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When the USA has perfected Economic Conflict as a Shock Tactic on Its Citizens..

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 Then what?

~I’ve talked about Who is the USA (and who am I //are you // is there a we?) in relationship to that..

~I’ve also talked about how the nonprofit system creates a class system, and about how the family courts are not broken (but exist to mainstream mental health and behavior modification through the court system).

~I’ve been talking about why the OCSE (child support system) should be eliminated (ideally, so would the family court system, but hey, I’m a realist!) for the primary reason is its operations are corrupt, it invites corruption, it’s not possible to monitor properly (given all the privateering) and as a matter of fact, is getting too many innocent families killed, when killing someone is simply easier than swallowing pride and paying up.

Eventually, one comes to the conclusion that almost any words (or labels) of any government program being advertised can be easily interpreted:

Whatever they are, the exact OPPOSITE is much closer to the truth. And I can prove this in category after category, starting, if need be, with “child support enforcement.” The fact is, it’s resoundingly most successful when cases are never closed.

We just didn’t fully understand the paradigm that this government is not here to help us, but to extort AND plunder the ethical.  And the next thing is, what to do about it (which I seriously doubt a collective consensus could be had on — in part because who controls the media, and who controls the wealth, not to mention the education systems, and who’s also in control of the most wealth?

I like life — and I don’t like charging windmills (Don Quixote reference).  This is not about the drama for me, it never has been.  It’s about how to live with my own conscience if I do NOT report and attempt to change things; given that trying to ‘live and let live” and exhort anyone else to respect the law (in our case, or statewide) isn’t going to work –and that’s already been proved as well.

I was planning to blog from Maximus’ (Child support Medicare, etc. agency) own History Page, admitting that they are getting rich off privatized government and key turning points for this.  Guess it liked the Ross Perot Get Rich QUICK through government contracting scheme.  Maximus founder also (I should note) had an Air Force/Pentagon background and then went to the (former) US Dept. of Health Education and Welfare and tried to instill some military precision:

MAXIMUS, Inc. – Company Profile, Information, Business Description, History, Background

(from “referenceforbusiness.com” — like an encyclopedia)

Turning to the Private Sector: Government in the 1960s 

The concept of a private company supporting a government agency was pioneered by Ross Perot and his Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS), which was originally created to take over the data processing operations of private businesses

    . {{Perot had tried IBM salesman, but it wasn’t a personality fit..}}

When Congress passed Medicare legislation in 1965, resulting in an enormous amount of paperwork that needed to be processed, the concept was applied to the federal government

Medicare and Medicaid processing proved so lucrative for EDS that within three years it accounted for nearly 25 percent of the company’s revenues. By 1977 that amount grew to nearly 40 percent. As a result, Perot would become immensely wealthy and famous enough to twice run for the presidency of the United States.The founder of MAXIMUS, David V. Mastran, earned an undergraduate degree from West Point in 1965, followed a year later by a master’s degree in industrial engineering from Stanford University

CAN WE REVIEW THIS PLEASE?  Medicaid and Medicare is supposed to help the vulnerable, elderly, and poor.  I guess it still does.  BUT, not only is it rife with fraud at all ranks, often defrauding kids in foster care with false billings, and resulting in multi-million$$ settlements (which WHO gets?) — but being so gargantuan, it made a single man wealthy enough to run twice for President.  David V. Mastran perhaps thought this would be a great line of work to get in, too.  If the federal government is going into MASSIVE expansion, why not be a visionary and join?

To review again — these are truly service industries?   that’s the real purpose, and since it’s such a great service — and there are definitely going to be lawsuits for fraud with anything that large — why shouldn’t the CEO get $565K/year AND stock options, and the rest of the directors, similar??  And, the children whose child support is stuck in the District Attorneys’ office as “undistributable” (when it isn’t) — $130 a month?  And the honest fathers, screwed/extorted?  And the poor (not by indigence) fathers, incarcerated — and mothers?  And the shareholders, — like those of the CCA — a nice profit?

Another person who thought along these lines was Nicholas Cummings (but that’s another story).

By 1990 MAXIMUS was generating $19 million in annual revenues. With state and local governments cutting budgets and increasingly turning to the private sector for help, the company, working in just four states, appeared poised to experience substantial growth”

(this being a Maximus personal “oral” (website “about us”) history, they opted to fess up they’d had some problems — i.e. lawsuits — and continues to narrate the astounding profits of working in this field:

These problems [lawsuits] notwithstanding, MAXIMUS continued to grow. It exceeded $50 million in revenues in 1995, then almost doubled that amount in one year, generating $103.1 million in 1996.

