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The term “HIGH-CONFLICT” — Docketed, Trademarked, Franchised, and Distributed!

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Post title: The term “HIGH-CONFLICT” — Docketed, Trademarked, Franchised, and Distributed! Published May 10, 2012 (About 5,500 words; case-sensitive short-link ending “-14I” + some re-formatting for easier “cite”)

HIGH CONFLICT is turning out to be a HIGH-CASH-COW in the Family Law business:

High Conflict Case Management

A new program has been instituted in San Diego to deal with certain High Conflict Cases.  A number of therapists and a small group of lawyers and judges have participated in training to manage these cases.Attorney Robin A. Devito is one of the few lawyers selected to participate in the initial training program.  For more information, contact Robin’s Office.

If you click on the attorney’s name, the assortment of terms is typical AFCC, and she notes she was trained by Joan Kelly of Northern California Mediation, Center. etc.   All the phrases are in place:  Collaborative Law, etc.

Robin was trained in mediation through the Northern California Mediation Center, by Joan Kelly and Nancy Davis, in 1994.  She is a trained Collaborative Practitioner, and a member of both Collaborative Practice groups in San Diego, and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals [IACP].  She conducts mediation, and handles Collaborative cases.

The emphasis of her practice is Alternate Dispute Resolution and Private Judging, each of which is consistent with her solution-seeking approach to resolving Family Law matters of all types.  She is frequently hired by other lawyers as a mediator, settlement conference judge, arbitrator, or private judge, to help them resolve their clients’ cases, spends much of each week active in that capacity.

[Basic description above unchanged May 2012-May 2018. Link: https://www.divorceandmediation.com/high-conflict-case-management.html;  In case that changes, a “screen print” (image) to the bottom of this post. // //Blog administrator LGH, 5-14-2018]

This is simply what the family law system is about  It wants to order more services– that’s the name of the game:  Now there are HIGH-CONFliCT DOCKETS or PROGRAMS showing up in various states and jurisdictions, with some serious repercussions.  Always it’s the parents’ problem (usually a communication problem) they can’t co-parent, even if one of them is committing incest.  Talking about this, or supporting a child if they are afraid to see the parent can cause serious conflict with the courts, and might get you sent to jail, or being forced to pay supervised visitation for not being more cooperative.  

In a NJ County, this is what’s likely to happen if there’s “high conflict”:

    • Custody Neutral Assessment Program 609-518-2515

The Custody Neutral Assessment Program (CNA) is available for high conflict cases** that are inappropriate for, or are unable to be resolved, through mediation. This program utilizes several mental health practitioners in the community who meet with the parties, discuss contested issues and make clinical recommendations to the court on how to resolve disputed issues.

    • Expert Evaluation Program 609-518-2515

The Expert Evaluation Program is a clinical service available for high conflict custody cases that are not appropriate for mediation or Custody Neutral Assessment. Cases are referred by court order to mental health evaluators within the community for psychological or psychiatric evaluation. Completed reports are submitted to the court to provide the judge with clinical insight of the case prior to making a final decision.

{{**if you have conflict, you have a mental health problem… this is how abuse and DV cases will be managed from here on out, apparently.  There is no such thing as individual responsibility for cruelty, or abuse, or contempt of court, etc. – — BOTH parents will be held responsible and psychologically evaluated.  This MAY just explain why court dockets are so full….}}

I thought I’d “Seen it All” in how many ways the words “high conflict” could be used, but it appears I was wrong.  So today, here’s another look at how it can be trademarked, franchised, certified, shrinkwrapped, and sold.

Perhaps there’d be less conflict of more professionals were able to handle conflict with their re-branding of common criminal behavior as a psychological personality aberration on the part of the protecting or reporting parents, often female:

I have other blogs (that look better) — see The Family Court Franchise System, particularly the page (and also a post or so) on Connect-i-cut’s High Conflict Docket.

Which also made headlines – or at least a lengthy piece — by journalist Keith Harmon Snow on the nightmares American mothers are going through when it comes to coverup of serious child sexual abuse, to the tune of being extorted by supervised visitation provider, etc.

