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Speaking of CCA profits, Franklin County, Ohio, Judge Allows Sale of Five Prisons: Three Out-of-State Bidders. Speaking of Prisons, Ohio’s Fatherhood ‘InsideOut Dad’ Curricula [Publ. Sept. 13, 2011, Reformatted June. 6, 2022].

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Post Title: Speaking of CCA profits, Franklin County, OH Judge Allows Sale of 5 Prisons: Three Out-of-State Bidders. Speaking of Prisons, Ohio’s Fatherhood ‘InsideOut Dad’ Curricula [Publ. Sept. 13, 2011, Reformatted June. 6, 2022].  (case-sensitive short-link ends “-Ro”). About 10,400 words; many of those words are quotes describing fatherhood programs.

Title (and overall formatting, especially margins) adjusted June 6, 2022.  Why? Because the state of Ohio just keeps on coming up in the news for placing obstacle after obstacle in the paths of women, especially mothers seeking to exit abusive relationships:  even if the abusers are in prison (search “HB 508” in 2022), yet somehow advocates (sic) reporting on this almost never mention it’s historic, executive-branch-based “Fatherhood Commission,” its “office of faith-based initiatives” (related) with similar proclivities, and or the characteristics and nature of what does exist of domestic violence networks — and how ‘fatherhood-drenched” and influenced they can be, also coordinated statewide.

But I wrote this post over a decade ago.  This is no re-write, just a reformat, adding borders, insuring a white (not sickly, pale-green — the default unless I reset it with every post) background, and the post title and above shortlink protocol, which I adopted much later in this blog.    The post could use even more clean-up, but this is a start in case I refer to it again, or Tweet it, etc.

//LGH June 6, 2022.

Speaking of Correction Corporations of America [Note: rebranded now as CoreCivic.com, still based in Tennessee], remember, I blogged once on “The Business of Detention” which appears to be an excellent investigative project:

Business Of Detention Home

The Business of Detention (Cracking Down on Immigration and Locking Up Profits) (2008 SXSW Interactive Web Award Finalist (etc.) [LGH post shortlink ending “-Ro” publ. 9/13/2011]

and Corrections Corporation of America and political lobbying, which did produce profits:

To complete the seamless connections between CCA and its federal funders, the company has hired former government officials to head key programs.

CCA’s Senior Vice President Mike Quinlan is credited with obtaining its credibility among federal clients after coming to the company with a 22-year career in public sector corrections and serving as Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons from 1987 to 1992.

“The collective corrections experience of CCA’s operations and management team, much of it gained during distinguished careers in federal or state corrections systems, is one of the most impressive in the country,” said Quinlan on the company’s website.

In 2004, after nearly 25 years with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Kim Porter joined CCA as Senior Director of Federal Customer Relations. Porter’s primary responsibility is to manage CCA’s relationship with ICE. Anthony Odom came on board to manage CCA’s relations with USMS after he retired in 2004 from a 32-year career with the agency.

CCA’s general counsel, Gustavus Puryear IV, could give the revolving door another turn. Puryear made headlines this year when President Bush nominated him for a federal judge seat in the Middle District of Tennessee, where CCA is headquartered. Puryear has worked as a speech writer for Vice President Dick Cheney. He testified during a Senate hearing that he would recuse himself from cases involving the company.

Among the politicians strongly connected with CCA is Tennessee’s Lamar Alexander. This listing service of the top 10, top 50 (etc.) richest Congressmen & women, shows him at #24.

A browse through this list shows clearly that among these wealthy, next to ZERO of them got that way through jobs.   They have real estate, they have stocks, and some of the younger members seem to have holdings (or run business) involved in technology, which seems smart as it is EVERYwhere.

Others married Rockefeller relatives, etc.

Topping the list is Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts in 2010. This talks about their losses.  Despite those losses, they are Congresspeople, often with spouses (and assets in the name of those spouses) beneficiaries of family trusts and “blind trusts.”  They vote on things such as how society will look for people who have none of these options, including where incarcerated family members may be dwelling, and who is handling how to get profits from THAT company.

This is from 2009  [“rollcall.com/congress…”]

24. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.)
$12.13(that’s million)

The Tennessee Senator remains financially steady, reporting a slight 2 percent dip in his minimum net worth in 2008.

Alexander reported the sale of at least $1.5 million in stock of Bright Horizons Family Solutions, a national workplace child care services provider. The sale included stock Alexander previously valued at $500,000 to $1 million, as well as stocks held by his wife previously valued at “over $1 million.”

The Senator continues to own $5 million to $25 million of stock in Processed Foods Corp., a Knoxville-based company where he served on the board prior to his election to the Senate in 2002. His wife also owns “over $1 million” in company stock.

The Alexanders also list numerous real estate holdings, including commercial buildings and undeveloped properties, such as a Nantucket, Mass., plot that Alexander values at $1 million to $5 million, which his wife also lists as an asset valued at “over $1 million.”

By Contrast, the 57-year old Sen. Mark Harmon, a freshman legislator, ranked #5 in 2009.  Just for information:

5. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.)
$72.37 million

The Virginia Senator lands on the highest rung among the 11 freshman lawmakers who joined the 50 wealthiest Members of Congress.

Warner made his fortune as a co-founder of Nextel telecommunications company and via an investment in Columbia Capital.

Among his assets, Warner is the beneficiary of the MRW Trust, which initially served as a blind trust after his election to the Virginia governor’s office in 2001 until 2006. The fund includes a money market account valued at $5 million to $25 million, as well as numerous city and state bonds.

Nonetheless, Warner reported nearly $19 million less in personal wealth than he did in his previous financial disclosure form filed as a candidate ahead of the 2008 elections.

Warner reported $9 million less in U.S. Treasury notes than he did as a candidate. He also reduced the value of two investment funds, Pointer LP and Signature Financial Management, both of which dropped from the $5 million to $25 million category to the $1 million to $5 million column.

In addition, Warner reports holdings in three investment partnerships worth $5 million to $25 million each.

Co-founded Nextel.  Investment.  Set up as a beneficiary of a blind trust (the trust spins of interest or other income, obviously).  That it has city and state bonds means the city and state owe the trust money at interest; that’s what (as I understand the term) BONDS are. Also Treasury notes, and investment partnerships.  He’s a Harvard grad, no military duty …..After losing $19 million, he still ranks at #5.  He’s married with three children.

Now remember those women in the Chowchilla (or wherever) prison system, as reported in 2000, that may not have $5.00 and if they need more than 5 sanitary napkins (did anyone say tampons?) per month, may have to sell themselves for sex to get some more.  This may be tricky when rape (not actually paying with bartered goods for services) is already clearly a problem in prisons, and many women who got to prison had experienced abuse before getting there, possibly related to their drug habits, not that it’s an excuse.

(Sorry, I can’t resist).   “Roll Call” this August 15 (by Amanda Becker) shows the Bachmanns (as in Michelle Bachmann) with about $2.8 million:

Republican presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann has assets worth up to $2.8 million, the largest of which are the building housing her husband’s psychotherapy clinic and a family farm, according to disclosure forms she filed late Friday.

Anyone ever think about tracking the real estate in which family law business is transacted?  I know I have…..