1996 Welfare Reform Legislation Spurs Growth

A watershed moment for MAXIMUS and other private sector program management companies came in August 1996 when President Clinton signed into law the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act.

This welfare reform legislation essentially rewrote the rules. {{as it was intended to}} AFDC money was now allocated to states in block grants, and requirements that state or local government agencies be involved in running the program were eliminated. Privatization of welfare-to-work programs funded by federal money was now given a free reign. [[actually, “rein” as in, horses… copyeditors not in the budget?”]] Wisconsin wasted little time in awarding its business to private contractors.

I didn’t notice.  I was in a survival marriage at this time, working FT to support my household, with the head of it obtaining the credit from that work, etc.

Here’s another site — well-written, dating AUGUST 2012, and talking about CHANGES in the TANF PROGRAM SINCE 1996 — strange to say, less money is going to basic aid, and more to “MOE” and diversionary funding.  Funny, wasn’t that part of the purpose of “rewriting the rules”?

How States have spent Federal and State funds under the TANF block grant

I myself have enough supporting evidence to come to a basic conclusion.  I did about five or six years ago also, when law enforcement didn’t.  After all, initially laws against domestic violence had literally saved this family’s life.  It didn’t take too long to realize that the intent was we just change masters — not actually be let to go free (talking single mother with children).  So naturally this entails a re-thinking of law and government — when one’s having to interact with them regularly on the home front, whether seeking protection, enforcement of a child support order, or being hauled into court by someone who doesn’t like being subject to one, to the point where work or almost anything else but surviving that legal battering becomes a moot point.

Friends, too (they get tired of coming into court and testifying, and most aren’t yet ready to accept, like some of us have to, what our own government is).  Surely I should have a magic wand and be able to maintain work no matter what, and no matter how UNsafe my own home has become, and survive lean times when maintaining a stable job history is impossible….So, I looked at the Luzerne County, PA Kids for Cash case, I looked at the grants and nonprofits situation running them, at tax returns, and finally a friend of mine demonstrated how what the nonprofits are doing (and probably what’s their actual purpose) is to buy up real estate (assets) without paying taxes on it, as the same is also happening around nonprofits that specialize in TRAINING SEMINARS (downloadable on-line).

Regarding Domestic Violence — which is, literally two words put together that call up certain images — it’s now an industry which has been bought out and produces grants (at one level, the organizational level) and conferences.  On the home front, it’s danger and possibly death, and a half-life, On the suing for failure to protect front, it’s probably, “you’re screwed” because of governmental immunity.

And eventually, each person — and this is an INDIVIDUAL decision — has to form and continue to validate or invalidate (i.e., refine) a personal place to stand, a personal bottom line, in order to live  — well, #1, in order to live (eat, stay alive, etc.); and then in order to have that life contain meaning, which is closely related with the WILL to live, #2.I read a really off-the-wall site recently (looking up Ms. Fitts’ work, as ever) — and this person seemed to have a “thang” against Israel, including considerable anger.  But it wasn’t reading like an Islamic diatribe or scolding.   I also kept in the back of my mind the knowledge that (at least from scripture, and also from the fact that this area of the world has been swept through by occupations, carrying off captives and bringing in replacement population, which is what WAR does often), and as such the original “Israelites” are in Diaspora, and replacements (Edomites, descendants of Esau) had been brought in centuries ago.

701 B.C.

There is a nonreligious book on the Siege of Jerusalem, which was indeed a turning point in history; a Montreal journalist father’s exploration of some of the Great Scramble and church (of England) sponsored historical Amnesia regarding the power of certain African nations

….The Rescue of Jerusalem/Alliance between Hebrews and Africans 701 B.C.

Rescue of Jerusalem Cover

Absolutely essential reading for anyone interested in the Nubian pharaohs, in Biblical history, or in Assyrian imperialism…well researched, brilliantly reasoned, and a mine of new information for the ancient historian – as well as the historian of modern racism.”
– Timothy Kendall, Napata archeologist, Department of African-American Studies, Northeastern University

The significance of that RESCUE was that, had it not happened, three major world religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) — the Abrahamic religions, might not have happened, were Jerusalem wiped out.  (although I maintain that Christianity today, being Trinitarian by self-definition, is hardly “Abrahamic,” which I’ll debate anywhere, and do (some) here.  

