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Yes, Child Support Industry IS a For-Profit Government Fraud (“F.R.A.M.E.D.” and other topics)

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(after update notes, 2 paragraphs):

Posted originally July 17, 2011. I see from some of the charts that I updated it since (there are tables from HHS of Access Visitation grants showing from year 2014, 2015), probably to clean up the table formats. Visiting it again because of a recent comment (approved 2/17/2016). Searchable terms, “undistributable child support collections.” Beware challenging stockpiles of improperly withheld (by government) wealth — a long time ago, attorney Richard Fine representing John Silva (a father) — did this. Fine also challenged illegal payments to judges from the County after judges’ salaries were officially transferred to the State level (ongoing process of removing local control), and some powerful RE developers. He spent 18 months in solitary coercive retirement (designed to produce behavioral change) and as an old (69,70 yrs old) and lost his law license (was disbarred) as a result.

Since 2011, I became aware of a source of reading government financial statements (“CAFRs, see more recent posts), and and more aware of fund accounting within government. I recommend people (the public), particularly in your areas of subject matter priority, including child support, go hunt down some of these funds, demonstrate you have read and comprehended the basics in those statements, and start asking hard questions.

This blog discusses

Child Support is a For-Profit Government Fraud” From:  “F.R.A.M.E.D.” (framedfathers.blogspot.com) Saturday, May 15, 2010  / Bruce Eden

And while agreeing with the title, makes a few other points by commenting on it.

Family Court Judges order such onerous child support amounts in some cases, along with alimony, daycare, medical expenses, and other expenses, that the father can’t survive. He ends up becoming despondent, leaves his job and drops out of sight. He loses all contact with his child(ren) as a result. This is the government’s ultimate goal.** Breaking up of father-headed families (and then mother-headed ones when there are no more fathers, wherein, the government will come for the children without any resistance)

2014 update, (next few paragraphs in italics)

**The government’s ultimate goal appears to be power and control, for profit.  The entire population, if it became fully aware of the actual profit retained by all levels of government entities (as expressed on their “CAFR” reports I learned in spring 2012 and have been reporting since), many of us would be justifiably outraged, and some of this outrage would not be expressed in nice, compliant, obedient manner.

By keeping us economically strapped through these institutions of perpetual warfare,  against individual rights, constantly eroding them under the premise it’s for our own good (and usually what’s being held over anyone’s head at any point of time is someone else’s poverty.  Put up with more erosion of rights “for the good of the group.”  

At times, the government doesn’t just strip children off their mothers, but gives them back to the fathers after the domestic violence protection has been removed.  That’s the game, folks.  Promise protection, then fail to deliver.  Take situations in crisis (for a variety of reasons, but definitely may include abuse), and exploit them – – – for profit.  What I do, and what I recommend both mothers AND fathers do, is find that profit.  To find that profit, one has to, after the anecdotes and narratives, which speak to the emotional, wounded, and high-charged issues, get clear, cold, hard, focused and analytical — and use that analytical truth in its own words, to expose the systems.  These are not just one system with one results, but multiple systems with multiple goals, depending on what sector they are in.

What I (Let’s Get Honest blogger) do which is categorically different that almost any advocacy group or set of individuals I’ve run across, is SHOW that whether it’s about mothers, about fathers, about children — it CAN be described in business and economic terms.  This requires some basic vocabulary (and using that among each other) to discuss, and to get to the basic elements, one MUST (1) include the historical development and expansion of the nonprofit groups pushing:  women’s rights (it’s rarely called “mothers’ rights”), father’s rights, children’s rights, violence prevention, child protection, child support enforcement, child abuse prevention, (fill in the blank). 


Don’t Just Tell Our Stories– Report on Systems, in Detail, and Using Accounting, Incorporation, and Tax Status (exempt or not) Vocabulary.  


To tell “Their” Stories, meaning, those who profit from others’ losses, who build careers around writing up others’ tragedies, and take public and private funding for it, while the suffering continues — is (trust me) very empowering and counters the constant help-seeking mode, which is downright humiliating and frustrating for most people when dealing with systems this large.

Telling our stories and sharing experience is good for bonding, empathy, moral support and identifying one’s special interest group(s).  This only goes so far, and in fact some of the most successful special interest groups who continue to survive, often do so because they do NOT expose the true (fiscal) sources of their own income, or their associates, and especially not the game being played on the public at its own expense.  The Federal grants to the states are the powerhouse and tool of control as the state economies rely on that help for their poor.   So, while I thought the place when it came to the issues in my family courts to look was IN those courts, or IN the child support system, in fact, the real answers were closer to the US DHHS, and grants put in place as systems change incentives to the states (ALL states).  So the issues is more than at the state level, it’s about how people who can get to Congress, specifically, to push through appropriations to HHS (largest grantmaking agency around) to start up new programs, fail to monitor the existing one, and “turn the faucet on” while crying “broke” wherever possible, and being “broke” justifies not delivering on their basic services (i.e., for which they exist), AND further extortionist control of either mothers, or fathers, or children.

The genius of the family court + child support (and the program is now “Unified Family Courts,” to also include the dependency and juvenile sectors also — all of which can call upon more sources of funding to influence programming) — is that it can be pointed “at will” at either side of ANY custody hearing, almost any time.  However, certain sectors seem tweaked to aim at specific genders more than others.    Having funded both sides of the “gender wars” they can then claim to have suddenly been so generous and wonderfully “bridging the gaps” when, say, domestic violence groups bond with fatherhood groups at the family court level.   In fact, they have all along been cutting deals with each other behind their representative target population’s backs.

In this business, those who do NOT understand the basics of the system, including how (when it occurs) money-laundering can happen and where it is most likely to happen, lose.  It takes some dedicated time and attention to study to comprehend, but I can assure people who take this time — it’s NOT that complex; there are still business models (to the rackets which some of our institutions have become) and there are principles in operation from one sector to another, and from one state to another.

One place to start might be a list of the basic nonprofit trade associations that parallel government functions — and in THIS topic, that has to include NCSEA and their regional groupings; it is NOT government but a membership association whose members by definition are directors of child support agencies.    etc.



Those are printouts (1997, 2013) of “Access Visitation” grants which help set up certain kinds of infrastructure (mandatory mediation, parent education, supervised visitation, etc. — varies by state) to promote increased noncustodial parent contact.  IF for fathers, they are not working, then fathers could research “what happened?” or why not.  However in reality what this did is set up privatized professions to be funded by the public, and which the public (who are in these custody battles) can be FORCED to consume, and the public (ALL public, by way of governmental funds and contracts to start with) is forced through HHS distributions, to fund.   Then “let the private association formation begin.”

I found one yesterday (December, 2014) in Utah, by noticing an odd detail in that A/V grant — it was switching from one agency to another, and (lo and behold), the PO box of the grant (which I googled) matched the PO box associated with the leadership of a certain private nonprofit (statewide umbrella organization), a little one it looks like, which is promoting “ADR.”   I may be able to blog soon, but the point is — look at those grants, run some reports, notice what looks strange, follow up.

http://www.uccr.net/pg1.cfm (About, scroll down to see the leadership).

http://www.uccr.net/nrich/:  Notice this is NOT a government site or group, but some of its leadership is, or at least was — this personis staff under the Administrative Office of the COurts in Utah (for more, similar, see blog above).

Nini Rich
Director, ADR Programs
Utah State Administrative Office of the Courts
P.O. Box 140241
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-0241 

The related grant apparently only went to this PO Box first time in 2014 (see “2013 printout, above.”) In Other years, it went elsewhere, and by federal law, it can only go to ONE agency per state in any given year.  The states designate which agency gets these grants.

However However, when I clicked on it, this entity seems to have been receiving its $100K/year for more than just 2014:

Click to see that the PO Box matches — and that the HHS databse (TAGGS) has mislabeled it “State / Welfare Department.”  it’s not. It’s administrative office fo the courts!



Printer-friendly Version
Recipient: Administrative Office of the Courts
Address: P.O. Box 140241
Country Name: United States of America
County Name: SALT LAKE
HHS Region:
Type: Welfare Department
Class: State Government


I “Advanced Searched” for year 2014 only and got this $100K.

Grantee Name Award Number Award Title Action Issue Date CFDA Number CFDA Program Name DUNS Number Sum of Actions
Administrative Office of the Courts 1402UTSAVP FY 2014 State Access and Visitation 01/07/2014 93597 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs 878593383 $ 100,000


But click to see the total actions were 5, from “Action Issue Dates” spanning 2010 to 2014 (Fiscal year probably begins Oct. 2013, so the 4th one would be for “2013”):


Grantee Name Award Number Award Title Action Issue Date CFDA Number CFDA Program Name DUNS Number Sum of Actions
Administrative Office of the Courts 1102UTSAVP FY 2011 STATE ACCESS & VISITATION 12/16/2010 93597 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs 878593383 $ 100,000
Administrative Office of the Courts 1202UTSAVP FY 2012 STATE ACCESS AND VISITATION 11/22/2011 93597 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs 878593383 $ 100,000
Administrative Office of the Courts 1302UTSAVP FY 2013 STATE ACCESS AND VISITATION 10/22/2012 93597 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs 878593383 $ 100,000
Administrative Office of the Courts 1402UTSAVP FY 2014 State Access and Visitation 01/07/2014 93597 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs 878593383 $ 100,000
Administrative Office of the Courts 1502UTSAVP FY 2015 State Access and Visitation 10/20/2014 93597 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs 878593383 $ 100,000

Notice the grant awards all end in “SAVP” and are by year:  1102UTSAVP….12…13..14..15 etc.    Now look at the next chart, same state, same years. I did not select on the “Grantee:  Administrative Office of the Courts” (or any grantee) but did select on the CFDA# 93597 (5th column in from left) which represents this grant series, and again, which has been in place since 1988 (This database only goes back to about 1995, though)….

(Below, I took out the “93597” and Grant award columns, and added “Program Office’ to show that yes, these these come under “OCSE” (Office of Child Support Enforcement.);.

