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Planned Economic Dissonance of TANF. Teaching point: Maximus & the Marriage-Mongers

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TANF is up for reauthorization by the end of this month (and might already have been voted on).  It was only reauthorized last December 2011 through Sept. 30, 2012. This is a BIG DEAL….and an election year opportunity to get other voices heard on this one:

Western Center on Law and Poverty

House Passes Bill Extending Aid for Families – But Blocking Access

Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed House Resolution H.R. 3659 by voice vote that extends the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program through September 30, 2012. The state’s TANF block grant is used to fund the California Work Incentives and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) program, which provides basic needs grants and work-training for very poor families with children.   {{will be different in every state what it funds}}

TANF = Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. = 1996 Welfare Reform signed by then President Clinton.   These are Federal Payments to the States and all the incentives, strings-attached, and conditions for receiving some the following year, attached.  What most of us have failed to assess (being conditioned not to fully investigate our government — too big a task, which is kind of like not paying attention to a plugged up sink, an invasive species of fish (or vegetation), or an epidemic, calling itself “largesse,” as monarchs and others tend to do…

For reference, Congress may pass legislation with an expiration date unless “reauthorized.” Scroll down to what’s to be reauthorized in 2012.


While “TANF” is many things, from a practical point of view, three points of reference (examples only, but key ones) will serve well, which is today’s post.  

  • SMARTMARRIAGES.com (and trademarked product set) 
  • MAXIMUS.  

Understood as symptoms and symbols — in their basics, I think it communicates.

None of these could have prospered without someone rewriting the welfare laws from AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) into “TANF.”  That’s a major umbrella (cover) under which they operate.

If I can summarize — of course it’s not complete, it’s an outline as I now understand it (that is, after years of experience with the system, and over three years of studying it on-line and through networking.)

1.  TANF = Rewrite Welfare Laws to “Block Grants to States”

2.  Block Grants to States = Privatizing Welfare.

3.  Privatizing Welfare = Private Profits, Public Loss.

Literally, stealing (diverting direct aid) from Children and their caretaking parents to provide More Real Estate for (very religious) Marriage Mongers (and social science engineers).  Besides what people (with time) could figure out on their own, others such as the Center for Policy and Budget Priorities also have identified — less aid going TO the families, and more catering to federal favor (i.e., diversions)

4.  Centralized Control, whether fascist or socialist leads to:  hungry people, landless (rentals) & homeless people whose kids have been ripped out of their lives, or  (male AND female) are in prison for contempt of child support they can’t pay.

5.  Why should the public be supporting electronic, franchised information marketing to captive (literally) audiences themed around training, conditioning, behavioral science, and test-runs of how to get a certain relationship outcome?  Half this is propaganda, the other half simply thinly-disguised evangelism, and some of it just greed and egotism on the part of the social engineers.

6.  IF “the love of money is the root of all evil” (and it is), you’re in it.

At LEAST don’t drink so much Kool Aid so voluntarily; who knows what may happen if enough people (at once) say:  “I’m not buying it!”   

As we speak, the Chicago Teachers are on their first strike in 25 years, which set parents’ work life and other businesses scrambling to keep going as parents scrambled to keep their kids safe, which reveals clearly that school and most parents’ work lives are codependent.  

So,  who says collective action has no impact?  But the larger the collective cause is, the less detail and dynamic response to (real, changing) situations it has — the more conformist.  Like a very large truck going high-speed, with less than sensitive steering…

What we need most is TRUTH, and a simple, accurate way of figuring out which it is.  This is my attempt to outline (and demonstrate) some overlooked connections to the myth of “welfare.”  Read it before the end of September please, and also before the first Tuesday in November, 2012.

How States Have Spent TANF and MOE Funds

{{“MOE” just = “Maintenance of Effort.”  I’m simply putting this here for the visual and as a reminder of the 4 purposes of TANF.  Oklahoma Marriage Initiative began with the bright idea that purpose #4 (and not purpose #1) was the most important, based on some economist studies in 1998.}}

In general, states must spend TANF and MOE funds on activities that further one of TANF’s four purposes:

  1. assisting needy families so children can be cared for in their own homes or the home of relatives;
  2. reducing the dependency of needy parents by promoting job preparation, work, and marriage;
  3. preventing out-of-wedlock pregnancies; and
  4. encouraging the formation and maintenance of two-parent families.

States may also spend funds on activities that they supported with Emergency Assistance funds prior to 1996 even if the activities do not fall under one of these four TANF purposes.  Spending under this grandfathered authority is reported as “Authorized Under Prior Law” (AUPL).

Over time, states have shifted much of their TANF and MOE spending from basic assistance to other activities (see Figure 3).  This section examines some of those shifts, with particular emphasis on five key areas of spending:  1) basic assistance; 2) work activities and supports; 3) child care; 4) spending that is AUPL or “Other Nonassistance” spending; and 5) pregnancy prevention and support and maintenance of two-parent families.

