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Cooperative Parenting Institute aka Family Solutions, LLC and “Lack of Tort for Failure to Report”

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9/21/2011 note:

As I continue working on this post, the television has breaking news about “Georgia waiting to execute Troy Davis.”  Georgia also is home to the nonprofit hospital scandals (“Phoebe Factoids”), to a major Fatherhood Initiative at the Statewide level, and to several of these parenting coordination trainers.  So perhaps it’s appropriate to post for Georgia today — although on my area of interest, not the national news.

This post is in part my wish not to be a false-accuser of a business entity whose location and incorporation I just can’t seem to find, but who is clearly in business; and the business they are in is teaching parenting, as well as — for a good fee — training licensed trainers in how to teach parenting.    Allegedly in business since 1997:

It’s going to have several pieces:  As usual, I will get some jabs in at the concept of “parenting coordination” to start with, as well as incorporations, trademark registrations, another AFCC conference (showing the overlap of entities “collaborating” on how to devise more programs to send parents to), and so forth.

I will attempt to locate the corporate entities which the publicity material claims to exist.

I recommend that people stop doing business with entitites that can’t put their true names (or acknowledge an “aka”), state of incorporation, and if a nonprofit, their nonprofit EIN# (which then proves to be CURRENT) on the website.  If Children’s Rights Council can do this — and it does — then so can they, as advocates of similar philosophies to CRC, which is that a child must NEVER be separated from a parent – unless that parent has been difficult, high-conflict, or potentially alienating the child from its molester, abuser, or the parenting coordinator.  Seriously, that text does exist or at least did recently in a Parent Coordination Handbook of NH.

I’m a wordpress blog author, NOT a professional in law, psychology, or mediation, so take my “recommendations” with a grain of salt and don’t rely on them.  If you have a major problem involving any of the fields I’m commenting on, consult a professional in them (or, don’t), who probably has liability insurance, which I don’t. That’s my disclaimer!   

Per a “Trademark Registry” (I searched the US database for only the words “Cooperative Parenting” — and the record shows that the term was used for approximately TWO YEARS :   1997-1999 and was abandoned:

Serial Number Reg. Number Word Mark Check Status Live/Dead

the 2nd link/row “Cooperative Parenting” clearly shows that this was Boyan & Termini:  Notice it was first used in 1992, 1994 — before the passage of the VAWA act, before the formation of National Fatherhood Institute, before welfare reform of 1996, which in part financially supports the use of parent education as a way to get increased noncustodial parent access, through the Welfare System:

Goods and Services (ABANDONED) IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: Videos, parent’s guides, group leader’s guides, parent coordinator’s guides, marketing and intake/assessment forms, are offered throughout USA. FIRST USE: 19970200. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19970604(ABANDONED) IC 042. US 100 101. G & S: Cooperative parenting is a psychoeducational video-based program designed to improve the quality of relationships in situations of divorce Services are provided in Georgia and PA Training sessions are provided to professionals to use program in other states. FIRST USE: 19920800. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19940411
Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING
Serial Number 75566159
Filing Date August 24, 1998
Current Filing Basis 1A
Original Filing Basis 1A
Owner (APPLICANT) Termini, Ann Marie UNKNOWN UNITED STATES 2801 Buford Highway Suite T70 Atlanta GEORGIA 30329(APPLICANT) Boyan, Susan B UNKNOWN UNITED STATES 2801 Buford Highway Suite T70 Atlanta GEORGIA 30329
Live/Dead Indicator DEAD
Abandonment Date October 22, 1999

If you click on the “status” (see chart), it will show this cause:  Abandonment, insufficient filing fees, and clearly again names Boyan/Termini:


Standard Character claim: No

Current Status: Abandoned because the applicant failed to respond or filed a late response to an Office action. To view all documents in this file, click on the Trademark Document Retrieval link at the top of this page.

Date of Status: 2000-03-06

Filing Date: 1998-08-24

Transformed into a National Application: No

Date In Location: 2000-03-09


1. Boyan, Susan B

Boyan, Susan B
2801 Buford Highway Suite T70
Atlanta, GA 30329
United States
Legal Entity Type: Unknown
State or Country Where Organized: United States

2. Termini, Ann Marie

Termini, Ann Marie
2801 Buford Highway Suite T70
Atlanta, GA 30329
United States
Legal Entity Type: Unknown
State or Country Where Organized: United States



International Class: 009
Class Status: Inactive – Insufficient Fee Received
Videos, parent’s guides, group leader’s guides, parent coordinator’s guides, marketing and intake/assessment forms, are offered throughout USA
Basis: 1(a)
First Use Date: 1997-02-00
First Use in Commerce Date: 1997-06-04

International Class: 042
Class Status: Active
Cooperative parenting is a psychoeducational video-based program designed to improve the quality of relationships in situations of divorce Services are provided in Georgia and PA Training sessions are provided to professionals to use program in other states

NOTE: To view any document referenced below, click on the link to “Trademark Document Retrieval” shown near the top of this page.

2000-03-06 – Abandonment – Failure To Respond Or Late Response

1999-04-22 – Non-final action mailed

1999-04-15 – Assigned To Examiner



The top row is Trademark for a logo, I guess, originator “Debra Carter” – a name I know from Florida AFCC :

Mark Image

This one became “live” last March, 2011 (see details here):

Goods and Services IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Education services, namely, providing training and continuing education for legal, mental health and lay persons in the field of parenting coordination, children’s issues, parenting plan development, child and family mental health and the family law process. FIRST USE: 20090101. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20090101
Design Search Code 02.01.02 – Men depicted as shadows or silhouettes of men; Silhouettes of men
02.03.02 – Silhouettes of women; Women depicted as shadows or silhouettes of women
02.05.04 – Children, girl(s); Girls
02.05.05 – Boys; Children, boy(s)
02.05.24 – Stylized children, including children depicted in caricature form
02.07.04 – Families (adults and children); Groups, adults and children, including family groups
26.11.11 – Rectangles divided twice into three sections
26.11.21 – Rectangles that are completely or partially shaded
Serial Number 77842321
Filing Date October 6, 2009
Current Filing Basis 1A
Original Filing Basis 1B
Published for Opposition December 21, 2010
Registration Number 3962630
Registration Date May 17, 2011
Owner (REGISTRANT) Carter, Debra INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES 4835 27th Street West Bradenton FLORIDA 34207
Description of Mark The color(s) blue, black and white is/are claimed as a feature of the mark. The mark consists of the phrase “NATIONAL COOPERATIVE PARENTING CENTER FOR THE CHILDREN” in white on a dark blue background. To the left of the wording is the outline of a man and woman in white and a boy and girl in white outlined in black below, all on a light blue background.
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE



Co-sponsored by

the Florida Bar Association & The “Office of the States Court Administrator”

Supported (financially?) by:


Association of Family Law Professionals of Southwest Florida

Carter Psychology Center Counseling Associates, P.A., Inc.

Silver Psychology Center

Twelfth Circuit Family Court Professional Collaborative

In Collaboration With:

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, The Barry University Counseling Department, Florida Dispute Resolution Center, University of South Florida Conflict Resolution Collaborative

Whether they are Co-sponsoring, Supporting, or Collaborating with, one thing is for sure — more products and professional niches will be rehearsed, expounded, and tweaked for application in family court venue, which some of the presenters are helping run.

FROM “Carter Psychology Center

Families in Transition

Families in Transition

Family Therapy
Caregiver Education & Support
Child/Adolescent Interventions
Divorce & Separation Services
Parenting Coordination **

Parenting Coordination
Parenting Coordination is an alternative dispute resolution process that helps parents resolve issues and learn how to protect their children from the harmful effects of chronic exposure to parental conflict. When parents need an objective expert to help them co-parent more effectively, the parenting coordinator will help ensure that the children’s needs and best interests are met.”