Those who watch closely will see that they are moving money around — watch both the dates, the amounts, and the fiscal year represented, and then put it into a factual sentence, in Chronological order, based on this information — and ask WHY would this be happening?  What’s really going on? 

Example: Fiscal Year 2014 (3 actions spanning two “departments” although (FYI) only one DUNS# throughout.  DUNS# is another grantee form of identification used in “TAGGS.hhs.gov.”

It can be a simple statement using the “date” as an ordering factor:

For Award (=”Grant”) __02UTSAVP, on ______,  $____ went to (from) [Dept].

OK, here goes, just an example, from this chart below:

“In Fiscal Year 2014, for Award 1401UTSAVP, on 12/11/2013 $100,000 went to UT ST DHS; on 12/31/2013, $100,000 was removed from UT ST DHS; and one week later, for Award 1402UTSAVP, $100,000 went to “Administrative Office of the Courts.”

For Fiscal Year 2011, for Award 1101UTSAVP, on 10/08/2010, $100,000 went to UT ST DHS; on 12/14/2010, $100,000 was removed from UT ST DHS, two days later, on 12/16/2010, $100,000, and for award 1102UTSAVP, $100,000 went to “Administrative Office of the Courts.”

Fiscal Year Program Office Grantee Name Grantee Address Award Number Action Issue Date Sum of Actions
2015 OCSE Administrative Office of the Courts P.O. Box 140241 1502UTSAVP 10/20/2014 $ 100,000
2014 OCSE Administrative Office of the Courts P.O. Box 140241 1402UTSAVP 01/07/2014 $ 100,000
2014 OCSE UT ST DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES 120 NORTH 200 WEST 1401UTSAVP 12/31/2013 $- 100,000
2013 OCSE Administrative Office of the Courts P.O. Box 140241 1302UTSAVP 10/22/2012 $ 100,000
2012 OCSE Administrative Office of the Courts P.O. Box 140241 1202UTSAVP 11/22/2011 $ 100,000
2011  OCSE  Administrative Office of the Courts P.O. Box 140241  1102UTSAVP 12/16/2010  $ 100,000 
2011  OCSE  UT ST DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES 120 NORTH 200 WEST  1101UTSAVP 10/08/2010  $ 100,000 
2011  OCSE  UT ST DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES 120 NORTH 200 WEST  1101UTSAVP 12/14/2010  $- 100,000

Whatever the reason, it’s clear money is being “borrowed” for a short period, then “returned” and the next year’s grant kicks in.   Apart from what is that special mailbox and why is that the new “A/V” grant recipient (although I have some opinions on why), state governments often pool their holdings, and so even a small amount held for just a little while can earn some profits. (The largest AV states — see pdf for 2013 above — are, in descending order as I recall:  California (my state), Texas, New York?, Florida (or vice versa for those two), Illinois (Chicago is a center of ADR/mediation promotion), and, surprisingly (?), Georgia, then North Carolina — as to how many grants they got.  Grants are allocated along a complex formula stated in the federal code; it can be looked up.

Nini Rich linked in shows she’s been directing ADR at the state level since 2008, and her “ZoomInfo” shows almost exclusively a background in mediation, including being on the state roster, and of course on this nonprofit UCCR.  Another site, “Words of Caution” from someone else (“Marcie” Keck, J.D.) refers to her after warning about use of “unregulated mediators.”  They are still setting up the regulation (and enclosure) of this profession in Utah, perhaps.  As it turns out the referring person (from “Words of Caution”) shows many membership affiliations, including the “AFCC” which is of major topic in this blog, and significant in setting up programs to run through the courts.


Presently in Utah, as in most other states, mediation is an unregulated professional field. It is important that, as a consumer of mediation services, you investigate the background, experience, and relevant credentials of your mediator and that you are aware of the ethical standards to which your mediator aspires.

There is presently no governing body for mediators to enforce professional standards and ethical guidelines. Because mediators have various backgrounds and professional affiliations, differing ethical standards will apply to different mediators.

If your mediator is on the roster supplied by the Utah State Courts (www.utcourts.gov), your mediator has committed to abide by certain ethical standards and principles and has agreed to be accountable to the Court system, as well as to their clients.  Should you have questions about the conduct of your mediator who is on the Court roster, you may contact Nini Rich, Director of ADR Programs, at (801) 578-3800 to discuss any complaints or concerns.

Is this “helpful” site going to mention to anyone that there is a series of grants, federal, which go ($100K/year obviously in Utah) to support the profession they are seeking to control?  (no…)  I’ve uploaded the resume so you can see the affiliations.  She also cites the “UCCR” as one of them.  Clearly they are promoting their personal business as mediators and helping each other in that profession wherever possible.  While the allegiance is supposed to be in the public interest, through the federal grants connection (and enabling more of the money-movement above), the allegiance would seem to be with who is referring business to them, i.e., the courts, the state level of government, and not “the common man.”  In addition, there’s the Brigham Young Factor.

(Utah) AFCC Marcie Keck, JD, Accord Mediation, %22Words of Caution%22 about non-regulated mediators refers to (A:V Grantee involved) Nini Rich of UCCR-net

Words of Caution!

Words of Caution!

 I hope this is at least a teaser as to how you can start looking at the funding, and focus on one factor, explore it some more and realize it’s time to connect the dots.



Despite the “Access and Visitation” grants program, which alleges that its purpose is to get the fathers back in their kids’ lives (and pay child support) — There is a truth to these statements.  In practice, kids often end up abandoned — because the government has lied to both the mothers, and the fathers when it comes to child support (and several other matters).   One area fathers tend to be more informed on is the OCSE’s dealings with them — and with the states.  Women tend to be 100% ignorant on the operations & incentives of these programs.  I plan to change this.

Recently it has been evidenced that “destruction-of-the-family court” judges refuse to reduce child support and alimony when a man loses his job because of the current economic climate. They tell the guy that it’s too soon to reduce support because “you might get another job” in a short time. Most often the guy never gets the same-salaried position and winds up making substantially less. All the while, he falls farther and farther behind, with no hope of ever making up the arrearages.

But, do the courts reduce support? No. They keep it there until the arrears are so high, that the guy’s credit is ruined, his driver’s and professional licenses are suspended or revoked (which is totally counterproductive in that if one cannot work, how can one pay court-ordered obligations?!?!?!?), and they start putting warrants out for his arrest, even though he did everything he was supposed to do by law.

(Putting aside whether this is true in every case — it is true in some cases, let’s follow the logic through)…

Judges then use detainers to hold the men in jail, somewhat like bail. But, it isn’t bail, because child support is a CIVIL debt. Detainers to keep the men in jail until they pay? STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES! It’s not about the children! Keeping a man in jail to pay support is an oxymoron. And, most Family Court judges are morons! How does one pay child support if in jail? Does he work in the jail making $10, $15, $20/hr. and have his wages garnished? Does this person invoke the INSOLVENT DEBTORS STATUTES when he gets out of jail, since he has no assets or income, and the jailing served as the remedy for the debt owed? Under the INSOLVENT DEBTORS STATUTES, the debt has been paid once the person has been jailed for it and released. But, the state will try and keep the arrears on the books. The reason for this: Because judges are granting such high orders and enforcing them stringently because the Federal government pays the states what is known as federal reimbursement incentive funding (Title 42 USC Section 658a) for amounts awarded, collected and enforced. This money goes into the state coffers, no strings attached (42 USC Section 658f). The first things paid out of state treasuries are judicial salaries and pensions and state employee salaries and pensions (along with bonuses and bounties for child support amounts awarded and collected).

This is a major unconstitutional conflict-of-interest that has been outlawed by the US Supreme Court in Tumey v. Ohio, Ward v. Monroeville, Gibson v. Berryhill and other cases. The Supreme Court held that judges and officials (i.e., child support officials and workers) who sit in judgment of cases that they have a financial interest in, are too tempted to abuse their contempt powers to jail unsuspecting litigants-taxpayers to extort/extract more and more monies out of them to increase the amount of funding, and ultimately increase their salaries and pensions.

(not to mention other monies possibly coming their way through relationships with nonprofit groups that the judges can order child-support-jailed Dads and ALL parents (with a custody motion) to partake of, i.e. “Parent Education” etc.  As in, Kentucky’s “Turning It Around” program, or as in California’s 2002 attempt to standardize “Kids’ Turn” as the standard program to offer during divorce (see my “Let’s Get Honest About Kids’ Turn & Judges’ Profits” post)….

Yet, family court judges continue to thumb their noses at these US Supreme Court mandates. This is not only contempt of the US Supreme Court, but felony official misconduct by judges, who are public officials that swore an oath to uphold, support and defend the U.S. Constitution and their respective state constitutions. By refusing to disqualify themselves from these cases, where they have a financial interest in the outcome of them, the Supreme Court has held that these judicial orders are essentially null and void and have no effect or force.

Of course, if no one calls them on this, no matter.  Or, if others simply refuse to self-recuse, what are the options for a litigant?

Some will say that if we don’t have judges or hearing officers to enforce orders, how then will they be enforced? As taxpayers and voters who are paying taxes to have these officials usurp and violate our constitutionally protected rights, that is not our problem. The government made the situation. They must fix it. They can fix it by empanelling a group of people that have no financial interest (for example, economists, vocational experts, marriage experts, accountants, psychologists, even lawyers and retired).** But, they cannot use arbitrary and capricious contempt powers to imprison for debt, and to re-institute peonage and forced labor, in violation of the Thirteenth Amendment of the US Constitution (prohibition against involuntary servitude), and in violation of Federal Criminal laws, Title 18 USC Sections 1581 and 1589 (Peonage; Forced labor).

(**I disagree — marriage experts are definitely often not without financial interest (see CFDA 93.086, Marriage and Fatherhood promotion), and most of these professionals tend to collaborate and conference around the private family court organization, “Association for Family & Conciliation Courts” and/or Children’s Rights Council (CRC), etc.) However I agree with the point he makes — there’s a conflict of interest — incentives to the states around child support arrears, and prolonging custody cases to collect interest on them.

