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A Matter of Priorities: to CarverCountyCorruption (MN) on Gov’t Nabbing Kids: Stop Nabbing Others’ Posts!

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This post is basically a little in-house housekeeping.  Well, that didn’t work, so now I decided to go a little public with the matter, after about two months after a simple request wasn’t honored; rather than do the right thing the first time, or the second — phone tag, a flurry of emails, when simply what it called for was a little honesty — a link, and acknowledge the source.

So, this post is just a matter of principle among the ranks (?) of people wishing that the family courts were honest, and active in blogging/writing about it. and among people who actually speak up, look up, and have anything original about the AFCC, which is a far smaller segment.

I see it as a form of “housekeeping” and do not appreciate having to spend even three minutes on this topic for the three minutes blogger didn’t take.  This is regrettable, but simple.  I obviously blog AFCC — a lot — and some of the people I deal with, know that, and also deal with others who, apparently saw fit to steal a segment of my post.  And, for that matter, at least twice, (in the same manner) several paragraphs of someone else’s, without link or acknowledgement.

3,418 words is basically a full post (even if it may be about one-third of some of mine).

And those who are upset about government breaking protocol and stealing children (admittedly a worse problem) shouldn’t be reblogging others’ work (over 3,000 words of it, verbatim, unlinked) without acknowledgment or link (which is stealing, too).


According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, to “plagiarize” means

  • to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own
  • to use (another’s production) without crediting the source
  • to commit literary theft
  • to present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source.

In other words, plagiarism is an act of fraud. It involves both stealing someone else’s work and lying about it afterward.

But can words and ideas really be stolen?

According to U.S. law, the answer is yes. The expression of original ideas is considered intellectual property, and is protected by copyright laws, just like original inventions. Almost all forms of expression fall under copyright protection as long as they are recorded in some way (such as a book or a computer file).

In that post, where I was addressing a situation in Wayne County, MI (county seat is Detroit), not Carver County, MN, I began with a review of the AFCC (setting context).   I was fairly surprised then to find the midsections had been lifted wholesale and posted on the other blog, with links to twitter, email, diggit, press it, facebook it (etc.) and not a hint of whose work it was — mine.  This blog’s.  Do I do that here?

I know at least one contributor to other pages, and understand that person doesn’t care about her name on the work (and has a reason for it not to be, as I understand it), but that’s between them.  I was a complete stranger to this person when she grabbed my material without linking to it.

It disturbs me in the sense of, ‘what was going through the blogger’s thinking, or what wasn’t?

(You want a post, but no time to write it?  So you’re going to take someone else’s instead?  No problem — you highlight (included some scrolling down in this case I’m sure), you hit “copy,” you switch windows to your blog, new post or page, you hit “Paste” and then you go BACK, grab the URL (link) and you put that link on the post where it belongs, not to mention name the blog you got it from might be nice, assuming we are all in this business together…..  

  • highlight (select)
  • CTRL-C
  • change windows, position cursor on blank page/post
  • CTRL-V (maybe CTRL-S, “Save”)
  • GO BACK to where you got it from, click on url address.
  • CTRL-A (select it all) / CTRL-C
  • HIGHLIGHT TITLE, perhaps, or even just paste the raw link on the page
  • CTRL-C
  • Type in “from Let’s Get Honest” or “from FamilyCourtMatters” or perhaps a five-word acknowledgement that might take 10 seconds to one minute to dream up, and type in.
  • EXTRA CREDIT — would be to mention to me (comment on the blog) that you got my post now.
How much time or effort does that take?  I do it every day.  It should be routine, second nature, and automatic for any regular blogger — and CarverCountyCorruption has been up a few months short of a year now.  From seeing the blog, this one has the skillset to do it.  So why not — when it comes to this 3,418 word post?

This was not a few paragraphs posted to make a point, and connected by some original comments by the blog author. It was large section of my (humongous) post, simply taken and reposted under the other site.  To correct it — all that was needed would’ve been a link, and maybe a sentence or two of intro, why’s it up there, how she personally responded to it what it’s doing there (anything to indicate there are two writers involved there:  the one you copied, and the one on your wordpress masterpiece corruption-busting blog.  Or, a very simple pointing to where it came from.

There were some private back and forths about two months ago — I was quite surprised at the response (posted below, the gist of it).   The wordpress blog it shows up on is called:

CARVER COUNTY CORRUPTION:  “Carver County Minnesota nears lead position of counties flagged in U.S. showing signs of corruption.” 

(flagged by whom?)

And has titles such as:

The purpose of the post is advocacy in specific cases, it seems.  I admire the formatting, it looks good, and the information is accessible.  However:

My post

is (still) at:  https://familycourtmatters.wordpress.com/2011/07/03/my-response-to-wayne-county-mi-issues-behind-many-issues-is-often-an-afcc-judge-and-what-afcc-entails/

and reads (title/beginnning):

My response to Wayne County, MI issues: Behind many issues is often an AFCC judge…. (and what “AFCC” entails)

with 2 comments

Review Time – who/what is the “AFCC”?:

“AFCC JUDGE” — Briefly, by this, it means all that AFCC believes, entails and habitually DOES.

