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Outrageous Outreach Activities in Haiti: Project Pierre Toussaint, Adopted kids “In the Father’s Hands” (alas, literally), and Post-shutdown Fundraising.

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This post comes from my habit of browsing the Courthousenews periodically (article below) and a recent lawsuit against an orphanage in Haiti operated by “Lashbrook Family Ministry.”

That doesn’t mean you won’t get a still get dose of  HHS Healthy Marriage Responsible Fatherhood Faith-Based Grantees, and my commentary on them.  After all, it looks like one thing in common with Project Pierre Toussaint Fiasco is fundraising (from afar) continues after corporate status, or institution, suspended.

Talk about the “Missionary Position”and compromised relationships of funders:  Did they know?  Did they not know?  ….How many unreported similar stories abound? Can we trust ANY advertisement from ANY source with poignant photos of happy (or, if that’s the sales angle) forlorn skinny children?

In short — no.  Do the homework, and don’t support what you can’t validate.


OK, Here goes nothing and a rather different post.


Remember Haiti — and some debates about well-meaning Baptists going and getting themselves some nice Haitian kids?

Read and understand what the concept “faith-based” really entails:

The Evangelical Adoption Crusade

Research support for this article was provided by the Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute.

In late March Craig Juntunen told a group of Christian adoption advocates assembled at a Chandler, Arizona, home about his plans to increase international adoptions fivefold. Just over a year before, the world had been riveted by the saga of Laura Silsby, the American missionary arrested while trying to transport Haitian children across the Dominican border. But the lessons of that scandal seemed far from Juntunen’s mind as he described his “crusade to create a culture of adoption” by simplifying adoption’s labyrinthine ethical complexities to their emotional core. Juntunen, a former pro football quarterback and the adoptive father of three Haitian children, has emerged as a somewhat rogue figure in the adoption world since he recently founded an unorthodox nonprofit, Both Ends Burning. He has commissioned a documentary about desperate orphans in teeming institutions, Wrongfully Detained, and proposed a “clearinghouse model” that will raise the number of children adopted into US families to more than 50,000 per year.

Juntunen acknowledges that many adoption experts find his proposals naïve, particularly in a year that witnessed scandals in Haiti, Nepal and most recently Ethiopia, where widespread irregularities and trafficking allegations may slow the once-booming program to a crawl. He met a chilly reception recently at the Adoption Policy Conference at New York Law School when he spoke alongside State Department officials. But Juntunen insists that his ideas for increasing adoption constitute a social movement, akin to the civil rights movement, and that the force of a growing “adoption culture” will help them prevail. …

In Arizona, Juntunen was speaking with Dan Cruver, head of Together for Adoption, a key coalition in growing evangelical adoption movement. The event was the first of the organization’s new “house conferences”: small-scale meet-ups bolstering an active national movement that promotes Christians’ adopting as a way to address a worldwide “orphan crisis” they say encompasses hundreds of millions of children. It’s a message Cruver also emphasizes in his book Reclaiming Adoption—one in a growing list of titles about “orphan theology,” which teaches that adoption mirrors Christian salvation, plays an essential role in antiabortion politics and is a means of fulfilling the Great Commission, the biblical mandate that Christians spread the gospel.

If one can’t convince the locals by one’s ethical example and the goodness of God, go forth and adopt, how could a dependent orphan possibly resist the faith?

Yet while Cruver and his colleagues have inspired thousands of Christians to enter the arduous and expensive process of international adoption, the adoption industry is on a steep decline after years of ethical problems and tightening regulations around the world.

In 2009 Russell Moore, dean of the School of Theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary** and author of the 2009 book Adopted for Life, shepherded through a Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) resolution calling on all 16 million members of the denomination to become involved in adoption or “orphan care.”** Last year at least five evangelical adoption conferences were held, and between 1,000 and 2,000 churches participated in an “Orphan Sunday” event in November. And in February, the mammoth evangelical adoption agency Bethany Christian Services announced that its adoption placements had increased 13 percent since 2009, in large part because of the mobilization of churches.

WOW.  I just learned today that the California Judicial Council (again) nominated November as “Adoption Month” and we know that some courts are holding “Adoptions Weekends too.”  I also know that in some states, Adoption incentives are simply huge.  There are just so many parents losing, abandoning, and abusing their kids, I guess — either that or (as the late Nancy Schaefer, of Georgia was pointing out — shortly before she and her husband were shot to death — there are indeed huge financial incentives to for state governments (not just evangelists) to traffic in children.

**Southern Baptist Convention being the one Jimmy Carter and his wife quit, stating they could no longer support the group’s oppressive views towards and treatment of women.  Other literature one can read indicates they fight, cheat, and gang up on each other too . . . . ”


The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is a United States-based Christian denomination. It is the world’s largest Baptist denomination and the largest Protestant body in the United States, with over 16 million members.[3] It is also the second largest Christian body in the United States, after the Catholic Church.[4]

The word Southern in Southern Baptist Convention stems from its having been founded and rooted in theSouthern United States. The SBC became a separate denomination in 1845 in Augusta, Georgia, following a regional split with northern Baptists over the issues of slavery.

Hence one wonders why the urge to go adopt children of color . . . . .

After the American Civil War, another split occurred: most black Baptists in the South separated from white churches and set up their own congregations.” . . . .

Russell H. Dilday, president of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary from 1978 to 1994, described the resurgence as having fragmented Southern Baptist fellowship and as being “far more serious than a controversy”.[28] Dilday described it as being “a self-destructive, contentious, one-sided feud that at times took on combative characteristics”

(Since this is about 16 million Americans I’m talking about, felt it deserved at least a little reference there….)

DO YOU REMEMBER?  “After Haiti Quake, the Chaos of U.S. Adoptions”  NYTimes  By GINGER THOMPSON Published: August 3, 2010


Then on Jan. 12, a devastating earthquake toppled Haiti’s capital and set off an international adoption bonanza in which some safeguards meant to protect children were ignored.

Leading the way was the Obama administration, which responded to the crisis, and to the pleas of prospective adoptive parents and the lawmakers assisting them, by lifting visa requirements for children in the process of being adopted by Americans.

Although initially planned as a short-term, small-scale evacuation, the rescue effort quickly evolved into a baby lift unlike anything since the Vietnam War. It went on for months; fell briefly under the cloud of scandal involving 10 Baptist missionaries who improperly took custody of 33 children; ignited tensions between the United States and child protection organizations; and swept up about 1,150 Haitian children, more than were adopted by American families in the previous three years, according to interviews with government officials, adoption agencies and child advocacy groups.