This rescue is attributed in the Bible to a miracle (angelic intervention, as I recall), and this historian attributes it to an alliance between a powerful Kushite pharaoh and the Hebrews; i.e., the invaders had to handle business at home. As we all know, Jerusalem was later sieged and destroyed, more than once.

+/- 586 the Exile  (Exile)

( from JewishVirtualLibrary.com)

A lot of Americans don’t like to think about things like this — it’s how war works.  Short summary, let’s look what happens when a region is taken over; what do the conquerors and the conquered do, and how do they then think of themselves?   Please read this copyrighted and very sensible summary of the time — see “Fair Use Copyright” practice.  War is War.  (As a reminder, I am not selling anything on this site, or paid to write it — it is purely voluntary and is educational in intent.)  I am asking us to consider what juncture the USA (and with it, the world) is in at this point in time.

(597-538 BC)

The Chaldeans, following standard Mesopotamian practice, deported the Jews after they had conquered Jerusalem in 597 BC. The deportations were large, but certainly didn’t involve the entire nation. Somewhere around 10,000 people were forced to relocate to the city of Babylon, the capital of the Chaldean empire. In 586 BC, Judah itself ceased to be an independent kingdom, and the earlier deportees found themselves without a homeland, without a state, and without a nation. This period, which actually begins in 597 but is traditionally dated at 586, is called the Exile in Jewish history; it ends with an accident in 538 when the Persians overthrow the Chaldeans.

Nebuchadnezzar, the king of the Chaldeans, only deported the most prominent citizens of Judah: professionals, priests, craftsmen, and the wealthy. The “people of the land” (am-hares ) were allowed to stay. So Jewish history, then, has two poles during the exile: the Jew in Babylon and the Jews who remain in Judah. We know almost nothing of the Jews in Judah after 586.** Judah seems to have been wracked by famine, according the biblical book, Lamentations, which was written inJerusalem during the exile.

The entire situation seemed to be one of infinite despair. Some people were better off; when Nebuchadnezzar deported the wealthy citizens, he redistributed the land among the poor. So some people were better off. In addition, there were rivalries between the two groups of Jews. It is clear that the wealthy and professional Jews in Babylon regarded themselves as the true Jewish people.**

The salient feature of the exile, however, was that the Jews were settled in a single place by Nebuchadnezzar. While the Assyrian deportation of Israelites in 722 BC resulted in the complete disappearance of the Israelites,*** the deported Jews formed their own community in Babylon and retained their religion, practices, and philosophies. Some, it would seem, adopted the Chaldean religion (for they name their offspring after Chaldean gods), but for the most part, the community remained united in its common faith in Yahweh.

They called themselves the “gola,” (“exiles”), or the “bene gola” (“the children of the exiles”), and within the crucible of despair and hopelessness, they forged a new national identity and a new religion. The exile was unexplainable; Hebrew history was built on the promise of Yahweh to protect the Hebrews and use them for his purposes in human history. Their defeat and the loss of the land promised to them by Yahweh seemed to imply that their faith in this promise was misplaced. This crisis, a form of cognitive dissonance (when your view of reality and reality itself do not match one another), can precipitate the most profound despair or the most profound reworking of a world view.### For the Jews in Babylon, it did both.

From texts such as Lamentations , which was probably written in Jerusalem, and Job, written after the exile, as well as many of the Psalms, Hebrew literature takes on a despairing quality. The subject of Job is human suffering itself. Undeserving of suffering, Job, an upright man, is made to suffer the worst series of calamities possible because of an arbitrary test. When he finally despairs that there is no cosmic justice, the only answer he receives is that humans shouldn’t question God’s will. Many of the psalms written in this period betray an equal hopelessness.

But the Jews in Babylon also creatively remade themselves and their world view. In particular, they blamed the disaster of the Exile on their own impurity.### They had betrayed Yahweh and allowed the Mosaic laws and cultic practices to become corrupt; the Babylonian Exile was proof of Yahweh’s displeasure. During this period, Jewish leaders no longer spoke about a theology of judgment, but a theology of salvation. In texts such as Ezekiel and Isaiah, there is talk that the Israelites would be gathered together once more, their society and religion purified, and the unified Davidic kingdom be re-established.