Follow the pretty colors, especially the consistently declining blue, ‘BASIC ASSISTANCE.”  Basically assisting families makes no money for marriage educators, social science theorists, and very little for attorneys.  It simply helps the families, absent the moralizing.   Also understand that the religious groups, in particular, are very interested in TANF purposes 2c, 3 (abstinence education) and 4.

1.  OKLAHOMA MARRIAGE INITIATIVE, test run of a forced statewide marriage education project .

  • (also see “Curriculum: PREP, Inc.=Colorado from 2 Univ of Denver profs.)  ca 1998

2. SMARTMARRIAGES(r) aka Diane Sollee’s Washington, D.C. CMFCE,LLC & 2000-2010 conference series. (more below)

  • 2000 collaboration (below) Conference with David Blankenhorn’s “INSTITUTE FOR AMERICAN VALUES” & a Div school, plan to start a marriage movement.   The name David Blankenhorn should remind one of “National Fatherhood Initiative“(nonprofit, 1994) and the IAV (1980s).  Mississippi, Harvard, Liberal, this man is even about my age — but being Harvard, and having cultivated HHS (i.e., White House) connections, he expects to be heard. Moral of the story — what’s called “Marriage” is in effect “fatherhood” centric.  TAGGS.hhs.gov, the database of federal grants by location, purpose (CFDA), etc. —  the CFDA “93.086” did not even distinguish between “marriage” and “fatherhood.”   While some undereducated AND educated women my age meaning we have some life experience — and have been mothers —  were being slapped around the home with someone of similar ideas (if not pedigree) (in part for speaking or showing up as a person), Blankenhorn was in WDC or cementing connections with it, or doing fatherhood tours.  So the question comes up of who has the national megaphone and is smart enough to grab it. the IAV link is to an August 2012 article, by the way.
  • README:  “NATIONAL PLAN FOR THE DEFENSE OF MARRIAGE” (while Blankenhorn isn’t a signer, at least one of his marriage cronies did, which should be frightening (see content): it has Mike McManus, Patrick Fagan of Family Research Council, Michael Schwartz Chief of Staff (2008) for an Oklahoma Senator (Tom Coburn), a JD who is council for the Vatican. This letter is addressed to the Pope.  It lists 50 prominent “Shepherds of the Church” with a high presence of Knights of Columbus.  And yes, Blankenhorn associates with McManus.  Follow the money also.  You need to read this.  
  • Also, for how these groups like to act?  #1. using public funds #2. Behind closed doors #3.  In the Executive branch of any particular government; #4. Calling upon Religious Terms, the warlike ones** — whether the USA, Oklahoma (see above) and/or here Kansas.  In Kansas, they were caught using public funds to have a secret meeting with Marriage-Mongers….McManus, Wade Horn, Blankenhorn (this secret meeting was heavily IAV) etc.  (See article).  I want us to see the religious background, the intent (eliminate no-fault divorce), and the high-level of leadership involved.   This 2008 letter is self-explanatory.  To say “Defending our Father’s House” is a reference to Jesus cleansing the Temple of the money-changers.  Literally, they (by insisting on public funding and attempting to control legislation) are saying, we want to rule America from the Vatican; and this land might as well be “our Father’s House.”  They’re connected, funded, and extremely well organized.  Often they are people who have access to decision-making on TANF funds, got it? (**appropriate to, say, Bush, “The Family” etc.  The theme is POWER and the intent to grab it, however it’s phrased for the public — such as “welfare.”)

3. MAXIMUS and it’s “windfall” profits.  (see below for timeline).

  • Following Ross Perot’s wildly prosperous EDS model?  SOMEONE has to process all that data… (and see below)
  • MMS – MAXIMUS, Inc. (NYSE)‎

    56.79 -0.21‎ (-0.37%‎)

    Sep 11 4:06pm ET – Disclaimer

    Open: 57.00
    High: 57.35
    Low: 56.70
    Volume: 88,661
    Avg Vol: 141,000
    Mkt Cap: 1.93B
    Google Finance‎ – Yahoo Finance‎ – MSN Money‎ – DailyFinance‎ – CNN Money‎ – Reuters

OK – –


ALL of these are creating more high-income, rich people at the expense of the poor, wo are sold off into social engineering demonstration projects — WHICH I assure you, is the truth.  Contact me if you want links.  I was STUNNED.  This is BUSINESS  and to do BUSINESS, the profit comes from a better deal for one side than the other — or collaborations such that someone else (like middle and low-income America, honest working people) get stiffed and the two collaborating sides win.  That’s simple economics.

There’s a reason the money has been sunk into training programs, and to the lowest investment, highest profit segment of the marketplace — which is information marketing.  To me, the whole picture is disgusting.  Yet, if I have to bring this picture to people who have helped me, or my children (in addition to many working FT jobs they DIDN’T lose through the courts), I am asking to believe not just that parts of their government don’t work, but that it’s from the top to the bottom steered (literally) towards imminent slavery for survivors and genocide for the rest.  So much for maintaining job stability in hopes of a pension.