Family Courts Behind an Epidemic of Pedophilia & Judicial Abuse

keith harmon snow

First publication: 01 May 2012
Edits & Revision: 03 May 2012

A five month investigation reveals an epidemic of violence and corruption facilitated by Family Courts in the United States.  Children all over the United States are being taken from their protective mothers and delivered to abusers.  Behind this epidemic of judicial abuse are organized networks involved in racketeering and corruption, channeling and disappearing billions of dollars of U.S. taxpayers money every year.  Insurance companies are being defrauded by medical and mental health professionals rewarded handsomely for producing quack studies that criminalize loving mothers and protect abusive fathers.  With clear evidence of racketeering and corruption, high court judges and insider lawyers use and abuse the Family Courts system to destroy protective mothers and deliver life sentences of suffering to innocent children. 

Rich, poor, middle-class… No child in America is safe.

That happens to be true (we are in short, becoming quite the police state…..) although I still need to contact him (again) about this approach to the problem.  He is a reporter, not a litigant or parent snared by the system, and has a mixture of traumatized parents’ reports and the professionals, but very little on the organizational (corporate) structures that set this up.   But the case that got his attention — was the one in Connecticut where a HIGH-CONFLICT REGIONAL DOCKET had been set up.  THis is become a practice around the country.  WATCH OUT! — it’s not good news!!

All I intend to post today is a link to a program (Not necessarily a DOCKET) in San Diego area which shows some of the moulah to be made by franchising into the words “High-Conflict” and teaching parents how to cut it out.  Click and read — it’s fairly self-explanatory if you have some exposure to this system (and the AFCC jargon):


This one appears to have been slapped together — jump on the bandwagon.  I don’t know that the pricing reflects this — it’s HIGH!




Kingston New Jersey – June 8-11  2012

Austin Texas – July 27-30

We are very excited that you have expressed interest in High Conflict Diversion Program™.  The High Conflict Diversion Program™ was founded by Brook Olsen in 2006 as a resource for assisting parents in high conflict divorce with strategies to help them reduce the conflict in their custody issues and to educate therapists, attorneys and family court professionals in alternative ways to deal with high conflict divorce. The program, currently in San Diego County, is both court-ordered and non-court ordered in which parents in high conflict custody battles attend.

The High Conflict Diversion Program is committed to educating the family courts, family court professionals and parenting educators throughout the country about high conflict divorce through leading edge strategies for changing how parents deal with this difficult situation.

We are offering a four day workshop where we will be teaching cutting edge knowledge to become a certified High Conflict Coach and High Conflict Diversion Program™ Instructor.

. . .

This Program is already recognized in many counties in California, Florida, Colorado  and Puerto Rico and continues to grow in recognition through out the US and Canada. The first two days must be taken as a prerequisite.

This workshop is offered to mental health professionals, attorneys, parenting educators and family court professionals and by interview to other professionals wanting to teach this work.

We understand that your time and money are very important and realize the current economic situation makes investing in this education difficult so we have reduced the cost of this training to $1699 for the 4 day training. That is a reduction in the original cost of $300.00.

(continue reading, and most of us, I believe, will recognize the basic marketing program and buy-in (entrance fees) “sell.”)…

Brook D. Olsen

Director: High Conflict Diversion Program LLC

(the “ABOUT DIRECTOR” page is blank, currently)

Here’s the program’s own LinkedIn (where I learn that Brook is a man (?) and thereafter you can click on Brook or Debra Dupree (co-instructors?) and read more about their backgrounds, too.

 and Transitions for Life Mediation (both DUPREE): & Founder, Brook Olsen:

The Relationship with California Secretary of State (that matters) — well apparently it doesn’t matter:  She also registered it in 2007 (late in the year), not 2005 as website claims (typical!)

Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process

(street address in El Cajon, now lists a real estate attorney there….)

Transitions for Life, if the bottom row,  just registered a month or so ago; if you click on it (or search again at CA Secretary of State Business Search site) has no street address listed:

Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process
  1. TFL Mediation | LinkedIn

    Transitions For Life Mediation is about providing better solutions for divorcing families. We offer flat-fee Divorce Packages™ and hourly programs to help 

However a website http://www.lifetransitionsinc.net/ shows up a parent education group in Massachusetts called “MOVING FORWARD”

Moving Forward an educational program to diminish the effects of divorce on children and adults

Our 2-session program meets in Littleton and Chelmsford, in Massachusetts, on Fridays 6:00-8:30pmand Saturdays 9:30am-12:00pm.

