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I’m clocking in — as a Woman and for our Protection — on the Iowa Caucuses, in the Post-Bush-Family-Theocracy Regime(s). {Jan. 1, 2012, updated Jan., 2017}

Post title and short-link:  I’m clocking in — as a Woman and for our Protection — on the Iowa Caucuses, in the Post-Bush-Family-Theocracy Regime(s).  First published January 1, 2012.  Later on in my blogging, I began copying post titles with the case-sensitive, wordpress-generated “shortlink” to the top of every post.  In addition, if the post was part of a sequence, or other closely-related posts (usually at most two or three of them), I would say that near the top.

My post appearances also became more complex than they were in 2012 as I gradually acquired more formatting skills for quotes, fonts, and background-colors. Only very recently (Fall 2016) did I learn how to upload “screen-shots” / images from other websites (including websites showing an organization’s tax returns), to sometimes annotate them, and to make them display as pictures (vs. links you had to click only) on the post.

So, I’m citing this post in a 2017 “Retrospective,” which supplements a “Dear Readers 2017” post, Those two related 2017 posts are:

Retrospective post: Retrospective @ 1/2017:  Beginning-of-Year Posts (“As I’ve Been Saying, Since 2009”) and an Update or Two which supplements this one: Dear Readers (2017 Themes, Ongoing Concerns). The former is takes one (or at most two) posts from Q1 (first quarter) of each year, mostly from January, and back to 2009.  “Retro 2017” is organized more like a list with previews of those posts (but with two major updates, previewed at the list then included at the bottom of post); “Dear Readers 2017” is more narrative.

2012 was a Presidential Campaign year, and 2017 marks a major change in White House Administration, a.k.a. Presidents (unlike 2012-2013 which was mid-stream Obama Admin).  This seems like a good post to represent my blogging for the year.  (See any other 2012 posts using the Archive function by month.  Those after 9/24/2012 are also listed on my Table of Contents pages).

In the process added some minor formatting changes:  I made a few format changes (such as yellow background, font-specs and the border) which I couldn’t have made / didn’t know how to make in 2012.  Otherwise I left the post as-is — where you see the yellow background. Also I repaired a few (not all) broken links or images by finding and adding replacement (similar, if not identical) material, including one table of tax return and possibly an image or two.  These are easy to see as their background is NOT yellow.

As always, feel free to comment on any post; when you do, I am notified within 24 hours by email.

//Lets’ Get Honest, 01/24/2017

Since I’ve been boycotting holidays, basically, I blogged the last day of 2011 til it almost became 2012.  Better for the blood pressure not to get too worked up on all this.

In honor of the caucuses, I’m going to report on the Iowa Office of Faith-Based today — AFTER putting in my piece on why, after we choose the least dangerous US President, we should get back to taking down ANY President from the rulership by Executive Order (force), and as citizens start demanding to see some tax returns on cheating nonprofits that abuse kids, curtailing the fatherhood, foster care, child protection and adoption industries, shut down the OCSE until it can stop promising 40 acres and a mule to every man who agrees to enroll in a fatherhood program, and start a vital dialogue on why the statewide Coalitions Against Domestic Violence have become fatherhood programs in drag — and pimping their wares for grants.

And maintaining a professional no-fly/noncompete zone on their colleague’s territory by just not reporting on it.   Just like churches do.   

First, some people don’t know this, so just a little business up front:


(Wikipedia)(skip if you know this already):


The Iowa caucuses operate very differently from the more common primary election used by most other states (see U.S. presidential primary). The caucuses are generally defined as “gatherings of neighbors.” Rather than going to polls and casting ballots, Iowans gather at a set location in each of Iowa’s 1,784 precincts. Typically, these meetings occur in schools, churches, public libraries and even individuals’ houses. The caucuses are held every two years, but the ones that receive national attention are the presidential preference caucuses held every four years. In addition to the voting and the presidential preference choices, caucus-goers begin the process of writing their parties’ platforms by introducing resolutions.[2]

Unlike the first-in-the-nation primary in New Hampshire, the Iowa caucus does not result directly in national delegates for each candidate. Instead, caucus-goers elect delegates to county conventions, who in turn elect delegates to district and state conventions where Iowa’s national convention delegates are selected. Ironically, the state conventions do not take place until the end of the primary and caucus season: Iowa is in fact one of the very last states to choose its delegates.[3][4]

The Republicans and Democrats each hold their own set of caucuses subject to their own particular rules that change from time to time. Participants in each party’s caucuses must be registered with that party. Participants can change their registration at the caucus location. Additionally, 17-year-olds can participate, as long as they will be 18 years old by the date of the general election. Observers are allowed to attend, as long as they do not become actively involved in the debate and voting process. For example, members of the media and campaign staff and volunteers attend many of the precinct caucuses. Youth who will not be eligible to vote by the date of the general election may also attend as observers and may volunteer to attend the county convention as youth delegates.[5]

_ _ _ _ Definition:

The Iowa caucuses are an electoral event in which residents of the U.S. state of Iowa meet in precinctcaucuses in all of Iowa’s 1,784 precincts and elect delegates to the corresponding county conventions. There are 99 counties in Iowa and thus 99 conventions. These county conventions then select delegates for both Iowa’s Congressional District Convention and the State Convention, which eventually choose the delegates for the presidential nominating conventions (the national conventions). The 2012 Iowa Caucuses are scheduled to take place on January 3, 2012.[1]

The Iowa caucuses are noteworthy for the amount of media attention they receive during U.S. presidential election years. Since 1972, the Iowa caucuses have been the first major electoral event of the nominating process for President of the United States. Although only about one percent of the nation’s delegates are chosen by the Iowa State Convention, the Iowa caucuses have served as an early indication of which candidates for president might win the nomination of their political party at that party’s national convention.

_ _ _ _ _ Effects:

The caucuses are closely followed by the media and can be an important factor in determining who remains in the race and who drops out. However, the only non-incumbent candidates to win their party’s caucus and go on to win the general election were George W. Bush in 2000 and Barack Obama in 2008. Neither Reagan nor Bill Clinton won prior to their first terms. No incumbent President has run opposed in his own party’s caucus since Jimmy Carter in 1980.

In the months leading up to the 2004 caucus, predictions showed candidates Dick Gephardt and Howard Dean neck-and-neck for first place, with John Kerry and John Edwards far behind them. Negative campaign ads attacking each other by the two front runners soured the voters on them, and a last minute decision by Kerry to put all his remaining money in Iowa swung voters towards him. Gephardt’s presidential hopes were dashed and Dean’s badly battered, as Kerry went on to become the third non-incumbent to win both Iowa and New Hampshire since Edmund Muskie in 1972 and Al Gore in 2000.

A former Iowan Clocks in on the Rise of the Religious Right in his home state:

From Religion Dispatches magazine

(segments, talk of political change since his time there….)

The principal difference is the activism of evangelical voters, especially the machinations of the Religious Right. When I lived in Iowa in the 1970s, my father was pastor of one of the largest evangelical congregations in the state. Although he remained a Republican to his death, my father was resolutely apolitical in the pulpit.

Things began to change for Iowa evangelicals — and for politically conservative evangelicals elsewhere — in the late 1970s. Iowa, in fact, was the proving ground for abortion as a political issue. Until 1978, evangelicals in Iowa (as elsewhere) were overwhelmingly indifferent to abortion, even after the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973; they considered it a Catholic issue.

The Iowa race for United States Senate in 1978 pitted Dick Clark, the incumbent Democratic senator, against a Republican challenger, Roger Jepsen. All of the polling and the pundits considered it an easy win for Clark. In the final weekend of the campaign, however, pro-lifers (predominantly Catholic) leafleted church parking lots all over the state. Two days later, in an election with a very low turnout, Jepsen narrowly defeated Clark, thereby persuading Paul Weyrich and other architects of the Religious Right that abortion would work for them as a political issue.

Notice — it was about what issues WORK in order to WIN — but the Weyrich goal for a long time has been to establish a shadow government.  (Note:  Tom Cruise shows popular appeal of the miracle-working expertise, behind the scenes, in the movie Mission Impossible . .. “GHOST PROTOCOL.”  I.e., there’s part of the American psyche that (judging by sales) this concept actually appeals to).  No more debate and considering pros and cons.  The world apparently needs action figures that “get things done” dramatically and fast…far more than they need a large body of citizens who actually know what their government — and others –are doing.

WHEN PAUL WEYRICH IS INVOLVED, WATCH OUT; it’s not about God, it’s about Winning:

The Religious Right are about dominating, primarily.  

It’s what they do to their own, but this is intended for everyone else as well.  I say this as a nontraditional Christian, nontraditional because I can’t see the word (or justification for its belief system) Trinity anywhere in the Bible.  AND, historically, this was clearly settled over 1000 years ago by force; see Constantine, etc.  I mean, we are celebrating Christmas in December (winter, and the shepherds were in their fields when the heavenly announcement of Christ’s birth came; ergo, it wasn’t winter).  We also for fertility reasons, in religious circles, collectively agree to honor “Easter” with the symbols of bunny rabbits and eggs — and then, in the name of the same God, complain (see fatherhood funding) about multiple partner female human beings, particularly nonwhite, child-bearing females.  Then, other religious circles (possibly because their ranks are thinning, particularly of men) who promote evangelizing through adoption — i.e., if you haven’t got a good enough argument (or some proof) to convince a free adult, go adopt and catechize an infant.

So to be “Religious Right” also means ahistorical and can’t read one’s own religious text very well, and settles debates by force, primarily.  They are not above witch hunts, seem to survive terribly incriminating lawsuits for sexual abuse of minors, or engagement in homosexuality by leadership while promoting abstinence at public expenses everywhere, and sometimes even practicing it, as I have mentioned, in sub-Sarahan Africa.

Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine were not of this brand, apparently.

This blogger was good to note that Paul Weyrich helped organize it.  It’s not so much that the Religious Right loves Christ, or truth, or even respects the Bible or Constitution.  They love winning, and have a built-in body of followers, because that’s the relationship of church leaders to their flock.  For the most part.

I’m not particularly a fan of the progressives either — or Democrats.  See title — I’m a woman.  Obama sold women out just as much as Bush did; probably anyone who did NOT sell women by continuing to expand the fatherhood and marriage movement while cutting social services to the poor, and degrading both men and women by pre-judging their character by anatomy.

PAUL Weyrich 1987 article calls for a shadow government and crisis to provoke rewritten US Constitution.  Our domestic liberty is compromising us, restricting the war and foreign policy powers of the President; we need a well-trained “shadow government” so that amateurs can move out of the way and let the professionals run the country.  It starts like this:

A Conservative’s Lament
After Iran, We Need to Change Our System and Grand Strategy

By: Paul M. Weyrich
The Washington Post
Sunday, March 8, 1987 B-5

As PROPONENTS of a strong foreign policy and defense, conservatives have a special responsibility. Our advocacy brings with it the burden of doing the job competently. We must be leaders in thinking deeply and carefully about America’s role in the world, about relating goals to means and about our national strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and constraints they impose. If we fail to do this, we lose our legitimacy as advocates.

Among the national “weaknesses” he lists our domestic liberties: This next quote is fairly long — I want us to see that according to Weyrich, constitutional rights and domestic liberty is a true weakness, which leads to crisis, which can then apparently lead to a rewrite of the Constitution, sounds like.  Move over and let the shadow government run the thing, OK?  Conservatives are supposed to know this:

It is time for a new national grand strategy. Nothing less will address the real problem. Conservatives have a responsibility to take the lead in developing one.

Second, there is a basic contradiction between the structure of our government and our role as a great power. Our government was designed not to play great-power politics but to preserve domestic liberty. To that end – at which it has been remarkably successful – it was structured so as to make decisions difficult. Separation of powers, congressional checks on executive authority, the primacy of law over raison d’tat – all of these were intentionally built into our system. The Founding Fathers knew a nation, with such a government could not play the role of great power. They had no such ambition for us – quite the contrary.

For about 20 years after World War II, we were able to act as a great power without running into this contradiction. We could do so because we had only one serious rival, and even over that rival, our superiority was immense. Now, we have to play on a much more crowded and competitive field. Our institutions are not adequate to the game. If the executive does what it must in the international arena, it violates the domestic rules. If the Congress enforces those rules, as it is supposed to do, it cripples us internationally.

Since Watergate, some 140 measures have been passed by Congress to restrict the president’s power to conduct foreign policy.

Third, our current system institutionalizes amateurism. Unlike European parliamentary democracies, we have no “shadow cabinet”, no group of experts who are groomed by their party for decades before they take high office. Our presidents can be peanut farmers or Hollywood actors. They can choose their top advisors either from among “professionals” who may not share their goals or supporters who often have no background or expertise in policy. Either way, they lose, and so does the country.

The current crisis could not make the point better; our foreign policy was set by an admiral and a Marine lieutenant colonel, neither of whom had any background in the field. The resulting failure is not their fault. The system by which they were chosen is defective.

If we are going to be a serious nation, we need a serious system for selecting our leaders and advisors. We need some type of shadow government, in which leaders and top advisors can be identified and developed, and through which our politics can be better focused on policy choices. The world is a professional league, and we cannot win fielding amateur teams.

If the crisis leads us to get at the systemic problems it manifests, it will, on the whole, have been a good thing.