Now, how are we to bring that pleasant messages to our social circle (those of us who have no more social circle to speak of, in part because the truth just ripped out hope and faith in our country from underneath too many)?

I don’t know, but I have always felt it was wisest to head straight towards the most critical truths, and present the evidence.  Other than belief in immortality, I would also like to know if readers have a REALISTIC suggested course of action – one that doesn’t involve trying to wake up most of the traumatized citizens and coordinate them, after this many years of being dazzled with the media (etc.).

It’s as timely & critical to talk about that as which man in the White House.   Both are Marriage Mongers, and neither will recommend taking down “Maximus,” and this is critical to 51% (the females) as it is also to the approximately 99% and slipping who don’t understand how finances work in this country.  For one, there’s the narco-dollars.  For another, Government IS a form of Corporation and acting more like it.  For another, the American Bar Association is also a Corporation (nonprofit?), worth, oh about $65 million?? and how many politicians are actually former attorneys?  How many attorneys, politicians, or businessmen are going to explain to TANF clients the truth about TANF?   . . . . . .   Will the nonprofits taking TANF diversionary funding do this?  Will your local faith institution do this? – — then who’s going to?

You need to here it from people like me.  I didn’t say me — I said, people LIKE me.  The most critical thing, probably to understand about Which Man in the White House (although I know which I’m going to vote for) — is that the powers that worked hard to centralize government (as they have) and manipulate public opinion actually have a back-up plan, some of which seems to involve a lot of people not eating very much in the future.  It’s not going to radically change or eliminate what Ms. Fitts, Mr. Burien, or the more accurate economic profile says about these things.  

In fact, to understand WHICH MAN — you’d better understand that TANF, while perHAPs a response to a racist, religious-rightwing AND extremely sexist Republican Congress’s “contract with America” — I don’t see Democrats, blacks, or liberal progressive Catholics, or atheists (etc. etc.) having major problems with the existence of a significant new government-sustained set of professions called “fatherhood advocate,” “marriage educator,” “supervised visitation” (industry), “Coalitions against domestic violence” (which don’t reduce it anyhow anymore), and  utilizing the welfare system to simply transfer federal money in to the pockets of system engineers willing to play along.

LOOK — if there is a way to bankrupt individual families better than bank bailouts and HUD-related issues, it would have to be the rewriting the rules of “welfare” into welfare for those willing to sell their souls for the Franchised Government Entity — and a bunch of idiotic electronic curricula concocted (or at least conferenced) for a decade of conferences from 2000 – 2010 (Ironically, by a corporation registered in Washington, D.C.) run by a ONE_woman LLC (so far as I know) trademarked as “smartmarriages.com” and as to LLC called

Smart Marriages® Conference The final Annual Smart Marriages® Conference, the 14th, was …The words Smart Marriages® and Smart Marriage® and the couple puzzle logo are registered trademarks of CMFCE, LLC The words smart marriages® and smart marriage® cannot be used in any context. The couple puzzle logo cannot be used in any representation whether multiples, changed perspective, etc in the context of marriage or relationships. Copyright (©) – CMFCE, LLC 

This stands for “The Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education” (CMFCE, get it?)  5310 Belt, Rd, NW, Washington, DC 20015 • 202-362-3332/Fax 202-362-0973 (link is to this nearly $1 million, 4-bedroom, 2,600sf home built in 1910). This property was just (this month) listed for sale at $1.2 million, and a link HERE shows the graph of its value compared to surrounding homes.  Nice home if you can get to it! (if it doesn’t display, see link)

5310 Belt Rd NW, Washington, DC 20015

Now, you tell me — why shouldn’t a single former marriage therapist, possibly religious (though I don’t know pushing marriage is definitely a religious theme) — live in a home like this off the back of promoting the fortunes and corporations of other like-minded individuals who believe it’s RIGHT to steal (through diverting TANF funds) from the ignoble and unmarried poor (this includes, FYI, children), and create an industry using funds collected in part (extorted, that is — see “IRS”) through the middle class and low-income wage earners, via HHS?  After all, it was a brilliant business plan capitalizing on the belief that the rich know better than the poor what the source of poverty is — and that those wanting to separate from near-lethal abuse are more in need of marriage classes, than their kids of shoes, food, or housing in a better school district…

I kid you not — this is where “The Marriage Movement” came from as of ca. 2000 (NB:  the year George W. Bush won (?) the election):

The Marriage Movement – Institute for American Values

  • Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education
  • Institute for American Values
  • Religion, Culture, and Family Project, University of Chicago Divinity School

3 units came together in 2000 (see who signed) and self-declared that the 1970s showed the “divorce revolution” was a failure (what they’re really opposed to is feminism) and appeal to fellow-citizens (emotional appeal) to help.  It goes something like this:

WE COME TOGETHER AS SUPPORTERS OF SOMETHING NEW: a grass-roots movement to strengthen marriage. We come together to give public voice and direction to this new movement—to explain our intentions, specify our goals, and seek the support of our fellow citizens.