What if women’s prison was in Ohio?  So here’s Corrections Corporation of America, that invested lobbying and  has former prison board employees on its board:

Well, here they are again.

Ohio to Proceed With Sale of Five Prisons

After Judge Denies Delay Request

By Mark Niquette – Aug 31, 2011 1:32 PM PT

Ohio will proceed with its plan to sell five prisons after a county judge denied a request today for a temporary restraining order to stop the sale.

The Rehabilitation and Correction Department scheduled a news conference for tomorrow in Columbus to announce the contract awards, the department said in a release.

“We believe our process is sound,” Carlo LoParo, a spokesman for the department, said by telephone from Columbus.

ProgressOhio, a Columbus nonprofit group that describes itself as a “progressive voice for Ohio citizens,” filed a lawsuit to block the sale on grounds it violated the state constitution.

Judge Patrick E. Sheeran of Franklin County Common Pleas Court declined to issue a restraining order and set a hearing for Sept. 13 in Columbus to consider legal arguments.

“Neither the selection of bidders nor the awarding of a contract will constitute irreparable harm for purposes of this motion,” Sheeran wrote in his 16-page opinion.

Ohio wants to sell five prisons, including one that’s closed and two that are privately operated, to raise an estimated $200 million to help balance its budget.

Three companies submitted bids in June to buy and operate the facilities, according to the correction department. They are: Nashville-based Corrections Corp. of America Inc., Geo Group Inc. (GEO) of Boca RatonFlorida, and Management and Training Corp. of Centerville,Utah.

The state offered three combinations of prisons for sale and might award packages to different bidders, the agency has said. The department plans to sign contracts by Sept. 1 for companies to assume operation of the prisons by Jan. 1.

ProgressOhio and other opponents of the sale say the state won’t get a fair value or realize the projected savings of $6.6 million annually. Ohio’s alternative is closing prisons and sending thousands of inmates out of state, Gary C. Mohr, director of the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, has said.

To contact the reporter on this story: Mark Niquette in Columbus, Ohio atmniquette@bloomberg.net.

To contact the editor responsible for this story: Mark Tannenbaum at mtannen@bloomberg.net

So the companies running the Ohio prisons would be run by groups from either TN, FL, or UTAH.
For starters ,the state could start looking into its Fatherhood Commissioners, Practitioners, Trainers, Promoters, and so forth.  Make em file and if they have employees, have them report the income.
Franklin County is building a new courthouse, too.  Wonder who the contractors are, who owns the real estate.

The Franklin County Court of Common Pleas – General Division, in conjunction with the Franklin County Board of Commissioners, is in the process of building a new courthouse.

The new Franklin County Courthouse, scheduled for completion in 2010, physically symbolizes both the literal and figurative concepts of Transparency of Justice through the inclusion of vast areas of glass across the building’s facade.

Much more than symbolic, the glass is an integral component in the building’s energy conservation systems, making this the first LEED certified courthouse in the State of Ohio

Franklin County, like most counties, is paying somewhere for fatherhood classes, turning hot young males into nurturing dads and helping to heal the wound:
(OPNFF and Boot Camp For New Dads is in here.  Translate — some tax-exempt, unreported? $3,000 grant from Community Endeavors Foundation, maybe, followed by collective sponsorships in public circles to teach dads how to nurture — and of course there’s no overhead anywhere, and all this funding is properly accounted for and reported.  Yeah: This is just a section from the site:   http://www.cul.org/father.aspx
Scope of Services
Provide a classroom curriculum that develops the attitudes and skills needed for responsible fatherhood and helping men discover and cultivate their nurturing potential.
Assistance with issues regarding child support, visitation, and family law matters, ultimately advocating for policy change/implementation that make these very areas more father friendly.
Columbus Urban League’s (CUL) – African-American Male Initiatives (A.A.M.I.)
Columbus Urban League’s Head Start
Ohio Commission on Fatherhood (OFC)
Franklin County Child Support Enforcement Agency (FCSEA)
Ohio Practitioners Network of Fathers & Families (OPNFF)
Nationwide Children’s Hospital (Family & Volunteer Services)Target Audience
Class Curriculum – ‘Nurturing Father’
African-American fathers between the ages of 16-35 referred by CUL Head Start, Franklin County Child Enforcement Agency & Juvenile Court System.
There will be a dual class format (One AM – One PM) on 3 month cycles. Each class will consist of 12-15 fathers giving us the ability to serve 100 fathers per calendar yea
Have you “GOT” this yet?  The local child support agency shepherds (refers) business to the fatherhood class providers.  Shepherds or extorts, depending on one’s point of view.
Public Awareness / Advocacy Agenda

The Ohio Practitioners’ Network for Fathers and Family is a Statewide Network of fatherhood practitioners and stakeholders. The Network was founded in February of 2004 by a small group of diverse and passionate individuals from both the public and private sector.

PUBLIC SECTOR = access to monies.  FOUNDED IN 2004, INCORPORATED IN 2007, and I cannot tell if it has properly registered as a nonprofit anywhere, yet.   

Mission Statement

The mission of OPNFF is to enhance the outcomes of children, families and communities by providing training, support and strength to the professionalism of fatherhood practitioners.

Examples of Policy Agenda:

 Update legislation to give unmarried fathers rights when paternity is established,
   thus not allowing mothers rights to be superior. Fathers should not be considered
   below mothers on any scale.

 Mandate cooperative parenting programs. Divide and conquer does not work.

 Fathers should have the same access to benefits and assistance programs as

 One Stop Shops to deal with Custody/Paternity/Support issues efficiently.

 Fathers should be first considered in situations where children are taken out of the
   home, as now, paternal grandparents and foster homes are the choice.
From the FATHERHOOD COMMISSION PAGE, obviously this section of the Midwest is hurting for fatherhood programs:
Ohio Commission on Fatherhood Funded Programs

Funded Fatherhood Programs
The Ohio Commission on Fatherhood awards grants to exemplary fatherhood programs throughout the state of Ohio each biennium. The Ohio Commission on Fatherhood recently completed another round of fatherhood grants for 2010-2011. The Commission awarded grants to nine fatherhood programs located through out the state of Ohio in the amount of $1.5 million.  More>>
Fatherhood Regions
Fatherhood regions mirrors Ohio Department of Development regions. This map will reflect fatherhood programs, activities, fatherhood initiatives and resources within each region. More>>

Ohio County Fatherhood Initiative

On January 18th, the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood launched the Ohio County Fatherhood Initiative.   Eleven counties (including Franklin County) have been selected to participate in this pilot project.  The Ohio County Fatherhood Initiative is a six-month process during which county leaders identify specific needs in their county and develop a fatherhood action plan.  If your county would like to participate in a future training, submit the on-line form to be added to the waiting list.   More>>

(in the detail here, I notice:  “Who will provide the training?

The Ohio Commission on Fatherhood will provide technical assistance and contracted with the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) to provide free training to all counties. “

This is why cronyism (the Wade Horns & Don Eberlies of this world) needs to be stopped where it first starts.  Shame on the domestic violence (“DV”) agencies for failing to report properly on this movement, to this date! !!!    !!! (why?  because they get a piece of the pie, too!)