Surely I’ve blogged this before — and it’s almost common knowledge?  Weyrich – Coors — Heritage Foundation/Unification Church — (Religious Right) — international crime syndicate, money laundering (I said Unification Church, right?) — not tax evasion for tax evasion’s sake, but tax evasion with designated purposes for the illicit wealth.     This is just a little breakdown

2017 Insert to  I’m clocking in — as a Woman and for our Protection — on the Iowa Caucuses, in the Post-Bush-Family-Theocracy Regime(s).  First published January 1, 2012.

  — the link is still current, but leads to a single, print-only page (which I see is framed with a “build your own website” banner top and bottom), and no links anywhere else. Removing the extension text to get to the main url produced nothing more….

The main “URL” doesn’t seem to exist. However, here are some images from that page (note: not the entire page).

Years later, or “in hindsight,” I would consider lists of this kind less helpful than a macro-level understanding of our systems based on accounting/cash-flow and identifying those with the most stockpiled assets, a.k.a.  sources of ongoing revenue (which for whether government OR private sector, will mean, invested and typically earning revenues on the investments one way or another — or the private or gov’t entity can “di-vest,” i.e., get rid of it. Unless declaring a [legitimate] loss for some, is actually a “gain” due to the corporate tax savings) and with whom they are networking to change the conversation away from their accounting practices (except as a springboard to favorite “causes”).  Particularly the “Accounting practice” of operating and organizing in the tax-exempt sector to bypass political (incl. national) jurisdictions, and concealing their own financial trails which, if limited to government-provided services alone, at least individuals tagged with supporting the institutions could exercise some standing rights to “show us the money.”

Nowadays, I’d be less interested in second-hand reporting and dig deeper to see the finances, and the original wealth (what kind of corporate products and services) behind them, to get at the tax returns (many of these organizations have them), and view the money moving to and from friendly, or even fiscally related (reported as “Related Entities” on the tax returns) organizations (501©3s, (4)s, etc.  That’s time-consuming, but I think leads to more valuable information from which to understand any group — and which will contradict or correspond to any public reporting on them….

Nowadays also I’d be much more interested in relative size, and which organizations started when, where they have been operating, who granting to — and all that….Nowadays I read many more tax returns….]. Anyhow some images:screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-5-16-52-pm




















THF (The Heritage Foundation) in D.C. holds under $1Billion assets, but there are several “related” entities and 3 disregarded entities (Schedule R Part I LLCs) involved in Housing and Real Estate (in D.C.), as well as two other tax-exempt entities (Heritage for America, Heritage Institute), and says plainly it’s “not a grant-making” organization.  I see from its Balance Sheet (Assets) that in a year where $88M of private (none marked “government” contributions were given TWO it, basically spent between Salaries and “Other Expenses” — leaving a Revenues – Expenses of $11M for the year) — most 9$169M year-end) of its assets were listed as “Other.”  The image quality is poor, or I’d pull them out to show here.

These are the last three returns shown:
Search Again

Heritage Foundation DC 2015 990 55 $269,606,608.00 23-7327730
Heritage Foundation DC 2014 990 56 $261,045,873.00 23-7327730
Heritage Foundation DC 2013 990 60 $238,662,795.00 23-7327730

The background color for the next several tax return images and any connecting commentary will be light-blue, but still reflects 2017 Inserts not my January, 2012 posts.  It’s intended also for a contrast in how I approach things now as to how I opposed them (Timeline of the blog — it was around spring — not January — 2012 as I recall becoming more aware of the “CAFR” factor, as well as of the “Broken Courts Conference” (March 2012) which led me to again dig deeper into the background and history of the fields of psychology and psychoanalysis in this country.

At that time in my own life, the family strife was also well-heated, and starting to escalate towards a repeat attempt to control my housing, and when it was resisted, cut off resources which there was an obligation to provide.  By the end of 2012 I was forced back onto food stamps.  Again, fighting for boundaries takes time and wherewithal — and when the previous revenues and work life has already been destroyed, social connections repeatedly disrupted by the same individuals working “ensemble” toward the same disruptions…. in short, it takes sustaining revenue to live AND work, and when work is messed with, where work is primary source of revenue for any household, that subjects individuals to becoming “welfare cases” or a burden to others, and eventually can subject them (if the situation isn’t altered fast enough) to, plain and simple, extortion.  Overt, covert, in-your-face or over time, more subtle.

In 2012 (and not long after I wrote this 2012 post), on my own “home front” it was very much “in your face” events and issues to be dealt with, but repeatedly, no means to deal with them was found.  It appears that in some systems, abusive and illegal behavior by family members only really counts when there are minor children of interest (for potential trafficking into foster care or other programs) to the system.  I can see in hindsight that while I was generally aware of connecting nonprofits and of the federal funds (having tracked many of them), I wasn’t yet very sophisticated in showing the larger networks and displaying evidence of how money flows THROUGH smaller organizations FROM larger ones which are coordinated with each other around specific subject matters.


THF yr 2015, p. 11, Part X (Balance Sheet) the two columns are beginning/ end of year. (See table of returns for this full-sized). You can see the largest number (even though you can’t read it on this image!) is, not including the section total (bottom row), on “Line 12) 3rd from bottom row). That amount is $169M, and the previous image (Sched D referring to that line) shows what it was held in — Mutual Funds and LP’s (most) and Trusts & Annuities (about $18M0.


THF, this is Balance Sheet (Pt. X, p. 12) bottom — showing first Liabilities section (notice — not much there) and then bottom line, its “Net Assets or Fund Balances” — showing a very large amount, compared to its liabilities.





[[[[[[For more images and analysis of The Heritage Foundation financials, see the “I’m Clocking in Again” post, next link. I set out lots of details…. and will let the flow of the 2012 post continue here (look for the yellow-background sections), below. This link will become accurate AND active when published:

The new-to-you (and me) post title & WordPress-generated, case-sensitive shortlink is: I’m Clocking In Again (in addition to on New Year’s Day 2012), Still as a Woman, to Focus on the Fiscal (Drill-downs | The Heritage Foundation, Free Congress Foundation, Paul Weyrich, Robert Rector, Ed Fuelner, Jr. et al.]. This post includes the portion from the “Heritage Foundation” tax returns table and first two images ABOVE as overlap, and then continues the drill-down….


. . .Notice also that the term “Downloadable financial report” typically refers to the two kinds being featured — Annual Report (more PR typically, with photos and testimonials, sometimes graphs) and the audited statements — which are more numbers & text, but more information is eliminated (as the above “Notes” paragraph shows) through consolidating their statements.

Get all the details in our Downloadable Financial Reports

Above is a table of both “Audited Financial Statements” by year, and “Annual Reports” by Year.  Here are images from the more glitzy and photo-centric (i.e., PR-pushing) annual reports.  This quality would apply to most businesses (regardless of political persuasion) as it pertains to the “Annual Report” format.  Basically it’s an extended “Executive Summary” and public justification for existing — it’s advertising.  So, it’s going to have the images.

A picture is worth a thousand words” (but also often doesn’t commit itself to words.  The accompanying words may or may not match the pictures.  Either way, look at the photo labeled ” Heritage Foundation’s Board of Directors” here: (image space won’t permit upload presently.  Oh well….)  (A photo of 9 people labeled “Board of Directors” is shown, including men:women in a ration 2:1 (6 men, 3 women), no men of color.  The attached, fine-print caption showing “From left” lists 21 people and notes who was absent.  The photo is two rows (3 women in front) and second-to left name is a woman’s name, location Geneva, Switzerland.  However, “from left” as in just “co-educational” row, the woman is third, not second, from left.   == Just a big fat Copyediting (layout) error?

Still, the annual report at Heritage (THF) is “telling.”  For example, they believe in limited government — and that conservatives should be, however, leading from the side when it doesn’t agree with their “principles” — which include VERY specific views of the family unit, women vs. men, and though it can’t exactly say this so openly, it’s photos do say plenty — views of different ethnicities around the world, and who among them ought to be engaged in leadership within the USA — and who should NOT be…. evidently:

(The link available at Heritage.org "Financials" page and my table of Annual / Audited Financial Reports above in this post.//LGH. Use navigation keys to find exact page.

“Message from the Chairman & President, p.3” Laying Policy Groundwork for Next Admin (in each of several categories). (The link available at Heritage.org “Financials” page and my table of Annual / Audited Financial Reports above in this post.  And here (to the whole 2015 rept).   //LGH. Use navigation keys to find exact page.

END of the 2017 Insert re: Heritage Foundation Financials.A similar process could be followed for any other foundation referenced above, or in general.  This is always good and cumulatively, I think more valuable to see in addition to political or other reports (including Wikipedia) on who or what it does and is “into.”  Again, the financial statements give a “size” perspective and “How are they reporting” (accuracy, transparency) perspective that just cannot be had by listening to either the organization self-reporting, people who endorse the organization’s political views reporting, or people who oppose the organization’s political views reporting.

The language of accounting and finances, and entity-formation/coordination + cash flow, assets/liabilities acquisition-disposition-habits) is an “LCD” (lowest common denominator) by which to compare one to another — but only with a grasp of the relative (to other similarly organized entities) size, age, and positioning (are there judges, billionaires, Congressmen or ex-Congressmen on the board, etc.) of the organization compared to the whole, by sector, by public & private together, and/or by country.

Jan. 27, 2017, Blogger Update Notes:  About this point my blog ran out of “media” storage space to upload images.  I have just (today) upgraded the blog and so on the “migrated” post, will be able to complete the thoughts and “show and tell” regarding Annual Report Images you see started here.

[[Back to the posting year 2012….]]

This series is about the Free Congress Foundation.  I’m posting from [on] its Nazi and its Racist paragraphs; Coors & Weyrich keep featuring in it.  This is what one should remember when dealing with the concept of any “Religious Right” endorsed politician –and the US is MUCH farther down this road, and speeding faster on it, that it was 10 years ago.  I’m old enough to remember, and have felt it too — in the family law system.  It’s a type of fear-mongering that puts people at each others’ throats on non-issues, to the profit of the behind-the-scenes, as I call it, Screenwriters, producers, etc.

From “Political Amazon”  Note:  I haven’t “vetted” this site.  I search for information on topics I’m already following, and often enough post from what comes up, or illuminates the points I’m making.

Political Amazon” — What that site looks like in 2017 — a simplistic blog in Swedish needing Google translator (!) (below left); this is an excerpt from the page “Left-Right Politics”

…Many on the left argue that a right-Government creates injustice since they already rich have better conditions to continue to be rich and that their children have an unfair advantage over someone who is born poor.

In Sweden, it is relatively equal between rich and poor, given that we have public schools that work well and even local universities. In Sweden today has anyone the chance to get to economic prosperity. Given that it can work in any way.

However, many do not have the chance to work because of illness, physical and mental. The debate over how much compensation such individuals should get hot between right and left.


File under:  Where did all the Nazi’s go?


The Free Congress Foundation has had a convicted Nazi collaborator on its staff; a man who was forced to resign from the 1988 Bush campaign when his past became public knowledge.

Laszlo Pasztor actually served a prison term for being, during WWII, part of a Hungarian pro-Nazi group, the Arrow Cross (like the German Nazi Party, only in Hungary). His prison term also related to Pasztor’s, during WWII, being a member of a Hungarian diplomatic delegation to Berlin after the Nazis installed the pro-Nazi Arrow Cross as the government of Hungary.

In an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 09/16/88, Pasztor was reported as being a “volunteer” at the Free Congress Research & Education Foundation. However, Pasztor had an internal telephone number at FCF (listed as extension 48 as of 01/21/90) and calls to the FCF main number were routinely connected through to Pasztor. Pasztor himself stated that for several years he generally worked in the FCF office complex Tuesday afternoon through Friday.

According to Pasztor, the FCF gave him office space for his work with the Paul Weyrich sponsored Coalitions for America, and that he routinely provided to Weyrich written reports of his activities. Weyrich at the time was president of FCF and national chair of of Coalitions for America. It is noteworthy that a Coalition for America brochure used a photo of Pasztor to illustrate the work of the Liberation Support Alliance.

Martin Lee in The Beast Reawakens refers to Pasztor as Weyrich’s right hand man:

In addition to homegrown agitators who dredged up anti-Semitic motifs that harkened back to the 1930s, some countries had to contend with groups that were led or supported by profascist exiles who repatriated from the West where they had carried on as vocal anti-Communists during the Cold War, often with CIA support. The Free Congress Foundation, founded by American far right strategist Paul Weyrich, became active in eastern European politics after the Cold War. Figuring prominently in this effort was Weyrich’s right-hand man, Laszlo Pasztor, a former leader of the pro-Nazi Arrow Cross organization in Hungary, which had collaborated with Hitler’s Reich. After serving two years in prison for his Arrow Cross activities, Pasztor found his way to the United States, where he was instrumental in establishing the ethnic-outreach arm of the Republican national Committee. .

Pasztor’s history with the GOP goes back before the FCF, however. When Pasztor came to the U.S. in the 1950s, he joined the GOP’s ethnic unit, and later became the leader of the Nixon-Agnew campaign’s ethnic unit. The ethnic unit was only active during election campaigns and, according to Pasztor, Nixon told him that if he won the election, he would form a permanent ethnic unit within the GOP. True to his word, after Nixon won, Pasztor was made the organizer of the the Republican Heritage Groups Council, and is considered to be one of its founders.

