreamed this up, brought in their cronies, and forced everyone to adjust, however invasive, expensive, degrading, or ridiculous: https://familycourtmatters.wordpress.com/2012/01/11/another-reason-besides-its-innate-irrationality-to-shelve-the-national-healthy-marriage-movement-its-running-out-of-acronyms/.

Next year, Mayors, please no podium, no sponsorship, no privileges — for Annie E. Casey, Scotts Miracle-Gro, or any other collaborators with Bush-era policies.

END the bastardized 1996ff welfare-as-we-NOW-know-it, dismantle the corrupt OCSE (there just to test theories and steer grants anyhow) (http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/cse/pol/AT/1999/at-9907.htm), and FIRE any experts, including AFCC judges, with more bright ideas like calling crime “parental conflict,” “fathering courts,” etc.

Now, thanks to business back to as usual (and religious/faith-state collaboration) some of us have more than one way to die prematurely, be seriously injured, or stay impoverished — IN marriage (without intervention or leaving), or OUT of marriage on an overnight court-ordered exchange of children.  This also provides more ways for children to be kidnapped.   This has sponsored entire professional fields (Supervised Visitation, Batterers Intervention Programs, and Responsible Fatherhood), all of which set up public bureaucracies that would be moot points IF crimes against mothers (and women) were actually treated as real crimes.  AND vice versa, for the battered men.

Besides which, this is no bonus for fathers, anyhow — it wastes their money also!  Take the comment from Emad Tadros, who in response for his public exposure that a well-reputed (why??) San Diego, California area Custody Evaluator (Stephen Doyne) had bought a diplomate for $350, when a similar certificate had been given to a housecat, “Zoe.”  In return for this public service, he was fined $1,000,000 for public defamation: and, like many of us, put up a website.  Comments on the “US Mayors’ Conference” blog from Ms. Stevenson below the summary of Dr. Tadros’ dilemma.  This relates to TANF because, guess where many of these TANF funds are focused?  — on Custody and Child Support matters, where else?

The Chameleon
Hard facts about Stephen Doyne Phd specialty Diplomate
According to the Nationwide well respected Psychology Board Certified: 1- Dr. Eichel, 2- Professor of Law Carol Henderson, 3- Professor of Law James Starrs, 4- Professor of Law Andre Moenssens, 5- Mark Hansen, Attorney and publisher of the ABA, and 6- Elizabeth McDonald of the Wall Street Journal ALL confirm that for $350 dollars, Robert O’Block, who honored a Specialty Diplomate to a house cat named Zoe (which states on the certificate Zoe has a PhD), and who also granted a Specialty Diplomate to Custody Evaluator Stephen Doyne, is threatening to sue the co-founders of California Coalition for Families and Children (CCFC) with a defamation lawsuit seeking penalties of 1,000,000 Dollars. Robert O’Block is seeking to shutdown The Public Court for exposing the truth about the “cat credentialed?” Custody Evaluators – The Public Court.
If Dr. Tadros and CCFC do not keep quiet or “shut down” public exposure about Zoe the Cat getting a PhD and Diploma, they will be sued for this huge sum of money?
To the solid fact that Zoe the Cat is Dr. Tadros’s best witness, he is left with no other choice than to pursue the timely filing against Robert O’Block’s owner of the ACFE, who according to Professor carol Henderson issued a house Cat with “Diplomate (and Phd)” certificate, (read below) with the filing of Tadros MD vs. American College of Forensic Examiners International (ACFEI), dated January 10, 2011
Read the correspondence to ACFEI before Dr. Tadros filed the lawsuit.
Please note that neither Zoe the pet Cat nor Stephen Doyne have the one and only highly respected Board Certification from the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP and ABFP).

09:37 PM on 01/29/2012

Where does MOST of the money/Government Support GO……………..?

GREAT QUESTION.  I DIDN’T KNOW AS MUCH EARLY LAST YEAR (THAT HAPPENS WHEN ONE DELIBERATELY MAINTAINS THE HABIT OF LEARNING, SEEKING, INVESTIGATING….) however IT APPEARS THAT — TO SUMMARIZE THIS IN TERMS OF TWO (or 3) RESOURCES – — SEE WRITINGS OF Catherine Austin Fitts (formerly of FHA, see “Narco Dollars.”)  Ms. Fitts is graduate of Wharton, very financially wise (again — she chose to learn); as to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, I have links here (and see Walter Burien blogging on it), and I happen to like simply the clear but unique writing style of an unknown otherwise to me) wordpress bloger at “realitybloger.wordpress.com
Does anyone know the percentage that goes to the “Middle-Man-Services”, before it goes finally goes directly to support Youth and Families?

Can anyone ID the practical meaning of the “Middle-Man-Services”?

Do I understand it correctly that there are some UNIQUE agencies that hide under the auspices of “Protecting Others” to saliently and surely take the money away from its source?

Is this America or is this Clever Financial Evil?

