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Realityblogger, CAFR (Comprehensive Audited Financial Reports) and Waking the Hell Up…

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After I mouth off a bit — underneath the title line here (you can read or skip) — then go beneath the horizontal dashed line  _ _ _ _ _ _ __   and read the segment from the blog that caught my attention re:  CARYLE CORPORATION.  Aw heck — click on this link and read it, you’ll learn something new, probably!

After that, I am going to post the (fairly long) INTRO from this post below.  This post best read After the previous one — and the topic is, USA, Inc. and consequences of membership (i.e indentured status — and your kids — on the national debt, while the powers that be run off with the equity, the gold, the real estate, the sources of energy, and sometimes your offspring– plus your future.   Such a deal.  Which goes to prove my points that the US Public schools, aren’t, and should be replaced.  PICK ONE — LIBERTY or (fake) SECURITY — you cAan’t have both.  And if you go for “security” you just crossed out Morality.  Some of the proof is below.  The whole setup is ‘immoral’ for those who have morality as in the don’t lie, steal, kill, kidnap, extort, etc. . . . . As to adultery, I’ll hold my tongue, but not when the act involves children – – — these are what the USA, Inc. is doing, and proud of it….

This wordpress blogger relates questions he held as a young man, struggling to get a corporation going and observing things around him, until someone (Walter Burien) hooked him on poring over “CAFR” reports.  I identify with this — as you can see (if you stick to reading the blog) I have a tendency to “pore” over tax returns, grants databases giving money to start up organizations whose tax returns and corporate filings I often can’t find (Thanks to the marvel of the internet, almost anyone can POSE as a corporation).

Then I started reconsidering — since the government such a goddamn thief — they know they are shuffling money around, putting cronies in state offices to set up fake corporations, then taking the money and run — while preaching and lecturing to the poor about how to really get forward in life* — why should I be pledging allegiance, or if I contracted with it, where did I?  Did I SIGN UP FOR THIS STUFF?  (answer:  apparently, yes — was signed up at birth, and went along with the program.)

(get a low-income job:  After all, they are low-income people, right?) and get their income taxes deducted, and the father of the child, if they aren’t together (or vice versa) can have those wages ALSO garnished for the wonderful child support system, which will divert it further into encouraging low-income, overstressed mothers and fathers how to get along with their abusers, or their kids’ molester (even if a biological parent) — or, alternately, become more emotionally involved as a father — or, if you don’t want to play THAT game, give us our kid.  That’s right, give us OUR (the state’s kids).  (Maryanne Godboldo, a real heroine in my eyes, stood off a SWAT team attempting to take her daughter for Risperdal purposes.  She was then charged with a crime fo defending her home territory 9despite no valid court order for the home invasion) and tortured, basically, for about a year.  Last I heard, I think they broke about even.    . . . . .

  • And that’s LIFE?  (see MDRC = Federal Agencies plus the Ford Foundation, formed ca. 1974.  In the last post (Fees for Friends article) it developed that at least one official understood that HUD fraud had been going on since the 1970s also.  Go figure . . .  .
  • (The above won’t make too much sense to most people, but I just wanted to put it on the table; I’ve posted elsewhere this past year or so).
    • OK — that was my sarcastic diversionary introduction.  BACK TO TOPIC).

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

**insert (from same blogger, different post on CAFR): Don’t forget to visit it! (soon!) He’s talking about pensioners that let the gov’t invest their money — and what it goes towards….)

I have been asked several times to explain how banks, weapons manufacturers, insurance companies, investment holdings companies, health and pharmaceutical corporations, and essentially the entire corporate business structure of the world is funded – why do private corporations have so much extra money to expand, to buy other corporations, and to just in general play around with? How do banks come up with the capital to mortgage the entirety of the salable lands of the world? And where does that money come from in the first place?

As it turns out, the people of the United States are paying for this through their own sheer ignorance of where their own taxpayer money is being taken and invested. And this of all ironies is the most destructive reality for the very people who lack the knowledge of their own governments’ grand conspiracy through its investment fund scheme.