501©3; Free Congress Research and Education Fund – 52-1096057, the related PAC (showing now, at least) is EIN# 273186178 and has been filing 990-N Postcards declaring revenues under $50K for the last several years.  I cannot find (through normal 990finder search) any Form 990 (full-sized) formed before then.  See next image:   (Search IRS EOS Here pick one of 3 choices, key in EIN# for most exact results)

This shows a Related 501©4 to "Free Congress Research & Educ. Fund" which has been filing Form 990-Ns (electronic, post-card) declarations of revenues under $50K for last four years (2012 - 2015). Its related 501©3 is now under $500M but in the late 1990s and early 2000s, had much higher revenues. And Board Member Paul Weyrich, etc.

This shows a Related 501©4 to “Free Congress Research & Educ. Fund” which has been filing Form 990-Ns (electronic, post-card) declarations of revenues under $50K for last four years (2012 – 2015). Its related 501©3 is now under $500M but in the late 1990s and early 2000s, had much higher revenues. And Board Member Paul Weyrich, etc.

After spending so much time on Heritage Foundation, I’m not going to say all I saw with this one.  Recommended — look at earlier returns also.

There’s also the “occupational hazard” of possibly confusing one organization with another after being intensely occupied with one of them, when summarizing by recall, as opposed to summarizing from images I am actively posting.  My preference is to research and post right away from the research, adding captions, annotations, or comments at the same time.  //LGH.

Total results: 3
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Free Congress Research and Education Foundation VA 2014 990 31 $353,241.00 52-1096057
Free Congress Research and Education Foundation VA 2013 990 27 $345,796.00 52-1096057
Free Congress Research and Education Foundation VA 2012 990 31 $281,101.00 52-1096057

Update note: I looked at earlier years of this foundation, and one of its related entities, but it’s “above my pay grade” to publish all of them. We can easily see it’s much smaller, at least now, than the Heritage Foundation. In earlier years, it was more “flush.” However, another key factor is, of course, its boards of directors, including Paul Weyrich, “et al.” Here’s an annotated image or two at least showing some of them:

Pg 1 (top part) from FY2008 Form 990 for Free Congress Research and Education Foundation showing basics and contributions

Pg 1 (top part) from FY2008 Form 990 showing basics: Contribution that year, and that the primary Expense this and prior years was Line 17, Salaries (NOT “grants,” line 15). Also notice few Board members or employees, and Marion Edwin Harrison (this year) Principal Officer. In prior years, she (or her firm) was among the highest paid Indep Contractor (varying amounts, but over $100K often).

Free Congress Sched A 2001 showing 1997-98-99-2000 contributions and other revenue sources (larger amounts earlier years). What about the 1970s, 1980s, and earlier 1990s, then?

Free Congress Sched A 2001 showing 1997-98-99-2000 contributions and other revenue sources (larger amounts earlier years). What about the 1970s, 1980s, and earlier 1990s, then?


Not to mention racists


What do you know about the ideological underpinnings of the Free Congress Foundation?

Would you be surprised to learn that initially Paul Weyrich (founder and leading force of the FCF) and Richard Viguerie (who pioneered the direct-mail-campaign method of accessing millions of Americans who otherwise would not be exposed to the more extremist brand of conservative propanda) of had planned to use the racist-linked American Independent Party as the basis for his new political party, which was planned to be formed in time for the 1980 elections?

The American Independent Party was formed to back George Wallace’s 1968 presidential candidacy. The AIP’s roots are based in the racist south, and the AIP attracted the whites who were angry and fearful following the civil rights acts of 1964 and 1965. The AIP embraced elements of the KKK and John Birch Society, as well as members of the Liberty Lobby. The Liberty Lobby was a severely racist and anti-Semitic group, which operated as an intermediary between racist paramilitary factions (like the NeoNazis and the KKK) and the more radical right. In the early 1970s, Paul Weyrich had already linked with the Coors family which funded the start-up of the Heritage Foundation in the early 1970s. In 1974, with money from the Coors family (and the Coors family is not exactly a bastion of minority-friendly sentiment), Weyrich also started the Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress, which later became the Free Congress Foundation. Since the beginning, the Heritage Foundation and the Free Congress Foundation have been led and/or received oversight by Weyrich, and their boards of directors are interlinked, sharing members back and forth.

2017 Insert:  More Free Congress Research and Education Foundation Form 990 info (annotated, board of directors in a particular year).  Click the next link to see the annotations full-sized.  For example, the 3 blue arrows point to three board members whose names begin “Hon.”  I learned that William D. Dahling (who bears no honorary title) was actually William DuPont Dahling (influential-enough family? They practically ran Delaware, and this is a DC-area foundation).  Morton C. Blackwell is high-ranking in the Republican party.free-congress-rned-2008-form-990-ptvii-marion-harison-prescoo-40hrsunpaid-3-hons-incl-jas-s-gilmore-ii-weyrich-pd-351k-a-coors-screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-2-56-41-pm<==CLICK to see annotated image full-sized. ……………………………………………free-congress-rned-2008-form-990-ptvii-marion-harison-prescoo-40hrsunpaid-3-hons-incl-jas-s-gilmore-ii-weyrich-pd-351k-a-coors-screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-2-56-41-pm


This is probably what the Marriage Movement, Fatherhood Promotion etc. is about — on the grand scale at least.  I have already tied it to the Unification Church / Il Congressperson Danny K. Davis crowned him, managed to live it down, too!  See my earlier “About this blog” post (Shady/Shaky foundations).   Some women I network with didn’t want to touch this one with a 10-foot pole, but the facts hold — and the ESSENCE is the same as dealing with a cult, which the Unification Church is.  I no longer have any doubt as to this, nor should a reasonable person who follows up on the connections.


Here it is — from last November, as in 2011 — I warned us (at the bottom of one of the outrageously long posts….)

Strong Reactions to Poverty Conference’s Focus on Marriage Initiatives

A researcher for a conservative think tank in Washington told an audience in Wyandotte County Monday that the key to combating childhood poverty in Kansas has nothing to do with improving education or providing better access to health care.

The key, said Robert Rector, a senior research fellow at the Washington-based Heritage foundation, lies in addressing the rising incidence of out-of-wedlock births.

(Thumbnail Image (Robert Rector headshot) missing, replaced by a more recent (2014) article from Heritage.org, spouting off (pardon my action-vocabulary choice of references) on the same general theme:    (Link has to substitute for image as image upload space currently full!) How Welfare Undermines Marriage and What to Do About It  Nov. 2011)(Blog upgrade added storage space a few days later 2017— next three images; 3rd one identifies the authority cited under Rector’s photo caption)…


“DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society” is referenced — not The Heritage Foundation connection. Sounds more authoritative. Speaking of which (from first 100 days of the Trump Administration 2017), ever heard of Betsy DeVos?

Notice caption "Devos Center for Religion and Liberty"
Admittedly, the DeVos Center sporting an image of Robert Rector, is named after Helen and Richard DeVos (not Betsy), but, it is still “all in the family.”  NNDB (two images) re: Betsy DeVos, Trump’s nomination for US Secretary of Education:

NNDB.com on Betsy DeVos (searchable)

NNDB.com on Betsy DeVos (searchable)








Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation says out-of-wedlock births are the leading cause of childhood poverty in Kansas.

“This issue is almost never talked about in public,” Rector said. “I always like to make the metaphor that in discussions of child poverty, it’s as if you have a herd of dead elephants in the center of the room and you do not talk about the existence of those elephants, because it’s a secret.”

Rector was the keynote speaker at a “Town Hall Meeting” on childhood poverty sponsored by the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services

Notice he’s going to peg some ethnic groups, while saying it’s not about birth control, it’s about “promoting Marriage”:

Furthermore, Rector said, the key to addressing out-of-wedlock births has nothing to do with providing better access to birth control. In fact, he asserted, most unwed mothers report that they had relatively easy access to birth control before they got pregnant.

The key, he said, lies in promoting marriage.

“The way they think about marriage is the way those of us in this room might think of a trip to Honolulu: ‘Wow, neat, but not something I’m going to do this year. Maybe sometime in the future,” Rector said. “And so the way they actually go about having children is to conceive the child – which is relatively intentional – and to have the child, and then look about for the appropriate person to be married to. It’s quite catastrophic.”

Download Audio: Robert Rector’s presentation to Town Hall Meeting on Childhood Poverty. (47 min., 5 sec. mp3.)

For about 45 minutes, Rector led the audience of about 250 people through a series of charts and graphs showing how the percentage of children born outside of marriage has risen sharply since the early 1960s, and how the poverty rate among single-parent households is substantially higher than rate among families led by two-parent married couples.

That trend is especially strong among blacks and Hispanics, Rector said: In 2008, nearly three-quarters of all African-American births in Kansas, and 53.2 percent of Hispanic births, were to unmarried mothers. And the general trend holds true, even when accounting for a person’s level of education.

But Rector did not offer any theory or explanation about the underlying causes for those trends. He made no mention of the disappearance of blue collar, industrial jobs in urban communities over that same period; the reliance of many immigrant workers on migratory and seasonal employment, or the ever-widening gap of income inequality in the United States


This is not about “reasoned’ discussion — this is a person who was brought in AFTER appointing a Bush SRS head (Siedlicki), and AFTER setting upt a Faith-Based Operation underneath the Department of SRS, and AFTER having a secret meeting (travel expenses courtesy of Kansans) for the individuals who are slated to push marriage, and centralize government, against the will of the people.   Robert Rector is a Heritage person, and that’s a lot of backing.  It’s “All in the Family” business as usual, no matter who it offends.  Here’s a black woman protesting at the meeting:

(same article):
Instead, by noting that the trend toward out-of-wedlock births began around the same time as President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty (1964), he left open the inference that public welfare programs have somehow contributed to the problem – or, at the very least, failed to do anything about it.

That’s a tricky tactic of promoting a cause-effect relationship without (in this instance) directly claiming it. As the article says, it was “inferred.” Coincidence of timing =/= proof of cause/effect relationship.

“I am taking that as an insult,” said Beverly Darby, a community activist and volunteer for the unified government in Wyandotte County. [Image missing, see Replacement comments 2017, below]

Beverly DarbyBeverly Darby

[Link to image, and the site from which it came, now broken, see next 2017 insert, right below]
She noted that blacks make up only about 13 percent of the state population, but a much higher percentage of the state’s prison population.

“What are you talking about, them not getting married,” she asked.

You want a lot of people to be in a battered shelter, don’t you,” Darby continued. “Because that’s what happens to a lot of people. They get divorced because of their spouse-abuser … We need to try to figure out what we’re going to do about poverty, not about how we’re going to tell people how to live their life.”

But Rector said he believed spousal and child abuse were also linked to the decline of marriage, saying abuse was more common among unmarried couples who cohabite than among married couples

|||||   (limited upload space:  this link shows the Volunteer Services page of the Unified City/County government — apparently they are working with United Way).   http://www.wycokck.org/InternetDept.aspx?id=16050&menu_id=1382
From this link, Ms. Darbys name shows up once as 2012 “Board of Directors” for Liveable Neighborhoods.  — the Unified Government is a Public/Private concept with community representatives, etc.  See also:  http://www.wycokck.org/assets/1488fa5d-f3c7-4de5-a8a8-0cb62fdd9f84.pdf (the pdf I annotated, but couldn’t upload here).  This appears to be a recognition for community volunteers.  Dep. on how many hours, they got a Certificate of Appreciation and a “UG” (Unified Gov’t) Clock.

STATE OF KANSAS               )



The Unified Government Commission of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas, met in special session, Thursday, April 29, 2010, with nine members present: Holland, Commissioner At-Large First District; Mendez, Commissioner At-Large Second District; Barnes, Commissioner First District; Miller, Commissioner Second District; Murguia, Commissioner Third District; Mitchell, Commissioner Fourth District; Pettey, Commissioner Sixth District; Ellison, Commissioner Eighth District; and Reardon, Mayor/CEO presiding. Kane, Commissioner Fifth District; and Cooley, Commissioner Seventh District; were absent. The following officials were also in attendance: Dennis Hays, County Administrator; Jody Boeding, Interim Chief Counsel; Bridgette Cobbins, Interim Unified Government Clerk; John Jurcyk, Sr. Policy Advisor to Mayor; Alfonso Zarate, Assistant to Mayor; Gary Ortiz, Assistant County Administrator; Patty Kroll, Human Resource Director; Rob Richardson, Director of Urban Planning & Land Use; Therryl Holland, Volunteer Coordinator; and Anne Phillips, Parks & Recreation.

MAYOR REARDON called the meeting to order. . . . . .

April 29, 2010

Commissioner Barnes introduced the volunteers that have donated between 50 and 99 hours during 2009. The value of 99 hours of volunteer service to the Unified Government according to the Department of Labor is $2,032.47. The volunteers were presented a Certificate of Appreciation along with a UG clock. Gary Bowley, Beverly Darby, Kimberly DeBus, Jean Ellis, Jim Ellis, Ester Foreman, Janet Golubski, Carol Gottesburen, Diana Hampton, Tom Hampton, Virginia Helliker, Pat Higgins, Jim Jones, Shawna Jones, Raymond Jonscher, Bessie Lawson and Lucy Soptic.



