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See “THE NEW FRONTIER – Exploring the Challenges and Possibilities of the Changed Landscape for Children and the Courts.”

I write this post to again advertise HOW — H-O-W — this organization, for one, is obsessed with promoting ITS self-interests at the expense of others’ safety, sanity, and of the truth.  And for at least a decade now, it has been REALLY obsessed with “Parent Coordination,” and less than interested in INcorporation of Parent Coordination Associations:



FOR EXAMPLE (from Georgia Secretary of State).

Business Entity Name Control No Type Status Entity
Creation Date

NATIONAL PARENT COORDINATORS ASSOCIATION, INC. 0207284 Non-Profit Corporation Admin. Dissolved 2/11/2002

(Street address is not the point here; it’s public record, but if you need to write someone, look it up yourself).

Entity Creation Date: 2/11/2002
Dissolve Date: 5/16/2008
Title: CEO
Address: X X X X

Title: CFO
Address: X X X X

They stopped giving annual filings in 2006, it just took 2 years to get administratively dissolved.  So the organization was around for almost (not quite) 4 years.



(This section got long because I found something and researched it.)


Here’s one in Florida that didn’t ever get an EIN# and lasted 1 year 7 months:

Was anyone billed for services under this name?  Where’s the receipts?

Detail by Entity Name
Florida Profit Corporation
Filing Information
Document Number P05000016833
Date Filed 02/01/2005
State FL
Effective Date 02/01/2005
Event Date Filed 09/15/2006
Event Effective Date NONE
Principal Address
Changed 07/25/2006
Mailing Address
Changed 07/25/2006
Registered Agent Name & Address

However the Ficititous name associated (“Parent Coordinator Services“) didn’t expire til 2010

Ms. Rufiange, LMFT (I just looked it up) is listed as an “Assessor” in various “Circuits” at Florida’s DCF, and associated with “Families Against Abuse” in google search, but I don’t see her name on the site.  By the way, this is a powerful statement here (although refers to Boston area, “How I Got My Daughter Back.”).  However, in Florida (at original street address, above) one can see some BIP (Batterers Intervention Programs) being run:

We are a DCF certified “Duluth Model” 26-week Men’s BIP program with three locations in the Central Florida area.  We offer Domestic Violence Assessments and groups by a certified staff of male and female facilitators.  All groups are one and a half hours once a week and are charged on a sliding scale.  Registration is free.  We offer classes on a variety of days and times (including Saturdays!) in different locations in order to accommodate your work schedule as best we can.  Our locations in Orange and Seminole Counties are:

1. Families Against Abuse @ 1510 E. Colonial Drive, Suite 230, Orlando, FL 32803

2. Families Against Abuse @ 4467 Edgewater Drive, Suite C, Orlando, FL 32804

3. Families Against Abuse @ 282 Short Avenue, Suite 112, Longwood, FL 32750

We also offer drug/alcohol evaluations by a certified addiction professional at your at our other company, Families in Recovery


These two (Different) sites illustrate the polar opposites of how to counter abuse.  “FamiliesAgainstAbuse.com” is the mother’s perspective.  FamiliesAgainstAbuse.NET (see log) is the state’s.  Guess which one I prefer…

Now that Ms. Rufiange has my attention (through two nonprofits at one street address) I looked up her business incorporation history in Florida at Sunbiz.org (LOVE that site…):  I’ll comment on each of them quickly, below the list.  (There’s some duplication because it was a Document search, not a business name search)

Officer/RA Name Entity Name Entity Number

(1) 282 Short Ave #106.  Lasted 9/24/2010 – 9/23/2011, never got an EIN, involuntarily dissolved.  She’s officer, someone else registered agent.  No annual reports filed.

(2) 282 Short Ave, no Suite#.  Incorporated (effective) 7/1/1995, Admin Dissolut. for Annual Report, 9/15/2006. Actually got an EIN#:  593328214.  Checking two places by EIN#, I see no filings.  I doubt TAGGS would show any; someone should check Florida DCF, though.