{{yes, naturally a trained psychologist is objective, doesn’t the degree prove that?}}
Parenting Assessment


Here’s a rather different parental viewpoint from a mother (whose 12 year old evidently is now in Russia) on Dr. Carter — interesting.  But this person is not the focus of today’s post. Just indicators there are indeed problems with these court-appointees and their relationships with the judges.  Posting is from July, 2011 I pasted some text into the URL if you hover cursor over it.  The custody evaluation Dr. Carter provided cost $30,000.



(Also known as Parenting Faciliation Training in Texas)


The Cooperative Parenting Institute

Leaders in the Field of Parenting Coordination

The Cooperative Parenting Institute (CPI) is an internationally recognized leader providing high quality parenting coordination training programs.  Since 1997, the CPI has dominated the field of parenting coordination by creating the only comprehensive step-by-step PC training model. The Institute offers 20-24-26 hour parenting coordination/facilitation training opportunities each year.  A 12-hour advanced training is available for the experienced parenting coordinator.  The training programs meet the requirements established by state statutes.  In addition, the presenters are available for custom designed training in your local area.   Susan Boyan, LMFT and Ann Marie Termini, LPC are recognized leaders and innovative trainers.  As skilled parenting coordinators, since 1991 and 1993 respectively, Ann Marie and Susan have facilitated many complex and highly conflictual divorce cases.  They have drawn on their extensive experience, research and interactive approach to prepare professionals for the challenging role of parenting coordinator.  For more information on the presenters and to register visit www.cooperativeparenting.com    

Who wrote up this site material?

The field of “parenting coordination” isn’t exactly old, and to “dominate” the field (if this is true) simply means a person connected to whoever started this field (i.e., whichever AFCC members were admitted to have come up with the idea) has a good business savvy and knows a market niche when he/she sees one.  Wait 20 more years, and the up and coming AFCC-originated field will have a new name… the better to stress out your grandchildren with if one of their parents decides to separate from a partner and they (meaning one or more of the partners) can’t/won’t settle out of court.


But let’s talk what years it got started:  The site claims, “SINCE 1997, CPI has dominated”  

Below, I have posted (and linked to) an appellate decision from the State of Georgia in which Susan Boyan’s company was defendant; the decision is in 2006 and a certain footnote identifies “Cooperative Parenting Institute a/k/a Family Solutions, LLC.”    Family Solutions, LLC itself (in Georgia at least) is identified as an entity which began in 2007 — not 1997, and is run by a different person, Kathleen Shack (who also notes AFCC in her “Background” page).

Surely somewhere there is a reasonable explanation for when Family Solutions, LLC lost it’s “aka.”  Did Shack & Boyan/Termini originally work together and have a split?  Did someone sell the corporation?  Did it survive a merger, and where, pray tell, WHERE is the EIN# of this nonprofit currently residing.  Because an LLC, as we know, the purpose is to “limit liability.”

The training costs (this site) run from $350 go $475 depending on which package.   For this entrance fee, people can be qualified to get in on the business of parenting coordination, likely to be ordered by a family court judge.  The people applying are likely AFCC anyhow, because that is the primary association/nonprofit responsible for having engendered and set up the family law arena originally and to have continued transforming it to accommodate more and more “trainings” for cronies.

Referral to other PC /AFCC professionals on the “parenting coordination central” site:


The PCC does not endorse any training opportunties.  In an effort to share information to potential parenting coordinators, this resource will be updated as information is gathered.

2010  TORONTO, ONTARIO:  Dr. Barbara Fidler and Linda Chodos, MSW, RSW are offering basic and advanced parenting coordination training on the following dates:

  •  April 30, and May 1, 2010  Advanced-Small Group  ($829.50 for both dates)
  •  October 29-30, 2010 Foundations: A Small Group ($829.50 for both days)

TAMPA, FLORIDA University of Florida Conflict Resolution Collaborative are offering trainings on the following dates:

  • January 15-17 (basic)  Debra Carter and Judge Starnes**
  • March 6-7 (advance)   Debra Carter and Judge Starnes


**see above:  FL 2009 AFCC conference was “supported” by Carter’s group (Carter Psychology) and Judge Starnes’ group (Association of Family Law Professionals of Southwest Florida), giving a new meaning to ‘all in the family” when it comes to these conferences.  Sorry to bring up a bad pun/reference — but they are in fact incestuous and inbred, possibly why it’s so hard to come up with an original idea, and why they are running out of names for the same old, OLD ideas — that anyone seeking divorce, reporting abuse or domestic violence, or wishing to separate from violence and bad relationships must be mentally sick in the head, and  candidate for behavioral modification reprogramming at their own (or the public’s) expense.  See Phyllis Chesler’s “Women & Madness,” in the 1970s.  Same general concepts.

For how popular (or well-publicized) the group is, see this google search on — you got it, “Cooperative Parenting Institute”

  1. Cooperative Parenting Institute | Home

    www.cooperativeparenting.com/ – Cached

    Cooperative Parenting Institute is an organization whose mission is to promote the healing and enhancement of family relationships. The focus of the Institute …  (what follows are the sub-categories that put this at top of Search Engine results).

    Parenting Coordination Training

    The Cooperative Parenting 

    Divorce Products

    Cooperative Parenting Institute 


    Susan Boyan L.M.F.T. is the co 


    Cooperative Parenting Institute 

    Cooperative Parenting Institute


    CROSSROADS of Parenting 

    Cooperative Parenting Institute 
  2. Cooperative Parenting Institute Atlanta, GA, 30329 – YP.com

    http://www.yellowpages.com/…/cooperativeparentinginstitute-15787181 – Cached

    Get directions, reviews, payment information on Cooperative Parenting Institute located at Atlanta, GA. Search for other Marriage, Family, 

  3. Cooperative Parenting Institute Business Review in Atlanta, GA 

    http://www.bbb.org/…/cooperativeparentinginstitute-in-atlanta-ga-60064… – Cached

    BBB’s Business Review for Cooperative Parenting Institute, Business Reviews and Ratings for Cooperative Parenting Institute in Atlanta, GA.

  4. Center for Cooperative Parenting – Home

    http://www.centerforcooperativeparenting.org/ – Cached

    Role and Mission of the Center The Center for Cooperative Parenting (CCP) is a non-profit agency providing a community-based continuum of educational and 

  5. Parenting Coordination Central: The Premier Resource on 

    www.parentingcoordinationcentral.com/pg18.cfm – Cached

    The Cooperative Parenting Institute (CPI) is an internationally recognized leader providing high quality parenting coordination training programs. Since 1997 

  6. Cooperative Parenting Institute Counselor in Atlanta, GA 30329

    http://www.wellness.com/dir/4025286/…/cooperativeparentinginstitute – Cached

    Cooperative Parenting Institute is a Counselor at 2801 Buford Highway Northeast Atlanta, GA. Wellness.com provides reviews, contact information, 

  7. Staff :: Co-Parenting Solutions, Inc. :: Families Seeking Answers To 

    http://www.co-parentingsolutions.com/staff.html – Cached

    Carrie Beaird, M.A. is the Program Director and President of Co-Parenting  and is certified in Cooperative Parenting from the Cooperative Parenting Institute

  8. Cooperative Parenting Institute, Atlanta GA 30329 

    MerchantCircle.com — Cooperative Parenting Institute of 2801 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA. Phone: 404-315-7474. . Find coupons, blogs, and newsletters in 

Given the background bios of at least one presenter, this is going to also incorporate “parental alienation” legal strategy, i.e., how to minimize abuse and switch custody to the abuser, or at a minimum increase noncustodial parenting time.