. . . But child protection advocates like Marlène Hofstetter at Terre des Hommes, an international child advocacy organization, contend that those ends do not justify the means. Rushing children out of familiar environments in a crisis can worsen their trauma, she said. Expediting adoptions in countries like Haiti — where it is not uncommon for people to turn children over to orphanages for money — violates children’s rights and leaves them at risk of trafficking, she added. . . .

In the United States, adoptive parents contacted anyone they knew who might have money, private planes and political connections to help them get children out of Haiti. Evangelical Christian churches, which have increasingly taken up orphan care as a tenet of their faith, were also mobilized.



Let me tell this story (not about the largest organizations around, just a fragment of the field) to make the point that organizations which identify as religious — or faith-based (= ????) — are not necessarily more ethical more altruistic, or doing more good than other groups, as alleged.

In fact the opposite might be true — only they have the religious angle to sell from and people who for milennia have been used to hearing that voice and following that shepherd.    Here’s the Bible on that:

    1Therefore, I exhort the elders among you, as your fellow elder and witness of the sufferings of Christ, and a partaker also of the glory that is to be revealed, 2shepherd the flock of God among you, exercising oversight not under compulsion, but voluntarily, according to the will of God; and not for sordid gain, but with eagerness; 3nor yet as lording it over those allotted to your charge, but proving to be examples to the flock. 4And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the unfading crown of glory. 5You younger men, likewise, be subject to your elders; and all of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, for GOD IS OPPOSED TO THE PROUD, BUT GIVES GRACE TO THE HUMBLE.  ((I Peter 5))

Here’s another type of “example to the flock” which it seems we will never get the message, is fairly typical for the practice,



Welcome to our Adopt-an-Orphanage Project.

On this site you can track our progress in fundraising,

locating 501c3 non-profit partners, and selecting a Haitian orphanage.


Latest from Lashbrook Family Ministries

Dear Family,
Change is good, or so we hear. Change is also difficult. The mission is changing daily with new children being added, new interns and volunteers coming to work and new buildings going up. In the five and half months since the earthquake we have seen so many changes it makes our heads spin. . . .
Cindy & I will be in Haiti June 5 – 14 and then coming back out to speak and raise funds until this fall. We are still looking for churches and groups that would allow us to share our vision and story. For part of this time we hope to have Pastor Andy traveling with us to share his heart about all that is happening in Haiti…
One thing that hasn’t changed is our love and appreciation for all of you who faithfully pray for and support our family as we seek to serve in Haiti and deal with the daily pressures and decisions we must make for our huge family and our ministry. Thank you!Keith & CindyKeith & Cindy Lashbrook, Directors
Lashbrook Family Ministries, Haiti
In the Father’s Hand Children’s Home
Grace Children Adoption Home
Grace Christian School
Grace ChapelFinancial contributions should be made payable to:
Lashbrook Family Ministries
and mailed to:
Globe International
PO Box 3040
Pensacola, FL 32516-3040

Correspondence & in-kind donations contact:
Mission Services Office
2457 W 950 N
Thorntown, IN 46071



Another individual highly impressed with the above Lashbrook Ministries and their concern to reach out and touch / impact  abandoned, vulnerable children.  Possibly innocent of the literal meaning of “reach out and touch…”

Welcome to Hispassion.org. I am Ashley Pell and His Passion is simply me and the ministry that I do. The Lord’s passion is His people and I share that same passion in my life. As a full-time missionary in the Philippines, I am partnered with David Mayyam pioneering a ministry called North Gate, based in Baguio City. I am sent by Helping Hands Inc, a ministry based in Charlotte NC and my church, the Refuge from Concord NC.


During my time with the Lashbrook Family Ministry in Haiti, I was blown away by the magnitude of what God was doing there. I came home with a strong desire to convey that to the people who would not be able to take the trip I did. In January I returned to Port-de-Paix, Haiti, to film this documentary. In just 10 short years, Lashbrook Family Ministry, has founded a Children’s Home, an Adoption Home, a School, a Feeding Program, and a Church. Their desire is to impact the city and eventually the nation with love of God, through reaching these abandoned children


our ministry (the Lashbrooks….)

My Photo

Port-de-Paix, Haiti

In 1997, God broke Keith and Cindy’s heart for the children of Haiti. They moved their family of 4 from Martinsville, Indiana, to Port-de-Paix, Haiti. Lashbrook Family Ministry was born and now they are a family of 110. God has put it in their hearts to love each of the children like their own. In the past 12 years, with the help of many Haitians, they founded a Boy’s Home, a Girl’s Home, an Adoption Home, a feeding program, a free school with 300 students, and a church impacting the community.

Entity Name Type Entity Type City / State

Current Information


Entity Address:  2457 W 950 N, THORNTOWN, IN 46071
General Entity Information:
Control Number1998060496 
StatusVoluntarily Dissolved 
Entity TypeNon-Profit Domestic Corporation 

Entity Creation Date6/1/1998 
Entity Date to Expire
Entity Inactive Date1/22/2008 

There are no other names on file for this Entity.

Additional Services Available:  This Business Entity is not eligible to receive a Certificate of Existence/Authorization. 

Let’s run this by again (I haven’t found an EIN#)  they existed for 10 years.  Were any tax returns filed? In 2010, they are still collecting money — but for Globe International, out of Florida (not IN and not Haiti)


Date Filed Effective Date Type
06/01/1998 06/01/1998 Articles of Incorporation
01/22/2008 01/22/2008 Articles of Dissolution

(I’d like to see this one).

Florida, I can deal with — they have a great corporations search site — and “GLOBE INTERNATIONAL” is a real common name.  Notice the “Status” column has a lot of “INACT” entries.


Learn How to Become a Globe Missionary.

Are you praying about a career in missions? Great! I am sure, if you are praying about serving God in a missionary career, you have been thinking about missions for a long time. Perhaps you have already made a few short term trips, and you probably have also been studying missions courses and missions books. Perhaps too, you have been serving in your local church missions department. Maybe you have a college degree in missions. All of the above is great preparation for a career in missions.

Globe has many opportunities where you can serve alongside our existing ministries and missionaries. Or, if you are ready, Globe can help send you to pioneer a new work in a new country.

You are probably asking, “What must I do first?” Let me make a few suggestions.

  1. First, get active in your local church
  2. Second, if you haven’t made a short term missions trip, let me encourage you to do that soon
  3. Third, if you have not done any formal study, take some bible and missions courses. Globe can recommend several quality study programs that you can do at home in your spare time. They are affordable and will minimally intrude upon your schedule, but will be a great help in the preparation process.
  4. Finally, when you are ready, give us a call

(i.e., if you want to go evangelize as a Christian, start acting like one (translated into:  do something with your church, for a change), and heck, why not even study the bible some?)