  • What is AFCC?

AFCC is the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts – an interdisciplinary and international association of professionals dedicated to the resolution of family conflict.

This is not necessarily what the US Court systems are in place for, nor civil codes of procedure, nor the bill of rights, nor the criminal law.  AFCC views “conflict” as bad — seemingly worse than criminal behaviors by individuals in families towards others in the families.   I can’t think of any field of human endeavor or growth that doesn’t have some built-in conflict, which can be resolved either by reference to an agreed-upon-standard, or by separation.  However, in AFCC language, whoever has conflict (including with these dedicated professionals) is the bad guy, and court-ordered punishment can be meted out.

By saying “I” (I can’t think of any field . . . . ) — this is appropriate on my blog, which has one author.  It’s not appropriate (without quotes) on someone else’s — because it’s not their thinking, or speech.  This is (I thought) common sense.  A little blurred boundaries here….

The plagiarized post

is (still, unlinked) at  http://carvercountycorruption.wordpress.com/afcc-hhs-pedophile-ringfather-manifesto-groups-2/whowhat-is-the-afcc/

and reads/is titled:

(not using my title, but a good chunk of the contents) from My July 3, 2011 post (herein) with a different title:

Who/What is the AFCC?

Review Time – who/what is the “AFCC”?:

“AFCC JUDGE” — Briefly, by this, it means all that AFCC believes, entails and habitually DOES.

  • What is AFCC?

AFCC is the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts – an interdisciplinary and international association of professionals dedicated to the resolution of family conflict.

This is not necessarily what the US Court systems are in place for, nor civil codes of procedure, nor the bill of rights, nor the criminal law.  AFCC views “conflict” as bad — seemingly worse than criminal behaviors by individuals in families towards others in the families.   I can’t think of any field of human endeavor or growth that doesn’t have some built-in conflict, which can be resolved either by reference to an agreed-upon-standard, or by separation.  However, in AFCC language, whoever has conflict (including with these dedicated professionals) is the bad guy, and court-ordered punishment can be meted out.

In this system, parents are required / forced to work it out being treated and viewed as a “family” whether or not they are one any more.  Even if one has threatened to kill the other, to kidnap the kids, has caused serious injury to the other partner and/or their children, or has interfered with court-ordered visitation, the problem is viewed of conflict PER SE as being wrong, rather than there being an identifiable position of truth (and from it, some justice) on various matters.

At the bottom of this post — which is ALL my writing and handiwork, including my selecting quotes from other pages (notice links to them) and connecting narrative, a concluding statement using the first person, “I” — misplaced to a different blog, different blog author, attributes the statement (in its new context) to someone else — not Let’s Get Honest:

“I continue to be amazed how little reported this powerful lobbying group is even spoken about. It’s like talking about the air — taken for granted, you inhale and exhale it, with little consciousness of the content.”

Share this:

meaning there are nine (9) forms of forwarding or broadcasting this post, without my knowledge (or viewers) and without links to my blog.

It can be seen from the wordpress blog archives that this blog only began in July, 2011 — my post is dated July 2011, blog begun in 2009.

It can be also seen that its primarily (though not only) advocacy for two local cases (Carolyn Rice and Lea Banken) from this segment (date range Sept. 2011 through Feb 2012) under the heading JUDGE ORDERS CCC BLOG TAKEN DOWN.  I’ve copied all 20 posts under that tag here.  The January 3, 2012 one “In a Nutshell (lined with Snake Oil) starts out apparently blogger writing, and within the first sentence, goes right into direct quotes from NAFCJ.net (liz Richards) blog, without acknowledging her, either.

Recognizing immediately the writing and material (I’ve worked with Ms. Richards and often quote her work)  I submitted a comment immediately, saying why don’t you link and quote?  Then I saw my own work treated the same way.   To this date at least, she has neither linked, nor acknowledged that January 3, 2012  writing  — except for the first half sentence, a specific  (Banken) case — is not her own.  I’d call that a plagiarism habit formed by now.  See post below.

From my email lookups, attempts at contact by phone (responding to my first messages & some phone tag) started about 1/10-13/2012.  By 1/16/2012 they were over with (to my recall).

Per emails (looked up just now), it was  1/10-16th/2012 I was contacted because of my comments, and some attempt made (both ways) for phone contact. Here’s the basic response about that time, from the copy-and-paste other people’s stuffminus-the-links court-corruption-stopper:

You need to simmer down… seriously. 

I took the post of pending review – BECAUSE I emailed you waiting to hear back. 

Good grief XXXX… Really? There is no harm meant. 

I am in the middle of a busy day too… we all are. Why you are freaking out about this is simply blowing my mind. 

What would you suggest I do with the post? Leave it off? Put a link to your blog on there? What would you like? Your wish is my command. This is ridiculous. You are wasting your time boasting about this… we have better things to worry about, right? 