What they are training is how to drum up more business for the same old network — set up fancy or at least assisted websites claiming one thing or another, then reference these in personal resumes, and get expenses-deductible conference access.   It must be so rewarding!


Training participants could have either/or business or faith-based entity.  “Great…” Find a patriarchal church and train them how to get on the gravy train and elevate fathers, who are so oppressed by feminists!

Who can participate in the training

Each county must identify their County Leadership Team who agrees to take part in the training and must consist of:

    1. County Commissioner or State Representative
    2. Family or Domestic Relations Judge
    3. Director of Child Support
    4. Director of Child Welfare
    5. Leader of a local faith-based entity or business

Elected officials, judges and directors can assign a designee to represent them in the training but are asked to review and provide input into the planning process.

Custodial mothers will be completely uninformed that this leadership team has assembled, and is taking aim at THEM and their children.  They may be invited to participate, but I doubt they’ll truly understand the depth, breadth, history, and height (piled higher and deeper) of who is behind their “classes.”

And an interactive county map of ohio, too!  Cool!  Do we have one for those five prisons, too?

Map of Ohio’s Counties. Franklin County is in the Center; Cuyahoga (which holds Cleveland), North-Central (near Lake Erie). Ohio has so many counties it tends to get regionalized, despite being a rather small state, for various programs. I have blogged other issues regarding “CuyahogaCountyOH” (It may be a tag also). //LGH caption added 6-6-2022.


OPNFF is also advertising the (now past) 2011 Minnesota Fatherhood Summit that I blogged on early in 2011, i.e.., Texas Attorney General OFI (Office of Family INitiatives) had its man on the scene, Michael Hayes.  I believe he’s also on the supervised visitation network??  (DNR for sure).  On one of their resource pages, here’s our friend Rep. Danny K. Davis (as in, crowning Unification Church leader Sun Myung Moon and promoting more fatherhood funding, typically).


Representative Danny K. Davis and the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies Health Policy Institute—the nation’s leading research and public policy institution and the only one whose work focuses primarily on issues of particular concern to African Americans and other people of color—released and discussed of new policy, research and practice recommendations in a report from the Commission on Paternal Involvement in Pregnancy Outcomes on Thursday May 20th.  Click here to download the press release.

Assembled in 2009, the Commission on Paternal Involvement in Pregnancy Outcomes (CPIPO) is an interdisciplinary working group of scholars from the social sciences and public health community whose goal is to raise public awareness of the need for paternal involvement in pregnancy and family health.  CPIPO’s recommendations are intended to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in pregnancy outcomes by offering best and promising practices to address policy barriers and increase the involvement of men and expectant fathers in maternal and child health research and clinical practice.    

OPNFF is taking donations on-line:

OPNFF is now accepting online donations! 


I am looking to see if its website self-identifies as a nonprofit.  It doesn’t, at least not visibly on the home page.  OR on the “About Us” page either.  Its corporate status (again, dating to 2007 NOT 2004) states it’s a nonprofit.  I see no EIN and would like to.  Clearly someone is funding it:  They are soliciting funds, right?  (see above).

From the “ABOUT US” page describing the formation of this entity:

As a result, a Network Planning Council was formed and the first meeting was held in Columbus on August 8th, 2003. At this time all background information was reviewed in order to develop a strategic planning process. Monthly meetings were facilitated by consultant John Smith of NPNFF (National Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families).  The Council continued to meet monthly in Columbus and developed an organizational frame work. A mission statement was crafted along with a vision, principles, goals and action steps.  In April of 2004, the Planning Council completed its work and the first Board of Directors of OPNFF was elected.

Right there it should say, they incorporated, or became a nonprofit.  It doesn’t, because they didn’t.  They had a “board of directors” but where was the corporate entity?  Or are they an “association” (but filed as a corporation) or what the heck do they consider themselves, business-wise, and tax-wise?

Instead of telling some timeline and pertinent truths about THEMSELVES, they simply go into their agenda next…..

OPNFF seeks to advance a fatherhood and family agenda in partnership with public agencies, grass roots faith and community based organizations, and local and state government entities.

I don’t do FaceBook, but apparently their FaceBook page claims nonprofit status:
  1. Ohio Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families (OPNFF 

    http://www.facebook.com/…/OhioPractitionersNetwork-for-Fathers-and- – Cached

    Ohio Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families (OPNFF) – OPNFF is recognized as the one-stop organization  NonProfit Organization · Cleveland, Ohio 

In looking up this group (while I’m on it) this Fatherhood.hhs.gov source, obviously not current, lists Vicky Turetsky at CLASP (now she’s head of the OCSE) and also this interesting positioning of the organization I’ve reported on quite a bit in this blog:  The Center for Policy Research (“CPR”) with Jessica Pearson (also co-founder of AFCC, I believe.
In recent (this summer [2011]) posts, I showed some corporate status printouts to give pretty good justification of that assumption, when one embodiment of AFCC (en route to its present corporate status) showed a street address in Denver identical to where CPR then was doing its business, which I proved on the post.  This is your woman:

SOURCE:   http://fatherhood.hhs.gov/involv-non-res00/res-org.htm

TITLE OF PAGE:    Involving Non-Resident Fathers In Children’s Learning ~ Resources on Fathers and Families

The first group listed under “Research Organizations” (possibly alphabetical) – – this apparently in the year 2000:

Research Organizations

The Bendheim – Thoman Center for Research on Child Wellbeing
Phone: 609-258-5894
Sara McLanahan, Center Director

CRCW is located at Princeton University. The Center is concerned with a broad range of children’s issues, including education, healthcare, and income sufficiency, and supports basic research as well as evaluations of particular policies and programs. The Center has recently undertaken a major new project, the Fragile Family and Child Well-being Study, to learn more about nonmarital childbearing and its effect on family relationships and child development.

Recent work on fathers and families

  • Fragile Families Research Brief: “Dispelling Myths about Unmarried Fathers,” June 2000.
  • Testimony of Sara McLanahan before the Subcommittee on Human Resources, Committee on Ways and Means, U. S. House of Representatives April 27, 1999.
  • Fragile Family City Reports: Austin, Texas and Oakland, California.

Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP)
Phone: 202-328-5140
Vicki Turetsky, Senior Staff Attorney

Through education, policy research, and advocacy, the Center for Law and Social Policy seeks to improve the economic security of low-income families with children and secure access by low-income persons to the civil justice system.

Recent work on fathers and families

  • “What If All the Money Came Home?”
  • “Realistic Child Support Policies for Low-Income Fathers.”
  • “Pursuing Child Support for Victims of Domestic Violence.” In Battered Women, Children, and Welfare Reform: The Ties That Bind.
  • “Testimony of Vicki Turetsky before the Subcommittee on Human Resources of the House Committee on Ways and Means (October 5, 1999).”
  • “Models for Safe Child Support Enforcement.”
  • “TANF Funds: A New Resource for Youth Programs.”

Center for Policy Research
Phone: 303-837-1555
Jessica Pearson, Director

The Center for Policy Research works with public and private sector service providers to plan, develop, and test projects that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the justice system and human service agencies.