For some reason, Globe International Ministries gets to cash checks made out to Lashbrook Family Ministries (IN) which is not an entity in IN since 2008.  CEO,  J. Douglas Gehman per the site. … Found reviewing “Jesus Drank, Judas Repented, and God DIvorced his Bride

Steve Brown’s book will surprise you. It is, and it is not, what the title conveys. With a well researched approach, Brown develops the “Big Three” premises in the title; his conclusions will inspire and challenge you. It is obvious from the beginning that Steve Brown is an ardent follower of Jesus, and is seeking to live a genuinely Christ-centered life before God and people. I highly recommend this thought-provoking book. Whether you agree with his conclusions or not, you will be stirred.”
Dr. J. Douglas Gehman**
President, Globe International
Pensacola, Florida

Also associated with (per corporationwiki) the

**Africa Institute for Biblical Christianity, Inc.  (Affiliated with ACTEA which has to do with theological education in Africa)

Status: Active Filing Date: 02/26/2003
Entity Type: Non Profit Corporation File Number: N03000001736
Company Age: 9 Years, 10 Months
Principal Address: 3015 St Charles Drive
Tampa, FL 33618
Mailing Address: P O Box 261565
Tampa, FL 33685-1565

Because Globe International Ministries self-identifies as religious, it doesn’t have to file tax returns (at least not ones the public can view):

Most Recent Tax Period

EIN Name State Rule Date IRS Sub- section Total Revenue Total Assets 990 Image
2010  592678438 Globe Serv International Inc FL 1987 03 0 0
 237453583 Globe International Ministries Inc FL 1975 03 0 0

ANYHOW, Like Responsible Fatherhood Organizations,** EVANGELICALS LOVE NEW GROUNDS. especially in Africa.…[[

Funding: The National Center for Fathering operates on a $2.5 million annual budget with support from individuals, foundation and corporate grants, and earned income from contracts and resource sales.  Training – The National Center for Fathering offers training through seminars, small groups, and train-the-trainer programs. We have reached over 80,000 fathers through our seminars and have equipped more than 1,000 trainers to provide our research-based father training in their local communities . . .(HOW IT GOT STARTED:   Dr. Ken Canfield founded the National Center as a nonprofit, scientific and education organization. Today, the Center provides practical, research-based training and resources that equip men in virtually every fathering situation to be the involved fathers their children need.) (The Catholic Version of this has a “Father” in every parish and the big one in Rome. This one sells instead training, resources, and books, etc.  Evangelism / / Sales . . . .always needs new territory.  Kind of like Pyramid Schemes…..


Train the Trainers, plant a church, adopt an orphanage, touch the world…..IT’s WHAT THEY DO — and opening orphanages, establishing schools, clinics, etc. of course is part of the terrain 


From COURTHOUSENEWS — another point of view

Parents who adopted 11 Haitian orphans claim a Christian orphanage allowed its staff to sexually molest and assault the children, and subjected them to “a culture of sexual abuse.”

The two sets of parents sued Globe International Ministries, on their own behalf and for the 11 children.

Globe, a Florida-based “missionary sending agency,” claims it “is fulfilling the ‘Great Commission’ by training, sending, supporting, and overseeing missionaries on the foreign field,” according to the complaint in Escambia County Court.

Globe founded and operated the children’s home through its missionaries, (nonparties) Keith Lashbrook and Lashbrook Family Ministry, and profited from donations received by the orphanage, according to the complaint.

The families say Lashbrook and other orphanage staff repeatedly molested the Haitian orphans, with Globe’s knowledge.

 “On or about Aug. 24, 2010, Globe admitted and acknowledged to potential adoptive families of the Haitian children, including plaintiffs, and other donors to Globe and Lashbrook Family Ministry that sexual assaults occurred and a culture of sexual abuse existed at In the Father’s Hands Children’s Home.”

The parents say Globe was negligent in hiring, training and supervising its missionaries and staff.  (see above, steps 1,2,3,4 on Globe’s site)

They seek damages for negligence.

They are represented by Bobby Bradford with Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis & Overholtz.

WHY DO YOU THINK GROUPS LIKE “SNAP” or, Arizona’s “Voices from the Desert” exist to start with?  Why is there an ongoing need?

Supporting survivors of clergy sexual abuse and examining the cover up, causes, and effects of that abuse in the Roman Catholic Church

Why do women like me have to sound alarms about “Faith-Based Initiatives” and keep talking about how the religious factor IS the abuse factor?  Since when — except for maybe a brief period in the US — has any religion NOT been really aligned with any government — or fighting it to gain control?

I found a similar case to this Lashbrook one in Connecticut recently, and one of the faithful Catholic at least spoke up about it, he says.  

NOVEMBER 11, 2009 1:59PM

Letter from concerned parishioner on Perlitz and Fr. Carrier*

*”Fr.” meaning “Father”

Michael Nowacki Letter distributed to St. Thomas More parishioners in Darien, CT (from the parking lot)

La Sosyete, HLLN and Michael Nowacki,

By circulating this mail, HLLN extends its sympathies, support and solidarity to Mr. Michael Nowacki of the St. Thomas More parish in Connecticut USA, who, with great courage ignored alienation {{??}} to inform the St. Thomas More parishioners who contributed funds to the Douglas Perlitz endeavor in Haiti about his case. (See below – Letter to Parishioners, November 7, 2009).

Mr. Nowacki was actually detained by police, called to his Church by the highest Catholic official in the State of Connecticut, Bishop Lori, for his efforts to tell fellow parishioners about the Douglas Perlitz case and the questionable role of Catholic priest Paul Carrier, who appears to still have been soliciting for funds for accused pedophile Douglas Perlitz, even when Father Carrier was no longer affiliated with the Haiti Fund for over a year. (See Letter to Parishioners for exact details.)

{{Emil Danto is an award winning playwright, a performance poet, author and human rights attorney. She was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and raised in the USA. She holds a BA from Boston College, a JD from the University of Connecticut School of law. She is a human rights lawyer, cultural and political activist and the founder and president of the Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN).}}


Letter to Parishioners
by Michael Nowacki
November 7, 2009

Dear Fellow Parishioner,

As a Parishioner of St. Thomas More for the last eighteen years, it is with some genuine concern that this letter is being written.

On the morning of September 12, an article was sent to me which had been posted in that day’s edition of the Connecticut Post. The article was about an indictment of the former executive director of the Pierre Trouissant Project in Haiti on nine counts related to charges relating to child molestation. 