Anyone arrested on one of these child support arrearage orders is being arrested on a fraudulent order; being arrested on a CIVIL matter. The U.S. Court of Appeals (2nd highest courts in the land) as well as the US Supreme Ct. hold that one can’t be arrested on a CIVIL matter because there is no 4th Amendment probable cause that a crime has been committed to issue an arrest warrant.

Because this system is capricious — as is the restraining order system (which I know F.R.A.M.E.D.may not appreciate me bringing in, but, it is — it’s literally not enforceable) — it undermines the normal business of life for separated, divorcing — and stable, married –parents.

…[Cites many other cases also, see link] In U.S. v. Lewko, 269 F.3d 64, 68-69 (1st Cir. 2001), the First Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals held that child support is nothing more than a common civil, commercial debt, and that it is NOT any “special kind of debt”. Again, another fraud perpetrated by government officials. Every other Circuit has followed suit and hold that child support is a common commercial, civil debt.

CRIMINAL LAW — CRIMINAL PROTECTIONS (public defender, sentencing guidelines).

CIVIL LAW — Tort actions, contracts, etc.

FAMILY LAW — a total wildcard — it’s neither!  It sees itself as preventing divorce (yeah, right), saving families through assigned counseling, and its prime proponents in state after state declare that dispensing Therapeutic Jurisprudence is in the best interest of, well, just about everyone.  Meanwhile, a state Senator in Georgia (now deceased) “outed” the federal incentives to the states to adopt out children, or put them into foster case, as causing unbelievable trauma to families, and failing to protect children.  She also indicated that the system at least in her state, was probably beyond reform.

(This “Ron Paul” style blog cites Alex Jones “inforwars” articles on this).

Evidently she was exposing a child sex trafficking ring at the time, via CPS… and some (myself included) do not believe it was actually a murder-suicide:

State investigators say the husband of former state Senator Nancy Schaefer shot his wife before turning the gun on himself. The couple’s bodies were found in their north Georgia home Friday. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation conducted autopsies on the Schaefer’s Saturday—investigators say all evidence points to the deaths as a murder-suicide. The bodies of Nancy and Bruce Schaefer, 73 and 74 years old respectively, were found by their daughter at the couple’s home in Clarkesville. Nancy Schaefer was a two-term state Senator representing Georgia’s 50th district. She lost her seat in 2008. Schaefer was also a candidate for mayor of Atlanta, Georgia lieutenant governor and governor of the state.

Appearing on the Alex Jones Show last May, Schaefer detailed how CPS is involved in child trafficking rings (see video below). After watching Schaefer’s interview with Jones, if you think Schaefer was involved in a suicide pact with her husband, you may also be interested in a famous bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

Listen to some of these youtubes (I have heard one or two of this woman speaking) and tell me if it sounds like someone whose spouse was on the verge of suicide and likely to kill her too — or someone with a reason to live and pursuing it, as a legislator:

YouTube – Nancy Schaefer on Alex Jones: “CPS criminality” 1of4

YouTube – Nancy Schaefer on Alex Jones: “CPS criminality” 2of4

YouTube – Nancy Schaefer on Alex Jones: “CPS criminality” 3of4

YouTube – Nancy Schaefer on Alex Jones: “CPS criminality” 4of4

Nancy Schaefer exposes the Child Protection Services
YouTube – Nancy Schaefer exposes the EVIL CPS

This “eulogy” by Katheryn Dearinger has a photo of the late Senator Schaefer, and a testimonial, including that it was no murder-suicide.  Here’s a segment:

To hear the news of former Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband’s death has devastated me beyond words. She became a dear friend to me after I contacted her when my daughter Jennifer was abducted and trafficked by Child Protective Services. Nancy was there for me during my 2 year long ordeal. She shared my pain and my grief, and made many calls on my behalf. When I finally got my daughter back last September she called and was just thrilled. I received a lovely card from her that I will always cherish.

Nancy was undoubtedly a very brave, courageous and wonderful “gem” of a lady who had such a great love for children and families. After she lost her Congressional seat she gave a speech that said “There are some causes that are worth losing for – and this is one of those times”. She never gave up. Afterwards she ran for US Congress so she could block the Federal Funds that was causing the corruption. She had an undying devotion and dedication to fight for abused children and their families who were so cruelly being victimized by ruthless court criminals. She was fearless. In the process of exposing the criminals she gave many speeches and wrote many articles of the unfathomable crimes and injustices that were occurring in our family courts and with CPS agencies across our nation. She tried to respond to the many letters and emails she received from victimized parents begging for help with their children. Nancy had such a compassionate heart and soul and it was heartbreaking for her to read such letters crying out in desperation……I still have the letter that she wrote to me that included the letter she wrote which caused her to lose her congressional seat.

(Click here or hover — Ms. Dearinger asserts why it was false reporting of their deaths):

Also in Georgia — “THe profit in nonprofits, Phoebe factoids and two men in Albany, GA“)

Georgiawatch.org” (2009) reports on the situation:

[A project of nonprofit consumer advocacy group Georgia Watch, the Hospital Accountability Project examines the financial practices of nonprofit and for-profit hospitals in the state as they relate to health care consumers and affordability.]

(Inset:  “Uninsured rates in Albany soar far above the state and national average, leaving its residents to face substantial obstacles in financing health care“)

As with other counties in the state, unemployment rates continue to rise and the number of insured consumers continues to decrease. Because of Albany’s high health care costs, many residents postpone needed care, a delay that has a direct impact on their health.

In addition, the hospital has come under increased public scrutiny over the last few years due to its role in a controversy comparable to a John Grisham novel.  According to legal filings, Phoebe representatives allegedly harassed, threatened and intimated accountant Charles Rehberg and Dr. John Bagnato after the pair sent out faxes – known as the Phoebe Factoids – critical of the hospital. These faxes were sent to various businesses during 2003 and 2004, and focused on the distress of the uninsured through Phoebe’s overcharging and mistreated of uninsured and underinsured patients, including ones employed by the hospital. The controversy surrounding Phoebe – and the faxes – continues to linger, and legal cases arising from the ordeal continue in the courts.

About Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

Established in 1911, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital became a tax-exempt nonprofit organization in 1991, forming Phoebe Putney Health System as the parent company. Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital serves 26 counties in southwest Georgia. It is the largest employer in Albany, Ga

It went along for 80 years as a for-profit, and then in 1991, became a nonprofit…  Here is a 2009 Review of a Film on the matter:  Dr. Bagnato and (then-) office manager Charles Rehnberg (as I recall, and accountant) were indicted for their Phoebe Factoids…   “ears later, Dr. Bagnato remains adamant about his thoughts on health care practices in Albany. “What I’ve learned over the years in analyzing the not for profit hospitals and the uninsured is that what’s going on in Albany is going on statewide and nationally,” said Bagnato.”

Another (2005) blog article reviews the actual “criminal” counts, including petitioning the government for redress of grievances:

In an editorial January 7 [2004] Albany Herald Editor Kay Read acknowledged a serious problem facing our State- the Medicaid program is $173 Million short of funds… In our opinion, the solution is obvious. Phoebe Putney … has accumulated massive cash reserves due to years of excessive profits… Phoebe alone reported almost $217 million in the bank when it filed its 2002 Federal information returnThe solution to Georgia’s Medicaid budget problem is simple- reduce Medicaid payments to public hospitals with excess reserves and profits, and redirect these funds to other providers… Phoebe alone has enough excess funds to solve the entire State of Georgia Medicaid crisis!”

March 2006, Redorbit, quoting the Atlanta Constitution— apparently the Hospital had some clout with the local D.A., who then took action against whoever was sending the anonymous faxes, detailing executive pay and financial practices at the hospital.  It got ugly:

Phoebe, pursuing the anonymous authors, asked the Dougherty County district attorney’s office to investigate the faxes, which the hospital system said were full of inaccuracies.

The office of District Attorney Ken Hodges requested grand jury subpoenas for phone records. After receiving the phone information, the DA’s office turned it over to Phoebe.

The trail led to Rehberg, and Phoebe sued him in August 2004, announcing the litigation at a news conference.

But just days before the lawsuit was filed, the former FBI agents hired by Phoebe confronted Rehberg at his office across the street from the sprawling Phoebe campus. The investigators blocked his pickup, Rehberg said, and threatened him and his family.

Meanwhile, as Rehberg was circulating the faxes in late 2003 and early 2004, with the help of Bagnato, the two also were gathering information about Phoebe’s financial practices involving patients with no health insurance. The two, who work at Albany Surgical, came to believe that Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital and other nonprofit hospitals were overcharging the uninsured and then aggressively seeking payment — thereby violating their charitable obligation as tax-exempt organizations.

Abuse of the tax-exempt status, persecuting poor people, and then in effect, it’s not really a charitable activity…. if they are being repaid for it by those clients after overcharging them!

Here’s a 2011 short article stating that the District Attorney (having lied?) claims immunity from prosecution.  (“SCOTUS” is “Supreme Court Of The U.S.”):


Posted by Tom on Mar 23, 2011 in LibertarianLocal | 0 comments

When Dr. John Bagnato and Charles Rehberg stepped up and started sending out anonymous faxes regarding what they felt were unethical practices by Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, they probably had no idea that the case would end up before the Supreme Court, but it has.

The two men were prosecuted for crimes that were never committed, and Rehberg has been pushing his lawsuit ever since.  Now, the case against Dougherty County District Attorney’s office investigator James Paulk moves into the spotlightFormer District Attorney Ken Hodges was determined to have absolute immunity from prosecution by an Appeals Court judge and therefore his case won’t appear before SCOTUS.

The Court will be hearing the case to determine if officials who give false testimony are immune to prosecution.