Apparently only filed annual reports 2003, 2004, 2005! although plenty show on the system!   Dir. Rufiange resigned (stamped 11/2005), send all correspondence to (Suite #116) “Families in Recovery.” I linked to the image so you can read this.  Middle name doesn’t have a “B”??

(3) I have pasted, above.  No Suite#.  Overlaps with #1:  Effective 2/2005 through 9/2006 (1 yr 7 months) dissolved for failure to file.

(4) 282 Short Ave #112.  Formed 7/13/2005 EIN# 203134721.   “Annual” reports were filed in 2009, 2010 & 2011 only.  This is a For-Profit

Seems like she’s found her “niche” here — it’s outpatient substance abuse treatment (takes Medicare.  Note:  FLAG!).  There are a ton of websites advertising this, which doesn’t say anything about patients actually served.

Services Provided
  • Substance Abuse Treatment (TX)
Type of Care
  • Outpatient (OP)
Specific Populations Served
  • Persons with Dual Diagnosis (CO)
  • Seniors(SE)
  • Criminal Justice Clients (CJ)
Forms of Payment Accepted
  • Medicare (MC)

There is a husband?  Bob Rufiange, who also works at this two-person? counseling firm, above:

Families In Recovery 

282 Short Avenue # 116
LongwoodFL 32750-4916


Phone: (407) 841-2881
Families In Recovery in Longwood, FL is a private company which is listed under counseling services.
Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $95,000 and employs a staff of 2.
“Families In Recovery in Longwood, FL is a private company categorized under Counseling Services. Our records show it was established in 1996 and incorporated in Florida”
(oh?  Sunbiz says in 2005).

THIS RFP extension of a $62,000 contract (youth counseling diversion project, Seminole County) was signed to extend from 2002 through 2003 (one more year) by six provider groups, including “Families in Recovery,” Anne Rew Ruffiange.  It explains better that she’s a service provider contracting (with  5 others) with the county, and possibly in other arenas also.  See #5.  Also, Orange County Business Tax Receipts listing (2010) has the company in two different categories (just FYI).  Apparently “MCC Incorporated” is “dba” Families In Recovery (?), per another Orange County site.

A publication of the Child Abuse Prevention Task Force lists Families & Recover and Families Against Abuse together under “Resources/Counseling”

Another list of providers has Families in Recovery as Suite 100 (see above), an Orange County “District 7” provider list.  This shows her degrees as “M.Ed” and credential “CAP” (=?)

This is the Seminar:

503—“The Dual-Diagnosed Client: Linking Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence Treatment in Your Treatment Plans

This workshop will assist in understanding the characteristics of batterers and emphasize the development of effective linkages of services between addiction and domestic violence programs. This is paramount if both agencies are to successfully achieve their mission. Each program has its own philoso- phies, terminology, treatment goals and objectives. Learn to successfully design and incorporate treatment for both important issues.

Anne Rufiange, LMFT, CAP

This is the “DV is a Pathology” (not a crime) viewpoint, which is helpful if you are providing intervention services for both pathologies.  It’s interesting, because the 10 year study at acestudy.org links physical & sexual abuse of kids  (as an “Adverse Childhood Event”) as putting people at risk for self-destructive behaviors (including substance abuse, obesity — which was where the study originated, prostitution, runaway, etc, as I recall) in adulthood.

I really wonder just HOW many other problems in the USA would be eliminated if someone began to take the abuse of women and children seriously with a view to STOPPING it, not just developing programs to TREAT it, or to TREAT professionals who choose not to identify and STOP it.  A great place to find these professionals is in the AFCC & CRC, by the way — who value “family” over protection for kids and whichever parent was the most endangered.