Recent work on fathers and families

  • “OCSE Responsible Fatherhood Programs: Early Implementation Lessons (with Policy Studies, Inc.)
  • “Evaluation of the Parent Opportunity Project.”  {{http://NAFCJ.net flags this program as one compromising custody cases, as I recall}}
  • Programs to Increase Fathers’ Access to Their Children.” In Fathers under Fire: The Revolution in Child Support Enforcement.
  • “Parenting Alone to Multiple Caregivers: Child Care and Parenting Arrangements in Black and White Families.” Family Relations 47(4). 343-53.
Scroll further down and you have a MAJOR federal contractor, MDRC (I’ve blogged them also) — one of those ARRA non-reporting ones?  Probably not, but what about subgrantees?  Subcontractors under MDRC?  Either way, they’re in on the research:

Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation  (revenues around $80 million, 67% of this federal?  I DNR — can refresh info at their site)
Phone: 212-532-3200
Virginia Knox, Senior Research Associate

The Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation conducts primary research and designs and implements demonstration projects on a variety of issues related to helping families obtain economic independence, including teen pregnancy and fatherhood issues.

Recent work on fathers and families

  • “Promoting Participation: How to Increase Involvement in Welfare-to-Work Activities.”
  • “Fathers’ Fair Share: Helping Poor Men Manage Child Support and Fatherhood, A Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation Study.’
  • “Building Opportunities, Enforcing Obligations: Implementation and Interim Impacts of Parents’ Fair Share.”
Under the category “PRACTICE” we find the Cleveland group:

Center for Families and Children


Phone: 216-451-2359

In Cleveland, Ohio,  the Fathers and Families Program of CFC, together with its Council of Fathers, provides peer support, community activities and programs to help equip fathers with the tools necessary to strengthen themselves, their families and their communities and help families as they make the transition from welfare to work. The Center has produced a monograph, Fathers Count, A Manual for Developing Fatherhood Programs, to help other communities learn from their experiences in developing a fatherhood program.

(aka “monkey see, monkey do.”  This group learned from other groups and is doing similar things in similar manners, it seems….)
Father Resource Program, Wishard Health Services
Scope—Local Phone: 317-630-2486
Wallace McLaughlin, Director
The primary goals of the Father Resource Program are to develop the capacity of young fathers to become responsible and involved parents, wage-earners, and providers of child support, and to assist fathers in developing the skills and behaviors necessary to cooperate in the care of their children, regardless of the character of the relationship with the mother.
LGH comment:This description fails to even mention that it’s in INDIANA (prime fatherhood state, see “Evan Bayh” (Jr.)  and that in Indiana, CRC (that’s Children’s Rights Council) has a link on the child services page, not to mention Fathers and Families, a direct link on the child support page.  Don’t quote me on that– just go take a look.
It’s unbelievable that in this day and time, it could be still assumed that mothers do not pay custody and are not noncustodial parents, in good part through some of these programs’ earlier groundwork and networking!

Scroll down some more, and here is this group that at least in Indiana got its corporate status revoked, and we see no IRS filings since 2007:

National Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families
Phone: 800-34-NPNFF or 202-737-6680
Preston Garrison, Executive Director

The National Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families is a national, individual-membership organization whose mission is to build the profession of practitioners working to advance the involvement of fathers in the lives of their children.

(see yesterday’s post).

Policy and Advocacy

Center on Fathers, Families and Public Policy
Phone: 608-257-3148
David Pate, Director

Through the provision of technical assistance, policy research, and public education, the Center on Fathers, Families and Public Policy works to place child welfare at the center of public attention. The center’s recent projects include the Legal Assistance Project for states that are Partners for Fragile Families sites, the Common Ground Project with the National Women’s Law Center, and a colloquium series on “Negotiating Child Support.”

Children’s Rights Council
Phone: 202-547-6227
David Levy, President

The Children’s Rights Council (CRC) is a national non-profit organization based in Washington, DC that works to assure children meaningful and continuing contact with both their parents and extended family regardless of the parents’ marital status. CRC has chapters in most of the United States.

Remind me some day to find out how many other boards Mr. Levy (along with Ron Haskins and similar personnel) are currently on.

I found another funder of the Cleveland-based CFC (Center for Families and Children) which also mentions the Ohio group:



Fatherhood Programs

The Foundation’s first fatherhood-focused grant was made in 1995 to the “Fathers & Families Together” (FAFT) project at the Center for Families and Children in Cleveland.

The program, which in its first year reached out to 60 men in Cleveland’s Glenville community, offered family life and community building activities; crisis intervention; mediation; and job counseling, readiness and placement. A follow-up group, the Council of Fathers, made up of Fatherhood program graduates, also received Foundation support.

Of the 385 men who participated from 1996 through 1999, 65% graduated from the program and over one-third obtained or maintained jobs. Since then, FAFT has served over 1,000 fathers and continues to strengthen father-child bonds as it helps men work toward self-sufficiency, the most important factor for successful fatherhood.

Translation:  about 33 men per year, or 6 per month participated (HOW much was the cost?)

Of these 385, 65% managed to complete whatever program that (someone else) paid for.   Of those 65% LESS THAN HALF got or maintained jobs.  FAFT does not claim to have helped men actually obtain self-sufficiency, only to have served 1,000 (in what timespan?) and work towards it.  By enrolling them in programs that aim them towards self-sufficiency (as propped up by foundations, not that I think it’s a bad goal) — they also then qualify for more grants, foundational help, or whatever.  It’s a win/win deal for both foundation and grants or help recipients, regardless of how well individual clients actually do.

A school that had a lower than 50% graduation rate would NOT be marked successful (I hope) in the US Public Education System.  As a parent, not to mention a former teacher, if I am involved in anything, I do not want it to have a lower than 50% success rate.  But such is life in the nonprofit world of donations and programs.

In 1999 the Foundation began offering support to the fatherhood program at Services United for Mothers and Adolescents (SUMA), now housed at the Talbert House in Cincinnati. The SUMA Fatherhood Project now also includes a partnership with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation to provide legal services for fathers who have recently completed prison sentences.

. . .

The Foundation also supports the InsideOut Dad™ program for incarcerated fathers. Developed by the National Fatherhood Initiative®, it “teaches inmates to connect with their children on the inside and prepares them for a lasting relationship with their family when they get out.” This innovative program is utilized in five correctional facilities in northeast Ohio that return many inmate fathers to Cuyahoga County after their release. The InsideOut Dad curriculum has already been adopted as a state-wide standardized curriculum for inmate fathers in Indiana, Iowa and Washington State.

IT’S A DANGED “CAPTIVE AUDIENCE” MARKETING AFFILIATE SYSTEM!  Maybe this is why the prominent social thinkers behind NFI to start with were actually smart businessmen.  Maybe that’s why — even through their about $5,000,000 in outright HHS grants are disguised by multiple misspellings in the grant titles and principal investigators on TAGGS.hhs.gov database (my post yesterday) — they don’t need ongoing federal support — because they have program service revenues, train the trainer status, and copyrighted curriculum which I am SURE will not incorporate any anti-feminist, right-wing, or ultra-conservative religious values, right?

The Children of Incarcerated Parents Program, operated by the Cleveland Catholic Diocese, has also benefited from O’Neill Foundation support.