We are teachers and scholars, marriage counselors and marriage educators. We are judges, divorce lawyers, and legal reformers. We are clinicians, service providers, policy analysts, social workers, women’s leaders, religious leaders, and advocates for responsible fatherhood. We are people of faith, asking God’s blessing in the great task before us. We are agnostics and humanists, committed to moral and spiritual progress. We are women and men, liberals and conservatives, of different races and ethnic groups. We come together to pursue a common goal. We come together for a marriage movement.

We come together because the divorce revolution has failed. Contrary to the hopes of many Americans in the 1970s, high divorce rates have proved no panacea for fam- ily dysfunction. Divorced parents can fight, too, and sometimes even abandon their children altogether. Children of divorce must cope with new emotional and logisti- cal difficulties at the same time that parents are often overwhelmed by new emo- tional, time, and financial problems. Even in the best of circumstances, children miss their fathers when living with mothers, and their mothers when living with fathers.

Nostalgia for the high hopes of the 1970s should not blind us to the hard truths discovered over the past thirty years: When marriages fail, children suffer. For many, the suffering continues for years. For some, it never ends. Children suffer when mar- riages between parents do not take place, when parents divorce, and when spouses fail to create a “good-enough” family bond. We recognize that there are abusive mar- riages that should end in separation or divorce. We firmly believe that every family raising children deserves respect and support. Yet at the same time, we cannot forget that not every family form is equally likely to protect children’s well-being.

We come together because we value freedom and cherish our {{WHOSE??}} free society. We recognize that the decline of marriage weakens civil society and spreads social inequality. Americans of all social classes and ethnic groups value marriage. Yet, as society retreats from supporting marriage publicly, those who succeed in achieving this aspiration are increasingly likely to be the already highly advantaged: better educated, more affluent, and white.2

As M. Belinda Tucker has noted, “African Americans marry later, are about twice as likely to divorce, and are less likely to marry ever, yet Blacks’ views of the impor- tance of marriage are similar to those held by members of other ethnic groups.”3

Unbelievable.   I have probably blogged this conference on this blog, and I know I have looked (many times) at the signatories.  Here’s just one example (which I should also post one day soon):

Les Parrott, III, Ph.D. and Leslie Parrott, Ed.D., Center for Relationship Development, Seattle Pacific University (Seattle, WA) and Scholars-In-Residence for the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative (Oklahoma City, OK)

Les and Leslie. A husband-and-wife team who not only share the same name, but the same passion for helping others build healthy relationships. In 1991, the Parrotts founded the Center for Relationship Development on the campus of Seattle Pacific University – a groundbreaking program dedicated to teaching the basics of good relationships. 

Married in 1984, the Parrotts bring real-life examples to their speaking platform. Their professional training – Leslie as a marriage and family therapist, and Les as a clinical psychologist -…

Each year Les and Leslie speak in over 40 cities. Their audiences include a wide array of venues, from churches to Fortune 500 company board rooms. The Governor of Oklahoma appointed the Parrotts as the first ever statewide Marriage Ambassadors. Authorities have called upon Les and Leslie to provide on-site support in the aftermath of worldwide disasters such as Ground Zero and Chernobyl. The Commander of the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, invited them to assist his soldiers with re-entry into family life upon returning from Iraq. 

Their books have sold over one million copies in more than two dozen languages

What I just do is look things up.  That’s when the lights start coming up.  For example “Center for Relationship Development” ??

Center for Relationship Development – School of Psychology, Family 

Center for Relationship Development Les Parrott and Leslie Parrott, Directors Even more than academic standing, career prospects, and earnings potential, 

Les & Leslie Parrott :: Center for Relationship Development 

They believe in a free society; that’s also why they believe in force.  See Oklahoma Marriage Initiative (search on this blog).  I actually looked this couple (AND their center AND a related foundation, AND as ever, I typed its street address into google — and guess where it led?  (See states Washington, and Oklahoma, right?).  Can you spell, real estate holdings in Arizona?

Arizona Corporations Commission/Public Access Search (I typed in “Les Parrott”):

File Number: L-1315543-0
Corporation Name: EDHI SAN TRAVASA, LLC
Type of Business:
"EDH" must stand for "El Dorado Holdings," which is the "Agent" LLC:
426 N 44TH ST STE 100
PHOENIX,  AZ  85008