(5) Families Against Abuse —

Florida Profit Corporation
Filing Information
Document Number P99000038588
FEI/EIN Number 593579747
Date Filed 04/28/1999
State FL
Event Date Filed 09/15/2006
Event Effective Date NONE
Principal Address

This organization (at various addresses – see below logo) as far as I can see is STILL listed as a “Certified Batterers Intervention Provider” in Circuits 5, 9, and 18 (all 3 address remain on file) with  http://dv.dcf.state.fl.us/results.aspx?type=bip or “MY FLORIDA.COM ™ which is “The official portal of the state of Florida”

The Florida Department of Children and Famiies Internet Site

This is the most complete summary of who this (erstwhile, would-be) Parent Coordinator Services person is, by profession and interest:  She is listed as faculty on a 2005 (Cape Cod, MA) 18th Symposium on Addictive Disorders.  You should see the list of associations participating!

Anne Rufiange is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Addiction Professional, Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, Certified Assessor, Facilitator, Supervisor and Trainer in Batterers’ Intervention.

This 2007 revision describes varieties of  (Court-related) mediators, and what’s required to become one, plus who provides the training.   On the Court Site itself, the types of certification, and requirements, are listed.  Please note that the last statement under each kind says:

        (5)     be of good moral character.

I have just showed (us) that a would-be, or current, or one-time “parenting coordinator” person has held a counseling contract with at least Seminole County, FL for a company called “Families in Recovery” prior to 2002 (see RFP request for extension which she signed), although this for-profit corporation, it seems (I have to qualify) did not incorporate until 2005.  This could be checked out.  She was part of a contract under a Youth Diversion program “PAY” with others.  This person has a history of multiple nonprofits at the same address, failure to file annual reports, and some dissolutions for failure to file.  One of the corporations “MCC” was a dba of another (“Families in Recovery”) according to some paperwork.  Her masters (we don’t see yet WHERE) is an M.Ed.D. (one of the easiest masters to get, out of all of them), and she is certified in almost anything which would take business, including Medicaid business, from the courts.   She subscribes hook, line and sinker to the DAIP (Duluth Abuse Intervention Program) way of life — possibly because it’s good income — and seems to have a lot of experience with substance abuse, enough to become “faculty” at a conference.
(Then again Danielle M. Ross of Scranton, PA was also faculty along with Termini & Harhut, at a conference.)
Ms. Rufiange may be a nice person, and she may be competent– is certified up one side and down the other in various professions that ALL take business from the courts, and some from MediCaid — except that she’s chosen to believe that batterers’ intervention actually works.  If it were not enough to also become a certified mediator, I also feel that to espouse parent coordination at all, shows a person that knows how to stay close to the faucet and likes to function as a counselor/patient relationship.  She knows HOW to do these things — including too busy to stay incorporated, doesn’t bother to get incorporated.   None of these (that I saw, above) is a nonprofit, so no one gets to see the tax returns without some kind of subpoena, if then.   Unless a former client or someone in the area sees fit to pull a few FOIAs, I doubt that this livelihood (including Medicaid payments for treatment) is going to click along nicely, whether or not her corporations ever get “busted” around the annual report failures to file.)
It does say something about Seminole County if they are taking business from an unregistered business, but that wouldn’t be new, either.)
NOTE:  There is an Anne RUEL Rufiange and there is an Anne BARRETT Rufiange.  (Don’t ask me to explain that.)
282 Short is an Office building:

How can a county fill out a contract with an entity which has a name, but isn’t incorporated?   I just don’t get that!



See “THE NEW FRONTIER – Exploring the Challenges and Possibilities of the Changed Landscape for Children and the Courts.”

I write this post to again advertise HOW — H-O-W — this organization, for one, is obsessed with promoting ITS self-interests at the expense of others’ safety, sanity, and of the truth.  And for at least a decade now, it has been REALLY obsessed with “Parent Coordination,” and less than interested in INcorporation of Parent Coordination Associations:

I can’t even deal with the content of that title, or I’ll never finish this post.