I have been generally speaking disturbed by the speed of incorporation / losing corporate status /re-incorporation under a different name (or state) with the same personnel and same ideas borrowed from someone else, aka basically AFCC whose organizationally stated purpose is to change the “old” language of criminal law (although criminal law language still exists on the books, this organization has done SO much to change the practice of prosecuting crimes within the family, by carving out a “Safety Zone” for abusers, crooks & liars (not only some of the parents!), called “family law,” which unfortunately, trawling for prolonged litigation and tax-free income / rock-solid retirement income (for court professionals, that is) — has caught a lot of innocents, too.  Its wide-discretion, judicial immunity, and outsourcing of business to non-judicial players, it’s need for increasing funding by continuing to solicit grants-based program funding, etc. — has seriously impacted the average working family in the US, whether or not this family even has children!  (Because of the public expense factor)

LET’S TALK ABOUT WHAT are ALFRED ADLER & RUDOLPH DREIKURS THEORIES doing as marketed in the US, Sweden, Canada, Japan, Korea, and Kuwait.

(trademark search, US — not found.  There was an Active Muslim Parenting Mark found approximately 1996, from a nonprofit in Chicago, then abandoned):

Mark Image

??  Does this include Sharia law, and stoning for adultery, or over-Westernization?  Not on the books, I’m sure… Moving on….

Active Parenting Publishers…innovators of
video-based education programsClick for special topics:
About Dr. Popkin
About Our Programs
About the Authors & Consultants
Availability for Speaking Engagements
Contact Us
Active Parenting Publishers, Inc., was founded in 1980 by Dr. Michael H. Popkin, a former child and family therapist and Coordinator of Child and Family Services for Northside Community Mental Health Centers in Atlanta, Georgia.APP delivers quality education programs for parents, children and teachers to schools, hospitals, social services organizations, churches and the corporate market. ( so far: I’m sure more applications will be dreamed up once those markets are saturated...) The Active Parenting model is heavily based upon the theories of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs (click here for more about Adlerian Psychology as it applies to Active Parenting).The most popular program is Active Parenting Now, for parents of children ages five to twelve. Active Parenting Publishers is recognized as an innovator in the educational market and is committed to our mission of developing human potential through our programs.APP operates out of Kennesaw, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Our products are distributed throughout the US as well as in Canada, Japan, Korea, Kuwait and Sweden.
Pioneers of the world’s first video-based parenting education programThe first three years of the company were devoted to research and development, as Dr. Popkin’s vision of integrating video and group discussion into advanced education programs evolved.

After reading more on this, I have identified what, in great part, so irritates me about adults who believe they have “the answers” and wish to teach the world how the world works.     This viewpoint, as we’re going to see, does not incorporate ethical or moral truths, right v. wrong, or even spirituality — which are some of the critical issues that philosophers and statesmen have debated for milennia.  However, through a captive audience, it could be possible for ONE philosophy of life to dominate and be imposed on whatever young — or raising young — population can be put in front of the Adlerian/Dreikuring viewpoint, which many Americans do not share, and have a right not to.  Read on:


Let’s look a bit about Alfred Adler and Ronald Dreikurs and why / if this viewpoint, which (contrary to most religions) indicates that there IS no moral judgment only “logical consequences.”  it is an attempt to control classrooms or intervene with problemmatice (children) through a different paradigm.

Descriptions, definitions, synonyms, organizer terms, types of

1. Biography

This social psychologist was born in Vienna, Austria on February 8, 1897. His contributions to society were plentiful up until his passing on May 25, 1972 in Chicago, Illinois. Dreikurs was a student and colleague of social pychologist Alfred Adler, who “believed that the central motivation of all humans is to belong and be accepted by others” (Wolfgang, 2001, p. 115). After his death, two writers continued to expand on his work. Linda Albert composed A Teacher’s Guide to Cooperative Discipline, while Donald Dinkmeyer produced Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP).

The Encyclopedia Britannica depicts Dreikurs as an “American psychiatrist and educator who developed the Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler’s system of individual psychology into a pragmatic method for understanding the purposes of reprehensible behaviour in children and for stimulating cooperative behaviour without punishment or reward.

Basically, it’s behavioral control of unruly pupils  & Children, and if using “logical consequences” involving social isolation, it’s still a TRAINING manual.

Contrast with the work of, for example, Dr. Viktor Frankl (Concentration camp survivor) who wrote the classic “Man’s search for meaning.”

2. Historical background of Adler’s theory

The rash application of Freudian concepts and John Dewey’s progressive education caused extreme indulgence or ultra permissiveness in discipline and failed effectively dealing with children in new democratic society. For Adler, “what was needed was a willingness to understand the child and to stimulate his cooperation” (Dreikurs, 1968, p. 19) based on the responsibility.
3. Basics of Adler and Dreikurs’s social theory

① Adler’s Basic premises (Dreikurs, 1972, pp. 8-9)

i) Man is a social being and his main desire (the basic motivation) is to belong.

ii) All behavior is purposive. One cannot understand behavior of another person unless one knows to which goal it is directed, and it is always directed towards finding one’s place.

iii) Man is a decision-making organism.

iv) Man does not see reality as it is, but only as he perceives it, and his perception may be mistaken or biased.

Msn is a Social Being and a Decision-Making Organism.  Obviously, this view of man does not deal with spirit, purpose, and belief in life beyond death, which have motivated many (if not most) of the cultures of the world.  This basically states man is an animal — only.

Maybe he is.  Or maybe he isn’t.  However, “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” indicates people who believed he was NOt just an animal to be manipulated (although, according to “human nature” it’s clear that, while all animals were equal, some were to be designated more equal than others.  As we have already fought a major civil war in part over this issue (as well as whether those who disagreed could secede from the U.S.) perhaps it’s not time to toss the concept out through parenting programs borrowed from a Viennese psychologist, a few steps from Freud?

The setting for use of these philosophies is the classroom:

. Classroom Meetings
① Basic Idea

Students need to practice democratic principles in school in order to learn how to contribute later to society as a whole. The central process for carrying out this modeling of democracy is the use of the class meeting. Any problem child is a problem for the whole class, and the solution to the problem grows most naturally out of the helpful involvement of all class members (Dreikurs, 1972, p. 78).
② Purpose

Open classroom meetings create a context for developing empathy and group membership. Group discussions provide the teacher with an opportunity to help the children understand themselves, and to change their concept of themselves and others which will eventually change their motivations from hostile to cooperative living (Dreikurs, 1972, p. 79).

Source:   http://wik.ed.uiuc.edu/index.php/Dreikurs,_Rudolf

A little more on these (Wikipedia on Alfred Adler)

 Moreover, Freud did not share Adler’s socialist beliefsLeon Trotsky‘s biography mentions his having discussions with Alfred Adler in Vienna.

which may explain why Active Parenting ™  is doing well?  in Sweden?  Because of its tendency towards socialism?

All the more reason his work should be “court-referred” in the United States family law system.  Parents need to be educated in how to raise the best kind of state worker…..(yeah, sure):

The Adlerian School

Following Adler’s break from Freud, he enjoyed considerable success and celebrity in building an independent school of psychotherapy and a unique personality theory. He traveled and lectured for a period of 25 years promoting his socially oriented approach. His intent was to build a movement that would rival, even supplant, others in psychology by arguing for the holistic integrity of psychological well-being with that of social equality.

I’ve noted how many “violence prevention” groups now toss around the word “holistic” in their approaches to getting laws passed and people to abide by them:  Don’t abuse your spouse and don’t molest your kids.  There are criminal laws against these things, but forget them (says AFCC), let’s take a more “holistic” approach.  When it comes to some areas (like health!), I’m as “holistic” as possible (versus the pharmaceutical symptom-oriented approach); however, when it comes to a person who’s done serious damage to my life, and there are existing laws saying Don’t! — then I’m for focusing on the fact that these laws exist, allegedly, as a deterrent to what their language says don’t do.  If we cannot make that clear — but instead must leave decisionmaking up to psychologists (while there are those who still allege that psychology is not a science) — then of course there’s going to be plenty of work for the mental health professionals.  Because the values are not written in law, and cannot be explained clearly.  They must be “negotiated” between social groups (one after another) until there’s no more energy to negotiate, between those with clear standards and priorities, and those without.