(street search of Phoenix Address shows other business at same building) Record: 3 of 40 LES PARROTT MEMBER 681 W ETRURIA STREET (photo of elegant, 2,500sf house (built 1992), on 8000sf lot in North Queen Anne neighborhood…) SEATTLE,WA 98119 Date of Taking Office: 11/29/2006 Last Updated: 12/11/2006 Record: 4 of 40 LESLIE PARROTT MEMBER 681 W ETRURIA STREET SEATTLE,WA 98119 Date of Taking Office: 11/29/2006 Last Updated: 12/11/2006 Record: 27 of 40 DR LES & LORA L PARROTT TRUST MEMBER DR LES PARROTT TRUSTEE LORA LEE PARROTT TRUSTEE*** 2402 E ESPLANADE LANE (doesn’t say which unit, but this is a $2.2 MILLION home (3,225sf penthouse, etc.); estimated monthly mortgage $8K, etc.) see photos… PHOENIX,AZ 85016 Date of Taking Office: 11/29/2006 Last Updated: 12/11/2006


(I believe — see Wikipedia — coming out of 19th century “holiness” movement, Wesleyan, and aggressively evangelical…)

Nazarene Seal.png

[[re: Nazarenes Evangelicals — as to influence, Gabriel Saguero of NaLec, just (like this past week) gave the invocation at the Democratic National Convention. Note site’s Billy Graham theme….)***Mrs. Lora Lee, obituary:
Preceding her in death were her husband, A. Leslie Parrott; parents, J.W. and Lora Montgomery; and sister, Irma Schmidt.

Survivors include her three sons, On July 7, 1944, Lora Lee married Leslie Parrott. Together, they had three sons, Richard (Shirley), Roger (MaryLou), and Les III (Leslie).

six grandchildren, Andrew (Trina), Justin (Sagal), Grady, Madison, John, and Jackson, and one great-grandchild, Alec. She is also survived by her brother, James “Jim” Montgomery, and many nieces and nephews.

(Dr. Les’s (that’ the husband of the Parrott pair) mother, recently passed away, explains a lot of who she is as well — Olivet Nazarene President’s (wife), which president was son of the previous president(read it!) , etc. See below in PINK, incl. the Oklahoma connection. Leslie is (well, she comes from wealth) 3rd generation (at least) conservative (very) evangelical. Leslie’s predecessors ran things & published things; hung out with Billy Graham, inspired “Rick Warren” if that rings a bell.**

[[this father of Lora Lee Parrott, prior president of Olivet Nazarene, was on planning commission with Billy Graham evangelism in 1968, and you can see that his son Les was a chip off the old block. Moreover this father, A.L. Parrott was himself essentially born into the Nazarene church himself…”Born April 22, 1922, in Clarksville, Tennessee, to A. L. and Lucille (Elliott) Parrott, his formative years were spent in Church of the Nazarene parsonages primarily in Springfield, Illinois, and Bethany, Oklahoma, where his father had ministry assignments.” — this didnt mean he didn’t get to Harvard — he did….]] 

to understand (at least some) of where they’re coming from:  (Wesleyan Holiness movement) the movement sprang up around a school started by a religious association (in IL) — it’s a natural to see why they’re so into TRAINING:

Obituary of Les, III’s father shows the tradition of running religious colleges!:

A. Leslie Parrott, 85, loved learning

The Rev. Dr. A. Leslie Parrott loved learning and he inspired that love in others. It was a family legacy of sorts. His grandfather had been…

By Janet I. Tu

Seattle Times religion reporter

Rev. Dr. A. Leslie Parrott

Rev. Dr. A. Leslie Parrott

The Rev. Dr. A. Leslie Parrott loved learning and he inspired that love in others. It was a family legacy of sorts His grandfather had been president of a Christian college. The Rev. Dr. Parrott himself became president of two Christian colleges. And his three children are all involved in education. “His legacy for Christian higher education is all over my life,” said his son, Les Parrott III, professor of psychology at Seattle Pacific University.  {{that is, when he’s not flying around the country or being Ambassador for Marriage elsewhere…}}

The Rev. Dr. Parrott, who also led Church of the Nazarene congregations in Puyallup, Kirkland and Kelso, died Sept. 23 in Phoenix after a brief illness. He was 85.  {{which should explain the Washington State connection, right?}}

In addition to his wife and sons, the Rev. Dr. Parrott is survived by his sister, Lorene Perry, of Kankakee, Ill.; his brother, John Parrott, of Phoenix; and six grandchildren. {{hence the Phoenix connection here.  Wonder what other states they own property in…}}

His father, who had grown up poor in Tennessee, had only $5 to his name when he came to Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Ill. Years later, he went back — as president of the university. The Rev. Dr. Parrott followed in his father’s footsteps, serving as president of Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, Mass., from 1970 to 1975, and as president of Olivet Nazarene University from 1975 to 1991.

“You almost pick up leadership in education by osmosis when you grow up in a college president’s home,” said son Les Parrott III. His older brother, Roger Parrott, is president of Belhaven College in Jackson, Miss.; and oldest brother, Richard Parrott, is an educator and lecturer in Nashville, Tenn.

The Rev. Dr. Parrott’s wife, Lora Lee Parrott, has a master’s degree in theology {{who since has died, see obit}}.