The devastating indictment indicated that Douglas Perlitz had used money that had been raised largely through the efforts of Father Paul Carrier, who has been an active homilist at St. Thomas More, especially in the last two years.

Perlitz allegedly used funds from The Haiti Fund to purchase electronics and other inducements for these children in order to purchase their silence from this abuse.

Perlitz was a student when Father Paul Carrier was the Chaplain and Director of Campus Ministry at Fairfield University. Father Carrier was removed from his position at Fairfield U. in the spring of 2006 and devoted himself to raising money in Parish’s including St. Thomas More for his favorite charity—the Haiti Fund.

In the allegations, Perlitz was also the recipient of wire transfers from the Haiti Fund to personal accounts. . .

The author continued to follow up on the situation, particularly after learning that Fr. Carrier had a class of confirmation students….

. . . My response was somber: “ in this case, you don’t get an indictment from a grand jury without compelling evidence of wrongdoing.” Douglas Perlitz was arrested in Colorado on September 16, where he was living and escorted on Thursday, September 17 with a federal marshal and incarcerated after arraignment in the Federal Courthouse in Bridgeport on Friday in Federal prison in Rhode Island.

Father Bob then startled me when he said that he couldn’t talk to me about this subject because he was under a gag order. “A gag order?” was my question, isn’t that usually connected to a court proceeding? A court didn’t direct your silence did it Father Bob?

I then explained to the lector that Father Carrier had been identified as the “religious leader” in the indictment for having signed a pro-Perlitz letter in the spring of 2008 supporting Perlitz.

Despite the knowledge of the problems for Father Carrier in Haiti, Father Carrier continued to raise money at our parish after he was removed from his role as the Chairman of the Haiti Fund. He raised money at Fairfield University and other parishes including St. Thomas More after he was removed for his favorite charity.

AND SO FORTH. . . . . .   NB.  In another context, Mr. Nowacki is a father’s rights advocate and has sued the STate of Connecticut for violation of his constitutional rights, etc.   The Catholic church is pretty big on fatherhood, and I am not by publishing this letter standing with that court action (which haven’t read enough about anyway).  WHat’s the other side of the story, was this a Catholic family?

These days when money can be raised also easily through web pages — it’s important to check facts.  Time and again, when I check, the groups are not current.  Moreover, since when have religious groups NOT been associated with abuse & molestation of children male and female (cf.  Bishop Eddie Long, who settled out of court) ? ? ? ?   And since when have faith communities NOT been adept at ignoring what’s in their face, and covering up when it’s one of their leaders?

Ask me how I know that. . . . . . apart from what’s available in public….

Here’s the background story on the Project Pierre Toussaint, including the investigative reporter who broke it.  Please read!  I posted enough segments to explain why it stands on this post (fragments may not be in order).

What Happened at Project Pierre Toussaint?

Picture 9

A confidential Haitian police investigative report portrays, in shocking detail, how Perlitz may have preyed on even more students — up to 29, investigators believe. Perlitz was warned not to continue taking children to his house for overnight stays, but former school employees told Hearst Connecticut Newspaper that a culture of silence grew out of the fear of wrecking the economically flourishing charity. A former friend of Perlitz’s who shared a Cap-Haïtien apartment with him said that as far back as 1998, Perlitz was bringing young boys into his bedroom.

Project Pierre Toussaint probably would not have existed without the Rev. Paul Carrier, a charismatic Jesuit priest, close mentor to Perlitz and the longtime director of Fairfield University’s Campus Ministry program. He has not been charged with any wrongdoing, but his role in setting up the charity that raised millions of dollars for Perlitz’s programs — and where that money went — has aroused the interest of federal investigators.

And Perlitz might not be behind bars save for the work of Cyrus Sibert, a Haitian journalist who says he ignored threats and refused bribes to expose allegations that the boys of The Village were being abused.

“Students began writing graffiti on the tall concrete block walls surrounding the Carinage Intake Center regarding how some boys went home with Perlitz and what happened when they did. Each time staff painted over it, more would reappear.”

 . . .

Excellent said, “The kids believed so much in Doug — that he would take them to another level in life.” But too often, he claimed, Perlitz was taking them to his bedroom. “Doug did not have to answer to anyone,” he said.

Sibert broke his first story on Aug. 19, 2007.

Around that time, Louis Petit-Frère, an investigator with the Institut du Bien Etre Social de Recherches, whose responsibilities are similar to Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families, recalled finding several anonymous notes posted on his door when he arrived at work.

Petit-Frère described the notes as “saying sick things…that boys were staying with Douglas in the evening, he was promising things” in exchange for sex.

. .

Kendrick, the Fairfield University graduate who had become an advocate for sex-abuse victims, visited Project Pierre Toussaint. At first an admirer of Perlitz’s work, Kendrick became alarmed when he saw Perlitz associating with a former priest who had moved to Haiti after being defrocked for allegedly abusing minors in the U.S.

And Cyrus Sibert kept digging.

. . .

Armed with evidence showing child pornography on Perlitz’s computer, federal investigators dismiss those claims. They maintain those boys either are driven by a misplaced loyalty to Perlitz, or that Perlitz and his supporters may have bribed them to lie. Prosecutors, citing Western Union records, said in court documents they believe Perlitz wired money “to buy the silence” of former students.

The Haiti Fund, the charity that raised millions for Perlitz’s project, is in disarray. Past and current board members — prominent residents of Fairfield and Westchester counties — are locked in a bitter dispute. Some ex-board members say Perlitz has been railroaded. At Fairfield University, where the Campus Ministry’s efforts in Haiti have long been a source of immense pride, an internal investigation is under way to determine the school’s financial relationship with Perlitz. . .

(Para. out of order — see original article)

By 1997, Perlitz began looking for space to begin a program offering food, a change of clothes, some basic schooling and showers to homeless Cap-Haïtien boys. Connections through the Order of Malta, a Catholic organization providing medical and humanitarian aid, provided him with a grant that helped create Project Pierre Toussaint, named after a Haitian ex-slave who made a fortune in New York and shared it with orphans and the poor.

Project Pierre Toussaint’s Village at Blue Hills was well on its way to becoming a compound. It would grow to encompass eight buildings — dormitories, classrooms, a dining hall and chapel, as well as athletic fields. And the Carinage intake facility in town handled kids who could transfer to The Village if they showed promise after six months.

By then, Perlitz needed more than handouts and grants from other religious organizations.