Workshop fee is $80.

This parent education workshop is approved by the Chief Justice of the Probate & Family Court, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Under the High Conflict Diversion Program’s site,

I count 15 instructors (read the pricing, do the math) and this website appears to be still in construction.  Perhaps Brooks was a little late on this bandwagon….

How to screen for potential clients (i.e., divorces that could be roped into this):

  1. By starting early in the divorce process, we can look out for potential “red flags” surrounding certain behaviors that will identify substance abuse issues and other indicators that suggest that a High Conflict scenario** may be present
  2. By working with attorneys in the early stages of potentially High Conflict divorces, we will increase the probability of obtaining a settlement agreement before the proceedings collapse.
  3. We teach communication skills and help our students to identify, and then responsibly avoid, “triggers” that lead to conflict. These skills are not only helpful during the divorce and parenting, but are also highly useful in maintaining a better relationship with a new partner or spouse. These communication skills also help the attorney-client communication stay clear and on track.
  4. By helping students think “outside the box,” we help empower them to rely on their own inner resources, rather than the court system, to remedy their situation.
  5. We help identify, both directly and indirectly, the belief patterns, triggers, coping mechanisms and survival strategies that prevent parents from accessing their capacity to disengage from a High Conflict divorce and move on with their lives.
  6. We teach centering and relaxation techniques to help students to calm down prior to, during and after contact with a non-cooperative ex-spouse, depositions, meetings with attorneys, court appearances and things of this nature.

** Notice that emotionally triggering terms like “child abuse, spouse abuse, kidnapping, stalking” etc. are not mentioned.  In fact, that’s part of the plan, evidently.  Domestic violence and child abuse (etc.) can obviously be handled by teaching (BOTH sets of) parents better communication skills, under threat of excommunication or being court-ordered into more classes, or loss of contact with one’s kids, etc.

What IS it about the City of San Diego.  So much (baloney) proceeds from this one city and it’s Family Justice Center Alliance, Relationship Training Institute (not current with their charitable filings, I suspect kickbacks at this point, take court-referral business), the attempt to get KidsTurn legislated (SB 577 was it?), not to mention Kids Turn San Diego, and Enron by the Sea.  The “California Healthy Marriages Coalition” (Stoica/Leucadia, etc.) is in the area, apparently — and getting multiple millions of HHS (Still — $2.5 million in 2011, jsut like old times) and it just goes on and on.  Anyhow, here’s a snippet from Debra Dupree’s “Relationships that Matter” website.  It does seem she’s a sucker for ANY training program she can stick up on the credentials page:

Debra moved into the field of Mediation in 1994 with advanced certifications in Workplace and Family/Divorce Mediation in 2005 & 2007 and attained the world-renowned CINERGY Certification in Conflict Coaching in 2009. Debra is also certified as a High Conflict Diversion Program (HCDP) Coach & Workshop Leader,** an authorized New Ways for Families (NWFF) Therapist and Mediator,*** and Parent Educator & Coach for  Transitions for Life (TFL).

The San Diego Superior Court and Family Court Services for High Conflict Divorce cases regularly refers cases to Debra to help families and businesses stay out of court.## Debra is an active member of the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists (CAMFT) and its local San Diego Chapter, the Southern California Mediation Association (SCMA) as well as the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR)

CINERGY(r) (originator from Canada)
CINERGY (tm) - Peacebuilding... one person at a time
 **Probably for the price shown on the site, well over $1,000.
***New Ways for Families” is ? a Bill Eddy “thang.”  See my post about “Another AFCC wet dream” — and High Conflict Institute.
##Let’s hope that keeping families OUT of court is the only “perk” San Diego Superior Court and Family Court Services derives from referral business, but I’m not holding my breath.

New Ways for Families is a structured parenting skills method with short-term counseling to reduce the impact of conflict on the children in potentially high-conflict cases. It can be used whenever a parent or the court believes one parent needs restricted parenting (supervised, no contact, limited time), at the start of a case or any time a parent requests it–including after the divorce.