I’m also putting up NAFCJ.net reminder again — “Change your Reaction Mode.”  She helped expose the “Fathers’ Rights” funding fiascos and how it worked through HHS.  The term “Fathers’ Rights” should not be confused with all fathers, decent fathers, or fathers in general.  It should correctly be understood — like almost anything coming out of a politician’s mouth asking for money, or to start some program — as language that jumpstarts funding and helps coverup crime, in general.  These are systems we are speaking about — not just individuals, although to understand them, some key individuals (including those who started and funded the National Fatherhood Initiative in 1994, some of the “Denver” crowd, who I have repeatedly blogged (Center for Policy Research) and the “we started using the county EIN# lest we have to pay taxes” outfit now running the family courts (for the most part), currently called  “AFCC.”
It takes lawyers and judges, prisons and police, and lots and lots of indoctrination, to keep a population as large as we have in the U.S.A. on the desired track with the desired outcome, which hasn’t changed in approximately 100 years — centralized ownership by a few.
So here’s that NAFCJ site.  She used to be a stock broker, if I have that right, and Mr. Burien used to be a trader, Ms. Fitts also understands money in a way that I can understand it better now as a layperson (i.e., mortgages, HUD).  I really do get annoyed when seeing the poor lectured by Congressmen.  Just ignore it and follow the money.
The fonts are really large because I’m not taking time to edit all the HTML.  Many underlined items are actually hyperlinks (i.e., click on them). As a reminder — this site helped reduce my anger/confusion (a state which leads to paralysis) and eventually led to my starting this blog.  It took approximately one week of (nearly full-time) fact-check to see that these facts checked out.
In the time since, on a typical week, I am even more shocked and disturbed at the state of this country, however knowing a little better WHAT and WHO I am dealing with has helped restore a sense of purpose.  This doesn’t mean tasks ahead are easy.
National Alliance for Family Court Justice is a national movement to clean up these courts and empower mothers (or protective fathers) to actually protect their children in court.  Note:  it was started even before welfare reform of 1996.   I do not hold the position that they can be cleaned up — I believe they are doing what they were designed to do (which I can also prove, and have elsewhere) as they actually do have a history and do have “designers.”   

NAFCJ, founded by Liz Richards in 1993.
Dedicated for victims of exploitative family and custody court authorities.
Work with other protective mothers and incest survivors to reform the system and learn winning strategies Learn more about troublesome custody issues: Parental Alienation (PAS) & Fathers Rights 

It’s happening to many others!  If the judge and others in your case are making you think it is all your fault you need to learn why and how they are manipulating the evidence and proceeding against you and better evidence will not stop them.   ***
Second step: Learn what will stop the bad people in your case who are not acting honestly!

Identify the ‘players’ who are colluding and corrupting the system against people like you.  

Third step:  Learn about the federal and state government pro-father program funds that are the hidden cause of the dishonest court decisions, and how courts are paid from the federal government Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to rig cases for fathers   

  • {{LGH addition:  this relates in good part originally to the Ac

Fourth Step:  CONTACT EXPERIENCED NAFCJ STATE LEADERS  and get hooked up with others in your area with similar problems

Fifth Step:  Change your reaction mode:  Learn how stop being fooled and manipulated by dishonest people who are supposed to be helping you ! Learn about unique responses to this problem.

Special problems: Why NCMEC
 only catches “small fry” and never the big guys who make the money off the porn sites!  How many government people are involved in the porn ring?  Why officials responsible for investigating and stopping child sex exploiters – don’t respond honestly !

                    THEN CALL LIZ AT 703/658-3543  FOR MORE DETAILED TIPS.
Or e-Mail her at:   LizGoal@aol.com

  More information on  the Money Trail from HHS  to the courts to fathers rights 

Best on-line resources for combating social denial of the extensively documented protective mother custody problems..

As one starts to follow the money, it will QUICKLY become clear there’s quite a black market (narco-dollars/see Fitts) missing money (if HUD can lose $59 billion and DOD a few trillion; the HHS/OIG itself admits that most states are carrying around $1 million balance of “undistributed” child support (national ANNUAL bureaucratic load tends to be around $4 billion), TANF is ca. $17 billion (under which the OCSE/Family Support runs ca. $4 billion– including access/visitation funding to divert money towards educators and trainers) — and — bet you won’t believe this — the IRS itself (which isn’t even an arm of government) was not even audited until 1992!!  — can you imagine that?
Then we shouldn’t have to listen to or support all this moralizing.
While it was of course over-simplified (for the masses) I think the movie HUNGER GAMES indicates the future close enough to alarm us into a different kind of response to being lied to about “the problem with the poor.”
When people have hope — they have purpose — and will work.  When they are being treated like dogs, some will continue to maintain these ethics anyhow, and so many do.  HOWEVER, I believe we are at the point where it’s no longer possible, as an average worker in the system, to say, “well, I’m ethical” and fail to understand what level of attention and effort it is going to take to handle the governmental/corporate leadership which isn’t.
And there needs to be a “divide and conquer” policy applied, as was applied to the masses.  We don’t have the technological OR economic edge (OR media edge) and as such, it requires smaller groups of informed people (notice I didn’t say “citizens” which is a whole other topic of jurisdiction, contracts, and who is subject to the laws of the USA as opposed to who has unalienable rights as a resident, but not contracting with this corporation based in Washington, D.C.)
Guess that was just another rant today.  The more important place to submit statements is on these hearing sites, i.e. HOUSE.GOV

Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

September 13, 2012 at 9:26 am

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