So this period is marked by a resurgence in Jewish tradition, as the exiles looked back to their Mosaic origins in an effort to revive their original religion. It is most likely that the Torah took its final shape during this period or shortly afterward, and that it became the central text of the Jewish faith at this time as well. This fervent revival of religious tradition was aided by another accident in history: when Cyrus the Persian conquered Mesopotamia, he allowed the Jews to return home. This was no ordinary event, though. Cyrus sent them home specifically to worship Yahweh—what was once only a kingdom would become a nation of Yahweh.

Source: The Hebrews: A Learning Module from Washington State University, ©Richard Hooker, reprinted by permission.

(all font changes are mine & I added one paragraph).  WOW.  See the situation?


**”We know almost nothing of the Jews in Judah after 586.  — Hardly surprising.  Who writes history?  The history writers were deported to Babylon, leaving the people of the land.  And, throughout history, certain classes (as **’d) have considered themselves the true representatives of their country, or religion…

***If in 722 the Israelites (my understanding is, not including Jerusalem, which was rescued in 701 B.C., note timeline is descending in “B.C.” notation) completely disappeared, then who was there?

Footnoting back into the post topic:  Shock Tactics:

######  re:  Cognitive Dissonance, Self-blaming, and creative re-working of identity.

Wow.  Does that ever speak to survivors of individual family or personal abuse. ….  OK, at least to me…  I don’t recall going through the self-blame, one is bound to at some point go through the over-analysis repeatedly questioning, “what could I have done different” — for my children, what could they do differently should they get in this situation; what circumstances allowed this to happen in our supposedly real nice USA, or in what’s supposed to be a marriage.  It’s called dis-sociation.  I don’t know what abusers themselves do to rationalize or dissociate their actions from the obvious suffering they are causing — but obviously, they’re good at it!  It’s really overall not much different than larger-scale war; same principles involved.

The human psyche is what it is, and it seeks meaning — or to dissociate from the need for having any.  I vividly remember the first significant incident (escalation of previous slappings, pushings, and throwings) which happened when I was pregnant, and my mind (while being attacked, escape from the house was prevented by his physically rushing me at the door and dragging me back in) and being straddled, on the floor and repeatedly slapped in the face and shouted at and my mind just comparing two words which did not compute:  “husband” (this) “husband” (this).

There is also no question that the attack escalated because I (a) resisted and (b) attempted to escape.  This is the dominator at work.  A person is put into shock.  We now have plenty of sources that (1900s, and no doubt still now) the US Government (or whatever one chooses to call those involved in CIA, etc.), having brought over scientists (as in Nazi war criminals) from Germany, specifically studied how to break personalities, form alternates who were susceptible to hypnotism, and could be used for various military purposes.  (It sounds from the above EXILE summary that the Chaldean King Nebuchadnezzar understood this, and skimmed “the cream of the crop” and brought them to Babylon.  It was a “brain drain.”  The prophet Daniel//see the book of Daniel,  was among these, as a young man?)

We know this because THOSE survivors have spoken out, and because some documents have gotten declassified.  We also know, or can know, that in family lines, whether a person is a member of some occult practices — or has something they can be blackmailed for — that sometimes little children are given up “for the cause.”    BLACKMAIL is a definite theme and use for this type of abuse of children, and I’m referring to The Franklin Coverup, and worse.  (BBC 2005 Article only refers to the Space Race elements of Operation Paperclip — see “Strughold,” though)

The first group of Paperclip scientists

But I am referring to a conquering person — or group — it could be an empire (such as the Assyrians) — perfecting shock techniques for their era.  ALL of those shock techniques are to reduce the will to resist, to intimidate, and to render resistance impossible, to produce this state:  (from NY Association for Analytical Society Lexicon of Jungian terms).  I never heard of this term before, but a survivor of child programming (from “wanttoknow.org” source, see last post) used it.  INCIDENTALLY this person named an Ewen Cameron, at one time president of the American Psychiatric Association, as one of her tormenters and experimenters. . .. It was probably true…

Abaissement du niveau mental

A lowering of the level of consciousness, a mental and emotional condition experienced as “loss of soul.” (See also depression.)

It is a slackening of the tensity of consciousness, which might be compared to a low barometric reading, presaging bad weather. The tonus has given way, and this is felt subjectively as listlessness, moroseness, and depression. One no longer has any wish or courage to face the tasks of the day. One feels like lead, because no part of one’s body seems willing to move, and this is due to the fact that one no longer has any disposable energy. . . . The listlessness and paralysis of will can go so far that the whole personality falls apart, so to speak, and consciousness loses its unity . . . .