For example, for such a self-conforming group requiring the rest of the entire country’s family & conciliation courts to follow their pioneering efforts — simply because they are so well positioned, like membership includes State Superior Court Judges, quite a few people sitting on the top governing organization for the entire California Court System (which, FYI, is the largest in the nation’s — we have the most courts, apparently) — CA Judicial Council/AOC/CFCC — and a whole BOATload of superior court judges too, most of who tow the party line without veering, almost ever, from the founders’ vision of transforming the language of criminal, billing the counties for marriage counseling in an effort to turn back the clock on divorce, and in the process spawning a very profitable industry for people who are probably among the most overpaid people among white collar professionals to start with — and plenty of them working IN government as public servants — etc.

The landscape has “Changed” because certain people didn’t like it as it was — with separation of legal, judicial and executive power for the protection of civil and legal liberties of INDIVIDUALs.  In that realm, the mental health professional could still function — but was not the reigning operative, whose word was to become law, in accordance with a host of judges who could observe that the parents coming before them were indeed mentally disturbed — but not acknowledge WHY, meaning, someone forgot to inform them in advance that the law was in suspension, and psychology reigned supreme; and that this brilliant system need not read case files or collect facts, simply assign more personnel.

Parenting Coordination appears to be still high-priority, although the AFCC is racking up a series of state-level successes (it seems) in first saturation their own press with the word, then assigning parent coordinators, in practice, then continuing to push for it to be endorsed by legislation.  I know I already spoke about how AFCC in Florida managed to make this happen.

Meanwhile, in SCRANTON, one of the Dynamic Duo I keep reporting on (Boyan/Termini), with good reason, continues to apparently get business from the courts.  Joe Pilchesky asked to see her payment receipts and got some, finding out that she is paid on two scales, and also wrote got reimbursed (or requested it) for hotel fees for attending a conference at the “NACC” (National Association for Children’s Counsel), presenting alongside The Hon. Chester Harhut and GAL Danielle M. Ross.

So those receipts are still up and viewable, I believe, under the thread “Co-Parenting” at Scranton Political Times.  It is possibly the most valuable part of the forum, some of the paperwork that was obtained from the courts.  There’s be more, only the FBI swooped in and walked off with a lot of evidence, apparently.  I don’t think anyone has heard from them recently, and I”m not keeping my fingers crossed on what they’re going to report.  Hope is a pleasant emotion, but I try not to build anything substantial on it –at least in this world!


This appears to be the general idea retained by the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (California Chapter), judging by the upcoming workshop at an upcoming conference.  Here’s the paragraph, which is workshop 2 of a full-day “Pre-conference” institute, upcoming in February.  Oh to be a fly on the wall there!

Let’s look at how many times we can say “parenting coordination” in one paragraph:

I2 Inside Parenting Coordination Practice in California: Managing Roles, Responsibilities and Risks

As budget cuts result in long waits for courtrooms, Consensual Dispute Resolution models like Parenting Coordination grow more attractive. This full day Institute provides an in-depth picture of Parenting Coordination in California for parenting coordinators (a.k.a. parenting plan coordinators, parent coordinators, child custody special masters or wise persons), and for the lawyers, mental health professionals and judges who refer families to parenting coordination, advise parents in parenting coordination, and deal with orders and recommendations of parenting coordinators. The program will address the history and legal underpinnings of Parenting Coordination in California; identifying the families who will benefit from Parenting Coordination; developing orders appointing parenting coordinators; best practices for psychologists and lawyers acting as parenting coordinators; compensation of parenting coordinators; and ethical guidelines, grievances and professional discipline.

Presenters: Lyn Greenberg, Ph.D., Alexandra Leichtner, JD, Leslie Ellen Shear, JD, CFLS, CALS

  • 13 times in 3 sentences plus one workshop title.  Pause, and see if you read it all aloud in one breath without stumbling.  If you can’t, and you’re a parent, you need coordination.
  • Take that phrase out, see what verbs are left, and get an idea of any actual IDEAS in there.
  • We should also be very comforted to know that one of the presenters, Ms. Shear, has 10 initials (in 3 segments) behind her name, and is the same person who (on a site, ACFLS*) described that a few hours of browsing the internet for the terms like “Domestic violence” would qualify her to advise The Public on the topic.  Perhaps she is not citing “ACFLS” here with good cause — it probably still hasn’t filed.    Even her own ACFLS team-mates took her on for trying to do some rabble-rowsing on the Frankie Valli case, before reading BOTH sides of the issue, but it must be nice to be a big fish in a small pond, and lead off the presentation there.