Personally, I can’t help but believe that the Court must determine that false testimony is grounds for giving up immunity.  The ramifications of anything else is downright scary.  The idea that someone can lie under oath and then be untouchable means that there would be no incentive for honesty from these officials in courts of law.

It will be interesting to see what the Court decides.

This article (2009) reports that this Ken Hodges was going to perhaps run for Attorney General of Georgia.  Great.   Read the account here (it’s the entire post):

Ken Hodges for AG? Let’s Hope Not

Posted on April 12, 2009 by Tom

Thanks to the intrepid reporters at the Albany Herald, former Albany DA Ken Hodges is “99% sure” he’ll run for Attorney General here in Georgia. Oh joy.  I say this because Ken Hodges currently is under a lawsuit regarding the infamous “Phoebe Factoids” case.  Mr. Hodges is currently implicated in a lawsuit by Mr. Charles Rehberg.  {{see above — he received immunity….}}

Mr. Rehberg alleges that Mr. Hodges targeted him for his part in the infamous “Phoebe Factoid” faxes that were sent out in 2003.  In all honesty, this is unique in that most District Attorneys operate under a sort of immunity while in office except for specific things.  One of those things is professional misconduct.  Judge Louis Sands allowed it to continue.

For those who don’t know the allegations against Mr. Hodges, let me lay them out for you.  In 2003, a set of anonymous faxes were made to businesses all over town called the “Phoebe Factoids”.  These alleged various abuses by Phoebe Putney Hospital.  Mr. Hodges allegedly used the power of his office to subpoena the BellSouth phone records, using specifically a 2003 grand jury, to uncover the originator of the factoids.

Now, using a grand jury to subpoena phone records is nothing new.  But what’s reallyoriginal is what Mr. Hodges allegedly did with those records.  He is alleged to have handed them over to Phoebe.  As Dana Carvey’s “Church Lady” character would say, “isn’t that special?”  And, say they say on commercials, “but wait, there’s more.”

Mr. Rehberg was then charged with 6 counts of harassing phone calls, one count of aggravated assault, and one count of burglary.  Of course, since the supposed “harassing phone calls” were to businesses and the office of Congressman Sanford Bishop (who was supposedly “surprised” to find he was a victim) which can’t really receive harassing phone calls,  and the home he was alleged to have broken into was a home he’s never been to (it was also the site of the alleged aggravated assault), all charges were dropped.

Now, Mr. Rehberg wants to clear his name.  Ken Hodges, on the other hand, wants to move onto bigger and better things…like being able to do the same things at the state level?  I mean, if he can’t accept Mr. Rehberg’s right to free speech here in the Dougherty County Judicial Circuit, then what will he do with the much larger state budget?  Let’s hope we don’t find out.

Why am I picking on Georgia here?  Well, here’s another factor in Georgia (but probably not unique to it) — the Undistributable Child Support Funds Audit — like many other states, it didn’t report “undistributable” income, or interest earned on that income.    It also has a renowned Fatherhood Program:


The Georgia Fatherhood Program, created by the Office of Child Support Services (OCSS) in 1997, works with non-custodial parents who owe child support through OCSS but are unable to pay. Georgia’s Fatherhood Program is the largest state- operated fatherhood program in the country. Over 2,500 non-custodial parents received services through the program during the past year. Gainful, stable employment enables these parents to provide regular financial support for their children. Fatherhood Program participants paid $18.7 million in child support during FY 2005.

The Georgia Fatherhood Program is implemented by the Fatherhood Services Network, sponsored by the Department of Human Resources’ Office of Child Support Services. The Network includes:

• Georgia Department of Human Resources • Child Access and Visitation Program• V oluntary Paternity Acknowledgement Program • Georgia Family Connections Partnership • OCSS, which contracts with

Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education Georgia Department of Labor DeKalb County Fatherhood Initiative Network

• • •

(that factsheet dates to 2006:  Notice how quickly after the passage of welfare reform (1996) this state got its child support system hooked up with the Access Visitation funding.)  What  you see next is from the current government site:

Office of Child Support Services Logo

“… DCSS also provides the Georgia Fatherhood Services Network and the Access and Visitation Program, both devoted to increasing non-custodial parent involvement in a child’s life.”

F.R.A. M.E.D. (Bruce Eden) writes:

The child support industry is a total fraud. It is a $5-$10 BILLION per year INDUSTRY that, if eliminated, the monies saved and sent to the children that supposedly need it, would wipe out all child support arrears in the US at one time. All that would be needed to do is send the BILLIONS in the form of a Social Security check or wire transfer, since child support enforcement laws are part of the Social Security Act.

I am so glad to hear another person acknowledge it’s a $BILLION dollar INDUSTRY — and we will be talking more about this herein, including the remarkable, disappearing “undistributable” collected child support — and its unreported interest, plus an amazing lack of audits since about 2006/2006 (years covered) on that topic — at least at the OIG site I was just browsing through, where they are located

Towards the end of the “Child Support is a For-Profit Government Fraud” (which I happen to agree with), are some more comments I do not — and this is to be expected when some of these systems have exacerbated an existing gender war, which brings out the worst (not best) of both genders when any for-profit schemes get involved.     For example:

Neither is there any respect for marriage by the women bearing those children. Fatherlessness breeds sexual promiscuity.** The socialist-liberals in the courts, the legislatures, and the editorial offices have created this national systemic problem. They have designed programs to throw money at the problem by using more enforcement processes. Those programs have the opposite affect from what was desired. Instead of slowing or stopping the problem, they made it WORSE, creating even MORE fatherlessness, and criminalizing more fathers. When you analyze the situation with an open mind, it may occur to you, as it has to many, that failure to pay child support might actually a rebellion against tyranny.


**That statement is ridiculousness, and shows an innate fear of women’s sexuality outside of property rights.  Many married Congressmen and several U.S. Presidents (Republican and Democrat both) have been extremely promiscuous, and I seriously doubt that all of them were fatherless and could use that excuse — which disproves that this is the single cause of promiscuity.

Besides which, there truly is a problem with FATHERS — not the best of them, obviously — sexually assaulting their kids, and physically and sexually abusing the wives.   Trying to blame this on the government is displacing blame and derail that conversation.  It is possible also to view feminism as a rebellion against tyranny by overentitled males.  When it comes to complaining about “government” as a whole, while there are men and women in government, one look at Congress (U.S.) tells us who is the dominant gender, which includes spending our country into oblivion, just about, and participating in wars, sometimes without adequate cause, in which thousands of young, virile, and self-sacrificing men DIE, or come back disabled and suffering from PTSD as well, sometimes expanding this to their families.   That cannot be blamed on women as a whole.  We have to get beyond that and separate the issues better.

HOWEVER, what women’s advocates (speaking of advocates against domestic violence — the professionalized, mainstreamed ones ) have done is gain both federal funding — centralized it into “coalitions” which then go conference with fatherhood advocates (behind their follower’s backs) and mutually agree to respect each other’s professional boundaries.


In other words, they are not going to openly converse about fraud, financial abuses, embezzlement, and lack of oversight — and lack of RESULTS! — in the grants-based programs.  Moreover, the women’s / mother’s groups (by which I mean NOW, and several prominent authors & nonprofits characterized as “Crisis in the Courts” groups) HAVE done is practice a virtual media blackout (when taken as a whole) on already-identified practices where the federal funding (in particular) and incentives actually affect custody outcomes – in violation of our civil rights, and (often) the rules of court designed to protect INDIVIDUALs from governmental abuses.



Child support has long since stopped being about supporting children or relieving taxpayers of the welfare burden. [TRUE.  Literature shows, and the Congressional Record shows, that relieving the welfare burden was a sales point — not an actual intention; see 45 CFR 303.109, regulations to the Access/Visitation grants of TItle IV-D.]   

It has now become a lucrative “REVENUE STREAM” for the states, bringing in hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars per year.  [Probably TRUE — more in subsequent posts, I have been looking at the HHS/OIG’s own reports]

In addition, it is a Communistic “TRANSFER OF WEALTH” scheme for the entitlement of women, lawyers and child support INDUSTRY. [False.  The mothers (women) have been equally betrayed in this matter.  Remove the word “women” from that phrase, and you have the truth; add a few judges and those on boards of directors of facilitating nonprofits and spin-off industries, and more truth.

There is not a “Commie” behind every government program, and it’s quite likely that if society had been designed with less hierarchy (domination, class rank, gender rank, ethnic ranks, etc.) from the start — it might have been flexible enough to accommodate, for example, restructuring to eliminate slavery (instead of replacing one kind for another) AND to, since women were expected to bear children, raise them, mop up after wars, and go to work in the factories for a World War, then go back home to make room for the returning veterans and replenish the decimated ranks of humanity by child-bearing, etc., and in short change their collective identity to match whoever is currently in power – – – then there might have been fewer casualties of marriage as well as of divorce).


It is a discriminatory policy based on gender discrimination against men.   [FALSE.  That tide changed long ago — the child support system has been around since 1975.  Welfare Reform happened after “National Fatherhood Inititiave” got fully entrenched in the HHS department beginning in 1994, and welfare reform, 1996, this welfare reform presumed that the solution to poverty and abuse was “fatherhood” — when in fact certain fathers were abusive and economically neglecting their families while married.  I know of cases where a significant child support arrears was “handled” by simply switching custody to the other (defaulting) parent, and then charging a previously FT working single mother to pay the Dad while inflicting upon her severe emotional distress (and social disgrace, still) by eliminating contact with her children.  I know of women who have become working FT homeless through this, or BACK on welfare.  This type of talk helps neither women or men.

The perception that child support discriminates against men (when men voted the child support system into existence, I’ll bet — after all, any legislation passes Congress, and Congress is primarily male, in fact white male) — is an outworn adage that has been overcompensated for through the “fatherhood” legislation; the child support system yes, does extort men — but also women, because (as I said above) it’s capricious. \


Men account for 96-98% of all arrested in child support enforcement when they are in violation of child support orders. Some will claim that child support is not gender biased. If not, then why don’t we hear about DEADBEAT MOMS, who fail to pay ordered support in over 65% of cases?