This method emphasizes strengthening skills for positive future behavior (new ways), rather than focusing on past negative behavior – while still acknowledging it. It is designed to save courts time, to save parents money, and to protect children as their families re-organize in new ways after a separation or divorce, for married or never-married parents. This method can be used in family court, mediation, collaborative divorce, or even post-divorce with the assistance of a Parenting Coordinator or High Conflict Case Manager.

Goals of New Ways for Families

  1. To immunize families against becoming high-conflict families during the separation and the divorce process.
I have no problem with this — if only the family courts would simply stop dealing with criminal matters, and where the crime has been identified, apply “you abuse you lose,” such that the ONLY cases involving co-parenting are those WITHOUT sexual, child, or spouse abuse.  THEN maybe those other things might work.  Then again, most parents have better things to do than (after running their kids to and from school, and themselves to and from work) go sit down in another court-ordered class, particularly of the psychoeducational sort.

New Ways for Families is a new method being tried in San Diego County for handling high conflict parenting cases in family court. Supervising Family Law Judge Lorna Alksne has authorized the downtown San Diego judges to try this method for three months, then it will be evaluated for further use.

 . . .

Step 1: Getting Started

Parents can agree to use New Ways, or a judge can order it while also making temporary parenting orders, support orders, and restraining orders. Then, each parent selects his or her own Individual Parent Counselor from a list of local counselors trained in the New Ways method. Before the counseling begins, each parent prepares a Behavioral Declaration and a Reply Behavioral Declaration, which are the only declarations provided to their counselors.

Hopefully this spells out why the family courts have become a “RACKET,” without me having to add much more.   You want referral business?  You buy into the system. Did we mention, there are probably still access visitation (federal grants to states, distributed from AOC downward last I heard) which ALSO help set up parent education programs, been going on since 1996…. taking welfare grants to the states, and just “diverting” some of it. For the public’s own good.  We can see this co-parenting thing “really helps,” from the Seal Beach, CA incident of (I believe it was last fall), where “only” 8 people were murdered by a man who didn’t feel that 56% parenting time was fair, and who’d already had a prior restraining order on.  His wife, and 7 others died.  HE DIDN”T (Scott DeKraii).

RE:  Judge Laura Allksne, she seems to have both mens’ and women’s (i.e. protective parents) groups angry with her.  This ANGIEMEDIA site has it exactly right, although I can’t say I’m entirely on the same page with the blog overall:


Eileen Lasher of the California Coalition for Families and Children was interviewed twice in 2011 by Walter Davis on his show Progress in San Diego. Dr. Emad Tadros,* an outspoken critic of the San Diego family courts, joined them in the first interview. The second interview was shown in two segments.

(*Dr. Tadros discovered the fake credential of a custody evaluator, Stephen Doyne, and has been heavily punished for publicizing this:  “Zoe the Cat” etc.) 

In the interview segment below, Lasher discussed her experiences with the misconduct of minor’s counsel attorneys and how taxpayers and parents are paying for what is in her view an organized criminal enterprise. She says children and parents are being abused by the courts and points out the taxpayers and the abused parents are paying the financial costs for this misconduct.

San Diego Family Courts: Organized Crime Ring Targeting Middle and Upper Classes

Lasher contends the San Diego family law courts are operated as a criminal business that siphons the wealth from families and places it in the hands of the attorneys and experts such as custody evaluators. She views judges who appoint custody evaluators and minor’s counsel attorneys and many of those attorneys as particularly culpable. A minor’s counsel attorney is to participate in a custody case by representing the children. However, such attorneys often have conflicts of interest. They also typically run their own family law attorney business and are also in some cases are attorneys who are involved in probate cases and serve as “pro tem” judges in family law court.

Discussion focused on how low income families seldom have minor’s counsel attorneys and psychological evaluators ordered by the courts. These families have little money, so it is not lucrative to put them through the family court extortion process reserved for people who have some money. Middle income or higher income families often suffer from these expensive costs because they have significant assets and income that can be exploited by the divorce industry.

You have a house, so the attorneys and court want your house to be forced into sale so they can keep the proceeds and ensure their own wealth and job security at the expense of you and your children. You have retirement savings, the attorneys want those, too. There are college savings for the kids? Those can be raided, too.