That should go over real well for men of other faiths, or atheists/agnostics.  It would go over particularly well, one might speculate, with those of the Muslim faith incarcerated for nonpayment of child support and/or wife abuse…..

They go on to mention OHIO NPFF positively and even number them (the web page contains no date reference, though):

The success of these fatherhood programs has had a noticeable influence on public policy; today the importance of strong, supportive fathers in families is well recognized. One evidence of this is the creation of the Ohio Practitioners’ Network for Fathers and Families. This organization, which comprises 500 social services professionals, recently released its Public Policy Agenda. It outlines key issues affecting the lives of fathers and families in Ohio, and recommends particular emphasis on: Child Support, {{always a high priority in any fatherhood program; it’s in part where the diversion of funds comes from!}} Job Training and Employment; Welfare Reform/TANF; {{see last bracketed comment; these are related}}; Fathers, Families and Professional Support; and Incarceration and Reentry.

In all the Foundation has issued about $4.8 million in Fatherhood-related grants, helping approximately 2,000 men and their families

Note as they say above, “helping” didn’t mean at least in one program, even a 50% success rate in finding or obtaining a job — the purpose of diverting TANF funds to fatherhood programs to start with (along with “emotional support” of children).  !!

VISUALLY:    $4,800,000 / 2,000  = $4,800/2 = $2,400 / 1 man “serviced”

At that rate, why don’t they just pay the child support arrears directly to the noncustodial parent (Oh I forgot — the SDU gets it, after which they get to hold it to accrue interest which they won’t report, and may — or may not — forward it to the children.  Alternately, they could perhaps find housing, a room to let, for $600 month somewhere, and pay 7 months conditional on seeking work activities or other appropriate stuff, so the man has a base of operation to look for work.
If the OPFNFF actually exists as a distinct entity and has 500 members, I find it strange it has very little income ??
This foundation was formed in 1987, with the help of some very successful Catholic businessmen, Hungarian and German origins and is local to Cleveland in origins also:

Under William’s stewardship, and that of his brothers (and later his son and nephews), Leaseway Transportation grew to become a billion dollar a year enterprise, with operations throughout the United States and in foreign countries as well.

Throughout his life, William was noted for his philanthropy. He died in 1983.

Dorothy’s life was spent raising her children and nurturing her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Devoted to her family, she will long be remembered as a constant source of wisdom, courage and good humor to family and friends alike.

In 1987, Dorothy and her eldest son, William J. O’Neill Jr., established The William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation, a private, family foundation organized to render support “exclusively for charitable, religious, scientific, literary, or educational purposes, either directly or by contributions, to organizations which qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.”

Why is it that so many of the FOUNDATIONS which stem from personally successful corporate BUSINESS MEN (and women) and financially smart enough to put things into a family trust — are so intent that the people they wish to help get JOBS — rather than some of their business savvy, or any mentoring into how to start and steward a business.  I imagine THAT would help develop a sense of self-sufficiency!    So tax laws have changed — teach that!  Don’t teach “how to find your nurturing side” when nurturing sides are not what wealth in this country comes from (the opposite, in fact).
Makes you think — possibly it’s the innate sense of the successful to do homage to fellow-businessmen, and make sure there’s plenty of competition for jobs in those businesses they (or others) own.
Here’s this one as they TRUTHFULLy reported, it was founded in 1987:
[part of image to Ohio Secretary of State’s Office now broken & so deleted //LGH 6/6/2022]
1 – 2
Agent / Registrant Information
Effective Date: 07/15/2011
Contact Status: Active
Incorporator Information
Filing Type Date of Filing Document Number/Image
LETTER/RENEWAL NOTICE MAILED 03/23/1992 000000391181
LETTER/RENEWAL NOTICE MAILED 03/03/1997 000000391182
LETTER/RENEWAL NOTICE MAILED 11/21/2001 200132564922
LETTER/RENEWAL NOTICE MAILED 08/07/2006 200621955252
LETTER/RENEWAL NOTICE MAILED 05/16/2011 201113683790
They got letter of renewal notice mailed — but do you notice them going out of business for failing to file?
THe articles of incorporation (read them if you’re unfamiliar with foundations, family trusts) include purpose (a) — to receive or maintain real or personal property, and (c) — to distribute income so as not to become subject to income tax.
I also not that the Son (“Jr.”) in OH wa sin charge, and that apparently his mother Dorothy K at this time was living in Delray  Beach, Florida
Looking for them on national databases — I imagine these are all related to each other by family:
Most Recent Tax Period EIN Name State Rule Date IRS Sub- section Total Revenue Total Assets 990 Image
2009  346545084 Oneill Brothers Foundation OH 1955 03-pf 371,354 4,854,310 990
2009  311679171 The William E and Juliana P Oneill Family Foundation Oneill William E Ttee OH 2001 03-pf 82,498 267,757 990
2009  311530980 Oneill Foundation OH 1998 03-pf 54,866 906,488 990
2009  341910008 The Patrick J Oneill Family Foundation Vanik Thomas C Ttee OH 2000 03-pf -5,203 152,612 990
2009  341560893 William J & Dorothy K Oneill Foundation Inc OH 1987 03-pf -3,599,798 65,244,811 990

I do not have to go flying all over the place to find out if they have an EIN# — they obviously do.
(I’m not going to check in local registry as a charity in OH, probably they are smart enough to do that if required).
I just browsed the 2009 tax return.  They have around $68 million assets, and about $1 million income in dividends and securities.  They report their balance sheet (holdings), salaries — only the top 3 officers get paid:  President, about $158K, and the other two (EVP & Grants manager) under $70K.  The management firm is paid $488K.
They gave the National Fatherhood Initiative a $15,000 grant (somewhat larger than the other 501(c)3’s listed, as well as $1,000 here and $3,000 there.
Perhaps another way to save those five prisons from being sold off — teach others by mentoring —  communicate business skills, not just geting grants skills.
I have seen young children (rich and poor) learn incredible things no one expected they could, simply because we (colleagues and I) did.  This has been proven time after time (for example, look up JUMP ” Junior Undiscovered Math Prodigies” out of Canada.   Don’t let them internalize the 7 lesson schoolteacher, but show how it’s wrong by conveying at least ONE skill in-depth.
Like accounting.  Or stewarding SOMETHING.  Stop patronizing people.
That said, feed a man, you’ve fed a man.  Feed a woman, you’ve fed a family.  Teach HER those skills and shut down the offensive OCSE which doles out blessings to some, encourages religious gender (apartheid, though nothing like Islamic gender apartheid that I just put a link up to)   and withholds them from other, backed up by the IRS, which turns its eye on and off some just as capriciously.  Teach them the tax history of this country honestly.  Put good books and info in front of people and stop propping up outdated textbook industries that are hostage to how the big guys in California and Texas do, and self-censor to match.
Stop elevating the Psychology and Training industries (along with the curriculum peddlers) which the 24/7 wall street site I quoted (today’s first post) says leads to the least work for a little advanced training (second step — judges!) by promoting “fatherhood” which is a rhetoric.
It’s being promoted just find within Catholicism, that’s not going anywhere soon, as well as in plenty of other religions.
There has to be a better way than the outsourcing AND concealing (by networks so diverse, it takes a Sherlock to figure out who paid off whom!) AND turning a blind eye in one’s grant recipients (or subgrantees) to tax-dodging agencies who fail to stay incorporated properly.
NEXT UP:  “Coordinated Parenting Institute” (or whoever the Susan Boyan/Anne Termini team is these days) and Lancaster County, PA court system.
I have yet to find out where they exist, although any of us can find out where they are running the expensive trainings in how to become a parenting coordinator and separate those children from their mothers due to her lack of trust in the parent coordinator, and for a good reason, too!
Want to hear another one, in re: wealth transfer through the courts?  This just out (or at least I just found it):
It beats even the Let’s Make Kids’ Turn the STatewide Standard effort of about 2002 (which I blogged earlier):

AB 1288, which is now in front of the California Legislature, would expand the time frame in which the Public Guardian’s office could take control of an elder’s assets, prior to filing for conservatorship over that individual.