I have actually looked at arrest records (i.e., who’s in jail on a given day, and for what) in various U.S. counties as part of researching individual cases, or counties around family law issues.  Typically, it’s not ONLY child support contempt that gets a Dad in jail — and if there is a Title IV-D case around, it’s more profitable for the government to force the father into some kind of grants-justifying program than to simply house him in jail.  On the other hand, for Dads who DO get to jail, there are programs in place, outreach programs, to help them contact their noncustodial kids; there are NOT (to my knowledge) similar programs for women.

There are also women being tossed in jail for refusing visitation (or refusing to force a minor child to engage in unsupervised court-ordered visitation with an identified molester, etc. – – – I’m thinking of the Lorraine Tipton case in Wisconsin, and others) and they too — once child support has been ordered on them — are at risk of  and threatened by jail if they cannot come up with not only the child support monies, but also the court-ordered fees for custody evaluations, etc.

These types of statements –without links to evidence (more than anecdotal) do not help.


What CAN help male/female and taxpayers is if women will begin to examine some of the fatherhood sites at least to see what’s going on, and to take a closer look at the child support system, and what (in part) some of these fathers are so angry about.  While emotions are high — rational thinking and observation is low.


I suggest that we start putting the financial matters on the FRONT burner for a while, because of this.


In my next post (or if I can get another blog up and running), I would like to expose some of the practices of LACK OF OVERSIGHT and “UNDISTRIBUTABLE CHILD SUPPORT” behaviors — that are already documented on government sites, and on some mens’ groups sites as well.  It will take a little reading of the material (not just my post) to grasp; but not an excessive amount.  


For example, “Framed Fathers” wrote in December, 2010:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Basic Title IV-D Fact

 (bullets added by me:)
  • The IV-D program is grounded in both federal and state statutes as well as judicial rules and procedures.
  • The Child Support Enforcement (CSE) within the Department of Health & Human Services of each state is the single state agency charged with administering the IV- D program in the respective states.
Note:  The “access and visitation” federal funding ($10million/year nationwide since 1996, approximately) goes to one state agency per state, but it varies from state to state, and in some states, varies from year to year WHICH agency it goes to.  In California, for example (last I heard) it goes to the California Judicial Council — which creates an immediate financial conflict of interest as this agency is over the courts which decide custody and child support….
  • The federal statutory basis for the program is U.S. Public Law 93-647, Title IV-D of the Social Security Act. Each state has a similar state statutory basis.
  • The policies and procedures that govern most aspects of the child support program in each state are:
  •  the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) in 45 CFR, Parts 232 and 301 to 308;
  •  state child support statutes; and
  • state Rules of Court.
  • Additionally, existing policies and procedures may be affected by case law as well as court and judicial proceedings.
  • No where in the Code of Federal Regulations or Federal Child Support statutes (42 U.S.C. Sections 659-671) does it allow for the incarceration/imprisonment of anyone for child support debts.


Like the incarceration of Richard Fine (formerly Esq.) after he began reporting — in large part — serious abuse by the Los Angeles District Attorney of withholding distribution of already-collected child support (in the amount of about $14 million) — and improper financial payments to Superior Court judges from the County, affecting cases in which the County was a party  — (i.e., conflicts of interest) — he was improperly put in solitary confinement for the purposes of forcing him to comply with a court order which he protested was inherently void (as I understand the situation).   The arrest record was later falsified on computer, which has been documented by other people such as Joseph Zernik, and possibly FullDisclosure.net . . .. .   We are truly in a situation in the U.S. where there is an alternate and parallel form of government and court procedures in place, in practice.


The longer men and women can be induced to fight each other (however legitimate the causes they fight over) — and lump in their PERSONAL vendettas and bitterness against an entire gender (not seeing clearly, in other words) the less is going to be done about the issues we actually do have in common.  Do not expect women who have been battered or seen their kids molested to “understand” that we are all (as a gender) just making it up, and that the U.S. Government is our real enemy.  That’s ridiculous.

On the other hand, the battered women’s advocates haven’t advocated properly for such women — being more concerned about their ongoing access to federal grants systems to conference and posture as experts, while failing to account for the amazing lack of accountability in BOTH child support, and towards their own grants systems — which to my awareness, count people served, services promoted — and not lives saved.


Right now, the middle way is to scrutinize the financial operations of this humongous system and to boycott it if it cannot be stopped.  We have to also do this realizing that the system currently has better control of the major media, and better technical support of their websites.  I’d say guerilla blogging without vested financial interest is a better way, combined with a data-driven conversation with your local Congressperson’s chief aide, and then the Congressperson, regardless of what their allegiance is.   The way to “negotiate” ALWAYS entails a balance of powers, and currently, there are (I think…..) some areas in which bullies and tyrants and embezzlers are still exposed and vulnerable to some accountability.

It takes courage, dedication, and the determination to get accurate information — and get that information OUT to the public.


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  1. Makes perfect sense. The worse is yet to come s+ill. i was on the news last week for picking my daughter up from school amber alert was issued. amd my case has gotten outta hamd. now facing felony charges for 2nd degree kidnapping. 50,000 secured bond, daughter was returned to her father. 3-23-2011 they presented me a judgement/other disposition we were not present and unrepresentd she made all legal counsel withdraw and she held trial offense adjudication. of neglect . no visitatiom with mother at this time and closed my daugters case. participating in a pretrial release program, currently i have a gps tracking device on to ensure i dont go near my first born child. no contact whatsoever. i had a 50B served on him in MAY from my county where i liv to protect my daughter?amd i. it was dismissed in court

    brittany simbra

    October 6, 2012 at 11:00 pm

  2. Today is April 25, 2014 – my children have been taken and imprisoned in the State of Georgia’s DFCS system going on 4.5 years now – they have attempted to incarcerate me repeatedly and child support has been one of the ways that they have done so. They have stole approximately $50,000 total – and have withheld several thousands of dollars from me. They have made a tremendous amount of money off of me and my children. They took away my visitations for the past 2 years – absolutely no contact and I am facing a TPR within the next 2 months. The State of Georgia – including the Governor’s Office and other Executive Arms agencies have committed fraudulent acts against me and my children and have abused me and abused my children – I was recently told by a high powered attorney that they would like to see me dead due to the fact that I have been fighting for the lives of my children. They claim they close records when I ask for documentation that I am entitled to so that I will have to file for an Open Records Act and PAY money and then when I ask for these records per the OPEN RECORDS ACT – they still ignore me. I was laughed at and mocked by the Constituents Dept. @ the Governor’s Office and had been warned that I would be banned – well they banned me for NO GOOD REASON – the bottom line is they put lies and fraud in writing to cover themselves and then on some matters they refuse to put things in writing – the judges, attorneys, the State Government as a WHOLE has used my children – used me – and gotten wealthy off of it – this State is our Slave master and we are the slaves. Some parts of Georgia are worse than others and where we have been and are – is worse than others – yes I have and my children have – had our lives threatened – every Human Right, Civil Right, Parental/Child Right – Judicial/Legal Right has been snatched away and no longer exists for me or my children… There is a lot more to this story. Oh – yes – ‘everyone involved is a Christian’ which has played a BIG part in the judgments against me regarding morality and values…


    February 25, 2014 at 7:43 am

    • Yes, no question Georgia is a tough state, other than on-line, I know of some individual cases (lives) from there, one of which really concerns me as the person was being stalked by someone who’d already done time for holding herself and child hostage over a year, and she didn’t have a vehicle, others.

      It sounds like you were a single parent (no father around?) which would’ve made you a natural target. I can’t disagree with anything you’re saying (except it’s February, not April) except to know that while the character or nature differs from state to state (for example, there’s a woman in Minnesota who lost her five children on apparently less than two hours notice, under threat of incarceration AFTER the divorce was finalized. Her family law attorney, filing for a civil rights violation, which the (psycho) judge wouldn’t allow a jurisdiction change over, the next day apparently set his dogs (bailiffs, deputies whatever they’re called) on the attorney, stripped her of everything but her clothes (eyeglasses, jewelry SHOES) without accusation or booking, handcuffed her to a wheelchair and rolled her back into the kangaroo courtroom to witness the remainder of the kangaroo proceeding, absent the client, and evidence. (Mother Sam Grazzini-Rucker/attorney Michelle MacDonald).

      There’s the matter of the late Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband, and her unusual murder-suicide while investigating CPS matters. There’s the matter of Cobb County? Judge Adele J. Grubb, also sitting on the council for JJDP (Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention), but when a woman pleading for help and protection needs it, (Kristofak), it’s withheld, and she was killed. These and other things tell us just what is being dealt with in the USA; the systems of control are extreme — particularly as you say, controlling us through our children and selling them into the system, for profit.

      Wisdom, Moderation and Justice, or is it Just Commerce? (I’ve got Georgia on my Mind) Nov 11, 2011 (11/11/11) my post.

      I don’t need to be told about Christian hypocrisy, it was inbred into the last two decades of my life. The “Christian” thing goes along with religious tax-perks, which draws also corrupt influences into “faith-based” and previously other service provisions – money trail harder to follow. Churches have followers taught to “follow the leader,” and also to volunteer, including to help clean up messes made by the practice of covering up abuse of women and children.

      If there’s something this blog might help with, it’s the concept that there are ways to get the public to wake up — they are funding child-trafficking through these systems — and to take a stand on continuing to “feed the beast.” However, we are dealing with (my opinion) sociopaths/psychopaths — who are naturally drawn to power and obtain it by immoral means — at the top of government; and their influence is to de-sensitize MOST to, for lack of a better word, evil — and use these de-sensitized (or simply numbed and dumbed-down) masses to staff, fund, populate, and let’s not forget evaluate/rationalize, etc. — the systems they designed.