* the “A” in ACFLS stands for “Ass’n.” as I explained yesterday.  It does in AFCC also.  Since “FCC” stands for Family & Conciliation Courts, we should hardly be surprised when there is no respect for INDIVIDUAL’s rights when it comes to the group discussing absent parents.  They are a plural, they think in plural, and despite the talk (and the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, etc.) are a groupthink organization led by some prominent personalities which continue leading the pack, and having their publications sited, until they age out by simply growing old enough to die, which Meyer Elkin and I guess Jude Pfaff have by now.  Joan Kelly et al. have not.

While I”m here — I’m curious about what’s the difference between a FAMILY court and a CONCILLIATION court.  I hear they are different sets of codes.   Funny, one rarely pauses to think about it.  Either way, this ASSociation wishes to lead them both.

The “ACFLS” formed in 1980.  If you’re taking its word for when it formed.  Or, 1995, if you’re taking the word of the California Secretary of State.  Give or take 15 years, it’s family law, after all — close enough, right?

Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process

When I look at the Charitable Registry, it is labeled “Exempt Active” (Search HERE) and has no EIN# and no material up there.

OK — Mea Culpa — I don’t deal that much with “Exempt” nonprofit associations, so here’s the rules on that — and this ACFLS doesn’t HAVE to show its stuff to the public.  It’s a mutual benefit organization (i trust it’s not a religious organization, although generally speaking, I find AFCC policies line up neatly with conservative religious groups neatly; aka, see California Healthy Marriages Coalition):

Exempt – Active – Status assigned to religious and mutual benefit corporations,as both are exempt from registration and reporting requirements under the Supervision of Trustees and Fundraisers for Charitable Purposes Act. “Active” reflects the organization’s status with the Secretary of State.

Exempt – Inactive – Status assigned to religious and mutual benefit corporations, as both are exempt from registration and reporting requirements under the Supervision of Trustees and Fundraisers for Charitable Purposes Act. These organizations show as “Suspended” in the Secretary of State’s records.

Exempt – Dissolved – Status assigned to religious and mutual benefit corporations, as both are exempt from registration and reporting requirements under the Supervision of Trustees and Fundraisers for Charitable Purposes Act. These organizations have completed the dissolution process with the Secretary of State’s office.

Now, the conference I’m quoting from (with the Parenting Coordination paragraph above, link below) is being held by THIS association (top row)

Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process

I left an active search link on the bottom (AFCC) title, “Surrendered” so one can see that its Registered Agent address was 111 Hill Street, Los Angeles (which is the courthouse, last I heard) and its Jurisdiction, for some strange reason is up in Denver, in fact pretty near Jessica Pearson’s Center for Policy Research, etc.  A registration in another state (I forget whether it was IL or WI — but it’s blogged here) also shows Ms.  — or Dr. — Pearson’s name also; the groups are related.  This is known, documented history one can find several places, except not at the annual Battered Mother’s Custody Conference.  Empowered Battered MOthers can be a force to deal with, particularly after they find out what degree of withholding of information they’ve been subject to, particularly by groups from California which know better, but don’t care enough to talk about it.

