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Archive for December 31st, 2011

HHS Faith-Based Grants= Water Gushing from an Uncapped Fire Hydrant. Tracking Them = “Down the Rabbit Hole.” I Suggest a Different Approach.

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HHS Faith-Based Grants= Water Gushing from an Uncapped Fire Hydrant. Tracking Them = “Down the Rabbit Hole.” I Suggest a Different Approach.” Publ. 12/31/2011, <12,000 words.

Format update (add borders + background-color only) 2018 as it came up in a “faith-based” phrase search on this blog.  Currently Table of Contents do not go back to 2011.  My blogging skills were less developed then, and more images may have expired since I was not using “screenprints” to display them, but actual links to website which may have changed since then. ///LGH 5-2-2018.

Excerpt from the post:

The idea of this post began with the grant 90SN0001 to a presumably faith-based group in Connecticut, “Conference of Churches,” which was listed on Whitehouse.gov as the CT contact for a faith-based office.  See?  And the numbering “90SN0001” shows it was the first, possibly formative, in the series.   It should — but hasn’t, enough — raise serious fire alarms when the US Government — which taxes citizens regardless of their faith, while giving nonprofit exempt status to a multitude of churches

2018 inserts: 90SN0001 as it would appear now in a search by that “Award#” @ TAGGS.HHS.gov/SearchAdv

HHS 2009 $250K Grant 90SN0001 to “Conference of Churches” is the only grant shown to this Connecticut Entity. (Searched May 2, 2018).  Saved Search (2018) on #90SN0___ came up w/ under $12M, mostly $250K.  Sort by clicking on any column header and notice grantee type includes many gov’t departmts, mayors offices (includ “…of faith-based” in Michigan), universities, foundations — but few “Special interest other” like this one.

[12/31/2011 text starts here]

OK, So I mix & Match references.  Both apply and Both seem good labels for the situation.  To illustrate the References:

Fire Hydrant Hydration — How to Cool Off Responsibly (Scientific American, Blog post , 7/21/2010, by Ferris Jabr)

An opened fire hydrant in New York gushes 1,000 gallons of water a minute, draining the same reservoirs that supply kitchens, bathrooms, and—of course—fire hoses. “It’s illegal for private citizens to open fire hydrants on their own,” says Farrell Sklerov, a spokesman for the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). “What people are supposed to do is ask for a spray cap from their local firehouse.”

Free of charge, NYC firemen will install or lend out perforated caps that cut down a hydrant’s gushing to 25 gallons per minute, while still providing constant jets of water for the hot and bothered. The caps help prevent water pressure from dropping dramatically in nearby homes and buildings.
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December 31, 2011 at 6:51 pm

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