Now hold on a minute. Does this bill actually state that the Public Guardian can come in and take over assets without a guardianship being in place? How in the world can that be allowed?

Well, the law authorizing this is already on the books, as Probate Code 2900, which allows the PG to seize assets based on “intent” to file for guardianship.


AB 1288 would just give the Public Guardian a bit more time to hit the bank. As written into law, PC 2900 allows the PG’s office fifteen days to mosey over to the savings and loan and take all of Grandma’s hard earned cash, based on “intent” and without an official determination of incapacity by any court of law.

Wow. That’s starting to sound a bit like family law, which can switch custody (in practice does) without giving a reason why.  The law says they should, but I’ve seen it often enough (and experienced) to know how few clear remedies once a judge does this.  

AB 1288 would give the PG an extra chunk of time to do exactly the same thing and would include the option to kick out family or friends living with the proposed conservatee.

And, most tellingly, without even telling Grandma. The only notice that needs to be given to the prospective ward is if the assets are in a Trust. Sans that document , the PG can simply drive up to the bank, grab Granny’s dinero and take off like a bandit, and Granny isn’t even entitled to be told what hit her.

Parallel in the family law system — deals cut / on compromise of arrears, or the involvement of federal grants monies — around the child support system.  The custodial parent is NOT notified many times of major restructurings affecting what her (or his) kids get to eat, or, case in point, NOT.    There are certain forms which have, on the face of the form, “Notice not required.” and are handled, it appears administratively — outside the courtroom.  That’s what we get for letting AOC get so large.

But I need my future guest blogger (who I bet is reading this post) to outline that a little better.

According to Assemblyman Rich Gordon’s office (Gordon is the author of 1288), this is only to protect the elder’s assets from “injury or loss.” In an email on August 4, Gordon aide Margot Grant wrote:

“AB 1288 would provide that if the public guardian or public conservator determines that the requirements for appointment of a guardian or conservator of the estate are satisfied, and the public guardian or public conservator intends to apply for appointment as the public guardian or public conservator only if the real or personal property held in the trust is subject to loss, injury, waste, or misappropriation.

Case in point, suppose the public guardian lived, say, in Los Angeles County.  This is like asking the foxes if the chickens are at risk, and if so, feel free to take over the henhouse, and eat the weak ones.

Attorney General Bill Lockyer (found at “no-probate.com”) warns people about living trust mills scam:  I can’t say anything about this (how about the “I’m related to Bill Lockyer and want to head up one of the family justice center franchises?” and suddenly the pay goes up by $25K/year).

Caregivers can be a nightmare:

Seattle ‘caregiver’ raided 93-year-old’s life savings, prosecutors claim

(April, 2011) Alleged victim’s son: His father “was no longer the man he had known his whole life”
She was hired to care for the 93-year-old’s dying wife.
Instead, King County prosecutors contend, the 52-year-old Seattle woman inserted herself into every facet of his life, separated him from his children, then raided his life savings to the tune of $300,000.
Filing theft charges earlier this month, prosecutors claim Samantha Pierce bilked her elderly ward by winning his trust in the months after his wife’s death.
After a miser’s life, the self-made millionaire’s finances and health began to erode under Pierce’s care, Seattle Police Detective Elizabeth Litalien said in charging documents.
Still, the detective said, he thwarted attempts by his family to oust Pierce while she wrote more than $125,000 in checks to her children, obtained the title to a luxury SUV owned by the man and was preparing to buy a $2 million home on Lake Washington — sight unseen — with his money.
“Prior to his wife’s death, Pierce manipulated (him) into believing that she was the only one that would care for him and for his well being,” Litalien told the court. “She attempted, and often succeeded, in isolating him from a family that loved and cared about him.
Read more: http://www.seattlepi.com/local/article/Seattle-caregiver-split-93-year-old-from-1349181.php#ixzz1Xs9CegBt
That was not a probate example, but we get the picture of vulnerability in old age and the attraction of real estate. In fact family and probate law are often hand in hand.  More from the Phelan site:

We can only asssume that the folks in Sacramento are living in a bubble and haven’t gotten the skinny from Southern California yet. According to an aide in a Riverside County Supervisor’s office, who spoke under conditions of anonymity, “The Public Guardian’s office has been looting estates for years. That is old news.”

AB 1288 will be coming up for a vote shortly. It is only a matter of time before the hazy shroud of “intent” is lifted and the free- for- all begins, in earnest. I can foresee the day when turning sixty five will occasion an official “launch” party, as the birthday senior will make a run for the border . Getting out of dodge before one officially enters one’s “golden years” may turn into a race for the safety and security of a country which does not regard its elders as cash cows.

Mexico is looking better all the time….

(she writes)…

Very interesting…..
(in part…..)
This bill, sponsored by the Counties of San Mateo and Santa 
Clara, would authorize a public guardian or conservator to 
restrain access to a proposed ward’s or conservatee’s real or 
personal property for up to 30 days and also restrain access to 
the proposed ward’s or conservatee’s trust assets. CHANGES TO EXISTING LAW

1. Existing law provides that if the public guardian or 
public conservator determines that the requirements for 
appointment of a guardian or conservator of the estate are 
satisfied and the public guardian or public conservator 
intends to apply for appointment, the public guardian or 
public conservator may take possession or control of real or 
personal property of a person domiciled in the county that is 
subject to loss, injury, waste, or misappropriation, and may 
deny use of, access to, or prohibit residency in, the real or 
personal property, by anyone who does not have a written 
rental agreement or other legal right to the use of, or access 
to, the property. (Prob. Code Sec. 2900(a).)
Obviously out of state or out of county relatives, or even 1 mile away relatives, are not likely to be on the rental agreements.  Perhaps they should consider changing this!

Existing law authorizes a public guardian or public
conservator, in reliance upon a peace officer’s declaration of 
pending elder or dependent adult financial abuse, to take
immediate possession or control of the property of the elder
person and issue a 2901 Certification. (Prob. Code Sec.