Lea Sage-Banken *

Civil Rights Advocate & Co-Founder of the ncpp
National Coalition of Protective Parents, Minnesota 

“The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” Thomas Jefferson
(*This name and details of the case is all over the blog, author has privately stated a policy of putting “our” names up, or I would never have included it here; that is NOT true with my case, and my name should not be posted here — get it? That’s a big deal with people dealing with legal cases, and/or potential danger to their lives from exes or other sources surrounding those cases)

As nothing was forwarded or quoted to me, (what I allegedly said or emailed) I don’t know which comments consisted of “freaking out” or represented a “need to simmer down,” and take it as simply blowing off the straightforward request to straighten up — cite, when you quote.  I also don’t know why it would “blow her mind” to actually have contact with someone whose work she’d just nabbed and requested it be acknowledged.   Try that in a retail shop  — take something, whether valuable, or in your eyes, “nothing” and then criticize the shopkeeper “No harm meant, what’s your problem?”  It’s still shoplifting.  Written work, from a blog, posted as your own, it’s plagiarism.

I didn’t feel like there’s a whole lot to discuss til this was corrected (stick up a link!), and responded (after some phone tag and emails around the phone tag) simply, and pretty promptly:

Yes, that was me.
It’s real simple — when you use someone else’s material, you stick up at least a link to it, and say where it’s from.   It’s the right thing to do, and I don’t think needs a lot more explanation.
 Which was about the lsat communication on it I recall.  Nothing more by email after the initial flurry.

A few weeks (the next month) later, a third person, court-reform advocate, and a good one, gets involved and while railing about some other matter, sandbagged this issue into it, accused me of some wild things re: this situation, including that I threatened to sue this person, and then attributing my (imagined) intent to sue to my jealousy of (said third person).  This is one reason I don’t do many on-line groups any more — there’s enough volatility dealing with one’s ex-abuser, and all the chaos introduced into one’s life surrounding custody, child support, and attempts to retain a safe distance knowing that there is no legal remedy to do so.

Somehow I don’t have any email I sent threatening to sue her, would be crazy to undertake this (we all have open cases); don’t remember saying it —  I just don’t like seeing my stuff lifted, and believe that if “we’re all in this together” (which is a frequent theme among mothers, whether or not it’s true), that a courtesy link could be added — and why resist that, simply say “oops,” put it up there and move on — and quit doing the same thing to others, also!

So, in blogging and saving the world, or a certain County within the world, if you’re too rushed to post a simple link, or type a quotation mark, you’re too rushed to open your mouth.  Can we (mothers, noncustodial or otherwise, and/or grandmothers if this applies) stick to that please?  

It’s a shame because as I recall, same blog, someone had actually written off for invoices on access/visitation expenditures (the literal payment history) and stuck it up on line!  Apparently this, or similar reporting, helped get a mother out of jail that was in there improperly, i.e., the county’s (or court’s) bluff was called.

Well, that’s terrific — but a separate matter.  Still, I feel it appropriate to call someone’s bluff — post your own work, or link to what you copy.  PERIOD.  I don’t care if people think I’m a pompous ass for requesting this — it’s simply right, failing to do so is simply fraudulent.  I have not joined a communist society with other women where “all things are common” and “what’s mine is yours and vice versa.”  What I do is —  for FREE — put my investigative reporting and handiwork up here, and participate, as it comes up, in on-line forums on relevant issues.   I have less blogging skills (am learning) and began this blog when flat-broke, stuck (as to pressing forward for contact with my kids and other matters) and unable to do much more than sit and look things up.  I did it from the concern in my heart about what was hidden from me because not enough people took the time to blog it.

In other words, I put the work in — you didn’t.  So don’t steal — whether small, or large.  People are paying attention.

I hope this is sufficiently embarrassing, but have been around enough to know that some people just don’t embarrass; it requires a consciousness of right and wrong in the matter at hand.  I have no intention of starting a girl-gang war (although it may happen) over this matter, but it bugs me, and people that want to fix something so major as the courts should be able to figure this out simply.  Put up the damn link:  when you copy, go back and add the link!  no matter whose work you are copying.

If you have personally digested some material and are capable of talking about it to strangers or friends, and do so in your own words, based on having read others’ work, that’s an entirely (!) different matter; it has become your own material.  This is why books have forwards and acknowledgement pages — get it (cracked one recently?)

Wonder if Liz Richards, Cindy Ross’s and my work (none of which are identical) as CarverCountyCorruption’s is going around facebook, too.  

NOTE– this copy & paste (unacknowledged) of Liz Richards’ work happened not once, but twice in the thread — see Sept. 4, 2011 also.  I’ll mark it Purple.