Here are those two images, annotated.  Click links in their ‘captions’ below each to see full-sized:


Click to read full-sized: image1-of-2-ids-a-beverly-darby-quoted-in-an-article-posted-jan-1-2012-@ familycourtmatterswordpresscom apr29-2010-unifiedgovt-wyandottecntyks-volunteers 2017-01-24-3-25pm. (<=may look like a complete URL, but isn’t; I left some of the filename in just to label it).












A key theme (for follow-up) here would be “Unified Government” “City/County”….

How KCK And Wyandotte County Unified During Troubled Times
By ELEANOR KLIBANOFF • MAR 6, 2015 in “KCUR post/ 89.6”

…“Kansas City is like Australia,” says Hannah Milner, a stay-at-home mom who has lived in KCK for seven years. “They’re a country and a continent. We’re a county and a city.”

Despite this strong metaphor, Milner admits, “I don’t really understand the government side of things.”  That’s a fairly common sentiment in the Kansas City area. So let’s go back in time to see how the unified government developed, and what it means for KCK today.

SO… as soon as one is about to go into “the folklore of the current situation (gov’t)(organization)(etc.) the question becomes, who’s talking.  So (below this quote), I looked up KCUR 89.6 and realize that its Federal (broadcast, obviously) License is held by the Curators of the University of Missouri, who are appointed by the Governor of Missouri, i.e., a public/state institution.  Reporting, here about the conditions across the state border (but not very far — there is a KCKansas and a KCMO).

Imagine, for a moment, that it’s 1997. Kansas City, Kan., operates its own city government, and the city is in a tailspin. The property taxes are the highest in the state. People are moving out as fast as they can pack up the truck, fleeing to nearby Johnson County or over the state line to Missouri. The city government is hit with scandal after scandal, plagued by rumors of patronage and corruption. There isn’t a movie theater or shopping. A new grocery store hadn’t opened in the urban core in decades.

So, in only 1997 (just one year after Welfare Reform passed, in 1996), did the city’s tailspin have anything to do with, “perchance” the city’s corruption?  Look at the stated causes, including the comment from first, a city manager, then a reference to a county manager, and quote from individual who was getting a PhD (now professor of public policy elsewhere) at a Kansas University at the time.  (In the next quotes, emphases added are mine):

We were in a deep abyss,” says former city administrator Dennis Hays. “We had to try something. We had to go for a Hail Mary pass.”

KCK had one thing going for it: it was in Wyandotte County, a relatively well-run county.

Wyandotte had a dynamic mayor and a really strong county manager,” says Suzanne Leland, a professor of public policy at University of North Carolina-Charlotte.While getting her Ph.D. at the University of Kansas, she was on the committee that created the unification proposal. “They also were just a much more professionalized government, with things like performance measures and a personnel division.”

It helped that Kansas City basically was Wyandotte County, making up 94 percent of all county residents. Kansas City residents were being served by both a struggling, financially instable city government and a well-run, corruption-free county government.

“Corruption-free” is a big claim.  Will believe that one when I see it (so to speak).  Most counties in the 50 states, that is most of the country is dealing (heavily reliant upon) with state funds; states are themselves heavily reliant upon and influenced by (particularly because of Social Security Act programs, that is welfare, foster care, child protection, child support enforcement, health and hospitals, a major mental health industry– and let’s not forget since mid-1990s, federal family design (marriage/fatherhood promotion of two-parent families, reducing teen pregnancies and out-of-wedlock births), not to mention the public school systems (USDOE support) — federal receipts, that is Washington, D.C. policymaking.  Where they don’t comply with rules, they are free to forfeit the funds.  Needless to say, most states in the 1990s ended up continuing to take the funding, and re-configuring themselves to align with federal policies.  So much for “states’ rights” in that arena….

Also (though in January 2012 I didn’t know this, later that year, I became aware) there is the matter of government entities (more true the larger the entity) operating at significant profits, while the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) system of reporting allows the presentation of “Budget” or “Government Activities” focus and distract, discourage and simply “don’t discuss” the rest of the income-producing assets.  No problem discussing the long-term debt, projected forward, however.

On April 1, 1997, Wyandotte County residents voted to consolidate the two governments into one. The Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kan., was born. (Perhaps after all the negotiations and fine-tuning they simply didn’t have the energy to come up with a simpler name.)

Many cities across the United States combine forces with their county government, particularly when the city covers most or all of the county. Residents don’t need two police forces, or two parks departments, or two mayors. The largest example is the City of Philadelphia and Philadelphia County.

Looking for a CAFR for Wyandotte County, I discovered that the City still exists (or did as of Dec. 2015) in the form of “Wyandotte County Extension County.”  An audited statement of its (small in size) accounts says that they opted (legally) to depart from GAAS (Generally Accepted Accounting Standards) in the US, resulting in a “material difference” in the reporting, for that year and regarding part of their information.  Interesting reading:

Another 2009 write up lists many other city/county consolidations and says that this one wasn’t about cost-savings but about “accountability” which, in light of the above, seems ironic. Also interesting reading (looks like, potentially, a student write-up, it’s formal but not the most academic in tone or format). By Beverly Cain 2009, Capstone Paper Final Report at “OLC.org”

One thing that interests me in this report is who (not authors, but their affiliations or sponsoring entities) was writing up studies of City/County Consolidation (rec. take some notes — they’ll show up in other contexts too), before, in 2009, coming to the typical response:  “More Research is Needed.”


From page 6, we see one interested party a private nonprofit “professional” association:  “Kansas Association of Counties.”

On the pro-consolidation side of the debate, in City County Consolidation – An Idea Whose Time Has Come, Scott Kenefake of the Kansas Assocation of Counties promotes city-county consolidation as a way of providing, “significant cost saving and efficiency in the delivery of local public services to communities” (6)

How interesting that near the end of the paper, it cites two people who cited a “CAFR” to disprove claims of cost-savings for the consolidation!  It’s only mentioned in passing, but it is at least cited as a source of comparison for government projections, or claims of success, financially.   Imagine what might happen if there were a general population familiarity with their own government entities and their own such entities’ CAFRs, and this was taught to each new generation?

The paper cites both the oldest consolidation (in the paper) — Wyandotte County, and the newest (in the paper), Broomfield, Colorado, and quotes CAFRs in assessing before/after per-capita costs and the differences, expressed in %s:

Examination of data from the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports for the City and County of Broomfield shows that once the consolidated government was operating, per capita expenditures increased to $4,073 in the first year, partially due to large expenditures in the area of Capital Outlay. These costs began to decline in 2003 and by 2007, the City and County of Broomfield was spending $1,608 per capita for total general government activities, more than double the 1997 level. Additionally, between 1997 and 2007, per capita expenditures increased for all functions, with increases ranging from 50% for Library Services to 204% for Public Works. General Government expenditures climbed from $82 per capita in 1997 to $214 per capita in 2007, an increase of 161%.

Based on this analysis, it appears that the consolidation of the City and County of Broomfield, CO resulted in increased, rather than decreased, spending for the government. Per capita expenditures increased significantly across all functional areas and total general government expenditures increased by more than 100% between 1997 and 2007.  [from p. __]

and, earlier on:

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, which began operating in January 1998, is the oldest consolidated government examined in this paper. In their examination of this consolidation, Suzanne Leland and Kurt Thurmaier found no evidence of cost-savings but point out that such savings had not been expected.
Analysis of financial data from Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports for the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, as well as data from the U.S. Census Bureau, reveals that per capita spending for total government activities decreased by 26% after the consolidation, declining from $1,851 per capita in 1997 to $1,364 per capita in 2007, using figures that have been adjusted for inflation.

However, per capita spending in individual functional areas, including General Government Services, Public Works, Public Safety, Health and Welfare, and Parks and Recreation, saw significant increases, ranging from 56% to nearly 300%, in the years after consolidation. Large increases in per capita expenditures took place immediately after the consolidation and, with the exception of Parks and Recreation, continued to climb through 2007. Additionally, per capita spending for total government activities by the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City exceeded the Kansas statewide average for spending in this area by 50% and exceeded per capita spending by unconsolidated Shawnee County, KS by 60%.

Although per capita costs for total government activities decreased after the consolidation, it appears that they may have done so in response to cost containment initiatives and workforce reductions. Here, as in Louisville-Jefferson County, transaction costs for many public services increased after consolidation…. [p.34, all emphases mine..]


Next two images (not including the Biblio fragment) show a Leland and Thurmaier studying this consolidation, specifically, with the second image referring to a “Chris Pineda of Harvard’s Government Innovators Network.” From the Bibliography I see that Leland/Thurmaier publications were in 2000, 2004, and 2005 and from only two publishers:  “Public Administration (Quarterly, then Review) and “M.E. Sharpe” in NY.  No geography shown for the “Public Administration.’

Goes with a 1/1/2012 post which in passing handles city/county unified gov't as a volunteer for the same argued (was quoted in an on-line article) with Robert Rector on Marriage as the antidote to poverty...

Goes with a 1/1/2012 post which in passing handles city/county unified gov’t as a volunteer for the same argued (was quoted in an on-line article) with Robert Rector on Marriage as the antidote to poverty…

Found at OLC.org (Ohio Library Council) studying City/County Consolidations (2009 Capstone Paper by Beverly Cain)

Found at OLC.org (Ohio Library Council) studying City/County Consolidations (2009 Capstone Paper by Beverly Cain)


see above image for link to OLC (Ohio Library Commission) 2009 Capstone paper by Beverly Cain if fine print too small to read.


About the reporting on-line media, KCUR


Solicitation for donations March 2015 had already expired and became a redirect.  Like many on-line publications, the graphics and layout are so vivid, dynamic and engaging, that it took several clicks to get to anything which might actually identify {KCUR} and its ownership.  However, the link “Governance” did the trick:



KCUR’s Federal Communications Commission FM Broadcast Station License is held by the Curators of the University of Missouri.  The Board of Curators is KCUR’s governing body.  All information about the Board of Curators, including meeting notices and minutes, are found under “Meeting Center” on the first page of: https://www.umsystem.edu/curators

KCUR’s Community Advisory Board meets every calendar quarter, on the third Wednesday of the last month of the quarter at 8 a.m. at the station: 4825 Troost, Suite 202, Kansas City, Mo., 64110

Community Advisory Board members: (who are then listed as names only – no affiliations, no link, no particular identifying details whatsoever are offered). …

KCUR-FM is licensed to and governed by the Curators of the University of Missouri.* A list of their meeting dates can be found here. [*Same link as above… I may post the image]

Here are the Curators (I just looked at every one of the available 7’s bio blurbs.  Several have law backgrounds, some economics and at least two had served as legislators (State), Philip Snowden, for 18 years.  The student representative is a music education / ACDA / choral director/singer’ background, in considerable contrast to everyone on the board.  Nine board members are mentioned; 7 are profiled, and only two in the photo (of these only one is profiled) are women.  There is not one man of color among the bunch of ’em:

The University of Missouri, which refers to the institution, in all of its parts, persons, property and relationships wherever situated, owned, operated, controlled, managed or otherwise regulated, is under the supervision or direction of The Board of Curators of the University of Missouri. The Board of Curators, the governing body of the University of Missouri, consists of nine members, who are appointed by the governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate; provided, that at least one but no more than two shall be appointed from each congressional district, and no person shall be appointed a curator who shall not be a citizen of the United States, and who shall not have been a resident of the state of Missouri two years prior to his appointment. Not more than five curators shall belong to any one political party. The term of service of the curators shall be six years, the terms of three expiring every two years. Curators, while attending the meetings of the board, shall receive their actual expenses, which shall be paid out of the ordinary revenues of the university

The University of Missouri, which refers to the institution, in all of its parts, persons, property and relationships wherever situated, owned, operated, controlled, managed or otherwise regulated, is under the supervision or direction of The Board of Curators of the University of Missouri.
The Board of Curators, the governing body of the University of Missouri, consists of nine members, who are appointed by the governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate; provided, that at least one but no more than two shall be appointed from each congressional district, and no person shall be appointed a curator who shall not be a citizen of the United States, and who shall not have been a resident of the state of Missouri two years prior to his appointment. Not more than five curators shall belong to any one political party.
The term of service of the curators shall be six years, the terms of three expiring every two years. Curators, while attending the meetings of the board, shall receive their actual expenses, which shall be paid out of the ordinary revenues of the university


and, which is nice (if one scrolls down far enough), there are some financial statements and a “Form 990 Equivelent” (sic). I’m glad someone is raising good spellers at the UCMissouri System, there…

Financial documents:
KCUR Fiscal Year 2015 audited financial statement
2015 CPB Annual Financial Report (==>***)
Previous financial reports are available upon request at the station.

***actually it’s 14pp, not too well paginated, of Schedules, not an entire financial report, and full of acronyms (NFFS) and without direct labeling as “CPB” (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) originated.

Compensation: IRS Form 990 Equivelent##

This “Form 990 Equivalent” is no such thing.  It’s a “Part VII” from a Form 990 with ONE employee’s name (Nick Leone, General Manager) and salary filled out — on an IRS form which has NO EIN# written on the top, and “KCUR 89.6” hand-scrawled across the top.  It’s not a complete Form 990. It may sound “forthcoming” by actually being there, but offers next to nothing helpful about the station, or about any Form 990 which might be involved.