How better to extort all or nearly all of a family’s wealth than to threaten their children? The attorneys and judges know how lucrative this extortion is and are eager to bring it into play when they see income and assets that can be pillaged.

If the parents don’t have substantial assets, the grandparents might. The court and its allies know that threatening their grandchildren is often an equally effective way to “financially gangrape” the family.

OR (molestation case apparently involving this woman):

  1. Saving Damon – Saving Damon from his identified molester

    but Judge Lorna Alksne wanted to try a local psychologist, Dr. Breffni Barrett, first.  by Judge Lorna Alksne–with no supporting facts or evidence whatsoever.

Some of the families are having very high conflict with the way the courts do business, particularly when their custody evaluators are sporting fraudulent credentials . . . . . ANYHOW, under “NEW (court-ordered) WAYS FOR FAMILIES, INCLUDING THOSE WITH RESTRAINING ORDERS PENDING OR ON AND AS IT SAYS, BEING TESTED (OR BY NOW, IN PRACTICE) UNDER THIS PARTICULAR JUDGE’S WATCHFUL PRESIDING EYE:

Step 2: Individual Parent Counseling

This includes 6 weekly sessions with a separate, confidential counselor for each

parent using a Parent Workbook. Both parents are ordered into this counseling at

the same time, with no presumptions about who is more difficult. The focus of

these sessions is strengthening and practicing three skills: flexible thinking,

managed emotions, and moderate behaviors.

More on Mr. Brook Olsen from Mediate.com — catch the terminology?

Brook D. Olsen

Brook D. OlsenBrook Olsen founded the High Conflict Diversion Program in 2006 and continues to direct its evolution. Curantly Brook is training new teachers throughout the USA to teach the High Conflict Diversion Progream™ in their local communities. Brook is a Certified Parenting Educator with the International Network For Children and Families, a Certified Divorce Mediator, and Life Coach. Brook helps develop high conflict parenting programs for the San Diego Family Courts, and helps educate therapists and attorneys in high conflict divorce.  Brook’s training includes six years of study with Dr. Michael Mamas in the field of transpersonal counseling, trauma counseling and meditation. Brook completed three years of training in trauma resolution through the Foundation for Human Enrichment with Peter Levine and is a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.  Brook co-taught the High Conflict Intervention Program for two years for the San Diego County Family Court System. Brook is a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Clinical Nutritionist. He is also trained in Interpersonal Communication and High Conflict Resolution.
Here’s a page on Dr. Michael Mamas, a.k.a.

Maharshi Maheshananda (Dr. Michael Mamas)

Maharshi Maheshananda is the visionary and developer of Mount Soma.  Maharshi is a Master who brings out ancient Vedic Knowledge, the Knowledge at the base of all religions, in modern terms.  He is also the protector of the Knowledge, making sure Knowledge is brought out in its purity.

Maharshi MaheshanandaMaharshi was an honors student in physics and mathematics at Ohio State University prior to obtaining a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and a Masters in Business Administration. For nearly a decade, Maharshi lived a monastic life, studying with great saints and spiritual teachers from India and around the world.  From the wisdom and knowledge he gained, Maharshi derived a profound and practical approach to personal growth and health, one that transcends both traditional and alternative methods.

Maharshi is the only person from the West to ever be awarded the title Adhyatm Vidhya Visharad (mastery of the highest Knowledge of the soul) from Bhagavan Yagnyavalkya Ved Tatavagyan Yogashram, the Sanskrit College at the University of Gujarat, which was given to him in 2007.

An explanation of the title “Maharshi Maheshananda”:  A Rishi is a seer – one who sees the truth of life, the foundation of existence, and the mechanics of its manifestation in life.  A Maharishi is a great seer – one with the gift of being able to reveal that knowledge to others and help people cultivate a physiology that embodies the Knowledge.  Mahesh is a name of Lord Shiva.  Ananda means bliss.  Maheshananda means bliss of Lord Shiva, or one who is loved by Shiva.

iving in California has its advantages, there are the obvious benefits like Yosemite, great restaurants and magnificent sunsets, and then there are the not so obvious advantages like . . . schools. In San Diego alone, there are easily a hundred schools, from high schools to hang gliding schools and from computer schools to . . . schools for enlightenment. One need only scan the yellow pages and if you can dream it, someone has created a school for it.