  • OK — and CARYLYLE (go to ScrantonPolitical Times and look up my Anne E. Casey Foundation topic — they also invest in Carlyle, and from what I understand, Riverstone):
    • In 2001, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) acquired a 5.5% holding in Carlyle’s management company for $175 million. The investment was valued at approximately $1 billion by 2007 at the height of the 2000′s buyout boom…In November 2008, The Carlyle Group was named Private Equity firm of the year in the U.S. at the Financial Times-Mergermarket 2008 M&A Awards.
    • In March of 2009, New York State and federal authorities began an investigation into payments made by Carlyle and Riverstone to placement agents allegedly made in exchange for investments from theNew York State Common Retirement System (NYSCRS), the state’s pension fund. It was alleged that these payments were in fact bribes or kickbacks, made to pension officials who have been under investigation by New York State Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo. In May of 2009, Carlyle agreed to pay $20 million in a settlement with Cuomo and accepted changes to its fund-raising practices. (Author’s note: Where did that money go, and what was the point – Carlyle Group certainly didn’t change its criminal methods. How did the people benefit? They didn’t.)
    • In 2010, the Financial Times announced that Carlyle Group is the private equity firm of the yearIn February 2008, a bill was introduced in California that would have barred CalPERS from investing money “with private-equity firms that are partly owned by countries with poor records on human rights,” which would include Carlyle because Mubadala Development is owned by part of the United Arab Emirates. The California bill was later withdrawn.”George H. W. Bush, former U.S. President, served as Senior Adviser to the Carlyle Asia Advisory Board from April 1998 to October 2003 (while his son was President…..)
    • “And today, I’m here to wake you the hell up!”


(Again, see):

[Beginquote, this is from “Realitybloger.wordpress.com,” Clint Richardson’s blog]

For months and months I poured over these financial statements for the various types of government municipal corporations, attempting to comprehend the almost foreign creative accounting language and legalese that was presented within – which was sure to drive off even the most ardent of researchers. But for some reason, as frustrating as that learning curve was, I persisted. And finally, after so many years of being blinded by that unseen hand, I can at last see my nemesis…

As it turns out, this foe was the very government structure that had passed the legislation limiting me in my business ventures. It is the same government corporate structure that assigns patents to the major corporations, while making the patenting process either too expensive or too difficult for the average person or small business to utilize. It was the same government corporation that made it so hard to incorporate in the first place, and which created so many fees, taxes, and restrictions that a small business could never really get ahead. And it is the same government that literally owns everything you can see – that has invested over many decades into all private and public corporations, real estate, foreign currencies, precious metals, and everything else worth owning under the sun and around the world.

No wonder the average Joe can’t get ahead!

I have been asked several times to explain how banks, weapons manufacturers, insurance companies, investment holdings companies, health and pharmaceutical corporations, and essentially the entire corporate business structure of the world is funded – why do private corporations have so much extra money to expand, to buy other corporations, and to just in general play around with? How do banks come up with the capital to mortgage the entirety of the salable lands of the world? And where does that money come from in the first place?

As it turns out, the people of the United States are paying for this through their own sheer ignorance of where their own taxpayer money is being taken and invested. And this of all ironies is the most destructive reality for the very people who lack the knowledge of their own governments’ grand conspiracy through its investment fund scheme.

And today, I’m here to wake you the hell up!


The Problem With Pensioners


As a public pensioner, what would you do if I told you that, indirectly, you are responsible for most of the problems in the world, from hunger to depression to war?

What would you do if I told you that each one of you as pensioners are voluntarily invested in all of the corporations that are destroying our health, our prosperity, and our world?

What would you do if you found out that because of each one of you collectively, the worst of corporations are being funded with taxpayer money?

How would you feel if you were heavily responsible for the funding of globalization; for building up Mexico and China’s sweatshops and promoting imports to America – and for the loss of jobs in America – simply because you are not paying attention – or don’t know – or don’t care – about what your “retirement nest-egg” is investing in, as long as you’re taken care of in the end?

What would you do if you found out that your pension contributions went to fund the corporate stocks and bonds that are used to build the weapons, the chemical biological agents, and the depleted uranium armaments that are killing and retarding millions upon millions of men, women, and children around the globe, including in America?

What if you finally comprehended that the national and international banks, oil and pharmaceutical companies are all funded by your “contributions”, and that all of the taxpayer’s in America are also forced through taxation to contribute to your pension fund investment scheme (with no benefit to the taxpayers themselves), knowing that the U.S. occupations of the Arab nations like Afghanistan and Iraq are for the government’s and the corporation’s control of oil and opium, and that these beautiful countries and their infrastructures are decimated just so that corporations like Halliburton can rebuild those infrastructures via no-bid government contracts while being forced into debt by the very government you fund?

How would it feel to know that the entirety of the government-contracted corporations that make up the “Military-Industrial Complex” are all funded by our collective pension fund contributions?

What would you do?

Incidental, related?

(a city manager it turns out imported from Solano County, California talks about the impossibility of tracking expenditures (etc.) and how the county has to pay about 20% on a huge debt..)