So this is my public apology for lumping in ACFLS as a nonprofit in with nonprofits/charities  who ILLEGALLY don’t file with the SOS or OAG in my state, even if they, too, are also a little shaky on what decade they were formed in, such as RTI (see yesterday’s post for explanation of the R and the I)


Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process
Organization Name Registration Number Record Type Registration Status City State Registration Type Record Type
RELATIONSHIP TRAINING INSTITUTE 129795 Charity Current SAN DIEGO CA Charity Registration Charity

If you repeat this search (HERE, EIN#470942805 — or use the “129795” State Reg. number), we can see it was notified ONCE to turn its stuff in, apparently NEVER produced its’ STUFF” (IRS, RRF, Schedule B listing contributors, etc.) has with the OAG and retains “Current” status — which I think is just weird.  And unlike ACFLS, it’s not “Exempt” and is actually saying it’s providing a public benefit as a charity.

Website:  “http://rtiprojects.org” states:

Relationship Development and Domestic Violence Prevention, Training, and Consultation

The Relationship Training Institute (RTI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, established in 1986 by David B. Wexler, Ph.D. to provide training, consultation, treatment, and research in the field of relationship development and relationship enhancement.

TRUE — it is a charity (inexplicably, given its filing history with the state), although “1986” is either out of state, or stretching the imagination and sense of time even more than ACFLS (2004- 1986 start dates is an 18 year gap, about enough for one child, if parents separated shortly after birth, to age out of the family law, or foster care, system).  Also, perhaps this started in a different state (Arizona?) and moved to California San Diego (Enron by the Sea) as a domestic corporation.  My Secretary of State doesn’t privilege citizens of this state (or anyone else looking) with that information on the website.

On this site one can see he is also advertising for workshops with the Gottman Institute (I think — see site, and yesterday’s post).  I cannot locate the link to “institute for relational harm reduction” I used to see on this site.  Either someone alerted him and it was removed (to avoid further embarrassment) or it’s still up there on another page – I find the website a little difficult to navigate.

THESE groups, however, get discounted rates for taking workshops there, meaning at RTI.  As of today’s website view.

Allied Agency staff receives discounted rates for Training Workshops

  • Brandman University College, San Diego
  • Center for Community Solutions (I seem to recall as an A/V subgrantee from California Judicial Council site).
  • Home Start
  • IntraPsychic Clinic
  • Jenna Druck Foundation
  • Pacific Coast Counseling
  • Paradise Valley Hospital, Bayview Behavioral Health Campus
  • San Diego Domestic Violence Council
  • San Diego Family Justice Center  (these 2 have common history, I believe)
  • San Diego Phobia Foundation
  • San Diego Psychological Association
  • San Diego Youth & Community Services
  • The San Diego LGBT Community Center


THE NEW FRONTIER – Exploring the Challenges and Possibilities of the Changed Landscape for Children and the Courts.

Friday, February 10, 2012

8:00am – 1:00pm 8:30am – 12:45pm 9:00am – 5:15pm 10:30am – 10:45pm 12:45pm – 1:00pm 1:00pm – 5:15pm 3:00pm – 3:15pm

Pre-Conference Registration Morning Institute (1) All Day Institute (2) Coffee Break

Lunch Break Afternoon Institutes (3-4) Coffee Break


Apparently California Doesn’t yet have an actual statute legitimizing parent coordination by force (judicial order) over a parent’s objections.  Therefore, there remains work to be done, and new frontiers to be settled.  Let’s get down to BUSINESS, AFCC personnel!  Even if it means a pre-conference institute!  As we saw, the pre-conference institute was pretty intense about “parent coordination,” so here’s a nice workshop in the MAIN conference (upcoming) wherein professionals can see how, once entrenched at a COUNTY level, it could then be spread to other counties, and finally raise your voice loud for a necessary statute, and if possible mandatory parenting coordination for everyone, no matter what.  Maybe someone could add that to the access/visitation program funding, and spread some of these tax$$ around to people who really are coordinated — among themselves, at least!


We can read how to extract parent coordination fees even when a family is broke.  This should be Kids’ Play (after all, Kids’ Turn was a successful model, was it not):   



W1 Establishing a Local Parenting Coordinator Program, Including Pro Bono PC Services to Indigent Families

This workshop will provide a model for setting up a local Parenting Coordination Program (PC) to make available to the court a panel of trained and qualified mental health and attorney providers for referral of high conflict cases by the court and counsel.