Back at Fairfield University was just the man who could help.   For 20 years, the Rev. Paul E. Carrier, S.J . . . .

assisted in establishing the Haiti Fund, a nonprofit organization, and over the next several years helped recruit a roster of well-connected board members active in Catholic circles in Westchester and Fairfield counties. Among them: attorneys Philip Allen Lacovara and Thomas Tisdale; wealthy benefactor Hope Carter; and Suzanne McAvoy, Cathy Lozier and Deborah Picarazzi, all Fairfield University employees at that time.

Carrier visited Project Pierre Toussaint monthly, often leading groups of students for volunteer missions. He vacationed with Perlitz in the Bahamas, Project Pierre Toussaint staffers said. When CNN needed a guest to explain the impact of political upheaval in Haiti, the network’s reporters turned to the Jesuit priest.

Project Pierre Toussaint grew. Its reputation blossomed and donations poured in, bolstered by events like the February 2002 visit from Bishop William E. Lori of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport.


As one can see — Haiti was in a desperate situation (85% employment mentioned in the area), and how high a price did the boys pay for food and lodging?

Perlitz background from Illinois:

At the convocation, few were surprised at the accolades for Perlitz. After all, Perlitz’s missionary zeal to aid poor Haitians seemed almost foreordained.

Perlitz was born June 23, 1970, and grew up in Barrington, Ill., a community of 10,000 northwest of Chicago that is among the wealthiest towns in the nation.   Religion was a cornerstone of his education. He attended Carmel Catholic High School in Mundelein, Ill., continuing his Catholic education at Fairfield University in 1988.

Catholic and well to do from the start, and consumed with a zeal for helping young, desperately poor boys in a foreign country.
Fraternizing with a priest who’d already been caught at abuse back in the US
And Fr. Carrier, who mentored him as a young man, continued raising money even after off the board. . . . . .



By now, I “know” (through their on-line profiles and corporation status, etc.) many of these groups.  And I noticed the grantees that are receiving $1,000,000 or over:

Grant Awards List  (page is not courteous enough even to list which year…)

Healthy Marriage Grantees | Responsible Fatherhood Grantees

Healthy Marriage Grantees

Priority Area Legal Name Organization City State Award Amount
1 Auburn University Auburn AL $1,660,798
1 California Healthy Marriages Coalition Cerritos CA $2,342,080

(CHMC is a faith-based coalition, it says — including Unification Church adherent.  It’s also got some zany habits when it comes to staying incorporated)

2 The East Los Angeles Community Union (TELACU) Los Angeles CA $1,100,000
Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process

Forty years ago, TELACU was established as a pioneering institution committed to service, empowerment, advancement, and the creation of self-sufficiency. Chartered as a Community Development Corporation (CDC), TELACU was initially funded through federal legislation authored by Senators Robert F. Kennedy and Jacob K. Javits to revitalize urban, underserved communities throughout the United States.

Utilizing a unique business model – The TELACU Model – for community and economic development, each and every business TELACU owns and operates has a double bottom line – profitability that is inseparable from social impact. The parent, non-profit CDC owns and operates a Family of Companies called TELACU Industries. These for-profit businesses not only provide valuable products and services to the community; but they also provide the economic means for TELACU to sustain its non-profit community-focused entities.

(It is the largest CDU in the nation.  It is still getting federal grants, despite all this success and the concept of nonprofit tied to for-profit tied to local communities, because . . . . .. ?) (because families are, despite all this construction and business-building effort, completely “Tool-less” when it comes to having a strong family (and probably because the grants are available to snag):

FuturoNow Healthy Marriage Initiative

TELACU believes in providing people with the tools they need to build strong families. Because strong families are the cornerstones of healthy communities. And healthy communities form the foundation of a thriving society.

To provide the relationship-building education that is often unavailable in underserved communities, TELACU collaborated with Urban Strategies to launch the FuturoNow Healthy Marriage Initiative. Through programs delivered by a network of faith- and community-based organizations, individuals and couples are empowered to create and maintain healthy relationships that enrich each partner, their children and the entire community.

The charity IS current (per California OAG site) and this was the 2009 financials:

Total Assets: $44,895,796.00
Gross Annual Revenue: $5,393,630.00
RRF Received: 18-NOV-10

Collected TAGGS (HHS) grants:

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards

(active links easy to explore by clicking).  Since 2006, it’s been getting about $1.1 million on one grant/ 2006, 2009 & 2010  for “Healthy Marriage” for total of $3.3 million.  However in 2011 a different grant name (same general idea), “FUTURO NOW” (90FK0019) also a fatherhood grant, for $799K has just started.  2011 is year one.  WIth the remaining $222 on “healthy marriage” and another grant series started (marked like the others “Discretionary”) it’s over $1 million in 2011.   And thanks to TAGGs data entry? mess-up? we have the vital information that the Principal investigator’s first name (in a Hispanic-oriented community action org.) is “Jose.”

Program Office Grantee Name Grantee Type Award Title CFDA Number Award Activity Type Award Action Type Principal Investigator Sum of Actions

Here is an HHS-primer on the overall program; the last page shows that TELACU has contracted with Meier Clinics — not not the Foundation, but the for-profit Meier Clinics — to do data reporting and program evaluation, and another company, “Urban Strategies” for day to day operations.  (Sounds like the money is really going to the needy of the area…).

There’s an Urban Strategies with a Registered Agent in Los Angeles but place of Business in St. Louis — in fact these are the three active “urban strategies” corps. in California (4 others are dissolved or suspended):


(Direct HHS grants to Urban Strategies, Inc. are from year 2009 only, including ARRA grant)

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
Urban Strategies Inc.  SAINT LOUIS MO 63103 ST. LOUIS 052294910 $ 1,117,647

(It’s the bottom one, obviously — which registered to do business in CA in 2008):

Founded in 1978, Urban Strategies is a not-for-profit corporation that works with its development partner, McCormack Baron Salazar, to help communities build safe neighborhoods, good schools, and a range of comprehensive human service supports. Our goal is to lead distressed, urban-core residential communities and low-income families toward positive social and economic mobility.

2009  431141027 Urban Strategies Inc MO 1980 03 4,759,230 4,007,076 990

Meier Clinics(r) (given that its own Meier Clinics(r) Foundation also got a hefty grant) will make sure to be honest in reporting.  AFter all, they are a Christian group.   [[Actually I’ve heard they are reputable.  Who knows?]].