Adler’s efforts were halted by World War I, during which he served as a doctor with the Austrian Army. After the conclusion of the war, his influence increased greatly. In the 1930s, he established a number of child guidance clinics. From 1921 onwards, he was a frequent lecturer in Europe and the United States, becoming a visiting professor at Columbia University in 1927. His clinical treatment methods for adults were aimed at uncovering the hidden purpose of symptoms using the therapeutic functions of insight and meaning.

Adler v. FRANKL:

Viktor Frankl’s work immediately came to my mind when reading about Adler, but here’s a quote from Frankl contrasting the two:

Adler always retained a pragmatic approach that was task-oriented. These “Life tasks” are occupation/work, society/friendship, and love/sexuality. Their success depends on cooperation. The tasks of life are not to be considered in isolation since, as Adler famously commented, “they all throw cross-lights on one another”.[10]

In his bestselling book, Man’s Search for MeaningDr. Viktor E. Frankl compared his own “Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy” (after Freud’s and Adler’s schools) to Adler’s analysis:

According to logotherapy, the striving to find a meaning in one’s life is the primary motivational force in man. That is why I speak of a will to meaning in contrast to the “pleasure principle” (or, as we could also term it, the will to pleasure) on which Freudian psychoanalysis is centered, as well as in contrast to the will to power stressed by Adlerian psychology.[11]

Do we really want a world run by the peer-pressure model?  Is it really satisfying in life to live only for onesself — or the local group?  Then why are some of the most revered leaders historically people who were able to handle long periods of isolation, i.e., they could stand being outcasts or rejects?  They could even handle being falsely imprisoned, and transform that experience into something better for other generations…


In the early 1930s, after most of Adler’s Austrian clinics had been closed due to his Jewish heritage (despite his conversion to Christianity), Adler left Austria for a professorship at the Long Island College of Medicine in the USA. Adler died from a heart attack in 1937 in Aberdeen, Scotland, during a lecture tour, although his cremains went missing and were unaccounted for until 2011.[12] His death was a temporary blow to the influence of his ideas, although a number of them were subsequently taken up by neo-Freudians. Through the work of Rudolf Dreikurs in the United States and many other adherents worldwide, Adlerian ideas and approaches remain strong and viable more than 70 years after Adler’s death.

 His allegiance to Marxism dissipated over time (he retained Marx’ssocial idealism yet distanced himself from Marx’s economic theories).

Adler was a very pragmatic man and believed that lay people could make practical use of the insights of psychology. He sought to construct a social movement united under the principles of “Gemeinschaftsgefühl” (community feeling) and social interest (the practical actions that are exercised for the social good)

Interesting.  Because wars and genocides have been committed in the name of “the common good.”  Think about it, particularly 1900 – 1950s!) In fact, that anthem has led to atrocities, right?

and Adler (wikipedia) Parent Education for producing more democratic children, which is better for society:

Parent education

Adler emphasized both treatment and prevention. As a psychodynamic psychology, Adlerians emphasize the foundational importance of childhood in developing personality and any tendency towards various forms of psychopathology. The best way to inoculate against what are now termed “personality disorders” (what Adler had called the “neurotic character”), or a tendency to various neurotic conditions (depression, anxiety, etc.), is to train a child to be and feel an equal part of the family. This entails developing a democratic character and the ability to exercise power reasonably rather than through compensation. (reward).    Hence Adler proselytized against corporal punishment and cautioned parents to refrain from the twin evils of pampering and neglect. The responsibility to the optimal development of the child is not limited to the Mother or Father but to teachers and society more broadly. Adler argued therefore that teachers, nurses, social workers, and so on require training in parent education in order to complement the work of the family in fostering a democratic character. When a child does not feel equal and is enacted upon (abused through pampering or neglect) they are likely to develop inferiority or superiority complexes and various accompanying compensation strategies.

I have spent a good fraction of my life in front of and working with children — while at the same time with adult professionals.  Most children KNOW when they are being demonstrated upon; they are very perceptive and pick up on this quickly,possibly because there are fewer theories cluttering up their faculties of intuition and observation.   “when a child does not feel equal and is enacted upon. . . . . ”     Teachers, social workers, nurses (a different category as this is a life -preservation situation) are obviously superior in size and authority to children.   The average public school classroom is anything BUT an ‘equal’ situation, as is the society that they will be launched into upon graduation (assuming graduation occurs).    This is a theory.  On the other hand if growing children observe the adults around them behaving ethically and with empathy, handling crises fairly, etc., they have role models of adults interacting WITH EACH OTHER in good ways.

The average education in the USA at least (I don’t know other countries’ systems) is basically calculated to instill a sense of superiority or, alternately, inferiority in the students regarding each other, based on sometimes arbitrary standards.  The concept that teachers and social workers who are part of this heirarchical system are somehow going to rescue children from it (while being part of the same system) is — to me — ridiculous.

These strategies exact a social toll by seeding higher divorce rates, the breakdown of the family, criminal tendencies, and subjective suffering in the various guises of psychopathology. Adlerians have long promoted parent education groups, especially those influenced by the famous Austrian/American Adlerian Rudolf Dreikurs (Dreikurs & Soltz, 1964).

Here’s (by way of contrast in approach) a slice of the life of Viktor Frankl, whose book I happen to have run across at a young age, and inspired me as I was forming my own values independently of parents (high school/college years):  Man’s Search for Meaning.  It turns out to have been written in a mere 9 days, and has sold 9 million copies.   Possibly because it’s marked by his overcoming of despair in conditions most of us do NOT deal with, giving hope to others:  Frankl could’ve abandoned his parents and immigrated to America in 1939; later, he survived Theriesenstadt Ghetto and Auchshwitz (his parents, brother and wife did not) and dictated this book one year after release from Auschwitz.  He lived to be 95:

Source:   http://www.viktorfrankl.org/e/chronology.html

1937 Frankl opens a practice as Doctor of Neurology and Psychiatry.
1938 Invasion of Austria by the Hitler troops – the “Anschluss”.
1939 In his paper:
he coins the expression “Existential Analysis”. Frankl obtains an immigration visa to America but lets it pass unused, not wanting to desert his old parents.
1940 – 1942 He becomes director of the Neurological Department of the Rothschild Hospital, a clinic for Jewish patients. In spite of the danger to his own life he sabotages Nazi procedures by making false diagnoses to prevent the euthanasia of mentally ill patients. He publishes several articles in Swiss medical journals, and starts writing the first version of his book”AERZTLICHE SEELSORGE” (THE DOCTOR AND THE SOUL) . In 1941 Frankl marries his first wife, Tilly Grosser.
1942 The nazis force the young couple to have their child aborted. In September Viktor and Tilly Frankl are arrested and together with his parents are deported to the Theresienstadt Ghetto, north of Prague. His sister Stella has shortly before escaped to Australia, and brother Walter and his wife are trying to escape via Italy. After half a year in Theresienstadt his father dies of exhaustion.
1944 Frankl and Tilly, and shortly later his 65 year old mother, are transported to the extinction camp Auschwitz. His mother is immediately murdered in the gas chamber, and Tilly is moved to Bergen-Belsen, where she is to die at the age of 24. In cattle cars Viktor Frankl is transported, via Vienna, to Kaufering and Türkheim (subsidiary camps of Dachau). Even under the extreme conditions of the camps Frankl finds his theses about fate and freedom corroborated.
1945 In the last camp he comes down with typhoid fever. To avoid fatal collapse during the nights he keeps himself awake by reconstructing his book manuscript on slips of paper stolen from the camp office. On April 27 the camp is liberated by U.S. troops. In August Frankl returns to Vienna, where he learns, within a span of a few days, about the death of his wife, his mother and his brother who has been murdered in Auschwitz together with his wife.
1946 Frankl overcomes his despair; he becomes director of the Vienna Neurological Policlinic, a position he holds for 25 years. With his reconstructed book “ÄRZTLICHE SEELSORGE” he attains his “Habilitation”, or teaching appointment, at the University of Vienna Medical School. He dictates, within 9 days, the book “EIN PSYCHOLOG ERLRBT DAS KONZENTRATIONSLAGER”, which is later translated into English and published as “MAN’S SEARCH FOR MEANING“. By 1997 more than 9 million copies of this book had been sold.