Because the station is actually operated by and part of the University System, there may be no Form 990.  It takes funding from an organization which has one, but being a government entity as part of the Univ. System, is not an private non-profit organizationso why even have this in there?

Station Activities Survey:
Local Content and Services Report for Fiscal Year 2015

Again, that leads to a lousy-visual “print survey” apparently (see upper right corner) produced by some software provider or software over at CPB.org.  Nothing indicates it’s verified or audited, and the format hasn’t been adjusted at all of readability.

This is an image of several of those sections I just liked to, above, as they appear under “GOVERNANCE” at KCUR as accessed from their publication I was quoting, above:



From the “MD&A” of the KCUR Year 2015 Audited Financial Statement (provides comparison of 2014 and 2015 yrs) we learn that it’s under the UMissouri, but has to provide audited financial as a condition of getting grants from the CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting), which is a private non-profit created by Congress in 1967:  And, if you want to read the financial statements — show up in person at the office: Again, see the main link above to get to this page within the statements…. I also quote from the NOTES (to right of the MD&A image):



NOTES TO BASIC FINANCIAL STATEMENTS As of and for the Years Ended June 30, 2015 and 2014


The major policies followed by KCUR-FM Radio (the “Station”) are presented below to assist the reader and to enhance the usefulness of the financial statements.

Organization – The Station is a non-profit, non-commercial radio station operated by the University of Missouri (the “University”) on its Kansas City campus in Kansas City, Missouri. The Station operates with a power of 100,000 watts, reaching a potential audience of 2.02 million in an 80-mile radius. The financial activity of the Station is included in the financial statements of the University. The accompanying basic financial statements were prepared based on the combination of various accounts associated with the Station and its related operations and do not present the financial position or changes in financial position or cash flows of the University. The Station is dependent upon support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the University, and the public.



<==Technically speaking, a grant to that EIN# is simply a grant to the Curators of UMIssouri.  UMissouri is NOT a 501©3, and if anyone should know this (and report it accurately) it should be this CPB which has been around 50 years now (1967…).   The column IRC Code section(if applicable) should be filled out “Gov” for EVERY instance where the call letters of a grantee represent, for example, a public university operating it.


For more images from those UMissouri financial statements (not “Form 990s) regarding the Station KCUR tell us more about the radio station’s owners and a closer look at the CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) and its Form 990s, I have moved this to another post in all its interesting and significant of “WHO CONTROLS THE FUNDS THAT FUND THE PUBLIC MEDIA AIRWAVES” manner….
Post title with case-sensitive, WordPress-generated shortlink: Freedom of the WHAT? CPB (Corp for Public Broadcasting, Govt Grants 2013 $458M out of $459M Total) and, say, Call Letters KCUR (run by “the Curators of the UMissouri System,” a Component Unit of the State )(This link becomes active AND accurate when the underlying post is published:. Before then, WordPress may make a “best guess” redirect..)



Rector has a party line — and it’s the marriage/fatherhood promoter’s party line that child abuse is caused by fatherlessness.  This neatly fits into continuing the wasteful and untrackable programs.  And she’s right — he doesn’t care if people go into battered women’s shelters.   He cares, with his colleagues, about radically transforming American Government to be better able to play the global superpower.  Divide and Conquer on volatile topics like this is just part of the strategy.  The more outrageous the claim, the better.

So have I now officially tied “Heritage Foundation” to Marriage Movement — and shown why this is relevant?  

Going on then….. from “Political Amazon” summaries — we are on this one:


. . .The Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress, [“CSFC”] targeted local elections, looking for candidates to back. The FCF required that the candidates they supported submit to a three-day workshop, and if the candidates toed the Weyrich party line, their elections would then receive campaign support from the CSFC.

Richard Viguerie, king of the direct-mail fundraising industry in America, and the top national fundraiser at that time,  worked with the CSFC in their direct-mail money-raising efforts.

From the very beginning, Paul Weyrich and Richard Viguerie were both determined to become national political power brokers. With this goal in mind, they maneuvered their political work on campaigns and issues.

Unhappy with the GOP, which they regarded as too moderate, Weyrich and Viguerie wanted to start a more rightward-leaning political group. Instead of creating their own political party, they went to the American Independent Party’s 1976 convention, with the idea of maneuvering Viguerie into the AIP’s presidential candidacy seat. However, despite their best efforts, and promises of Viguerie’s considerable power and expertise with fund-raising, the AIP chose Lester Maddox as its presidential candidate.

What kind of guys does the AIP chose as it’s candidates? The AIP 1980 candidate, John Rarick, a former Louisiana congressional representative, was described by the Almanac of American Politics as the most rabidly right-wing member of the House, who championed “any far-right, anti-Semitic, or antiblack bilge that came across his desk.” (Michael Barone, Grant Ujifusa, Douglas Matthews, The Almanac of American Politics).

Instead of being repelled by the ideology of the AIP, Weyrich and Viguerie sought to join with it and utilize it. Indeed, the ideology of the AIP does not seem to be at odds with the ideology of the Weyrich, the FCF, the Heritage Foundation.

The Free Congress Foundation and Heritage Foundation have initiated programs and efforts to limit the progress of blacks and minorities. Weyrich himself, in his book, The New Right Papers, opposed government efforts to end segregation.

Weyrich’s Heritage Foundation has associated itself with known racist groups, and at least one very prominent, avid racist (Roger Pearson). Indeed, one of Heritage’s former chairs, Ben Blackburn, was an advocate in the 1970s of literacy tests to limit voting rights. James McClellan, who ran the Center for Judicial Studies and participated in FCF conferences, was a top associate of racist Roger Pearson. McClellan also was one of the key operatives working with the Reagan Justice Department to dismantle civil rights protections in the mid-1980s.

Weyrich’s Free Congress Foundation and Heritage Foundation have fought affirmative action every step of the way. They have worked to limit voting rights enforcement, to limit enforcement of civil rights law, lessen the redress for victims of racist actions, and  further the negative myth of the greedy black welfare grabber.

There’s no question that the promotion of Fatherhood in the U.S. Congress (which is primarily white male) played on this theme.   Then they divided and conquered black men from black women by soliciting the urban pastor element to sign on, which by and large, seems to me, a good portion of it certainly HAS.  This leaves, First Lady Michelle Obama aside, and other women with good public images picked and promoted by the Marriage Movement (I’m thinking of the Linda Malon-Colones, the Nisa Muhammads, and the Women on the board of WIFI, Inc., etc.).  Rep Gwen Moore of Wisconsin would be an antithesis to this model, and fatherhood-friendly groups have shown up hating her.  (“SAVE”).    She’s a single mother who made it to  Congress, not bad…and also notes that “countries with an active female population tend to avoid extremism.”  I tried to post the link from “SAVE” — an E-lert to trash talk this elected US Rep — but its an “age-restricted” yahoo group requiring signin (“menshealth.com”) so I imagine some of the emotional “maturity” is probably showing through there. (Or potentially some material on abortions).

Lastly, let’s look at Weyrich &  Coors.  How is it possible that one person could become so influential in NATIONAL policy?  Well, for one, he set out to — for another, a little help from a wealthy corporation doesn’t hurt, either!

Anyhow Weyrich & Coors & Racism:


What do you know about the funding sources for the Free Congress Foundation? Would you be surprised to learn that one of its major source of funding and leadership actively works, through the FCF and many other groups, to further discrimination against blacks and other minorities?

The Coors family (Coors beer) provided the startup money for the FCF, has continued to heavily fund the FCF and Heritage Foundation over the years, and has worked closely with Weyrich in the FCF, Heritage Foundation, and other radical rightwing groups.

Until recently, Jeffrey Coors served as chairman for the Free Congress Foundation. FCF is now chaired by Rep. Ralph Hall, D-TX (who voted for the articles of impeachment). (1)

The Coors family first got involved in national politics by sending to Washington Jack Wilson, an aide, to scout around for issues and groups that might be suitable for Coors’ financial support. An idea as to the mindset of Wilson can be obtained from a statement he made in 1973, in a memo to Coors, Wilson :”Martin Luther King was an avowed communist revolutionary.” (Bellant, The Coors Connection)

In addition, the Coors Company’s hiring policies were so restrictive that they were charged in 1975 by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission with, over the previous decade, discriminating intentionally in the workplace. Also, the Coors company was found guilty of racial discrimination by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission for their 1969 firing of a black employee.

Besides the Free Congress Foundation and the Heritage Foundation, both Weyrich-founded and led/oversighted with the assistance of Coors money and family members direction, the Coors family has supported a number of groups which work to continue the racist divisions in the U.S.,as well as outright racist groups, such as the Patriotic American Youth Group. This group’s decidedly racist publications have included on the masthead active participants in groups such as the Citizen’s Councils and the KKK.

William Coors was explicitly racist, and not shy about voicing it, either. In a 1984 speech he presented to a minority business group in Denver, he told them :

“‘…that if they thought it was ‘unfair’ that their ‘ancestors were dragged here in chains against their will…I would urge those of you who feel that way to go back to where your ancestors come from, and you will find out that probably the greatest favor that anybody ever did you [sic] was to drag your ancestors over here in chains, and I mean it.’

“Later in the speech, Coors elaborated on what he saw wrong in Africa: ‘…the government of these nations that have gotten the right of self-determination, that’s where the operation of the government, the operation of the business, has switched primarily from white to Black–it’s not that the dedication among the Blacks is any less. As a matter of fact, it is greater. There’s tremendous motivation there, because they perceive themselves as being free people to succeed. They lack the intellectual capacity to succeed, and it is just taking them down the tubes. You take a country like Rhodesia, where the economy was absolutely booming under, you might say, white management. Now, Black management is in Zimbabwe, and the economy is a disaster, in spite of the fact that there is probably ten times the motivation on the part of the citizens of that country to make it succeed. Lack of intellectual capacity–that has got to be there.’ ” (Bellant, The Coors Connection)

Here’s another word-press blogger, who’s pretty upfront about this — he calls it the “Dead Billionaire’s Club” and talks about the same things.  I wouldn’t have liked to say, it’s true, but I’ve fought through 10 years of inane, hostile “hate” that I think there is just too much of it flowing around nowadays, and …

if there’s one QUICK way to tell the difference between the top and bottom of society, it’s to go innocently into family court and expect to retain any personal time in the next xx years developing one’s work life for more than a month or so at a time.

I am not as Pro-New-Deal in attitude as this blogger (possibly because of my age).  But I sure have no patience for the nation’s elite with multiple income streams off stock, real estate, companies they own such that if they were booted out of office, they could retire comfortably (with mistresses or wife — no one really cares) anywhere in the world, and privately.  Or, they could come out of a prison term with enough left to spare, and write a book about it collecting royalties, too.  So here it is:

Note:  I may not agree point for point on this, and sorry if the repeated use of the bloggers’ word “dead” bothers someone — but it’s true.  Foundations live beyond their originators’ lifetimes, that’s what they are designed to do!

What this person is saying is, that if matters were held to simply a vote — these policies wouldn’t win.  They are back-door deals, and paid-for-PR.

The Dead Billionaires Club – The Dead Can’t Vote, but Should They Give?

. . . .Were it not for the millions that they pour into the political system, their far-Right Libertarian agenda would be voiceless and invisible.

The Dead Billionaires Club are a fraction of a fraction. Not even 1% of the 1%. Yet, because of the billions they hold, and the millions that their families have put into “charitable” foundations, long after the scions of the family are gone and dead, guys like Fred Koch and Adolph Coors are still able to affect modern politics from the Great Beyond by dominating the Republican Party’s funding stream, and influencing a large part of the corporate-owned media.

2017 Interjection, if I may talk to my earlier self, quoting this, from the “Great Beyond” (date of original post publication, a.k.a. from a different place in life called “In Hindsight…”)
(1) “Dead Billionaires” often had very life ova and sperm — and offspring, who often continue to run and privately control their ancestors’ foundations. With some exceptions, “there’s a lot of it going around.”
(2) The situation the author blogs doesn’t apply only to conservative organizations, certainly not as of the date it was written. How about Ford, MacArthur, Annie E. Casey, many more…The older I get, personally, the less interested I am in the Left/Right, Good/Bad conversation. Again, take a tour through the wealthiest tax-exempt foundations in the US (there are ways to find who they are; see some of my 2017 TOC posts for at least a few links), and notice they do come both sides of those persuasions. In fact, the dividing line is more likely to be, who works for or runs tax-exempt wealth (for a lifestyle) and who is trying to make do without direct reliance for a living on that sector, or in professions the same have constructed for themselves in association with the public sector, which is seen as an ongoing source or inexhaustible (we keep having children who go to school and are — most of them — trained NOT to live like the elites, but to work for them.. or in corporations owned, and bought & sold like chattel at times, by them, sometimes breaking up the corporate “empire” — but not the overall ownership of the “empire”)

From the Reagan White House to today, they have have grown and groomed GOP politicians, in every state house and on Capitol Hill. The result after three decades is a block of hand-picked, home grown Libertarian jihadis.  What is their crusade?