This presentation will include a component of the program that provides services for pro bono cases. This portion was modeled after the successful pro bono program operated in the Washington DC court in conjunction with the American Psychological Association.


LGH comment, showing my lack of restraint (but harming no one)….

AFCC, AAML, and APA are related organizations, and have some personnel in common no doubt with each other.  And people in trauma (from the courts) like to continue the litany  . . . . “but in MY county, OUR court is the worst, they are UNBELIEVABLY corrupt in OUR area, why should I bother to study outside my area?  I can’t be bothered to study AFCC, read the history of the parent coordination, welfare reform, access visitation, I have no time to look up grants — we just want OUR GAL, Custody evaluator, Judge (etc.) Supervised Visitation Provider — to be removed.  Come to the rally, hold a sign, protest Mr. so and so, and Ms. So and so (unless they have a Ph.D.).

Well, some people are starting to study a little more.  S/he that hath ears to hear — we live in an INTERNET age (got that), with things like airplanes, conferences, and nationwide and regional associations.  Deal with it!


(Maybe that mindset does deserve to be fleeced; who knows?   – – – – nah . . . . . . . )

The speakers will provide hands-on experiences on how the program was established in San Diego County,** its successes and limitations, training recommendations and protocols, model stipulations and orders, and practice tips.. A portion of the presentation would address the development of the component of the program that serves low income high conflict families by using qualified doctoral and post-doctoral psychology students under the supervision of a clinical director.*** The purpose of the program is to provide the court with a case management tool for those cases which do not seem to lend  themselves to resolution through litigation or other means of alternative dispute resolution.

Presenter: Honorable Lorna Alksne, Charlene S. Baron, JD, MA, Shirley Ann Higuchi, JD, Lori Love, Ph.D.


(**speaking of funny ideas established in San Diego with plans to expand nationwide and internationally, see posts on the One-Stop Justice Shop and Casey Gwinn’s personal retirement plan, started apparently while he was still City Attorney, with help from public employees at the time.  I’m pretty sure I posted the rundown on the related audit of the city for these practices, starting with the next City Attorney).

(***as a consequence of being low-income, you also get to be subject matter to train the next generation of people heading for one of the highest-paid (considering hours worked) white-collar jobs around — Psychology.  Up there with Judge.   See “early childhood development specialist.”


The presence of the Honorable (?) Lorna Alksne reminds me of some internet press on this judge.  I’m not familiar with the San Diego Parenting Coordination Protocol (YET), but here it is.  We all have to stop somewhere:


The (pretty much fathers’ rights, but they too dig up information) AngieMedia site comments in Nov. 2009

Grand Juries Stymied from Investigating Courts

California’s county Grand Juries are tasked with investigating and reporting on problems in county and local governments. However, the San Diego County Grand Jury has been effectively prohibited from investigating the San Diego Superior Court itself for a variety of reasons. Aside from whatever legal technicalities there may be for this, it is clear there is a strong motivation for the government officials who control the county to prevent investigation of the court system itself. The government wants naive citizens to believe that the courts in the county are fair and obey the law when neither is true.

The San Diego Superior Court is filled with abuse, corruption, illegal conduct, and disreputable judges such as drunk driver Lisa Schallcover-up scam artist Lorna Alksne, abusive Christine Goldsmith with her nepotistic control over the San Diego City Attorney, and TV-star-wannabe DeAnn Salcido (who recently resigned over her misconduct) that the Grand Jury would literally have to investigate most judges for misconduct and eventually verbally eviscerate the judiciary and file criminal indictments against many of them to even get a start on cleaning up the corrupt mess that these judges wish to remain hidden.