Using Frankl’s concepts with PTSD clients  (book by Jim Lantz)

“Viktor Frankl was one of the first mental health professionals who worked with and wrote about victims of trauma and terror. His existential treatment approach with Nazi death camp survivors has considerable value and usefulness with other kinds of PTSD clients. In Franklian psychotherapy, the PTSD client is helped to remember the details of their trauma experiences to identify meaning opportunities embedded in memories of trauma and terror and to make use of such meaning opportunities for self-transcendent giving to the world.”

(Amazon review of the book):

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl is among the most influential works of psychiatric literature since Freud. The book begins with a lengthy, austere, and deeply moving personal essay about Frankl’s imprisonment in Auschwitz and other concentration camps for five years, and his struggle during this time to find reasons to live. The second part of the book, called “Logotherapy in a Nutshell,” describes the psychotherapeutic method that Frankl pioneered as a result of his experiences in the concentration camps. Freud believed that sexual instincts and urges were the driving force of humanity’s life; Frankl, by contrast, believes that man’s deepest desire is to search for meaning and purpose. Frankl’s logotherapy, therefore, is much more compatible with Western religions than Freudian psychotherapy. This is a fascinating, sophisticated, and very human book. At times, Frankl’s personal and professional discourses merge into a style of tremendous power. “Our generation is realistic, for we have come to know man as he really is,” Frankl writes. “After all, man is that being who invented the gas chambers of Auschwitz; however, he is also that being who entered those gas chambers upright, with the Lord’s Prayer or the Shema Yisrael on his lips.”

Gerald F. Kreyche De Paul University Man’s Search for Meaning is the story of a man who became a number who became a person. Today Frankl is one of the most famous and gifted of all psychiatrists. Frankl developed his ideas now generally known as the Third School of Viennese Psychiatry — the school of logotherapy. The incredible attempts to dehumanize man at the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Dachau led Frankl to commence the humanization of psychiatry through logotherapy. Frankl is a professional who possesses the rare ability to write in a layman’s language.

It is quite understandable why books about the meaning of life may be important to those who have experienced or are experiencing abuse at the hand of captors or others whose role and function (in the relationship) is to establish the teacher/child or master/slave, or, to extend this a little further, “subject/object” relationship with what is a person (not merely a “social being” or a “decision-making organism”) with hopes, desires, needs, and purposes (including individuality) in life.

Again in context, I have been looking at a fast-moving, fast-incorporating? nonprofit which has a lot of claims on its website, and how the same personnel are involved in peddling parenting programs based on (a particular worldview), for profit, through “Active Parenting(tm)” Publishing.  In its essence, we are talking a trademarked product.

Back to:

COOPERATIVE PARENTING INSTITUTE shown to be  “a/k/a Family Solutions Counseling,LLC”

I put out the “APB” for who IS the institute.   I am no expert yet in researching corporations.     One reply gave an appellate reversal, whose footnote identified exactly which corporation is the one running trainings in Chicago, Georgia and Pennsylvania (where one professional has a relationship with the county family court), and from there, an interesting point to make — again — about those of us expecting family law courts, or mandated reporters, to somehow protect our children, or compensate the bereft families when they failed to report and a child eventually died.

(Georgia Court of Appeal)


No. A06A1205.

— July 28, 2006

Michael J. Gorby, James W. Standard, Jr., Gorby, Reeves & Peters, P.C., Atlanta, for Appellants.Laura Wilson Speed-Dalton, Ian R. Rapaport, Chambers, Aholt & Rickard, LLP, Atlanta, for Appellee.Thomas J. Mew IV, Robert B. Remar, Rogers & Hardin, amici curiae.

Appellants Nancy A. McGarrah, a licensed psychologist, and her practice, Cliff Valley Psychologists, P.A., defendants below, bring this interlocutory appeal from the State Court of DeKalb County’s denial of their motion for summary judgment.   For the reasons that follow, we reverse.

This case stems from psychological therapy and treatment provided by McGarrah 1 to K.P.G., the minor child of appellee Michelle Posig.   Posig sued McGarrah 2 as mother and guardian of K.P.G., alleging that McGarrah breached a professional standard of care by her failure to detect and report sexual abuse of K.P.G.   Under OCGA § 19-7-5, licensed psychologists must report suspected child abuse,3 including sexual abuse,4 to the appropriate authorities; 5  knowing and wilful failure so to report is a criminal offense, a misdemeanor.6

Construing the evidence and all inferences therefrom in a light most favorable to the nonmoving party, as we must on review of the grant or denial of a motion for summary judgment,7 the record shows that, following a contentious divorce and custody battle, Posig and her ex-husband, David Gore, K.P.G.’s father, sought “postdivorce parent coordinating” from Susan Boyan, a licensed marriage and family therapist.8 ** During these parent counseling sessions, Posig alleged that Gore had sexually abused K.P.G. since she was an infant.   Although Boyan found no evidence of abuse and made no report under OCGA § 19-7-5, she took the allegations seriously and referred the then five-year-old K.P.G. to McGarrah for evaluation “in order to explore abuse issues.”


Cases such as the one at bar can certainly present distressing allegations of abuse, and this Court is sympathetic to the plight of abused children such as Terrell Peterson.   Nonetheless, any change in the law in these matters lies in the realm of the legislature.   As this Court has stated on an earlier occasion, “[t]he ramifications of creating a tort liability must be weighed against the consequences of resultant potential over-reporting.   This is a legislative task which either has been fulfilled by the choice for criminal law liability instead, or has yet to be done if and when the legislature determines to undertake it.” 25

Appellee Posig has failed to state a cause of action recognized under current Georgia law, and therefore the trial court erred in denying appellant McGarrah’s motion for summary judgment.

Judgment reversed.


1.  Appellant Cliff Valley Psychologists, P.A., was named as a defendant in the complaint on the theory of respondeat superior, agency or apparent agency.

2.  Also named as defendants were Susan Boyan and Family Solutions, LLC, a/k/a Cooperative Parenting Institute.   The trial court below granted summary judgment on behalf of these defendants, and they are not before this Court on this appeal.

8.  Dr. Boyan did not see or treat K.P.G. professionally, but only her mother and father.

Note:  Under whose advice or which constraints did they seek “postdivorce parenting” — a court order?  Consider under what circumstances BOTH a divorcing mother and father might be ordered into treatment by the same practitioner!