Of course law enforcement is completely independent from the family/probate law by lack of association of collaboration.  See Family Justice Center (which conveniently co-locates them together to better serve victims of domestic violence, child abuse, child trafficking etc.) What are the chances this might tempt the peace officer (who are humans, not ethical deities) to make declarations in anticipation of a little cut of the action?This bill would provide that if the public guardian or public 
conservator determines that the requirements for appointment
of a guardian or conservator of the estate are satisfied and
the public guardian or public conservator intends to apply for
appointment as the guardian or conservator of a person
domiciled in the county, the public guardian or publicAll of this is pretty much up to what’s going on in the public guardian’s and peace officer’s heads.  I think that’s a little too subjective for comfort, although I could see the desire to protect looting by relatives.
“Unfortunately, the
ÝPublic Guardian/Conservator] is legally prohibited from 
filing a TRO ÝTemporary Restraining Order] because they lack 
the standing to do so. A court will not allow the ÝPublic
Guardian/Conservator] to take any action on behalf of the
elder until a conservatorship is in place. Like a TRO, AB
1288 provides a means to maintain the status quo until the
matter can be adjudicated.
What some people continue to just not “get” is that there is a vital purpose behind insisting that someone actually have standing to take a legal action; jurisdiction is about the first thing to be handled in the pleading.  This is saying, let’s suspend that, after all we know public guardians are the good guys, right?
Sure, uniformly.
This site (alerting us to AB 1288) has also reported on the dual docketing system discovered by Joseph Zernik (intersecting with Richard Fine), in Computerized of Con-puterized and on a troubling topic called “Probate Murder” which, actually, can happen through medical neglect or overdose, or dosing with contraindicated medications.  It’s not that hard to kill off a frail, isolated, and dependent elder, after all, they are going to die eventually, right?
I can’t speak for everything on the blog (which I haven’t read all of), but to me, this is another issue to watch.  NOTE:  in taking a couple into the family court, if there are elderly parents on either (or better yet, both) sides, these assets may surface eventually as the parents start funding their kids court cases.  This is how Marv Byer found out about the things he did in the late 1990s, in Los Angeles County (See my “Shady shaky foundations of family law” post, on links to the right0.
The McNeill Foundation, it appears, did the right thing:  Along with business sucess, they knew how to protect their earnings.
Something to bequeathe to the next generations, along with how to make those earnings in a drastically changed tax environment and with major expansions of federal spending, plus integrating faith communities onto the grants streams (Bush, 2001), and what not.
If you want to learn a society, watch what it does to the lower classes (education, imprisonment, work -lifestyles sold to it) and watch HOW the upper classes (NOT the middle classes) do this.  Step back and just look at it.
The arrival of the internet enables two-way traffic, both abusive and enterprising.  As I have been narrating, it also facilitates the creation of what I call “nonprofit front groups.”  Consider yourself warned, in between hating the Tea Party, or the Progressives, that there are other ways to view the picture.
By the way, I started clicking on some of the spinoff websites supported by the nonextant “NPFF.org” domain:
So far, the first one,
whose FIRST link is “Donate Money”
Supporting Our Sons
Copyright © 2001-2003 Supporting Our Sons, Inc. All rights reserved.
Supporting Our Sons, Inc.
555 Bryant Street #527  (= a UPS store….)
Palo Alto, CA 94301
Call toll free1-866-Our Sons (1-866-687-7667)
E-mail us at: Members@supportingoursons.orgOK, this should be showing in California then:
rganization Name Registration Number Record Type Registration Status City State Registration Type Record Type
SUPPORTING OUR SONS, INC. 117640 Charity Current PALO ALTO CA Charity Registration Charity
(they appear to have petered out as of 2008, after about 3 years (2002,3,4) of some good revenues — and not one single RRF filing shows up.  The revenues were over $100K for those years.  They should’ve sent in the forms.  Being small, maybe no one bothered to get on their case….)
Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process
similar names:


Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process


Websites Related To Npnff.org

nformation and resources about parenting in the Napa Valley. Offers events, meetings and school readiness.
Sounds good enough (but don’t be tricked int


Related Sites 


KidsPeace (Popularity: ): KidsPeace gives kids peace through mental health treatment programs, crisis intervention and public education. KidsPeace is a private, not-for-profit organization.
Children’s Rights Council (Popularity: ): National non-profit organization that works to assure children meaningful and continuing contact with both their parents and extended family, regardless …
New Parents Network (Popularity: ): A non-profit organization providing weekly multi-lingual parenting tips, PSA’s for radio, TV, newspapers, and kiosk software reaching low-income families in …
Every Person Influences Children (Popularity: ): Provides help to parents, teachers, and members of the community raise children to become responsible adults.
Kids First! (Popularity: ): The Coalition for Quality Children’s Media – a national not-for-profit organization that is a voluntary collaboration between the media industry, …
Supporting Our Sons (Popularity: ): National, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to the development of the whole boy. Provides organization profile as well as information on …
New Jersey Parents’ Caucus (Popularity: ): A resource site. Discusses issues, lists events, includes a newsletter in English, Spanish, and Chinese, and has family support job …
Family First (Popularity: ): Non-profit organization provides various articles and other information on marriage, parenting and fatherhood.
o clicking on the website too often!)
this one is a going concern:  just write out the name of the state and you have the current website:

New Jersey Parents’ Caucus

275 Rt. 10 East Ste.220-414, Succasunna, NJ 07876


On January 24th, 2000, New Jersey’s Governor announced the new Children’s System of Care Initiative. Over the past few years, the Initiative was renamed The Partnership For Children, and finally the Division of Child Behavioral Health Services. We are proud to introduce New Jersey’s first three family support organizations under the Governor’s Partnership For Children: the Family Support Organization of Burlington County, Family-Based Services Association of NJ located in Monmouth County, Family Support Organization of Union County, Family Support Organization of Mercer County, Family Support Organization of Bergen County, Family Support Organization of Cape May/Atlantic Counties, and the Family Support Organization of Hudson County. Middlesex and Morris/Sussex counties are the next two geographic areas included in the 2003-2004 family support organization development. The remaining counties will follow suit as the funding will allow. As of 2006, all of the counties in the state of New Jersey have funded family support organizations.

Over the past few years, the New Jersey Parents’ Caucus has worked in partnership with SAMHSA –The Center For Mental Health Services (CMHS)Eli Lilly CorporationUnited Advocates for Children of CaliforniaPage Hill FoundationBen & Jerry’s FoundationBristol Meyers Squibb,OJJDP-Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention,Janssen PharmaceuticaNovartis,Trinitas RegionalMedical CenterGlaxo Smith Kline and a host of other organizations throughout the country to provide community education, training, advocacy, support, and information resources and referrals to parents, caregivers and professionals throughout the state of New Jersey.

Thats an awful lot of pharmaceuticals.  Seems to me Bristol Meyers had some connection to (Maximus), I DNR.


This one exists.  When asked “What Is It” the answer what it does is given.  It’s a fatherhood group, marketing programs, florida-based. It has a board of directors:
Family First logo
There are a “kazillion” family firsts in Florida, but I got lucky and clicked on the one with same street address, first:

Family First is a registered trademark owned by:

TAMPA FL 33607

in connection with:  ”

first used in FL 1998, they filed to co-opt the name in 2004.

It’s a nonprofit formed in 1991 and unbelievably, seems to be filing at least its annual reports.