New Posts Luzurne County’s new manager, Mr. Lawton, is shocked to find more than 100 bank accounts with no accountabilit

Luzerne County’s new manager surprised by ‘state of fiscal affairs’

By Michael P. Buffer (Staff Writer)
Published: July 30, 2012

WILKES-BARRE – Robert Lawton did plenty of homework on Luzerne County before leaving California and taking over as Luzerne County manager on Feb. 29.

But he still was taken aback a bit by problems and hurdles involving county finances and operations he has encountered.

“I thought I had a pretty good handle of the challenges that we would face,” Mr. Lawton said last week during an extensive interview with the Citizens’ Voice editorial board. “But I think probably the thing that has surprised me the most has been the state of fiscal affairs here at the county and the lack of centralization, at least as far as information, much less accountability.”

Mr. Lawton is the first permanent manager of the county’s new home-rule government which abolished a state-mandated form of governing and eliminated seven row offices headed by elected officials.

Officials in the home-rule government are reviewing proposals for a new centralized financial system and trying to consolidate more than 100 county bank accounts, Mr. Lawton said.

“Checks are written directly from those accounts that don’t materialize in the county central financial system,” he said. “That’s part of a long-ingrained culture from a prior structure. And going forward, it makes it difficult to get historical financial information to track revenues and expenditures, to determine what is appropriate, what’s not. And given that everyone knows the dire financial situation the county is in ⦠it’s surprising that had not been addressed sooner.


.. . .The financial situation is caused in part by a debt burden to pay back more than $330 million in principal. About 20 percent of this year’s $122 million budget is earmarked for debt payments. The county is also facing a budget deficit of about $2 million without additional spending cuts.

“I don’t think we can get everything into one big bank account, but we may be able to get it down significantly from the 100 or some odd that are out there, and particularly the ones that are out there where the county manager doesn’t sign for, but rather other officers do. We are pulling those in as we go through the budget process,” he said, adding that later this year, the county will advertise a request for proposals for banking services.

“I am finding that we have millions of dollars in a non-interest-bearing account for which I have to pay fees to transfer money. That to me is absolutely ludicrous,” he said.

Before becoming Luzerne County manager, Mr. Lawton worked as principal management analyst at Solano County, Calif. He previously was the chief executive of Calaveras County, Calif.


Oh well….

2 Responses

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  1. Good to see cognitive thinking taking place.. Great job in doing so.

    Wealth transfer has always been the objective for the last 10,000-years of the elite control freaks. They look at it as a game of marbles: He who owns all of the marbles wins the game. And my do they get wrapped up in their current and next conquest plans. To them, that is all that matters.

    Keep in mind that on the State; County; and City levels they are bringing in more wealth than Midas ever dreamed about yet the population, 99.9% are clueless as to how much every local government is bringing in each year (tax; investment; and enterprise income). In reality the population was masterfully and intentionally guided over the last 70-years to leave the vault doors open within all levels of government. In all reality they NEVER had control or real influence in this arena. They were always sound-bite conditioned with selective presentation to think they had a clue but in all reality were being guided and distracted as if sheep led in to be sheared at the will of the orchestrator’s intent for wealth transfer. Trillions of dollars in wealth transfer annually.

    There was no other agenda other that simple greed and opportunity applied within a masterfully run corporate structure known as government. When a complete vacuum and void is maintained (total cash; investments; and perpetuated growth of the wealth involved) as to the basics in the population’s cognitive thinking, the wealth transfer was very easy to implement; execute; and finalize each and every time – 24/7 – 365 days a year..

    That is why the focus has been on masterfully entertaining the population off into La-La land with saturated spoon fed sound-bite conditioning. Always anything other than the basics of total cash; investments; and perpetuated growth of the wealth involved within government’s next planed venture for global conquest and wealth transfer.

    Start looking at the basics. Local governments needed to keep their own records and did so through the same process that any corporation utilizes. With that being production of an Annual Financial report. Government added one word to theirs calling it a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report or the acronym for the same being CAFR. A Google will pull up many. The whole game as collective government took it all over by investment throughout the last 70-years was the “Silence is Golden rule”. The CAFR reports produced by States; Counties; Cities; School Districts; and Enterprise operations are their to look at an review (real shocker when you do) but never a peep to generate a cognitive thought for the population to do so.