Family Solutions, LLC is now run by a Kathleen Shack at a certain address shared by lots more in similar fields and per the State of Georgia SOS started as an entity in 2007;

Business Name History


Limited Liability Company – Domestic – Information Control No.:07020302Status:Active/Noncompliance  Entity Creation Date:3/7/2007  Jurisdiction:GAPrincipal Office Address:3534 Old Milton Pkwy
Alpharetta GA 30005
Last Annual Registration Filed Date:5/13/2010Last Annual Registration Filed:2010

Selected businesses at this address:   (3534 Old Milton Parkway, Apharetta, GA  30005)

1 review

1 review

Googling “last name /Officer” in Georgia, I find Kathleen Shack also CFO on this one:
Business Name History

Name Name Type

Non-Profit Corporation – Domestic – Information
Control No.: J518599
Status: Active/Compliance
Entity Creation Date: 7/6/1973
Jurisdiction: GA
Principal Office Address: 3108 PIEDMONT RD NE STE 224
ATLANTA GA 30305-2547
Last Annual Registration Filed Date: 3/23/2011
Last Annual Registration Filed: 2011
This organization started in 1973, is a division of national group, and as we can see has maintained steady corporate status.  The national group is AAMFT:
Well, apparently in 2006, This Cooperative P.I. was an a.k.a. of Family Solutions Counseling, LLC.  The Family Counseling Solutions, LLC we see here in Georgia was, however, formed in 2007 and shows a different (but AFCC affiliated) leadership (and address).
Here is a group which cites CPI as its certification (among many others, also AFCC-related, clearly:  Collaborative Law, etc.)  “Dr. Kathy”‘s education has been all about families from the start, and it appears to have happened mostly within the state of Georgia.  Here’s a sampler:
 “SEB Health, Inc.   “Social, Emotional and Behavioral Health”


  • Ph.D. Child and Family Development, concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy, University of Georgia, Athens, GA.
  • M.S. Child and Family Development. University of Georgia, Athens, GA.
  • B.A. Psychology & Spanish (Double Major), Florida State University. Graduated Cum Laude and with Honors


  • American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT)
  • Georgia Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (GAMFT)
  • American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)
  • International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP)  ***
  • Collaborative Law Institute of Georgia (CLIG) ***  (2004 formation)
  • Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) ***
*** fields & terminology courtesy AFCC professionals and developed as market niches in their conferences and publications.
Note:  SEB, HEALTH, INC. was formed in 2005, and Dr. Scott is its only principal officers (in fact, all 3) listed.  The Collaborative law Institute of Georgia was formed in 2004.

SEB HEALTH, INC. 0573173 Profit Corporation Active/Compliance 10/27/2005

Records Returned 1 of 1 total 1

“COLLABORATIVE LAW” national search of 990-finder database shows groups in:   MI, MN, CA, GA, IL & TEXAS:

As of 2005, only these states (at least had submitted 990s, or were formed):








Collaborative Law Institute MN 2005 $24,308 990O 17 41-1703520
Collaborative Law Institute of MI 2005 $16,527.46 990EZ 15 20-0903609
Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois IL 2005 $25,386 990EO 6 02-0645845
Collaborative Law Institute of Texas Inc. TX 2005 $146,683 990 17 75-2843154

The texas one (2005 return) shows a $3,000 grant from “IACP” in California, i.e.,the International Group is helping state groups expand.  The purpose of this group is to publicize, surprisingly, “Collaborative Law.”   $58K was received (2004) in “membership fees’ and $52,458K expenses was spent on classes.  There are 14 key officers/trustees, none being paid for anything, however, they will be reaping rewards when courthouses eventually close through budget deficits (and people tired of losing their shirts anywhere near the whole institution), then these professionals have positioned themselves to receive the exodus into, well, their waiting arms.  So forming nonprofits to catch this is definitely a good business, although what the public benefit justifying nonprofit status is, I fail to see.  Because they want to promote a profession, they don’t need to pay taxes, although most of their clients will, and after paying taxes, pay them???

 By 2006, 2007 (year I searched the same terms on) MI has dropped off:








Collaborative Law Institute MN 2006 $29,651 990EO 5 41-1703520
Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois IL 2006 $41,670 990EO 12 02-0645845
Collaborative Law Institute of Texas Inc. TX 2006 $202,917 990 19 75-2843154

In 2008 Georgia Joins MN, IL & TX:








Collaborative Law Institute MN 2006 $29,651 990EO 5 41-1703520
Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois IL 2006 $41,670 990EO 12 02-0645845
Collaborative Law Institute of Texas Inc. TX 2006 $202,917 990 19 75-2843154

Notice, per SOS Georgia, the Georgia institute was formed in 2004 (and filed consistent corporation registries):

COLLABORATIVE LAW INSTITUTE OF GEORGIA, INC. 0402031 Non-Profit Corporation Active/Compliance 1/8/2004
Records Returned 1 of 1 total 1
Image  Date Document

Open the ImageOpen the Image

1/13/2004 New Filing
3/30/2004 Annual Registration
4/1/2005 Annual Registration
4/7/2005 Annual Registration
4/7/2006 Annual Registration

Open the ImageOpen the Image

4/2/2007 Annual Registration

Open the ImageOpen the Image

2/26/2008 Annual Registration

Open the ImageOpen the Image

3/27/2009 Annual Registration

Open the ImageOpen the Image

3/31/2009 Annual Registration

Open the ImageOpen the Image

3/2/2010 Annual Registration

Open the ImageOpen the Image

3/29/2011 Annual Registration

Are they not required to also file somewhere as a nonprofit, including any tax returns? If these are the certifying institutes, what does that say about the certification, in general?  In practicing law!! and certifying people in preparation/anticipation of them setting up (LEGAL) collaborative law practices?

This collaborative law institute lists only one principal — Robert D. Bordett.  I looked him up:

iacp,collaborative law,collaborative practice,collaborative divorce,international academy of collaborative professionals

Robert D. Bordett, CFP, CDFA

Bob is Senior Vice President of Consolidated Planning Corporation, is a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and a registered mediator with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. Committed to positive outcomes for divorcing families, Bob has spent more than a 22 years providing financial expertise in collaborative practice and mediated divorce proceedings. Bob is the past president of The Collaborative Law Institute of Georgia, and currently serves on the board of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) and served as a members of the IACP Advisory Council on Collaborative Practice and Training. In addition he is past president of the Georgia Society of the Institute of Certified Financial Planners, served as a National Committee member for the Institute of Certified Financial Planners, and is a founding member of the Family Mediation Association of Georgia. Additionally, Bob is a current member of the Association for Conflict Resolution, National Association of Tax Practitioners, Financial Planning Association, and Association of Family Court and Community Professionals. Bob has spoken to various groups including the Quantum Institute, Family Mediation Association of Georgia, Georgia Trail Lawyers, Women’s Resource Center, Atlanta, Divorce Mediators, State Bar of Georgia Mid Year Conference, Academy of Matrimonial Attorneys Georgia Chapter the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals annual forum and the AFCC annual conference. He has written numerous articles on financial planning that have been published by The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Journal of Financial Planning, Georgia Family Mediation News, Fidelity 401K magazine and has appeared on CNN Sunday News.
Address: 400 Colony Square, Suite 525
Atlanta GA 30361 USA
Phone: 888-U2AGREE
Email: bob@u2agree.com
Website: http://www.u2agree.com

The bulk of the references are training in collaborative lawyering, which is a self-perpetuating set of nonprofits definining a new field of practice.  Of course they are going to support and certify and allow others (who paid into the system) to cite each other as parts of one’s resumes:

Collaborative Divorce Training – MN. Peggy Thompson, Pauline Tesler, Nancy Ross, Stu Webb – 2000 Collaborative Divorce Team Training – AZ. George Richardson, Peggy Thompson, Mark Hill, Nancy Ross, Vicki Carpel Miller IACP Annual Forums;2001;2002;2003;2004;2005;2006;2007
Collaborative Training Offered
Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law Training for Attorneys, Mental Health Professionals, Financial Consultants and Mediators: 2007: Pasadena, Ca; Chicago, Illinois, Atlanta, GA. and Advanced Interdisciplianary Collaborative Training; Columbia, Md and Atlanta, Ga: 2006: Chicago, Illinois; Rochester, New York; Miami, Florida; 2005: Albuquerque, New Mexico; Omaha, Nebraska; Spartanburg, South Carolina; Louisville, Kentucky; Jacksonville, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; 2004: Ann Arbor, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois (Basic & Advanced); Charleston, South Carolina (2 Trainings); Dallas, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia Advanced Training 2006; Atlanta, Georgia (5 Trainings); 2006:Atlanta, Georgia Advanced Training 2005; Atlanta, Georgia (4 Trainings); 2005:Atlanta, Georgia (6 Trainings); 2004:Atlanta, Georgia (4 Trainings); 2003: Atlanta, Georgia (4 Trainings); 2002: Atlanta, Georgia (4 Trainings), 2001: Atlanta, Georgia (4 Trainings); 2000: Atlanta, Georgia (2 Trainings).

here is he is, underneath a woman heavily involved in collaborative law, family law (as a Guardian ad litem) and in “Contested Custody” situations.  I don’t mean to minimize what it takes to be a financial planner (at least this involves some real numbers-crunching and analysis) but when it comes to mediation, ad infinitum, I’ve had enough, personally:

Robert D. Bordett is Senior Vice President ofConsolidated Planning Corporation.  He is a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, and a registered mediator and arbitrator with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. He is committed to positive outcomes for divorcing families.