      Once this is in place, it would so disrupt “status quo” to actually re-introduce justice (versus, just COMMERCE) into the equation, that these same masses (see last sentence), including people that may also know about your case, and not approve of it locally, will have their lives disrupted, uprooted and maybe even put homeless for lack of work (i.e., how many people actually work in the family courts, or CPS circles, and would lose mortgages, couldn’t pay rent, if children were allowed to stay with non-abusive parents, peacefully — and didn’t get into the foster or welfare caseload to start with?)

      – – – – – – –
      Unlike the normally or just barely solvent middle class, those who have figured out how to steal (as above) or set up systems of moneylaundering and squirrel, or launder away money that would otherwise go to growing children, for themselves, (i.e., the profit on goods in motion, untaxed where it’s simply criminal to start with, or maybe not quite criminal, but UNTRACKED), the wealthy AND psychopath (not all wealthy are, at least I think not), the people with multiple income streams — or a buffer (i.e., they can live off something else while fighting certain battles) — are going to win, regardless of what’s right, in a given contest. All is about power.

      I learned this through my own family, who it turns out, also have some of this going on — they make private judgments, private assessments, and issue private sentences. They are obviously aware some of this wouldn’t fly in court, or honest venues, and so operated the entire years I’ve been fighting to address the issues regarding my own children (removed from my home overnight, without cause, NO factual or legal reasons provided because in this venue, you don’t have to), and my own ability to stay housed and fed.

      We have to change ourselves first if we want justice change — and that may include how to talk about the system (I’m referring to decisions I’m going through as we speak), and connect with ways to actually fight back. You sound and I’ll bet are, isolated; is there anyone in your corner locally, and have you blogged?

      I have not had to pay child support for my stolen children, but what has been stolen is a work life, over the years — and it was this process that led me to blogging. Welfare reform is key. The amount has been over $100K over the years, that I was earning but could not. I know the situation is common.

      http://ispeakasafool.blogspot.com/ (click on the footnote to John E. Wolfram near the top for more info. This was a disbarred attorney adjudged “mentally incompetent” or similar. Others, Richard Fine, Los Angeles (do look up the case if you have a chance) were not just disbarred, but also incarcerated (him, for 18 months) and one of the cases that got him in there was discovering withheld (collected but not distributed to the families) child support. The other one also dealt with bribery factor. Fine got out in September 2010, but the “Our Broken Courts” contingent won’t even talk about him, essentially.

      If we don’t have justice systems, we don’t have those rights we thought we held to start with– just thought we did, until time came to need to exercise them. I didn’t know til after the fact either. If we want justice systems back, we have to address the commerce part, the commerce in children (and drugs), etc.

      – – – – – – – – – – –
      If this voice can help (encourage, if nothing else), I hope it does. Thanks for telling the story here; you are not alone, and of course don’t give up on the children. You don’t know til all is said and done how it will go. I can’t say a lot more now, I’m hurting over my own (young adults) and working to talk future, not past, and have some hope for it.
      – – – – – – – – – – –
      Please look at the CAFR sections of this blog, then find and look at some of the ones in your area if there is a chance; the leverage, if some is available, will be economic, not legal, I’ll bet. Also, do you have any local support systems, if not where to get them? Is there a father around? How young are the children still, etc.?

      Never give up, and while/when you’re fighting alone on the case, I know, you are not alone.
      NB: My greatest mistakes were in the act of seeking help. I didn’t understand how government works, and the influence of the federal grants on custody cases. An attempt was made to get my children into foster care at the time of the snatch (by calling CPS in), and it’s likely the father was coached into what to do to provoke the incident. It obviously worked — he got, then abandoned (after alienating as best possible) our children who I’d raised since birth to teens — and thus basically got out of child support. The system got a financial perk from the feds for increased noncustodial parenting time (access/visitation) his arrears was compromised, and my children were officially “for sale” to the lowest bidder like any slaves. It just happened in this case, they’d been previously targeted by my side of the family, and it now appears this was with a longer-term objective of controlling family wealth (“justified” by my economic dependency AS IF it were innate, natural — and not the result of unchecked, and chronic criminal activity against the household).

      Well, I always say too much first comment of the day. Check out the Navigation page here there may be more helpful information. Or, if you already know the system (sounds like you know how it goes — STILL get the financial statements of your local government unit and figure out where the grants and contracts affecting your children are involved, maybe there’s some leverage there) — then strategically, what is THE most sensible way to go forward?

      I didn’t keep filing (for the most part) after I realized what a farce it was. My children were never in CPS or foster care (so far as I know, although I wouldn’t be surprised if someone had used their SS#s and billed for it after they were snatched), and there has been FYI no allegations of molestation as in many cases. That doesn’t mean none occurred, given the context (and a clear period of grooming pre-snatch, many indicators).


      Let's Get Honest

      February 25, 2014 at 10:52 am

      • Thank you for the correction on my dates – my mind is a whirlwind I can hardly think straight and I am just so touched that I actually heard from someone from this site… Let me say this as it is something that I have shared with every news media outlet and person that I thought would be of some help… I came to Georgia to give a man – a chance to be a FRIEND to me and a father to a son he had never met – I had one other child at that time. This man denied his child the moment of conception and for 9 years – but I had been struggling terribly in another state for years and had some missteps and due to extreme distresses that I could not overcome because I was too poor and had no support from family and no support from “social services” I had my very first DFCS case – a neighbor had come to my home – and basically kidnapped my children – I had stepped out – bad decision – late in the night – and had been gone for approximately 30 minutes due to being roped into a bad situation when I thought I was helping someone – but I returned home only to find my children gone… I was panicked – knocking on all the doors and falling to the ground crying and screaming and the whole time the neighbors were watching me and they had my children… I had problems with these neighbors before – but I had to call the police on myself – and for the first time in my life I went to jail and had my children taken from me – I was totally lost – I had a hard time pulling myself together and I had no support… I fought hard to get over this and thru this and yet my children were severely abused etc… I got my children back – but they had been traumatized. I had a wonderfully decent paying job and was doing well – I moved to another county and so my probation had switched and the moment I met this probation officer I knew he wasn’t right and so immediately I put in for another officer to oversee the case – well because of the Nazi – type individual he was he came by my home 7 am and demanded to come in – when I was getting my children and myself ready for school and work I asked him to return once I got off of work – he refused – he was suited up like the SWAT team – he called the local police and REPORTED TO THEM THAT I HAD DRUGS IN MY HOME AND THAT I WAS ABUSING MY CHILDREN… The local police came and they were disgusted with this guy and told him to leave me alone and this was wrong and ridiculous about this fraudulent call – the next week he came by with the SWAT TEAM and demanded to come into my home – they ransacked my home – and the bottom line is that he retaliated against me and unknown to me he had gotten a warrant for my arrest for the following month – I went into see him and there was no one in the lobby or office – he was the only one there – I was spooked – he took me to his office and said “you know you F***** up right…” I asked him what was he talking about – and before I knew it I was thrown to the ground by 3 Deputies that were 6’6 and handcuffed and driven to jail – my children and friend were outside waiting for me in the car – I had already served 2 years of the probation with no problems from the other county… I sat in jail for 20 days – got a private attorney – but was given a lie of a deal – and at that time I knew no better – got out of jail and was released from probation early as an apology but the issue was this MUGSHOT of this false arrest and this entirely messed up case and police reports that said I used crack and left my children for that reason etc… I was told that I could have my records expunged etc… I paid for that service and now ALL OF THESE YEARS later – I am now know it had never been done… So this has ruined my life for all of these years – you pull up my name in a search and there it is – arrest for CHILD NEGLECT AND ABUSE… I got swindled by the attorney. The attorney ignored my calls and emails for years… Now – moving to GA – this man – he abused my children and fought me when I tried to protect my children from his abuse – it was awful – we tried to get help from the local shelter – they put us out along with this other very young mother with an infant baby with no where to go and CALLED DFCS on us… the local DFCS had opened up cases against me and the young mother – I was forced to go back to the abuser because the DFCS worker said that if I had no where to go she was going to take my children right then – we went back to the abuser only to escape within a few days of being back – we went to another city to another Domestic Abuse Shelter – only to see other women and their children being put out left and right and NEVER GETTING ANY HELP – I had been forewarned that I was next – I could not believe it – I was told that all they did was take women in TO USE THEIR INFORMATION to obtain FEDERAL FUNDING etc… On a Sunday after coming from church – my children and I were put out due the fact that I had been honest on the application regarding prior history with DFCS and I said yes – explained – and thought “honesty is the best policy…” Little did I know this would work against me – I – and my children were put out for the second time because “a report had been given that I had abused and beat my son…” We were put out with no food and DFCS WAS CALLED ON ME AGAIN… YES THIS ALL IN GEORGIA STATE… I put my children in a shelter for children and put myself in the local Salvation Army but I was dazed and just lost – I was really homeless and scared out of my mind… I connected with a local agency that dealt with Mental Health and Addictive Disease “issues” and they had a residential program for women and children – they pulled a bait and switch move on me – they told me that I had to go into the facility first and that I would then be reunified with my children within 24-48 hours claiming we could not all be together but I had to come in FIRST TO SECURE MY SLOT… in the program… Desperate and hopeful I believed but I was truly so scared… I had no other options…But little did I know that I was being set up by the Children’s Shelter and this Women’s and Children Shelter… I went into the “program” and they never let me speak to the agency that had my children or my children = they kept me imprisoned in that facility and then turned around and said “we don’t know if your children will be able to come into the program etc…” I was the only person who did not have AN OPEN DFCS CASE all of the women there were frightened and paranoid about all kinds of things and rightfully so… Needless to say – the saving grace occurred when the LOCAL PAPER BLASTED ME and had my full name all in an article stating that there were WARRANTS OUT FOR MY ARREST DUE TO CHILD ABANDONNMENT…. It had all kinds of lies about me fleeing GA State thru the emergency room of a hospital to Tampa FL… Now the agency had no choice but to take me to get my children – my children were traumatized and told that I had abandoned them – again this is all parallel to the mug shot of the FALSE ARREST – and answering honestly about ‘prior involvement with DFCS…’ Now – here my children are – and we are forced to stay in this wicked facility etc… I broke thru the office doors searching for the CEO because the facility was drawing up false “counseling documentation” on me labeling me an abusive parent to BUILD A CASE AGAINST ME… these office doors let to the administrative side as the residential center was conjoined… The bottom line is in ‘fighting back’ they “let me go…” but only to have plans of calling DFCS on me in every home that I stayed in… I WROTE DHS – GOVERNOR PERDUE – OFFICE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS – HHS…everything was UNFOUNDED OR IGNORED… I had also submitted a petition that some of the women had signed while were all being held there against our wills lest we leave and they had no shame of VERBALLY THREATENING US “WE’LL CALL DFCS ON YOU IF YOU LEAVE THIS FACILITY…” It was unbelievable!!! and so scarrrrrry…. Because they had “let me go” to participate in a FEDERALLY FUNDED PROGRAM = shelter plus care – they started doing other things beyond calling DFCS on me – they were now trying to evict me – this town has no public transportation… I mean this story is even more horrifying – but the bottom line is that I wrote and wrote and called and called and begged and begged for the EXECTUIVE ARMS for the STATE of GA for help and then came my fall again – thanks to a “CHRISTIAN COUNSELOR” “CHRISTIAN LEADERS” IN THIS COMMUNITY, AND “CHRISTIANS FROM A CHURCH…” I HAD NO WAY OUT for me and my children – no where to turn and no one to believe my story… I had been attending a church and had told my story tearfully desperately and hurting wanting them to embrace me and my children = but what they were – wolves in sheep’s clothing… rather it was a CULT… they started saying things like me and my children were filled with demons, I was a liar and delusional about “my story” and then IT FINALLY HAPPENED – I had just gotten out of the hospital but prior to that they were already working on emotionally and spiritually abusing me and my children – I stopped going – I was SCARED do ya ll hear me – due to all of this HISTORY – after getting out of the hospital a person from the church came by and accused me of all kinds of things and then THREATENED ME by saying: “We will do anything to make sure you never come back or turn to anyone in the church for help – we KNOW ALL ABOUT YOU and your lies and the fact that you are a TROUBLEMAKER and you go around blaming people for your problems and have your hand stretched out – you’re a whore and your lazy and it went on and on = it was frightening – so I failed – I failed because I was on emotional overload and freaked out – I did not know what to do – or who to turn to – and the TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS all of these agencies and THE VERY SAME PEOPLE have been reported on BEFORE… I traveled up to Atlanta to seek help from Governor Nathan Deal – why did I do that… and so I erred in judgment because I just could not think straight and was just so overwhelmed with the threats and maltreatment and accusations – I drank – and got a DUI – I had my 2 younger children in the car – got pulled over and here I sit 4 years later with a TPR and my children have suffered terribly and have been abused in a myriad of ways and so I MADE MY VOICE HEARD to protect them and instead they continued to mistreat my children MORE and continued to retaliate against me EVEN MORE they have fabricated documents – lied in court – lied to my children – I mean the list goes on and on = just like Nancy Schaefer’s Reports = and just like what every other blog has said and petition has said – WHY AM I TELLING THIS on this blog? Because no one else believes me and I was thankful to have gotten a real live person from this blog to affirm my situation and this site is a gold mine = and I want to tell the world about the Corruption in GA = I have contacted OIG, GBI, THE FBI, etc… I mean how could they ignore me when in the past several years – even in 1983 – YTD the state has had sanctions and issues time and time again – with this – yeah forget about the OIG investigation that came about on Sept 5 2012 right – thanks to 2 whistleblowers – when this is EXACTLY WHAT NANCEY SCHAEFER SAID – forget about the fact that approximately 3000 children have been killed in GA – thanks to DFCS from 2012-2013 EPIC PROPORTIONS SEE ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION – BUT EVEN they did not report it accurately because they want to make it seem like it was ONLY PARENTS that killed all of these children and NOT THE STATE… Now GA state wants 120 more accountability courts – Mental Health, Addictive Disease etc… Deal will pay123 million for MORE DFCS WOKERS!!! I turned to contact Nancy Schaefer but it was TOO LATE… and NO ONE ELSE IN GEORGIA within her capacity HAS DONE ANYTHING no on has or will touch it and then they say I am MENTALLY ILL and a conspiracy theorist… I am tired of hiding and not telling the story of me and my children and being ignored, mocked, threatened, I never knew this was AMERICA I never knew being a born American meant this – and yes I am poor of color and without family support – we are targets – being poor and all – I am ashamed ya all – but I do not deserve to lose my children because LOOK AT WHAT GEORGIA STATE HAS DONE TO ME AND TO MY CHILDREN PRIOR TO MY DUI and now during this CRAP CALLED DEPRIVATION… I have much more to say but it feels great to be bold enough to get some of my story and my children’s story out there… Oh one more thing the father’s are not being held accountable for anything… Thank you.