Another real estate (presumably) LLC formed on 9/5/2000 has its address, and its agents address (the same):

Corporate Inquiry
File Number: L-0961952-6      LATEST DATE TO DISSOLVE 12/31/2025
Domestic Address
426 N 44TH ST #100
PHOENIX,  AZ  85008
Statutory Agent Information
426 N 44TH ST #100
Date of Taking Office: 01/11/2008
Last Updated: 06/20/2008
2121 TERRY AVE #1700
Date of Taking Office: 01/11/2008
Last Updated: 06/20/2008

Here’s yet ANOTHER one formed 6/1997 (which shows no Parrotts, or any Washington addresses, but does include El Dorado Holdings, LLC — and the members are many family trusts, etc. — in other words, people are forming living trusts and investing them underneath LLCs to produce some profits.  Probably sound fiscal policy — right.  Only problem I have with this, is the Parrotts going about to preach (using pre-loaded material, most likely) marriage and being life-time wage-earnes (not real estate investors) to poor people, at public expense.  In other words, I don’t see it as actually ethical — even if it is LEGAL.  They are maybe practicing what they preach (marriage), but not preaching what they’re actually practicing, business-wise — which is using public funds, tax-exempt status and pre-fabricated ideas -and investing the profits from this (presumably) into buying real estate.  Or whatever these LLCs are doing at that address….).

Corporate Inquiry
File Number: L-0810925-1      LATEST DATE TO DISSOLVE 06/30/2022
Domestic Address
426 N 44TH ST #100
PHOENIX,  AZ  85016

and, ANOTHER…..

Corporate Inquiry
File Number: L-0969661-8      LATEST DATE TO DISSOLVE 12/31/2025
Domestic Address
426 N 44TH ST #100
PHOENIX,  AZ  85008
Statutory Agent Information
LES PARROTT  {{{and another one for the other spouse}}}
2121 TERRY AVE #1700
Date of Taking Office: 10/24/2002
Last Updated: 02/13/2008

and as ever, for this LLC:

426 N 44TH ST #100
Date of Taking Office: 07/27/2001
Last Updated: 09/17/2001

I ALSO NOTICE this one has investors from a variety of states (others in WA), some in common with the others, and notably several from Oklahoma, including THIS one, an M.D.:

13040 BURNT OAK RD {{a 5,699 sqft, 4-bedrm SINGLE family home in Quail Creek nbrhd}}
Date of Taking Office: 07/27/2001
Last Updated: 01/07/2003

(this is what I get for being curious, besides an awareness there are plenty more “LLCs” at the same street address):  Kurkjian (this address) comes up under the “EASTERN DIOCESE OF THE ARMENIAN CHURCH OF AMERICA” (listing of “patriarchates” — I suppose appropriate if they are doing business with marriage educator profiteers….)

{{the Armenia Church goes REAL far back and is fascinating; I know several Armenians,and like them.

Here’s a sample:

The enlightener of Armenia:  The man who initiated the conversion of Armenia was St. Gregory, called the “Enlightener” or “Illuminator” of Armenia.  Gregory was the scion of a noble family and was educated in Caesarea, then a Christian center.  He entered the service of King Tiridates of Armenia and after much persecution succeeded in converting the King inAD 301.

Tiridates in turn helped Gregory to convert the whole country to Christianity.  In some regions this took place with relative ease; in others evangeli­zation met great resistance.  With the help of the King, Gregory destroyed the pagan sanctuaries and crushed the armed opposition of the pagan priests.  Paganism lingered, however, in the remote parts of the country.

Gregory was formally designated as the supreme head of the Church, and was sent to Caesarea to be ordained a bishop.  He thus became the first in an unbroken line of 131 catholicoi (or “universal bishops”) of the Armenian Church.

http://www.armenianchurch-ed.net/our-church/overview/  Christianity became the national religion in 301 A.D (predates the Nicean Creed);  Why was the Armenian alphabet created?
Until the 5th century, Christian worship in Armenia was conducted in Greek or Syriac, since there was no Armenian alphabet, hence no written language.  In 404 A.D., St. Mesrob (at that time a monk) completed an alphabet of 36 letters.  His objective was to translate the Bible into Armenian, and the golden age of classical Armenian literature began shortly thereafter.

It appears that this large address (in Oklahoma City) with holdings in AZ — is a parish (I think).  In the Armenian Church, its board of directors owns (ALL) the property.

Parishes and Cathedral of the Eastern Diocese . .

  • Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma City: Armenian Church of Oklahoma City. c/o Dr. Hrair Kurkjian, 13040 Burnt Oak Rd., Oklahoma City 73120.  {{Apparently he’s an MD/Urologist…}}
  • Tulsa: Armenian Church of Tulsa. c/o Kenarig Alajaji,
  • 8911E. 56th Place, Tulsa 74145.

I don’t know if these are the same “PARROTTS…”


(two companies out of the same address — not what I was looking for, but they are:VP VINO, L.L.C. (LLC existed for 7 months in 2009; agent resigned), G.P. STRATEGIES, L.L.C. (almost identical dates)

All of us sacrifice certain liberties when we engage in social liaisons.  However, the liaison with the US Government and all its subsidiary units (and corporations) — as citizens, turns out to be one of the most dangerous liaisons around, collectively speaking.