One such school is the School for Enlightenment and Healing. The school was created by Dr. Michael Mamas, a former veterinarian, as a progressive training program for the development of hands-on-healing.

(so long as Mr. Olsen is not running KidsTurn Classes…)

ABOUT THE TRADEMARKING:  This can be searched, and gets entertaining AND informative.  For example, the short-lived trademarked term (still be advertised on the web for sale) was actually “abandoned” by Mr. Olsen in 2009:=.  First used in commerce:  Feb. 2007.  Trademark Filed, May 2008.  Abandoned, February 2009.

Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process

Mark Image

Goods and Services (ABANDONED) IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Education services, namely, providing personal coaching, classes, seminars and workshops in the fields of conflict management, dispute resolution and mediation; On-line journals, namely, blogs featuring information on conflict management, dispute resolution and mediation; Publication of journals; Publication of training materials and other publications related to such programs or related to the subjects of divorce, family conflict, conflict management, dispute resolution and mediation. FIRST USE: 20070201. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20070201
Standard Characters Claimed
Serial Number 77466340
Filing Date May 5, 2008
Current Basis 1A
Original Filing Basis 1A
Owner (APPLICANT) Brook D. Olsen INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES 28481 Gordon Hill Road Valley Center CALIFORNIA 92082
Attorney of Record Jason Belice
Live/Dead Indicator DEAD
Abandonment Date February 20, 2009
NEW WAYS FOR FAMILIES is still “LIVE” trademark:
Mark Image
Goods and Services IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Educational services, namely, live and on-line training and curriculum development of a structured parenting skills method with short-term counseling for families involved in Family Court proceedings and distributing workbooks and guidebooks in connection therewith. FIRST USE: 20090101. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20090101
Trademark Search Facility Classification Code SHAPES-COLORS-2 Design listing or lined for two colors
SHAPES-MISC Miscellaneous shaped designs
Serial Number 77848927
Filing Date October 14, 2009
Current Basis 1A
Original Filing Basis 1A
Published for Opposition August 10, 2010
Registration Number 3866592
Registration Date October 26, 2010
Owner (REGISTRANT) High Conflict Institute, LLC LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY ARIZONA 7701 E. Indian School Road, Suite F Scottsdale ARIZONA 85251
Description of Mark The color(s) blue and brown is/are claimed as a feature of the mark. The mark consists of the words “new”, “ways” and “families” in lower case letters in brown and outlined in blue; the word “FOR” in upper case letters in blue.
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE
So this ‘New Ways for Families” (trademark) is less than two years old as we speak.  It’s important for AFCC personnel to keep in front of the crowd with new programs, as the old ones are getting discovered, and sometimes lawsuits being filed over them.  The money appears to be in getting people to buy into becoming a certified trainer of (pick your product) — although who’s to know for sure?
Serial Number Reg. Number Word Mark Check Status Live/Dead

(none of these related to the above products or service; just FYI, hardly an original term):
INTERNATIONAL NETWORK FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES” — is a Gainesville, FL Corporation of predictable business plan:

Would you like to make a difference in your community?
The Parent Instructor Network Training is a 40 hour intensive, personal training that will certify you to teach the popular Redirecting Children’s Behavior parent education course.  INCAF is one of the only organizations that require their instructors to get their certification and maintain their certification through continuing education. Your certification offers you the opportunity of experiencing the joys of teaching a successful course that empowers families.

The International Network for Children and Families trains people throughout the world to establish their own local parenting courses based on “Redirecting Children’s Behavior”. INCAF provides you with all the skills and materials you need to start a successful seminar business, facilitating a world-renowned course.

BROOKS OLSEN bought into this one, and so gets to also advertise off its website as well:

igh Conflict Divorce Resolution (HCDR) Instructor Training

High Conflict Diversion Program™
Teacher Training Certification

The High Conflict Diversion Program™ was developed by Brook Olsen to assist parents in high conflict divorce to acquire the tools essential to extracting themselves and their children from the devastation of high conflict divorce. The San Diego Family Courts as well as the Alameda County, California court system refer parents in high conflict custody battles to this program.

We are in the process of building a network across the U.S. in order to make this revolutionary program available in as many court jurisdictions as possible.