    To accomplish the silence required it required the full cooperation of the syndicated new media; organized education; both political parties; the large industrial / financial corporations and all of the before-mentioned were sent or directed to have access to these CAFR reports. The one small group that was excluded was the entire general population and done so for one very basic reason: DUE TO THE MONEY and control involved. TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

    Collective local and federal government both domestic and globally have built their investment assets to a conservative 110-trillion dollars. The gross income from investment return as of the year 2000 now exceeds all taxation collected. With the void stringently maintained as to this realty the public continues to scratch their heads saying: “Their is something terribly wrong here but I just can’t put my finger on it..”

    Great effort by the players was put forth to make sure the public did not catch a cognitive though to “put their finger on it”. I note that the attorney clan were primarily behind doting the “I’s” and crossing the “T’s” as every page was turned and the new plan of the day was put into place to facilitate the wealth transfer as empires were built small and large on the inside track from doing so.

    Look and learn. You can not influence for change unless you comprehend what is taking place in the first place. Keep in mind you were not intended to comprehend the basics here and GREAT efforts were put forth to make sure you did not.. Look behind the distractions you are intentionally saturated with and stick diligently to the basics: Total cash brought; standing investment assets; and percent increase in gross income over 2, 5, 7, 10-years held and accomplished by your local government.

    A CAFR is in effect your local government’s “Statement of Net Worth” since inception and NOT a selectively created budget report (primarily showing where tax income is brought in and spent) that is a projection for “one-year”.

    You will NOT get any help from your local government officials in this effort to look; learn; and comprehend. They have diligently worked against your interests in this arena for over 70-years and again DUE TO The MONEY involved and the influence that money / investment balances yields. The world is; has; and will continue to be controlled in this fashion within this massive collective control structure moving money and investments networked by many private associations with nifty government sounding acronyms as the largest monopoly the earth has ever know.

    LEARN the basics!

    I note the CAFRs on each page where financial data is noted will say “Net” balances. Many games can be played here. ** On a personal example keep the following in the front of your mind: If you and I had 1-billion dollars. If we set aside 700-million to buy an island 5-years from now (designated liability) our NET available is 300-million. If we then ran up projected expenses for the year of 320-million, then our net position “promoted today” is 20-million in the red (deficit)

    The above cognitive thing provided to you FYI from,

    Walter Burien – CAFR1.com

    PS: The world of government financial operations is much different than we were all led to believe. We have all become food for the beast and it is time to get that beast in a true hold and covert it into a well mannered sheep. That is if we want ourselves and children and their children to survive that is? Greed and opportunity unrestrained can have some very devastating consequences.

    This is the #1 issue that all other issues root from. LOOK; LEARN; and COMPREHEND. Then you and your associates for the first time in your lives will be truly armed to take effective action to correct this overpowering circumstance that up until this point has rooted itself strangling what should and can still be a very beautiful garden for One-And-All. If you have religious beliefs remember we all were promised the Millennium, a thousand years of prosperity for One-And-All. I think and I hope you do also, it is time to push forward the pains of birth and make it happen with a focus as a people that is unequaled in the annuls of prior history. Eden or Hell, the choice will be our own.

    Walter Burien

    August 6, 2012 at 1:03 am

    • Mr. Burien —

      Thanks for the fast reply and a little more explanation. With your permission I’m going to make that comment into a blog, and link it to CAFR1.com.

      I used to type financial statements for an accounting firm. I have worked for all sized firms, but by nature and profession I am a person whose life has required a lot more fluidity (it’s also been a lot more fun –up to the violent relationship) and never fully plugged into the standard job. I was fine, but when I needed help from said “government” I quickly (well, not quickly enough) came to understand due to our family line, that they considered it a bargain sale on my kids. Nobly, ethically, and ignorantly, I said to them (a version of “go jump in a lake”) and pointed them to “the court orders,” which to me seemed a simple way of settling differences — a higher authority says Don’t do this, Do that — end of story (for those who respect higher authorities and are not focused on BEING them).

      As it happened out, Truth was sold off a long time ago in these matters, and anyone walking into the FAMILY courts (so-called) (they are family courts, we just don’t recognize which family!) . . . knows something is seriously upside down. This confusion and distress is then also like what in nature is called a “bait ball” of churning fish. Predator fish come from underneath and seabirds from on top til they are sated — or it is gone. . . . . . In seeing this and attempting to explain it to various groups of mothers who were grouped around their sense of distress and betrayals by the court, and poverty (which goes with the territory, FYI), and of course anger — I found that they couldn’t “get it” and were more into the personal insult // vengeance model (see Bible for how well that works). . . . . THen I began to observe that they were being used by the Crisis in the Courts crowd (identifiable individuals and organizations).

      hence it’s called ‘SCHOOL’ of fish — but don’t get me off on the school system, which is another eyeopener.