The question continues to come up — how much of other humanity are each of us willing to sacrifice for continuity of our traditions (or income)?  Who is to blame that this man was born blind (or that population was low-income?  Their genetics, themselves, or their circumstances?)

All Definitions come from Narrative Viewpoints; What we need to know, is Who Owns the POV?

Is the world flat, and how fast is it going?

I was planning to blog from Maximus’ (Child support Medicare, etc. agency) own History Page, admitting that they are getting rich off privatized government and key turning points for this.  Guess it liked the Ross Perot Get Rich QUICK through government contracting scheme.  Maximus founder also (I should note) had an air force/pentagon background and then went to the (former) US Dept. of Health Education and Welfare and tried to instill some military precision:

MAXIMUS, Inc. – Company Profile, Information, Business Description, History, Background

(from “referenceforbusiness.com” — like an encyclopedia)

Turning to the Private Sector: Government in the 1960s 

The concept of a private company supporting a government agency was pioneered by Ross Perot and his Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS), which was originally created to take over the data processing operations of private businesses

    . {{Perot had tried IBM salesman, but it wasn’t a personality fit..}}

When Congress passed Medicare legislation in 1965, resulting in an enormous amount of paperwork that needed to be processed, the concept was applied to the federal government

Medicare and Medicaid processing proved so lucrative for EDS that within three years it accounted for nearly 25 percent of the company’s revenues. By 1977 that amount grew to nearly 40 percent. As a result, Perot would become immensely wealthy and famous enough to twice run for the presidency of the United States.The founder of MAXIMUS, David V. Mastran, earned an undergraduate degree from West Point in 1965, followed a year later by a master’s degree in industrial engineering from Stanford University

CAN WE REVIEW THIS PLEASE?  Medicaid and Medicare is supposed to help the vulnerable, elderly, and poor.  I guess it still does.  BUT, not only is it rife with fraud at all ranks, often defrauding kids in foster care with false billings, and resulting in multi-million$$ settlements (which WHO gets?) — but being so gargantuan, it made a single man wealthy enough to run twice for President.  David V. Mastran perhaps thought this would be a great line of work to get in, too.  If the federal government is going into MASSIVE expansion, why not be a visionary and join.

To review again — these are truly service industries?   that’s the real purpose, and since it’s such a great service — and there are definitely going to be lawsuits for fraud with anything that large — why shouldn’t the CEO get $565K/year AND stock options, and the rest of the directors, similar??  And, the children whose child support is stuck in the District Attorneys’ office as “undistributable” (when it isn’t) — $130 a month?  And the honest fathers, screwed/extorted?  And the poor (not by indigence) fathers, incarcerated — and mothers?  And the shareholders, — like those of the CCA — a nice profit?

Another person who thought along these lines was Nicholas Cummings (but that’s another story).

By 1990 MAXIMUS was generating $19 million in annual revenues. With state and local governments cutting budgets and increasingly turning to the private sector for help, the company, working in just four states, appeared poised to experience substantial growth”

(this being a Maximus personal “oral” (website “about us”) history, they opted to fess up they’d had some problems — i.e. lawsuits — and continues to narrate the astounding profits of working in this field:

These problems [lawsuits] notwithstanding, MAXIMUS continued to grow. It exceeded $50 million in revenues in 1995, then almost doubled that amount in one year, generating $103.1 million in 1996.

1996 Welfare Reform Legislation Spurs Growth

A watershed moment for MAXIMUS and other private sector program management companies came in August 1996 when President Clinton signed into law the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act.

This welfare reform legislation essentially rewrote the rules. {{as it was intended to}} AFDC money was now allocated to states in block grants, and requirements that state or local government agencies be involved in running the program were eliminated. Privatization of welfare-to-work programs funded by federal money was now given a free reign. [[actually, “rein” as in, horses… copyeditors not in the budget?”]] Wisconsin wasted little time in awarding its business to private contractors.

I didn’t notice.  I was in a survival marriage at this time, working FT to support my household, with the head of it obtaining the credit from that work, etc.

Here’s another site — well-written, dating AUGUST 2012, and talking about CHANGES in the TANF PROGRAM SINCE 1996 — strange to say, less money is going to basic aid, and more to “MOE” and diversionary funding.  Funny, wasn’t that part of the purpose of “rewriting the rules”?

How States have spent Federal and State funds under the TANF block grant” (link is a rich source of information….  see chart going DOWN? There’s a lot more…)

In June 2010, a last-minute alert, noncustodial mothers were informed to get on-line and speak about the impact of “fatherhood funding” on their children’s welfare, and its direct connection to maternal homelessness.  We’d been taught (correctly) that domestic violence leads that direction, and somehow ALL the DV organizations and Crisis in the Courts organizations “forgot” to tell us almost anything relevant about why we were losing children to batterers and that, in fact, the batterers were the least of our worries (despite potential consequences of nonintervention)…  If these groups had told us (or been listening as much to us as we had to them), their fields of practice (and sources of grants) might evaporate, because of “problem solved.”