The High Conflict Diversion Program™ Teacher Training Certification is an intensive, professional training offered under the INCAF umbrella that qualifies individuals to teach the High Conflict Diversion Program™. This training is offered to parenting educators, therapists, attorneys and Family Court professionals. It is approved by the California Bureau of Behavioral Sciences for 28 CEUs and by the California Bar Association for 14 MCLEs. The course is a proven practice builder as well as an important resource to the community.

Why become a High Conflict Diversion Program™ Instructor?

  • To help families through one of the toughest life transitions.
  • To give parents the skills needed to stabilize their own as well as their children’s lives.
  • To play a key role in changing the way family courts understand and deal with the individuals and the dynamics involved in high conflict divorce.
  • To gain a cutting-edge tool that has been proven to help build your private practice and fill your RCB classes.

We are currently taking deposits from professionals who are interested in the Teacher Trainings. The current training schedule is as follows:

Oakland, California: September 8 through 11
Orange County, California: October 10 through 13

Is this the Mrs?


About Your Instructor

Peggy Reynolds-Olsen is a certified parent educator with the International Network for Children and Families, a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner and Registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST). For the past 18 years she has been a healing arts practitioner in the San Diego area. Working with infants, children and adults, she specializes in the treatment of early developmental trauma, attachment and bonding issues. Her passion lies in helping families create a healthy nurturing environment for the exploration of their full potential as they support each other along life’s journey . .


$395.00 per couple per 5-week course. $100.00 to repeat Includes text and work book

$230.00 per single person

This parenting program is approved by the San Diego Family Court Serivces (sic)

From “divorce-support.about.com

Did your attorney make mistakes during your divorce?

My children and I have been held hostage in San Diego Family Law Court for 16 years without any issues being resolved. It is a “high conflict” case which means the attorneys deliberately churned the case for high fees using the children as a source of revenue. We are not the only ones.

Were you the victim of an unethical judge?

I have had several unethical judges and numerous commissioners. I have met with at least 50 other litigants who are currently suffering the same form of racketeering.

Here’s a FLORIDA-based “HIGH CONFLICT DOCKET” by none other than 20th Judicial Circuit (lee county), AFCC Board — Judge Hugh Starnes, and co-hort Sheldon Finman, Esq.  Searchable on this blog (the names, Association of Family Law Professionals, etc.):

June 17, 2010

“The Development of the Lee County High Conflict Docket”

Filed under: Uncategorized — Christina @ 1:43 pm

Many thanks are in order to Judge Hugh E. Starnes, a retired circuit court judge, who has volunteered his time, along with Dr. Deborah Silver and Sheldon Finman, Esq., to assist families going through “high conflict” family law cases involving children.  “High conflict” cases can be defined as divorce and custody cases where the parties have been involved with their cases for a long period of time and have not reached a resolution.  Often times, it is the children that suffer the most harm in “high conflict” situations.  Judge Starnes and his team have designed a case management program that enables the parties to come to the court and attempt to problem-solve with professional assistance so that the cases can progress in a manner that may be more suited to the children’s needs.  Hopefully the program will report success and funding will be in place to continue to support the program in the future.

(ALL 3 individuals mentioned above are Florida Chapter of AFCC and instrumental in getting that chapter opened, and passing a parent coordination statue in the state, over the veto of a Governor (2004) and objections (valid ones, no doubt) from domestic violence advocates, who were outmaneuvered and strategically just not up to the opposition….)

This young? attorney will probably carry on the tradition of problem-solving courts (the parents are the problem) with solutions provided by referring professionals, including judges and their friends.

Christina L. Holly, Esq. has been selected for inclusion in Super Lawyers® – Rising Stars Edition 2010. Only 2.5% of eligible lawyers in the state of Florida were selected!

This image added during 2018 update, from https://www.divorceandmediation.com/high-conflict-case-management.html (Robin A. Devito, Esq. page). In 2012 I didn’t know how to do screen prints. Click images to enlarge and notice “Associations” on left side-bar (do not include AFCC, but do include a common interest in “Collaborative Law” as started up (from my understanding) by AFCC members.  It’s a general theme..

Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

May 10, 2012 at 4:51 pm

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