Document Number N41555
FEI/EIN Number 593043408
Date Filed 01/08/1991
State FL
Most Recent Tax Period EIN Name State Rule Date IRS Sub- section Total Revenue Total Assets 990 Image
2009  593043408 Florida Family Council Inc FL 1991 03 2,883,791 897,181 990
$2.8 million, approx, grants, $115 program service revenue.  Already I don’t like them, talk about a vague nonprofit purpose “strengthen marriage/ family, promote fatherhood” (purpose #2)  PDF to the 2009 990 here
As to the nonprofit registration IN florida:
Non-profits corporations that solicit funds (charitable organizations) are also required to register with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The Department publishes the “Gift Givers Guide” listing these charitable organizations. The guide is available online at http://www.800helpfla.com/giftgiversguide/
Back to the Division of Consumer Services' Homepage
They have to register here, too:
Florida Family Council, Inc., Tampa, FL Print
Also Soliciting as
Family First
Registration Number :CH1697 Expiration Date :11/30/2011
Revenue Source         : 08 – IRS 990 w/ Sch.A (12/31/2009)
Total Revenue : $2,883,791.00 Program Services Expenses : $2,137,353.00   88%
Total Expenses : $2,436,941.00 Administrative Expenses : $113,392.00   5%
Surplus/Deficit : $446,850.00 Fund-Raising Expenses : $186,196.00   8%
Statement Of Purpose
Florida Family Policy Council, Inc., Orlando, FL Print
Registration Number :CH21143 Expiration Date :10/3/2011
Revenue Source         : DCS Statement of Support/Revenue (12/31/2009)
Total Revenue : $324,968.00 Program Services Expenses : $169,073.00   46%
Total Expenses : $366,963.00 Administrative Expenses : $90,666.00   25%
Surplus/Deficit : -$41,995.00 Fund-Raising Expenses : $107,224.00   29%
Statement Of Purpose
The president is a high-priced + expenses motivational speaker, exactly who’s attracted to marketing marriage business:


Mark is the host of the Family Minute with Mark Merrill, a national daily radio program that reaches 2,400,000 people each week. The broadcast is heard on mainstream stations in 32 states, as well as Canada, XM and SIRIUS Satellite Radio and American Forces Network. He has appeared on numerous ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC network affiliates and network radio programs including NPR, CBS Radio and the Canadian Broadcasting Network. His comments and writings have appeared in many publications including USA Today, the Washington Times and Sports Illustrated.
As an energetic advocate for the family, Mark speaks at conferences and events for companies such as Chick-fil-A, JPMorganChase, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. He also speaks at major events hosted by NFL teams, and at special engagements for dignitaries like First Lady Laura Bush and Governor Jeb Bush.

(CHICK-FIL-A is a fatherhood supporter).

Before founding Family First in 1991, Mark practiced law in Florida for seven years. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree as a Phi Beta Kappa in 1981 and his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Florida.

Charity navigator shows his 2009 salary as $199K and 8.19% expenses:
Name Title Compensation % of Expenses
Mark W. Merrill President $199,810 8.19%
Doubt his legal practice could beat that, or why would he have switched, here?
This is a NONprofit, but the behavior it’s engaged in is called marketing things on websites that end *.com.
Here’s a spoon.  Gag me with it.  Let groups like this start paying taxes and stop soliciting donations to promote their products under the umbrella of nonprofits with $2.8 million revenues and $200K officers…
An “all pro Mom” writes:
Post Susan Smith — All-Pro Mom
Anyone else questioning the propriety of Tony Dungy calling himself an “All-Pro Dad”? Your kid commits suicide, maybe you’re not Ward Cleaver.
  • Tony Dungy, President Clinton, James Dungy
  • Tony Dungy, left, included his son James in team activities, including this photo op with President Clinton in 2000.
  • (2005, his son, 18, commits suicide)
    he Dungys have four other children: daughters Tiara and Jade, and sons Eric and Jordan. James, their second-oldest child, was taking extension classes at the University of South Florida, the sheriff’s office said.James Dungy spent his senior year at North Central High School in Indianapolis and graduated this year. C.E. Quandt, the school’s principal, said Dungy was a personable student who never flaunted his father’s position.

Former NFL coach Tony Dungy has fumbled hisinvitation to serve on President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, according to CBN’s David Brody. A White House source tells Brody that Dungy couldn’t make two of the four faith council meetings.

“Because of the time commitment needed I have respectfully declined,” Dungy said in a statement to Brody.

The news should cheer the folks over at Americans United for Separation of Church and State, whotsked-tsked the president for the appointment in a March 31 statement:

“Dungy, former coach of the Indianapolis Colts football team, has well-known ties with intolerant Religious Right groups. In 2007, for example, he spoke at a fund-raising dinner for the Indiana Family Institute, a James Dobson-affiliated group that opposes gay rights, reproductive rights and separation of church and state.”

Dungy will work with the president instead on responsible fatherhood initiatives.


Dungy is an evangelical Christian and at one point in his coaching career considered leaving football for the prison ministry.[4] Throughout his career, he has remained involved with community service organizations.[32] On March 20, 2007, Dungy aligned himself with a socially conservative organization, the Indiana Family Institute, and openly supported an amendment to the Indiana constitution which would have defined marriage as solely between one man and one woman.[33] Dungy also appeared in a testimonial video on I Am Second, in which he shares his story of his personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Hardly surprising.  I’m not criticizing Tony Dungy, but the practice of nonprofiting one’s way to even more fame and prosperity, marketing like this.  We do not need any more institutionalized Focus on the Family or anything like it.  Many of these people have made family & fatherhood an idol and are sacrificing to it, with other peoples’ lives and finances.    Have the relationship with Jesus Christ however you want to, but remember  the First Amendment is in the Bill of Rights FIRST for a reason, and the people who helped give you that freedom of worship were deists anyhow, for the most part, for all their shortsuits and blindspots — the design of this thing was good called the Constitution which President Bush helped alter significantly through executive orders — and is worth remembering at least, since we aren’t practicing it any more.
 New Parents Network (active website with an Entrance display you have to click past):

Our History

Ms. Karen Storek founded New Parents Network in 1988 out of her often frustrating experience stumbling across vital parenting information on a hit-or-miss basis. She realized that thousands of agencies had been specifically created to help parents and children, and that their information needed to be brought together, all in one easy-to-access, free location, using technology in creative ways to reach anyone, even those without computer and Internet access.

Over the years, New Parents Network’s dynamic library of parenting information has grown and the means of distribution has evolved:

©1988-2010 New Parents Network, Inc. All Rights Reserved – P.O. Box 64237 Tucson, AZ 85728-4237 – Tel: 1-520-461-6806 –
(NOTE:  I go FIRST to the “About us” page and look for a geographic location, then to that state to see how it incorporated, especially if it’s self-described as a nonprofit.  While I understand this seems like generic parenting stuff, I’m still going to go.
Arizona Corporation Commission (also see “coordinatedlegal.com” link I posted)
~~ // (etc.) // ~~

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Speaking of CCA profits, Franklin County, OH Judge Allows Sale of 5 Prisons: Three Out-of-State Bidders. Speaking of Prisons, Ohio’s Fatherhood ‘InsideOut Dad’ Curricula [Publ. Sept. 13, 2011, Reformatted June. 6, 2022].  (case-sensitive short-link ends “-Ro”).


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