And like XX% of the fatherhood and marriage promotion — of course they are going to be promoting certain curricula:

Given the variety of audiences— youth, married and unmarried couples, and individuals—the partner agencies use a wide array of curricula including “Within My Reach,” “Family Wellness,” “Love U2,” and “Mastering the Mysteries of Love”** (a “Relationship Enhancement” program) to teach 8 hours of marriage education to mostly first generation immigrants or second generation U.S.‐born Latinos primarily of Mexican descent

“Mastering the Mysteries of Love” is run by many grantees (including California Healthy Marriages) and appears to have been designed specifically to profit from the faith-based and marriage-education grant stream.  For example, here’s a description from the ”

National Institute of Relationship Enhancement®

Mastering the Mysteries of Love (MML) is a research-validated Relationship Enhancement® Program developed by Dr. Bernard Guerney, Jr. and Mary Ortwein, MS. You will be qualified to teach the 8 hour MML program ideal for low income, community, or faith based groups.

Who Should Attend: (the training to run MML classes and support Dr. Guerney, Jr. & Mary Ortwein…..)

Community and faith-based marriage and relationship educators, clergy, students in the helping professions, professionals who want to include an educational approach for their families and couples.
Cost: $225 per person includes leader manual, participant workbook, snacks and certificate of completion ($150 for spouse w/one leader manual and 2 workbooks

The same logo at NIRE(r) above (two interlocking hands in a circle graphic) is found at IDEALS of KENTUCKY site, a URL called “skillswork.org”)

This site (which is Red — the other is Green background) on left column simply lists the marriage/fatherhood grants:

MML Curriculum

(They hint — not too subtly — that our curriculum would be just Grrrrreat for Getting a Fatherhood Grant….)

2011 Marriage and Fatherhood Grants

Various Mastering the Mysteries of Love Relationship Enhancement (MML) curricula fit well in the recently released RFP’s for Marriage and Fatherhood.

In addition Louise Guerney’s Parenting Skills Programand Mastering the Magic of Play (Filial) program bring the SAME skills taught in Marriage Education classes to parenting.  Both the Parenting Skills Program and Filial ARE ALSO research-validated.

Recent Research on MML

California Healthy Marriages Coalition has conscientiously evaluated MML, the traditional RE program, and numerous other marriage education curricula used in CHMC’s current marriage education grant.

In findings presented earlier this month at the NARME Conference in Dallas and in personal communications with IDEALS staff, we are happy to report that (read it yourself to see….)

(Not mentioned on the Promo:  NARME is what Dennis Stoica went to Florida to Incorporate after California decided to suspend two or so of his corporations out there).  NARME is a nonprofit whose members include FR grantees, including “WAIT” training (next up, below).  So when the “Credits” going to both CHMC and NARME look like two different entities — basically, they are not.. It’s the same, small circle of folk recirculating pretty much similar material with the intention of getting federal help to promote it.  Do they love and have concern for couples?  I don’t know.  Maybe.  On the other hand, if they were truly concerned for relationships between men and women, perhaps they’d stop taking so much HHS money to teach the same prefab franchised stuff, and let it be put to better use)….

Here’s even a chart showing how close this MML is to the grants requirements!  I notice that the bottom two rows of the chart (domes violence and child maltreament) have only 2 checks each — out of a possible 10 programs offered by IDEALS, only 2 cover child abuse and (2 different ones) cover DV.   Here’s what taxpayers shelled out for “IDEALS”, the “Institute for Development of Emotional and Life Skills“:

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
IDEALS, Inc.  FRANKFORT KY 40601-2458 FRANKLIN 137666603 $ 50,000

they helped establish it!uin 20

FY Award Number Award Title Budget Year of Support Award Code Agency Action Issue Date DUNS Number Amount This Action

whoIncorporated in Kentucky in 2002 (Registered Agent, Mary Ortwein) as a nonprofit, got a grant in 2007, and by 2010 had its status revoked by the State of Kentucky (a

$ 50,000 

Incorporated in KY in 2002 (handwritten, Registered Agent, Mary Ortwein) as a FOREIGN (from Pennsylvania) nonprofit, got a grant here in 2007, and by 2010 had its status revoked by Kentucky for failure to file annual report within 60 days of due date (guess they’re kind of strict in KY):  https://app.sos.ky.gov/corpscans/82/0547882-09-99999-20101101-REV-4556691-PU.pdf and the assumed name Ideals of Kentucky, Inc. is also “inactive”

YET I just showed us, and the website does, it is openly advertising its products for 2011 Grant series, now, almost a year later.  Let’s hop over to Pennsylvania.  The Kentucky app. shows they incorporated in PA the month before (OCt. 2002) and Board of Directors include from MD (Guerney), New Mexico and North Carolina.   Starting to remind me of that group of 8 influential Bishops I blogged the other day, all on on Florida corporation. ….

Name Name Type
IDEALS, INC. Current Name

Non-Profit (Non Stock) – Domestic – Information
Entity Number: 169407
Status: Active
Entity Creation Date: 11/10/1972
Registered Office Address: 442 PARK LN
0 -0
Mailing Address: No Address 

(the business has no mailling address?)  The registered agent is a spacious single-family home — why is there no registered agent name, I don’t know).

EIN Name State Rule Date IRS Sub- section Total Revenue Total Assets 990 Image
2010  237315118 Ideals Inc MD 1973 03 260,620 42,363 990

 A 2010 990 of this Silver Springs, MD (note — near DC area) shows Bill Coffin as the Executive Director!  And Mary Ortwein working 30 hours a week and a salary of about $30,000 with another person about the same.  Revenue is around $201K — and the entire tax return is scrawled, it’s almost illegible!

BILL COFFIN worked in HHS as Special Assistant on Marriage Education (or similar title) from 2008-2010.  Then in 2010 he is executive Director of IDEALS (unpaid, though).

The “PROGRAM PURPOSE” in 2010 filing is simply (scrawled, as if by a very old person), “Education of Mental Health Professionals.”   That’s a far cry from “anybody willing to promote my materials, sit through our $225 training & $150 work, and you, too, can run “Mastering the Mysteries of Love” classes — for our retirements…

2 WAIT Training Greenwood Village CO $1,010,330
2 Family Resources, Inc. Pinellas Park FL $1,093,365
1 Meier Clinics Foundation Wheaton IL $2,000,000

The Foundation is a nonprofit.  Doesn’t look like the Clinics are….

Meier Clinics® Foundation

Meier Clinics® Foundation is a non-for-profit, tax exempt organization.  Since 2001, we have provided around $1 million in charitable care annually as generous individuals and organizations who share our vision have helped to fund the Christian care provided through Meier Clinics.


Paul Meier, M.D.