FROM CarverCountyCorruption, under Label JUDGE ORDERS CCC BLOG TAKEN DOWN:

Judge Flagrantly Violates Federal and Minnesota Constitutions

February 9, 2012


In two prior court orders, Carver County Judge Richard Perkins directed Lea Banken to take down her internet blog, carvercountycorruption.wordpress.com, make no postings to that blog or any other, and assessed sanctions of over $9,000 against her for contempt of court because she refused to do so. These assessments are judgments against Ms. Banken and […]

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Jeremy Banken and Chris Banas Plead With Perkins to Force the CCC Blog Offline…

February 7, 2012


LINK TO COURT DOCS FILED BY BANAS: BANAS BLOG REMoval Christopher Banas and Jeremy Banken filed a motion with the courts asking for immediate removal of the CCC blog. Banas is asking for this motion to be heard this Thursday February 9th, 2012 – during the hearing where Lea Banken is asking again for immediate time with […]

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Banken vs. Banken Court Hearing Scheduled

January 19, 2012


Banken vs. Banken Case File No. 10-FA- 09-413 was accepted by the Minnesota Court of Appeals this month. We will post the appeals brief sent in and all documentation pertaining to the ongoing appeal process. Lea Banken (Banken mother) filed a motion this week with the district court, Carver County`s Judge Richard Perkins. Banken vs. Banken hearing […]

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Judge Perkins Ignores Statute

January 19, 2012


Judge Ignores Statute   Creates His Law   On Custody of Children Minnesota Statutes § 518.17 requires courts and judges to use a specified criteria in determining who gets custody of children. The rule basically is “the best interests of the child’ determines who gets custody. The statute spells out the factors to be considered […]

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Docketing of Judgement, Banken vs. Banken

January 18, 2012


Banken vs. Banken / $5050 Charges for the Carver County Corruption Blog / Judge Richard Perkins Lea Banken received docketing of judgement in the mail today regarding the Carver County Corruption WordPress Blog. $5050 is charged to Ms. Banken for the contents of the CCC blog. Judgement received in the mail today confirms that any action can […]

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Judicial Accountability in Minnesota. What Can I Do To Help?

January 16, 2012


What You Can Do To Help We have received a swarm of people lately calling and emailing to ask what they can do to help, many are offering financial help – money is not what we need. Below is one important thing that you can do to help… this will help not only the horror cases […]

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Judge Perkins Refuses to Apply Law and Statutes Enacted by Legislature and Approved by the Governor of Minnesota…

January 14, 2012


Banken vs. Banken / Carver County, MN / Judge Richard Perkins / Banken children ages 1, 5 and 7 Minnesota Statutes § 518.17 was enacted into law by the Minnesota legislature and approved by the governor. It requires the judicial branch of Minnesota to apply the criteria set forth in the statute in determining who gets […]

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Banken vs. Banken, Update…

January 9, 2012


Lea Banken received word that her last appeal was accepted by the Minnesota Court of Appeals. The first appeal sent was an emergency appeal (Banken Writ of Prohibition/Mandamus) asking for immediate relief for the young Banken children and baby who have not seen their mother in now seven months. The Appeals court denied this urgent plea, […]

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In A Nutshell (Lined With Snake Oil)

January 3, 2012


Banken mother and kids (Caroline Rice, Valerie, Bonnie, all child victims, counties performing this… numerous victims) are caught up in the vast web of custody corruption involving such court chicanery as political pork barrel cronyism, guardian ad litem kickbacks, fraudulent psychological testing by GAL appointed evaluators and local Bar Associations who run MCLE seminars with judges (Mandatory […]

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Let’s continue reading right there, wordpress blog:
(Mandatory Continuing Legal Education) concealing contributions “coffee and flower” slush funds through County Court Judicial Associations.

Through the efforts of various highly financed Fathers Rights groups affiliated with secret judicial associations of family, conciliation, mediation and juvenile courts, who are united under the guise of promoting non-litigious domestic dispute resolution along with other smoke-screen covers such as responsible fatherhood, millions of middle and lower income citizens have been deliberately cheated of their legal right to due process.. . .

Compare from NAFCJ.net site, home page, near the top — in fact all that the wordpress author has cut out is one-and-a-half sentences which deliberately credit “National Alliance for Family Court Justice,” Liz Richards, and NAFCJ activists — as well as the heading, which is intentionally advertising what this group has been doing.  Sounds deliberate to me — she could’ve put in the whole truth, but instead took it out and substituted the Banken name.  Too busy?  Or deliberately misleading?  (I’ll “brown” where the quote starts….)

NAFCJ Accomplishments & Members in the News       

Learn what we are doing to stop the anti-protective mother court problems and how you can stop the problems in your court and your case.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The National Alliance For Family Court Justice, founded in 1993 by Elisabeth Richards of Annandale, Virginia, is an international group of volunteers dedicated to addressing system failure in the courts and social services resulting in retaliation against non-offending parents who complain of family abuse, especially mothers of children who disclose sexual abuse.

NAFCJ activists are dedicated to creating synergy and power through networking and lobbying for change for those caught up in the vast web of custody corruption involving such court chicanery as political pork barrel cronyism, guardian ad-litem kickbacks, fraudulent psychological testing by GAL appointed evaluators and local Bar Associations who run MCLE seminars with judges (Mandatory Continuing Legal Education) concealing contributions “coffee and flower” slush funds through County Court Judicial Associations.

Through the efforts of various highly financed Fathers Rights groups affiliated with secret judicial associations of family, conciliation, mediation and juvenile courts, who are united under the guise of promoting non-litigious domestic dispute resolution along with other smoke-screen covers such as responsible fatherhood, millions of middle and lower income citizens have been deliberately cheated of their legal right to due process.