        Ime Right - Georgia is a Dangerous Site

        February 26, 2014 at 6:22 am

      • I am a mother.. And been through the child support enforcement .. It is a scam.. I busted them with a reciept they did not expect me to have.. My ex payed them 20,000.00 my daughter never got.. I got shuffled around quickly to different case workers .. The look on their faces was priceless. As they could not explain where the money was.. Not only did my ex pay them everything owed. The refused to take it off his credit so he could purchase a house! I saw what was happening. So him and i walked in CSE. I DEMANDED TO CLOSE THE CASE! We signed papers and where told it still had to go through the judge to be official . 9 years later i never have received. A phone call with an explanation. My daughters father died a few years later with that debt paid and still on his credit. He never got his house! I never recieved that 20,000.00.. But somewhere I do still have their reciept!


        July 2, 2015 at 1:27 am

      • In what state or county? You should read about Silva v. Garcetti, the “undistributable child support” issue. I know I’ve blogged it, and I had a similar experience during our time; they “electronically” misplaced someone else’s (a considerable amount for us at the time), and then to correct their clerical error, took REAL dollars from my account. I was in front of a clerk, and we both knew, she wasn’t going to put that on record, and as I didn’t have a tape recorder, that was that. This was before I knew about diversionary funding, any of that.

        That $20,000 may still be around somewhere in the system. I can’t work on the issue now, but I’ll bet it could be found. There are some posts on this blog, also see “Boycottchildsupport.wordpress.com” (another blog, not fully developed) which summarizes some of it. This is governmental theft. Be aware that in filing to force them to pay up (in the late 1990s, after welfare reform), the attorney in question, with another anti-corruption (Bribery) case, ended up getting not just disbarred, but also put into coercive solitary confinement in the Los Angeles Men’s Jail, for 18 months. (Searchable information, and I have some of it on “About” page).

        Let's Get Honest

        August 18, 2015 at 5:20 pm

      • Arizona!! Arizona and the general attorneys. Office also told me i had to sign papers to open a case on my son!! I told them NO! They demanded i signed the papers i told them tell. Me where this 20,000.00 is first! They said my case worker woyld come in after! Lol.. But i jyst closed this case why do i even have case worker? She was furious i wouldnt sign.. I told her WHY? He is in prison for 13 years he will owe you 60,000.00 my son will never see? I said NO! She said i had to .. No again i said! She says you know what FINE.. SHE WENT TO THE PRISON AND MADE HIM SIGN IT! .. Still waiting for his garnishments to go rounds again with. Them.. He has been out for 2 years now.. So far nothing! I am in texas now he resides in Arizona..


        September 8, 2015 at 11:26 pm

      • Could you explain this a little better please (have you posted elsewhere?). As if the reader knew nothing about the situation. From what I can tell (correct or add info if I don’t have it right):

        >> The Arizona Attorney’s General (?) Office insisted you sign papers to open (what kind of case — child support?) on your son, and you refused.

        T/F You are mother and son was living with you, they wanted to go after child support?

        >>There is some missing $20,000. Who was ordered to pay it (the father, previously) and who ordered it paid? How did you become aware something had been paid, but not delivered (to you?)…..

        >>>”Case worker” could mean many things. What kind of case worker are you talking about? It implies some social services or possibly CPS involvement. Or, you were promised a caseworker if you signed something for them to get a case one?

        >>>She (person from Arizona Attorney General’s Office? Who, or from which office?) went into prison and made him sign it…..

        This sounds like it may involve access/visitation funds, to increase noncustodial parent (father) contact, or possibly prisoner-reentry program involvement.

        >>What is the time frame on all this?

        My feedback: If you are a custodial mother, don’t hold your breath on getting child support enforced. Pursuing it also may incite further litigation to take your child or children from you. See also http://nafcj.net (some basics). I have known a mother in Arizona this happened to.

        >>If there’s been violence in the home, there’s supposed to be an opt-out on the count going after child support.

        What years are you talking about?

        No need to reply unless you want to, but those are questions I’d ask reading the comment. Arizona has a chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, and also a significant fatherhood coalition at least cites its dba as “Arizona Fathers and Families Coalition.” They are nonprofit, but they most certainly know about what’s going on in government.

        Thanks for commenting on the blog.