Founder of Meier Clinics®

“Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” 

2 Corinthians 9:7

Includes “Pathways to Freedom” to help people with sexual addictions:

An Intensive Outpatient Program for Treatment of Sexual Addictions

It is no secret that our culture has become increasingly obsessed with sex.  It is inescapable.  It is plastered throughout magazines, on billboards, on the internet, in books, on TV – just about everywhere you look. While many felt that a more unrestricted approach to sexuality would liberate people, it actually has lead to bondage for many.  An alarming number of men and women have experienced painful consequences and find they are unable to stop sexual behaviors that are destroying them emotionally, vocationally, relationally, and spiritually.

Just the way Jesus did it …..  with a program…  (Mark 16)

This $2 million, however, is for making Family Bridges (whether or not someone is free from sexual addictions and acting out?)

List of providers, starting with the “Archdiocese of Chicago”  So glad we’re helping support the impoverished Catholic Church, alongside many of their impoverished (in part by them) parishioners.  SOMEONE needs to pay those settlement suits for abusive priests… Why not taxpayers?


The Family Ministries Office of the Archdiocese of Chicago offers services to more than 8,000 couples annually. Through a wide range of programs, classes, workshops, and conferences the group helps build strong relationships among engaged, married, and remarried couples with or without children. Among other things, Family Ministries hosts an annual conference for stepfamilies, and is currently developing a program to train family coaches for the Hispanic community.

 One of (Family Bridges’) Board of Directors lists “CCDA” after the name.  WHy not just write that out for the uninitiated (like me?).  It stands for:
6 Child and Family Resource Council Grand Rapids MI $1,001,276
2 Forest Institute of Professional Psychology Springfield MO $1,037,362
2 St. Louis Healthy Marriage Coalition St. Louis MO $1,099,731
2 Better Family Life, Inc. St. Louis MO $1,097,000
1 Elizabeth’s New Life Center, Inc. Dayton OH $1,754,872
8 Operation Keepsake, Inc. Mayfield OH $459,419
3 Marriage Savers of Clark County, Inc Springfield OH $524,790
6 Public Strategies, Incorporated Oklahoma City OK $1,000,000
8 Oklahoma Department of Human Services Oklahoma City OK $549,791
HMRC Public Strategies, Incorporated Oklahoma City OK $1,300,000
2 Northwest Family Services Portland OR $1,100,000

…(some of the Ohio ones seem to be related;,

1 Family Guidance, Inc. Sewickley PA

I looked up Sewickley, PA — know the population?

Sewickley is a borough in Allegheny CountyPennsylvania, 12 miles (19 km) west northwest of Pittsburgh along the Ohio River. It is a residential suburb of Pittsburgh. The population was 3,827 at the 2010 census. TheSewickley Bridge crosses the Ohio River at Sewickley.

Allegheny County in PA, and Sewickley in Allegheny County (maps):

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Allegheny County.svgMap of Sewickley, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Highlighted.png

STATE of PA . . . . . . . . ..  County of Allegheny, with red dot = Sewickley.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the borough has a total area of 1.1 square miles

(Clearly a distressed area in need of marriage promotion)

39.8% were married couples living together, 10.6% had a female householder with no husband present, and 47.1% were non-families. … For every 100 females there were 79.8 males (Maybe they should push polygamy, to catch those unattended females who have a 22% chance of actually having a child in the household…)

The median income for a household in the borough was $39,598, and the median income for a family was $56,500. Males had a median income of $48,988 versus $33,311 for females. The per capita income for the borough was $30,571. About 2.6% of families and 5.0% of the population were below the poverty line,

With that GENDER wage gap, and a stretch of the imagination, possibly a case could be made that the children of the female wage-earners were at risk of being poor (a 5% risk, that is, for the area), which perhaps a great public school system might help with:


There are several private schools in the area; Sewickley AcademySt. James Catholic School and Eden Christian Academy. The public school system,Quaker Valley School District, is renowned for an innovative laptop-technology grant received in 2000 from former Pennsylvania governor Tom Ridge. Quaker Valley School District is often regarded as one of the best and academically top-ranked school districts in the nation. In the spring of 2006, U.S.News & World Report ranked Quaker Valley High School among the top 2% of high schools nationwide.

Health care

Sewickley is home to Sewickley Valley Hospital, which is part of the Heritage Valley Health System.

FAMILY GUIDANCE, INC. is a very Christian organization.  Obviously a lack in Sewickley, also ….  DNR if I posted (I remember looking this one up)


Family Guidance, Inc. exists to bring hope and a future in Jesus Christ to vulnerable children and families of all cultures throughout western Pennsylvania. 

…Rev. Dr. James M. Leckie founded Youth Guidance, Inc. in 1964 to reach adjudicated youth. He quickly found that he could multiply his impact by equipping others to do what he was doing. This was the birth of Pittsburgh’s first youth mentoring program, the One-to-One Program, which originally worked only with boys and within several years offered girls mentors as well. Dr. Leckie quickly developed one of the region’s best camping programs for at-risk young people.
It goes on and on.  Read, to see how one thing leads to another, and sooner or later it gets down to promoting marriage curriculum also, including programs used throughout the country.
 Back to some of the luckier grantees, whatever year this was:
1 Longview Wellness Center, Inc. Longview TX $1,500,000
2 Center for Self-Sufficiency Inc. Milwaukee WI $1,097,000
Those are the “Healthy Marriage” awards over $1 million for (whatever) year.  The “Responsible Fatherhood” awards (pretty much the same idea, and both “CFDA 93.086” by category anyhow — seem to go more to departments of social services; here’s one:
Capacity Building National Fatherhood Initiative Gaithersburg MD $999,534
Like that nonprofit needs more capacity-building help than it already has.
Anyhow, this is the end of my blogging day; any of the above groups can be looked up (above) to check their religious affiliations (wanna make a wild guess as to “Elizabeth’s New Life Center” affiliation?  WAITT training, which I have profiled (and mocked), which is also a member of “NARME”(see “About this Blog” — post) — began as Abstinence Training in Colorado also.
A lot of this boils down to (and feeds off of) a certain woman’s “SmartMarriages(R)” for-profit.  Being very smart, she arranged a yearly conference.  Thus, the membership-based nonprofits which take federal grants to promote fatherhood and marriage (if I may add — FROM NEEDY FAMILIES) can write off conference attendance, promote their products (if they have one), or if not, grab a “Teach out of the Box” program, and write that off too.  As one can imagine, profits probably end up in the people (and businesses) running this conference, plus those whos curricula get marketed.  It’s oldest story in the book — and “the world’s oldest profession” as the saying goes.
http://www.smartmarriages.com/keynotes.html  (The list of speakers, scanning it, I could almost go one by one and name the federal grants recipients each one is associated with.  Why should the US Public be paying for this?)
Except for the federal financing of it.
The words Smart Marriages® and Smart Marriage® and the couple puzzle logo are registered trademarks of CMFCE, LLC The words smart marriages® and smart marriage® cannot be used in any context. The couple puzzle logo cannot be used in any representation whether multiples, changed perspective, etc in the context of marriage or relationships. Copyright (©) – CMFCE, LLC
She’s definitely a Smart woman (Diane Sollee).   Thanks to this, the yearly “Battered Mothers Custody Conference” in upstate new york will have no lack of clients either — they sell products to help stop domestic violence and losing their kids to batterers.  They do NOT share what I do about this side of the story (might diminish sales; I guess perhaps it’s just professional courtesy — we have our market niches, we understand you have yours).
Kind of reminds me of churches, that way.