How much else is copied and pasted under another blog, and as its own work?  The entire rest of the CCC post — the ONLY part its author actually wrote was a single phrase putting Banken names in there, and a few token words to it happening in other locations (see above).  The rest of the post reads just like this, on Carvercountycorruption:

The efforts of  ”well-oiled” fathers rights activists who tap into “deep pockets (in their own words) of federal and private grants while traveling North America, Europe and Australia promoting pedophile friendly syndromes  such asParental Alienation Syndrome, have effectively silenced women and children’s outcries of brutality, rape and incest to a vast array of professionals in the divorce industry.

In their lust for power and control, these bad dads have reaped a plethora of praise and manna from federal heaven through DHHS (Access/Visitation programs,  DOJ (Arbitration/Mediation) programs, Responsible Fatherhood Programs, Co-Parenting Programs, and other mislabeled Court-Based federally sponsored “Family Services.”  

Considering that the recipients of the bulk of the money goes to pay well-off guys who spend most of their time recruiting new members for their custody switching scheme and lobbying legislators for presumptive joint custody (the demise of child support enforcement for all time) and easing restrictions on incest and family violence — this sinister “snake oil” has more to do with power, lust and money than their insincere pretense for the best interests of children.

I also note that the blogger took a few seconds ? to look up and link to a “Wikipedia” definition of Parental Alienation Syndrome; she could’ve taken the same few seconds to link to Liz’s site, where people might — like me — learn a coherent account of what happened to them, as done by how, and links to more information about it, OR have called Liz up and conversed with her, or some of her activists, for more information.  Who knows how many mothers are still clueless and without this resource because of having stumbled on (or being led to) this wordpress blog instead of the source documents?  And if this writer was one of those activists, then that’s a shame.  Who put in the groundwork (legwork, etc.)?  You’re building on that?  Then acknowledge it!

Carver County Corruption WordPress Blog Nears 100,000 Hits

December 26, 2011


Top Posts (the past week) #1) State vs. Caroline Rice, Trial Verdict #2) State vs. Caroline Rice, Trial Day #5 #3) State vs. Caroline Rice, Trial Day #7 #4) State vs. Caroline Rice, Trial Day #4 #5) Rice vs. Rice, Reports of Abuse on Kids by Brent Rice. More to Come… #6) State vs. Caroline Rice, Trial Day #6 #7) Caroline Rice Trial Wed. December 14th Carver County […]

Hardly surprising — they are cutting and pasting as much as writing, have multiple posts and pages up, and obviously are social-media-fluent, if lacking the social grace to stop, look, and link consistently!

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At Christmas Time Banken Children Denied Mother`s Love and Care

December 24, 2011


[A letter sent to the State of MN] Banken vs. Banken/ Carver County Judge Richard C Perkins (same judge as State vs. Caroline Rice, Rice vs. Rice) At Christmas Time Mother Denied Contact With Three Young Children For Six Months Children Denied Mother’s Love and Care Bond Destroyed Between Mother and One Year Old Daughter HISTORY […]

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Caroline Rice Trial Wed. December 14th Carver County Court, MN

December 12, 2011


Caroline Rice is a mother of five children, she is yet another victim of Judge Richard Perkins of Carver County, MN (same Carver County judge blocked himself to Banken and Rice cases) . Caroline was left with nothing from the marriage to her wealthy husband, Brent Rice. Caroline Rice was left with no contact whatsoever with […]

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Bold Reforms Proposed in Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing

December 6, 2011


[Copy of letter mailed out to State of MN] Bold Reforms Proposed in Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing   Several bold judge and court reform proposals were made and discussed at a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee on November 17, 2011.  Among these proposals are:   1.  Senator Scott Newman – Mandatory retirement statute – revise the statute […]

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Minnesota`s Penn State Scandal…

December 2, 2011


Content of PDF is for a mature audience.  LINK to letter sent out to House Judiciary Policy Committee:  Minnesota`s Penn State Scandal Be sure to notice the affidavit attached to the PDF of an 11 year old girl. This affidavit was submitted to Judge Wermager of Dakota County, MN.  Judge Wermager forced this young 11 year old […]

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Copy Of Letter Mailed To MN Legislators, House Members, Senators, Reps, Committee Members, Judges And Media…

November 30, 2011


Dear ___________________, Enclosed is a copy of a Carver County court order (PDF FILE OF COURT ORDER: perkins Aug,2011 order)  that was discussed at a November 17, 2011 Minnesota senate Judiciary Committee hearing at the state capitol of MN. Judge Richard Perkins ordered Ms. Banken, a mother of three children ages 1, 5 and 7 to take down […]

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September 22, 2011


Anthony Dannewitz, Lea Banken`s fiance, is in a wedding this weekend for a close friend of his. This weekend is also Anthony`s weekend with his three daughters. Anthony`s daughters would have a ball and love to go to this wedding with their Dad and Banken mother. Due to Carver County Court – orders of Judge […]