Legal Momentum (the Women’s Legal Education and Defense Fund) — encouraging reauthorization of TANF in 2012 explains that 90% of the families on TANF are single mothers.  I was a little discouraged to see that they barely mentioned domestic violence issues — ONLY near the very bottom:

A Broken System

Family public assistance, commonly referred to as “welfare,” is one of the critical components of a strong, functioning Social Safety Net.  Because the number of single mothers vastly outnumbers that of single fathers, the program is especially important to poor women and their families.  In fact, over 90 percent of parents receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, the current national assistance program for families with children, are single mothers.

In 1996 the federal government enacted sweeping welfare reform legislation eliminating “welfare as we know it” by replacing Aid to Families with Dependent Children (or “AFDC)” with Temporary Assistance to Needy Familieeing s or “TANF”(TANF) as the national family public assistance program.

Since that change, the percentage of eligible poor families receiving the benefit has plummeted: today, only 40 percent of poor families receive assistance, down from 84 percent in AFDC’s last full year.  Likewise, only 22 percent of poor children now receive assistance, down from 62 percent.

Even for those families that do receive assistance, benefits often fail to cover the most basic needs. In July 2008 for a family of three, the daily benefit per person was less than $8.00 in all but one state, less than $5.00 in thirty states, and as low as $1.86 in one state (Mississippi). Benefits this scant perpetuate widespread material hardship for the women and children who rely on TANF, now over four million in number.

(…This being 2012, why were they citing a 2008 survey???)

Legal Momentum has established the EndPovertyNow Coalition and is working to identify and promote targeted changes to the TANF program that will make it a meaningful safety net and a true stepping stone to economic security. Some of the policies we support include: raising benefit levels; removing the five-year life-time limit on benefits; increasing federal oversight; improving TANF recipients’ access to quality childcare; ending discouraging {{like degrading??}}application practices; ensuring that victims of domestic violence, sexual assault have access to benefits; enabling recipients to complete their schooling and to participate in substantive job training programs to meet their work requirement.

For more information on TANF Reauthorization, see Reports and Caseload Updates and Statements to Congress and the Administration.


Welfare Reform at Age 15: A Vanishing Safety Net for Women and Children, a new report by Legal Momentum, demonstrates that TANF has shredded the safety net.

Over the last fifteen years, TANF has utterly failed to offer its recipients – mostly children and single mothers – a path out of poverty. With benefits far below the poverty level, sanctions imposed erroneously or for trivial reasons, and a focus on “Work First” rather than an emphasis on education and training for higher-paying jobs, TANF is in desperate need of real reform.

How many otherwise employable mothers (such as myself) that are more in need of safety than job training — could’ve been taken out of the mix had some of these groups promoted a really honest study of the marriage/fatherhood funding (state by state) and seen how it keeps the family stuck in family courts, ongoing visitation with abusers, fighting to get children back rom abusive parents, and sometimes, serious injury during a visitation exchange?   WE know approximately how things go:
Mom assigns right to collect child support to the state, with the most stringent exceptions if it would be  dangerous for her.  She is NOT informed and usually does NOT know the consequences of failure to say DON’T SEEK CHILD SUPPORT (a DV waiver or exception) — TO THE CHILDREN’S AND HER LONG-TERM SURVIVAL.  She is not told that these funds sometimes go to Access/Visitation (to increase noncustodial parenting time), etc. . . .  and who is told about just how many ways they can be diverted into profits for those who hold stock in, say, Maximus, or ICF International, and related private contractors?
Reference from an ACF page (informative) tells what’s up for reauthorization this month, and which committee this is in, which tells WHICH LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE TO SPEAK TO:

Expires 9/30/2012 (2013 Budget)

  •  Head Start – Sec. 639 of the Head Start Act – House Ed. and Workforce Cmte. – Senate HELP Cmte.
  • Child Care Entitlement – Sec. 418 of the Social Security Act – House Ed. and Workforce Cmte. w/Ways and Means Cmte. – Senate Finance Cmte.
  •  Temporary Assistance for Needy FamiliesSec. 403(a)(1)(E) and (b) of the Social Security Act House Ways and Means Cmte. – Senate Finance Cmte
  • TANF Supplemental Grants – Sec. 403(a)(3)(E) of the Social Security Act – House Ways and Means Cmte. – Senate Finance Cmte. 

Most individuals not actually professionally involved in programs funded by these grants (or, groups that are nonprofits whose business is setting policy, etc.) — don’t even show up to testify on it, and give direct feedback.  But we can.    We should protest the TANF Purpose 4 (promoting two-parent families) Propaganda funding; I have given a few reasons why, above.   

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