The Dead Billionaires are New Deal haters. They fought it tooth-and-nail in the 1940s.  These early industrialist robber barons looked at the acceptance of post-Hoover America by the Republicans as an epic failure.  They are intent on tearing down power structures of the “socialist” government and its pro-union, pro-poor social safety net at all costs. The few cowardly old-schoolers of the GOP like Speaker of the House John Boehner throw in with them to keep their political skins.

Why do they hate the New Deal so? Social Darwinists, the Dead Billionaires Club and their minions strive to create their perfect America.  They live in the myth that somehow they are endowed by God and nature with better genes.  Therefore they are rightly the successful ones.

It’s a Malthusian version of Divine Right kingship, based in the passion of many of the Dead Billionaires and their families for eugenics.

Eugenics, popularized in 19th century America, is the belief that the only way to perfect the species is to purify it.  Long before the Germans were adopting their “final solution,” under Hitler in WWII, Americans doctors gave “inferior” people milk laced with tuberculosis or neglected treatment to kill off inferiors.

By their line of thought, the working person and the poor have varying degrees of evolutional defect that prevent them from succeeding. The rich are supposed to get rich and the rest of us? Well, whatever happens is really your own problem.  If you die off, as you probably should, then the superior gene pool survives and the population of this country improves.

One of the STUPIDEST things progressives atheists and democrats, liberals, “reasonable, rational” people can do is to think that this isn’t really the thinking.  I’ve seen a miniature version of it, a microcosm locally; some judges playing at being kings and queens in their private parties — that’s some joke!  Congresspeople crowing Sun Myung Moon and Wife in a US Senate Building (at least some protested afterwards….).   These are SMART people (see “wealth”) and how many — I don’t know, except — too many, entirely without scruples, or a very strange set of them indeed.

AND we had better start figuring out what role the Internet plays in the “eugenics” thing.  I already blogged Shockley, right?   I’ve protested psychology, sociology, social science, mental health promotion, drugging of foster care kids (as I recall), and it’s pretty clear at some level that some of the murder/suicide events were either staged , or (some of them) (COlumbine being one, seems to me) antipsychotic medication was involved, i.e., mind-altering Rx.

I looked at the William T. Grant Foundation …. and its split into two factions, one of which was active in Chicagoland. . . . .

As GOP Presidential hopeful Dr. Ron Paul observed when posed with the question about the man who doesn’t take insurance and gets sick, we need to leave it up to the luck that we have support systems.

“Our neighbors, our friends, our churches would do it,” he said. [2]

If they don’t, though, as they didn’t before the social safety net on many, many occasions, mean-spirited Social Darwinism led to many an early grave.

They preach the Algerist mirage of opportunity. By hard work and “pluck,”  and a conformist personality that pleases the white wealthy, one can rise in station in America and prosper.  As if the door through the glass ceiling was equally open to the Shaniquas and Samirs in the executive suites and boardrooms of most American corporations, especially those owned and operated by members of the Dead Billionaires Club.

This next is about FACISM:

Ghoul Givers’ Goals

The Dead Billionaires are the funding fountainhead of a well-cloaked American fascist movement that has been hoodwinking largely white, Christian, conservative voters. Dead Billionaires have run their white power hate under political brand labels like the John Birch Society and the Libertarian Party, the Klu Klux Klan and now, the Republican Party.  (font changes here mine…LGH)

The Dead Billionaires Club wants a roll-back to pre-Hoover America. The four key things that they seek from their more than forty year investment:

  • Lower taxes than the 15%-18% that they effectively pay now;
  • A return to control of political power by the white European families who either founded the country or who had the financial clout to buy their way into the blue blood class;
  • An end to all regulation that affects their business enterprises;
  • An imposition of laws and policies to re-establish strict moral codes that structure the world around their Anglo-Christian ideals that put an end to personal choices, art, culture and diversity that allow for what they see as societal degeneration and decadence.

Anyone challenging the term “fascist” should note that, by definition, “fascists seek to rejuvenate their nation based on commitment to the national community as an organic entity, in which individuals are bound together in national identity by supra-personal connections of ancestry, culture, and blood.[3] To achieve this, fascists purge forces, ideas, people, and systems deemed to be the cause of decadence and degeneration.”[4]

(the operative word here being “purge.”)

Which explains:

  • The racism inherent in the gatherings of the Tea Party that isn’t present in the Occupy Movement.
  • The funding of the “birther” movement to attack a black man’s right to be President.
  • Their obsession with pressing for radical social agenda and anti-union legislation leaving pro-jobs legislation waiting in the greatest economic recession since the Great Depression.
  • The purge of the Republican Party of the vast majority of its non-white, non-Christian, socially moderate members who are tagged and executed as “RINO,” Republican in name only.

The Dead Billionaires are the principal backers of ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, which really has become the shadow government that would have sounded paranoid a decade ago.  ALEC’s corporate representatives and Republican legislators pre-screen and form Republican bills so they conform with the wishes of the Club and other smaller corporate funders of ALEC.

The Dead Billionaires Club A-List

Dead Billionaires children and their foundation flunkies shy away from publicity of their political giving like bugs under a rock in a flashlight beam. Some have managed to keep themselves so far out of the media spotlight that they don’t even allow photographs for social functions.

(AND SO FORTH.  IT includes some paragraphs on the Coors, Scaife, other corporations which one so often sees (at least I do) when researching the marriage movement studies at Ivy League Institutions.

Let’s make it clear again:  Religious Right = Weyrich & Friends = Intentional Creation of Shadow Government to “Purge” US of its weaknesses, including domestic liberty and the fact that our Constitution is intended to slow down things for consideration, not to streamline them for centralization — mobilization — grants to cronies.  AND, the religious right (already a group not prone to thinking through its own rhetoric according to another standard — like the scriptures, or history other than in religious publications) often uses terms like “Saturate” and “Mobilize” — and this language is found among HHS grantees, i.e, “Saturate” a community with Marriage Education.  This was indeed the intention behind the CHMC (California Healthy Marriages Coalition).  Their goal was to reach every man, woman, “boy and girl” (i.e., from about 14 and over.  Anyone that could potentially  conceive a child, or had).  The Dibble Marriage Fund (or was it “Institute”?) is last I heard working on reaching the Los Angeles USD Students with ITS programs….. talk about grandiose plans.

In such noble causes, it’s rarely considered important to file timely tax returns, or have expenditures vetted by others, i.e., “WeCare America.” (Ohio Faith-based series).  Sure you do.


This segment comes from a site “nobelief.com” — I was looking for a short portrayal of how Hitler definitely used religious symbols and language to unite towards his cause.  There were Dietrich Bonhoeffers and others who opposed, but there were also churches that went along.  Even so now, although I’ve yet to see any church figure out and oppose GWB’s Marriage-Mongering, or anyone else’s.

Hitler’s religious beliefs and fanaticism

(Selected quotes from Mein Kampf)

compiled by Jim Walker

Originated: 28 Nov. 1996
Additions made: 07 July 2001


As a young boy, Hitler’s most ardent goal was to become a priest. Much of his philosophy came from the Bible, and more influentially, from the Christian Social movement. (The German Christian Social movement, remarkably, resembles the Christian Right movement in America today.) Many have questioned Hitler’s stand on Christianity. Although he fought against certain Catholic priests who opposed him for political reasons, his belief in God and country never left him. Many Christians throughout history have opposed Christian priests for various reasons; this does not necessarily make one against one’s own Christian beliefs. Nor did the Vatican’s Pope & bishops ever disown him; in fact they blessed him! As evidence to his claimed Christianity, he said:

“My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them and who, God’s truth! was greatest not as a sufferer but as a fighter. In boundless love as a Christian and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and adders. How terrific was His fight for the world against the Jewish poison. To-day, after two thousand years, with deepest emotion I recognize more profoundly than ever before the fact that it was for this that He had to shed His blood upon the Cross. As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice… And if there is anything which could demonstrate that we are acting rightly it is the distress that daily grows. For as a Christian I have also a duty to my own people.

-Adolf Hitler, in a speech on 12 April 1922 (Norman H. Baynes, ed. The Speeches of Adolf Hitler, April 1922-August 1939, Vol. 1 of 2, pp. 19-20, Oxford University Press, 1942)

Hitler’s anti-Semitism grew out of his Christian education. Christian Austria and Germany in his time took for granted the belief that Jews held an inferior status to Aryan Christians. Jewish hatred did not spring from Hitler, it came from the preaching of Catholic priests and Protestant ministers throughout Germany for hundreds of years. The Protestant leader, Martin Luther, himself, held a livid hatred for Jews and their Jewish religion. In his book, “On the Jews and their Lies,” Luther set the standard for Jewish hatred in Protestant Germany up until World War II. Hitler expressed a great admiration for Martin Luther.

Hitler did not have to parade his belief in God, as so many American Christians do now. Nor did he have to justify his Godly belief against an Atheist movement. He took his beliefs for granted just as most Germans did at that time. His thrust aimed at politics, not religion. But through his political and religious reasoning he established in 1933, a German Reich Christian Church, uniting the Protestant churches to instill faith in a national German Christianity.

Future generations should remember that Adolph Hitler could not have come into power without the support of the Protestant and Catholic churches and the German Christian populace.

The following quotes provides some of Hitler’s expressions of his belief in religion, faith, fanaticism, Providence, and even a few of his paraphrasing of the Bible. It by no means represents the totality of Hitler’s concerns. To realize the full context of these quotes, I implore the reader to study Mein Kampf.

The purpose of this text intends to dispute the claims made by Christians that Hitler “was an atheist,” or “anti-religious,” and to reveal the dangers of belief-systems. This text in no way attempts to give endorsement to anti-Semitism.

(“oh, the US is not like that — we fought the in a war!”  OK, sure…)

This is far more womb-to-tomb (with warehousing of undesirables ALL ALONG THE WAY, but education of children and catechizing them into the ‘right” worldview starting at Birth and ending with definite warehousing and real-estate theft in their old age, when they are least able to defend themselves.  This theory does NOT respect weakness, and would just as soon eliminate the weak not useful for industries to support the wealthy, and suppress all those with a conscience about the weak, or compassion for them, i.e., actually a real Christian who did what Jesus is recorded as doing….threatening status quo by speaking to the hypocrisy of religious leadership, while actually considering the downtrodden, and addressing them as human beings that mattered.

I do not subscribe to this.  I’m female.   The movement is about power — not about how power is obtained.  It’s about winning — it’s not about what’s morally or ethically right.  While talking about what “we” must do in order to preserve the US– this line of thought doesn’t value what the USA Constitution does, which is about all that has a chance of making it a worthwhile place to live, by contrast with other countries.  If we wanted a National Religion – or outlawed religion– there are other places to choose from.

RIGHTWING WATCH and “ALEC” bears watching.

Founded in the early 1970s to promote right-wing policies at the state level, the American Legislative Exchange Council’s focus has shifted to favor the promotion of state legislation and regulation that benefits its corporate sponsors. A fact that should come as no surprise given its funding by right-wing foundations and corporate membership fees ranging from $5000 to $50,000. The council boasts a large clearinghouse of research, model bills, and legislative strategies to promote its agenda.

American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
1129 20th Street NW – Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036
Website: www.alec.org
Founders: Paul Weyrich, Henry Hyde, Lou Barnett, and others
Executive Director: Ron Scheberle
Established: 1973
Financials: $7,803,119 (2007 budget)
Employees: 28


Legislative Membership

ALEC serves as the “state legislators’ think tank.” Join nearly 2,000 fellow state legislators at ALEC – the nation’s largest nonpartisan, individual membership association. Learn More >

Download a Brochure | Download & Mail Application

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One of ALEC’s greatest strengths is the public-private partnership. ALEC provides the private sector with an unparalleled opportunity to have its voice heard, and its perspective appreciated, by the legislative members. Learn More >

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How Iowa Became a Stronghold of the Religious Right (continued from far, far, above — near top of the post)

Politically conservative evangelicals in Iowa began to mobilize. Ronald Reagan carried Iowa in 1980 over Jimmy Carter, the incumbent, evangelical Democrat. In 1988 I returned to Iowa for the precinct caucuses to write about evangelicals negotiating the vagaries of political life. Many were self-identified “housewives” who were “lobbying from the kitchen table.”

The Religious Right in Iowa never looked back. Concerned Women for America, Beverly LaHaye’s organization, became a political force. Rush Limbaugh and other fixtures of the downstream media became staples on WHO, Iowa’s clear-channel radio station. The radio station KWKY, located — literally — in the middle of an Iowa cornfield, became a beacon of evangelical political rhetoric, most of it leaning toward the hard right. Gannett’s purchase of the Register in 1985 diminished the newspaper’s independent voice.

Evangelicals in Iowa formed into megachurches, just as they did in other parts of the country. Homeschooling became all the rage — and this despite the fact that Iowa has long boasted one of the finest systems of public education in the nation.

HEY! — Plenty of  homeschoolers aren’t right-wing evangelicals !!!  And homeschooling is not anti-patriotic, it’s often pro-responsible parenting.  Perhaps if more people did, the overall literacy level of the country might go UP, and public debt DOWN!   However, I do know some.   
There’s an “Internet Infidels” nonprofit in Colorado (Colorado NEEDS more groups like this) which has a short, but clear post on Hitler’s Religion and standing within it, that led up to attempted genocide of the Jews.   This should be REQUIRED reading in these times.  While Luther protested excesses of Catholic Church, he also despised Jews and approved pogroms (it says).  This is why when evaluating any group, person, or thing to follow, one has to look at the top, underneath, left, right and most especially the past.
While I’d be well within “Fair Use Rights” to quote this, I’m going to exhort us to read.  I did just look up the group and it’s filing its tax returns: [[That link broken; tax returns YE2012, 2013, 2014 shown below this quote]]….