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September 22, 2011


Appellate Court states in their order to Banken mother:  A writ of prohibition is an extraordinary remedy that may be issued if the district court is about to exercise judicial or quasi-judicial power in a manner unauthorized by law that will cause injury for which there is no adequate remedy. Because an appeal and a […]

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Dear Minnesota Appeals Court, We Want a Decision…

September 19, 2011


In an order issued August 5th, 2011, Carver County Judge Richard Perkins ordered Banken mother to take down this blog, carvercountycorruption.wordpress.com, stop all postings to her blog, and remove all postings she had made to her blog. Judge Perkins further assessed Banken mother $1000 as a sanction, $50 for each day after August 5th, 2011 […]

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Minnesota Court of Appeals: Motion Filed by Banken Mother September 15th, 2011

September 16, 2011


Petition for the Writ of Prohibition was filed August 16th, 2011 with the Minnesota Court of Appeals petitioning dismissal of the the unconstitutional contempt order issued for the CCC blog by judge Richard C. Perkins of Carver County Court, and for immediate access to the three Banken children for mother. Response to the Writ of […]

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In a Nutshell

September 14, 2011

1 Comment

Banken mother and kids are caught up in the vast web of custody corruption involving such court chicanery as political pork barrel cronyism, guardian ad litem kickbacks, fraudulent psychological testing by GAL appointed evaluators and local Bar Associations who run MCLE seminars with judges (Mandatory Continuing Legal Education) concealing contributions “coffee and flower” slush funds through County […]

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The blog author has still not linked to my work.  It’s just one post — but the process of requesting, being told to “simmer down” and then no correcting it — has gone by, plus another month or so.

It was simply slapped up there (copy a large portion of it, paste into a wordpress post (I think, or page) and published.  As the post then enables people to LIKE (facebook), Twit, etc. it — without a single acknowledgment to source, and if people are doing this, then it’s potentially being broadcast around the net bringing attention to that blog, not this one.  My blog is not all about my case — it was designed for use in various states.  I am not using this blog to affect a certain court case, and pulling people in to my circle for the purpose of affecting one or two cases only.  That was a different group of people’s style, which was unfair to the larger scope of the nation, by not systematically teaching and posting, what’s happening, who caused it, how you might stop it.

Moreover, someone had been searching my blog consistently (any statcounter owner knows we can see who’s visiting — public can see less than we can) searching for “Mindy Mitnick” comments — and I was assured this wasn’t the blog author.  It may not have been, but somehow the AFCC information was posted up there right next to a post on Mindy Mitnick and AFCC (I’d simply noticed, earlier, Ms. Mitnick was on the Board of AFCC).

Volunteer Blogging is important — our viewpoint has not been “funded” and so censored according to HHS or other policy.  We are simply telling what we see, like it is, best we can.  To undercut other bloggers who do this by plagiarizing is really bad form, and to continue in it without remedy when all I asked for with a link is questionable.  FYI, one way women’s groups control each other’s behaviors (without stating what the limits or principles are) is that we have to “all get along” and anyone who doesn’t (like, confronts, or points out a wrongdoing, or disagrees with a strategy, if it’s that kind of group) is personality-profiled (based on exaggerated interpretation of statements, and/or fantasy; due process is thrown out the window) — which is exactly what abusers do to women, in derailing their complaints and points.   I don’t appreciate that, and will generally (if there’s a reason to stick around, or need to follow up on a matter) confront it head-on.

Possibly there is some semi-legitimate explanation now (there wasn’t for not fixing it right when I brought it up), but either way, I posted this on a nearby page (as no opportunity to put it on the plagiarized page was available on the blog):

