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Who Messed with my Message? DNK, but here’s the rest of it…

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Huffington Post does moderate its comments and has been caught censoring some from protective mothers (long ago, it was circulated).  I was responding to Ms. Stevenson’s commentary on recent legislation affecting the Americans with Disability Act (2008 revs, which clarified it after previous interpretations so narrowed the act as to exclude many disabled, including the war-disabled by PTSD).

I quoted a piece from Courthouse News (12/2011) which predated some MSM commentary on the Pentagon misdiagnosing veterans with PTSD to avoid paying for help.  Thanks a lot, they just survived a warzone and are coming back messed up, but that being messed up wasn’t from war, it was really just a “personality disorder.”

For anyone who’s come out of abuse (the frying pan) and landed in a custody contest (the fire), this sounds REAL familiar.  Hopefully my blog here is “off-road” enough no key-logger or anyother stranger will feel the need to play games with it while I put out this message, again, continued from comments section at Huffington Post, re:  Corporate Lobbyists waging war on the Disabled

“Comment continued @ blog (http://wp.me/psBXH-14M) I think this is vital information”

(see last post).  I was adding a comment to direct to here, and while typing, half the post disappeared (without keyboard contact on my part.  That’s PROBABLY what I get for comparing war to domestic violence, and the Pentagon’s handling of vets to the family law systems’ handling of “DV-Vets,” and following up with a recommendation we get the next President to RESCIND the faith-based Executive Orders from 1/29/2001 (first two issued by George Bush in a  possibly stolen election) and then posting how six sisters in California are suing CPS and the church which covered up YEARS of sexual abuse by their biological parents.

Some of us have been in this “reporting coverup of abuse by major US institutions” long enough that the hacking thing just happens, and it happens in reference (apparently) to specific topics  I also note that the US DODNetwork has been on my site a little more than I’m comfortable with.

The top half was deleted, but there’s the conclusion I come to.  Really, the problem is that U.S. Citizens have tolerated too much institutional abuse already, starting with the income tax and private banking, proceeding quickly to destroying the currency and forbidding people to accumulate private gold for (decades), and so forth.  Basically wars are about Private Greed anyhow (see the book of James for some pontification (:   on that).

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

1A. The Pentagon tried to dump its responsibility to its own vets on others by misdiagnosing PTSD as nonreimbursable PD (personality disorder), meaning someone else has to pay, or they can just stay injured. It did this to over 22,000 vets since 2001…

2A. The family law system (Conciliation Courts) tries to dump its responsibility to citizens on the public at large by habitually misdiagnosing individual crimes (domestic violence, child abuse, stalking, kidnapping, etc.) as relationship, family matters, meaning someone else has to pay, or they can just stay injured. Since at least the mid-1990s it has this down to a system and is spitting out situations that involve crime scene cleanups.

2B. On 1/29/2001, GWBush issued his first two executive orders (http://tinyurl.com/6oozeww, & http://tinyurl.com/7e2dqss) = (yet) more faith-based involvement in: DOE, DOL, HHS & HUD. These were Presidential orders and had to be followed; they also need to be rescinded! Why? See “six sisters sue state officials for missing sex abuse.” http://tinyurl.com/7w93o92

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