What Happened at Project Pierre Toussaint?

After its director was arrested (grand jury), the Connecticut Jesuit Priest continued soliciting money for the Haiti Fund.
Child Abuse, Woman Abuse, Financial Misdeeds goes with the territory.  Time to Get those two BUSH Executive Orders Repealed (January 2001)
and while we’re at it consider repealing tax-exempt status for ALL religious organizations, who are both alleviating AND causing social problems, do not respect the United States Constitution as the primary allegiance, intend (many of them) to set up theocracy — which will be a nightmare for women and children, who are already been thought of and used for the wrong purpose, along with poor people — and have already swiftly (since the door was opened) established in state after state separate, executive level (i.e., bypassing legislative approval and OPEN consent by the citizens of the state) networks to funnel funds.  They absolutely do not seem to care if caught in scandalous behaviors; their heads are somewhere else.
Besides which, even the most basic reading of the Bible does not justify setting  up major institutions — in fact, for the NT, Jesus Christ was excommunicated (as were his followers) by the presiding ones, and the prophets of the Old Testament were constantly warning on and railing on their own people about injustice, bribes, and other treacheries committed by their own upon their own — usually for financial gain.
So I hope this has been a basic rundown of the concept.  I speak as a woman of “faith” and not a “faith-based person.”  My FAITH is that it’ll make a difference if I continue to speak up about this.  Consider the appeal to the religious mind for money:
In 1997, God broke Keith and Cindy’s heart for the children of Haiti. They moved their family of 4 from Martinsville, Indiana, to Port-de-Paix, Haiti. Lashbrook Family Ministry was born and now they are a family of 110. God has put it in their hearts to love each of the children like their own.
Then consider the civil lawsuit filed by “both sets of parents” against the overseeing company the Lashbrooks worked through, Globe International…

The families say Lashbrook and other orphanage staff repeatedly molested the Haitian orphans, with Globe’s knowledge.

“On or about Aug. 24, 2010, Globe admitted and acknowledged to potential adoptive families of the Haitian children, including plaintiffs, and other donors to Globe and Lashbrook Family Ministry that sexual assaults occurred and a culture of sexual abuse existed at In the Father’s Hands Children’s Home.

Globe itself was a similar type organization — what do people expect?  Accountability from a religious organization?  Have you not read the history of the Roman Catholic Church  — at all?  And some of the Protestant mega-churches, including the ones obsessed with naming themselves “Bishops” and the whole bunch of “Fathers” have aspirations to the same cause, only some of them allow marriage, some don’t, and some follow Sun Myung Moon who REALLY loves marriages, lots of them…   After all, Jesus screwed up because he didn’t marry.  (Yes, this IS implicit in the large breadbasket term “Faith-based Organizations” – basically if a group mumbles something about God, or higher power — and/or  has access to the congregations of potential product consumers — after all, they show up to preached to, right? — that’s faith-based enough for the HHS….
Accountability from THIS crowd?
I say this having worked for years with a wonderful group of religious people (professionally that is) of all kinds, as well as secular.  The art and architecture, music and eventually sculpture are terrific.  Hey, some of my best friends are Catholic, and have stuck with me far longer than another would to support under trying circumstances (so have some atheist friends).
But when I needed some help getting personal abuse stopped, was it a religious group, or person (male or female)  that developed some guts and went to nose-to-nose with either the perpetrator?  Or when my kids were snatched?  The support was terrific, but not one religious group expressed even the least indignation, even. I had help surviving the onslaught — but not one fierce man or woman to take on the perpetrator even verbally — over two decades.  
Helping the needy is in the paradigm.  Identifying & Stopping the source of the need would probably be too close to home, and that’s women as second-class citizens, let alone human  beings (including spiritually) and women who don’t accept this as the enemy of family, America, and of course God.  MOST religions are built around community (reporting abuse disrupts most communities), and following leadership, even after the founders of them often showed extreme courage under solitary confinement and heretic or fugitive status.
These reports kind of give a new meaning to “In the Father’s Hands.”  Perhaps there’s more than one reason this Indiana family felt moved to remove themselves from Indiana, which is not being publicized.  Re:  the statement “God has put it in their hearts to love each of the (Haitian) children like their own.”  Let’s hope the Lashbrook children were not “loved’ like the ones on the orphanage.  
There are many benefits to belief in God, and understanding of the holy scriptures of different faiths.  More than one language of understanding the world gives depth; one alone flatlines it.
But it is time for more people “of faith” (whatever that means) to tell the truth about their houses of worship and evangelism — and let’s get it straight:

Trafficking in Children and Keeping Women Submissive

and the Community in Ignorance

or Silence under threat

is part of the deal – –

and always has been.

As such there should be ZERO “Faith-Based Initiatives” let alone any “Offices” to Facilitate them.
These should be defrocked, defunded, and the premises vacated.
Anyone who believes that the Office of Faith-based  should have to wear a Gold Star for “Gullible”*
Those who will tolerate child-trafficking, woman abuse and collective silence
will also tolerate just about any dictatorship
If Haitians can speak up, certainly Americans can.
Churches need attendees, volunteerism, and tithes.
There’s the collective power.
Just say NO!  I gave at the office
if your church group refuses to come clean.
Do like Jesus did — and countless others did —
spend some serious time in the wilderness; face your personal adversary
(like, having to think your own thoughts without the crowds of “Amen!” to buoy them up)
— check with IS it Written? — and come out stronger.
(*reference intended, because that’s the direction this movement is headed)
(which, as it happens, some of the groups do after they get the grants — see WeCare America &
Ohio’s Governor’s Office of Faith-Based…..)
which exist only to prove that
the entire US Public (not just the religiously affected)
will believe anything if it’s repeated often enough and sounds official.

Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

December 2, 2011 at 10:45 pm

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