“Leave a Comment on “AFCC and Mindy Mitnick, Custody Evaluator”  “

  1. Let’s Get Honest Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    March 15, 2012 at 2:11 pmLook, Lea, I’m getting tired of this. I have open cases, am no less busy or less of an advocate than you are — and yet it only takes a minute to put up a link. Athena has gotten angry with me (privately) for actually asking you to simply acknowledge your sources! If you can insert a youtube link (above), if you can quote a fathers’ rights guy (Stephen Baskerville) right underneath the link to Crisis in the Courts (Lord knows why — the crisis in the courts is in good part due to fatherhood funding….), then you can put in THIS link: https://familycourtmatters.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2947&action=edit
    to MY post on Wayne County MI (not on Carver County, MN) titled:/ / / / / / / / / / / / /
    “My response to Wayne County, MI issues: Behind many issues is often an AFCC judge…. (and what “AFCC” entails)”
    \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \. . .from which you have simply cut & pasted (not adding anything, or mentioning the name of my blog, or linking to it, at all) a segment, and stuck up for others to twit, email, facebook (etc.) without linking back to it source, as we see here:http://carvercountycorruption.wordpress.com/afcc-hhs-pedophile-ringfather-manifesto-groups-2/whowhat-is-the-afcc/
    under the title (see above, top right of your blog here, drop-down underneath the AFCC Chart:
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    “Who/What is the AFCC?
    Review Time – who/what is the “AFCC”?:“AFCC JUDGE” — Briefly, by this, it means all that AFCC believes, entails and habitually DOES.What is AFCC?
    AFCC is the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts – an interdisciplinary and international association of professionals dedicated to the resolution of family conflict. . . ._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _You’re complaining about corruption in the state, but this just plain dishonest (I won’t go so far as to say “corrupt”) on your part, and a reflection on your character, and by association, noncustodial mothers. It’s a form of stealing.I have been asked to correct honest mistakes on my blog, and done so the minute I became aware of it.I asked you courteously, but firmly, by private email, and rather than acknowledge and fix it, you blown me off (aren’t we all in this together? response), and continued to fail to do anything about it — are you incarcerated, sick or what’s the VALID excuse? If there is one, contact me on blog.I have begun to twitter this plagiarism, because it’s simply wrong to steal other people’s writing. I put time into it. I don’t do plagiarize and you shouldn’t either. And I seriously doubt Carver county is the most corrupt county around, as you declare. Wayne County, MI (which I was posting on back in July 2011) has had a mother stand off a SWAT team and CPS, she fired shots to stand off illegal home invasion with intent to kidnap and drug her 13 yr old disabled girl. see “Justice4maryanne” or “Godboldo” on-line.Although your case is local, the forces you are dealing with are NOT local, of which AFCC is one part, not the only nationwide nonprofit association.In all the years I’ve been dealing with the family courts (over 10) and blogging (about three, consistently) I have only run across 3 people who did this [**] — and you are one of them. Congratulations. Fix it now, please. Just add a link – – and a dated comment apologizing for its omission near the top. Shame on you! despite what looks otherwise like a fine blog. I will be protecting myself from defamation by posting this comment on my blog also. What a waste of valuable time. Please don’t do it to others either, good grief….Do your own GD work, or, when you use others’ (which we all do), acknowledge the source — so if visitors actually like it, they have another resource, which is the intent of my blog.Reply[[END OF COMMENT I SUBMITTED TODAY]]

    We’ll see if this comment is posted.  It’s not been the first one.  I also did the same for some of Liz Richard’s (uncited) work on another post before seeing (with some shock) my own.[**the other one was Ms. Dombrowski, a long time ago (we were blogging each other’s stuff a lot), and the other a noncustodial mother from FL, who I’d done a lot of personal lookups for in her case, a few days’ worth, before finding out she was posting my stuff without so much as a hat-tip.  That was perhaps a little more understandable, as she’d been sucked into the “PMA” alliance (Lundy Bancroft by way of Janice Levinson) and was apparently under pressure to recruit, like good cults insist be done.

    Guess if it was worth stealing, it wasn’t too bad a post. (I see I provided the “admin” version of a link, but anyone can look up the post by date or title, and copy the right URL into it).

    THIS comment was put up under the 9/3/11 nab of an NAFCJ post, I think it was from there….

    About ncpp

    ncpp: National Coalition for Protective Parents Exposing Corruption in Carver County Minnesota Family Court/CPS and Foster Care System. Government Abuse IS Child Abuse for Profit. We The People… are no longer tolerating; TAXPAYER dollars (billions) used to separate, and financially demolish families.

    I am wondering who this coalition is, or what it is.  The words “Coalition” is borrowed from a number of places (often “National coalition against domestic violence” types) and the phrase “protective parents” is well-known, pretty well associated with California Protective Parents Association (which has hooked up with Center for Judicial Excellence, and helping promote one of the videos seen on this blog, i.e., the Crisis in the Courts one, interviewing various parents (mostly women) who lost their kids to molesters).   the CADVs and CPPA are actually nonprofits, as is CJE.
    I looked in In MINNESOTA (Search string) under this name — nothing found.  I looked under “National Coalition” and got three hits:
    National Coalition For Purity
    Business Status: Active Business Type: Nonprofit Corporation (Domestic) Name Type: Minnesota Business Name
    National Coalition of Free Men, Twin Cities Chapter
    Business Status: Active Business Type: Assumed Name Name Type: Minnesota Business Name
    National Coalition of Survivors For Violence Prevention
    Business Status: Active Business Type: Nonprofit Corporation (Foreign) Name Type: Minnesota Business Name
    I googled the entire name “National Coalition of Protective Parents” and (apart from this blog) found some similar — but not the same — groups.  I presume this is one that will be incorporated one of these days (doesn’t cost much, does it?) assuming it’s going to be cited to lend credibility (nationwide, no less) on the blog and in personal mails.  There may be other places to look, but I expect this is kind of like attempting to look larger or more established than one is — which is a known habit of AFCC folk, and not that commendable.  However, to each their own.

    http://www.plagiarism.org/plag_article_what_is_plagiarism.html. LetsGetHonest requests LeaBanken (having asked 1st privately) get HONEST about source of Who/What is AFCC post, NOW!

    CARVERCOUNTYCORRUPTION (http://wp.me/P1FLm8-c8) still plagiarizes MY 7/3/11 post (http://wp.me/psBXH-Lx.). You link to others, why not my blog?

Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

March 15, 2012 at 8:09 pm

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  1. I have emailed you numerous times. I called… the wordpress ccc site is suspended. I am rarely ever on it… went on tonight – first time in weeks.
    You can copy and paste anything you wish from my site, all day long. I asked in email what you would like me to do. I left a voice mail as well. I suspended this post that is causing you such stress… I heard nothing back from you, the post went back up, that was weeks ago.

    If you would like to converse about this, email us at ncppmn@msn.com


    March 16, 2012 at 7:50 pm

    • Lea. . . .

      I have people in my life who don’t understand it’s wrong to steal children, and who have no compunction about lying in court, repeatedly, in order to win.

      If this is NOT your habit, then what’s the problem with (1) oops, I’m sorry (2) fixing the problem — right away?

      Where do you stand on the matter — it’s OK to plagiarize more than one person? I’m a pest for asking you to correct the situation?

      For readers — and I have a reasonably high viewership — please tell us:

      When was it suspended, please? (date, year)

      Did you or an outside force suspend it? _______________

      If you are able to reactivate it long enough to put up a goddamn link (and add the ones to Liz Richards quotes, which I pointed out in the thread) — then please do so. If you can’t, please come back here, comment and say you can’t.

      3. While I’m on here — who is National Coalition of Protective Parents — is it registered as a corporation or nonprofit anywhere, or is it just a title you call your activism. If it’s national, what other states also use this phrase — I haven’t found any reference to it yet, outside of your wordpress blog. Is that a fake, too?

      START with honesty, you’d be amazed how far it goes and how it’s appreciated by others.
      We have a friend or colleague in common. I got grief (and false accusations) from her too — I don’t know what you told her, but I know how it came out on this end.

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
      If you can’t, technically you don’t control the site, then please say so on-line here.

      If you’re not familiar with hanging out with people who keep each other “honest” or try to, then find some who do, for the sake of this cause.

      Let's Get Honest

      March 21, 2012 at 9:15 am

  2. What is it you want me to do, can you type that in one sentence without lashing? Would you like me to put your blog link on the post? Paste your name at the top? Send you money anytime someone clicks on it…

    I will simply suspend it again… this is stupid. They can go to your site to view it. Is that Ok with you? Let me know. : )


    March 21, 2012 at 10:17 am

    • You are an idiot. I’m not asking to make money off the post. How is it you have to even ASK do I want a link up?

      You ought to put a link up to it, and should have the first time I pointed it out. The information is good — and it might help some people in Carver County– however it’s not your personal information.

      I also in THIS post specifically requested you to put a link up. You told me the account was suspended, just now. I checked it out — and it has a facelift, and is not suspended.

      I am not the problem — you are. I am not stupid — the situation is stupid, which you started, didn’t correct, and couldn’t seem to figure out how to correct.

      Are you sorry you stole the information and didn’t link to it or not? Are you going to go do it again — and to how many people? This is the message I’m getting from your response to this simple issue:

      1. If I can’t post other people’s material without bothering to link to it or say whose it is, I won’t post it at all.

      2. when Caught at this, I’ll try to make it like they are being immature and then take the thing down after haggling about it several times in private.

      Do you have any idea of how much grief this has cost ME? And time? I believe wordpress should be watching your site — you are clearly “OK” with taking others’ material and failing to acknowledge this.

      Your blowing off this issue is EXACTLY how a PAS -promoter would blow off abuse. Lea, this is simple, common, basic human decency. For an example of how to fix a post and put a public acknowledgement, look up mine on Evan Stark. there apparently are two people by the same name, and I mistakenly put the wrong logo up. When it was pointed out, I fixed it RIGHT AWAY and posted an acknowledgement and apology. (search this site).

      I hope I do not have any more dealing with you, but if I see my OR any of my colleagues’ and friends’ material up under a Carver County or any other site bearing the initials ncpp I will definitely call attention to it. This is one way people can keep each other honest within a movement, which they ought to.

      There is a common theme that holds women’s groups back, namely, they have been hurt by outsiders, so no one is allowed to hurt them or offend them by either correction or pointing out error. So they stay stuck in that error. It seems to me this is one example. If you do not constitutionally have it within yourself, from some source, to understand right from wrong, then I feel you shouldn’t be trying to clean up an entire county. if you don’t understand there shouldn’t have been ANY conversation on this matter from the moment the mistake (WAS it a mistake?) was discovered, then why not?

      Don’t try to pin this to overreaction on my part (I suspect you will, and I suspect I’ll hear about it from other quarters). I have a thing about dishonesty; it comes from years of dealing with crooks, in and out of the court. They lie under oath. You simply did it on a blog, and I’ve already explained (above) that the act of taking info and not linking to it or acknowledging, is stealing.

      I never said anything about making money on this post, or asked you to. I don’t appreciate that sarcasm. Yes, “this” is stupid — but I am not. I think you may be.

      Let's Get Honest

      March 21, 2012 at 10:31 am

      • Wow. The post is suspended. Again, I emailed you, called… suspended the thing… your rants are unnecessary.

        Have a nice day.


        March 21, 2012 at 10:56 am

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