      Meanwhile I went a few times for help from a “NONPROFIT.” These NONPROFITs true allegiance was, rather, to their funders – not their clients. Eventually, I came to understand (and had help – see site, but I still say my thinking at least had the legwork put in, and is now my own voice, not just duplicating someone else’s viewpoint) that there is no more important analysis than economic analysis. I already knew that Dollars were Debt (having always been an avid, and fairly diverse? reader, primarily nonfiction — more interesting….), and Money is not Bona Fide, etc. . . . . .

      My rationale in getting free from (abuse of all kinds, extortion etc. — and by the way, I’m NOT yet) was that the LAW would somehow protect my safety zone so I could work, and that’s where I sought help and logic from the involved quarters. I told agents and officers of these courts: EITHER YOU HAVE TO PROTECT MY WORK ZONE, OR YOU HAVE TO COLLECT SOME CHILD SUPPORT (while children lived with me). I CALLED UP TO STATE LEVEL LEGISLATORS AND WAS IN ONE CASE TOLD, THAT’S A LOCAL ISSUE (US SENATOR) AND ANOTHER ONE, TOLD GO CONTACT XYZ NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION (which was MORE than useless) BY THE STATE REPRESENTATIVE’S OFFICE. I ALSO CALLED A COUNTY SUPERVISOR OVER THE ROUGH TREATMENT OF ME FOR ATTEMPTING TO ACTUALLY REPORT THAT MY KIDS HAD BEEN STOLEN! !! (little to no response). From top to bottom, you can see that those in decision in government are working on a different script.

      to cut this short, and I don’t know if this was the final straw or turning point, but I DO know that 1996 welfare reform was very, very significant in freeing up block grants to states which basically makes accounting for distributions impossible. I’ve seen enough of the official databases to know that they don’t match each other and are substandard (TAGGS.hhs.gov //USASPENDING.gov). People who want a better and more current accounting would go for, say FEDMINE. . . .. . . But as a person who used to produce these reports, it’s obvious the data has to come from and go to somewhere as you mentioned above.

      Then, ca 2001, the first executive order is to facilitate faith-based organizations. I went looking up HHS grantees with the words “faith-based” or “faith” in them (not necessarily churches, but some are located IN churches). And low and behold, many of them (several, I tracked), are already being confronted for fraud (“take the money and run”) including one that was set up in the Governor’s Office in Ohio. (Office of Faith-based & Community Initiatives or something). The principle grantee had an interesting last name (i.e. easier to look up: Krista Sisterhen) and I learned shed’ been brought in from Indianapolis (Jeff Smith) and by the time the damage was done in Ohio (with attempted coverup) she was off to somewhere else, and they were in cleanup mode.

      THESE — and many other factors are telling us that we are indeed living in “la’la'” land throughout the country. What forced me to see it was walking through a certain personal hell and realizing that neither this “government” nor my familY (who contributed) nor religious institutions (I remain a Christian, but do not attend: I’m female….), nor good honest people who saw, understood, and helped some but if they helped thoroughly — they’d lose their own 9 to 5 jobs, or be endangered, etc. So in short, we are in a culture which is based on a violence called theft and deceit — and extreme control. . . . By sending our kids off to the local public schools, they become government property (although they already were by birth certificate, as it’s pointed out, this is a training in submission/confusion grounds and a real per-capita $$ struggle). . . . and won’t learn squat helpful about government. They will also learn to think of themselves in a heirarchy (smart, geek, athletic, slow, special ed, Goth, gang — etc.) related to themselves, rather than more properly as individuals related to the more important things in life.

      I have worked very hard in the last several years to unlearn and learn many of these (bad) lessons and enjoyed it quite a bit, to tell the truth. The primary truths are often knowing which information to reject as either false, useless, or useful– but not the main point.

      Thank you and/or “Clint”? at Reality Blogger for bringing my attention to the CAFR issue; I hadn’t got there yet, and didn’t know what the “Comprehensive” part meant. I will publicize this to those who have a few (like one or two!) ears unplugged to hear. Although seems to me somewhere I read that it’s the Lord who opened the eyes of the blind and made the deaf to hear. I’m gathering that someone got a pingback on wordpress or tracks IPs to have found this site so soon. Anyhow, I’ll be fighting for time to continue understanding this material, particularly what to do about citizenship in a slave-based economy & country.

      Let's Get Honest

      August 6, 2012 at 8:46 am

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