Bob has spent more than 25 years providing financial expertise in collaborative practice and mediated divorce proceedings.  He is past president of The Collaborative  Law Institute of Georgia,

{{NOT too hard if you started the organization!}}

past board member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) and a member of the IACP Advisory Council on Collaborative Practice and Training.  In addition, he is past president of the Georgia Society of the Institute of Certified Financial Planners, served as a National Committee member for the Institute of Certified Financial Planners, and is a founding member of the Family Mediation Association of Georgia.  In addition, Bob is a current member of the Association for Conflict Resolution, National Association of Tax Practitioners, Financial Planning Association, and Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.  He has written numerous articles on financial planning and Collaborative Practice that have been published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution,Journal of Financial PlanningGeorgia Family Mediation NewsFidelity 401K magazine and has appeared on CNN Sunday News.

(the person listed alongside):

Our Guests
Amy Waggoner

Amy K. Waggoner is a collaborative family law attorney.  Her focus is working together with clients in transition to find creative solutions that promote the best interests of the family and the children. In addition to the collaborative practice of family law, Amy serves as a Guardian ad Litem to protect the interests of children who are involved in contested custody matters and regularly volunteers her time in helping children and families through the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation.

Amy is a founding member of the Atlanta Collaborative Divorce Alliance, and a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, the Collaborative Law Institute of Georgia, the Family Law Section of the Atlanta Bar Association, the State Bar of Georgia, and the State Bar of Tennessee.

She regularly lectures on collaborative and family law issues, particularly those involving implementing creative, non-adversarial solutions to legal issues.


For skeptics who don’t (yet) believe that these groups are primarily subsists of the (earliest) AFCC, here’sa site VWtapes.com showing AFCC conference and “related” ones.  CP-CAL is obviously “Collaborative Practice California”


Related Conferences

  • AFCC   Association of Family & Conciliation Courts California Chapter Conferences
  • IACP   International Association of Collaborative Professionals Conferences
  • ACPI   Association of Collaborative Professionals Ireland Conferences

Collaborative Practice California Conferences (CP-CAL)

CDs, MP3s, and DVDs from the 2011 Celebration VI: Collaboration Without Borders Expanding Our Horizons, sixth annual statewide conference presented by the Collaborative Practise California (CP-CAL).

Collaborative Practice California (CP-CAL) Conference Image

CDs, MP3s, and DVDs from the 2009 Celebration IV: Catching the Collaborative Wave fourth annual state-wide conference presented by the Collaborative Practise California (CP-CAL).

Collaborative Practice California (CP-CAL) Conference Image

CDs, MP3s, and DVDs from the 2008 Celebration III: Beyond the Basics: Building on our core strengths–third annual state-wide conference presented by the Collaborative Practise California (CP-CAL).
CDs, MP3s, and DVDs from the 2007 Celebration II: Communicating the Collaborative Message Second Annual Statewide Conference presented jointly by the Collaborative Practice California (CP-CAL) and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (
CDs, MP3s, and DVDs from the 2006 Annual Statewide Conference presented jointly by the Collaborative Practice California (CP-CAL) and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP).

This way they can learn who are the leaders in the area, keep their language unified (as opposed to, say, going with the language the commoners know, like the law) and rehearse how to view the flawed parents of the world, the high-conflict divorces, and to socialize them (probably Adlerian-style) or (alternately) coerce under duress of losing children to the other partner — into compliance and becoming good social beings, which all truly healthy human beings are….  I guess that rules out Moses, Jesus, Muhammed, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, etc., Martin Luther, Martin Luther King, Jr., and basically any other leaders who left indelible and positive marks on the world.   For example, Galileo comes to mind, you name it — people who didn’t “go with the flow” actually can make the world a slightly better place — though not always in their own lifetimes.

(these are from SEB Health, Inc. in GA)


  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Georgia.
  • Certified Child Custody Evaluator, Professional Association of Custody Evaluators (PACE)
  • Clinically Certified Domestic Violence Counselor, 2/12/01. F16880, ACCFC
  • Clinically Certified Forensic Counselor, 2/12/01. F16879, NAFC
  • Certified Instructor, Prime For Life (Prevention Research Institute) –DOT approved A&D program.
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis, 11/12/04, completed intensive program under Bill O’Hanlon, MS
  • Collaborative Law.
  • Certified Parenting Coordinator – Certification from the Cooperative Parenting Institute.
NAFC (that’s a new one on me!):   The term was coined by one person to designate “competent” counselors, focusing on group treatment for criminal populations to reduce recidivism:
The NAFC was established in 1994 to establish post graduate standards and professional responsibility in the very specialized area of criminal justice counseling and evaluation. The development of standards of practice, clinical guidelines, and the establishment of a valid certification program are efforts NAFC and ACCFC have made to enhance delivery of safe and effective treatment of offenders in both civil and criminal cases, improve communication, between the clinician and the justice system as well as for the protection of the public. NAFC is a non-profit corporation.
Later, Dr. Francis Deisler had another, better idea, and started USOA, modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous:


USOA was founded by Dr. Francis J. Deisler, a Psychologist and Clinical Social Worker who specializes in treating offenders and ex-offenders. In March 2005, Dr. Deisler spoke to a group of inmates and their family members graduating from a violence prevention program at a North Carolina medium security prison. After his talk, Dr. Deisler had the opportunity to speak with the inmates and family members individually who expressed the difficulties they were facing as ex-offenders and the lack of social support in their continued recovery. Dr. Deisler was always aware of the lack of a continuum of care for offenders leaving institutions in the US and  wanted a program specifically designed for the offenders special needs.

Dr. Deisler carried this information back to his staff at his counseling center who then started a program patterned after the successful Alcoholics Anonymous program. The program was offered to ex-offenders in the counseling program as an adjunct to their treatment program and their aftercare. From that first program, other USOA groups have been developed in counseling centers in other cities and states focusing on the treatment and counseling of offenders in other states.

(etc.  In other words, NAFC got approved to provide training)….
This entity (for-profit) was formed in 1995, per Indiana Secreary of State search:
Entity Name Type Entity Type City / State

The bottom one has been administratively dissolved:  It was around for a whopping 4 years:

Current InformationEntity Legal Name:

Entity Address:
800 South Calhoun Street, FORT WAYNE, IN 46802

General Entity Information:
Control Number1995120733 
StatusAdmin Dissolved 
Entity TypeFor-Profit Domestic Corporation 

Entity Creation Date12/4/1995 
Entity Date to Expire:
Entity Inactive Date8/26/1999 

 and the related nonprofit extended 1990 -1998, also “aka” “Sunrise Homes” (?)  Assuming it’s the same group:

Name Searched On:

Current Information

Entity Legal Name:

Entity Address:
C/O Robert S. Bechert, 800 S. Calhoun St., FORT WAYNE, IN 4680

General Entity Information:

Control Number1990080119 
StatusAdmin Dissolved 
Entity TypeNon-Profit Domestic Corporation 

Entity Creation Date7/30/1990 
Entity Date to Expire
Entity Inactive Date5/18/1998 

Other Names for this Entity:

Date Name (Type)

Registered Agent(name, address, city state , zip):

Robert S. Bechert
800 S.Calhoun St.
FORT WAYNE , IN  46802

Principals(name, address, citystate, zip – when provided)

Francis J. Deisler
2924 S. Calhoun St.
FT. WAYNE , IN  46807

Donald Lytle
2924 S. Calhoun St.
FT. WAYNE , IN  46807


Date Filed Effective Date Type
07/30/1990 07/30/1990 Articles of Incorporation
01/23/1992 01/23/1992 Articles of Amendment
08/03/1995 08/03/1995 Certificate of Assumed Business Name
08/04/1995 08/04/1995 Miscellaneous
05/18/1998 05/18/1998 Administrative Dissolution 

Corporate Reports:
Years Paid
1991    1992    1993    1994    1995

Additional Services Available: 

This Business Entity is not eligible to receive a Certificate of Existence/Authorization. 