Abaissement du niveau mental can be the result of physical and mental fatigue, bodily illness, violent emotions, and shock, of which the last has a particularly deleterious effect on one’s self-assurance. The abaissement always has a restrictive influence on the personality as a whole. It reduces one’s self-confidence and the spirit of enterprise, and, as a result of increasing egocentricity, narrows the mental horizon [ “Concerning Rebirth, ” CW 9i, pars. 213f.]

Some of this information, too many do NOT “want to know,” (understandably as it is shocking and disorienting).  As the world goes, those who have been on the targeted end often DO want to know — and it is often these who become investigative reporters, and social reformers (that’s certainly often a desire) because for them to survive, PERIOD, requires they integrate and make some sense of their own past — in order to have a future.

And for this purpose, lies and coverups don’t work.  And it also takes time and care not to ‘overload’ during that process.  this is where, many times domestic violence  (etc.) other survivors can go overboard in forcing their story on everyone (over, and over, and over again) — only to be met with a perpetuating cycle of denial (collective), which then redefines the new relationship as “I, we, deny your reality” which is to say “I choose to hold (cling) onto my present reality (which wasn’t shook up THAT bad) – – – the world is essentially fair, so if you’re having this level of problems (with or without drug abuse, etc.), it’s your own fault; quit focusing on the past.

Enter a new, marginalized leper colony, who speak each others’ experiential language, and others do not speak theirs.

It’s a rough language, unfortunately.  That said, it’s a rough world:

Here’s where the ritual abuse appears to have come from. Near the end of World War II, Allen Dulles [later to become Director of the CIA] and other people from our intelligence community were in Switzerland making contact to get out Nazi scientists. As World War II ended, they not only got out rocket scientists, but they also got out some Nazi doctors who had been doing mind control research in the concentration camps. They secretly brought them to the United States [through Project Paperclip].

Along with them was a young teenager who had been raised in a Hasidic Jewish tradition with a background of Cabalistic mysticism. That probably appealed to people in the cult, because by the turn of the century Aleister Crowley **had been introducing Cabalism into Satanic stuff. Cabalistic mysticism is mixed into all this. I suspect it may have formed some bond between the boy and the Nazis. He saved his skin by collaborating and being an assistant to them in the death-camp experiments. They brought him with the Nazis to the US. (not the following person, but apparently a teen who had been influenced by him, Crowley):


**I just scrolled through the (Wikipedia) on this person’s life, it was long, and shocking; he also really was influential and some said a long-term British Intelligence operative.  Lived through both world wars and Ian Fleming (author of the James Bond series) had some dealings with him; the guy was “out there” experimented in nearly everything, invented a religion, “Thelema” (based on “will”), drugs, the occult, sex of all kinds (sprinkling kids across the continents, many of who died).  What I noted — his father lived on stocks (not a profession), and was an extreme Quaker, read a lot of Bible daily.  This man Aleister was then sent away to boarding school at Cambridge age 8 and the experience was termed “sadistic.”  It was a totally outrageous life.  I mean, just read the opening paragraphs;  Perhaps this will give another point of view on the British.. If he indeed was treated sadistically at age 8 (those boarding schools have a reputation), that would explain a whole lot of other things..  not taught in K-12 histories of the world….

Aleister Crowley 1875-1947.

Crowley was also pansexual, a recreational drug experimenter and asocial critic. In many of these roles he “was in revolt against the moral and religious values of his time”, espousing a form of libertinism based upon the rule of “Do What Thou Wilt”.[1] Because of this, he gained widespread notoriety during his lifetime, and was denounced in the popular press of the day as “the wickedest man in the world”.

Crowley has remained an influential figure and is widely thought of as the most influential occultist of all time. In 2002, a BBC poll described him as being the seventy-third greatest Briton of all time.[2]

[[OK, more than enough of THAT..]]

. . .Continued from OperationPaperclip, the theme is what happens after SHOCK?

They started doing mind-control research for military intelligence in military hospitals in the United States. The people that came, the Nazi doctors, were Satanists. Subsequently, the boy changed his name, Americanized it some, obtained an M.D. degree, became a physician and continued this work that appears to be at the center of cult programming today. His name is known to patients throughout the country. Dr. Greenbaum. I’ve had patients volunteer that there were parts inside named Mr. Greenbaum. It is also called “Green Programming.”

The way you create Manchurian Candidates is you divide the mind. It’s part of what the intelligence community wanted. If you’re going to get an assassin, you divide the mind

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