        Let's Get Honest

        September 9, 2015 at 1:50 pm

    • Wow. Sorry to hear that. I feel your pain as it was just done to me this last year also. SAME thing. (in MN) Hahaha, even the “Christian” part. Yeah they are “Christian” alright. ….. Wow, just think, like they say… “What would Jesus do?” I’m sure he would use Satan to steal children, like they do. Im a widow of 6 children. Lost my mom and husband within a year apart… My “Christian” In-laws which just so happen to be Pastors of a church…. managed to then steal my babies, while on a visit I cringed to allow but for the sake of trying to believe the best in everyone, I went against my better judgement and let them go. But they were wolves and used the corrupt court system to take them and keep them….
      “Best interest of the child” Hahaha… They spell it out right there and we don’t even notice!!! What does “Interest” mean?
      Let’ take a look at Etymology online; ” Form in English influenced 15c. by French interest “damage,” from Latin interest “it is of importance, it makes a difference,” third person singular present of interresse. Financial sense of “money paid for the use of money lent” (1520s) earlier was distinguished from usury (illegal under Church law) by being in reference to “compensation due from a defaulting debtor.” Meaning “curiosity” is first attested 1771. Interest group is attested from 1907; interest rate by 1868.”
      So in our faces it is virtually slap-stick comedy. I miss my babies. *sigh*


      November 5, 2015 at 12:55 am

      • They have crossed the line. I have decided to stand and fight. My babies are grown. I COULD USE YOUR DIRT! The people wont stamd for their rights as we are loosing them. I am in texas but i can use all the help i can get. I send love and positive healing for you and your babies. This gov and agency. HAS TO BE STOPPED N.W.O. IS NEAR AND THE PLAN IS FAR MORE SICK THAN ANYONE VPULD IMAGINE. I WANT TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN SEEING AS NO ONE STANDS UP. OUR CHILDREN ARE NOT THE GOVERNMENTS! THIS AGENGY HAS OVERRIDE OUR CONSTITUTION AND PRIVACY. AND IT WONT STOP HERE . PLEASE EMAIL ME AT dudatvudo88888@gmail.com and stand with me and others at #Opcps I NEED DIRT AND SUPPORT AND I WILL STAND FOR THE CHILDREN OF ALL THE WORLD AND FIGHT. DO NOT GIVE UP I CARE AND OTHERS DO TOO.. JUST NOT ENOUGH.. BIG PROBLEM MAY GOD HELP US ALL. AND NWO HAS NOT BEGUN PR HAS IT?


        November 10, 2015 at 7:28 pm

  3. Reblogged this on The Real Mommies and Daddies of the Real America and commented:
    It truly astounds me at the sheer numbers of judges and attorneys–most all of them parents and/or grandparents themselves–who are ready and willing to sell out someone else’s children with reckless disregard for their souls and for children. This satanic government conspiracy theory is beginning to feel like fact. Heartless, Callous, Non-Remorseful Sociopaths–definitely monsters to do this to little children and then go home to their own

    Julian's Real Mummy

    June 17, 2014 at 2:46 pm

  4. To any noncustodial parents (99% men) you need to request a copy of your state worksheet that calculates what you are required to owe for child support thru Georgia Child support recovery. You are suppose to get a final copy when they give you the order (state law). My son didn’t get one 3 years ago, even after appealing his case (which same judge denied appeal). We were able to get a copy at superior court records today! Guess what! The state lied and set his child support way above the state level! And lied about allowing him a deviation for his first child not included. His appeal, which he did pro se, was correct in argument about amount set! This will be going public once the attorney he acquired gives us the go ahead. If you want to form a group and go state wide, lets do it!

    Pamela Stripling-Barber

    November 7, 2014 at 5:28 pm

  5. This was the first article that has offered the tiniest bit of hope. It’s been 15 years of fighting and despair. It’s destroyed my daughters relationship with her dad / me. I can’t get out of this black hole. They won’t even allow me to get into the arrears program until the principal balance is paid in full, or they say your ex wife can come down and eliminate this Child support order. ( Yea right ) My bank accounts get liened a few times a year, and my credit is crushed, License gets suspended all the time, and I haven’t missed a payment in 5 years. The Interest won’t stop, and when I make extra payments it doesn’t go to the principal but to interest only! ( Mafia style of payment ) So the balance just keeps going up and up and…..
    It just feels so hopeless. I love my daughter even tho she doesn’t remember all the years when she was younger and how much I was around. It’s givin so much ammunition to her mother to use against me, and now my daughter believes her mom’s insults and lies about me. I have a new wife and kids / family, and this issue with Child support is trying to destroy my new family. I’m so grateful for what God has given me now, and I wouldn’t change one thing that I went thru 15 years ago ( unfair, unjust, unlove ), because I wouldn’t have what I have today. I just pray that there would be justice done soon for all the fathers that are made to look like deadbeats and Un-Lovinig Dads by this crooked system that robs, kills, and destroys! Thanks to whoever has spent so much time and effort in writing this article. You are so wonderful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Praise the Lord of Host’s for you!!


    December 11, 2014 at 2:53 pm

  6. Hello, I stumbled upon this after I became suspicious of the child support enforcement agency intentionally holding onto money for a period of 3 weeks to a month the last 3 years at the same time each year. My ex had back support owed each year, each time the agency took out a large amount the same time. The 3rd week in January. Yet here it is almost a month since and yet I’ve not received payment. This raised the question as to why would they keep the money so long? Profit from interest. Imagine if they do this to all their clients. All that money collected sits in one big account that collects interest. I’m sorry but this Pisses me off. I’ve been waiting for the support because I need it to help support my son. Now what happens next? When they decide to pay me, they won’t deposit it into my account with one deposit like they did taking one big withdrawal. They will give me the payments in installments over a 5 day period to ensure they collect their fee for the weeks in arrears. Again making a huge profit. Thank you for sharing the corrupt actions of these agencies.


    February 16, 2016 at 4:45 am

    • You’re welcome.

      I’ve had similar monkey-business going on in my case long ago, however the amount of child support was set so low to start with, and there was so much other trouble ongoing (involving the family law scenario), I didn’t chase it down. Most of what I learned on this blog happened after (1) my children were stolen on an overnight-court-ordered visitation (which I as custodial mother at the time complied with), and never returned, and many court hearings (and one year) later, (2) child support arrears, then in the thousands, was retroactively reduced by one-third, payment of any sort (on arrears) delayed several months, and chopped down considerably — while all current child support had of course been suspended during the 12 months while I was struggling to see my children again in and around the courts, and parent who’d just been rewarded for committing a felony. He paid his retroactively reduced/suspended arrears amount (or someone did, on his behalf — who knows?) four months in a row, then quit, without notice, which (in combination with the major job losses involved in chasing down missing children through an institution not designed to make this possible, and around police who realized that they could just let family courts do their “thang” instead of having THEM do THEIR thang — enforcing existing court orders, sent me, the formerly custodial mother, back on public assistance FOR FOOD… I have since met people (men and women both) who went homeless during these times of custody battles.

      Eventually the amount that was due on the first of the month (long ago) started coming back in — only in two installments, placed roughly 2 weeks apart during the month, and LESS than a half-payment each. Over time, the dates it was paid shifted, unpredictably, while with the addition of a debit card, I was charged $0.50 for each call (above 3/month or something like that) on what was the balance, or had a payment been made. So it was literally possible to have a very small amount paid and if it hadn’t come in, obtain a negative balance on a card issued in order to pay child support already collected…..

      I also know that currently (it’s still trickling in), the amount paid, allegedly garnished wages, does not seem to reflect his hours worked (we have talked some times in more recent years). The man I married rarely worked steady hours and to my awareness, never a 9-5 job since we married, or after we separated. I figure the amount is being paid from some existing warehouse fund.
      You may be able to do something about them delaying distribution, especially if you can look up the fund in your state or county and start applying some pressure indicating you know about it. Or, write some FOIAs — but I’d look first.

      There may be some information (far down) on my sidebar to the blog about these matters also. Anne Stevenson wrote about it, HHS OIG (Office of Inspector General) reports, which are on-line, sometimes report on this at the state level.

      If I were you, I’d stay on the child support matter, and attempt to keep some pressure on. I”m no lawyer (or CPA) and that’s not legal advice. Also be aware that when a lot of unaccounted for $$ are floating around between agencies and/or involved nonprofits, that unaccounted-for $$ could end up almost anywhere. The more people apply pressure on this level, the better. Over time, I’ve noticed, that it seems men, more than women, are up on this topic, although some women such as Anne Stevenson (Huffington Post, Washington Times — links on my sidebar and some posts dealing with AFCC in Connecticut) have also investigated and written it up, and over a decade ago, people associated with Liz Richards (NAFCJ.net) and/or Marv Bryer, who also investigated as a grandfather. However, I don’t see that he ever connected it to the federal grants activity — and without that connection, it’s not a full picture.

      Americans ought to know where their taxes are going. This can only be found out by systematic investigation, and the scope is so large that I don’t see how it could happen without organized effort. As most people are too pressured to do this volunteer for free in teams, and others so into social media and news media (Print or on-line) which tailor reports to drive subscriptions and revenues up as part of simply being a business, …. I really don’t know how it could happen. A few years ago I thought there might be some hope of coordinating efforts, but since then, I’ve learned too much about vested-interest-nonprofits who don’t want this to happen except under their own (or cronies’) branding (names, when it comes to who gets quoted), to believe it’s going to happen. I continue to be under ongoing personal pressure from sources related to the original ones in the custody battle (no longer the father, my ex, but my own family members who stood to profit elsewhere by backing him against me as to the children long ago)…. and this is long after both children have become adults.

      Re: “Installments over 5 day period” — I’ve never heard of such a thing from child support. May I ask, in which county (and state, obviously) and whether, if you know, it’s classified as a Title IV-D case or not? I.e., is “they” the SDU (Statewide Distribution Unit, in place since 1996 welfare reform, phased in to some states over time), but the accounts being handled at the local child support agency? Who is “They”?

      Perhaps your state contracts out with a private group, like Maximus, ICF, or others. If you have information for other readers on this blog, post some links, please!

      Let's Get Honest

      February 17, 2016 at 12:25 pm

  7. […] Continue Reading: https://familycourtmatters.org/2011/07/17/3014/ […]

  8. Its called deprivation of rights under color of law. A NONCUSTODIAL PARENT and a CUSTODIAN are the legal terms they use to convert you from people into property without rights, trial. Thats the first step is the have someone sign under perjury that you are their debtor name. They hide behind names corporate entities in contract ..your name is always in all caps. They are administrators of accounts not judges and their orders are all fraud and void from the beginning

    Trevor Seevers

    December 4, 2018 at 9:27 am

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