ANYHOW, this organization? certified the principal at SEB HEalth, inc.
That’s frightening — Dr. Kathryn Scott-Young is also  a DV counselor ???
Notice, Christian and practicing hypnosis as well.  I just don’t get it!   (search “hypnosis” on blog, I mentioned this when the recent toddler murdered in California had a grandmother, a Christian counselor soliciting local pastors for work (the grandfather, who blamed the murder-suicide his son committed on the courts, and apparently was at the same time taking referrals? from Sacramento courts as a psychologist…..) ….
well, friends, I haven’t yet found where “Cooperative Parenting Institute” a/k/a Family Counseling Solutions, LLC” in association with Boyan or Termini actually exist.  Of course I’ve been easy on Pennsylvania recently.
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Ms. Termini is listed in PA at the “PCM” (Pennsylvania Council of Mediators”):
73) Ann Marie Termini, Eds, MS, LPC


Cooperative Parenting Institute




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EFTI.org (a fathers- type of group, I’ve mentioned them here before) cites in Georgia, Susan Boyan as a reference:
Cooperative Parenting and Divorce

Susan Boyan

X X X X X (available on-line)

Atlanta, Georgia 30329

Telephone: (4

Email: smboyan@cooperativeparenting.com

and in Pennsylvania, Ms. Termini:
Cooperative Parenting and Divorce

Ann Marie Termini

301 West Grove Street

Clark Summit, PA 18411

Telephone: (570) 586-5669

Email: amtermini@cooperativeparenting.com

Court of Injustice — Blair County
DaddyJustice — Lancaster County

Telephone: (412) 829-2278

Fathers’ and Children’s Equality, Inc. (FACE) — Every child deserves 2 parents. Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Lehigh Valley, and Philadelphia chapters.

Hotline (610)-688-4748

Heads Held High — Families helping families.
Judicial Clean Sweep
Lancaster Non-Custodial Parents (LYNCUP)

Horror stories from Lancaster-York counties

Don Hank, Director

319 Brook Lane

Wrightsville PA 17368

Telephone: (717) 252-9835

Lesbian Domestic Violence — Support group in Reading, Pennsylvania.
Men’s Custody and Shelter Network (MCSN) — Assists with physical, mental, and counseling needs for men falsely accused in custody disputes. Attempts to obtain temporary housing for men taken from homes and children with restraining orders.
SOURCE:  http://www.ejfi.org/Help/Help-2.htm

This site is supported and maintained by the Equal Justice Foundation.

Last modified 8/18/11

WELL, that’s enough for today.   Admittedly not the most organized post, but hopefully some more food for thought.

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  1. I didn’t develop the 2nd theme in title, “lack of tort for failure to report,” however it can be seen in the appellate reversal decision I copied, particularly if you read the document in its entirety. We DO need to understand — and women should be informed, as well as men — going in– that the family law venue does not (from what my non-lawyer self can tell) a TORT situation as it is not a CONTRACT situation. Where there is no contract, there is no tort for breach of it.

    What it has become, instead, is a virtual circus. Alternately (depending on which angle you approach it from) a great monopolistic marketing venture with no holds barred, and tax registration for nonprofits, apparently optional. The sky’s the limit — join the AFCC and invent a profession. By the way, THIS site (found earlier in the day) very well displays the cult-like aspect of AFCC.

    Check out their membership flyer!

    Click to access get_the_most_from_your_afcc_membership_flyer.pdf

    They even have their own corporate currency: ‘earn AFCC Dollars!” (see bottom of quote)

    “Stay up-to-date on the latest developments in your
    field: For almost 50 years, AFCC has led the field with historic inno- vations in mediation, divorce education, parenting coordination and child welfare mediation. AFCC conferences and training programs are a great way to improve your practice skills, network with colleagues, dis-
    cover new ideas and get excited about your work. Continuing education credits are available for professionals in most disciplines. AFCC mem- bers receive discounts of up to 20% on conference and training registration.

    Even More Member Discounts: AFCC members receive a 15% discount on AFCC publications through the Shopping Center on the AFCC website, a 20% discount on most publications from Wiley, which includes Wiley-Blackwell and Jossey-Bass (wiley.com), and insurance discounts through Complete Equity Markets, Inc. (cemins.com/afcc.html).

    * * *Be active! Join an AFCC Listserv: AFCC members have access to listservs on court services and parenting coordination, and AFCC will be expanding this service in the future. * * *

    Members use this service to interact with experts in the field, to discuss difficult questions, and share tech- niques and referrals. Your Questions Answered: AFCC is here to facilitate the important work you do and AFCC’s staff will do everything we can to answer any questions you have. Go to the staff page on AFCC’s website under About AFCC. Send us an email or call us and we’ll do our best to answer your question or direct you to an AFCC member who can.

    Get Involved: We welcome your participation and encourage you to contact AFCC Board members and committee chairs with your input. What are you working on? Share research and innovations with other AFCC members through the AFCC eNEWS and newsletter. Contact the editor at editor@afccnet.org. If your state or province has an AFCC Chapter, join it to network locally and discuss important issues that effect {that’s “A-ffect!” you Ph.Ds!!!}} your community. To find out more about AFCC Chapters, visit the AFCC website and click the membership tab.

    Earn AFCC Dollars: AFCC members can earn AFCC Dollars to spend on conference and training registrations, membership renewals and publication orders. Each time you recruit a colleague to join AFCC and they list you as the referral source, you earn ten AFCC Dollars. In order to qualify, they must be first-time members of AFCC. Once a year you will receive AFCC Dollars from AFCC. You can earn up to $150 AFCC Dollars each year, enough for a free AFCC membership! Call the AFCC office at (608) 664-3750 or email us at afcc@afccnet.org to request membership brochures and materials. Start earning AFCC
    Dollars today!”

    Have a nice day…. AFCC loyalty will most definitely be rewarded in more than “AFCC dollars.” Attend a training. Put it on your website! Build your certifications database…. Stop Alienation! Help Conflicted parents! Socialize the decision-making parental organisms that come across your path.


    September 21, 2011 at 6:01 pm


    In the early 1990s, professionals in California borrowed statutes previously developed for Special Masters and Mediators. California was the first to develop a court order to appoint a special master. Although the use of special masters was a step in the right direction, most special masters are attorneys who have the ability to write orders. Their primary function is to “settle” disputes when parents are unable to agree. Most special masters do not have an ongoing relationship with the family. Consequently, special masters do not teach parents the skills they need to develop a collaborative realtionship.

    In 1992, a group of custody evaluators and family law professionals in Colorado gathered to further refine the role. They coined the term “parenting coordinator. ” In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, three books addressing the role and responsibilities of a parenting coordinator were published. As the momentum continued, juridictions across the nation began to appoint parenting coordinators. Several states developed statutes or borrowed from other statues to govern the role.

    The AFCC created a task force to explore the differences in how each state and providence utilized parenting coordination. Task forces have been created in different states to explore the usefullness of parenting coordination and the potential for state legislation. Currently, parenting coordination is recognized as a valuable resource to assist separatng families in the midst of conflict.


    September 23, 2011 at 3:13 pm

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