The Religion of Hitler (1998)

John Patrick Michael Murphy

In George Orwell’s, 1984, it was stated, “Who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past.”

Who is going to control the present – fundamentalism or freedom? History is being distorted by many preachers and politicians. They are heard on the airwaves condemning atheists and routinely claim Adolph Hitler was one. What a crock! Hitler was a Roman Catholic, baptized into that religio-political institution as an infant in Austria. He became a communicant and an altar boy in his youth, and was confirmed as a “soldier of Christ” in that church. The worst doctrines of that church never left him. He was steeped in its liturgy, which contained the words, “perfidious Jew.” This hateful statement was not removed until 1961. Perfidy means treachery.

In his day, hatred of Jews was the norm. In great measure it was sponsored by the two major religions of Germany, Catholicism and Lutheranism. He greatly admired Martin Luther, who openly hated the Jews. Luther condemned the Catholic Church for its pretensions and corruption, but he supported the centuries of papal pogroms against the Jews. Luther said, “The Jews deserve to be hanged on gallows seven times higher than ordinary thieves,”and “We ought to take revenge on the Jews and kill them.” “Ungodly wretches” he calls the Jews in his widely read Table Talk.

Hitler seeking power, wrote in Mein Kampf. “… I am convinced that I am acting as the agent of our Creator. By fighting off the Jews. I am doing the Lord’s work.” Years later, when in power, he quoted those same words in a Reichstag speech in 1938.

Three years later he informed General Gerhart Engel: “I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so.” He never left the church, and the church never left him. Great literature was banned by his church, but his miserable Mien Kampf never appeared on the Index of Forbidden Books.

He was not excommunicated or even condemned by his church. Popes, in fact, contracted with Hitler and his fascist friends Franco and Mussolini, giving them veto power over whom the pope could appoint as a bishop in Germany, Spain and Italy. The three thugs agreed to surtax the Catholics of their countries and send the money to Rome in exchange for making sure the state could control the church.

Those who would make Hitler an atheist should turn their eyes to history books before they address their pews and microphones. Acclaimed Hitler biographer, John Toland, explains his heartlessness as follows: “Still a member in good standing of the Church of Rome despite detestation of its hierarchy, he carried within him its teaching that the Jew was the killer of god. The extermination, therefore, could be done without a twinge of conscience since he was merely acting as the avenging hand of god…”

Hitler’s Germany amalgamated state with church. Soldiers of the vermacht wore belt buckles inscribed with the following: “Gott mit uns” (God is with us). His troops were often sprinkled with holy water by the priests. It was a real Christian country whose citizens were indoctrinated by both state and church to blindly follow all authority figures, political and ecclesiastical.

Hitler, like some of today’s politicians and preachers, politicized “family values.” He liked corporal punishment in home and in school. Jesus prayers became mandatory in all schools under his administration. While abortion was illegal in pre-Hitler Germany he took it to new depths of enforcement, requiring all doctors to report to the government the circumstances of all miscarriages. He openly despised homosexuality and criminalized it. If past is prologue, we know what to expect if liberty becomes license.

As a young child, I remember my late father, Martin J. Murphy, practicing a speech and loudly quoting the following: “Light up the mountain. Bring out the wild and fiery steed. Let it be known, that I, Gustavus, have insulted the King.” Thinking for yourself and speaking your true thoughts – now that’s a real family value.

Please support them, because we need a river of reason in these media-saturated times.  And it’s not going to come from a megachurch; they simply don’t have the vocabulary of reason — or (many times) even of their own scriptures – in the thinking process.  Why else would every global dominionist want access to this group?  Because they’ll believe anything and act with cohesion, following the leaders.   They’re already centrally organized and peer- and leader-dependent! !!!
In Hindsight, 2017 — the link to the “tax returns” before quote was defunct; I grabbed the EIN# and looked it up at a database I now use regularly.

Total results: 3Search Again.

INTERNET INFIDELS INC NV 2014 990EZ 14 $62,482.00 84-1412395
INTERNET INFIDELS INC NV 2013 990EZ 12 $71,969.00 84-1412395
INTERNET INFIDELS INC NV 2012 990EZ 10 $77,002.00 84-1412395
Internet Infidels IRS Form 990EZ 2014 showing directors come from different states, and the tax-exempt service was basically maintaining two websites.

Internet Infidels IRS Form 990EZ 2014 showing directors come from different states, and the tax-exempt service was basically maintaining two websites.

I actually do believe in God (not the ones the Religious Right worships) and appreciate the Bible from both faith, literature (eloquent, much?  Show me something better) and as a timepoint of history. I also know that those who had the bravery to get it translated into various languages, in Britain and on the Continent, were remarkable people, some of who were burned at the stake and their work destroyed — yet their work also had an effect, and in England through spreading literacy, helped challenge the greatest power of the time — the Roman Catholic Church.   They applied their reason to translation of the scriptures, and concluded, many, there was no three-in-one God.  After a few centuries of pendulum-swinging bloodshed (including Cromwell), out of it came people who fled to America and in a slightly safer situation, crafted the Declaration of Independence and this Constitution.   As late as 1689, one could be executed for belief in this “wrong” version of God — as a result, Jefferson et al. tried to put the brakes on.  I posted his statute on religious freedom (and how it was censored even so) from Virginia — recently.
Whether instituting a state religion (which leads to bloodshed and usually tyranny over women) or instituting the opposite (which also leads to bloodshed, because people WILL fight to the death for their gods — worship ALWAYS involves sacrifice) — there’s likely to be war.   My understanding is that people are religious — PERIOD.  They like popular folklore on their own history, and if the do not have a God provided for them by the local (faith-based institution) that seems good enough, they will go get another one, or make one up.
No matter how you cut it — someone is going to play god in so many words, or someone is going to demand you submit to the same one, neither one is particularly good for the women of the race.   I have lived with all types and see good & bad in all types.  But when it came to getting some action to keep my family alive at a time when a culturally-supported (from religious sphere especially) was ready to “off” himself, and or his kids, and or especially me (it was voiced, weapons were present to do this with, the talk was increasing at the time I filed) — I had to definitely go to an atheistic forum.  WHY?  Because one Christian family (in many mainstream, protestant or evangelical) telling a man to take a hike loses the entire family’s resources.  
Because — if this set of populace had to actually learn — and uphold — the laws against domestic violence and child abuse, and if its mandatory reporters actually were forced to do so — they’d half of them go out of business, part of which business is in dominating others and persuading them to come to THIS church, not THAT one.  Or, our ecumenical gatherings in face of increasing secularism, etc. (etc., etc.)
I would not be blogging for three years here if I didn’t have faith in truth, which to me equates with faith in a just God.  I find much that the Bible says speaks EXACTLY to the human condition, and is relevant to today.   I also wonder why didn’t some secular person make some of the connections I did after running across NAFCJ.net and have the heart to keep it up for this long?
We have to think in terms of beyond our lifetimes — that’s primary — for what’s the legacy.
Also, people unacquainted with the Bible are illiterate of the history of a lot of the Western empire — AND the MidEast; they simply cannot understand history without understanding religion.  Right now, public schools are apparently churning out students who can’t read anything (let alone King James) and also bully, rape, and impregnate each other; I think there is definitely a pro and con to the issue of trying to have a world without “believers” or a world without “atheists” holding public office (shudder!).   We need each to understand the other.
(Ah well):
Listen to this and some of the responses:

American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer believes that “we are in fact choosing a minister when we select a president.”

In a recent column, Fischer uses Romans 13 as his prooftext for this assertion. Paul, writing to the Romans before his visit there, admonishes his readers to “be subject to the governing authorities; for there is no authority except from God.”

Fischer uses this passage, along with verse 6, to prove that “One who holds public office is serving in a divinely ordained role, just as much as a pastor in the pulpit. The role of a statesman is every bit as sacred as that of a clergyman.”

Indeed, he goes on to use this assertion as a bludgeon against Newt Gingrich—without ever naming him. Following this “logic” that since all politicians are really members of the clergy, Fischer pulls out the requirements for a pastor in 1 Timothy to bolster his slam on Gingrich.

An elder, the apostle says, “must be the husband of one wife” (1 Timothy 3:1). Since polygamy was illegal in the Roman empire, Paul is declaring that one qualification for pastoral ministry is that a man be still married to his first wife

This person then goes on to take on the argument scripturally.  The point is moot — and if anything an acquaintance with the Bible ought to give one, it’s a sense of history and where one is in it, both US, World, and Biblical.  The point here (kind of glossed over) is that an AFA radio host could even stand up there and characterize a President as a Minister, and no one comment on who is that “American Family Association” and what’s behind it!  When Newt (who she protests the AFA radio host having “slammed”) wants to regain some ground (see below), he’ll contact them, and apparently has bankrolled some AFA before in IOWA.

American Family Association (AFA) a non-profit 501(c3) organization was founded in 1977 by Donald E. Wildmon, who was pastoring First United Methodist Church in Southaven, Mississippi, at the time Since 1977, AFA has been on the frontlines of America’s culture war. The original name of the ministry was National Federation for Decency but was changed to American Family Association (AFA) in 1988.

Today, AFA is one of the largest and most effective pro-family organizations in the country with over two million online supporters and approximately 180,000 paid subscribers to the AFA Journal, the ministry’s monthly magazine. In addition, AFA owns and operates nearly 200 radio stations across the country under the American Family Radio(AFR) banner.


The American Family Association believes that God has communicated absolute truth to mankind, and that all people are subject to the authority of God’s Word at all times.  {{AND GUESS WHO WILL HELP ENFORCE….}}  Therefore AFA believes that a culture based on biblical truth best serves the well-being of our nation and our families, in accordance with the vision of our founding documents;[1] and that personal transformation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest agent of biblical change in any culture.[2]

(picture of Donald Wildmon of AFA, from American Fundamentalism.com (more, below)

[1].  Sentence has an inherent contradiction and (like a lot of this stuff) is completely ahistorical.   Apparently the “Founding documents” had a vision that bears little relationship to what they actually wrote, which asserts Congress shall NOT make a law establishing a religion.  If Congress –representing the will of the people — was to NOT establish a religion (a culture basically IS a religion) — why would this group want to then go establish a religion, rather than establish freedom of worship?

[2]  The Gospel of Jesus Christ (per Bible) talks about repentance (including from “dead works”) and faith in the accomplished work of Christ, followed by fruit to match.   It is not a “personal transformation movement” — and many of the letters of the church, including Romans 12 (which actually uses the phrase “be ye transformed”) is addressed to a plural — to the faithful.  It is not even addressed to people who don’t believe on Christ.  Towards the end of the book (Revelation) the Bible places a specific curse on people who “transform” (add to or delete from) its words, which this sure sounds like.  It’s not just a matter of words, but of entire mindset.   We are talking a Dominionist mindset, combined with media saturation (read the rest of it).

The AFA is — it says clearly enough — a nonprofit formed in 1977.

The usual beliefs — and with time, you too, will bow to this belief (given Weyrich and friends) or forfeit a lot more than can cross your minds right now.  Read the history books:

It is AFA’s goal to be a champion of Christian activism.  If you are alarmed by the increasing ungodliness and depravity assaulting our nation, tired of cursing the darkness, and ready to light a bonfire, please join us.  Do it for your children and grandchildren.


1.  We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God.

2.  We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons:  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

3.  We believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father, and in His personal return in power and glory.

4.  We believe that for the salvation of lost and sinful people, regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential.

This is essentially Catholicism, minus the Virgin Mary, and probably more because she’s a woman than because of belief systems.  And it’s not said as well, either.   

While able to recite, they cannot reconcile their belief system’s inherent hatred of the restrictions placed on them — too — by the Bill of Rights.  This is purged, I guess by clarity on what they hate — which is apparently what their leaders told them to hate (from the same source).


●  In response to Proposition 8, the California referendum that would amend the state’s constitution to protect marriage as being only between a man and a woman, AFA produced a 30-minute documentary supporting the ballot measure and distributed it at no cost to 21,000 churches in California. The video was written and produced by AFA staffers for a small fraction of typical production costs. The video proved to be a valuable tool in the passage of Proposition 8. 

The American Family Association acts to:(1) restrain evil by exposing the works of darkness;
(2) promote virtue by upholding in culture that which is right, true and good according to Scripture;
(3) convince individuals of sin and challenge them to seek Christ’s grace and forgiveness;
(4) motivate people to take a stand on cultural and moral issues at the local, state and national levels; and
(5) encourage Christians to bear witness to the love of Jesus Christ as they live their lives before the world.To that end, AFA spurs activism directed to:

  • Preservation of Marriage and the Family
  • Decency and Morality
  • Sanctity of Human Life
  • Stewardship
  • Media Integrity
(see color painting above) link to a copyrighted “A Manifesto for the Christian Church” copyrighted by “The Coalition on Revival, Inc.” in CALIFORNIA (meaning, guess what I’m going to look up next…..).     It’s strictly copyrighted, terms I’m going to comply with:

Copyright 1989, 1999, 2002, The Coalition on Revival, Inc. All rights reserved. Manufactured in the United States of America.