By “Cover up Artist” — link says:

San Diego Courts Cover Up Missing Forms and Psych Evals


I don’t know anyone with a court case who doesn’t have some issues with missing or altered transcripts or other data.  It seems common (alas).  We’ve heard of dual docketing systems, AND dual physical files — one for the court case (parents) and another — which the parent never sees — to justify the program funding.   Here’s a comment from The Public Court.Com (Emad Tadros // “Zoe the Cat” credentialing site).  Also read the info re: the attempt to retroactively file forms which a rule of court (?) required specifically (mandated) to be filed BEFORE custody evaluations, and the response gotten when someone protested blatant ignoring this mandate by this court in particular.  Why these courts should be getting our business, still, I have no idea.  This says it well:  (12/27/2011 comment on:  Complaint Filed to the California Bar (topic FL 326, 327 forms)


San Diego Family Law Court is an illegal “boiler room” often operating to place litigants who have assets in very high risk situations. The priority is the financial interest of the attorneys not the litigants or the public’s trust. The California Legislature has ordered the California State Bar to come up with accountability for this type of activity—The Board of Governors was created for this purpose.

These series of designed financial crimes should be investigated by the US Attorney’s Office, specifically Jason Forge who is now prosecuting Theresa Erickson who was running an illegal baby selling ring in San Diego Probate Court for 6 years. This illegal activity was also under the supervision of Supervising Judge Lorna Alksne. Just like every other business the amounts of these “high conflict” cases and the excessive periods of time families are held hostage in litigation should generate an investigation, similar to an outbreak of ecoli or tampered tylenol bottles. The tainted cases aka as the “high conflict” case has become a haven for waste and corruption. The Court is operating as an unregulated “boiler room” worse than the mortgage crisis and Bernie Madhoff because 1000s are speaking out about it and nothing is being done. There is no accountability and no accounting for what is being done to the Families and Children.

Families are coming to the Court for assistance with their family issue and the attorneys who advertise as Family Law Specialists are simply acting like con-artists. The cons seize as much assets as possible for as long as possible until the children “age-out” and in some cases keep it going beyond that. These attorneys are effectively rewarding themselves over the long-term for bringing in new money to the court similar to new money clients bring to a bank. It is completely illegal as the intent is to sezie assets by prolonging litigation that should only take months not many years to resolve. Fruad investigators at the bank are trained to look for patterns but this kind of accountability is not there to protect the public—the public must stand up for itself! Report the patterns to the FBI. The pattern of the “high conflict” case is the same – the attorneys and professionals involved are the same. It is a scam, a con, fraud.


Yes, “We the Public” may have conflicts with our exes — but it’s nothing compared to the conflict we have with certain associations, organizations, and fields of practice collaborating — nationwide — to strip us of our legal rights (and any assets — or if indigent, to engage welfare funds instead) — in the process of something which is NOT that abnormal a process, and shouldn’t be:


1.  Divorcing.  Sometimes people need to divorce.  This shouldn’t take from 5 to 15 years to complete!

2.  In some cases, trying to find SOME arm of the U.S., STate, County, or Municipal government (we used to think this was the criminal law system, aided by police or district attorneys) to prosecute — in order to stop — criminal behavior against us, or one of our kids.


The reason these meetings have to be “members only” and in places far away from the jurisdiction they are handling (in the case of national conferences) it that people — especially parents — of reasonably sound mind and logic, would protest the practices.  That’s why California has a “Brown Act”



Time to go.  Did you learn something?

Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

January 12, 2012 at 7:40 pm

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  1. most of your information is incorrect. you don’t seem to know how to check if a program is profit or non profit. you are apparently a very angry women

    • This sweetheart left a url that reads “http://yours” so we don’t know where the “knows a lot more than (I) do” is displayed. Should I take it on faith? Care to share some of your brilliance with the public here? Then we all will know more, like you do…

      What kind of information do you “know a whole lot more” about?

      Hey, did you hear the one where Parenting Coordination got eliminated overnight by an admininstrative rule change in Pennsylvania? That’s a start at least, dontcha think?

      Let's Get Honest

      August 29, 2013 at 11:20 pm

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