No part of this document may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing from the Coalition on Revival, except by a reviewer, who may quote brief passages in a review.

The Coalition on Revival, Inc. P.O Box 1139 Murphys, CA 95247

I’m a reviewer.  (Do I review things on this blog, right?)  Here’s my review of confession #15, after this group identifies itself up front (all font style changes are mine):

What is the Coalition on Revival?

The Coalition on Revival is a network of evangelical leaders from every major denominational and theological perspective who share a vision for and a to revival, renewal, and reformation in Church and society in America.

People of Anabaptist, Arminian, Lutheran, Calvinist, and Wesleyan denominational backgrounds are all represented among COR’s leaders. Pre-, a-, and post-millenialists are cooperating with each other, sharing the exciting task of getting God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven insofar as that is possible between now and whenever Christ comes back to Earth. Charismatics and non-charismatics, covenant and dispensationalist theologians, have joined arm in arm in prayer and hard work to see revival, renewal, and reformation in the Christian Church and the American culture.

COR’s vision is to see Christians everywhere doing all they can in the power of the Holy Spirit to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ (2 Cor. 10: 5), in every aspect of life.Toward that end, we have developed a series of worldview documents that set forth what we believe are the fundamental and essential points of the total Christian world and life view. The COR worldview documents state what we believe are the biblical principles for all spheres of human life including theology, evangelism, discipleship, law, civil governments, economics, education, family, medicine, psychology and counseling, arts and media, business and professions, and science and technology. We believe that the COR worldview documents state where the entire Church must stand and what action it must take to accomplish its task in the remaining years of the Twentieth Century and on into the next century.

Hey! . . . .. . Jesus already did this (as concisely) for you — in fact, he boiled it down to about two commandments, beautifully stated.  For those who need more clarity, there’s the Sermon on the Mount, aka, The Beatitudes, starting in Matthew 5.  I trust this assemblage has read that far into the New Testament (Matthew being its first book)…. Paul stated in Romans that “love works no ill towards its neighbor, therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.”  For those still yet unclear on what “love” is there’s an entire chapter (I Corinthians 13).  I am just so unclear on why these guys won’t let the words of their heroes, or the Bible, simply speak for itself? Something basic is really missing.  2 Corinthians 10;5 is particularly taken out of context, and advocating the EXACT opposite of what its author (or if you will, alleged author) was saying to the riotous and in fact whoremongering & sectarian Corinthian church at the time (i.e., incest was named), plus they were greedy and moreover called “dumb.”
But in Item 15, the topic of wife-beating ALMOST — not really, but ALMOST — rates a passing mention:

15. We have permitted both Christian and non-Christian men of our society to fail in leadership, becoming emasculated, tamed, dependent, self-centered, and soft; and, in the opposite extreme, we have allowed some men to abuse their authority by their lack of sacrificial love for their families;

That’s some confession.  First — being emasculated “tamed” and soft (what part of the anatomy could they POSSIBLY be referring to, by implication?).  Oh, and “lack of sacrificial love” is what others call “domestic violence.”
More to the point, they do not recognize the right of “non-Christian men of our society” to fail.  In this world view, failure is sin.  (Yet look what the LJC did in his “failure” called being crucified). Also note who OWNS the families — the men. (women as breeders, etc.)….
– – – – – – Also let’s not kid ourselves, it’s a Commission to Dominate — Jesus Told them To:

9. The Great Commission.

We affirm that the Great Commission is a mandate by our Lord to go forth into all the world and make Bible-obeying disciples of all nations. Getting men’s souls saved is only a preliminary part of fulfilling the Great Commission. Our work is incomplete unless we teach them to obey all He commanded. The word of the Lord’s prayer for God’s will to “be done on earth as it is in heaven” are another way to state the essence of the same Great Commission.**

Actually, not it wasn’t.  The “Great Commission” is at the end of the gospels; the Lord’s Prayer was near the beginning of Jesus’ (admittedly short) ministry.  The point of the Lord’s Prayer is set in context of not being pretentious and in order to be seen of men, which pretty much seems to describe posting this thing on-line.    I KNOW that humanists and atheists probably could care less, but what I’m telling you is that these signers who agreed to the statement (and it’s plenty — see list, and not that some have “changed status” since they made their vows. Which the Beatitudes also talk about.) is that I, for one, don’t want a country led by people that, in the name of their God (allegedly Jesus, although He never said this), who can’t tell the beginning of his ministry (cf. “Their heads”) from the end of it, at least on earth (cf. “their bottoms”).    The Bible itself seems to have slipped right throughout without assimilation or digestion.  Probably the company they keep.
Moreover, if they cannot actually name a sin (and beating one’s women into submission and having sex with minors, which we’ve shown goes on, definitely qualifies), they can’t possibly cast it out of their own ranks.  Which their own writings (I Corinthians) does not fail to name and address.
Oh well.  This bit is responding to the LGBT pastor blogger talking about electing Presidents as Ministers:
One of the readers responds, after some idiotic commentary on Romans 13 meaning civil obedience:
Wrong Scripture
Posted by coltakashi on December 30, 2011 at 6:16 AM

When it comes to the president of the United States, the only sacred text is the US Constitution. Article VI says that no religious test shall be used for any office under the Federal government, which clearly means that whether one is Catholic, Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim, Unitarian, Quaker, Baptist, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, Amish, or atheist, you are not disqualified from serving as the chief “minister” of the executive branch of that government. Melding the Constitution with the Bible is not only bad government, it is also bad religion.

Roman emperors were literally worshipped in a cult that included temples and animal sacrifice. Early Christians were denounced as “atheists” because they refused to participate. Similarly, the Japanese leaders who managed Japan’s emergence into modern civilization developed a fanatical cult of nationalism around the emperor to engender national unity and obedience to the government. The unification of governmental power and religious leadership in Iran is a modern example. What is there about any of these examples that commends them to Americans, since the Declaration of Independence, in direct opposition to the royal claims of divine investiture, proclaims that God gave his sovereignty equally to all men, including the right to fire their kings?

NEWT was not even in 3rd place in the recent polls, I heard this morning — but not wasting any time; in Iowa, one has to suck up to the Religious Right.  Here he is, supported by AFA (AMerican Family Association) and the letter even cites a San Diego (as in “Enron by the Sea,” remember?) based Pastoral “Rapid Response Team.”
Submitted by Brian Tashman on December 30, 2011 – 4:35pm

Facing a barrage of negative ads and a severe drop in support among Iowa voters, Newt Gingrich today held a conference call with Iowa pastors to build up his support among the state’s social conservative voters. Religious Right leaders Don Wildmon and Jim Garlow, both of whom have endorsed Gingrich, were featured on the call, and David Brody of CBN News obtained Wildmon’s letter sent to Iowa pastors. In the letter, Wildmon stressed Gingrich’s “thrust to remove elitist judges,” including the Iowa justices who “voted in 2009 to impose homosexual marriage on all Iowans;” in fact, Gingrich helped bankroll a campaign led by Wildmon’s American Family Association to remove three justices from the Iowa Supreme Court. Wildmon says that Gingrich is “the one person who can lead us out of the awful environment created by the present occupant in the White House”:

Dear Iowa pastors and friends:

I am inviting you (and select Christian Iowa Leaders) to join me on a Conference Call with Former Speaker Newt Gingrich this Friday, December 30, 12 Noon (CST).

Dr. Jim Garlow will emcee the call, pastor Skyline Church San-Diego, founder of the California Pastors Rapid Response Team, a group of several thousand pastors who led the successful charge for Prop. 8 in 2008, a Constitutional Amendment to ban same-sex marriage in California.

Ron Paul (or at least his Campaign Manager) seems to agree on this one:

Ron Paul touts endorsement of pastor who defends death penalty for gays, delinquent children & adultery

Posted on December 28th, 2011 by Warren (Throckmorton)

Phillip Kayser is pastor of the Dominion Covenant Church in Omaha, Nebraska, just across the border from Iowa. Yesterday, Rev. Kayser endorsed Ron Paul for President.  The Paul campaign clearly welcomed the endorsement calling Kayser an “eminent pastor.” Ron Paul’s Iowa Chairman, Drew Ivers, commended Kayser’s view of Paul’s approach to government, saying

“We welcome Rev. Kayser’s endorsement and the enlightening statements he makes on how Ron Paul’s approach to government is consistent with Christian beliefs.  We’re thankful for the thoughtfulness with which he makes his endorsement and hope his endorsement and others like it make a strong top-three showing in the caucus more likely,” said Ron Paul 2012 Iowa Chairman Drew Ivers.

Dr. Kayser has degrees in education, theology and philosophy/ethics.  He is the author of over 40 books and booklets.  The name of one organization that he founded describes well his ministry: Biblical Blueprints.  His passion is to see the comprehensive blueprints of the Scriptures applied to science, civil government, education, art, history, economics, business, and every area of life.

For his part, Kayser said he had some disagreements with Paul but endorsed Paul due to Paul’s views on limited government, non-intervention abroad and civics. Kayser said Paul’s view of civics is “far closer to Biblical civics than any of the other candidate’s…”

Kayser’s endorsement and the Paul campaign’s response (“…how Ron Paul’s approach to government is consistent with Christian beliefs”) is of note because what Kayser believes about government. It appears that Kayser is a Christian reconstructionist (see this post about their views) who believes that the penalties associated with Mosaic law should be implemented today. Also, known as theonomy, the adherents generally believe biblical rules should be promoted by Christians in politics and implemented by legislation.

Kayser’s work is promoted on the website Theonomy Resources which is run by Stephen Halbrook. I wrote about Halbrook’s book on biblical law here and noted that he promoted the idea that homosexuality, adultery, idolatry and rebellion in children should be considered capital offenses today (see What would dominionists do with gays? Part 3)

What would I do if I lived in Iowa, and knew the Democrats aren’t looking for another candidate?  I’d probably vote for Ron Paul and then get back on with life. and because he will actually stand up and SAY something about the Federal Reserve and Wars.  For one, it appears at one time he worked an honest trade in his life, called M.D., which means there’s some common sense in there somewhere.  I would rather have an open racists who will keep his oath of office, then a smarmy liberal who won’t — and has deserted three wives so far.

To show us how far we are from tolerance in public spheres — can anyone even picture having a Jewish President?  Or a Female one?  How many hands say — no?

We do not have real choice in the Presidential realm, but among the forerunners, I’d pick Paul — and then get back to work on other business, such as passing an ERA — and making sure that somehow, we can have a Congress that represents the country — and that’s OVER half female.  Til then, I think you can just about hang it up for some peace around here.

This man Joel Pelletier (also who did the painting above) is expressing American Fundamentalism in paintings.  He’s doing his bit, and this is part of a good read:

The core tenet of Christian Reconstructionism is that Democracy is part of the problem, and Theocracy is the solution. Economic Fundamentalists are true believers in Monopoly Capitalism, praising multi-national corporations but NEVER multi-national labor unions. Political Fundamentalists don’t care if America is liked – they only care about respect, which they are happy to define as fear.

But I can’t believe that the people I have painted don’t really know what Reality is. If it’s just that they are simply self-serving, that’s just ANOTHER example of America’s wealthy and powerful being greedier and meaner than anyone else (we’re still number one!). If it’s all simply self-delusional spin, then please spare us the public therapy and find yourself a professional.

This is not the world I wish to live in, and I refuse to allow them to destroy my country, my culture, my planet. I was born here, and whether my descendants came over on the Mayflower, or walked down from Canada, that’s what America is – people from all over who came to make a better life, and DID. I refuse to become just another disgusted expatriate American artist. This thing is now global, and as Americans we have a responsibility to everyone else on the planet who cannot speak out and cannot vote here. Information is power, and this painting is my way of fighting back.

Written in 2004 by Joel Pelletier.  Illustrated too, on the website.  Thank you!


I know that there are SOME issues which will not be resolved this side of Apocalypse — whether by the hand of man, or God, or perhaps God, being smart, and knowing what He created — was also smart enough to make an educated guess where the insatiable egotism would lead.   Or maybe there is a spiritual reality (I actually have identified where I stand on that) and a good way to describe “pure evil” or for that matter “pure good” . . . would be as the personification of an underlying spiritual reality.  That’s at least as reasonable as the psychological explanations for all kinds of horrors, including sorting people by gender, race and income into their professional niches, and using some genders and races, while extolling the virtues of the current one dominating the place.  Its at LEAST as reasonable as a field of study which historically sprang from “eugenics.”  And I suggest we “Get Honest” that some sectors, at their top leadership, definitely are OK with it.


These are very disturbing topics and do not make for good posts.

However, I feel it’s important to bring them up.



The basic world religion at this point is about power and money, and who gets to the most of it fastest by best predicting the favor of the masses.   And I do thing that the scriptures give a wonderful system of meaning (IF set in some geographic and cultural contexts, i.e., reality checks) and a SYSTEM of understanding the world to be placed alongside others.  People that do not understand the religious fundamentalist mindset (but think they do) I consider at least as dangerous as those who participate in it..  And “ye shall know them by their fruits” is a good enough standard by me.


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